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Rockettes Balk At Dancing For Our POTUS-To-Be

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Rockettes Balk At Dancing For Our POTUS-To-Be

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Guessing how many Radio City Rockettes will show for the Trump inauguration will be something of a parlor game in the coming weeks.

A sad new day is dawning when such a classic slice of Americana is dragged into the political fray. Members of the famous high-stepping troupe are no longer under orders to perform for the president-elect. The choice to dance or not will be voluntary.

Or so goes the about-face from the Rockettes’ union, the American Guild of Variety Artists.

Just before Christmas, members of the Rockettes joined the growing list of professional entertainers who have declined a role in the inaugural festivities for President-elect Donald Trump. Reportedly, a majority of the nearly 100-woman ensemble were repulsed upon learning that management had booked them for the Jan. 20 event.

One Rockette spoke at length with MarieClaire.com, detailing the concerns as a moral question on which the dancers wanted to express solidarity with their many support staff who were demoralized by the Trump campaign rhetoric and misogyny.

“This is not a Republican or Democrat issue — this is a women’s rights issue,” the woman, who was quoted anonymously, said. “This is an issue of racism and sexism, something that’s much bigger than politics.”

For those valid concerns, the ladies are being painted as petulant, hyper-liberal whiners who can’t get over the election results.

Nope. This is a workplace issue. The 13 full-time dancers in the Rockettes, in particular, know their jobs may be on the line if they refuse to perform.

For the rest of us, this saga is a taste of the next four years. When and how will it be appropriate or pragmatic to react to the latest Trump offense or to recall the heinous rhetoric of his campaign?

A tenor of the Trump administration is already on full display. His crazy becomes the norm that everyone else accepts. There appears to be little other choice. If you work in government, or in a business that deals with government, you will ultimately have to answer to Trump. And the only realistic checks on his power, Congress and the courts, are dominated by Republicans who have zero or unknown inclination (respectively) to exercise it.

Thus, many Americans are behaving like families do around a member who is a volatile alcoholic or addict. They walk on eggshells, lest they ignite unwanted fury. Better just learn to live amid the dysfunction, they decide.

The problem is it tends to make people complicit, co-dependent.

We see a parade of business, military and political leaders march into Trump Tower and Mar-a-Lago to genuflect before the gilded one. Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Amazon, and Apple have been represented, along with past political rivals. Other industry giants, like Bill Gates, have apparently spoken with Trump by phone.

You can’t fault them for trying to take a measure of the man, or for trying to fill the empty vessel that he is with some of the understanding he will need to lead the nation. At times he seems to be listening, giving hints that he’s open to persuasion on issues of high importance such as climate change, the environment and torture as a tool of war.

But what one suspects their audiences with Trump are all about is flattering him, getting a good word in, kissing his ring, because the man will do as he pleases.

The Rockettes drama may seem trivial compared with the other items of the news cycle. Yet this may turn out to be an object lesson about preserving our core democratic values in the face of power. The office of the presidency is due respect, but we must also demand respect for everyone the incoming president maligned to get elected: women, minorities, the disabled, immigrants. Maybe it takes a chorus line to remind us.

Trump’s disgusting behavior and attitudes toward women are beyond disputable — his own words indict him. Need a reminder? Here are three: his demeaning talk of grabbing women’s private parts, his gross verbal assaults on female newscasters and entertainers who challenged him and his bragging about walking in on undressed teenaged beauty contestants.

His behavior is the very pattern and practice of sexism. No sane human resources director would countenance compelling a female employee to work for such a man. And yet the Rockettes are expected to dance.

“I wouldn’t feel comfortable standing near a man like that in our costumes,” one dancer wrote in an email to her colleagues, according to MarieClaire.com.

Thank you, ladies. Without even stepping on stage, you offered a well-timed reminder of one of the major challenges we face in the coming four years: ensuring dignity for all.

The applause is deservedly yours.

Mary Sanchez: 816-234-4752, msanchez@kcstar.com, @msanchezcolum

IMAGE: Ralph Daily/Flickr

Mary Sanchez

Mary Sanchez has spent years covering immigration, schools, and other volatile beats for The Kansas City Star. She is now an editorial columnist for the Star, where she continues to offer insightful commentary on immigration, culture, and politics.

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  1. Stuart December 30, 2016

    Donald Trump’s America isn’t worth fighting for.

