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Putin Defends Trump’s Virtue — And Trump Serves Putin’s Interests

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Putin Defends Trump’s Virtue — And Trump Serves Putin’s Interests


Here’s a thought exercise: What do you suppose would happen if Russian strongman Vladimir Putin decided to clarify remarks he reportedly made about Donald Trump during the election campaign?

“I never said Trump was ‘brilliant,’” he might say. “That was a poor translation. I said he was ‘colorful,’ which nobody denies. Unfortunately, he is also an ignorant buffoon with no greater understanding of international relations than the average Moscow prostitute, of which he has known many.”

Would Trump confine himself to mocking Putin’s short stature and bare-chested TV appearances on his Twitter account? Or would the United States and Russia go to war footing overnight?

Fortunately, we can all relax. Everybody understands that Trump lives so deep in Putin’s pocket that no such exchange seems possible. When it comes to foreign affairs, the only constant in our new president’s pronouncements is that he has never yet said anything—not one single thing–that the Russian dictator would find objectionable.

It’s really remarkable. On everything from the invasion of Crimea to the obsolescence of NATO and the breakup of the European Union, Trump’s remarks may as well have been crafted in the Kremlin. Trump’s Secretary of State designee had a medal pinned on his chest by Putin himself; his national security advisor Gen. Michael Flynn had a paid gig on the Russia Today TV network, and has dined publicly with the Russian leader.

Weakening NATO, the military alliance that has brought stability and prosperity to the West since 1945, is the number one priority of Putin’s foreign policy, exposing Eastern Europe to the tender mercies of the Russian army. One needn’t yearn for a new Cold War to realize what a terrible thing that would be.

As for the European Union, here are some relevant numbers: In 2016, total U.S. trade with the EU was roughly $650 billion. It’s our most important economic partnership by far. Total trade with Russia totaled $20 billion.

Economically speaking, the EU is more than thirty times more valuable to the United States than Russia. Any questions? Russia occupies a vast landmass and has a formidable military, but its economy is smaller than Italy’s.

The Russians are a great, long-suffering people; we couldn’t have won World War II without them. But does anybody want to buy Russian cars, computers, or TVs? No, they do not.

The last thing the world needs is Russia looming over once captive nations such as Poland and Lithuania like a bear at a picnic table. A Democrat who proposed such things would be accused of treason.

So anyway, here’s what it’s come to: In the course of defending Trump from scurrilous accusations in Buzzfeed, Putin also praised the beauty and skill of Moscow prostitutes, who he proclaimed “the best in the world.”

Back in 2013 when the president-elect visited Moscow for the Miss Universe pageant, Putin alibied, “He wasn’t a politician, we didn’t even know about his political ambitions. Do they think that our special services are hunting for every U.S. billionaire?”

Actually, Vladimir, yes they do. Even Trump knows that. During his recent press conference, he said he warned friends to behave themselves, “Because you don’t want to see yourself on television. Cameras all over the place.”

In Moscow, they even have a word for it, “kompromat”—a combination of the Russian words for “compromising” and “information.” Luring public figures into proverbial “honey traps” or manufacturing scandal against troublesome individuals is a common practice of authoritarian regimes everywhere—but nowhere more than in Russia.

It’s well known that Putin got his big break in politics when, as a young intelligence officer, he affirmed that a murky videotape of a man cavorting with hookers was indeed a foe of Boris Yeltsin’s. Today, sleazy videos of public figures are a regular feature on Russian TV. The sheer coarseness of political dialogue can be hard to believe.

I got a small taste of it last summer after unmasking a pair of Russian trolls that I called “Boris” and “Natasha” after the cartoon characters: all scatology, sexual insults, and veiled threats clearly based upon Internet misinformation. Some foreign journalists have had kiddie porn installed on their computers by such unknown parties.

That said, apart from one lurid detail I won’t repeat, none of the naughty bits in the dodgy Trump dossier struck me as shocking. Trump has long boasted to radio shock jock Howard Stern and others about barging into beauty contestants’ dressing rooms, copping feels, etc. He’s also on record about the supposedly loose morals of Russian women.

Yet whatever Putin has on Trump, I doubt it’s sexual—everybody’s favorite distraction. The real purpose of kompromat isn’t necessarily blackmail, but the promotion of discord, cynicism, and widespread disbelief in such “liberal” values as the distinction between truth and make-believe.

And when people come to assume that everybody’s crooked and nobody can be believed, the strongman always wins.

IMAGE: Flickr/DonkeyHotey

Gene Lyons

Gene Lyons is a political columnist and author. Lyons writes a column for the Arkansas Times that is nationally syndicated by United Media. He was previously a general editor at Newsweek as wells an associate editor at Texas Monthly where he won a National Magazine Award in 1980. He contributes to Salon.com and has written for such magazines as Harper's, The New York Times Magazine, The New York Review of Books, Entertainment Weekly, Washington Monthly, The Nation, Esquire, and Slate.

A graduate of Rutgers University with a Ph.D. in English from the University of Virginia, Lyons taught at the Universities of Massachusetts, Arkansas and Texas before becoming a full-time writer in 1976. A native of New Jersey, Lyons has lived in Arkansas with his wife Diane since 1972. The Lyons live on a cattle farm near Houston, Ark., with a half-dozen dogs, several cats, three horses, and a growing herd of Fleckvieh Simmental cows.

Lyons has written several books including The Higher Illiteracy (University of Arkansas, 1988), Widow's Web (Simon & Schuster, 1993), Fools for Scandal (Franklin Square, 1996) as well as The Hunting Of The President: The 10 Year Campaign to Destroy Bill and Hillary Clinton, which he co-authored with National Memo Editor-in-Chief Joe Conason.

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  1. Theodora30 January 18, 2017

    The more I think about it the more the allegations of Trump’s sexual misconduct while in Moscow ring true. This might be counterintuitive but it seems to me if you were going to make up an accusation the most damning and believable would be to claim to have videos of Trump with clearly underage girls, prostitutes or not. This fits with other accusations and his own admission of his walking in on underage beauty contestants in a state of undress.

    1. Dominick Vila January 18, 2017

      Bear in mind that debauchery is no longer considered a sin by the immoral minority.

      1. FireBaron January 18, 2017

        Only for us Democrats, Dom. Their fellow GOP members are all supposed to get free rides because of their “family values”.

        1. itsfun January 18, 2017

          Are you talking about the family values of Bill using his cigar?

          1. JPHALL January 18, 2017

            No…We are wondering about your obsession with the Bill Clinton of twenty plus years ago.

          2. Thoughtopsy January 18, 2017

            He hasn’t worked out the election’s over because he’s still busy trying to absorb the fact that the FBI is part of the DOJ.
            It’s a whole chart… so give him a few more years.
            He’ll get it eventually.

          3. itsfun January 19, 2017

            Probably the same as your obsession with what President-elect Trump did 30 years ago?

          4. JPHALL January 19, 2017

            WITH TRUMP YOU MUST MEAN 10 OR LESS YEARS AGO. You know, cheating on a wife, grouping women and walking in on them in dressing rooms.

          5. itsfun January 19, 2017

            Are you talking about Trump or Bill Clinton?

          6. JPHALL January 20, 2017

            LIKE I SAID TRUMP!

          7. itsfun January 20, 2017

            OH: I would have bet you were talking about Bill Clinton.

          8. JPHALL January 20, 2017

            I KNOW. That is your obsession!

          9. itsfun January 20, 2017

            Nope; just showing how the left things what Bill did is just fine and what Trump did is just terrible.

          10. JPHALL January 20, 2017

            No that is not it. It just shows that you are obsessed with someone who has been out of power for nearly 20 years. Name one thing he has done since 1999.

