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Report: Special Counsel Is Investigating Trump For Obstruction Of Justice

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Report: Special Counsel Is Investigating Trump For Obstruction Of Justice

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WASHINGTON (Reuters) – President Donald Trump is being investigated by special counsel Robert Mueller for possible obstruction of justice, the Washington Post reported on Wednesday, citing unidentified officials.

Mueller is investigating alleged Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. presidential election and possible collusion with the Trump campaign. Former FBI Director James Comey told Congress last week he believes he was fired by Trump to undermine the agency’s Russia probe.

The Washington Post, citing five people briefed on the requests who spoke on condition of anonymity, said Dan Coats, the director of national intelligence, Mike Rogers, the head of the National Security Agency, and Richard Ledgett, the former deputy director at the NSA, had agreed to be interviewed by Mueller’s investigators as early as this week.

The obstruction of justice investigation into Trump began days after Comey was fired on May 9, according to people familiar with the matter, the Washington Post said.

ustice Department special counsel Robert Mueller is investigating President Donald Trump for obstruction of justice, The Washington Post reported Wednesday evening.

Trump’s legal team quickly denounced the report on Wednesday.

“The FBI leak of information regarding the President is outrageous, inexcusable, and illegal,” a spokesman for Trump’s legal team, Mark Corallo, said.

A spokesman for Mueller’s team declined to comment.

Several legal experts told Reuters that Comey’s testimony last week that Trump expected loyalty and told Comey he hoped he could drop an investigation of a former top aide could bolster obstruction of justice allegations against Trump.

Comey would not say in his testimony last week whether he thought the president sought to obstruct justice, but added it would be up to special counsel Mueller “to sort that out.”

After Comey’s testimony, Trump said he had been vindicated because his former FBI director confirmed telling Trump on three occasions that he was not under investigation.

While a sitting president is unlikely to face criminal prosecution, obstruction of justice could form the basis for impeachment. Any such step would face a steep hurdle as it would require approval by the House of Representatives, which is controlled by Trump’s fellow Republicans.

(Additional reporting by Steve Holland Nathan Layne; Reporting by Eric Beech; Editing by Howard Goller)

IMAGE: FILE PHOTO: President Donald Trump arrives at Newark International airport to spend a weekend at Trump National Golf Club in Bedminister, New Jersey, June 9, 2017. REUTERS/Yuri Gripas



  1. I of John June 15, 2017

    Ground work is being laid. Full steam ahead.

  2. RichFromShowMe June 15, 2017

    How can Mueller fairly investigate anything with Comey as his principal witness?

    They’ve been life long friends since Comey came to Washington, deCeit and he’s walked in Mueller’s footsteps ever step of the way.

    Evidently, only in delusional Washington, deCeit can this occur. 🙂


    1. yabbed June 15, 2017

      For one thing, Comey won’t in the end be Mueller’s main witness. Most likely it will be one on Trump’s co-conspirators that does the most damage to Trump. But, that said, not even Melania would believe Trump’s word under oath over James Comey’s word. Trump is a proven liar many times over throughout the decades.

      1. RichFromShowMe June 15, 2017

        You may be correct, but Comey’s “memo’s” will be a very good bread-crumb-trail to most of the scandals over the past decade, or so.

        I’m concerned that Mueller may simply ignore the trail; i.e, invite the birds to clean it up (Hansel & Gretel style) 🙂

        1. yabbed June 15, 2017

          From all appearances Mueller is conducting a far reaching, comprehensive investigation. And his reputation is such that a through and legally sound outcome will happen under his direction. He certainly is constructing an excellent team for the job.

        2. Independent1 June 15, 2017

          Mueller is going far beyond Comey; he’s interviewing other senior intelligence officials to either prove or contradict Comey’s testimony.

          See this by conservative journalist Jennifer Rubin

          The criminal investigation of Trump puts his presidency in peril

          The Post reports:

          The special counsel overseeing the investigation into Russia’s role in the 2016 election is interviewing senior intelligence officials as part of a widening probe that now includes an examination of whether President Trump attempted to obstruct justice, officials said.

          The move by special counsel Robert S. Mueller III to investigate Trump’s conduct marks a major turning point in the nearly year-old FBI investigation, which until recently focused on Russian meddling during the presidential campaign and on whether there was any coordination between the Trump campaign and the Kremlin. Investigators have also been looking for any evidence of possible financial crimes among Trump associates, officials said.