    1. FireBaron December 30, 2016

      The problem, Stuart, is it isn’t “Donald Trump’s America”. He doesn’t own it. It is ours and it is up to us what we allow him to get away with without calling him to task on it. Ever since Richard Nixon, the country’s news media has not been afraid to confront the President with the truth – even Ronald Reagan, who would try to diffuse the situation, and Dubya, who would plead ignorance.
      However, now we have in the President Elect, a man effectively created by the media. He gives them the ratings they need to survive. Will they have the courage to stand up against him?

      1. latebloomingrandma December 30, 2016

        And THAT- is the $64,000 question. So far, 2016 has not seen any “Profiles in Courage.” Money talks everywhere you look.

        1. leonardo311 December 31, 2016

          Certainly, not enough in the Electoral College, to serve the purpose the founders had intended when the created the EC (Federalist no. 68)

          For we all know a Republican wouldn’t wipe his butt if he thought there would be a political advantage to walking around dirty.

      2. InformedVoter December 31, 2016

        What a bunch of drivel. The MSM has fawned over Obama for 8 years and never held him accountable for his unconstitutional actions.

        1. charleo1 December 31, 2016

          The lawyer speaks right? Here’s your drivel. Healthcare reform-Constitutional. Wall Street reform-Constitutional. Saving the U.S. economy-Constitutional. Refusing to deport millions of kids here thru no fault of they own-Constututional. And moral, and decent, and respectful of other human beings, and clearly the right thing to do. But you, lizard, don’t like it. Not because of the Constitution, but because you threw away your moral compass long ago. Also Constitutional, if sickening.

          1. Mama Bear December 31, 2016

            you are wasting your time on that one, Charleo….he’s a troll.

          2. charleo1 December 31, 2016

            True. But It’s a common meme, experience suggests we’re going to need to respond to more often. Lest lies become truth by default. But I agree exactly with your sentiments.

          3. Paul Anthony December 31, 2016

            Apparently you have never actually read the Constitution. But that’s OK. You’ll get applause from all the other fools here who haven’t read it either.

            BTW, the Electoral College IS in the Constitution. Guess you don’t like that part of it, huh?

          4. charleo1 December 31, 2016

            I have noticed the “Constitutional scholar,” you morons elected, yes.
            If that’s what you mean.

          5. InformedVoter January 2, 2017

            Saving the US economy? It’s the worst, longest, slowest, weakest recovery (if you can it that) in history. Record number on food stamps, record number on welfare, wages sluggish, annual growth <2%. Some save.
            Yes, refusing to deport those who illegally entered it unconstitutional! Shoving the highly unpopular ACA through, while constitutional, was the wrong thing to do. Just ask the millions who are now paying 200% premium increases. Obama defended the constitutionality of the ACA saying it was a fine, not a tax. The SCOTUS DISAGREED with him and said it was a tax and thus constitutional. Had they agreed with him, the ACA would have been declared unconstitutional. No matter, come Jan. 21, kiss it goodbye.

            I just love that you lefties take the high ground on values. You are bullies and close-minded. If someone disagrees with your warped concepts, then we're automatically the ones who are wrong. Sorry, it doesn't work that way.

            We can claim the high ground too and say our views are the righteous values and you are morally corrupt for opposing our true visions.

          6. charleo1 January 2, 2017

            I suggest you just wait to see what you’re actually whooping about. That’s before you break your arm patting yourself on the back for the win, until we see who won. Yes of course, I know you think it’s you. But I have eyes, and can see. And the reality looks like a lot of Palm Beach billionaires dressed up in their high dollar party dresses, with their $10,000 Gucci matching handbags, cheering about the prospect that millions hard working Americans are about to lose their health insurance. My point is, that doesn’t look like winning to me where I live, here in the trenches of the middle working class.
            I guess where you live up in Hamptons, things are looking up! Or you’re an absolute idiot. Which is is?

          7. InformedVoter January 3, 2017

            Somehow you seem to have gotten your fashion stories switched. It was HilLIARy who wears $12000 pant suits and Mrs. Obama who spends $24 million on a birthday party or $100 million on a family vacation.

            Melania wears off the rack dresses. Michelle is the one who has custom made outfits, costing thousands of taxpayer dollars.
            You may wish to zip your mouth and check out facts (that would be a novel thing for a lefty to do) before demonstrating your low information.

