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We Need A Simple Way To Remind Everyone That Trump Is Ripping Us Off

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We Need A Simple Way To Remind Everyone That Trump Is Ripping Us Off

Trump is ripping us off

Theodore Roosevelt called the robber barons of his era “malefactors of great wealth.” Franklin Roosevelt inveighed against “economic royalists.” Bernie Sanders takes on “the millionaire and billionaire class.”

Hillary Clinton spoke about “an economy that works for everyone.” Hmmm.

Sure, it’s a tidy reminder that for generations Democratic presidents’ economic polices have not just been more more effective, but that growth is also broadly shared. Yet the soapiness of the phrase reveals reveals two of the larger problems Democrats face in this new era of Trumpian treachery.

First, it misses the depth of the inequality that has been created, perhaps intentionally, by an embrace of conservative economics that began with the massive tax breaks for the rich and rollback of protections ushered in by Ronald Reagan. Along with its twin crisis of climate change, economic inequality is the greatest public policy challenge of now. And it has already proved to be perhaps the greatest, and only, existential threat we face in that it already helped elect a race-baiting demagogue with an allergy to a free press and democracy in general.

Consider this atrocity: As the top 1 percent saw their incomes rise 198 percent from 1978 to 2015, the bottom half’s incomes actually declined by 1 percent.

For much of this century, income inequality has been worse in America than it was in pre-revolutionary 18th century France— even when you factor in the proliferation of electronics and other conveniences often enabled by slave wages and child labor abroad.

And what is Trump’s GOP response to this gutting of the middle class? He plans what will likely be the the most massive transfer of wealth to the richest in human history.

It begins with tax cuts for the rich, their kids and their corporations. It includes a goal of erasing Obamacare, the single most effective anti-inequality program of the century, while giving still more tax breaks to the rich as poor workers are cast off their insurance. That would be bad enough, but their plans for Medicaid would uninsure millions more, including many of America’s most vulnerable seniors and disabled people.

Those efforts to rob the poor to pay the rich are obvious. It’s much harder to put numbers on how Trump’s GOP is shifting the cost of pollution from polluters to the people, or how our economy will be starved by the privatization of everything from roads to schools.

You could argue that there would be some sanity to this mass cruelty if it represented effort to eliminate the deficit and begin rolling back the debt — but Trump’s GOP is planning the opposite.

All indications suggest that every possible magic asterisk in the GOP’s bag of ripoffs will be used to make sure they can explode the deficit. And even this maneuver has a nefarious goal with huge payoffs for the rich. If Trump ever cedes power, the GOP will then use that yawning pile of debt to demand cuts to Medicare and Social Security — the only remnants of our safety net after Paul Ryan fully executes his plan to block-grant food stamps, which would justify huge cuts and allow states to spend the money on inanities like online abstinence education instead of things like, say, food.

Yes, we want an economy that works for everyone — and the phrase implies that Republicans only want an economy that works for the richest .01 percent. But it doesn’t scream it.

This leads us to the second problem with “an economy that works for everyone.”

Now I don’t say this to indict Hillary Clinton, who won the popular vote by 3 million and only lost in three states by a percentage less than .01. It’s pretty clear she would likely have won it all if not for an unprecedented act of “Comey ex machina.”

But we must acknowledge that Democrats have not met either the economic or political challenges of this moment. Even a resounding Clinton win would have likely left the House in GOP hands, which is bullshit considering how few are rewarded and how many are abused by conservative policies.

We are a progressive nation.

If every American voted, Democrats would likely win nearly every election. Instead, we’ve let the GOP use the dark arts of voter suppression and gerrymandering to limit the electorate to exactly the voters the GOP needs. And, in an effort to win over both funders and aggrieved Republicans, we’ve used a language of inclusion that is drastically out of step with the horrid corruption of both our economy and the opponents we must defeat.

Face it: Trump was damn good at demonizing Clinton for imagined crimes, offenses for which is far more likely to be guilty. And he was also better at naming his opponents than her. He ranted against “elites” and “draining the swamp” often on his private jet, while preparing to hire a cabinet that’s richer (and less qualified) than the bottom one-third of America.

The campaign was waged almost entirely on his terms, which he repeated like Rainman. By arguing that he wanted to make America “great” he was arguing that his opponents wanted the opposite, over and over and over again.

Yes,Democrats would have won in 2016 if they could have gotten 80,000 Democrats to show up in certain polling places, or swayed just a fraction of third-party voters in three states. Polls and models suggesting an almost certain Trump loss probably gave both of these groups just enough confidence not to pull that lever for Clinton.

But we cannot afford to play on the margins any more.

We should take a lesson from Trump’s GOP, which won bigly by appealing directly to its base with full-throated partisan rhetoric. America needs an uprising from the left that is large enough to wipe away the damage conservative selfishness has done to our nation and planet. And it can’t start soon enough.

“Democrats can win back the House in 2018 if the newly-engaged people who are flooding protests and town-hall meetings around the nation feel inspired enough by Democrats to march to the polls,”  wrote Adam Green and Stephanie Taylor, Progressive Change Campaign Committee. “But the people in the streets want to vote for heroes. And heroes fight villains.”

This starts with naming the scourge we face. We could go with Bernie’s “the millionaire and billionaire class” but it might limit the argument to economics in a way that doesn’t work to our advantage. So I suggest “the exploiters.”

It ties together the polluters who want us to pay for brutalizing of our enviroment, the oligarchs who avoid taxes while calling for deportation of those who’d love to pay them, the ideologues who cut health care for women to serve their antiquated agenda and leave a state like Texas with the highest maternity mortality rate in developed world.

I admit it doesn’t have that Roosevelt ring yet. But if you’ve got something better, you may be the hero we need.



  1. FireBaron February 20, 2017

    Unless and until you can convince the very people that are actually being harmed by his policies (i.e. those who voted for him) he will continue to sell his snake oil.

  2. Daniel Jones February 20, 2017

    Get. Our. Own. Back.

    Nice and simple, and it even alienates the other guy.

  3. Aaron_of_Portsmouth February 20, 2017

    What the Era of Trump has clarified for those possessed of insight and foresight is the enormity of the gap between the rich and the poor—a gap which has been growing wider and wider for since the establishment of hierarchies throughout human evolution.
    One of the oldest systems of hierarchical structures in human society was implemented in India, and has been implemented in various forms formally and informally and to various degrees all over the world. And now, the GOP, Trump, and others who represent the elites in Europe, Asia, Africa, and elsewhere, either through endogamy, political clout and political connections, “Old Boy” networks that are rife in Western Societies, or clerical connections are continuing this trend of patronage.

    In it’s open letter to the peoples of the world entitled “The Promise of World Peace”, the Universal House of Justice mentioned several points of tensions which left unchecked would result in conflicts, tensions, and wars. The letter cited a few examples that could be used as effective “weapons” against other members of societies, such as food, water, the imposition of financial hardships, as well as by conventional military means.
    The imposition of economic hardship the letter elaborates on, is the allowance for a vast chasm to persist, a chasm created by permitting an inordinate disparity between the rich and the poor. Baha’u’llah warned that allowing for extremes of wealth and poverty to persist would lead to social upheavals, as outlined in His letters and tablets to the rulers and religious leaders throughout Europe, to the Caliph of the Ottoman Empire, the Pope Pius 9th, and collectively to the leaders in the American republic.

    The summons and warnings by Baha’u’llah were for the most part ignored or disdainfully dismissed publicly(such as by Napoleon), and other secular and religious leaders. Subsequently, they each saw the destruction of their empires, with some being overthrown violently and others having been forced into exile.

    And here we are today, with the same heedless attitudes by the elites, and the “privileged” at lower levels, towards the growing gulf of income disparities. The GOP carries on the same haughty and arrogant disposition about extreme income disparities, as Baha’u’llah personally witnessed and addressed by entreaties in the 19th Century,

  4. Independent1 February 20, 2017

    I’d suggest convincing President Obama to put on a prime-time dog and pony show special about ‘Look folks, here’s what’s really been killing your futures for the past several decades. A special that outlines a lot of what’s covered in this article and more – providing a history of how the GOP has transformed America from: A country where opportunity is available to all, into a nation where for the most part, it’s only the specially gifted and elites who really end up prospering.

    And who pays for this special? I’d say one or more of America’s left-leaning billionaires (and believe it or not, it’s Democrats that represent the truly wealthy legislative disctricts in America), would be more than willing to foot the bill for such a special. Because I think they’re smart enough to see that what the GOP is doing to America (and the world by the way) is going to make their fortunes suffer down the road. There’s only so much bleeding of the masses that can go on before they suck the middle class and poor so dry that even those with massive business ventures going are going to start to see significant profit declines in the not too distant future.

    I think considering Obama’s current popularity, the he has the best opportunity of convincing the greatest percentage of American’s into believing the message; and if those who may be skeptics; he would be planting a lot of doubts in their minds of the political idiots they’ve been supporting.

