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Republicans Descend Upon Charlotte On Eve Of Democratic Convention

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Republicans Descend Upon Charlotte On Eve Of Democratic Convention


As Democrats prepare to open their 2012 convention in Charlotte, Republicans have swarmed the Queen City in an attempt to drown out their message with an aggressive counter-programming plan.

The effort began this afternoon, with a press conference from Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus. Priebus, who spoke at the NASCAR hall of fame — just three blocks away from the convention center hosting the Democrats — slammed the Obama campaign for declaring that Americans are better off than they were four years ago.

“This must mean that 23 million American have found jobs, incomes have gone up, gas prices are going down, poverty is in decline, and the deficit has been cut, all in the last 24 hours,” Priebus said.

Priebus’ fiery rhetoric doesn’t fully line up with the truth; for example, even if one is underwhelmed by the tepid job growth of the past 4 years, it certainly compares well to the 2.6 million jobs lost in 2008.

“The Denver convention was a time of hope and change,” Priebus later added. “Today , the thrill and pixie dust of Barack Obama’s presidency is gone.”

Priebus also declared that “we’re getting a lot of momentum out of last week,” even though polls have shown that Mitt Romney received almost no bounce in the polls from the Republican Convention.

Priebus’ press conference was only step one of a broader counter-programming effort. As ABC News reports, as many as 50 high profile Republican “communicators” — including Priebus, Florida Senator Marco Rubio, South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, and Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin — will deliver daily press conferences and videos attempting to undermine the Democrats message.

Furthermore, they plan to overload the convention with gimmicks — including games such as “You Build It” legos and “You Build It Monopoly,” and tons of Kleenex (because “breaking up is hard to do.”)

Henry Decker

Henry Decker was formerly the Managing Editor of The National Memo. He is currently an Online Associate at MRCampaigns.

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  1. Felice22 September 3, 2012

    The GOP is so desperate that they have to resort to these immature,ridiculous stunts. If the American people can’t see through this and elect the “R” brothers,then they deserve everything they get!

    1. Fern Woodfork September 4, 2012

      Romney Will Go Back To All Bush Old Polices Cause Trickle Down Bullcrap Is The Polices For Rich People!! Romney Made His Money Putting Other People And Companies In Debt, Shipping American Jobs Overseas, And Disposal Of Aborted Fetuses And This Make A Good President How?????????????? Romney Is The Problem He Made Money Only For Himself And His Family And That’s Just What He Will Do If President Make Money For Himself And The Wealthy!!! Romney Is The Problem!! Where Are The Tax Returns!!!

    2. TheSkalawag929 September 4, 2012

      That means that if the republicans win WE didn’t do what we need to do.
      We have to continue to get people registered to vote and then get them to the poles.

      1. carsrus September 4, 2012

        Oh, u sure will, dead people, felons, illigals, anyone to try and STEAL another election! WON’T work, Bozo, cause the PEOPLE have seen the WREAKAGE Obama has inflicted on US the last 3+ “annus horribilis” and are going to defeat this marxist-commie shill in a landslide on November 6,2012! AT last HOPE and CHANGE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        1. TheSkalawag929 September 4, 2012

          You sir are a fool.
          You make wild accusations in an attempt to draw our attention away from the task at hand. That task being the re-election of President Obama with a Congress that will work with him instead obstructing everything he proposes.
          If there is any “wreckage” (spell check and dictionaries come in handy sometimes) it’s between your ears having been caused by the many explosions in your head each time Obama accomplishes something in spite of republican obstructionism.
          We’ll see you at the polls.
          Obama/Biden 2012

          1. carsrus September 4, 2012

            u, sir are a commie shill!

          2. TheSkalawag929 September 4, 2012

            That’s it? That’s all you have?

            I’m so underwhelmed.

        2. grammyjill September 4, 2012

          do you really believe the crap coming out of your mouth?

    3. carsrus September 4, 2012

      IDIOT! We the People see through the LIAR Obama and will defeat him on a landslide!

      1. grammyjill September 4, 2012

        dear obama is not allowed to lie. everything is recorded and gone over.

