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With Obamacare Repeal Sputtering, GOP Pins Hopes On HHS Nominee Price

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With Obamacare Repeal Sputtering, GOP Pins Hopes On HHS Nominee Price

Obamacare, Tom Price

IMAGE: A small group of demonstrators stand outside of of a hotel before former South Carolina Senator Jim DeMint, president of the The Heritage Foundation, speaks at a “Defund Obamacare Tour” rally in Indianapolis, Indiana, U.S.  August 26, 2013. REUTERS/Nate Chute/File Photo



  1. secondclassguy February 9, 2017

    So they are waiting for DR death to arrive to make it as difficult as possible for people to have coverage. Yes curb those open enrollments rules, make it so difficult to prove income that people give up and die, that will thin the herd. Then they can blame it all on ACA failing, not their fault

  2. Benjamin Allen February 10, 2017

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  3. dbtheonly February 10, 2017

    If the Republicans had a plan beyond repeal, now’s the time to show it. Trump said it’s about ready.


  4. rednekokie February 10, 2017

    It is a direct blow to the Affordable Care Act, as well as Medicare and Medicaid — not to mention what he will do to Social Security.

    But many of us here in Oklahoma are very happy to get rid of the sunuvabitch.

    1. jmprint February 10, 2017

      Should have fought harder to not have gotten him elected, or do you think the republican party did some kind of voting manipulation, like I think happened in Texas.

  5. jmprint February 10, 2017

    Every day that passes, without a replacement shows how clueless the republican party is and has been all along. All they have is that they want to repeal, because it was an accomplishment that President Obama has on his legacy and we just can’t have that, at no matter what “PRICE”, corrupted or not.

  6. dpaano February 15, 2017

    From what I understand, 45 was blowing smoke again as to Price’s actions…..Price has NO idea what to do and has no grand plan ready for action! 45 was just pushing it off on Price so that he can blame him if he doesn’t get Obamacare repealed in a timely manner to please his idiot voters!!!


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