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Pro-Trump Outlets Falsely Suggest The Clintons Murdered A Former Haitian Government Official

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Pro-Trump Outlets Falsely Suggest The Clintons Murdered A Former Haitian Government Official


Reprinted with permission from MediaMatters.

Media outlets that favor President Donald Trump are claiming that former President Bill Clinton and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton were involved with the death of a former Haitian government official. The claim is just the latest in a long-running series of unsupported allegations that the Clintons have murdered people.

On July 12, the Miami Herald  reported that Klaus Eberwein, a former director of the Haitian government’s economic development agency, “was found dead Tuesday in a South Dade motel room in what the Miami-Dade medical examiner’s office is ruling a suicide.” According to the Herald, Eberwein “had fallen on hard times” and “faced allegations of fraud and corruption,” and he was scheduled to testify before a Haitian anti-corruption commission. While neither the Clintons nor the Clinton Foundation were mentioned anywhere in the article, some fringe outlets and figures and fake news purveyors drew a connection, claiming that Eberwein’s expected testimony would have implicated the foundation.

Far-right troll Mike Cernovich tweeted that Eberwein was “Found Dead Before Testifying Against Clinton Foundation” (discredited filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza promoted the claim), and fake news purveyor YourNewsWire claimed Eberwein was going to “testify that the Clinton Foundation misappropriated Haiti earthquake donations from international donors” (which conspiracy theorist Kim Dotcom and pro-Trump radio host Mark Simone promoted).

Those claims were, of course, false. According to Snopes, a quote attributed by YourNewsWire to Eberwein attacking the Clinton Foundation actually came from someone else, and before his death, “no reports said or even hinted that any probe in which [Eberwein] was involved targeted Hillary Clinton or the Clinton Foundation”:

As it turns out, however, the article from YourNewsWire from which the Haiti Sentinel piece was written is suspect, containing a “quote” from Eberwein — the only part of the article that linked him to the Clintons to begin with — that was actually spoken by someone else:

“The Clinton Foundation, they are criminals, they are thieves, they are liars, they are a disgrace,” Eberwein said at a protest outside the Clinton Foundation headquarters in Manhattan last year.

Someone did say that outside Clinton Foundation headquarters in Manhattan in November 2016, but YourNewsWire appears to have, for some reason, confused one person of Haitian descent with another. The actual person who spoke this phrase is a community activist and New York area radio host named Dahdoud André, and this comment originally appeared in a BBC article[.]


Before news of Klaus Eberwein’s suicide was reported on 12 July 2017, no reports said or even hinted that any probe in which he was involved targeted Hillary Clinton or the Clinton Foundation. The claim originated on the frequently disreputable YourNewsWire.com, and was uncritically repeated and amplified by readers and blogs. However, we have found no specific information tying Eberwein to Clinton before his July 2017 death.

Since the Snopes report, not only have outlets and figures not retracted their false reporting, but the claim has spread. Pro-Trump TV network One America News (OANN) claimed Eberwein was “due to appear in court this week to testify in the Haitian Senate against the Clinton Foundation for alleged corruption.” OANN went so far as to link Eberwein’s death to the suicide of a GOP operative who sought Hillary Clinton’s emails from Russian hackers and the murder of a Democratic National Committee (DNC) staffer, saying, “Now with three mysterious deaths all leading back to the Clintons in some way, it’s only a matter of time before the authorities connect the dots and see the pattern of a Clinton cover up.”

Far-right conspiracy outlets Zero Hedge and Infowars both published the same piece claiming “deaths seem to follow the Clinton’s (sic) around, and this one especially is probably something – considering since the mainstream media is silent about this death.” Conspiracy outlet WorldNetDaily alleged Eberwein “told acquaintances he feared for his life for his fierce criticism of the Clinton Foundation,” and pro-Trump website The Gateway Pundit suggested Eberwein was “another victim of Clinton Arkancide.”