          The president and his surrogates are already on the warpath, falsely suggesting that Comey engaged in improper or illegal conduct in leaking his memos and, putting out the line via Kellyanne Conway, that members of Mueller’s legal team had given to Democratic politicians (and therefore were biased). None of that will prove successful, in large part because there reportedly are a parade of other witnesses. (“Daniel Coats, the current director of national intelligence, Mike Rogers, head of the National Security Agency, and Rogers’s recently departed deputy, Richard Ledgett, agreed to be interviewed by Mueller’s investigators as early as this week.”) These witnesses are likely to provide an account not unlike Comey’s in which the president wanted them to interfere with Comey’s Russia investigation.

          The addition to Mueller’s team of a prosecutor including Andrew Weissmann, Supreme Court advocate and criminal law expert Michael Dreeben, and others experienced in complex fraud and international bribery cases suggests that the probe may be looking at more than “collusion” between Russian officials and Trump team members. For example, “it appears he has recruited an experienced Justice Department trial attorney, Lisa Page, a little-known figure outside the halls of Main Justice but one whose résumé boasts intriguing hints about where Mueller’s Russia investigation might lead. Page has deep experience with money laundering and organized crime cases, including investigations where she’s partnered with an FBI task force in Budapest, Hungary, that focuses on eastern European organized crime. That Budapest task force helped put together the still-unfolding money laundering case against Ukrainian oligarch Dmitry Firtash, a one-time business partner of [Paul] Manafort.”) News reports speculate that Mueller could be investigating potential money-laundering by Trump team members.

          It bears repeating that only Mueller and his team know the exact contours of an investigation. A counterintelligence inquiry into Russian interference now extends — as these things inevitably do — to possible financial dealings of Trump and his associates and possible “procedural” crimes (e.g. obstruction, perjury, lying to the FBI). The president might want to consider finding an actual expert in criminal law to represent him; this investigation is extensive, serious and possibly career-ending for a growing list of figures, which now certainly includes the president.

          For more:


  3. greenlantern1 June 15, 2017

    Our ONLY, jailed, attorney-general was Nixon’s first, John Mitchell!
    Our ONLY, fired, special prosecutor was Nixon’s first, Archibald Cox!
    Who fired him?
    Attorney-General Robert Bork!
    Didn’t Attorney-General Sessions try to seat him on the SUPREME COURT?

  4. FireBaron June 15, 2017

    Who is the one witness Mueller should call? Teflon Donnie’s lawyer.

    1st question – “As an attorney, you are considered an officer of the court. As an officer of the court, you have an obligation to report any criminal actions revealed to you, either intentionally or accidentally. Did the President say anything either directly to you, or that you specifically heard or read from him that indicates his involvement in or knowledge of any activity that could constitute a criminal action?”

    He will either answer “No”, ask for an explanation or “Yes”.

    If he answers “No”, and is found to have lied, he will have committed perjury while under oath. That constitutes a Felony and result in his disbarment, as well as sentencing.

    If he asks for an explanation of the question, it means he probably does know something and wants to make sure he does not get prosecuted for withholding evidence. This includes disbarring and sentencing.

    If he answers yes, he will face prosecution for withholding evidence! See above.

    That’s why lawyers for the defense make crappy witnesses for their bosses and great witnesses for the prosecution.

    Remember, Al Capone’s lawyers never asked their boss about anything he did that could be considered illegal. Then never even asked him about running clubs where booze was served during prohibition. That way they had no prior knowledge and Capone was smart enough to not say anything about his activities when they were present. Teflon Donnie, on the other hand, loves bragging about himself and what he did whether it was legal or not (kind of like a latter-day J. P. Morgan), and is sure to step into whatever trap gets laid out for him.

    1. yabbed June 15, 2017

      Isn’t there attorney – client privilege?

    2. dpaano June 15, 2017

      What about “attorney-client” privilege? I don’t think they can ask his attorneys these types of questions and expect answers.

  5. Eleanore Whitaker June 15, 2017

    The one thing that Trump commanded to his “troops” is that they use “his” lawyers. You can guess why. Trump, like many crook CEOs, figures it will keep it all in a “nice tight package.” And that way through his lawyer, he can control any of them from protecting themselves at his expense. It IS always about him.