    1. mike February 20, 2017

      Another asinine post from you. 8 years after Obama’s failed policies and you think anyone is going to listen to him. Remember he said he would take it as a personal insult if the American people didn’t vote for the old hag Hillary last year, which they didn’t, and you think they are going to listen to him now. Stay in La La Land.

      1. Independent1 February 20, 2017

        Here’s the list of the countries with the highest wealth inequality, according to the Allianz report.
        U.S.A. — 80.56
        Sweden — 79.90
        U.K. — 75.72
        Indonesia — 73.61
        Austria — 73.59
        Germany — 73.34
        Colombia — 73.18
        Chile — 73.17
        Brazil — 72.86Mexico — 70.00

        Income inequality starts to skyrocket under Reagan (percentage of the income funneling into the pockets of the upper 10%).


        The top 20% get 95% of the income and have almost 90% of America’s net worth.


        1. mike February 20, 2017

          8 years with bully pulpit and nary a word from Obama and you think he is going to jump on it now. Thanks for the laugh.
          Obama over the last 8 years is his indifference to this and many other conditions.
          What you conveniently ignore is obama’s administration from day one was to focus on restoring the wealth of the financial aristocracy producing declining wages, rising living cost and greater indebtedness.
          But in your eyes he should go one TV. How ridiculous.
          Last November the American people rejected his presidency.

          1. yabbed February 20, 2017

            President Obama wasn’t on the ballot last election. Yet, today, the majority of Americans wish he were back in the Oval Office. He has a sky-high approval rating while the DoofusDonald has the lowest approval rating at this point in his term of any president in modern history.

          2. mike February 20, 2017

            Obama name wasn’t on ballot but his policies were. He campaigned hard for Hillary and for all his popularity he still couldn’t get Hillary elected. You forget his comment that “he would be insulted if people did vote for Hillary.” They didn’t!
            Talk to me about approval ratings in a year.

          3. yabbed February 20, 2017

            Hillary Clinton won the popular bigly. Putin put his bi**h in office. That’s how Trump won.

          4. mike February 20, 2017

            When are you and the left going to understand from the beginning of this Republic the presidential election is determined by Electoral College not popular vote.

          5. yabbed February 20, 2017

            We understand the process. We also understand that no electoral college winner ever lost the popular vote by such a huge, outstanding number of votes as did Trump. We also understand that Russia put Trump over on the electoral vote. Trump is a Manchurian Candidate, Putin’s b**ch, and an illegitimate president.

          6. mike February 20, 2017

            Hillary never once went to Wisconsin, just twice to Michigan and 9 minutes to Pennsylvania all blue states and lost. End of story.
            You’re insane on Russia and your ignoramus Manchuria Candidate comment.
            It’s the EC, stupid!

          7. yabbed February 20, 2017

            Are you having fun at your home in FantasyLand? Putin has the goods on the OrangeFatBoy and your PeePeePervert is going to give up everything to Russia to save himself. You watch and see. The sanctions are going or we are all going to be watching the Russian prostitutes urinating on the so-called president of the United States of America. 🙂

          8. mike February 20, 2017

            Thanks for the laugh. Your post makes you legally insane.

          9. pisces63 February 20, 2017

            Uh, no. I remember that time. The financial establishment was buoyed up under Bush. The bail out WHICH republicans voted down until Georgie walked to the congressional floor and begged them to reconsider and the bill was pass, October 3, 2008. Obama had not won an election. By thanksgiving they had the money and by the end of the year the Federal reserve had loaned out over $7 trillion to the world banks. could not save the German one, the first to fail, though. Obama HAD NOT BEEN INAUGURATED. Try, again. NOW, they are getting rid of Dodd-Frank as fast as possible, put in place to protect YOU!! Wages? All those jobs lost at 700,000 a month, over 2 million between Nov. and Dec. 2008, the worse since the oppression, were brought back years later paying less and with little or no benefits. talk about faux news.

          10. mike February 20, 2017

            After all said the federal govt investment in Wall Street and auto industry the Federal Govt. made money even with the 16 billion lost in the auto industry. Last figure I saw was a 421 billion invested produced 432 billion.
            Even democrats say parts Dodd Frank need to be gone.

          11. Independent1 February 20, 2017

            You really have no moral values whatsoever do you?? You have no misgivings about coming on the NM and posting on blatant lie after another, do you?? Well, you can be sure God is keeping a record, and as he says in Revelation 21 – being a patent liar, you’re going to clearly be added to the fire along with the murderers, whoremongers and many others.

            Obama railed against income inequality and all the negativisms that had come from the GOP’s failed ideology consistently during his 8 years.

            And the Obama administration was focused NOT OF RESTORING THE WEALTH TO THE FINANCIAL ARISTOCRACY

          12. mike February 20, 2017

            Keep trying, his polices were a failure. American people rejected a third Obama term promised by Hillary.
            On wealth inequality he was all talk no action. He had the bully pulpit and did little to nothing.
            1. Sure they are profitable but again you ignore the Federal Govt lost close to 16 billion of taxpayers money. Typical of big govt. they lose money.
            2. At the peak of 2006 manufacturing and parts only had a little over 1 million.
            3. More part-time and contract jobs you mean.
            4.Yes many months of job growth but again majority part-time or contract. wages were still not growing, Median Household income below 2008.
            5.All because low interest rates of the Federal Reserve not Obama.
            6.Duh! Stock Market grows so goes retiremnt. Again all done by Federal Reserve and low interest rates.
            7.And yet in Iraq American troops are back in without any immunity agreement which was one of the main reasons Obama pulled out. Even Obama said he regretted not leaving troops there to stop ISIS.
            8.All on private land that Obama has nothing to do with.
            10. and yet 70,000 criminals were released from prison including 300+ murders. Very few deported in lost few years. Also, early on Obama adminstration changed the criteria for reporting deportations.
            11. I suspect fewer will be crossing with Trump in office. Trump will be enforcing the laws on the books.
            You can talk all you want but Trump is president because millions of Americans didn’t feel the burn of a Obama economy.

          13. I Am Helpy February 20, 2017

            Sorry you can’t back up any of your nonsense! It’s because you’re a moron.

          14. Independent1 February 20, 2017

            Just more of your flat out lying nonsense!! Not one thing you posted ISN’T A LIE!!!!

          15. mike February 20, 2017

            More of your flat earth mentality. All true and inconvenient for your pea brain.

          16. Independent1 February 20, 2017

            Only a total moron such as yourself would believe that being outed for being a flat out pathological liar was some kind of ‘flat earth mentality’!!! What a load of unadulterated crap!!

            You spew so much total crap that you clearly need to stick your head in toilet to keep it from spewing all over your feet!!!!!!

            You’re every bit as bad as that pathological lying piece of worthless humanity that pulls your puppet strings!!!

          17. mike February 21, 2017

            Sadly for you every point I gave to rebut your points is true.
            Continue being a Neanderthal and you too will become extinct.

          18. Independent1 February 21, 2017

            And I’m clearly not the only one who things your puppet master is crazy!!! (And the danger he poses INCLUDES TO YOU!!!)


          19. Independent1 February 20, 2017

            PURE UNADULTERATED BS!!!!!!!!!!!!

      2. yabbed February 20, 2017

        What failures, specifically? President Obama brought the economy back from the worst recession since the Great Depression, created the greatest, long lasting employment growth in modern history, and restored the world’s respect for America after the goofball George W Bush. It’s true that he remained a black man who was your superior and I know that is going to be a life long hurt for you.

        1. mike February 20, 2017

          And yet Trump won because of the very slow growth under Obama even though the RECESSION(not a Great Depression) was over in the fall 2009.
          “Restored world respect” what a crock of sh**. Go back under your rock.

          1. yabbed February 20, 2017

            Ah, you’re one of those “alternative facts” guys. 🙂

            Trump lost the popular vote to Hillary Clinton by the largest margin in modern history but won the electoral vote because Russia hacked the election for him. Everyone in the world knows that.

  5. yabbed February 20, 2017

    Government accounting just told us that averaging the 8 years of Obama’s presidency his travel costs came to #12.1 mil per year. And in 3 weeks of Trump it has cost taxpayers $11.3 mil and that does not include the Trump sons frying hither and yon with huge entourages and Secret Service at taxpayer expense to promote Trump business interests. We need a monthly accounting of the sums it is costing the American taxpayer to support this grifter family, including the cost of the so-called first lady and her child to live apart from her husband.

    1. Independent1 February 20, 2017

      I really have a hard time believing the accuracy of the numbers for Obama’s vacations. A lot of those millions may be the actual costs of what were incurred during his vacation days, but a lot of the millions are costs that would have been incurred anyway even if he had stayed at the White House – for example the salaries of his staff that may have traveled with him and his security details.

      Fact is, that aside from the cost of travel (Air Force One, and the cost of housing the people he needs to keep functioning as a president while on vacation and for his security detail and of course feeding them), the president actually pays for all the cost of his, and his families lodgings, and for what they eat while on vacation and any special things they may do while vacation (going to an amusement park for example).

