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Engineers Have Known For Decades That Oroville’s Backup Spillway Would Fail



  1. I Am Helpy February 15, 2017

    Engineers kinda know that everything will fail, given enough time. Sketchy headlines aside, there do need to be some serious questions asked about this – and how prepared other dams & infrastructure is for disaster.

    1. Amberlbeland February 15, 2017

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  2. Psalmon February 15, 2017

    The Emergency spillway is there for a Naturally Caused Catastrophic flood…It has a capacity to drain a storm equal to the lakes entire volume in just 3 days…Storms like that are possible and have happened as soon ago as 1862. The purpose of the Emerg Spillway is to save the Dam and fix the hillside later…If that scenario played out the devastation in the Valley below the dam would dwarf anything that has happened to the main Spillway…below everything would be obliterated and Sacramento downstream underwater. $$$ should be invested in the Main Spillway not the backup (with the exception of improving erosion prevention at the apron. The Emergency Spillway’s purpose is completely misunderstood.


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