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Republican Governors Kasich, Hogan Say They Will Not Vote For Trump: ‘I Just Can’t Do It’

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Republican Governors Kasich, Hogan Say They Will Not Vote For Trump: ‘I Just Can’t Do It’

John Kasich MSNBC

Two more names join the list of prominent Republican governors who are not supporting their presumptive nominee, Donald Trump. Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan and Ohio Gov. John Kasich announced on Tuesday and Wednesday, respectively, that they’ve hopped on the #NeverTrump train.

When asked by reporters if he would be voting for Trump, Hogan replied “No, I don’t plan to.”

Kasich, who made a pledge to support the 2016 Republican candidate, said his decision to violate the pledge was “painful.”

“I’m sorry this has happened. We’ll see where it ends up. I’m not making a final decision yet but at this point I just can’t do it,” the Ohio governor said, before adding that he was open to change his decision if Trump toned down his anti-minority attacks.

Hogan and Kasich join Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker and Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder, who have also stated they will not be supporting the presumptive Republican nominee.


Video: WJZ-13 Baltimore, MSNBC



  1. RED June 16, 2016

    Ah, the ignorant scumbag Cons!! “i can’t vote for Trump now but if he would quit so open and honest about our bigotry and racism, well then sure I’m all for sending an ignorant lying narcissistic fool to the Presidency. I mean, we are ignorant Cons after all, so we showed a long time ago that neither honesty, loyalty, or concern for the country ever enters in to our plans.

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