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Blame Me For Trump? No Way, Says Obama

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Blame Me For Trump? No Way, Says Obama


By Jeff Mason

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – He has been attacked over countless issues in partisan Washington, but U.S. President Barack Obama drew the line at this one: the idea that he is responsible for the rise of Donald Trump and the attendant Republican Party disarray.

“I have been blamed by Republicans for a lot of things, but being blamed for their primaries and who they’re selecting for their party (nominee) is novel,” Obama told a news conference on Thursday.

“What I’m not going to do is to validate some notion that the Republican crack-up that’s been taking place is… a consequence of actions that I’ve taken,” the Democratic president said.

Obama had been asked how he viewed being identified as the cause of Trump’s ascent to front-runner in the Republican race to pick a presidential candidate for the Nov. 8 election. Obama seemed to relish the question, replying with both serious criticism of Republicans and some pointed mockery of Trump.

The New York billionaire is well ahead in the Republican race after the first six weeks of primary nominating contests but his bombastic style and statements on Muslims, immigrants and trade have dismayed many in the party establishment. Many party leaders worry Trump would lose to the eventual Democratic nominee in November’s election to replace Obama.

Obama, whose White House tenure has been marked by steady resistance to most of his policies by Republicans in Congress, has said previously he regretted not being able to reduce the polarization between the two parties in Washington. But he scoffed on Thursday at the suggestion that his presidency had fueled the chaos among the Republicans.

Conservative news outlets on television, radio and the Internet had convinced the Republican political base for seven years that cooperation with him was a “betrayal” and that “maximalist absolutist” positions were advantageous, Obama said. He was holding a joint news conference with visiting Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

In a clear dig at Trump, Obama said he had not prompted critics to question his U.S. citizenship or birth in Hawaii. Before he launched his longshot presidential run last year, Trump was a high-profile leader of the so-called “birther” movement, which believed Obama was born abroad and not eligible to be president, until he produced his Hawaii birth certificate to put the issue to rest.

“What you’re seeing within the Republican Party is, to some degree, all those efforts over a course of time creating an environment where somebody like a Donald Trump can thrive,” Obama said. For good measure, he took a swipe at two of Trump’s rivals for the Republican nomination, saying the real estate magnate’s position on immigration was not much different from that of U.S. Senators Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio.

Obama urged conservatives who were troubled by the party’s position to “reflect on what it is about the politics they’ve engaged in that allows the circus we’ve been seeing to transpire.”

(Additional reporting by Eric Beech; Editing by Frances Kerry)

Photo: U.S. President Barack Obama addresses a joint news conference with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in the White House Rose Garden in Washington March 10, 2016. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst



    1. The lucky one March 11, 2016

      The video does explain a lot Otto, about you that is. If I listened to that noise I’d be nutso too.

    2. jmprint March 11, 2016

      So now what?

  1. ray March 10, 2016

    Trump is the monster your base has created and now he is attacking you.

  2. FT66 March 11, 2016

    Let me help those who don’t know who to blame for the rise of Trump. It is totally FOX NEWS. Since Pres. Obama won the presidency for his first term, they started attacking him beyond anyone’s beliefs. They doubled down when he won his second term. They have been beating drums of hatred, non-civility, disobidient, anger, bad behavior to mention the few. It was like putting their listeners in schools (and are those who are supporting Trump now) and they graduated before Trump jumped into his bid of becoming president.

  3. Eleanore Whitaker March 11, 2016

    Look, the real problem is that some Americans have a hidden agenda. No matter what THIS president says or does, they will and do bash it. The reason? Oh sure, they’ll say it’s his policies. But, once you look at their massive obstructions on every level of government, you see their true natures: freeloaders who must, at all cost, continue to force the Dem states to support their failing Republican states.

    It’s one thing to bash the president for policies that just might stop the constant flow of federal tax dollars to Republican states, it is entirely another to act as if this president has NO RIGHT to perform the duties of the oath he and every one of the Senators and Congress persons swore to….to represent the people of this entire country..not just southerners and midwesterners who can’t seem to get off the federal tax subsidies and the welfare rolls.

    The joke is that all of that Republican CONservatism is now biting them in their dumbasses. Look at the states that can’t even keep their schools open for the full school year because their money has run out. Or, worse the states that drum up federal tax dollars for polluting their own air, water and soil and poisoning their own kids.

    If you heard Grassley and that idiot Utah Republican Orrin Hatch rambling on and on in the Judiciary Committee hearings, you heard one lie after another and one desperate attempt to refuse to allow this president to appoit a nominee for the SC…this is one that will bit the GOP in their dumbasses for a long time to come. And, as usual, it is a constant reminder of how the ballsy men like Grassley, Cornyn, Hatch, McConnell, Ryan and the rest of the lunatic GOP autocrats are desperate to BE the last word on government. Sorry…no thanks..You boys are on your way out.

