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New Oklahoma Bill: Men Must Give Permission For Abortions

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New Oklahoma Bill: Men Must Give Permission For Abortions


IMAGE: Protesters hold signs in front of the U.S. Supreme Court on the morning the court takes up a major abortion case focusing on whether a Texas law that imposes strict regulations on abortion doctors and clinic buildings interferes with the constitutional right of a woman to end her pregnancy, in Washington March 2, 2016. REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque



  1. dbtheonly February 15, 2017

    The evidentiary issues are staggering.

    What’s to prevent me from filling out blank, “Atteststion of Paternity and Consent to Abortion” forms?

    In vitro paternity tests?

    Oklahomans are smarter than this.

    1. iamproteus February 15, 2017

      Perhaps SOME are but then there is “the anti-abortion movement, which believes federal dollars are paying for terminations.” “Federal funding does not go toward performing abortions in the U.S., except in cases of rape, incest or if the life of the mother is at risk.”
      Facts? We don’t need no stinkin’ facts….We have our biases!

  2. Aaron_of_Portsmouth February 15, 2017

    In my opinion, the Oklahoma men(and many women) wee influenced by trends originating in the Old West and the cowboyism of a male-dominated regime which was gaining ground in a gun-slinging winning-of-the-West mentality back in the day.
    One might also note the mid-course correction the Oklahoma legislators made by couching the proposed law in terms of “both” the man and the woman—otherwise, they would have proceeded along a trajectory towards an abomination similar to “Male-Guardianship” as exists in Saudi Arabia like a dark cloud that can’t be penetrated by the light of Enlightenment offered by Baha’u’llah’s bold statement that Women and Men are equal in their capacities and that the two of them are as the two wings of “the bird of humanity”.
    As for “Male-Guardianship”, this is an ingrained cultural feature not only in The Kingdom, but is fiercely enforced in nearby Yemen. (Fortunately, Oman, the U.A.E., Bahrain, and Qatar are far more sane and relaxed in their attitudes about women. Although in rural areas in Oman, there are lingering vestiges requiring certain places of commerce and social gatherings to be off-limits to women. The current Sultan nonetheless has done a lot to ensure fuller access to opportunities for women starting from the 60’s, and conditions are improving on a regular basis).

    Anyway, the attitudes towards women in Saudi Arabia, and the Stone-Age conservatives in America and in particular, Oklahoma, are perfectly in synch with Donald’s primitive instincts re: women.

  3. Lynda Groom February 15, 2017

    From now on these troglodytes must obtain permission to ejaculate from the women unfortunately enough to be part of their lives.

  4. Thoughtopsy February 15, 2017

    Oh look… Oklahoma has confirmed that slavery and the desire to reintroduce slavery never really went away…
    Now the unethical politicians of the state want to institute sexual slavery.
    That’s where a man can get you pregnant, then deny you the right to an abortion.
    Because you’re a “Host”… for HIS offspring.
    And you have to keep it… irrespective of your feelings or needs… and act as it’s host whether you want to or not.

    Effectively you’re making women into “Breeders”.

    You people make me sick.

    1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth February 15, 2017

      Conservatives nation-wide are undergoing a necessary upheaval. Hopefully, we will have some systematic wholesale cleansing of that den of Iniquity.

    2. iamproteus February 15, 2017

      Amen to that!

    3. dbtheonly February 15, 2017

      Children, Church, Kitchen.

      Where have we heard that before?

      1. dtgraham February 17, 2017

        From Adolph. Kinder, Kirche, Küchen. I know that you knew that, and it was just a rhetorical question.

    4. FireBaron February 16, 2017

      Here’s the rider that should be added:
      “If the father of the fetus refuses to give consent to the procedure, he must assume full financial responsibility of the prenatal health of mother and fetus, and assume full financial responsibility for the upbringing of any child or children born from their union.”
      But, you can guarantee that won’t happen.

      1. Jaimedtorres February 16, 2017

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  6. dtgraham February 17, 2017

    I’ve sometimes wondered how in the hell that Bernie Sanders ever won Oklahoma during the Democratic primaries. Did he promise to legalize chastity belts or something?


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