      In fact, the president gets a bill every month for all the food eaten at the White House; and he ends up paying for even that, unless he can show that the food was used for putting on some kind of banquet that was in the national interest (like entertaining a visiting foreign dignitary). So the president even has to pay for all the costs associated with putting on big parties that may promote good feelings among his supporters, but have not specific national benefit. This is why a number of presidents have ended up close to broke when they live the White House ($400,000/yr doesn’t go very far when you’re constantly putting on events at the WH that you can’t justify as truly being in the national interest).

      And what makes the millions Trump has incurred, is that a lot of it is for costs outside the norm – for example: the disruption (shut down) of an airport near where he vacations, and added coast guard related costs that normally would not be required are just a couple. And Trump is only following after the example of virtually every recent Republican president in setting up a 2nd White House away from Washington to which they have to fly virtually every time they want to get away. George Bush for example flew round trip 77 times between Washington and his Texas ranch; Nixon had two outside White houses – one in Florida and one in California which he flew back and forth to constantly, Reagan did the same to his California ranch and George H.W. Bush flew back and forth to his Maine retreat. And if there’s one expense that can’t be written off as being something that would have incurred anyway if the president had stayed in D.C., its the projected $180,000/hour cost of using Air Force One. And the expense of maintaining some duplicate year-round 24/7 staffing of 2nd and even 3rd White Houses somewhere else around the nation.

      See this:
      Five myths about presidential vacations


      1. yabbed February 20, 2017

        Don’t be defensive. That is all travel costs for President Obama, not just vacations. All of the Trump cost thus far is for vacation trips to his place in FL. That’s the point. His annual costs to the taxpayer will soar to thereabouts $150 mil per year most likely.

        I am aware that a president’s personal costs while in the White House – family food, haircuts, vacation home rentals, toothpaste, clothes, etc. – are paid for my the president personally.

        1. Independent1 February 20, 2017

          I wasn’t intending to be defensive; I only wanted to be informative with respect to the fact that many costs that the government attributes to presidential vacation costs, are in fact, costs that the president would have incurred had he not even traveled away from D.C. And I was hoping to make people aware, that it’s actually the GOP presidents, at least since Eisenhower, who have chosen to really dump additional costs on the taxpayers by and having 2nd and even 3rd White Houses and constantly traveling between them (running up significant travel costs that would not have been incurred had they stayed in D.C.).

          1. yabbed February 20, 2017

            You are quite right. I wasn’t criticizing your post. It was, as always, very informative. We are on the same page.

    2. FT66 February 20, 2017

      Taxpayers are being screwed up in a big way to take care of Trump and his family, while they are cashing in and nothing is received in return from them especially us who don’t support him.

    3. Eleanore Whitaker February 20, 2017

      The fact is that Trump and his CLAN have always been grifters who love the idea of “something for nothing.” They have mastered the art of sniffing out holes where they find pockets of money or benefits. Now, they have the mother of them all…the U.S. Treasury. And doesn’t the Emperor love all that luxury protection?

    4. leonardo311 February 20, 2017

      Now is that 11.3 million just his trips to Florida or does that include the 1/2 million a day to secure the New York penthouse?

      1. yabbed February 20, 2017

        It’s Trump’s trips to FL. The NYC apartment at Trump Tower is a different cost center, not travel. Not only are the feds having to “harden” the building and protect it, but taxpayers have to pay to set up secure communications there by renting an entire floor of the building and more space to house Secret Service to protect Mrs Trump and the child. And we NYers have to pay additionally for the NYPD to provide security and traffic officers to that building. So far, the feds have refused to reimburse us for that cost.

  6. rednekokie February 20, 2017

    Trump (and his cronies) must be labeled, as well as called, “The National Liars” at every instance. The country has been so immunized against truth by Fox News for so many years, that people are actually unable to recognize the lies as they fly through the air.
    Those of us who do must call them out each and every time.
    Trump is a liar. We must make America TRUTHFUL again.

    1. dbtheonly February 20, 2017

      MATA? Love it. Intend to use it early and often.

      Geiiing into a quotability contest with Colonel Roosevelt is an exercise in futility. Malefactors of Great Wealth is more than sufficient. We did okay hanging it on Romney.

  7. marriea February 20, 2017

    The sad thing is that Trump greatly appealed to the ignorance of his base.
    He labeled all of ‘the others’ as us against ‘the them’.
    He sucessfully branded ‘the others’ as taking away jobs from them.
    But in realitiy, if these Trump supporters had to go and apply for those ‘lost’ jobs, unless they have the adequate and required educational background that is nececessary in today’s market, those jobs they desire will still not be available.
    I heard on the media that some coal miner jobs will be coming back.
    The question is, will this be under new management?
    If so, then the salaries that those who were involved in that field won’t be the same now as when they left.
    A new management might mean that there is no union involved, and the pay scale might end up being half of what they were being paid when they left.
    And heaven help them if they are directed to apply on line as many of the older workers, regardless of experience might be weeded out.
    On top of that, there is the enviromental issues.
    I’ve read that because of the coal industry waste and toxic overruns, the lakes in the area are so polluted one can’t even fish there.
    I get the need for jobs, but in todays market, the desire to work ain’t cutting it anymore.
    Even just a high school diploma isn’t cutting it anymore.
    I hear many of these people decrying welfare recipicants, but they fail to understand that that the new welfare recipicants are now people on disability.
    Have you seen those ads in which lawyers are hocking their services.
    The only difference is one is at a state level (welfare) and the other a federal level,
    I have seen so many whites who come on say Judge Judy who say, “I’m on disability’ Judge Judy, in her cautic style then asks, ‘what is the nature of your disabilty? I have a back problem, a breathing problem, I can’t lift certain weights, unexplained pains, ect.
    It’s might sound more refined to say disability, but it’s the same thing.
    And Trump and the GOP are going to be passing bills to make those things less available just as they plan to do with healthcare.
    I truly can’t help but think that Trump’s ‘reported’ wealth made him seen like a good choice to those who would be impressed by the ‘rich TV star.
    But we don’t know what his true net wealth is.
    He says he won’t be taking a salary.
    Why would he.
    He’s taking New York City for a bundle.
    He’s making money off of the American public ‘bigly’
    And these monies are all going into his coffers.
    There are so many conflicts of interest going on, it’s unbelievable, yet the GOP lead Congress is not calling him on it.
    I can only hope that on Novemeber 6, 2018, that people will have enough sense to band together, forget petty differences and band as a unit to take our country back.
    Trumps say’s, let’s make America Great agin.
    I say let’s Take America Back Again for all folks..
    We need to turn up in droves to get Control of Congress in both Houses.
    My only hope for right now, is that since that stupid ‘president’? has in effect thrown daggers at the courts, they will at least keep Trump somewhat in check.
    But the likes of Trump is what we gets when we fight among ourselves.
    Divide and conquer is a strategy that has been used since the begainning of time.
    Why haven’t we learned from it?

  8. Eleanore Whitaker February 20, 2017

    Just want you want in a moron pretending to be president…the US laughed at all over the world. Is that one of his executive orders too? Making absolute jerks of the people of this country?

    My younger son lived in Sweden for 15 years while traveling with his band. If there is one thing I know about Swedes, it is that their educational system is excellent. Most Swedes, born and bred, speak more than two languages, English being their second language.

    If you heard that moron Rience Priebus on “Meet the Press” he was working overtime struggling to launder the mess in the White House. Priebus’s ability to twist facts and truth made him look like a fool.

    He claims Trump in just 30 days has done more for the country than all 44 other presidents. Then, he claimed that Trump was telling the truth about not being involved with Russia. Really? So, when Trump went to Moscow for the Miss Universe pageant, he wasn’t in Russia? When his junior genius son met with the Russian Investment group in 2008, that wasn’t in Russia either?

    The facts will come out that not only IS Trump tied to Russia, but has been for the past decade. But, you do have to remember that Priebus got his cabinet job for kissing Trump butt.

    1. idamag February 20, 2017

      The Scandinavian countries have the best school system in the world. They also have the highest standard of living. Because of their excellent education system, they will never vote in something like trump or the disgusting congress such as we have.

      1. Eleanore Whitaker February 20, 2017

        The only thing my son ever complained about while living in Sweden was something I don’t think he gets…As an American in a foreign country, the country is bound to ensure their natives get first preference. I know this to be fact because my Dad, born in Bari Italy, also told me that when I was a child. His words then were, “When in Rome, Romans are first.” lol

        1. TZToronto February 20, 2017

          Yes, a country has a responsibility to its citizens, and those citizens should come first. However, that does not mean that everyone else should be trashed. The world is a complicated place, and saying, “America first” does not take into account what America needs. It’s a slogan without nuance. What is best for America and its people? Is it isolationism and cancelling trade agreements? Is it prohibiting immigration? Is it promoting jobs that no longer exist? Is it depriving those Americans who are truly in need of a chance to live? Is it ensuring that only those able to pay through their employers or out of pocket for it have health insurance? Trump and his followers act as though executive orders are infallible, that demanding jobs come back to America will make them return. They ignore the fact that corporations will continue to find low-wage economies in which to manufacture their goods, Trump or no Trump. They act as though denying climate change will make it go away, even when many other countries are doing what they can to mitigate its effects and corporations are planning for their futures in a world of global warming. So yes, giving preference to Americans is good policy for America, but ignoring America’s place in the world, its global commitments and responsibilities, and global economic interaction is just plain simple-minded.