  2. middleclasstaxpayer September 3, 2012

    I think the democrat convention will speak for itself….no need for anyone to try disrupting the fun. If we are lucky, Obama’s teleprompter will malfunction….then we’ll get the REAL TRUTH, unedited by helpful speechwriters…Ditto for Joe Biden….with OR without a teleprompter he’ll tell the real story! LOL

  3. JohnRetiredSenior September 3, 2012

    I think the nation as a whole is much better off than in 2008 because we were in a financial downward spiral that didn’t stop until the beginning of 2010, thanks in part to the stimulus spending and bailout of the auto industry. The more important question is where we go in the next 4 years. Romney and the Republicans believe in massive cuts in federal spending which will likely slow down the economy even more than what we are experiencing today. They believe that giving further tax cuts to the rich will stimulate the economy via the trickle down theory which didn’t work too well during the 8 years of Bush rule. It did make the rich amass more wealth but didn’t help the middle class because corporations invested in foreign factories instead of in the USA. I don’t want four more years of Republican policies. 8 years of Bush was more than enough for me.

    1. Fern Woodfork September 4, 2012

      The RNC Will Go Down In The History And The Record Books As The Largest Group Of Liar Ever To Glace One Stage!! In Other Words It Was A Good Old Lie-Fest!!! Romney Now Cut Clint Eastwood Out Of The RNC Video Cause It Didn’t Help Him One Little Bit!! Romney Didn’t Move Up In The Polls After All That Lying I Say RNC=FAILED!! Romney Drop Clint Just Like He Will Dump His Voters That’s Not Rich, Once He Use You Then He Dump You Like Those Companies He Loaded All That Debt On!!! Romney Is The Problem!!! WAKE UP!!!

      1. carsrus September 4, 2012

        U r too late, the DNC has already gotten that record, starting with the marxist-commie, forked tongued, snake oil salesman OBAMA! The DNC is the 21st Century communist party!

        1. seche September 4, 2012

          You mean the RNC are the bigest don nothing commies don’t you!

        2. William Deutschlander September 4, 2012

          You sound like a moron!

          1. carsrus September 4, 2012

            I am the only non-idiot on this fetid blog!

          2. Watchin' September 4, 2012

            Wrong, carsrus, you are the only fetid piece on this non-idiot blog!

          3. Elisabeth Gordon September 4, 2012

            If it is so fetid, yet you’re still here, then apparently you are used to stench….I suggest that it is eminating from your rotting brain…

          4. highpckts September 7, 2012

            Then keep your venomous snipes out of here!!

        3. Peoples425 September 4, 2012

          With Obama in office, your meds will actually be reduced in price so you’ll be able to absorb truth with a much higher efficiency rating than you are currently.

          1. carsrus September 4, 2012

            With Obama in office, Medicare will be bankrupt, seniors on his death list, waiting for needed medicl treatment, and all of you who are beholden to this fetid marxist, by taking his DOLE will be on obumacare basking in health that we seniors will be denied! That’s where the DNC is taking US!

          2. Peoples425 September 4, 2012

            So your basis on your decision is because of the way President Obama is handling Medicare? Considering that Obamacare does not have any “death lists” or public option, it is actually a quite similar program to Medicare. I would consider reading the actual bill before making comments about it that would essentially be similar the claims that Paul Ryan has made even though Ryan has lied continuously about the aims of the DNC. Now, given this particular line of reasoning, it goes to show your belief is the BS rhetoric of the RNC. The fact is that Ryan and Romney don’t like Medicare or any other “entitlement” programs so for you to claim that the DNC is taking it away, it is pure insanity. Ryan and Romney would turn it into a voucher program that would essentially cost seniors more.

        4. jimmab52 September 4, 2012

          I believe u mean your GOP congress and Mitch fron the SENATE that made the statement were going make Obama a one timer no matter how far it set’s the country back got love the TEA BAGGERS / GOP the party of NOTTTTTTTTTTTTTT

        5. Jackmack September 4, 2012

          I wonder if this guy is on some drug that the RNC is on

        6. Felice22 September 4, 2012

          Carsrus…I am not an idiot and this is why your party is in so much trouble. You are a bunch of closed-minded bores who think anyone who doesn’t agree with you is an idiot.
          well, I will again repeat my statement…I hope you lose,but if you don’t, you can live with the consequences! Oh, and GO TO HELL!