          11. itsfun January 20, 2017

            Must be nice to be so smart you know what another person is thinking. Your posts show you are obsessed with making up stories and trying to make people think you are smarter then you are. You are just another one that believe he knows more than anyone else, when you actually know nothing.

          12. JPHALL January 20, 2017

            Don’t you ever get tired of posting BS that you cannot backup? I guess not. You are pathetic! Goodbye loser.

          13. itsfun January 21, 2017

            You are the loser here. Don’t you ever get tired of making up stories and lying? Just another tolerant loser. Have you been watching the tolerant left rioting in DC?

          14. JPHALL January 21, 2017

            AS USUAL YOU ARE FULL OF BS. It is not “Liberals” rioting, it is Anarchists. They show up everywhere and the Police know them but have to wait before arresting them. These White guys even show up in Black neighborhoods.

          15. Thoughtopsy January 18, 2017

            Another case of attempted Diversion-by-Idiot.
            You realise trying to change the topic to Bill doesn’t stop your Orange Child-God from being a pig, a Putin puppet, and probably a pedophile, right?
            You actually have to supply ARGUMENTS if you want to contest those things.
            I know you’re dumb… but please try harder.

          16. marriea January 20, 2017

            That’s classier than golden showers

          17. itsfun January 20, 2017

            I wouldn’t know which is classier. I haven’t tried either, you seem to be the one with experience.

          18. marriea January 20, 2017

            Sorry dear, neither is my cup of tea, but definitely wouldn’t want to be around someone either pissing on me, nor the other way around.
            And nothing goes inside me except what nature designed.
            Are you jealous or otherwise envious Bill?.
            You seemingly point to his pecadillos as the ultimate disgrace while Trump gets away with who knows what.
            Is this one of those my guy can do it, but your guy can’t situations.
            At least Bill had mutual consent..
            I know one woman said he raped her, but when you think about it, why would one give consent to have a meeting with someone in a motel room?

          19. itsfun January 20, 2017

            Couldn’t care less about Billy Boy. Just pointing out that Billy treated women much worse than President Trump. You say it doesn’t count if a woman accuses Clinton of rape, but it does if one accuses President Trump. Must be nice to have your double standard and you don’t even realize it.

          20. PrecipitousDrop January 20, 2017

            Was Trump treating women nicely all the times he referred to them as “pigs”, “dogs”, “bimbos”, or “animals”?
            Was he showing his respect for women when he went on the radio and referred to his daughter Ivanka as a “piece of ass”?
            What about the 17 women who came forward to confirm that Trump did, in fact, assault them in the ways he described on the Access Hollywood tape? Why did Trump swear to sue them in his speech at Gettysburg on October 22nd?
            I don’t recall Bill Clinton saying or doing any of those things.

          21. marriea January 20, 2017

            Having been a victim of rape as an adult and a victim of molestation as a child, it’s something I take very seriously.
            With respect to the woman who alleged she was raped by
            Clinton, I couldn’t help but wonder why most of her venim was seemingly directed at his wife and not Clinton himself.
            I think Clinton was/is a cad.
            However, unlike Trump, he didn’t feel the need to brag about his exploits.
            What is it that Trump said, ‘I’m a celebrity, so I can get away with it’.
            He bragged about barging in on half dressed beauty contestants. Many were teenagers.
            I’m not going to ever say Bill was correct in his actions, but the many women he seduced were adults and many were willing ‘partners’.
            They knew Clinton was married.
            With perhaps the exception of Paula what’s her name (I forgot her last name), none of these women were exactly ‘victims’.
            The women who complained about Trump were blindsided.
            Some didn’t know they were even on his radar.
            If you are a father, especially of a daughter, are you saying you would give Trump a pass should he put the moves on your child.
            Because of my experiences, I’m a very over protective mother.
            Maybe in many ways too over protected, and my kids are now adults.
            I know I feel the same way and act the same with my young granddaughters.
            Someone like Trump would find himself dead and I’d be in jail.

          22. itsfun January 20, 2017

            I am sorry you were raped and molested. I sincerely hope you have been able to heal and have a enjoyable life. I also hope the rapist and molester are in prison where they belong.

          23. marriea January 21, 2017

            They are dead.
            I’m an old woman.
            But the memories of being violated have never really gone away.
            Sometimes the memories creep in out of nowhere and just make me shudder.
            You ask if I have a double standard.
            No, I do not.
            Clinton, although he lied and then came clean, apologized.
            Even if you say the apology wasn’t sincere, he apologized.
            Trump on the other hand has denied something/anything happend, then treated the incident as something playful, bushed it off, and then threatened to sue the object of his scorn.
            He’s never once said sorry, only sorry that this ‘game playing’ was made public.
            If you have daughters, especially beautiful blond youthful ones, I wouldn’t have them any where near a guy like him. or anyone like him
            Funny how Dennis Hastert got his comeupperance, eventually.
            Bill Cosby is fighting joining the same club.
            Trump is now president of the US. I accept that.
            Don’t like it, but like many things in this world, life goes on and you take the bitter with the sweet.
            But for whatever reasons, you have brought into his charade (to me at least).
            I pray you, I and the rest of this country don’t get hurt for our shortsightiveness or should I say the shortsightiveness of his supporters..

          24. itsfun January 21, 2017

            We have one thing in common – old. I do feel bad for you and I hope those bastards went to prison before going to Hell. I really don’t have a problem with locker room talk. Men and women have been engaging in that kind of behavior ever since there have been locker rooms. I do have a huge problem with rape and I will say that IF Presidents Trump and Clinton are guilty of rape, then they should be impeached and sent to prison. Again, I do hate the kind of treatment you were put through in your earlier life.

          25. marriea January 21, 2017

            In the 50’s and sixes they didn’t put folks who abused women in jail.
            It was our fault which is why it is never reported.
            I was a teenager when I was molested.
            I told my mother.
            She told my aunt.
            They went to their graves knowing my secret.
            The aduser was my mother’s husband.
            In retrospect. I supposed that she knew if she told it officailly, there would be a murder in my family.
            My grandfather would have shot him to death.
            It was a trying time.
            Later after I left home, it was after the death of my mother, I lost my virginity to rape by an acquantance on a magazine crew. Yeah, I briefly joined one of them.
            It was hard for me because my dream was to be ‘virginal’ for my prospective future husband.
            Oh well, the best made plans of mice and men.
            But that was another time and era.
            I couldn’t do anything to right that wrong.
            But my vow was to at least not have my girls go thru the same thing.
            To this day my children say I’m too over protective.
            Maybe I’m still trying to right that wrong that was done to me. And as I said, as a grandmother, I’m over protective of my granddaughters.
            But we learn from the things of the past.
            I learned to be cynical, which I am.
            I learned not to be trusting, because the times I have let my guard down, someone would pounce.
            I’ve learned to recognize double talk and to recognize that ‘but’ when someone is speaking.
            I’m a survivor, but I’m very cautious.
            I’ve learned to listen not to just what a person says, but also what they are not saying.
            Sometimes what they are not saying is more relevant than what they are saying.
            The things they do and how they act tells me more than what they later try and discount.
            It is for this reason I truly don’t trust the person you feel will bring about a change.
            I have seen his kind up close and personal.
            I worked at my job for 35 years before I retired.
            I’ve met people of many religions, ethnicity, languages, races and cultures.
            I listened to them.
            Many, I felt their pain, saw they anguish thru the anguish I have experienced.
            Most people want the same things.
            Although some of them will try and get it by being chameleons.
            They will say things they have no desire or intent to fulfill.
            They take advantage of using other via their ‘status’.
            They capitalize on the woes of others just because they can.
            It is for this reason I have a great distaste for the likes of Trump and other like him.
            You oviously like the guy.
            That’s OK with me, everybody is intitled to their own taste and I won’t begrudge your choice.
            But I will caution you not to be so trusting of empty promises.
            I personally consider Trump to be a con artist.
            Have met many of them in my life.
            Follow him if you must, but make sure you have an exit plan at hand to protect yourself.
            Good luck.
            And I mean that sincerely.
            I truly feel ya.

