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Obama: It’s Been The ‘Privilege Of My Life’ To Serve As Commander In Chief

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Obama: It’s Been The ‘Privilege Of My Life’ To Serve As Commander In Chief

Obama, Commander-In-Chief

KANEOHE BAY, HAWAII (Reuters) – President Barack Obama said on Sunday it had been the “privilege of my life” to serve as U.S. commander in chief and promised his continued gratitude and commitment to service members and their families during a Christmas Day visit to Marine Corps Base Hawaii.

“Although this will be my last time addressing you as president, I want you to know that as a citizen, my gratitude will remain, and our commitment to standing by you every step of the way, that won’t stop,” Obama told several hundred people gathered in a mess hall decorated with Christmas trees and wreaths.

Obama said greeting service members and their families, some of whom held up cell phones for photos as he spoke, was one of his favorite traditions. He said that the day before, he called people deployed overseas, telling them Americans back at home understood they were fighting for freedom.

Obama, standing beside first lady Michelle Obama on a small platform, said when he leaves office in January, he will not be a stranger to those stationed in Hawaii, where he was born and still often spends vacations.

“We look forward to seeing you for many years to come, because I understand that I still have a little bit of rank as ex-president,” Obama said to laughs. “So I still get to use the gym on base and, of course, the golf course.”

(Reporting by Emily Stephenson; Editing by Nick Macfie)



  1. A_Real_Einstein December 26, 2016

    What a great man. The greatest President of our generation.

  2. Blueberry Hill December 26, 2016

    I, for one, am so sad to see this wonderful president leave office. I wish we could keep him for a few more terms, but I know it is a hard job, and I don’t think anyone could have enough stamina for a lot of terms. Thank you, Mr. President for saving this country from the total disaster it was when you became President. I fear for our future so that it is hard to even sleep. A madman is replacing one of the best Presidents ever, and our lives will not be easy with the R madmen already in office. They think their job is to ruin us and our country and our government. President Obama knew the job was to make our lives, our government and our country better, and that is what he did. We must fight to keep from being destroyed now. Mr. President, we are missing you already. Michelle, you’re the best First Lady ever.


    1. Dan S December 26, 2016

      We can only hope the demands of the job will overwhelm the incoming minority President Elect & send him away early ????

  3. PearliePoo2 December 26, 2016

    The best President of my lifetime. Next would be Jimmy Carter. Both fine, truly decent men, husbands and fathers. And to think of what’s coming…sigh.

    1. robin.dial December 27, 2016

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  4. dpaano January 19, 2017

    They haven’t even left yet, and I miss them already! We will always hope that you’re there fighting with us, President Obama, along with your classy, beautiful wife, Ms. Obama. Have a relaxing couple of months, but come back soon because we NEED you!


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