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Occupy New Haven: The Last Camp Standing?

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Occupy New Haven: The Last Camp Standing?


Moose isn’t his real name, but it suits him. He’s more than six-feet-tall. Big. Bearded. Bald. He’s in charge of security at Occupy New Haven, an encampment of more than 200 on the city’s historic Green, and one of the last remaining public outposts of the burgeoning movement against economic injustice and corporate power that began in downtown New York earlier this fall and quickly spread to the rest of the country.

In recent weeks, police officers in eighteen different cities — from Atlanta to Oakland to New York City — have used pepper spray, batons, and even sonic grenades to drive out Occupy Wall Street and its offshoots from public parks. The encampment in Los Angeles was the latest to go last week, when more than a thousand uniformed officers deployed to arrest 300 peaceful protestors.


  1. 1olderbutwiser1 December 6, 2011

    Want to save the middle class? Get rid of the “rights” for the low-life who never have and never will, actually HOLD a job. We have in this country a class of people who simply parasitize all the rest of us by demanding their “rights” They don’t demand their right to work at a wage mandated by their skills, but rather a wage as though they are far more skilled than they are. The unemployed as I have found them are people who wish to be dependents on people who are the right combination of stronger and smarter than they, and to successfully be dependents because they are willing to put forth a menial efort.This country is going down the tubes, better get ready now.

  2. Hankk December 6, 2011

    Hi 1olderbutwiser1, I’m not sure if your handle fits you? Have you walked and talked with any of the occupyers, or do you get your information from FoxNews? When was the last time that you worked for $7.35 per hour, mine was back in the 1970’s but the money fit the time. That’s minimum wage today, and it will not support even one person. The idiots in our government over the last 31 years exported our good paying jobs out of our country, with their huge tax cuts (welfare)for the wealthy and corporations to help them export our jobs. Under the GOP’s 31 year song “GIVING TAX CUTS (WELFARE) TO THE WEALTHY AND CORPORATIONS CREATES JOBS AND KEEPS OUR ECONOMY STRONG”. Please, show us the jobs and I don’t speak about minimum wage part time service job. To my OCCUPY FRIENDS, I have walked with you, in 3 different cities in MI. I’ve been retired for 24 years and am much wiser. I’m laid up right now, after just having had neck surgery, however as soon as my DR. releases me I’ll be back out there. Keep up the peaceful protests I do believe that are military and occupyers are the only PATRIOT’S LEFT in the USA. hankk, MI

  3. Totenkatz December 6, 2011

    If the occupy New Haven protestors want to stay and can stay on private land and pitch their tents and do whatever else they want to do I’m all for it as long as the land owners are okay with it. However, when they protest on public lands that the tax payer pays for there are limits to my patience. They can’t prevent others from using the site, they can’t break the laws for use of that site, they can’t disrupt commerce or the free movement of the public, they can’t use private business as their restroom or social club to hang out in during bad weather, and they can’t defecate and/or urinate anywhere they please. That is the difference between New Haven and other sites – Public versus Private Land.

    Hankk, MI, if you were making $7.35 an hour in the 1970’s were you were doing really well since the Federal Minim wage, according to the US Dept. of Labor was; 1970 = $1.30/$160, 1972 = $1.60, 1976 = $2.20/$2.30, 1979 = $2.90. And if your wages continued to outpace the minimum wage by the time your retired I would say you probably aren’t a “99%” but a “1%”.

  4. DianneLee December 6, 2011

    There have been Occupy camps in virtually every city of any size in the country. The ones that make the news are the rare cases where police indulge in unnecessary violence against peaceful protesters.
    When I was arrested in St Louis, the cop put my handcuffs in front rather than in back when I explained to him that I was 67 and my shoulder was hurting. Throughout our stay in jail, the cops went out of their way to treat us as well as they could under bad circumstances ( I don’t think they are set up to encourage repeat business), and many expressed support and admiration for our cause.
    I have talked to many of them since then, and have been privately assured that if they are ordered to do us any harm, many have informally agreed among themselves that they will not follow those orders. And, we have privately agreed among ourselves to try to avoid ever putting them into a position where they have to disobey orders. If it ever comes down to the 1% cracking down on the citizens of this country, I think that the average cop is smart enough to know which side he is actually part of.

  5. DianneLee December 6, 2011

    Living in a tent in increasingly colder weather, with sporadic food supplies, and using a porta potty is miserable. About 90% of our Occupiers in St Louis had a nice warm bed at home. And, they are not all kids– I’m a 67 year old retired school teacher, and most of our people are either employed or students.
    Just surviving in the tents took a lot of our energy and organization. Since we were evicted, we continue to have regular GAs, with well rested, well fed people. The tents allowed us to find thousands- nationwide­ probably millions- of people who were also fed up with the rich owning everything in sight. They will always be our symbol and our Occupy sites will always be our spiritual home, but the tents have served their purpose as an attention getting devise. Now, the plans made in those tents will be implemented by the Occupiers-­- and you ain’t seen nothing yet.”

