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Playing The Part Of President: Trump Falling Down On World Stage

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Playing The Part Of President: Trump Falling Down On World Stage


Reprinted with permission from Creators.


Mr. Covfefe — aka the American president — has just spilled it all over the place. And nothing will take out the “damned spot.”

The truth is clear as a June day: Donald J. Trump has no idea how to play his part. He doesn’t have the class or the chops; nor does he have curiosity or compassion. To borrow a phrase from him, he does not “look the part.”

So, the world stage is shape-shifting as we speak. You have to respect Europe — especially German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the new leader of the free world. NATO nation leaders, clearly disgusted with Trump’s cheap attempt to bully them with false claims, do not want to do business with the interloper.

That didn’t take long, becoming an outcast in the post-war Western defense alliance that we set up with a transatlantic touch of generosity and genius.

And now, thanks to Trump, the United States is an outlaw in the global community with the June 1 breach of the landmark Paris Accords. That was a lot easier than getting rid of Obamacare. When Exxon is on the world climate train and the nation is not, we have squandered a lifetime’s chance to do the right thing.

The American presidency is the highest form of performance art, with all eyes on you, all the time, judging how well you play your character. Sadly, in this case, it’s hard to take him anywhere.

George Washington and Ronald Reagan were consummate masters of public appearances. Dignity was Washington’s watchword. He was the strong, silent type, always flawlessly dressed, on a white horse. He consciously defined the role for the republic. Grand, but not ostentatious like a king. Reagan added humor and cheer to his presidential public face and he, too, cut a figure on a horse.

Trump on a golf course is, pure and simple, the ugly American from central casting.

If you happened to see the commander in chief at Arlington National Cemetery on Memorial Day, laying a gorgeous wreath on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, it was hard not to notice him smiling and smirking (and singing a bit) his way through the national anthem. This is the most hallowed ground around. Next to him, Defense Secretary James Mattis held his ramrod salute and stern face through the strained moment.

When Trump said, “I always like to call him General” about Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly (a former Marine Corps general) and delivered an unctuous speech as if to overcompensate for his lack of military service, it hit me.

The only class of Americans that Trump speaks well of is the military. And that fact is reflected in new budget numbers. While he slashes government science, peace, civil rights and health research funds, the Pentagon is his favorite child. And he hates people like yours truly, waging “war” with the press.

There are public figures who act their roles with gravitas. Scott Pelley, the 60 Minutes anchor who struck a blow as a truth-teller with rigor, was undaunted when tweets started pouring from the White House, like an ogre’s silent scream in the darkness before the dawn. The blue-chip newsman just got fired from “CBS Evening News” for low ratings — a casualty of the Trump era.

Hillary Clinton, however “likable,” holds her own on any public stage. Barack Obama is a natural performance artist. No matter what, Bill Clinton was fun to watch and matured into his performance art circa 1995. Of these three, he combined heart and mind the best.

Trump’s overnight creation on Twitter made lexicographers go back to bed.

“Covfefe” has set off anxiety that, as a friend wrote, “one’s president might communicate just about anything to the world at any moment.”

Trump tweeted this about the mystery and meaning of it all: “Enjoy!”

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  1. arthur June 2, 2017

    Trump is a coward. When he was in Europe he would not say he was dropping out of the climate treaty to the faces of the leaders because he trembles before them. A bully always backs down to real power. He waited to get back home and announce it because he is the ultimate chicken. He runs away when the going gets tough.

    1. dpaano June 2, 2017

      Pretty much the same way he avoided going into the military! Once a coward; always a coward! He hides behind Bannon and his minions!

      1. Danielledmacarthur June 3, 2017

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  2. johninPCFL June 2, 2017

    He had a stroke. Time for A25 to be invoked.

    1. Beethoven June 3, 2017

      I don’t consider Article 25 to be in any way appropriate to the situation; only impeachment and subsequent conviction for criminal actions is the right response. Article 25 should be invoked only when a president becomes incapable, through mental or physical illness, of performing his duties after he is elected and sworn in. Donald Trump is as incompetent and incapable now as he was when he was only one of many Republicans campaigning for the office, and it is not due to a mental or physical illness arising after he was elected; he has been this way for many years.

      1. Sand_Cat July 7, 2017

        Sadly, you are correct.

  3. dpaano June 2, 2017

    Not only did he fall on his face….he fell FLAT on his face and took the rest of this nation with him! We’re ALL laughingstocks now despite the fact that most of us do NOT agree with Trump’s actions. It’s embarrassing to say the least!

  4. bojimbo26 June 3, 2017

    The Orange Blob HATES being in a group of people when the spotlight is NOT on him all the time .


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