  9. qiexia February 20, 2017

    “it misses the depth of the inequality that has been created, perhaps intentionally”

    Of course it was intentional. Even liberals calling for sharper messaging can’t message sharply.

    The time for nuance, crossing the Ts, and ensuring that every sentence is 100% correct in all possible interpretations is past.

    To win elections in this stupid country, we need at least some of the stupid people on our side. Stupid people respond to unapologetic firebrands. We don’t need a one-word slogan so much as we need attacking liberals who don’t back down and don’t hedge when Chuck Todd starts to swoon.

    Non-voters will vote only if they see something they’ve never seen before, which is a strong liberal making it out of a democratic primary.

  10. bobo65 February 20, 2017

    “the exploiters.” is still too intellectual.

  11. idamag February 20, 2017

    TR shut the corrupt robber barons down. He did it with something that we do not have today – an honest press.

  12. bobo65 February 20, 2017

    There are three distinct groups of economic victims in the United States. The first are people who still have no opportunity because of their ethnic background. The second are those who have seen no increase in their income for decades and actually lost that 1%. The third are those who completely lost their middle class standard of living in a matter of days as their employers left. This is the group the Democratic Party, including Sanders, completely failed to address. Their response was not bothering to vote or casting a temper tantrum vote for that reality TV spokes-model.

    People forget that today’s Republicans, including hustler in chief Donnie, are ALL merely paid spokes-models. Their bosses are who need to be called out and have their businesses boycotted. We need to find ways to make corruption not worth the effort and expense.

    1. larm007 February 20, 2017

      Bernie did address this.

  13. Hank'stwocents February 20, 2017

    What tax break for the rich? Do you have a bill number? Was it an executive order? What is the number? How is Trump ripping us off? Is this just another snowflake crybaby rant, with nothing to substantiate it’s claim?

    1. Eleanore Whitaker February 20, 2017

      He is spending $11 million on trips to Florida in 30 days. Nice that you can be so glib about MY tax dollars Mr. Got Rocks. That’s more than Obama spent in a single year.

      Trump is a grifter and so are his sons and his piggy faced daughter. You bet your lard butt we intend to bitch as loud and as long as we can.

      Your liar in chief knew the Russians hacked into our election. You got no where to go once you start from there.

      You righties are the ones who are the snowflakes. Now after you bitched and ripped Obama and Hillary a new one you think we will just take what you dish out? Think again Mr. Got Rocks.

      I live in NJ. Come to NJ and do your RAH RAH Trump and see if you don’t get ripped a new one too.

      1. Hank'stwocents February 20, 2017

        And this is a tax break for the rich? How about one thing at a time? Why can’t you give an answer, instead of just hurling insults and threats? How about posting a link about spending 11 million on Florida trips? Where did that figure come from? Also, where is your link to the evidence that the Russians hacked the election. You can’t post one because there is no evidence. You are just a useful idiot , parroting the left’s fictional talking points.You believe what your told, and have no ability to think objectively for your self..
        Anyway, you have at least 47 more months of President Trump, calm down, and pace yourself before you blow a gasket.

        1. Sand_Cat February 20, 2017

          Why don’t you try and figure that one out for yourself, not that you’re likely to have the brainpower.

        2. Independent1 February 21, 2017

          Russia engineered election hacks and meddling in Europe

          Russia’s alleged use of computer hacking to interfere with the U.S. presidential election fits a pattern of similar incidents across Europe for at least a decade.

          Cyberattacks in Ukraine, Bulgaria, Estonia, Germany, France and Austria that investigators attributed to suspected Russian hackers appeared aimed at influencing election results, sowing
          discord and undermining faith in public institutions that included government agencies, the media and elected officials.

          Those investigations bolster U.S. intelligence findings of Russian meddling to help elect Donald Trump,a conclusion the president-elect has disputed — although he conceded
          Friday after a private intelligence briefing that Russia was among the possible hacking culprits.

          “They’ve been very good at using the West’s weaknesses against itself, the open Internet to hack, the free media to sow discord, and to cause people to question the underpinnings of the systems under which they live,” said Hannah Thoburn, a research fellow at the Hudson Institute, a Washington think tank.


          1. Hank'stwocents February 21, 2017

            Hacking has been occurring since the computer was linked to the internet. Besides independent hackers, most every government uses them including Russia, China, USA, N. Korea, Etc.All have spies. All try to subvert the others for some kind of advantage.
            But there is no proof to substantiate the claim that Russia influenced the 2016 election . It is just a democrat talking point like “a video caused the attack in Benghazi”.

            0bama used taxpayer money to oppose B.B. in Israel’s last election, why didn’t that get your panties in a bunch?
            It’s because the rules only apply to democrat opposition, and not to democrats. They are blind Hypocrites afraid of TRUTH.

          2. Independent1 February 21, 2017

            Just more deflection from a totally clueless right-winger who can’t see the upper .01% are just working to stack the deck against even himself. You have no evidence of any hacking being done by governments other than Russia and North Korea. Produce some!! And produce some evidence that Obama deliberately spent taxpayer money trying to oppose Bibi.

          3. Hank'stwocents February 21, 2017


            Why wouldn’t Saudi Arabia supplying 20% of Hillary’s campaign money not be foreign election interference?

          4. Independent1 February 21, 2017

            Even right-wing Israeli news sources fabricate reality just like Faux News!! Who knew??? That article is total BS!!!

          5. Hank'stwocents February 21, 2017

            The New York Times is fake news, and hears proof cupcake. Now you can’t dismiss them as a right-wing news site.
            Are they lying too?


          6. Independent1 February 21, 2017

            And why not?? virtually every publication these days publishes articles from right-wing zealots. Look at the Washington Post with the idiot Krauthammer!! Very few if any mainstream publications are devoid of publishing articles from extremists at either end of the spectrum.

            Even Forbes publishes garbage from right-wingers tryinng to justify the right-wings totally failed economic ideologies!!!

          7. Independent1 February 21, 2017

            Because they never provided any money to her campaign -that’s why!! You have no bona fide evidence of that – only maybe from some right-wing propaganda website that fabricates reality!!

          8. dpaano February 24, 2017

            Saudi Arabia donated money to the Clinton Foundation in an effort to help fund education in their country for females. It was NOT for her campaign. It’s illegal for a foreign country to donate to a U.S. campaign! Apparently, you didn’t know that???? Also, if you don’t believe my comment about the Saudi’s giving money to the Clinton Foundation for humanitarian reasons, you might try to “factcheck” it.

          9. Eleanore Whitaker February 21, 2017

            Hacking you take so glibly in our elections means your vote can be invalidated. We have NEVER had a foreign leader attempt this EVER before.

            What you posted requires proof. If you hve proof that China, North Korea “etc” has hacked into U.S. Elections get it out there. The FBI and CIA will be thrilled.

            Sorry but when “I” take the time and trouble to vote for the candidate of MY choice, I expect that vote to be credited to the candidate “I” chose and the candidate the pathetic Republican Party chose.

            Stop trying to water down the serious nature of hacking into a U.S. Presidential election. That hacking is the difference between American Constitutional rights to clean, interference free elections and you glibly allowing Putin to influence IN ANY WAY the outcome of the election.

          10. Hank'stwocents February 21, 2017

            You misunderstand. I said hacking, not hacking an election. Besides, how can Russians change election votes or results when voting machines are never connected to the internet?
            Where is your proof? There is none.You just take somebody’s word that there is, because it fits a narrative you support.

            What about 0bummer interfering in Israeli elections? You didn’t get your panties in a wad about that did you?

            If you want to talk election fraud, lets talk about illegals voting, the dead voting, convicted felons voting, early voting, absentee voting because this is where the corruption is.

          11. Eleanore Whitaker February 21, 2017

            So the computers that tally all of the 50 states votes isn’t connected to the internet? There are 17 U.S. Intel and European agencies that have the proof. The first group to discover the hacking by the Russians was Crowdstrike back in August of last year.

            You are totally computer illiterate aren’t you? I’m sure your kind still think each state delivers final election results to the FEC in DC via Pony Express.

            Well folks? There you have it! The boy geniuses with ALL the answers that make no sense. This nut cracker thinks there are no internet lines used to transmit each of the 50 states computer voting machines to the FEC.