    As for the Special Counsel, when Comey testified before the Senate committee on RussiaGate, he made a point of saying, “at that time” Trump was not under investigation. That point in time was from January when Trump took office until March when Comey was fired.

    When Trump fired Comey, he did it to show ass as always. That is who Trump has always been. A show off who loves the spotlight ONLY when it loves HIM. The reality is that the minute Trump fired Comey, a 27 year veteran of the FBI and its director with another 10 years to his contract, Trump slit his own throat.

    In corporate business, there is NO conflict of interest or obstruction of justice. Even when there is, like with Trump, CEOs just pay their way out of going to jail.

    1. dpaano June 15, 2017

      Agreed….Comey said “at that time,” and he meant that Trump was not being “personally” investigated. Things change, however, and Trump can’t seem to understand this!

      1. Eleanore Whitaker June 16, 2017

        Don’t know if you caught the late night interview on Brian Williams on MSNBC with Eric Schneiderman. He is the NY AG who filed a charge against Trump back in 2016 for RICO racketeering. This investigation of Trump flies in the face of what Republicans and Trump believed would make him above US laws. No. He isn’t. The U.S. Constitution was written specifically to allow US courts to rule on lawbreakers including the president in order to prevent the presidency from becoming a “monarchy.”

        But I digress. Eric Schneiderman has more recently opened a case against Jared Kushner. As we all know Kushner’s father went to prison for fraud in real estate deals. Now, Jared is being looked at by NY’s AG for money laundering. It appears Jared met with Russian bankers the US government had sanctioned during the Trump campaign. Now, Mueller wants to know why. Schneiderman is also planning to link Trump’s racketeering with Jared’s money laundering. How the government missed that link is amazing.

        Everyone knows a casino is the best place to launder money because it flows in and out all day long and has to be deposited. Trump’s bank du jour is a foreign exchange bank, Deutschebank who got a $320 million fine for laundering Russian money.

        When Schneiderman went after Trump, Trump got his lawyers to try and sue the NY AG for $100 million but the court refused to even hear that case. So you see…when it comes to Trump’s ideas he can bluster and get revenge using the courts, he is off base as it gets.

  6. yabbed June 15, 2017

    Trump is without question being investigated for far more than just obstruction of justice. Mueller will do a through and comprehensive investigation and in the end we will know exactly what Donald Trump and his co-conspirators have done to our great nation.

    1. dpaano June 15, 2017

      Agreed, but what is done to Trump if it’s proven to be true is probably nothing, especially with the Republican-led House, Senate, and Congress! The most we can hope for is that some of the more moderate Republicans will get some cohones and stand up to him!

      1. yabbed June 15, 2017

        Could be that the Republicans are beginning to see Trump as more of a hindrance than help. 🙂 He’s not getting any of their desired antisocial legislation through Congress and he’s making fools of them.

        1. Independent1 June 15, 2017

          I’m starting to wonder if there are any Republicans left who have enough brains to realize that Trump is like an albatross around their necks. The way his cabinet people kowtowed to him has to make you wonder just what true brains these guys are using to function on. Almost all of them are acting like little puppy dogs doing everything they can to please their master – how disgusting!!

          1. yabbed June 15, 2017

            Well, the cabinet isn’t facing election – and being swamp dwellers they have person reasons for wanting Trump to be in office – so maybe the Republicans in Congress can be forced to face the reality that Trump is a kiss of death for them. His disapproval ratings must be seriously troubling to anyone facing reelection in 2018. We notice that the legislation denying relieve of the sanctions on Russia passed 98 -2 and that is very encouraging.

    2. Independent1 June 15, 2017

      You might appreciate this article from Jennifer Rubin. It’s her opinion that Trump could be being investigated for money laundering and a bunch of other crimes not just obstruction of justice.

      The criminal investigation of Trump puts his presidency in peril


      1. yabbed June 15, 2017

        I suspect the Republican House members are for the most part running scared of the 2018 elections.