          8. charleo1 January 3, 2017

            Well sure Goober! The Trumps are just common folk who are only out to help the working man. Anyone can see that by the cabinet heads he’s picking, he’s really going to drain that Washington swamp. That’s why giving all the crocs, and snakes a special rock to crawl under. As to the 100 million here, the 24 million there. I have, along with the entire Country, seen the Obama family’s tax returns. Idiot.

          9. InformedVoter January 3, 2017

            Sorry Charlie, but the Obama tax returns would NOT show how much the taxpayers are paying for his personal vacations, daughter’s birthday parties in the Bahamas for 30 of her “closest” friends, etc.

            You, once more prove your low information status.

            And YUP, he is draining the swamp. If he had put typical Washington folks into office, then he would be continuing the swamp. BUT by selecting outsiders – get it? outsiders, he IS draining the swamp.

            And you just don’t get it do you?

          10. charleo1 January 3, 2017

            “Outsiders,” from Goldman Sachs, (Wall Street) And oil company execs, (the fossil fuel industry) that ran Bush/Cheney foreign policy
            in the Mid-East, and had gas at $6.00 a gallon at the pump. In other words, the guys for whom the swamp was created are now running Swamp Inc. at the Trump WH. Come on, you see this,. And all expenses paid for by the taxpayer for security, and everything else are by law, public record. But wait, and talk to me about security costs, when they start attacking anything around the World with Trump’s name emblazoned on the front of it. How many trips to Russia will the taxpayer underwrite, as Trump coordinates the selling out of America with his creditors, and his, “smart,” pal Vladimir? Just stay tuned. We’ll find out who is low information, all in due time.

          11. InformedVoter January 3, 2017

            Yes, outsiders are those who are not life-long politicians who are beholding to those who donate to their campaign.
            Thus, President Trump is draining the swamp and filling his cabinet with outsiders. That’s what the voters wanted.

            And why would they attack holdings of President Trump? You claim he’s beholding to them for their support.

            Oh, you mean all those open-minded, tolerant, lefties who needed crying rooms after the election. The same peaceful types who burned police cars and looted stores and disrupted freeways. Well, if it was up to me, I’d fine the heck out of these folks and then you’d have more than enough money to pay for added security.

          12. charleo1 January 3, 2017

            So, let me get this straight.. They’re not life long politicians, but life long bottom feeder Corporatists, beholden to their companies, and stockholders, and never have been to making life better for you. But they’re okay? These same guys who have for years been buying the politicians you want to throw out? See, this is what I call a total lack of critical thinking. Most likely due to that rat hole crap you keep listening to on the radio. You think? That RW think tank propaganda they feed you idiots on a daily basis, that lead you to believe you know everything. Even come on here and use the moniker, “informed voter.” So sure are you that you have the truth by the tale. I’ll say this, it’s an amazing sight to behold.
            And why might terrorist come to attack any building, hotel, or golf course with Trump’s name on it? Because it’s the prefect target to gain headlines.

          13. InformedVoter January 4, 2017

            Blah, blah, blah. President Trump ran on draining the swamp and the voters wanted that to happen. By inserting non-lifer politicians, President Trump is delivering on his campaign promises.
            His team is comprised of proven winners. President Trump will toss out the cowards the Obama administration installed. By installing proven winners, President Trump is showing that he means what he said when he ran.

            Terrorist won’t attack Trump holdings because it won’t get them the 8 seconds of fame you think. The Muslims (these are the terrorists Obama refuses to blame) will not be dealt with a firm hand. Obama kissed their butts and other countries were afraid to deal with them because of Obama being a Muslim himself. President Trump will give the go ahead to other countries to deal with the muslim terrorists as they see fit. Look for a crackdown, especially in Europe, to occur.

          14. charleo1 January 4, 2017

            I think your claims once again show you’re a lot more bought in on blind faith with Trump, than anything you know to be true about him. Because a lot of what you say has to be pure faith. And your conjectures about Trump’s terrorism policies, and him giving the green light to, quote: “other countries,” to deal with terrorist. Or that in some way, these countries have been pulling their punches, because of some kind of deference to Obama, a Muslim on the down low, is just so much nutty, non-fact, you’re being fed somewhere. And has nothing remotely to do with the issue. Do you remember where you got the information that gave you that impression? Because, it really is ridiculous, and just totally off the wall on so many levels. That’s if, one knows the first thing about international terrorism, its motivations, and also the extent of international cooperation already going on between Nations.
            So, look. Here’s my concern about that. If you believe in Trump, that he’s going to come in and deal with these things in a much more effective way. That he is going to be able to change the dynamics’s, and facts on the ground, etc. that’s fine. But as a free people making decisions about the direction of our country, the policies it pursues in our name, and the leadership we have representing us. We can’t be bumbling around in the dark with such non factual nonsense, and just really wild assertions, clearly written by people who’s job it is to lie, and create a false narrative in order to manipulate. And then buy into that, and expect we’re going come up with good choices.