        7. Steve danna September 5, 2012

          Did your mommy and daddy have any children that lived ?

    2. carsrus September 4, 2012

      U r NUTS!

      1. William Deutschlander September 4, 2012

        Now you confirm you need mental health care.

  4. Steve danna September 4, 2012

    What is a “reince priebus” ?, sounds like a horrible disease. Just like the rest of the G.O.P..

    JUST KEEP THIS IN MIND If you don’t vote then don’t bitch !! The Man in the oval office
    right now has more class in his little finger then the whole republican party put together.

    Republican philosophy in a nutshell ! If you can’t win it, then buy it, if you can’t buy it, then
    steal it. Also, vote for Rummy and we will be at war (undeclared) within 18 months, watch.

    1. TheSkalawag929 September 4, 2012

      I saw this one night on Rachel Maddow’s program.

      Take all the vowels out of Reince Priebus and you’ll have the answer to your question.

    2. carsrus September 4, 2012

      No, no disease, family of LEGAL immigrants who came to America and Pulled themselves up from the bottom, NOT like the agenda of Mr. Obama, to SINK US with illegals who have TAKEN jobs away from College graduates and 100’s of thousands OUT OFWORK due to the inept policies of this administration!The disease is today’s democRAT party, aka the 21st Century commies!

      1. grammyjill September 4, 2012

        were you born yesterday? don’t you remember bush? so far our president has put forward an infrastructure bill which would create a couple million jobs and the jobs act that would be several million jobs. ask your republicans where they are. i can tell you. they are sitting in the house, the republicans refuse to do anything about them. instead they have been working on taking rights away from women. i know, i watched.

      2. Steve danna September 7, 2012

        Hey Dummy, Put a gun to your head and help clean up America !!

  5. tobewan September 4, 2012

    The Republican tactics sound like the efforts of spoiled, blubbering, snot-nosed brats! And even like another of Mitts college age pranks. And people want that for a President???

    1. carsrus September 4, 2012

      this blog must be FAUX! Placed here for evil doings, attempting to circumvent FREEDOM and find out those who KNOW America is FAILING under this man and his attacks on Freedom!

      1. lancesharpe September 4, 2012

        please define Marxism also what evil deeds are you referring to I think you are a 12 year old please grow up

  6. tobewan September 4, 2012

    Maybe the Republicans are trying to make the Taliban jealous or mad by stealing and using all their warfare tatics, including treason type disclosures – any which way they can to smear the better candidate who is in Office now. Apparently, they have no shame at pulling off the stunts they’ve been doing. Hope most of Americans can see through their charade.

    1. Fern Woodfork September 4, 2012

      They Even Earn The Name The American Taliban!!

  7. Ben Crowe September 4, 2012

    Rancid Prepuce tells really silly lies, just like the rest of the clowns involved in the GOP campaign. Now they’ve turned into a jeering bunch of naughty children trying to drown out the grownups’ conversation in Charlotte.

    This is typical OTT right-wing behavior. I remember watching a bunch of soccer hooligans with all their far-right fashion statements on show (shaven heads, nazi insignia, bleached jeans and Doc Martens lace up “bovver” boots) invade a stadium in Holland and ruin the match for the rest of us. Prepuce and his crowd apparently wanna do that in North Carolina. Asinine and unpatriotic. The USA deserves a better alternative to the Democratic Party than that posse of noisy losers.

  8. Wendy Gilson September 4, 2012

    Predicted if republican president is elected, country will go into resion all over again, which certainly do not need all over again. I am 55yrs old now, remember when Nixon was president and got inpeached. while was high school student at 16 yrs. There afterwards ford finished , Regan, and Bush senior and Bush JR, have all gotten us into a resion, with cutting everything american people need. They do not ever help american public creat jobs., great also for getting us into a world war. Republicans can say economy is not doing any better because, not moving any faster to creat growth or jobs. They think cutting intitlementa, messing with medicare, and medicaid, and cutting Obamas affordable health care act will help economy, creat small business and it will eventually help middle cass american. Then you got Newt and Santorum of Pa. saying we need to cut food stamps and other intitlements. I can not ever remember what they have done help state of Pa where lived my life. Country could of been in worse shape if it were not for president Obama. Banks went into default, forclosures on housing, and Auto indrustry ready to default. Yes we are slowly recovering, evn though it may not be fast enough. by republicans who ask if americans are better off today then were four yrs ago, yes. I am so excited about dnc and looking foward to hearing Michele speak, and formar president client, and Obama on Thursday night. My vote is for president Obama to win white house for second term

    1. Fern Woodfork September 4, 2012

      Tricky Dick Looks Like A Saint Compared To Tricky Mitty!!

