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Putin: ‘U.S. Hysteria Over Russia An Election Ploy’

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Putin: ‘U.S. Hysteria Over Russia An Election Ploy’

Putin election ploy

KRASNAYA POLYANA, Russia (Reuters) – Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Thursday American politicians were whipping up hysteria about a mythical Russian threat in the U.S. presidential campaign as a ploy to distract voters from their own failings.

Putin, addressing an audience of foreign policy experts gathered in southern Russia, said he found it hard to believe that anyone seriously thought Moscow was capable of influencing the Nov. 8 election.

The U.S. government has formally accused Russia of a campaign of cyber attacks against Democratic Party organizations, while Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton has accused Republican rival Donald Trump of being a Putin “puppet”.

“Hysteria has been whipped up in the United States about the influence of Russia over the U.S. presidential election,” said Putin, calling it a ruse to cover up for the fact that the U.S. political elite had nothing to say about serious issues such as the country’s national debt or gun control.

“It’s much simpler to distract people with so-called Russian hackers, spies, and agents of influence. Does anyone really think that Russia could influence the American people’s choice in any way? Is America a banana republic or what? America is a great power.”

Putin also said certain forces in the West were trying to exaggerate the threat that Russia posed in order to secure higher military spending and talk up their own importance.

He said Russia was not planning to attack anyone.

(Reporting by Gleb Stolyarov; Writing by Maria Tsvetkova/Andrew Osborn; Editing by Andrew Osborn)

Photo: U.S. President Barack Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin meet at the United Nations General Assembly in New York September 28,  2015. REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque



  1. Godzilla October 27, 2016

    It’s the Liberal Democrats trying to shift the focus on Russia so that people will not pay attention to HRC’s corruption and Wikileaks Email leaks. Of course, The Democrats need an excuse when they lose this election……and they know they will…..hence, the Russian excuse. The news on the failure of Obamacare, the Clinton Foundation pay for play, Bill Clinton Inc. (today’s leaked emails) and all the Quid pro quo information coming out will crush Clinton in November. Not to mention Clinton’s illegal coordination with a PAC, voting machines changing votes and the push for early voting (before more scandal news exposes her). The writing is on the wall, when one looks at the skewed polls and the proven plan to ensure the biased media plays their propaganda games.

    We have worked hard to convince our great-great grandparents from voting, but far too many of them will still cast a vote for HRC, God rest their souls.

    1. BDD1951 October 27, 2016

      Check in here on Nov. 9th. If you dare.

    2. I Am Helpy October 27, 2016

      Yes it’s all those debunked conspiracy theories and not Russia, which is nakedly and undeniably trying to influence the election. Also the polls are skewed, because an unpopular racist woman-hater is mysteriously not loved by minorities or women. This all makes total sense.

  2. I of John October 27, 2016

    Gee would a former KGB spy tell the truth about spying? Me thinks not.


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