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John Oliver Hilariously Shames GOP For Health Care Fiasco

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John Oliver Hilariously Shames GOP For Health Care Fiasco

Obamacare, John Oliver

Reprinted with permission from AlterNet.

Last Week Tonight host John Oliver opened with a trip down memory lane illustrating how nearly every prediction Republicans made about Obamacare was completely wrong.

“If Obamacare is ever implemented and enforced, we will never recover from it,” Rep. Steve King of Iowa said in 2013.

“This bill is an affront on the moral morality of the provision of American healthcare,” Rep. Tom Price, now US Secretary of Heath, asserted in 2009.

“Obamacare is the worst piece of legislation ever,” Louisiana Rep. John Fleming stated in 2013, to which Oliver had a stunning comeback. “Worst piece of legislation ever!” the host quipped, “So, good news Fugitive Slave Act you’re finally off the hook.”

With Republicans controlling both the White House and Congress, the GOP leadership has pledged to repeal and replace Obamacare with their own system.

“And at least one [house] member is positively giddy about it,” Oliver pointed out before showing a clip of Georgia Rep. Drew Ferguson comparing the Affordable Care Act (ACA) to a goat let loose in his house.

“For six years, that goat has been messing in and destroying my house. I want to renovate my house, but before I can, I have to get the goat out of the house before it does any more damage. It makes no sense to start fixing up my house until we get the goat out,” Ferguson concluded. “Voting for the fiscal year 17 budget resolution gets this goat out of my house.”

For Oliver, the metaphor was “just so specific, there’s no way it didn’t happen.”

But despite nearly seven years of railing against ACA, Republicans’ lack of a better alternative has left constituents furious—across the countries, they’re confronting GOP representatives in town halls, touting Obamacare’s life-saving results.

“Yes, apparently that annoying Obamacare goat-in-the-house turned out to be a licensed physician who’s been saving lives and a lot of people do not want her to go anywhere,” Oliver mused.

“Obamacare is not perfect,” he added. “It had and has serious flaws.”

Still, in addition to potentially saving tens of millions of lives, Obamacare resulted in America’s lowest uninsured rate in a half-century.

“Republicans have happily complained about the flaws in the law, taken no responsibility for fixing them and in fact have often undermined the whole thing. But that time is now over,” explained Oliver. “It is their turn to present a plan,” he said, “and the clock is ticking. Insurance companies are deciding right now whether to even offer Obamacare plans for next year.”

But it turns out that they’ve “got nothing,” pointed Oliver, to which he hammered, “Tick tock, motherf*ckers!”

Alexandra Rosenmann is an AlterNet associate editor. Follow her @alexpreditor.

IMAGE: Last Week Tonight / YouTube



  1. Thoughtopsy February 27, 2017

    Comedy gold. 🙂

  2. secondclassguy February 27, 2017

    That was the best take on all of this i’ve seen so far. To bad it will be fleeting truth instead of everyone knowing how all this really is

  3. Aaron_of_Portsmouth February 28, 2017

    The article is both humorous and informative. Informative in that is highlights the utter corruption of the GOP, and by extension the failure of our form of governance. Just imagine: A group of small-minded men and women who make up a faction called the Right Wing and tout themselves as “Conservatives” have shown themselves to be amoral on the part of a large number of their members, or immoral as is the case of so many others. All in all, this is a group afflicted with a “cancer” of the soul—little wonder they’re more concerned about their own well-being and doing all to maintain a show of belligerence to stay in power, even though it means irreparable harm to those who keep voting them into office.

    Making a career of helping to further enrich the already excessively rich while squeezing every ounce of life out of the less fortunate goes beyond being merely immoral—it is a sign of the acme of how greedy and callous a human being can be. And the GOP is shameless in not giving a damn about how the removal of healthcare, in their demonic group consciousness to affect such a removal, will have on the health and well-being of America.

    How much more abuse can the GOP’s constituents take? Must they be pushed over the edge into a state of existence from which there may never be a return, in order to wake up and smell the coffee??

    If I were a despot and an inveterate foe of the US, I would be watching with mouth-watering eager anticipation for the GOP to be my active inside agents for the eventual destruction of America. First stage would be to weaken the health of its citizens like some virus; next, allow an egomaniac to continue to sow seeds of confusion to distract the populace from my other inside activities, and then help further the divide between its citizens on account of skin color, religious affiliations, gender, and increase the divide between those possessed of extreme wealth and those living in abject poverty or who’re barely able to get by from paycheck to paycheck.

    1. Independent1 February 28, 2017

      It’s a bit ironic that it’s taken ACA and the GOP’s desire to repeal it, to make many Americans aware of just how callous and even evil Republicans have always been. Republicans have been working to kill off the less fortunate for as long as I can remember – and I can remember my parents listening to FDR’s fireside chats and discussing what they thought were good things he wanted so much to bring to the American people.

      But even back then, Republicans were against helping people live a better life in their older years – since FDR they’ve fought against Social Security and other social benefits, and even Medicare during LBJ’s time in office, just like they’re fighting against ACA today. And they only capitulated under Bush to adding Medicare Part D to help people get prescription drugs because Big Pharma pushed for it and the GOP legislators only agreed to it on the stipulation that the government couldn’t work to negotiate price reductions to ensure Big Pharma companies could make maximum profits at the expense of elderly Americans.

      So at least for the past 8 decades or so, Republicans have pushed to funnel money into the pockets of the already wealthy even at the expense of human lives. And it’s not just that people die younger in states governed by the GOP; the GOP also manages to make it so people in the states they govern live more miserable lives in the process; by enacting laws that drive people into poverty through legislation like right-to-work and simply by depressing the economies of the states they govern. It’s not by accident or coincidence that of the 24 states with more than 12% of their populations living in poverty that 21 of those states are run by the GOP; as are the 25 states with the most people broke and on the verge of bankruptcy.

      What’s a bit stunning to me, is that given this long history of Republicans doing everything they can to shorten people’s lives and make them live more miserable lives that even given 80 years worth of history of them governing that way, there are still millions upon millions of Americans who simply don’t get the message that voting for Republicans is not only just against their own best interest – it’s even to the point of driving them into an early grave.

      And it’s gotten now even to the point of Republicans putting money above the probability that denying global warming for too long could in fact drive the human race into extinction. It’s stunning to see just how evil the love of money can be!!!

  4. FireBaron February 28, 2017

    The GOP is actually terrified of annulling the ACA. Back when Barak Obama was president, they dutifully submitted a new bill around every 6 weeks to his desk, knowing his veto would be sustained. That way they could say, “See! We tried to eliminate this bill, but that damn “person” in the White House kept vetoing it!” Now that we have someone in the Oval Office that would sign it into law one femtosecond, and that scares the Hell out of the GOP because that means they would be under the gun to come up with a replacement. That is why in the five weeks since Teflon Donnie was inaugurated, the GOP has not put one bill regarding this on his desk for consideration.


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