  9. Kent September 4, 2012

    The media will treat them like they treated the protestors in Florida… not much attention will be paid to them. Priebus and co will do their best to “steal the thunder”, Really, tricky Dicky dirty tricks again.
    There´s an ancient “kabbalistic ” saying I would apply to those nutcases: “AbraxassatannatassaxarbA”. “May the evil you wish upon others out of your lust of dominion come back to be done unto you.”
    Really,just a bunch of spineless brat nonsense – committed by purile, never grew out of puberty, sophomoric, frat house brats- in the fawning service of the upper 1% in the illusion that they may someday be permitted to join their company.

    This deserves one my copyrighted limerick comments:
    (c) KOD Munich 2000 .
    “Oh Repubnicans full of strange gas, just love to repress and harass!
    They´re crude and uncouth, càuse they can´t smell the truth –
    with their nose up some billionaire´s ass.”

    That being the case, ridiculing them will eventually make the Koch brother´s hemorrhoids bleed. That´s the way it is in the Republican brown nosing heirarchy. it is like a daisy-chain-reaction. kick one Republican´s ass, and their long lying, Pinochio brown noses make all of their hemarrhoids bleed! (It might give them a thrill as well, who knows.)
    What else can we do to keep them going back to their proctologists?

    By the way, there´s a great satirical website out: The Landover Baptist Church-
    heck out of remembrance of the late great Tom Lehrer, and Frank Zappa – (whose totally non-p.c. “Catholic Girls”, “Jewish American Princess”, and “Little Bobby Brown” are things I like to put on my Ghetto blaster in the appropriate catholic, jewish, and lgbt company)
    I am tempted to re-release my own satirical “Banana Hymn of the Republicans” via electronic media in October: (c) Copyright K Doering and Air Records Munich, 1992)
    (Performed by “the Parody Patriots”)
    “Behold the starch triumphant of the yupper middle class-
    their livers are sclerotic, their intestines full of gas.
    their three martini luncheons are much holier than mass.
    as bucks go marching on
    bucks go marching, bucks go marching
    Glory glory hallelujah, they are really out to screw ya..
    glory, glory hallelujah – as bucks go marching on.

    Mine eyes have seen the danger of the radical new right
    who would trample on the constitution, smother civil rights
    `cause they´re pure and clean and moral and so sexuaally uptight
    (as bucks go marching on
    Darwin´s evolution is supposed to go away
    But survival of the fittest is their order of the day-
    don´t call that contrradiction, or you will blown away
    as bucks go marching
    They say that acid rain will do our forests a good deed
    and protecting the environment´s not too great a need
    Their moralized inaction is a cover up for greed
    (as buks go marching)

    Of course, we could record a new version of
    tom Lehrer´s “Rickety -Rickety Tin”
    about a demented irish Scullery maid
    “who did her family in she did, rickety tin rickety tin..

    but adapted to the Irish American Paul Ryan
    and rickety ricety tin- he did the budget in, he did.
    He did the budget in.
    rickety rickety tin.”

    And please check out – that “Landover Baptist Church”
    They have a special section devoted to Mitt Romney now.

    Goodness, I could write a song about Mitt´s MormonMagical Mystic Underwear
    somewhat like the stuff in Harry Potter-

    Mitt´s Magic Invisible Underwear–hides his weenie, hides the hair..
    captures farts to run go-carts – and adds a bulge in for a flair
    Mitt´s Magic Mystical Underwear- hides his taxes-takes great pains
    t0 capture shit to unsmell Mitt, and extra profits from his Bains.