      2. dbtheonly January 18, 2017

        Dom, the sexual exploits, and yes, I do see the similarity to the word exploitation, worry me much less than the financial/economic ones. Ms. E holds that they’ve got Despicable Donald doing something illegal. She’s probably right.

        Still the sexual stuff seems to get all the press. Didn’t work in the election.

        1. Dominick Vila January 18, 2017

          You are right. Exposing Trump’s debauchery and vulgarity did not help. People are far more impressed with simplistic solutions, cute slogans, and clowns surrounded by dozens of American flags, than substantive issues, well crafted economic and job creation plans, or condemnations of immorality, inhumanity, or vulgarity…like FireBaron said, dependent on who the culprit is.

          1. marriea January 18, 2017

            I will always believe that most of Trump supporters were very impressed by his reported millions/billions and his TV status.
            Trickle down still exist in the minds of many.
            I’ve heard men at a bus station saying the same stuff that came out of Trump’s mouth for years, but they were ignored.
            Now that this reported man fo wealth has said it, it must be true.
            People generally elect people people who are reflection of themselves in more ways than one.
            I believe that Trump probably is in debt to the hilt with Russia.
            I’ve heard that he couldn’t get bank loans here in the states anymore, so he borrowed money from the Russia mafia and couldn’t meet his payoff date.
            I believe that somehow Putin, who is most probably a part of the Russian mofia, might have suggested that, even as a long shot, if Trump could become president, lead the govt, then somehow appoint people who could direct monies to Russia’s interest, all would be forgiven.
            Trump, to me, is a con man of the highest order.
            And the first order of a con is to know your mark,
            Trump’s mark, the many whites of America who strongly opposed anything Obama.
            He started with that ‘birther’ thing again.
            Then he attacked anything and everything that Obama has said done.
            He only supported his claims in the vaguest terms, and has not, even to this day has said exactly how he would run this country if elected with any specificity.
            He says something and his supporters fill in the blacks and he don’t correct them, leaving those people with the thought they are correct.
            Trump is selfish and his only objective is to Trump first and foremost.
            He can lie as a master. And when contridicted he either says he didn’t say that, or the words were misconstrued.
            I would say that a good 90% of his voteres were white.
            And I expect that Trump will only throw them out a few crumbs just to keep them at bay, while he trys to raid our country’s coffers.
            I suspect that the time will come when his shenanigans are so great as to be impeachable, but I wonder will the GOP have the courage to do their jobs and impeach and convict him.

          2. Mama Bear January 18, 2017

            You are most likely spot on with your assessment. In his years as a KGB agent Putin was known as a “recruiter”. That is exactly what he did with Humpty Trumpty. There are so many ignorant white men in this country who are afraid of anything and everything and they are bullies (in dogs it is called “fear aggression), just like their new hero.

        2. Eleanore Whitaker January 18, 2017

          The road from debauchery to thievery isn’t a giant leap. Trump thinks he is Teflon Don.

          1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth January 18, 2017

            It’s a point of consternation that certain men here are more interested in the economic aspect, and regard the issues of morality as of lesser consequence.

          2. Eleanore Whitaker January 19, 2017

            I spent several years studying every aspect of the Enron Debacle. Fastow, Skilling, The Arthur Anderson CPAs and Kenny Boy Lay…all were more interested in the economic aspects and the more the money went to their heads, the closer they came to failure.

            Right now what you are seeing is the Enron failure all over again…but on a much larger scale. You have Republican men trying to do exactly what Ken Lay, Fastow and Skilling did…silencing people they know have their number, discrediting reports they knew showed they were involved and guilty of a mass scheme to bilk their Enron employees like the Republicans are now trying to do to Americans.

            Sorry if the plot is the same but then you do have to remember, Enron WAS Texas and so is Tillerson, Trump’s Wall Street investments and all of the oil boys he now put on his team.

          3. marriea January 20, 2017

            The more things change, the more they remain the same.

        3. stcroixcarp January 18, 2017

          I think there was election fraud. I think a few voting machines in a few key counties in a few key states were hacked. That and voter suppression worked.

          1. marriea January 20, 2017

            Don’t know if the machines were hacked.
            I think many of the the American who voted for this guy minds were hacked.
            It’s unbelievable that so many people fell for Trump.
            Had a dream this morning and in that dream people were excited about Trump because they think of him as another Reagan.
            i didn’t care for Reagan but many pundits have declared him to be a GREAT president.
            I suspose that if you hear something over and over again, one begans to believe it.
            It’s called programming and indoctrination, something many in this country feels our government heads don’t do or practice.
            Trump, to me, thinks and act like he is playing the role of one of those TV, movie presidents.
            He will soon find out that this is the real deal.
            He has said that he will turn over the hard stuff to Mike Pence, but I have to wonder when that human quality of jealousy will kick in with and for Pence.
            At some point all of his hard work will have to be acknowleged independant of Trump.
            At some point Pence will say, if I’m doing the work, when will I be given credit for it.
            And having been a member of Congress before, he knows all of the ends and out.
            I think Pence might end up being Trump’s primary adversary.
            Pence’s wife, I think, might not like playing the role of second bananas to Melania if Melania, who comes off as seemingly shy and not talkative, gets credit for doing that ‘first lady stuff”
            And Ivanka, although she might try and include Pence’s wife in sharing the billings, well you know, women can be very ‘catty’..

      3. Wolfesgang January 18, 2017

        You may be right on this one — but debauchery can also take on forms of the ridiculous. If publicly exposed, this might be much more of a danger to Trump than the mere fact of the act itself.

        1. Dominick Vila January 18, 2017

          Exposure, in this case, depends on whether or not Trump delivers.

        2. Theodora30 January 18, 2017

          I think the issue is Putin having things he can blackmail Trump with.

          1. Wolfesgang January 18, 2017

            Yes, you’re right – that is indeed the issue. I was responding to Dominick, who correctly pointed out that accusations of ‘debauchery’ may be a blunt sword nowadays. My point was and is that Putin may be able to blackmail Trump with pictures of debauchery that are particularly ridiculous, and being publicly exposed as ridiculous can be an absolute killer. So in a way all of us are right, aren’t we?

      4. itsfun January 18, 2017

        If it was Bill Clinton is sure to be a proven sinner.

      5. Mama Bear January 18, 2017

        not when committed by them anyway:)

      6. stcroixcarp January 18, 2017

        It apparently isn’t considered immoral by the Christian Right either. Franklin Graham, Tony Perkins, Pat Robertson all still endorse him.

      7. Aaron_of_Portsmouth January 18, 2017

        You’re absolutely right about that. The universe for many has flipped to a Twilight Zone-like landscape, where right is wrong and vice versa.

        1. marriea January 20, 2017

          Speaking of which, I have about 50 reruns of the Twlight Zone and Alfred Hitchcock to keep me busy today.

          1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth January 20, 2017

            I love Rod Serling and Alfred’s works as well. Happy viewing. That way, we don’t have to trouble ourselves which watching the news, which is going to be dreadfully boring AND painful.