            And Hacking is hacking…it means that some very deft and nimble Russian IT paid Putin intel according to the UK’s MI6 were able to break the URL codes used by the DNC back in August to collect and datamine information on all Dem voters.

            Now, you have NO Idea what the hell the Russians did with all that info they collected. For all YOU Know, they can know hack into any URL link you use or any FB account, which they’ve been doing now for the past 2 months. FB has had a rash of hacking into personal FB ID accounts using ONLY photos of the FB account owner. How’s that for you being stupid?

          12. Independent1 February 21, 2017

            Hacking voting machines: Easier than ever imagined

            Millions of Americans are already waiting for hours outside of polling places to vote for the next president of the United States. All of that might not matter though, as some security pros say the entire election can be rigged all too easily.

            In one example, it wouldn’t take much more than ten dollars’ worth of parts from any Radio Shack store to steal and manipulate votes. It’s called a man-in-the-middle attack and the computer program that logs the results on electronic voting machines isn’t even compromised.

            “It’s a classic attack on security devices,” Roger Johnston tells Popular Science. “You implant a microprocessor or some other electronic device into the voting machine, and that lets you control the voting and turn cheating on and off. We’re basically interfering with transmitting the voter’s intent.”

            According to the magazine, anyone from a high-school
            student to an octogenarian could corrupt the voting process. Johnston is the head of the Vulnerability Assessment Team at Argonne National Laboratory and has done it himself, even on camera. It wouldn’t be hard for others, he says, and some fear that that could easily be the case on Election Day. And with many prediction polls estimating a close contest between President Barack Obama and Republican Party challenger Mitt
            Romney this year, it wouldn’t take much to render the entire contest corrupted.

            On the website for Argonne, Johnston says Americans believe too often that election officials assume — incorrectly — that it takes a computer genius capable of a nation-state cyber assault or a frazzled, Hollywood-designed hacker to turn an electronic voting machine on its head. And while that route is once that can be taken too, it isn’t the only way to ruin an lection. Insider threats from election officials or anyone with access to a voting machine could easily alter contests,and monitors aren’t necessarily on the look-out for that kind of unauthorized access.


          13. dpaano February 23, 2017

            Once again, you’re believing all the false BS that is being put out there by FAUX News! There were NO illegals that voted, no dead people voting (although some people could have voted by mail and then died by election day….it’s been known to happen, but their vote is still legal), etc. As for early voting, you DO know that some states allow early voting, and that’s not illegal either! And, I’m not sure what you’re talking about when you say “absentee voters” being where the corruption is. There was absolutely NO corruption in the 2015 election, and the lies that Trump is saying about the 3M illegal voters is just a bunch of BS and you’re an idiot to believe it!

          14. Hank'stwocents February 23, 2017

            You are a perfect example of intelligence without wisdom. Do you have a God, and if you do, what is his/her name?

          15. dpaano February 24, 2017

            Yes, as a matter of fact, I believe in the Lord Jesus Christ…..who, by the way, is probably going batshit wherever he is over what the conservatives and so-called “evangelical Christians” are doing…..much of which is definitely NOT in the Bible! So, who do YOU believe in other than yourself and Trump?

          16. Hank'stwocents February 24, 2017

            I also believe in the Lord Jesus. I know where He is….sitting at the Father’s right hand in heaven, until His enemies are made a footstool for Him. What is it that you think that “evangelicals” are doing that is not in the Bible? I’m just guessing, but you sound like you are a Catholic, who have go through the “church” to hear what God has said. My last wife was a pretty redhead like you, who was raised Catholic.In 5years of marriage, she never read the Bible or attended Church, yet she was a expert on Christian doctrine. I am looking forward to your answer.

          17. dpaano February 24, 2017

            No, I’m not Catholic….don’t believe in worshipping idols (the saints) or having to think there’s a third party that I have to go through so Jesus will hear my prayers (the Pope), etc. I am a Christian, and I attend church each and every Sunday. My church doesn’t believe in kicking the poor, giving to the wealthy, taking medical care away from the needy, etc. There are SOOO many things that this administration (and sometimes the previous administration) have done that are totally against the teachings of the New Testament. So, I’m sorry if you don’t see where I’m going….maybe you need to perhaps re-read the New Testament and take it to heart!!!
            Trump has probably been to church as many times as I can count on my 10 fingers…..he’s the least religious person EVER in the presidency! I see that he’s much rather play golf at Mar-A-Lago than to go to church on Sunday’s. At least we did see President Obama and his family going to church on Sunday’s when they were in Washington, D.C.

          18. Hank'stwocents February 24, 2017

            I agree on the worshiping of idols. But, kicking the poor? How? When? I don’t think giving is a sin, as long as what is given belongs to you. A lot of people lost their healthcare when the ACA was made law ( remember: you can keep your plan and you can keep your doctor?) I know you must be pro-life and against abortion since you are a Christian.
            Attacking someone’s faith in Christ does not seem to be Christian to me..Isn’t Satan the accuser of the brethren?

          19. dpaano February 27, 2017

            For some reason, you seem to think you know me, and you certainly don’t. I’m very much pro-choice, and I think the government should keep their mitts off making laws about how to deal with a woman’s body!
            As for taking from the poor…..45 is getting ready to announce that he’s going to bolster the defense budget and take money from other programs; i.e., social programs. If that isn’t taking from the poor, I don’t know what is. I’d prefer my tax money to go to take care of those who are truly in need in lieu of building another battleship!!
            And, I’m not attacking anyone’s faith in Christ…..it’s just that some people, especially some of those “evangelical Christians” don’t seem to have an idea what the Bible says…..

          20. Hank'stwocents February 26, 2017

            Remember, when Jesus was accused of casting out demons by using demons, he replied “a house divided against itself will soon fall.” (paraphrase)
            Now, witches are joining together to cast spells on Trump, Satanist are attending town hall meetings disrupting them and trying to cause chaos, and cursing Trump. Do you really think that Satan has divided his house to fight against an evil Trump? No way! So, give some thought to whom you are against, if Trump is evil, why are the powers of hell trying so hard to defeat him?
            Do you side with the Satanists and witches against Trump? You can’t be on both sides. Here is a video that may enlighten you.


          21. dpaano February 27, 2017

            Where do you get your information? That’s the stupidest thing I’ve heard in a long time!!! As far as I’m concerned, 45 IS the antichrist! And, for your information, I don’t believe in Satanists, witches, ghosts, alien abductions, etc.

          22. Hank'stwocents February 27, 2017

            It came straight out of the Holy Bible.

            14 And
            he was casting out a devil, and it was dumb. And it came to pass, when
            the devil was gone out, the dumb spake; and the people wondered.

            15 But some of them said, He casteth out devils through Beelzebub the chief of the devils.

            16 And others, tempting him, sought of him a sign from heaven.

            17 But
            he, knowing their thoughts, said unto them, Every kingdom divided
            against itself is brought to desolation; and a house divided against a
            house falleth. Luke, chapter 11 Look it up.

            Are you saying God’s Word is not the Truth?

            I think I know you better than you know yourself. You are a hypocrite,

          23. Independent1 February 21, 2017

            You may be interested in this article:

            Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Faces Criminal Investigation For Fraud & Bribery


          24. Hank'stwocents February 21, 2017

            You could be investigated for child molestation, but it doesn’t mean you are guilty.
            Lefties, like Satan, are accusers of the brethren. Always throwing crap on the wall, hoping some will stick.

          25. Independent1 February 21, 2017

            Sorry, it’s righties that are narcissists like Satan!! Jesus was a left winger by far. It’s left-wingers who care about others dummkopf. Righties are ‘It’s all about me!! Just like the Devil whose image is now Trump!!

            The term conservative christian is an oxymoron. Nothing that right-wingers do is remotely Christian. NOTHING!!!

          26. Hank'stwocents February 21, 2017

            I will bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you; and the entire world will be blessed because of you.” Genesis 12:3 (speaking of Israel )

            Jesus was born an Israeli. He is a Jew. He is my Savior. How can you be a Christian and not support Israel? Do you want God’s blessing, or his curse? I prefer the blessing.

          27. dpaano February 24, 2017

            Actually, Jesus was born in Jeruselum, which I think is actually part of Palestine (don’t have a map in front of me). I don’t understand your comment about being a Christian and not supporting Israel….that’s apples and oranges! If you knew your religions (and I’m half Jewish and have studied the Torah), you’d know that the Jewish people don’t actually believe in Jesus; they are still awaiting the “second coming” of the Lord God. As far as they’re concerned, Jesus was a disciple of God, but they really don’t consider him the actual “son” of God.

        3. Independent1 February 21, 2017

          Trump family trips cost taxpayers $11.3m in one month – almost as much as Obama’s cost in a year

          Donald Trump’s family’s trips have cost taxpayers nearly as much in a month as Barack Obama’s cost in an entire year. The US President’s three visits to his Mar-a-Lago club in Florida since his presidential inauguration, combined with his sons’ business trips, reportedly cost $11.3m (£9.1m)

          “This is an expensive way to conduct business, and the President should recognise that,” said Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton, speaking to the Washington Post.