    Or how about one for John Boehner, -everybody´s favourite
    congressional Lush: (c) KOD 2010

    The Bar Spangled Bladder (by Francis Pot Pee)
    Oh say can you pee, by the dawn´s early light
    what so proudly you drank, at the bar bell´s last ringing?
    And the bar room´s red glare,, and the waitress´s stare
    they proved through the night, that our drunk was still there.
    Oh say can you empty your bladder in the men´s room
    on a floor full pee… in room full of knaves?
    (followied by the umpires call-
    play with your balls.

    Really, the entire RNC was a narcissistic joke. So why
    not make fun of the pubescent pricks like Priebus who never grew out
    of pugnacious “chickenhawk” puberty? Toxix little toads like that usually end up after death nibbling the dried dung dingleberries of the devil´s butt hairs in hell and calling it a dainty delicacy like caviar. (which as we all know, is made from “virgin sturgeons”.)

    Goodness, while I am at it, I ask those old enough to remember, to recall Tom Lehrer´s great paradoy of the late fifties “Good Ol South” in his version of “Dixie”.

    Were I to do re-do a satirical “Dixie”, it would be totally over the top,
    I think i´d hit hard in the first two lines ()not to inuslt the president- but to grab attention-
    “I don´t wanna be in the Land of Limbaugh where Rednecks call Obama Bimbo-
    Look away, look away, go away Dixie Land. (c() 2012- (today) Kent O. Doering

    And I`ve got just the right satire for megalo Repug Frathouse brats like Priebus-
    “Tyannosaurus Sex”. (Performed by the Jurappics) (c) (GEMA) Air Records, 1994
    “I want ya to quess just who I am, when I`m insecure I´m “megalo-man”.
    I`ll give ya a hint, I`m a monster well hung… walk real hard, leave piles of dung..
    I got flashy eyes, and smiling jaws, smooth scale skin and tickling paws-
    I gotta big strong body – like a dinosauer male- and best of all a long hard tail –
    (girl chorus) – Oh he´s got it I can feel, Oh, he´s got that Rex appeal.
    Oh he´s got it I can feel, Tyrannosaurus Sex” (male) Sex!
    Repeat twice and over. `

    Or a one liner: “Compassionate conservatism is a paradoxical oxymoron. Like Generous Banks. ”
    “Or “let the Repugs go Scrooge themselves this coming Christmas”

    Look, if Clint can talk to an empty chair, and the Priebus prick wants to snipe at the DNC some of the old Nam Era Vet – ex-pats with decades of experience on the European cabaret boards could come back with the equivalent of an M 50 machine gun – satire. Obama is too much of a gentleman to hit back. My attitude is- If they can´t take an f-word, joke `em!

    1. carsrus September 4, 2012

      u r all a bunch of NUTS

  10. James Townsel September 4, 2012

    Republicans once again interfering with freedom of speaking…the tea-party trick again.

    1. Fern Woodfork September 4, 2012

      There’s Pain In Bain , There’s Pain in Ann, There’s Pain In Paul Ryan And You Know There’s Pain In Those Tax Returns!! We Want To See Romney Tax Returns!!!!

  11. carsrus September 4, 2012

    Hope that this fetid commie Convention is blown away with the end of the hurricane! GO IRENE!Hope that this commie in the White House is blown away by Clinton being, well Bubba! Hope and Change will arrive on November 6,2012 when WE, the PEOPLE defeat this marxist shill, Obama in a landslide!

  12. thuy September 4, 2012

    Thanks Americans who do not buy what Romney & GOP lie , some low- information people will vote for him , they will pay more taxes , help him keeps his money in bank and go to Irac , Afga… to die for him
    Romney does not do anything help Middle classes , poor , women , latino….
    He told his wife who makes up a lot and screams to flirt votes and his son said some spanish words to catch votes , That is Romney ‘s jobs
    when He will debate with Obama , I think the best way he would bring his wife , his son , Paul Ryan with him.

  13. William Deutschlander September 4, 2012

    Preibus epitimizes ignorance in the worst form.

    He looks like a squirrel and acts like a jackass.

    He is the worst RNC Chair I have seen.

  14. seche September 4, 2012

    OBAMA 2012 !!!!!