      8. itsfun January 19, 2017

        Are you talking about the same kinds of immoral sins committed by Bill Clinton when he was the President and Governor?

        1. Dominick Vila January 19, 2017

          No, I am talking about the difference between Bill deserving condemnation for his sins, and the punishment he got for it; and Trump’s debauchery, bragging about it publicly, and demeaning women publicly, being accepted by hypocrites who claim to be Christians with high moral values. One lied about it, and paid dearly for it, the other brags about it and gets away with it.

    2. Tom S January 18, 2017

      He is the ‘V’ in a Federal Lawsuit in NY brought by a woman who claims he committed statutory rape on her when she was 13. This isn’t new. She filed in CA a year ago, but had to transfer the case to NY.

      1. Eleanore Whitaker January 18, 2017

        She had to transfer the case for the same reason that young girl in Florida went into hiding…Trump’s thugs threatening her. Isn’t that why that MI6 agent also went into hiding? Trump and Putin thugs threatening him?

        1. InformedVoter January 19, 2017

          Oh poor Elle, The accuser recanted her story and said she was paid to file the fake claim. BTW, the case was thrown out in CA, so she shopped around and found the NY group to file the claim and pay her money up front. It’s amazing that you lefties just ignore the truth and real facts.

      2. InformedVoter January 19, 2017

        Where have you been for the last three months? The accuser has recanted her story and said she was paid to make the fake claim. That’s why the so-called December court date vanished.

        1. Tom S January 19, 2017

          3? Last I heard was late Nov and it was still on.
          Who would pay her to make such a claim with so much inside info, yet fail to provide the funds to advertise the scam?
          If that is the current story, I would surmise that she was bought off after the Election, and that is the cover story.

          1. InformedVoter January 19, 2017

            The suit was dropped in late October or early November – before the election. She filed charges in CA last spring and the suit was dismissed because of a technicality. They refiled and the judge dismissed the case for lack of credible evident. She was ordered by the court to pay Trump’s legal cost and court costs. She reported a net worth of less than $2000, so, with Trump’s agreement, that part of the decision was vacated.

            She was contacted by a NY law firm who refiled in NY. The judge told them that they could only sue for damages, and that nothing criminal would be considered. They appealed and the appeal was denied. By the end of the summer, her story began to fall apart and they asked the judge to drop the case. The judge formally dismissed all charges in late Oct or early Nov. Owing to her earlier claims of being destitute, Trump requested that no penalties be levied.

            See the problem here is that folks like Eleanore keep spreading the fake news around and it makes folks wonder how Trump stays out of jail. The truth is that just about all of the supposed Trump legal issues are fabrication. Even the suit he settled regarding Trump University was done so he would not have in interfere with his campaign duties. And the amount paid was paltry and there was no admission of wrong doing.

          2. Tom S January 20, 2017

            There is more to the stories than that.
            The woman’s suit was cleared to proceed after the Election in mid-November with a beginning court date set for December.

            Little attributed to Trump’s legal exposure is “a fabrication”. Trump U settlement was only a small portion of that issue. More is proceeding as we speak.
            #CrookedDonald has not changed his spots.

          3. InformedVoter January 21, 2017

            How naive and low information can you make yourself look? When the suit was filed last spring, the judge set the hearing for Dec 13, after the election. On Nov 2, at the request of the accuser’s lawyers, the suit was dropped. The accuser recanted her story and admitted she did for the money. Thus, there is no pending court date for the supposed rape.
            The Trump U case is over, finished and done. Since it was a class action suit, those who didn’t join may still seek legal actions, but most of them will not have the money to pay the legal fees required to pursue their case.
            You really should try and do a little research before you make such fake posts. Think about what you posted about the rape case. You wrote “a beginning court date set for December”. So what month is it? What happened at that court date? Duh! The answer is NOTHING because that hearing was cancelled.

    3. Eleanore Whitaker January 18, 2017

      The unfortunate truth about men of wealth down through history is that they allow excess to go to their heads. I’ve seen this with at least 3 of the 4 CEOs I worked with. They’d have more money then they could spend and would constantly be on the hunt for something “More exciting to do with their money.”

    4. itsfun January 18, 2017

      Are you talking about President-elect Trump or former President Bill Clinton? Clinton is proven to have relations with several women while being married. He used his power as President to have relations with a young intern. He has made trips to a private resort known for old men having relations with young and underage women. He has been accused of rape by a former state employee when he was governor. I like many can understand Bill playing around. Hillary is not exactly a woman very many men would want to spend a night with.

      1. Thoughtopsy January 18, 2017

        Great distraction.
        Was the topic getting too uncomfortable for you?

      2. Tom S January 19, 2017

        Proven?? Not hardly. There you go spreading “FAKE NEWS” – again.

        1. itsfun January 19, 2017

          Are you trying to tell us he didn’t use his cigar on (in) a intern in the oval office? How about Paula Jones, and the others he had relations with? Nothing fake, just proven facts? Have you ever heard of the “blue dress”? If memory serves, DNA was tested on the blue dress and guess whose DNA it was? Fake new is you trying to say none of these things happened.

          1. Tom S January 19, 2017

            Again, in English, “Proven??”

    1. FireBaron January 18, 2017

      Did you ever think it may be time to move out of your mommy’s basement and get a real job? You cannot live your entire life stocking shelves in the local Quik-e-Mart.

      1. Eleanore Whitaker January 18, 2017

        Godzy lives in a prison cell. Unlike his hero Trump, Godzy has no sister who is a judge. So there he sits..wallowing for the next 20 years in prison…on our tax dollars.

    2. Eleanore Whitaker January 18, 2017

      BS. One of my male friends, an engineer, had to spend a month in Moscow back in the early 80s. Don’t you tell me that what this friend said about Russian hotels loaded with prostitutes and cameras is a lie. Get a life jerk boy.

      1. dbtheonly January 18, 2017

        Okay Ms. E, its communist propaganda pointing out the links between Despicable Donald and Russia(?)

        We’re accused of McCarthy-ism because we want a hard line taken against Russian aggression?

        I’m confused.

        BTW, ‘Zilla’s post was a repeat.

        1. Eleanore Whitaker January 18, 2017

          When my friend spent a month in Moscow back in the 80s, one of the things he said that stuck in my mind forever after about Moscow was, “The prostitutes and hotels are all under “government control.”

          They can accuse us all they like. We cannot and will not allow them to turn government into a private business. That is what the GOP is after. And right now, if we do not stop them, they are about as close to getting the entire government privatized as it can get without the Republicans being obvious about government overthrow.

          1. Jan123456 January 18, 2017

            Eleanore, Last night Rachel Maddow’s first segment was on that very issue.


          2. dbtheonly January 20, 2017

            I’m still searching for a “how”. I’ve done everything I could think of to stop them & it didn’t work.

      2. InformedVoter January 19, 2017

        Sorry Elle, but you continue to display your ignorance. ALL of the intel bodies have come out and said the charges are FAKE. No intel agency says they might be true. Yet you keep displaying your ignorance. How dumb does that make you look!

    3. Eleanore Whitaker January 18, 2017

      So you are saying your HUMP is a Commie then? Gee…can we deport him to Russia next? That is, if he isn’t strung up or taken out by some very angry American mobs. Eat it Godzy. Your boy is going down faster than the Titanic.

    4. Jinmichigan January 18, 2017

      I bet trumps tax returns would prove you wrong.

      1. Eleanore Whitaker January 18, 2017

        Trump cannot possibly show his tax returns…The way some CEOs work their ability to stay wealthy is simple..they file no tax returns for several years claiming they had NO profits. Profits are the easiest thing to hide and with a guy like Trump, I’m guessing he used the excuse that all those fines and lawsuits caused the lack of profits.