Fake news purveyors Right AlertsAmerican TodayConservative FightersUSA Politics TodayGlobal Politics NowTruthFeed, and Right Wing News also all suggested or outright alleged a connection between the Clintons and Eberwein’s death. Their pieces have received hundreds to thousands of Facebook engagements apiece, according to social media analytics website BuzzSumo: YourNewsWire (419,200), Infowars (7,800), Zero Hedge (20,400), WorldNetDaily (13,500), Gateway Pundit (11,000), Right Alerts (1,800), American Today (400), Conservative Fighters (10,400), USA Politics Today (1,400), TruthFeed (18,300), and Right Wing News (931).

Conservative media figures have falsely alleged for years that the Clintons have killed several people, including then-White House deputy counsel Vince Foster, despite multiple investigations concluding that his death was a suicide. Recently, some in conservative media, including OANN, have baselessly suggested that the Clintons were connected to the death of the DNC staffer, Seth Rich, even though law enforcement has concluded he was likely the victim of a botched robbery.

Header image by Sarah Wasko / Media Matters



  1. FireBaron July 19, 2017

    What’s the easiest way to tell if a web site is a Fake News site? The absence of legitimate popup ads. Most ad sellers will not bother with sites like these due to the legal troubles associated with their owners and the lack of “reach” of their sites. Add to that, they often have to ask their viewers for “donations” to keep doing their job.

  2. Aaron_of_Portsmouth July 19, 2017

    This just adds more fuel to the fire of derangement that defines Trump, the GOP,, and these simpleton media outlets that act as propaganda organs.
    The GOP want to blame external forces for the impotence of their attempts to provide a suitable replacement for Health Care; Trump wants to blame the other Party for his and the GOP’s impotence; trolls relentless jam the airwaves with lies and distortions to explain the impotence, while showing that these same media outlets have yet to reach puberty.

    There is a Divine Hand at play in all this confusion of “the tribes of the defeated”. And no matter whether they are ensconced in seats of power in DC, piping lies from their bunker studios or moms’ basements, or trying to squelch the ongoing investigation of their collaboration with Putin and his trolls, these over-fed rats can run but they can’t hide.

    1. Independent1 July 19, 2017

      There appears to be no level of depravity to which today’s radical conservatives will not stoop to to further their totally misguided hateful agenda.

    2. dbtheonly July 20, 2017

      Indeed Aaron, but we, at the same time, need not to fall into Trump Derangement Syndrome. We’ve see it far too much from the Right WIng.

      Additionally, Rachael Maddow has shown that phony “bad Trump” stories are being circulated in an effort to discredit those news sources publishing them(?).

  3. Independent1 July 19, 2017

    Here’s a cartoon published during the 2016 election which capsulizes to some extent the degree of depravity that today’s right-wing radicals will stoop to in trying to further their misguided ideological agemda. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/36878f4abfbbc47c133df00b3376710875c9b00c720d4927fb86ae83d4cd2d12.jpg

  4. Lynda Groom July 20, 2017

    Jesus H Christ will this kind of political crap ever stop? I know they hate the Clintons but this is just insane, sophomoric and dangerous.

  5. Thoughtopsy July 20, 2017

    SO. WEAK.
    Let me translate: “Our President sucks so badly and is screwing up so much that we need to scream and wave our arms and claim a fake story about people who aren’t even in government is REALLY IMPORTANT… Look over HERE!!1!1!”

    Face it Right Wing Garbage News…
    You can’t find a lipstick big enough or dark enough for the ignorant Pig you ‘Put-in’ the White House. And laughable attempted distraction from President Oink, by talking about people who are no longer even elected officials, only works for the dumbest of your base… and alienates everyone else.

    If you need further evidence just review Hannity’s epic face first fall onto his sword because he chose the “Vince Foster Conspiracy” as his hill to die on.

    He IS a sociopathic ratings whore, but that story looks like it was too moronic for even his regular viewers.