        2. leonardo311 December 31, 2016

          Unconstitutional? If so why didn’t the Republicans sue? Too busy voting to repeal “Obamacare”? Too busy, purging voter rolls; passing voter ID laws; cutting polling places and early voting days?

          Ever wonder, if the Republicans had the right prescription for what ails this country; why do they have to worry about who votes, and when they may vote?

          1. InformedVoter January 2, 2017

            The voters gave the GOP the majority but the GOP folks were too busy trying to show they were cooperating with Obama and shafted the very ones who put them in the majority.

            With more than 65% of voters being against the ACA, it’ll be a popular action when the GOP rips out the ACA.

            One the items the GOP did sue, the courts upheld the GOP position. Try looking up history instead of trying to make your opinion appear as being factual.

            Even with the much needed cleaning up of voter registration polls, HilLIARy received millions of votes from dead people. The minimal recount in Detroit clearly showed that HilLIARy alone, received more votes than there were registered voters and that was not even counting the votes for the others.

            Even Obama is guilty of telling illegals to go and vote, and they wouldn’t be hunted out.

            You need an ID to drive a car, cash a check, purchase liquor, purchase a weapon, but you don’t need an ID to vote. Every other country in the world requires an ID to vote. So don’t spew out that crap about requiring an ID isn’t long overdue.

        3. Independent1 December 31, 2016

          List one supposedly unconstitutional action Obama committed which wasn’t done by one or more previous presidents.

          1. InformedVoter January 2, 2017

            Still in meltdown self-denial mode? Just about ALL of Obama’s EO were labeled unconstitutional but the spineless GOP, even after being given majorities, decided to plan along with Obama as a show they were willing to cooperate. Yet you low information folks just kept up with the GOP did not cooperate.

            In the end, President Trump ran on “drain the swamp” and the majority of voters, having grown weary of Obama using his pen and phone to make his own laws, flocked to President Trump, giving him his MANDATE.

            Not to worry, come January 21, 2017, all those unconstitutional actions will be nothing but a bad dream.

          2. Independent1 January 2, 2017

            Couldn’t list an EO that was unconstitutional could you?? You’re such a worthless pathological liar it’s astounding – all you can post is total BS!!

            Here’s a partial list of the EOs that Obama signed, find one that violates the Constitution!!!

            -Cut fuel use and carbon pollution for median and heavy duty vehicles.

            -Raised minimum wage to $10.10 for workers on new federal contracts.

            -Reduced carbon pollution from power plants by 30% by 3030

            -Reduced HFCs by 700 million metric tons of carbon globally by 2025.

            -Made historic announcement with China to reduce carbon pollution.

            -Capped student loan monthly payments to 10% of income.

            -Acted to help women fight pay discrimination among federal contractors.

            -Launched ConnectED initiative to connect 99% of students to next-generation broadband.

            -Secured more than $1B to invest in early childhood Education.

            -Launched “My Brother’s Keeper” to expand opportunities for young men and boys of color.

            -Designated the largest Marine Reserve in the world.

            -Protected Alaska’s Bristol Bay from consideration for oil and gas drilling.

            -Launched “Made in Rural America Initiative”.

            -Prohibited federal contractors from discriminating against LGBT employees.

            -Spurred progress to raising minimum wage across the country.

            -Launched 4 new Manufacturing Hubs in 2014.

            -Acted to protect and conserve 260 million acres of ‘treasured lands and waters’.

            -Started FAFSA Completion Initiative to help students applying for college financial aid.

            -Permanently protected the first shoreline addition to the California Coastal National Monument.

            -Released gainful employment regulations to protect students from unaffordable college loans.

            -Launched the Climate Data Initiative.

            -Awarded $100 million in grants to redesign America’s high schools.

            -Called for an end to our veterans’ homelessness by the end of 2014.