          1. Hank'stwocents February 21, 2017

            At least one of those trips was business with the Japanese president. Why do those expenses get counted? I don’t know the reasons for the other trips, but he does have a home in Florida. Also they included the cost of the Coast Guard, like they don’t get paid unless they have to guard Trump?

            The name of this article should have been:to
            “We need a simple way to keep our wounds from healing”


          2. Independent1 February 21, 2017

            Sorry, flying the Japanese Prime Minister to Florida was not a business trip. He had not need to run back to his Florida home to entertain PM Abe. He could have done that at Camp David right near D.C. Trump was simply trying to generate more business for his Florida resort and for several of the golf courses he owes in Florida. With Trump, it’s all about finding ways to make more money FOR HIM!!!!

            The title of the article is totally accurate!! Trump will stay president only as long as it gives him ways to steal more taxpayer money!!!

          3. dpaano February 23, 2017

            And, if I remember correctly, he was also making the press corp. fly separately at a cost to the campaign.

          4. dpaano February 23, 2017

            No, but you seem to not know that whenever Trump goes to New York or Florida, the local police departments have to provide additional security at a very high cost. Both police departments have billed the Federal government for their costs, but to date, nothing has been paid (a typical Trump trait). Also, the cost of flying Air Force One is very expensive no matter where Trump goes, but to use it for personal trips that are totally unnecessary (so he can play golf for the weekend) As a note, he could have met the Japanese president in Washington or at Camp David, but he chose to meet him at Mar-a-Lago….so give me another excuse!

          5. Independent1 February 23, 2017

            The estimated cost of Air Force One is $180,000 per hour flying time. Being that a round trip from DC to where Trump’s resort is,
            is probably about a 5-6 hour round trip flight – it costs about $1,000,000/round trip for each of Trump’s weekend jaunts.

          6. Eleanore Whitaker February 21, 2017

            That’s all part of the Trump Grifter routine. Trump has a masterful talent at ferreting out pockets of money he can wring out of others. He does this either by relying on their naivete in trusting a professional crook or he does it by masterminding schemes he knows will ONLY benefit him. In the end, he winds up paying fines and lawsuits and settling out of court. His most frequent legacy.

          7. dpaano February 23, 2017

            And now he wants the Congress to advance him the money to build his ridiculous $21B wall that no one actually wants with the thought that he will get Mexico to pay for it. I’m sorry, but I didn’t work hard for my taxpayer dollars for someone to take that big of a risk! If he wants the wall, he can advance the money himself and then worry about getting it back!

          8. Eleanore Whitaker February 24, 2017

            According to Bannon, Mexico can’t keep its people from entering the US illegally so Mexico has to pay for that wall.

            So now? Mexico is retaliating by buying corn from South American countries. If Trump and Bannon keep up their war with Mexico, Mexico will just demand all US businesses operating in that country be “deported.”

            TX Congressman, Joaquin Castro, already pointed out an illegality with the new Trump immigration ban. A flight from CA to NY had ICE cops demanding ALL passengers on the plane turnover their paperwork. That’s illegal search and seizure.

          9. dpaano February 24, 2017

            It’s going to be interesting to see how Mexico fights back….they’ve already said that if 45 institutes an import tax; they’ll institute an export tax for anything coming in from the U.S. to Mexico. That should really cause some of the U.S. corporations a major headache!!!
            As for the Castro brothers, especially Joaquin, I hope one of them runs for president some day….they both are awesome. One of them spoke at the DNC Convention where Hillary accepted the nomination, and he was EXTREMELY erudite! He’s young, he’s intelligent, and he speaks very well….he would be an asset! I just hope that Joaquin fights this immigration ban along with other Democrats in the Congress.
            I hadn’t heard about the NY ICE cops (and they really are NOT cops) demanding passengers to turnover their paperwork….I agree with you, this is totally illegal and the NY AG should file a lawsuit against ICE for doing this! You would probably know better than I do who to contact since you’re on the East Coast and I’m way over here on the West Coast! I can guarantee you that if they tried that with people flying into L.A., they would find themselves in another major lawsuit!!

          10. dpaano February 27, 2017

            Bannon’s main thing is to make this country a WHITE country….he doesn’t care a bit about uniting the country. He’s always said that he wants to cause major chaos in our government, and he’s certainly found the right person to push towards that end! It’s just too bad that 45 is so stupid that he actually thinks that what he’s doing is all his idea!!! Bannon is pulling his strings like a master puppet master……much like Cheney did with GWB!!!

          11. Eleanore Whitaker February 28, 2017

            No matter what else the right wingers try to do or say, Trump DID appoint Paul Manafort as his first campaign manager. Once you study Manafort’s connections to Putin, you see that Manafort was quite skilled in infiltrating elections as he did with that Ukranian Putin agent Yanukovych when they rigged the Ukranian election to put a Putin official in place.

            No matter what Trump says in protest, there is NO WAY he will ever get past the fact that HE and HE alone chose Manafort. He cannot pretend he didn’t know who Manafort was.

            As for GWB, his father is dying. It’s been my experience with the men I have been constantly surrounded by my entire life that when a man’s father dies, there is this odd sense of release from paternal bonds. GWB never was cut out for business or politics. These are sons who are pushed by their fathers into what their “fathers” want their sons to be. Now for all time, GWB is reaching the genuine man he has always been: creative, a deep thinker and capable of finally discovering his own brand of independence.

            Odd isn’t it? When a man’s mother dies, he goes to pieces and his sense of loss is such that it takes years for grief to subside. When a man’s father dies, he feels grief but also a sense of freedom from paternal authority.

        4. Eleanore Whitaker February 21, 2017

          Fact you can get at the GAO.gov site. In 2001, Bush handed out the first of his 2 tax cuts. By 2004, the GAO reported that the top 1% were 11% richer as a result of that single tax cut. Those at the bottom ended up $28 richer. But that wasn’t the end of it. Bush also handed out a 2nd tax cut again in 2008…Same results. Top 1% benefited most. Go to the GAO site if you have the balls.

          And then? In January 2009, your rich ass Republicans needed not only that scam TARP bailout but another tax cut or they threatened to refuse to approve the extension of unemployment for the 8 million you and your rich asses managed to unemploy from 2004 to 2008 by offshoring jobs to India, Thailand and China.

          Try again hot shot. I was an accounting manager for nearly 25 years in environmental engineering and I know how Big Business skanks get away with ripping off employees, customers AND taxpayers. Time for you boys to pay for your greed.

          1. Hank'stwocents February 21, 2017

            I’m not rich. In 2009 I had a 10% pay cut due to 0bummer, It was a top to bottom cut. Unfortunately, I was at the bottom. I had a pay cut in the 70’s also, when Nixon was in office. I couldn’t care less about how much rich people make, only that I have enough.

          2. Eleanore Whitaker February 21, 2017

            Obama had NOTHING to do with it. Your CEO did. And don’t you dare try to tell ME differently. My former employer was an ombudswoman to the SBA and another eventually became a Senator. I know better than you EVER will what goes on in the backroom executive meetings since I was an accounting manager.

            When there is a pay cut in the private sector, you can blame your politicians who always have a line item set on the business budget earmarked for their campaign donations. I know that because I saw them. If you pay cut came in the public sector, it was a downgrade due to your Civil Service job performance.

            Obama was not your employer. Your CEO was. He made ALL the decisions on pay cuts. I recall back in the mid 1980s when a VP at a large international corporation I worked got the axe because the CEO decided the VP’s salary was “maxed out.” So they replaced the VP with a less experienced, lower salaried employee. It’s done ALL the time.

            Sorry but you know nothing about the corporation maneuvering. I could write a book that would make your hair stand on end filled with what I saw and heard every day 5 days a week from the CEOs I worked closely with.

          3. dpaano February 23, 2017

            Face it, Eleanore, you can’t educate the uneducated and, in this case, that’s very true!

          4. Eleanore Whitaker February 24, 2017

            There will always be those who see no value in education. Their problem, not mine. But, when their ignorance encroaches on my intelligence, I stand firm. I will not now nor ever be reduced to a babbling moron. That is what Trump and Bannon want. Yes people they can control like robots.

          5. Independent1 February 21, 2017

            So in other words, you’re as big a narcissist as Trump. You don’t
            care that those who are already rich are working to get richer at the expense of the people who are struggling to survive; even when the rich are doing that by deliberately pulling help from people to the point that thousands die prematurely every month because the rich refuse to give them the help they need to just live one more day!!

            In other words just like Trump, it’s to hell with everyone else as long as I’M GETTING ALL I CAN!!!

          6. dpaano February 23, 2017

            Isn’t that the typical RW mantra?

          7. dpaano February 23, 2017

            So you know, for a fact, that President Obama gave you a 10% pay cut….seems to me that would be something you’d have to blame on the company you worked for since the president has nothing to do with your pay.