  6. dennis July 20, 2017

    “The Commission, as called for, investigates the management of the PetroCaribe funds, the money that Haiti receives from Venezuela’s oil program. In the hearing, he would also answer questions about the Clinton Foundation and its role in the distribution of the assistance received after the earthquake disaster” [Wikipedia (translated)]

    “A two-thirds vote (67 senators) was required to remove Clinton from office. Fifty senators voted to remove Clinton on the obstruction of justice charge and 45 voted to remove him on the perjury charge; no member of his own Democratic Party voted guilty on either charge. Clinton, like Johnson a century earlier, was acquitted on all charges” [Wikipedia]

  7. dennis July 20, 2017

    If these are his, and if he is taking the photo, this dad did not shoot himself. I can promise you that. Think for yourselves

    1. Jim Samaras July 20, 2017

      There is such a thing as coincidence but when is enough enough and a real investigation warranted? It will be hard to place the Clintons at the end but makes you wonder who is pulling the strings. Soros? Rothchilds?

      1. ^ imagine being this stupid.

      2. dennis July 20, 2017

        Coincidence does not link the death of a taxi driver in Miami to the management of nine thousand million of donations for devastated Haitions. The Miami Herald probably received a heads-up. This article sets out to debunk and politicise all reporting since. I find that repugnant. Mrs Eberwein posted last Friday on Facebook at 3.21 pm that her husband had been investigated twice before and cleared, yet this author has repeated a claim by the Miami Herald inferring that Klaus was to be the subject of the investigation. Snopes claim to have proved that Klaus did not make comment against the Clintons by saying he did not speak at a protest outside the Clinton Foundation office but refer only to one instance. There was more than one protest. The so called MSM were not interested in what they were protesting. Klaus may not have attended any but so what? This is not a US political issue. It is not about allegiance to any party. It is about corruption and cheating

      3. Sand_Cat July 20, 2017

        May make you wonder whether a liberal or a Jew is pulling the strings; probably not most normal people.

      4. Aaron_of_Portsmouth July 20, 2017

        Your inordinate and obsessive fascination with linking partisanship with every occurrence in America needs a shift. Is there any chance you can expand your limited grasp of events beyond partisanship and be able to see the big picture in an intelligent and objective manner??

        Depravity isn’t a virtue—it’s a syndrome of an absence of noble virtues, lack of a rational thought process, and/or just getting a thrill out of fomenting dissent and rancor. A tortured life centered around an obsession with which partisan is on 1st base will get you nowhere fast in life, Jim. Give it a rest and try to adopt a new life and vision.

        1. dennis July 21, 2017

          Hillary might have made a better teacher than lawyer. She has certainly got you all brainwashed into the method of pointing the finger to divert from ones self

          Jim simply said that the likelihood of coincidence is so small that it is time that a proper investigation takes place. Mr Soros and others need to be the subjects as well, either as the string pullers or as accessories after the fact of a possible homicide

          Either way I am positive of this: if Bill Clinton had not been puppeteered into Haiti by whatever corrupt United Nations process that brought that about, Klaus’s three children would still have a live father, whether it is assassination or suicide

        2. Jim Samaras July 21, 2017

          This is not nor should it be a partisan issue. If there were a trail of bodies leading to the Trump camp I would be calling him out. Why can’t a reasonable person such as yourself Aaron have a bipartisan viewpoint when it comes to the Clintons?

  8. Ignatius P. Freely July 29, 2017

    Definitely, this “suicide” is related to the corrupt Clintons:

    1. None of the major news outlets have even run the story. Obviously, the “powers that be” don’t want the masses informed about it.

    2. If it will make you feel any better, the Clintons are just puppets for Zdenek, who is the director of the International Mafia…

    Madeleine Albright, former U.S. Secretary of State, is Czech.

    Condoleezza Rice, also a former U.S. Secretary of State, was mentored by Albright’s father, who was Czech.

    Zdenek, director of the International Mafia, and most of his “capos” are Czechoslovak.

    Blustery Donald Trump, who is actually a sycophant, thought marrying Ivana, his first wife who is Czech, would be a good way to curry favor with Zdenek.

    Is Hillary Clinton off the hook? Nah. When the Libyan rebels realized they would soon capture Gaddafi, they notified the coalition command. Hillary immediately flew to Libya to give this order: “As soon as you capture Gaddafi, kill him.”

    Reason: When Gaddafi attended the 35th G8 summit, he met with Zdenek, who gave Gaddafi one last chance: “You can remain as leader of Libya, but I will manage you”. Gaddafi refused. Hillary ordered the killing of Gaddafi because Zdenek was afraid Gaddafi would talk.


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