            -Announced a 100 million Competition for Apprenticeship Grants.

            -Created Pollinator Health Task Force.

            -Laid out a plan to strengthen America’s Teach Preparation Program.

            -Designated San Gabriel Mountains National Monument to Los Angeles County.

            -Created the first five Promise Zones in San Antonio, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Southeastern Kentucky and the
            Choctaw in Oklahoma.

            -Released a strategy to reduce methane emissions.

            -Held the inaugural College Opportunity Summit.

            -Announced $500 million in community college grants for job-driven curriculums.

            -Held the first White House MakerFaire expanding access to tools to launch businesses and learn STEM skills.

            -Announced steps to strengthen native American communities through education and economic development.

            -Took new steps to address wildlife trafficking and to combat transnational organized crime.

            -Launched new federal actions to combat the rise of anti-biotic resistant bacteria.

            -Supported the Treasury Department’s decision to rein in corporate tax reversions.

            -Took Executive Action to improve the quality of care for Medicare beneficiaries.

            -Pledged $2B to the Green Climate Fund to reduce carbon pollution & strengthen resilience in developing

            -Released troves of data and tools on water and ecosystems as part of the Climate Data Initiative.

          3. InformedVoter January 3, 2017

            You just love to cut and paste volumes of drivel. I guess it makes you think you are informed. NOT!
            Ordering the border patrol to not arrest certainly would qualify as unconstitutional. Ordering the release of hundreds of illegals who committed violent crimes also qualifies. And lest you forget, what about the suits filed against Obama’s EO that were stricken down by the courts. Oh, I forgot, you consider these constitutional. Unbelievably naive.

            And to show how stupid you look “reduced carbon pollution … by 2030” and “reduce HFCs by … by 2025” are nothing but political BS. These factors HAVE NOT BEEN reduced. How dumb do you look now?

          4. Independent1 January 3, 2017

            Yes, I post A LOT OF FACTS while all you post are LIES!! Obama never did any of those idiot things you just claimed!!

            Just like the typical right-winger you make up lies by the second!!

          5. InformedVoter January 3, 2017

            So please provide absolute stats about how much carbon pollution has been reduced! And don’t forget to include, precisely how much HFCs have been reduced!

            Don’t forget to cover CO2 emissions while you’re at it. Hint, nature emits 159,000 giga-tons of CO2 each and every year. ALL man-made activity, world-wide, creates <5 giga-tons of CO2 emissions. So perhaps you can quote how much Obama's orders have reduced CO2 emissions.

            Yes, Obama gave the marching orders to stop turning back those who were caught entering into the US. And his orders to stop all actions to deport any caught were given.

            ALL those EO are nothing anymore come January 21. Including your favorite failed program called the ACA.

            Yup, Obama's legacy will be he was the first black elected president, and that's going to be it. I know he's meeting with other crying Dems as we speak to try and save the ACA, but anything they concoct will most likely be unconstitutional too.

      3. dbtheonly December 31, 2016


        I submit that Trump, his tweets, and the RWMO in general, have marginalized and de-legitimized the “Media” so that they can not stand against him successfully.

        Look at the Access Hollywood tape. It ran on the MSM. It was discussed. It was condemned. The RWMO dredged up all the old Clinton charges of 20+ years ago. It was replaced in the news cycle by a Trump Tweet. In the end it had marginal effect.

        Is this the “fault” of the MSM? Or are you ascribing to them a power they no longer have?

  2. dbtheonly December 30, 2016

    I can’t ask any individual member of the Rockettes to jeopardize her employment or livelihood by taking this stand. Ms. Sanchez may be looking at the larger goals, but these are individuals, risking much.

  3. Lynda Groom December 30, 2016

    Two sounds like the appropriate number of dancers.

    1. Mama Bear December 30, 2016

      would it be just too funny if none of them showed up?

      1. Dan S December 30, 2016

        I’m good with that. Trump is no Gentleman the way he treats women so poorly. I have zero respect for Trump therefore his Presidency is a sham. You can’t be a true leader without having respect for everyone

        1. Mama Bear December 30, 2016

          very well said Dan.

      2. TZToronto December 31, 2016

        A Rockette version of the Blue Flu, perhaps

    2. Aaron_of_Portsmouth December 30, 2016

      Yes—Or maybe just have a Pinocchio puppet do a jig.