  4. Eleanore Whitaker March 11, 2016

    You guys need to pay closer attention to the subliminality of The Donald. This is the Swan Song for his Art of the Deal…his best sales and marketing campaign ever. The reality is that with all of those lawsuits hanging over his head, he needs a Bush appointed attack dog U.S. attorney like Chris Christie to bail him out legally. Not that Christie even intends to do that. He is a Republican governor whose aspirations are typical control freak male…sink Trump legally and become the GOP President. Yeah..right…just what the country needs right now…more mindless Great Depression austerity that only benefits the Corn Pones and Mutton Chops states.

  5. plc97477 March 11, 2016

    Face it repugs. You built that monster, only you can fix it. You can fix it by showing some respect for the president and let your base know that racism is not tolerated. But I don’t see you doing that. Even a racist base, in your eyes, is better than none and you are afraid that that is exactly what you will have. Sorry, I can’t feel sorry for you. You built it.

  6. sharkbait4711 March 11, 2016

    WOW! Again this goes to show exactly how delusional the GOP wing nuts are. They created this chaos and now are looking to blame others. The “lets blame Obama” ship has sailed and this one is totally the creation of the narcissistic Koch brothers, Fox News – which is ridiculous that they consider themselves “news that’s fair and balanced” – and the rest of the GOP mud slinging idiots. The GOP continue to show no personal responsibility at all for wasting millions in tax payer dollars by trying to repeal ACA over and over again, stalling and shutting down the government because they didn’t get their way – cry me a river you millionaire political wing nuts. The GOP has successfully divided our great country, the GOP is trampling on our individual rights, the GOP wants less government but continue to pass laws that only serve the 1%. Honestly people – wake up! We need better – we deserve better.
    If Trump does get into the White House – maybe he’ll blow up the horrid and corrupt government we now have that clearly only serves the rich through lobbyist and PAC money while “we the people” do all the real work and heavy lifting. Maybe he’ll be just as self serving as the rest of the GOP. Time will tell…
    I wish President Obama could run again – he has done great in getting us back on track even though he was blocked at every point and avenue he tried to take. He brought us back out of financial ruin but never really got the chance to do all the great things he wanted to do for our country as he was blocked by the GOP wing nuts. Imagine just for a second where we’d be if Koch, Boehner and the radical tea pee’ers weren’t in the picture blocking the natural growth of our country, blocking our economy, blocking all the fair and equal things that this country was founded on. I’d be the first in line to vote for him again – I’d like to see what he could have done had he the cooperation of the House and Senate. But since he can’t run again – Hillary or Bernie will do just fine!
    Again, let’s be clear folks – the GOP financed by the Koch brothers created this mess – not President Obama. Anyone with half a brain can see this circus for what it truly is!

    1. jmprint March 11, 2016

      It’s also the fault of Carl Rowe and Norquest, they pull the suspenders, of these clown puppets. They always start their statement with “now repeat after me”

      1. sharkbait4711 March 11, 2016

        Good point – I forgot about those mega monster narcissists too! To be honest – there are many, many more – too many to list and frankly the more I think about them – it makes me wanna puke!

    2. Linda King March 11, 2016

      Well said and I agree w/you.

  7. Deb Brouhard March 11, 2016

    The GOP has nurtured racism and hatred against those who are non white, gay or holding different religious views, and now they’re paying the price. Up next is violence and possibly death at campaign rallies. But if Drumpf wins, those who supported him the loudest will be thrown into chaos when they find the Drumpf they elected is not the man sitting in the president’s chair. What they will experience is the self aggrandiser only out to grow his wealth. He will openly champion more 1B visas for educated skilled foreign workers who will begin to replace white workers just like what happened with Bush, but those foreign workers will be right here in the states. Tax cuts for the 1% will be enacted with the bs of “job creaters” rhetoric. Social programs will be drastically cut, unemployment curtailed as you uneducated, ignorant whites need not be so lazy. Women’s control over their bodies will be lost but those with money will still be getting abortions, newly named for those who can afford it, D&C operations. For idiots wondering what Drumpf’s presidency would look like—-just think of Bush’s eight years. Wars, high unemployment, tanking economy, homes being lost, medical emergencies, bankruptcies. When this happens, you supporters please don’t ask for help. You voted for this so suffer and live with the consequences. If yoy become ir continue as homeless, you or your kids go hungry, become unemployed, well too bad, you should have not let your racism rule your vote.


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