        But the bigger reason for refusing to disclose his tax records has to do with an independent auditor discovering foreign loans in excess of the amounts allowed by US laws. I don’t recall what the exact amount of restricted foreign loans are but it would naturally be in excess of $100 million.

        I also believe that when Trump said in his 2nd debate that he “gave my campaign $100 million” he couldn’t have had that kind of money. I’d bet anything he figured if he and Putin rigged the election, Putin gets pay back in presidential patronage and he would pay the RNC in political patronage jobs…Isn’t that who he put in his cabinet?

        1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth January 18, 2017

          That all sounds very plausible. There’s no level too low for Trump to stoop to.

    5. Aaron_of_Portsmouth January 18, 2017

      Godzillavich, what’s up homey? Are you still whining about your comrade Donald being pilloried, and rightfully so?

    6. PrecipitousDrop January 19, 2017

      The Tiny-Japanese-Man-In-A-Lizard-Suit is so, SO happy that Mr. Putin will stick up for his little friend, Donald!

  2. yabbed January 18, 2017

    It’s clear that Putin has specific means of blackmail of Donald Trump most likely based on sexual perversion. A KGB old school entrapment was clearly used to catch Trump in a seriously compromising situation, most likely with underage girls and/or Russian prostitutes.

    1. Mama Bear January 18, 2017

      Trump is a pedohphile. Remember the 12 year girls he was so fond of at the parties? That is a perversion without equal and there is no curing it. He will continue to crave and find underage girls. He is a pedophile and Putin has it on tape.

  3. Dominick Vila January 18, 2017

    Since Trump’s remarks already got us in an adversarial relationship with China, it would not be surprising if Putin’s “clarification” gets us in an adversarial relationship with Russia. Considering the fact that Trump only enjoys the support of 1/3 of Americans, and that the only world leaders that have expressed various forms of admiration towards are soon to be 45th President are Putin, Duterte, and Nicolas Maduro, losing one of these three illustrious thugs would be devastating to The Donald’s approval ratings. I am still confident that with a bit of luck McDonald’s may expand its menu to include fountain vodka, and McCaviar.

    1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth January 18, 2017

      McCaviar—I’ll have one of those, but I’ll pass on the Vodka. Great summary.

  4. Eleanore Whitaker January 18, 2017

    The “Why” is easy to answer. But first, it is necessary to go back to who the HUMP sidled up to in his early business years: Roy Cohn, the most evil, vilest piece of dung to hit planet earth. After Cohn and McCarthy destroyed numerous reputations during those Communist hearings, (gee…not unlike Trump and the right wing with HIllary, right?) and at least two suicides, he also refused to pay taxes.

    Some years back, Esquire Magazine did an article on Cohn and the article stated that when Cohn died, he owed the government in excess of $1.4 million. This didn’t include the number of friends he “borrowed” money from and never paid. (See Trump’s mentor yet?)

    There may be some who refuse to accept that evil exists. If it doesn’t, how do you explain Hitler? Stalin? Cohn? Madoff? The Enron Boys? TRUMP? You only recognize EVIL when you have GOOD to compare it to.

    Trump loves Putin in the same way he loved Cohn. Trump loves evil. He is an evil SOB who uses his evil as a force to get what he wants…until…someone…or something takes him down. In Cohn’s case, he hunted gay people, all the while hiding HE was gay. Putin is a sex addict who now denies those Russian brothels EVERYONE else who has EVER been to Russia knows exist. Trump is just “borrowing yet another thing he can’t pay back…this time for Putin…Putin’s control mania.

    Take down the Republican Party and Trump goes down with them.

    1. johninnv January 18, 2017

      Evil = GREED = Evil.

    2. Tom S January 19, 2017

      Evil may be ‘illness’ that affects the mind. There are numerous theories that Adolph had one (or more) of several diseases or toxic chemical ‘overdoses’ that caused his wild behaviors.
      Imagine if he had access to Twitter?

  5. Eleanore Whitaker January 18, 2017

    Since Melania Trump had no trouble posing nude, any takers she was the once high priced call girl Trump the Hump paid for on Putin’s recommendation?

    1. dbtheonly January 18, 2017

      The story of her as paid escort was exposed as false.

      1. Eleanore Whitaker January 18, 2017

        So the Russians say. This is a woman who was in the sex industry. She may not have HAD to be a paid escort…many Russian prostitutes are paid by their government. They act in concert to help the Russian security pick up any information they need.

        By now, Trump would have grown bored with Melania. She isn’t exactly the great beauty he thought she was and remember what he told Ivana? (Who told it to journalist Liz Smith) “I am not attracted to women once they have babies.”

        He only keeps Melania around because he knows she could blow wide open what she knows about Trump and Putin.

        1. dbtheonly January 20, 2017

          The Daily Mail recanted the story and the last I’d heard Mrs. Trump was threatening to sue.

          Whether Despicable Donald turns her in for a newer model is unclear.

  6. Tom S January 18, 2017

    Trump is broke and Putin knows it!

    1. Eleanore Whitaker January 18, 2017

      Tom, here in the Metro NY/NJ area, we know Trump had to be broke. It was in all the papers back in the early 2000s that his wild mid 90s spending spree had his wealth at $995 million. What he never expected to sink him was that flood of 3500 lawsuits and 151 federal lawsuits that exacted fines from him. So by 2008, he was not a billionaire. The only way he recouped his losses was to sell his name.

      Banks in the US knew he had a bad rep for not paying what he owes. So, they refused him any loans. He had only one option left…borrow from countries he knew were hostile to the US, he hoped insured their silence.

      1. InformedVoter January 19, 2017

        Sorry Elle, but once more you post made up “facts”. You’ve been called out on this before. Why do you keep making references to stories that have been exposed as being fake?
        You’ve been making the same stupid claims for over a year that President Trump will be arrested any day, and nothing ever comes of it. Why? Because your charges are fake.
        Grow up!

        1. marriea January 20, 2017

          And I suppose when these things are PROVEN to be factual on one of those alt right rags, you will still consider them to be fake?
          It is seemingly so very important for you to hold Trump up as a ‘standard guy’.
          Why is that?
          What part of this guy do you REALLY like, his TV status or his reported millions or the fact that he puts down other races, nationalities or ethnicities that aren’t white or Caucasian?
          Do you consider yourself to be a Trump, trying to get over on someone else or wanting to?
          Why is that?
          You truly need to stop trumpeting Trump.
          For the record, I do believe that Trump will be impeached and convicted.
          Either that or assassinated, which I hope doesn’t happen.
          I would be thrilled to see him working, sitting with Barney Madoff
          chatting about the good old days.

          1. InformedVoter January 21, 2017

            Oh poor marriea, ALL the actions listed in the dossier have been declared to be a work of fiction. The original dossier was written by a person who wrote material for Planned Parenthood. He wanted to attack President Trump so he wrote the dossier and hoped he could prove just one story. That way, everyone would assume the other lies were true. After working for months, he could not prove ANY actions he wrote about. Thus, he abandoned his work of fiction. Another hate group read the story and began to shop it around as if the actions were true.
            So your wish that “when these things are PROVEN to be factual” is an impossibility. Every US intel agency examined the “facts” and have said that NONE are true. Even the news sources that published the dossier have admitted that they knew the actions were lies, but decided to print the story anyway.
            So to answer your question, YES I STILL CONSIDER THEM TO BE FAKE!
            What do I like about Trump, he’s an outsider from DC. I’ve grown weary of the way the Dems have pushed the GOP around, even when GW was president.
            I’ve grown weary of the PC movement that is destroying our great nation.
            President Trump will never be impeached. That is just another lefty lie being passed around.
            You guys and the MSM have been fawning over Obozo for 8 years, even though just about everything he did was a failure or illegally implemented. Why do you defend him?
            BTW it’s Bernie.