  15. seche September 4, 2012

    OBAMA 2012

  16. Marc E. Motley Sr September 4, 2012

    Let’s ALL take a deep breath and really think back to the state of Union 4 years ago. We were in such disarray Wall St. almost brought our great nation it’s knees and we had a president in office who cared more about wars than our economy. We are much better off now than we have ever been and believe me the Republicans are not the answer! These group of liars and bigots would destroy this country WE CAN’T LET THEM DO IT!!!!

  17. BookieBarb September 4, 2012

    The Republican leadership are thugs! Democrats did not disrupt the Republican Convention in Tampa. The Republicans have no business trying to undermine the Democratic Convention in Charlotte. And don’t shout “free speech” at me. In a civilizerd society, everyone gets a chance to be heard.

  18. alester Pryor September 4, 2012

    Republicans lie, lie, lie, yet they have people following their lies and believing their lies…but, I think the Republicans’ time has come…using code words for their base, voter suppression laws enacted and defeated, lies about factory closings under President Obama, the war on women, their willingness to keep the 1% in tact without regard to the other 99%. I don’t mind anyone being wealthy, but why do they need tax breaks and how many jobs have that 1% really created? They need to try to disrupt the Democratic convention because they didn’t offer American anything during their convention, and now they’re so afraid that the Democrats might actually call them out as liars that they will do, say any and everything. They’re on the ropes and they know it.

  19. Ladygolfer4 September 4, 2012

    Why are they being allowed to try and upstage the Democratic Convention, even just common courtesy should prevail here.

  20. Michael W. Gordon Sr September 4, 2012

    You know you are in trouble, when you have to come down to the State where the Democratic is having their Convention, to try to make waves , when your ship is all ready “sunk” Repulican, you need to stop. One; because (Americans) now that ,the Republicans will go back to the Old , Old, way of trying to bring , America back, when it is moving forward, and they are to dump, and lost in time and space.. every sense 2010 in the WhiteHouse, that try to stop everything good for a that President Obama, was doing for the United State of America, they wanted to (Stop) everyone Now’s the Really Reason why , that don’t want to see President Obama, finish Cleaning up the (Republicans Mest) we all need to Focus on moving in the Right direction, then in the Backward Direction.. So, let’s keep Clean and Sweeping up and Sweeping out the Mest that the (Republicans put all of America in, excepted thier 1% were that want to Profit $$$$$$$$ for them and this is a Fact, not Fiction.
    Michael W Gordon Sr.

  21. sheilab2 September 4, 2012

    Liars, haters, you name it and the repubs practice it. I have lived thru Presidential campaigns since 1940 and never have I seen such lies and hatred being spewed by one party. The tea baggers, FAUX NEWS, Limbaugh, Beck, McConnell, Hannity, Palin, Bachmann, Brewer, Cantor, etal. are tearing this country apart. I can only hope that they lose big time in November and crawl back into whatever rat infested cave they came from.

  22. carsrus September 4, 2012

    DemocRATS, all! This is the 21st Century commie party convention! U fools are about to re-crown the “devil” incarnate, a man who wants to DESTROY our Great Constitutional Republic! His action over the last 3+ horrible years have been AGAINST America and for the commies in china, and yes, again in commie russia, with evil putin! One would think his agenda is to allow china to OWN US, after all he’s created the WORST debt of ALL Presidents combined! commie china could just come in, take US over with not a shot being fired, and make this fetid, marxist commie shill, snake oil salesman, LIAR vie-chairman of the peoples republic of the United States, forever! WE, the PEOPLE have another plan! WE will stop this evil, meglomaniac in his tracks, on November 6,2012, Barack Obama will be defeated in the biggest LANDSLIDE, EVER! President Romney and Vice President Ryan will bring US the HOPE and CHANGE, and America BACK to being the World’s MOST POWERFUL DEMOCRACY! GOD BLESS THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA !

    1. grammyjill September 4, 2012

      you really need some mental help.

  23. Robin O'Brien September 4, 2012

    They really think that they can buy and bully their way to a Romney win????……..
    Great to see that the Democrats showed so much more class during the RNC convention!