          8. Independent1 February 24, 2017

            And exactly how was Obama responsible for your 2009 pay cut when it was Bush who trashed the economy and allowed the Great Recession to happen. You were darn lucky to just have a job in 2009 given that when Obama took office, 800,000 Americans were loosing their jobs every month!!

            You are starting to sound just like one more right-wing pathological liar!!!!!!!!!!!!

          9. Independent1 February 21, 2017

            Sorry Eleanore, I hit the wrong reply.

          10. Eleanore Whitaker February 21, 2017

            Lol…I knew that. No problem. And I agree with your response.

        5. Independent1 February 21, 2017

          I’m not sure you could be any dumber if you really tried!!!

          1. Hank'stwocents February 21, 2017

            LOL, If I tried then I would be on your side. Great comeback.

          2. dpaano February 23, 2017

            Rather weak comeback on your part!

        6. Jan123456 February 21, 2017

          How about posting a link about spending 11 million on Florida trips?


          Just apply the costs for Obama to go to Florida to Trump. Then, multiply by the number of trips.

        7. Jan123456 February 21, 2017

          Also, where is your link to the evidence that the Russians hacked the election.

          Now, the specific evidence IS classified. However, it was made public that the Intelligence Community found that Russia interfered in our election. Flynn resigned over his lie to Pence that he didn’t talk to the Russians, I fully expect that you will reject any evidence as “lame stream media” or decried because you don’t trust anything out of the government.



        8. Thoughtopsy February 21, 2017

          Typically two things happen when all 17 letter agencies say something jointly…
          1) It’s assumed to be true due to official statements from 17 different agencies.
          2) Anyone disputing this is required to supply extraordinary evidence to the contrary. If they can’t they can safely be considered a conspiracy nut.

          On other topics… the US has one of the lowest EFFECTIVE tax rates for corporations in the world… being around 19% after all loopholes are considered. Many pay much less than that. Some like Apple have so far paid nothing on Billions they have stored overseas.
          As a further indication of how corporations are greasing the wheels to avoid tax, despite the obvious growth of very large and successful businesses, corporations and businesses now contribute the least amount of money to the total US tax take, ever. And Trump is suggesting this is reduced further.

          Lastly… trickle down doesn’t work. Despite the constant propaganda, it never has. However it’s totally great as a catch phrase for those that want to make giving the rich more money sound like a plan for the little guy.

          Here’s a question: If the aim of “Trickle down” is to help the little guy and the economy… why not just skip the 1% and create incentives and subsidies for small businesses to start up and grow? This stimulates the economy massively (and competition which conservatives should love), and is guaranteed to create more jobs than anything else. If every small business in the US hired one more person, there would be no unemployment and a mass shortage of workers.

          Instead, Republicans want to give it to the 1% FIRST. Then just “hope” that they do something useful with it that “trickles down”…
          Instead, typically, as research has shown, they:
          – buy back their own shares to boost their stock price and CEO pay (and Republican’s investments)
          – buy competing companies to create more of a monopoly in their market.
          – store the money for future acquisitions.
          – pay larger bonuses to the executives

          Its the US Government’s money… essentially the people’s money… if you are that concerned about things “trickling down”… why give the tax cut directly to the wealthiest and then cross your fingers and hope?
          Why not actually provide stimulation and incentives for the people that need it directly?

          Oh… that’s right.
          Because it’s both a lie and a scam to make the insane theft palatable.

          1. 788eddie February 21, 2017

            Just a thoughtful comment on your well-written commentary, Thoughtopsy, regarding “trickle-down” economics; it’s actually “trickle-up,” because that’s the way the money actually flows.

            “Trickle-up” economics is actually a more accurate term.

          2. Thoughtopsy February 24, 2017

            Agreed. And thank you. 😉

          3. dpaano February 23, 2017

            Okay, now you’re only making sense….something “Hank” can’t understand himself! Why keep trying to drum the facts into his empty skull….it’s a useless action!

        9. dpaano February 23, 2017

          Apparently, you don’t read actual newspapers…..it’s been noted in several of them about the $11M that 45 has spent in his weekly travels to Mar-A-Lago. As for the “evidence” that Russians hacked into the election….that’s a whole ongoing investigation and we’ll find out the truth when they’ve completed it. You, sir, are the only one parroting the BS that you’ve been brainwashed to believe by the GOP, so crawl back into your hole and leave those of us with actual brains instead of crap to deal with this administration. And, keep watching FAUX News because that’s the only station that perpetrates false news!

    2. leonardo311 February 20, 2017

      Nothing yet, as far as legislation, but he claimed on the campaign trail to want to cut corporate taxes from 35% to 15% and individual taxes from 39% to 25%.

      But of course like just about everything else coming out of his mouth, it could have been a lie. “I will release my tax returns after the audit” but nothing yet and no proof that he was even audited . . .

      But considering this “tax plan” would benefit him (if he actually paid any taxes) and his buddies, it is a good bet that he wasn’t lying about wanting to get this done.

      1. Hank'stwocents February 20, 2017

        Well if he cuts corporate taxes, and that stimulates job growth and brings back off shore money that has been left out of the country to keep from being taxed at a high rate, what is the harm in that?
        Sounds like the benefit would be for the whole country, and not just him. Do you think that different tax laws should be applied only to him?
        Do you want to pay higher taxes so that he will have to pay them too?

        Also, I would like to see 0bama’s college transcripts ( I’ve been waiting 8 years), A birth certificate (not a forgery) would be nice too!

        I guess we don’t always get what we want. We just have to deal with it.

        1. leonardo311 February 20, 2017

          That the same horse crap that Reagan sold everyone in the 1980s. Sounds go in theory, but the reality as all the data proves the rich stuff the money in investment accounts.
          This is why the top 0.01% ‘S share of the nations wealth has gone for less than 4% to greater than 11%.
          Under the proposed tax plan their percentage will grow to about 14% in 10 years, at the expense of YOU and everyone YOU know!

          1. Hank'stwocents February 20, 2017

            I am not an economist or financial advisor, but, at least Mr. Trump isn’t using tax money to pay off union supporters, or cronies that contributed to his campaign or phony energy companies. He doesn’t want to support millions of illegal immigrants with housing, food, and medical care at the expense of taxpayers.. He has not ordered the fed. to crank up the presses to print another 2 trillion dollars like magic. He hasn’t paid our enemies with pallet loads of cash, so they could support terror around the world. His state dept. hasn’t “misplaced” 6 billion dollars. That is CRAP we have been putting up with for the last 8 years, and I can not see how it has helped me or you! So, enlighten me how Trump isn’t an improvement over 0bummer..

          2. Sand_Cat February 20, 2017

            Yes, it’s obvious you aren’t an economist or financial advisor, or much at using whatever brainpower you might have, either. Your charges are lies and fantasies. The people you support killed the revenue base and started one war that was completely unjustified and bungled another so badly we’ll likely never get out, but the man who inherited the mess is the one responsible. What an ignorant, self-serving jackass you are!

          3. 788eddie February 21, 2017

            Your fact-free tirade has absolutely no bearing to reality.

            Try this one for using taxpayers’ money for his own purposes: it is estimated that Trump’s travel to Mar-A-Lago has in one month cost all of us approx 10 million dollars (as contrasted with President Obama’s 90 million for eight years.

            I’m glad that, so far, my stock prices are still going up.

            I wonder how long before the average Trump supporter realizes that they have been taken for a ride.

          4. dpaano February 23, 2017

            Personally, I think Hank’s mind has been filled with so much
            BS that I don’t think he’ll EVER see the light! Everything that he’s brought up has been proven to be a bunch of BS, but since he has no idea that he’s been brainwashed…..he’ll just live in his fantasy world and believe in the alternate reality that he’s being fed by the Trump administration!

          5. dpaano February 23, 2017

            He doesn’t have to use tax money to pay off his supporters….he just nominates them to posts in the government that they have no qualifications to fill! Secondly, he’s planning on spending YOUR hard-earned taxpayer money to build a wall that no one wants and will do NOTHING to help illegal immigrants from coming to the U.S. Additionally, to date, he’s spent over $11M of your hard-earned taxpayer money just flying Air Force One back and forth to Mar-a-Lago, which is more than President Obama spent in his first 4 years as president! BTW, NO one cranked up any presses to print money….that’s just a bunch of false BS that the GOP tossed out there as fodder to their uneducated and uninformed followers. And, as for the $6M that you say was “misplaced,” Again, that’s just another bit of false BS put out by the GOP. The money was NEVER misplaced. It’s pretty apparent that you have absolutely NO idea about how this government is run or how President Obama helped this country, especially when the country was in a deep depression when GWB left it! But, you just go ahead and believe all the BS that you’ve been fed, but those of us who have brains know different!

        2. 788eddie February 20, 2017

          Cutting the corporate tax rate will help the price of my stock shares and my dividends, but does nothing for the condition of the average Joe, who does not own stock.