          2. marriea January 22, 2017

            Say what you want, but I look at things outside the box and try to look at the big picture.
            On one hand you indicate you want to punish the GOPs because they do nothing.
            Dollars to donuts, I’d bet you voted for your GOP reps in the house and senate.
            Then you indicate that because Trump is an outsider, he will bring about change.
            Oh boy did you hit the nail on that one.
            He will bring change about alright.
            But remember, Trump is real and not some REEL president who get things done.
            Those REEL presidents can get things done with a quick smarty comeback.
            That ain’t Trump.
            I love Madam Secretary.
            But in actuality, I wouldn’t expect in the real world the actions of Elizabeth would carry much weight if any at all in the REAL world.
            President Obama tried for 6 years to get things passed in Washington, but I will always remember the words of Mitch McConnell and friend, it is our main and first objective to make this president a one termer.
            Since they failed on that measure, they blocked anything and almost everything President Obama tried to do.
            So he ended up using the one objective he had, presidential decree.
            For six years, the GOP has made a mockery out of the very things you and others like you sent them to Washington to do. And still, when they didn’t do their jobs, you voted them back in.
            It’s kind of like teachers passing students who get flunking grades.
            No wonder they do nothing because people like you don’t expect them to, and then you say you are disappointed in their job performance.
            You boo them, but you keep voting them back in office. No wonder they think they are doing something right, which is to block anything Obama, even if it benefits YOU, the people.
            Obama wanted a budget pass to fix the infrastructure, but congress blocked it.
            When I think of all the jobs that could have been had, which would have brought revenue into our national and state coffers, but instead the rotting bridges have gotten worse and now will cost more to fix, it just makes me sick.
            But now you want to cheer when a man such as Trump comes in and you think that what the GOP didn’t do is commendable, are you kidding me? Those guys are in it to rob this country blind.
            And now they want to destroy a health care system that many people use, maybe you don’t have to, good for you, but I consider myself a dot in the sea of many.
            I didn’t originally like the health care plan, but then I met many people up close and pesonally that considered it a life saver for them.
            Why then, would I object to something just because I don’t like it.
            I hate licorice, but there are many, thousands who like it,
            Do it hate cost that I end up helping paying for it, hell yes, but the flip side is I’m paying taxes on things I don’t like anyways.
            When my pension is taxed, I have no say in where it goes.
            Before I retired, my pay was taxed, I knew it was going to be, so I just counted on my net, If I got monies back at income tax time, I counted that as something extra.
            Taxes have been around since mankind started learning how to make things easier for themselves by taxing or demanding a tithe on the farmers who worked and grew things as the price one payed to work and grow things.
            That hasn’t changed.
            At least President Obama tried his best to help the populace, but you blame him for not having the help or backing of the other part of our government.?
            Seriously!!!, what’s wrong with you!!
            That’s like blaming a woman who is taking care of her kids, all alone and saying that it’s her fault if her husband or the father of the kids, is doing absolutely nothing.
            Or were most so caught up in the color of the man’s skin that you refused to open your eyes to the fact that skin color doesn’t not define a man.
            Many whites in this country are still into that lie that blacks don’t know or can’t do anything.
            Then when they are proven wrong, they get mad because they were so wrong.
            Why is that lie so prevalent even to this day.
            Why does one still have a need to keep that lie up.
            Why the need to sabotage something that is actually good for you just because it came from a person who looks different. Or in the case of politics, from a different side.
            If the GOP came up with something that might benefit me, I’m not going support blocking it just because I’m a DEM.
            I saw an episode of the Twlight Zone that sort of addressed this problem once.
            In the end, all the inhabitants of this small town were all died because they brought into the boast talk of an outsider who came to town.
            They wouldn’t listen to the common sense they already had and brought into the ‘tough’ talk..
            So here we are, making an outsider our president, an outsider whose only interest is to promote himself and the interest of his immediate family.
            That’s no lie.
            The people of New York City know what kind of guy Trump is, so many shun him and his Ivory (Gold) Tower.
            They know phony when they see it or better still have lived in this town with him.
            They are not impressed with the glitter because they know that that’s all it is, glitter.
            People who has seen that stuff recognize ‘fool’s gold’ and that’s all Trump is.
            I have to wonder why at his inaugeration he was still campaigning, still selling his ‘I’ can fix it B/S.
            He won,
            I do believe that Trump has something going on with the Russians.
            I do believe there is a huge possibility that he is in debt to the Russian Mafia and it is important for him to have the leverage of Washington to pay off that debt.
            He has done nothing to release himself from that conflict of interest he has as President of the U S. and he ceretainly haven’t relaeased his income tax.
            Wonder why.
            The many papers he had stacked up saying he had signed were blank papers. They were there for show which is exactly what he is, a showboat.
            Step on the deck and you might fall through and drown..
            Yeah, this character will be either impeached and convicted or he will be assassinated.
            I prefer impeachment and conviction and being thrown out.
            And I hope that the American public will come to its senses and take our government seriously enough to pay attention.

          3. InformedVoter January 22, 2017

            Sorry marriea, but your post is a long-winded pile of drivel and disjointed comments. Did you ever bother to read your post? Obviously not!
            Obozo never got anything done except his soon to be repealed ACA. He couldn’t reach a consensus with congress and every piece of legislation was done via the EO route. The biggest problem with that is those EOs are going to be wiped out with one stroke of a pen. Obozo now admits he screwed up.
            You commented about President Trump’s lack of government experience, but Obozo was nothing but a community organizer and less than one term senator. He voted “present” on 75% of his votes because he had no idea what was being proposed.
            At least President Trump and his excellent cabinet choices are successful business folks who know how to accomplish positive actions.

          4. marriea January 23, 2017

            Ok, informed, you have your view and I have mine.
            No problem, no agument.
            I’m sure that for many of Trump’s supporter, even if things are put in front of your face that shows in no uncertain terms or actions about, what and who Trump is, you’d swear it’s a set up.
            You need to believe that Trump is not a con artist and a fraud.
            No problem for me.
            I understand as in my life time, I’ve too, have had to come to terms with some unpleasent trues.
            It’s a hard bitter pill to swallow

            Best wishes.

    2. Thoughtopsy January 18, 2017

      And possibly owns lots of his debt.

    3. marriea January 20, 2017

      Trump has broken all decorum and protocol with his style of campaigning and not turning over his income tax.
      Although it’s not in the constitution that he have to, perhaps a law should be passed to make certain rules applicable when running.
      I remember growing up when a handshake was all one needed to seal a deal.
      A man’s ( or women) word was their bond.
      Then I suppose that someone like Trump came along and we have lawsuits or one has to provide a contract to make a person honor they word.
      How sad.
      And Trump has said himself that given the opportunity, he won’t honor a contract and will take advantage of a situation, as he did when he took advantage of that $50 million tax break for 20 years.
      Many of the people he did business with did in fact sign a contract and Trump even reneged on them.
      Then he filed bankrupt to keep from paying those people who did the work for him.
      I still find it hard to bleieve that so many people voted for such a person who did such things, but I can only assume that these folks wanted to do such a thing themselves.
      As it stands now, I find it surprising the many folks who borrow money from another person, will now go to court and claim such a loan a ‘gift’.
      It’s sad that we as people have come down to always taking advantage of another’s kindness.
      That’s why, if I should even win the Powerball or Mega, I will gladly find a way to give more money to an animal shelter than to human shelters.