  7. ivory69690@yahoo.com June 15, 2017

    Special counsel Robert Mueller is investigating whether President Donald Trump might have tried to obstruct justice as part of his probe into Russia’s meddling in the 2016 election, according to a Washington Post report citing officials.The report comes after Mueller met with the leaders of the Senate Intelligence Committee on Wednesday in an effort to ensure their investigations don’t conflict. this guy is very much needed to get the DUMPSTER dumped . he should now be hiring the ones DONNY DUMP fired . the CLOWN fired these people for a reason . because thy was either getting or trying to get closer to his famous fraud , con &scamming ways . and the other reason for getting the ones that dealt with the DONNY DUMP CLOWN SHOW . there has to be an investigation that dose not have to worry about getting fired . the whole investigation has to have protection and be able to do their job for the LAW & the PEOPLE of the country . and the investigation should go where every the evidence leads them no holds bar on anyone or anything that should and has to be investigated . im sure as it seems by the news the investigation only has to go as far as THE DONNY DUMP CLOWN SHOW’s cult KLAN for the answers . to help bring JUSTICE to the country and for the people of the USA .

  8. ivory69690@yahoo.com June 15, 2017

    as for the DUMPSTER and his sneaky evil doings . there was only one reason why the DUMPSTER made every one leave the room all but for COMEY and that was so there would be no witnesses to what the DUMPSTER said and wanted to do . as for the ones that are testifying in front of the counsel & are defending the DUMPSTER . its sad and truly stupid of these clown that are not and don’t want to say anything against or about the DUMPSTER (the counsel only wants the truth ) thy are protecting a clown that more then likely will throw them under the bus in a heart beat to try to save his evil Satan hide .thy all are fools to stand up and defend that DUMPSTER bag of garbage . why cant thy see that DONNY DUMP is the evil one that would be kicking them while thy are down .and could care less then less about them or anyone else but his self

  9. rhetoric_phobic June 15, 2017

    Brilliant move by Mueller.
    There were rumblings of trump contemplating firing him.
    That would’t have helped the party but trump thinks he can do anything with no consequences and he had that “3x you’re not under investigation charm” he wears under that long red tie.
    It changes everything when the next guy lets it be known, NOW you’re under investigation.
    I hope someone tells trump not to try to bully his way out of this one because there are lines of people who will do what they can to take you down from that position you have no business being in.
    It’s not about what the right likes to say in their daily mouth dumps. No we aren’t angry about not winning, we are angry because out of all the candidates you had to choose from. A s^#t load would be an appropriate term here (pun intended :-), you pick the one who should have been flushed first.

  10. Aaron_of_Portsmouth June 15, 2017

    Now, maybe we’ll get some action. Since Congress is too sniveling and servile in its relationship to Trump, fawning over him constantly with a nauseating puppy-love adoration, no headway to getting at the truth is possible. And given the GOP’s blind and irrational loyalty to an idiotic worthless conservative doctrine, getting Trump grilled for his malfeasance is an impossibility as long as Mitch, Paul, McCain, and others remain hypnotized under Trump’s spell.

    The best way to begin a cleansing of all on Capitol Hill, and in the Judicial branch, is to start by removing the cancer—Donald Trump. As long as remnants of a cancer remain in the lymph system, the cancer will recur, and as long as Trump remains Emperor of Wash. DC,and Congress is infiltrated by small-minded little men and women, then the entire system of governance throughout the country will be in jeopardy.

    The shootings in America, and the recent shooting at the GOP’s baseball team practice, are sad reminders of this cancerous affliction.

  11. dpaano June 15, 2017

    It’s about damned time that someone does something. BTW, how long does it take before Trump’s so-called “lawyers” realize that Comey’s personal memos (unclassified) were NOT leaked! He had EVERY right to pass his personal, unclassified, memos to whomever he wished, especially since he did it AFTER he was a private citizen and NOT employed by the government! Apparently, these lawyers are as uninformed about our government as their client! Either that, or they got their law degrees out of a cereal box!
    As for the “loyalty” statement….based on Trump’s recent Cabinet meeting and the asslicking that went on during the meeting, I don’t think ANYONE could not see that he asks his staff for complete loyalty! What really fries me is that these SAME cabinet members had to take an oath when they took their jobs and that oath stated they would be loyal to the United States…..NOT the president! So, unless he pays their salary, he shouldn’t be asking for loyalty from these people! They should know better also! Had it been me, I would have told him straight up that I had already pledged loyalty to the United States!

  12. FT66 June 16, 2017

    It will get ugly. This is only the beginning.


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