          BTW, they call that kind of economics “trickle-down,” because, in theory, money invested at the top will eventually help those at the bottom. In reality, it’s a sham, and should be called what it really is; “trickle-up” economics, because that’s the way the money really goes (to the already wealthy).

          1. Hank'stwocents February 20, 2017

            Please refer to my comment to leonardo111 below.

          2. dpaano February 23, 2017

            Yeah, you might want to see how that worked in Kansas with Brownbeck and his “trickle down” experiment. They are pretty close to being bankrupt! So much for cutting taxes on the rich!

        3. Sand_Cat February 20, 2017

          Yeah, you might get somewhere if you weren’t delusional. What business are Obama’s transcripts of yours? And you saw his birth certificate if you wanted to. Obviously you haven’t the sense to recognize lies when you see them, too pursuing bigoted fantasies off in la-la land to wonder why Trump won’t show his tax returns, etc.

          1. Hank'stwocents February 20, 2017

            LOL….What business of yours is Trump’s tax return, hypocrite?

            I saw a forgery of his birth certificate ( investigated and proven fake by Sheriff Joe) . You, sir are the lie believer. He won’t show his college transcripts probably because he was enrolled as a foreigner.

            You lefties try to make others obey rules that you refuse to obey yourselves. None of you seem to be able to think for yourselves, but can only parrot talking points supplied by your leaders. And you call me delusional? LOL

          2. Jan123456 February 21, 2017

            investigated and proven fake by Sheriff Joe

            Nope. Neither Arpaio nor any of his lackeys have ever as much as been as been in the same room as the document the State of Hawaii confirmed it gave to Obama’s attorney. No forensic examiner worth his/her salt would make a determination of authenticity by only looking at a scanned, optimized pdf off the internet.

            (btw, transcripts show grades, not nationality. You would know that if you ever went to college.)

          3. Sand_Cat February 22, 2017

            Yeah, I’m sure it was a forgery, along with the birth announcement in the local papers, etc. What an incredibly moronic and credulous jackass you are!

          4. dpaano February 23, 2017

            And what business is it of yours to see President Obama’s college transcripts? You are the hypocrite, sir!
            As for believing “Sheriff Joe,” I’d rather believe a rabid dog that to believe him. Seriously?
            And, your last paragraph is the stupidest of all! You righties do nothing but parrot everything that FAUX News tells you or what the Trumpster tells you, even tho’ it’s all been proven to be false!

        4. BDD1951 February 21, 2017

          Why do you want to see his transcripts? Do you think that colleges are so stupid that they don’t check out a student before they are admitted to their school? When billionaires get these big tax breaks they buy another vacation home or hot shot sports car.

        5. Jan123456 February 21, 2017

          Also, I would like to see 0bama’s college transcripts

          Why? What would knowing his English 101 grade do for you? Harvard Law lists him as graduating MCL That means really really good grades.

        6. dpaano February 23, 2017

          Hank: That didn’t work in Kansas and it won’t work in the country. Cutting taxes on the rich did NOT stimulate them to grow jobs and it didn’t bring back offshore money….it just made them greedier. The more money they made, the more they kept!
          As for President Obama’s college transcripts….not sure why you need to see them, he did well in college or he wouldn’t have gotten where he is today. As for his birth certificate, he DID show you his real certificate, but you righties just don’t want to believe it to be true! You continue to believe the GOP mantra, and that’s pretty darn sad! I guess if they tell you a lie over and over again, you’ll just believe them! That’s pretty sad!

    3. Independent1 February 24, 2017

      How much is the RNC paying you to make your numerous asinine comments??

      Not one of your comments makes a shred of common sense. They are all nothing but cry baby whinnings which are typical of you mentally retarded right-wingers!!

    4. Independent1 February 24, 2017

      The tax breaks Reagan gave the wealthy was far more than they deserve; and it set America on the path to today’s enormous income inequality in our country (cutting the max rate more than in 1/2 then raising them 11 times mostly on the.middle class).

      The money funneling into the pockets of the upper 10% started skyrocketing during Ronnie’s first couple years in office. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/5647c6f4837feb53c019e0a4ab3e81a3ac6eb743fbac966556b1ff561fefa746.png

  14. ivory69690@yahoo.com February 20, 2017

    its said that Sweden is laughing at the DUMPSTER heck the whole world is laughing at him . his brain dead followers thy are even laughing at him all along from his start thy laugh at THEW FREE DONNY DUMP CLOWN SHOW and thy don’t want the clown car driver KING CLOWN to go away because then there’s no more free clown show any more

  15. Eleanore Whitaker February 20, 2017

    Here is the direct quote from the Liar in Chief. How much more of this humiliation do you think the GOP will take?

    “You look at what’s happening,” he told his supporters. “We’ve got to keep our country safe. You look at what’s happening in Germany, you look at what’s happening last night in Sweden. Sweden, who would believe this?”

  16. pisces63 February 20, 2017

    Maybe as a 67 year old black woman, I see things differently. democrats did their job as they have been since Johnson signed the voting rights act and civil rights act. We could go to school. A lot of us did. We can aspire to higher opportunities. A lot of us did. We bought homes out of the hood. we took vacations. Put our children through school. All because of a progressive ‘push’!! For which he right said we were handed everything, Democrats gave us these things. My sharecroppers kid’s parents didn’t work for everything they have including putting 5 girls through college. When my husband’s job moved in 1982 after the gas prices skyrocketed(foundry) we did cry, especially my proud Mississippi born husband, just before thanksgiving. He received unemployment while we heard oil areas and coal areas laugh and tell us to get jobs at Mickey D’s and other places on shows like Phil Donohue. It took ten years but we got back to ‘that’ place. Bought a home and put three kids through school. Yet, now we hear the white folds from those oil rich and coal rich areas whining no one gave THEM anything. THEY need help. The dems forgot them. UH, no!! YOu had the same opportunities as we black folk and white folk who watched thousands of jobs lost here in the ‘rust belt’. We learned new trades. So many started their businesses later. No whining, they did not help us. No crying, they forgot about us. Oh, no. Democrats, you failed no one. YOu forgot no one. Those jobs forgot them and did not help them plan anew as was done here in Cleveland and other rust belt cities. It starts from the top down. whining Donald, NATO did not pay their fair share!! they need to pay us for our help. If it is owed, sure but whine? Really. From top to bottom Whine! Whine! whine! I just do not have enough cheese. Like MJ wrote, you better start looking at that man in the mirror. My family and I do every day and smile. No one with out a job since Bush and she was still in college.

  17. Ethan Keller February 20, 2017


    (^ PBS Independent Lens)

  18. Bosda, The Raccoon Philosopher February 21, 2017

    Step #1–dump the Clintons.
    Innocent though they may be, they are damaged goods, and the Party cannot afford them. Nor the Nation.
    Run a woman, if you like–but not Hillary.

    . https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/9e4f16b7e00ebdaa3dbef4bff7d69bf0708388c2e7bc1ffd401c1f525ef3658c.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/3ea77219ee83260454cd1d3c9969853bbd82822af237d9bfcf3e26105a089dbb.jpg

    1. Independent1 February 24, 2017

      Hillary won the election but it was stolen away. It wouldn’t have mattered who ran for the the Dems, the GOP had the 2016 election rigged.

      1. Bosda, The Raccoon Philosopher February 25, 2017

        She didn’t even show up in Wisconsin, a state in flux.

        1. Independent1 February 25, 2017

          That’s because polls showed she would be Trump easily – which she would have had Scott Walker and his henchmen not stolen the election by rigging the voting computers. Her going to WI would have made no difference. Just like he’s stolen every election he’s supposedly won in the state.

          Can We Count on the Election Results? Exit Poll Discrepancies and Voter Suppression Are Serious Issues

          “According to the exit polls conducted by Edison Research, Clinton won four key battleground states (NC, PA, WI, and FL) in the 2016 presidential election that she went on to lose in the computerized vote counts. With these states Clinton wins the Electoral College with a count of 302 versus 205 for Trump. Clinton also won the national exit poll by 3.2% and holds a narrow lead in the national vote count still in progress.

          “Exit polls were conducted in 28 states. In 23 states the discrepancies between the exit polls and the vote count favored Trump. In 13 of these states the discrepancies favoring Trump exceeded the margin of error of the state.”


          Hacking voting machines: Easier than ever imagined

          In one example, it wouldn’t take much more than ten dollars’ worth of parts from any RadioShack store to steal and manipulate votes. It’s called a man-in-the-middle attack and the computer program that logs theresults on electronic voting machines isn’t even compromised.

          “It’s a classic attack on security devices,” Roger Johnston tells Popular Science. “You implant a microprocessor or some other electronic device into the voting machine, and that lets you control the voting and turn cheating on and off. We’re basically interfering with transmitting the voter’s intent.”


  19. yoatmon February 21, 2017

    How naive and gullible must those foolish voters have been who gave their voice to this slob. I’m glad I didn’t.

    It’s a pity that Bernie Sanders was unsuccessful.


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