  7. Dr. Samuel Taddesse January 18, 2017

    Well, I think you got it right. Both Trump and Putin were together for the beautiful Russian prostitutes pissing party. And may be the Queen’s Russian mafia is kneeling on him to do Putin’s bidding.

    1. Todd Nelson January 18, 2017

      It looks like Putin stole your brain as well.

      1. Thoughtopsy January 18, 2017

        Again an amazing response.
        It’s almost like you think your random unsubstantiated statements are important.

        1. InformedVoter January 19, 2017

          Your problem is that you place value on MSM stories that are fake. You believe the fake stories and you wonder why we call you low information.

  8. ivory69690@yahoo.com January 18, 2017

    Because the DUMPSTER is the Russian’s PUTTHEADS POS puppet to be . and together thy both can and will do the bad old DONNY DUMP favorite tricks of CON, FRAUD AND SCAMMING as many as thy can in the world

  9. Thomas Martin January 18, 2017

    My assumption is Putin and Trump are busy leading a worldwide effort to reconstruct a right wing political order which will destroy things as they are, especially in Europe and the US. This is what people mean by draining the swamp? Many US voters do not understand this angle?

  10. Todd Nelson January 18, 2017

    It must be nice to live in a world where reality is only an option, one that, obviously, was not chosen here. This is the worst kind of drivel ever written. Talk about fake news. Tjis is all bull excrement and conjecture. Trump won Mrs. Bill (the rapist) Clinton lost, live with it. Now you libtards can understand what conservatives have been having to deal with for the last 8 years.

    1. bromeando January 18, 2017

      You are over dramatizing how we feel about the Nov 8 loss. Most of us are looking forward to what we know is going to happen and stocked up on popcorn, lol. Also, we “libs” have real lives to live and not as caught up in the “reality TV” thingy like many Trump fans.

      1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth January 18, 2017

        Indeed! Trump’s juvenile sycophants are a constant source of amusement. Bring on the popcorn!!

      2. InformedVoter January 19, 2017

        So that’s why you make a big deal about what a-list actors are doing. You lefties are all about the show and nothing about actually running the country. HilLIARy had dozens of a-listers at ther rallies and yet only a couple hundred showed up. President Trump had his message and thousands showed up. So how many votes did the a-list actors get HilLIARy? Meanwhile, Trump’s message got him millions.
        You lefties live a TV mentality world.

        1. PrecipitousDrop January 19, 2017

          How many votes did Sec. Clinton get?
          About Three Million MORE than Trump.
          Sorry, FunnyHead.

          1. InformedVoter January 19, 2017

            If you eliminate the 4.5 million HilLIARy got in CA, then President Trump won the popular election by 1.5 million. He carried 30 states = 60%. He carried 7 of the top 10 most populous states = 70%. By every standard used to measure election results, President Trump received a MANDATE from the voters. Just look at the map of the US. You have a few splotches of blue and the rest of the nation is bright red.
            And how many votes that HilLIARy got that were illegal. In MI, President Trump officially won by 10744 votes, but when they started the recount, they found more votes for HilLIARy than registered voters in 38% of the Detroit precincts. The Dem precinct workers admitted they’ve been doing this for years, but because there never was a recount requested, they’ve been getting away with it. These same accusations were made in OH and PA in 2008 and 2012.
            Thus, President Trump has received a MANDATE from the voters.

          2. PrecipitousDrop January 19, 2017

            Sure, FunnyHead.
            Keep making excuses for the sad, dismal spectacle that is Donald Trump’s failed political career.

          3. InformedVoter January 19, 2017

            Failed political career? He’s less than 24 hours from being sworn in and he’s already PERSONALLY saved 6000 jobs and he’s created 60000 jobs! Under Obozo’s 8 years we have annual growth <2%, record number on food stamps, doubled the national debt, record number on family aid, 96 million Americans not working, race relations as bad as 40-50 years ago.
            Yup, if anyone has a failed political career it's Obozo. And in 48 hours, everything Obozo did will be wiped out with a stroke of a pen. And did you just hear the announcement that GM has decided to join the "build it in the USA" party that Ford and FCA created? They will invest 1 billion and create 7000 jobs in the good old USA. They were all set to invest that in Mexico.
            Yup, President Trump's "failures" just keep mounting up.

          4. PrecipitousDrop January 19, 2017

            Just do whatever makes you feel better, OK?

          5. InformedVoter January 20, 2017

            You’re just scared to death that President Trump will succeed where Obozo failed miserably.
            President Trump has accomplished more in 2 months, even before taking office, than Obozo did in 8 years.

          6. PrecipitousDrop January 20, 2017

            Why would I be “scared” if my nation succeeds, no matter the president?
            Enjoy your fantasy.

        2. Girlpower January 19, 2017

          And her message got her 3 million more votes than frumpy. So she won the message and her 66 million voters won’t go unheard. We intend to show the repubs we won’t be ignored. I’m 60 years old and I’ve never protested anything in my life but nothing will keep me from being in the Women’s March on Saturday. I intend to voice my first amendment rights.

          1. InformedVoter January 19, 2017

            Sorry GP but you have not done your homework.
            HilLIARy received 4.5 million more votes in CA than Trump. Thus it would appear that only those fruits and nuts living in LA LA land were impressed with the actors. The rest of the country provided a 1.5 million majority for President Trump. It was also appear that these informed folks ignored the Hollywood bluster.
            So by all measurements, President Trump received a MANDATE from the voters. If you look at a map of the US, you will see that the majority of the country is red!
            Even HilLIARy and Obozo have admitted they focused on who was using what bathroom and ignored the message that the working class heard from President Trump.
            You and a few thousand protesters can exercise your right to protest. Just hope you don’t get violent like the protesters did after the election, ’cause if you do, Obozo and Lynch won’t be there to protect you from legal repercussions.
            I suspect that there will only be a few thousand protesters but the MSM will make the fake claim that it was millions. It’s good that there will be reputable news sources to report the true number.

          2. Girlpower January 19, 2017

            So your one of those that believe only certain votes count based on where you live. ( I’m not saying frumpy didn’t win the electoral college). I’m saying he doesn’t have a mandate of we the people. He may try to erode the first amendment but he does not have a majority of the people backing him. Never did never will!!!!

          3. InformedVoter January 19, 2017

            No, all votes count “the same”. Why should the extra votes received, mainly by illegals, count for more than their state’s population dictates? They shouldn’t. President Trump carried 30 states = 60%. President Trump carried 7 of the top 10 most populous states = 70%. He even got 55% of the votes from white women (more than Romney or McCain). He got more black votes and more Latin votes that Romney or McCain. Would you have joined this dumb protest if either of them got elected? If so, then you’re just a die hard lefty who is in meltdown mode and in self-denial.
            We had to accept Obozo’s wins, so you can march all you wish, but come Jan 21, everything that Obozo did, will be undone with the stroke of a pen. He was dumb enough to pass his failures via the EO route, so with a phone and a pen, kiss his legacy goodbye. Oh, sorry, but the 19 Trillion debt will still be with us. Some legacy.

          4. Girlpower January 19, 2017

            And yet he still lost the popular vote by 3,000,000. Every day that passes his approval keeps dropping. It’s now under 40%. He drained the swamp and is now filling it with human sewage. 6 alligators from Goldman Sacks !!! How can you possibly approve of that after bitching because Hillary gave a speech. The hippocracy of that is dumbfounding.