  6. Been Part Of The 1 Percent December 6, 2011

    I believe that the answer to my subject title is a resounding NO! Last Sunday in Church, justifying not helping those who cannot help themselves, a man quoted Jesus as saying “For you have the poor with you always,” (Mark 14:7.) Of course like many who try to use scriptures to justify their bad choices and actions, He left off the part that explained that they could take care of the poor at a later time that He was leaving shortly. That man who quoted scripture as his excuse to stand with the 1% also ignored other things that Jesus said such as what Jesus described as the second great commandment, “Thou shat love thy neighbor as thyself,” Matthew 22:39. Jesus’ instruction as to who is our neighbor is covered as well, when a lawyer asked Jesus “And who is my neighbor.” Jesus answered with the Tale of the Good Samaritan found in St. Luke 10:30-36, then Jesus told the lawyer to, “go thou and do likewise.” If the Christian Right wants to be correct, should they not be helping the 99 percent instead of the one percent? Do any of those who ordered the violent abusive police actions attend Christian churches? Christian churches by definition are supposed to be teaching people to follow the ways of Jesus Christ. Are Christian Churches teaching people to follow the ways of Jesus Christ?

  7. 1olderbutwiser1 December 7, 2011

    I find it interesting you are a retired school teacher, and you support an organization against the people who paid your salary for obviously most of your working life, and are now paying your retirement as well. They are the 1% you obviously despise….maybe you needed to work 12 months a year rather than 9 and have most of summer off…while probably making more than the median wage of 12 month-a-year workers doing far more dificult work. Teaching is a pretty cushy job, how many carcinogens did you breathe daily, how bad did you sweat, how many times injured at work…..consider all aspects of your support for people who want to cry for more……crying doesn’t produce results like honest hard work does. If they are so smart, why aren’t they self-employed? Because thay don’t have what it takes to be self-employed. You probably don’t either. Tell me, how many geniuses did you produce as a teacher? Let’s see…….The US is rated about 37th in the world for our basic education, but we pay you teachers more than any other country. Of course,,,,,it’s not your fault we have undereducated graduates…..it’s the parent’s fault, or maybe the bus driver or the janitor?

  8. Hankk December 7, 2011

    This economy is/was not the fault of any of the occupyers, it has been designed and carried out by the owners of the USA congress, and that is the wealthy and corporations. Four of the last five Presidents are directly responsible and they are R.Reagan, GHW Bush, W.Clinton, and GW Bush. Together they started to dismantal the unions, de-regulated the family necessaties of life, export our good paying jobs and replacing them with minimum wage mostly part time service jobs. These 5 items were regulated by FDR and his well mixed congress in 1933 to stablize our country so we would never have to go through another GREAT DEPRESSION, WHICH WAS BROUGHT ON BY GREED. The 5 items are (electricity, heating fuel, gasoline,telephone,and banking/wallstreet). Banking and Mortage Company Greed were directly responsible for the USA and Europe’s almost total collapse. While many of the occupy groups are the victims and have lost everything, the Banking crooks and yes they are crooks, walk the streets like nothing is wrong. IN these 31 years, the banking industry has sent trillions of sign and start spending credit cards all over the USA to 18 year olds up to 90 year olds. They broke mortgages into pieces and sold them all over the world, then they foreclosed on homes that they didn’t own because of their criminal doings. I think you would do yourself and our country a big favor if you would take the time to find out the intentions of GHW Bush’s 1000 points of light speech like, THE NEW WORLD ORDER, and MAKING THE USA INTO THE BIGGEST AND BEST SERVICE NATION IN THE WORLD. Do some research instead of watching Fox News and listening to Russ Bimbo the drugy. Our country is in this downward spiral because of a huge loss of revenue namely, tax cuts for wealthy and corporations and replacing tax paying jobs with minimum wage poverty level jobs.
    hankk, MI

  9. jgouveia December 7, 2011

    Thank you for recognizing cities and police departments that do not have a confrontational relationship with the Occupy movement. Lancaster PA is another such city. Even in New York City, there were no problems with Occupy Wall Street and the NYPD until a bunch of supervisors decided to make it a problem. Unfortunately, in our media driven society “if it bleeds, it leads.” I think there are far more places where you do not have the issues of New York, Oakland or Philadelphia. It is about time this was brought to peoples attention.

  10. Hankk December 7, 2011

    Totenkatz, Makes no difference if I am a 99%, 50%, or 1%. I know what is going on and who is responsible for the mess that the USA is in. Until the teapublican party wakes up and realizes that this country as well as no other country can thrive without a middle class. As I’ve said before, it’s jobs bonehead and these dummies have not only assisted their wealthy and corporate bosses in the distruction of the USA, by exporting millions of good paying jobs (big loss of tax base)and replaced them with minimum wage part time jobs ( no tax base at all), it doesn’t take a very big brain to realize that when you take a billion or more tax dollars out of the general fund, you begin to go broke. Then if your still to stupid to realize whats happening, why you are falling short of funds and you have to borrow money, well I guess that makes you a teapublican, doesn’t it. hankk,MI


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