  24. IAMSICKOFIT September 4, 2012

    That is just like the sour grapes losers of the Republicans leadership (and I use the word leadership lightly) would do. They can not hold a great convention of their own, so they go out of their way to try and up set the Democratic convention. Just like a bully in the school yard or a spoiled rich child. They all need to go back to work or be fired. And their Chairman Reince Priebus, his pants are on fire and it is not very christian of him. Figures do not lie, liars figure. The American people are not stupid. This party has lost its way.

  25. G_Baby7 September 4, 2012

    It seems to me that if the Republicans are going all-out in Charlotte oppposite the Democratic Convention, they must be “running scared”.

  26. Lee_Dimin September 4, 2012

    The Republican Party, of which I was once a member, has become, not only anti woman, but infantile in their approqach to solving the problems of the country. The childish gathering in by Republicans in Charlotte to distrupt the Democrat national Convention shows a very limited intgelligence among Republican Party members. Martin Luther King, Jr. said, “Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity. ”

  27. GodlessRabble September 4, 2012

    I guess we have moved into a new low in American Politics. Ever since Obama was elected we have seen the biggest amount of sophomoric slanders and actions by the Repugnicans and their allies the Tea Baggers. We used to have polite discourse even when we disagreed….but not now. Now we have a bunch of rabid contrarians that couldn’t even be bothered with the truth as they rush to disagree with anything related to Obama. I remember this kind of inconsideration in the 50’s or so – when the bigots would discuss anything related to minorities and their rights. So it looks like we have done a full circle…unfortunately….but understandable considering how badly our education system is being gutted.

    I wonder if America will be able to heal itself after all this. Have we become the country of my way or I’m gonna cry and do dirty tricks until I get my way? Can we ever agree to disagree in peaceful and organized discourse…or will it be all like Carsrus below? Childish and moronic? Or are there anyone left in the Repugnican party that can carry out a factual and honest discourse????

  28. dotutz September 4, 2012

    What a bunch of sore losers the RNC. Its a shame the DNC didn’t do the same thing to them, but they will be hoisted by their own petard!!!! Lord Willing. I just can’t believe the stupidity of some people, mainly the Reps.

  29. Carolyn Stine September 4, 2012

    Another dirty move by the Republican’ts!

  30. Landsende September 4, 2012

    Disruption is something the teathuglicans have had a lot of practice at. Remember how they kept disrupting the town hall meetings to explain the Affordable Care Act by yelling and not allowing anyone to get answers to questions or let congressmen explain it. At the time they called themselves the tea party and said they were independent but the only meetings they disrupted were the democratic ones and not the republican ones. Didn’t take long to figure out they were shills of Karl Rove and the republican party. What they’re doing now is typical Karl Rove dirty tactics. When GWB was president they called Rove Bush’s brain because he made most of Bush’s decisions. We now have him manipulating to become Romneys brain. Do we really want another president that is manipulated by the likes of Karl Rove?

  31. Bradbrea September 5, 2012

    Well, let’s START with the “23 million” unemployed! The FACTUAL number is a little over 12 million! Way to Go President Obama!! In just 24 hours you reduced the unemployment by 50%. WE are MUCH better off today than on ANY day in 2008!!!! This behavior by the Republican Party is FEAR!!! They KNOW they are making fools out of themselves and they SOMEHOW think that THIS tactic is going to help them and hurt the democrats. WELL, you are NOT going to put those BLINDERS on US ANYMORE!!! Just because you SAY it, doesn’t make it SO!! At the end of the Democratic Convention, the Republicans will once again look foolish and desperate!

  32. deborah September 6, 2012

    earsus. You are indeed sad. I would hate to be you in these times.

  33. highpckts September 7, 2012

    I STILL HAVEN’T HEARD ROMNEY’S PLANS!!! Who are they kidding!! Why is he so secretive about what he wants to do? Wants to get into office and then spring it on us when it’s too late?? I don’t trust him!!

  34. Steve danna September 8, 2012

    After reading all the comments here, I would wish that all you good people would mail a roll
    of toilet tissue (super-sized) to the gop candidates running for office, Because when dealing
    with Anus-Orifices this big you need a huge pile of rolls to help them clean up THEIR mess.
    And it also might be tax deductible. Don’t worry about carsrus though, the only thing that could
    help him is a cess-pool vacuum truck.


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