            FYI this country was founded on the idea that We The People have a right to protest our government. A true American would know that. That’s what The Boston Tea Party was all about. Trump hasn’t taken our first amendment rights away yet. But I’m sure his pal Putin will share with him how to do that. Until then I think I’ll chant “LOCK THE TRAITOR UP” as I march.

          5. InformedVoter January 20, 2017

            304>227! That is a MANDATE! As Presdient Trump said “If the popular vote meant something, I would have focused on those states instead of the EC votes”. He still won 7 of the top 10 most populous states. He has filled his cabinet with proven successful folks. Obozo put in jerks like Holder and Lynch and HilLIARy.
            So you and the other 1000 protesters will have a nice time marching and no one will notice. That is until you become violent like they did after the election. Then you’ll get your butts thrown in the slammer. Perhaps you should try and do something productive instead.

        3. bromeando January 19, 2017

          I wonder how long it will take Trump voters to realize that instead of voting for a populist president they voted for a plutocracy.

          “Sometimes people don’t want to hear the truth because they don’t want their illusions destroyed.”

          ― Friedrich Nietzsche

          1. InformedVoter January 19, 2017

            And what do you call Obozo’s 8 years? The top 10% had their net worth soar while the bottom 10% sank even lower than they were.
            How do you think the MSM stays in business? They publish fake stories knowing that lefties want to hear these things. It’s called playing to the audience … never mind the truth, just give them bread and circuses.

          2. bromeando January 20, 2017

            The largest provider of fake news in this country is Donald Trump and his Twitter account. Only 4% (Politico) of Trump statements have been graded as completely true.

            For about four months, Obama had a clear majority, but that was all. Outside of that time, Obama was faced with an obstructionist Congress, who couldn’t even fund the Government, and did as little as possible, sometimes not even doing what they were constitutionally required to do.

            Okay..Tell us how hard Ryan, McConnell, Cornyn, Grassley, Inofe, Cotton, Gowdy and Chaffetz worked for YOU. Can’t can you? Can you provide us with the number of jobs created by the Republicans these past 8 years? Or is sitting on their big fat butts collecting paychecks our tax dollars paid for your idea of “work?”

          3. InformedVoter January 21, 2017

            How naive you make yourself look with your words. Hello, but the Dems were in control the past 8 years, so the GOP would not be creating jobs, it would be Obozo and company.
            You lefties, being so low information, like to mention politico, politifact, snopes, etc. Well these so called fact checking sites are owned and run by lefties like Soros. These sites are only correct about 60% of the time, which is a shameful record. And when they’re wrong, they error in favor of the left by 80%! So placing value in these fact checker sites is truly naive.
            FYI President Trump’s statements generally are true even though these sites state otherwise. Statements like illegals committing more crimes, like the polls that show HilLIARy is ahead are fake and she even paid for some of the fake polls.
            So, even before taking office President Trump SAVE 6000+ jobs and created 60000+ jobs, all done PERSONALLY. How many jobs did Obozo PERSONALLY create in 8 years? Don’t bother to reply because the answer is a big fat zero!

          4. PrecipitousDrop January 21, 2017

            What independent, unimpeachable rating service are you using for your phony “facts” and percentages?
            Who owns them?
            Are they based in the United States, or in the Republic of Russia?
            P.S. 1.5 million auto industry jobs saved. http://www.freep.com/story/opinion/contributors/2017/01/19/thanks-saving-auto-industry-president-obama/96797256/
            It’s from the Detroit Free Press. A “local” paper.

          5. InformedVoter January 22, 2017

            Ah yes, the Detroit Free Press, the go to source for lefties. The freep, the farthest left MSM source that has been exposed for making up stories.
            OK, I’ll bite about their fake 1.5 million jobs. You know how they arrived at that fictitious number? They added up all the supplier companies for both GM and FCA, plus all the employees for GM and FCA and boldly said that each and everyone of those workers would lose their jobs. How dumb is that?
            Think about it, GM and FCA sell several million vehicles each year. So where would buyers get those several million cars from if GM and FCA were gone? Why they would purchase them from the remaining companies. So those remaining companies would have to purchase supplies, parts etc from the supplier companies that were gone? Nope, those supplier companies would have remained and sold their products to the surviving car companies.
            Now let’s examine the surviving companies … how could these companies produce millions more vehicles WITHOUT adding employees to manufacture those extra millions of vehicles. Thus,most of the GM and FCA employees would be absorbed by the surviving car companies. In reality, only several thousand jobs would have disappeared, but several thousand or 1.5 million, what’s the difference?
            Once more you have had your fake “fact” sources destroyed.
            At least that keeps your record of being wrong 100% of the time intact.

          6. bromeando January 22, 2017

            Obama created 16 million jobs.

            Trump paid $7 million for 700 jobs and 1300 still left for Mexico. LOL. Try again, dummy.

            Tell me again where all that Trump merchandise is made, including those tacky “make America great again” hats?

            (Eight years?) The President did not control Congress for two years. That is a lie perpetrated by Republican right wingers. President needed 60 votes in the Senate to pass legislation. Apparently, no one remembers that Scott Brown
            was sworn into office in February of 2010. At that time, the President had only been in office for ONE year. Most folks remember that the election of Scott Brown reduced the number of Democratic senators to 59. So the President could not have possibly had Congressional control for two years. January 20, 2009 – After suffering a seizure during Barack Obama’s inaugural luncheon, Senator Ted Kennedy’s health forced him to retreat to Massachusetts. May 15, 2009- Senator Robert Byrd was admitted to the hospital. July 7, 2009- Senator Al Franken was sworn in. July 21, 2009 Senator Byrd returned to the Senate (59 votes) August 25, 2009- Senator Kennedy died August 25, 2009. September 24, 2009- Paul G. Kirk was appointed to occupy his seat until the completion of a special election. (60) Until September 2009 Democrats only had 59 votes at most and could not get anything passed because of the Do-Nothing Republicans! Republican filibustered every bill put on the floor and that’s a Fact. Most filibuster congress in History. Democrats had a 60-seat majority from September 24, 2009 thru February 4, 2010. 4 months; not 2 years!!

          7. InformedVoter January 22, 2017

            Why do you insist on making yourself look so stupid. Obozo PERSONALLY created 16 million jobs! That’s a lie and you know it. Obozo PERSONALLY created zero jobs. President Trump PERSONALLY save 6000 jobs and PERSONALLY created 60000 jobs, and we wasn’t even sworn in yet!
            Obozo had control of congress, both houses for 2 full years. in the 2010 elections, the voters saw he was squandering his powers by focusing on the wrong agenda. In fact, during Obozo’s 8 years the Dems lost over 1000 seats. Obozo is now the only 2-term president to have the US at war EVERY single day of his tenure.
            I’m glad you’re pleased that President Trump could only save 700 jobs for Carrier. It says volumes about your character that you find glee that he wasn’t able to save more. BUT President Trump did save 5000 Ford Jobs and another 1000 FCA jobs.

            I’ll await you proof that Obozo PERSONALLY saved or created ANY jobs. Can you hear the Jeopardy theme playing in the background as you throw up because you can’t produce one shred of evidence that Obozo PERSONALLY saved or created one job. Low information is what you are and remain.

    2. Thoughtopsy January 18, 2017

      Wow… awesome counter-arguments.
      I especially liked how you substituted your unsubstantiated opinion for anything remotely useful to the reader.
      With that degree of belief in your own truthiness, you must be a Trump Supporter.

  11. Aaron_of_Portsmouth January 18, 2017

    What a most fitting caption for this article. It sums up hundreds of words in an instance.

  12. PrecipitousDrop January 19, 2017

    Who ever imagined ANY American political hopeful would receive the disgrace of a smarmy, public “defense” from a communist head of state?



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