    3. idamag December 31, 2016

      Might be two, too many.

  4. 1standlastword December 30, 2016

    Folks might be too hard on Donald Trump….Whhaaat, 1st!??????

    To me he represents one point along the arc of the downward trajectory America has been on since before the founding.

    The mistreatment of native Indians, African slaves and the Chinese at the earliest period of this New World founding was far worse than DJT’s inane comments or anything else he’s done. Trump stands in the archetype of the linage of the privileged white man

    The chickens, they always come home to roost.

    Oddly, the maltreatment of Obama factors profoundly into this downward trajectory the way the republicans torpedoed his presidency, injured the reputation of the office and inflicted deeper harm on the People which paved the way to…who??

    This has all the qualities of a Shakespearean tragedy for Yankee Doodle

    1. TZToronto December 31, 2016

      You’re right about the administration previous to President Obama’s. You almost never hear a Republican mention “that guy” or his “under-that guy.” It’s like they never existed for eight years. I’m sure the Tea Party-controlled GOP is thinking that the Shrubists didn’t go far enough and that this “new guy” is just what the country needs to go all the way, wherever that is.

  5. jbandsma December 30, 2016

    Maybe the Rockettes could go ahead and dance at the coronation. In burkhas.

  6. Aaron_of_Portsmouth December 30, 2016

    The thought of performing with Trump in the audience has got to be nauseating.
    Trump deserves a cold shoulder for the next 4(or less) years, because he had forfeited his right to be respected long ago.

    It’s not personal—He just doesn’t qualify as fit company, not even for jackals or hyenas.

    1. I Am Helpy December 30, 2016

      Oh hey now – Jackals are monogamous, and hyenas gregarious creatures with complex social behavior and dominant females. Both are vital components of their ecosystems.Does that sound like Trump?

      1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth December 30, 2016

        Well, if you put it that way—No, he doesn’t at all help humanity. And members of the animal kingdom are far more beneficial than Trump.

        Trump’s ecosystem is himself.

      2. idamag December 31, 2016

        I cannot think of an animal in the animal kingdom bad enough to be used as a description.

        1. I Am Helpy December 31, 2016

          Easy – one of those isopods that eats and replaces fish tongues.

    2. leonardo311 December 31, 2016

      Best way to get back at this person is, like “Voltimore” don’t use his name. The man feeds off of seeing his name in print and hearing and seeing his face on video. Everyone must STOP calling out the name and don’t post his pictures.

      Write to the networks, you local TV stations, newspapers etc. He should be faceless and referred to only by his title.

  7. latebloomingrandma December 30, 2016

    Dear Rockettes: You are part of Americana. Stand up for your principles. As far as I’m concerned, we are not coronating a king, so how can anyone compel you to be there?. Therefore, as an American entity, I believe you have the right to not perform at the inauguration of a vulgarian. . If any of you get fired, then shame on your bosses.

    1. InformedVoter December 31, 2016

      Their company signed a contract to have them perform. If they choose not to fulfill the terms of their individual contracts, then they legally MUST be disciplined. The waiting list for this type of performer is yuge so any boycott would be a hollow act.

      1. TZToronto December 31, 2016

        This is why there are still unions. I suggest that it may not be safe for these women to perform if Trump, the pervert, is close by. Will he want to walk into their dressing room? Will he try to kiss them–just because he’s the president? No, performing for Trump creates hazards for these women, and their union will support them. I’m serious.

        1. idamag December 31, 2016

          Kiss? You think he aims that high?

          1. InformedVoter January 2, 2017

            It’s more likely that the performers would want to take selfies and kiss the President than the other way around. Just think about it. it’s their 8 seconds of fame, having their photo taken with the President!

        2. leonardo311 December 31, 2016

          Past is prologue, the bandito has already admitted to walking in on women in the dressing rooms unannounced, it is a pretty safe assumption he wouldn’t have any qualms about doing it again.

          1. InformedVoter January 2, 2017

            You have to be pretty naive to believe that someone would walk in on a troop, on national TV. You believe all the lies the MSM publishes and then wonder why you’re so low information and out of touch.

          2. leonardo311 January 2, 2017

            No you are the naive one to believe this 70 year old leopard can change his spots. “He is a Star so he can get away with anything” that wasn’t the MSM that was out of the mouth of the PE.

          3. InformedVoter January 3, 2017

            So you’re one of the low information crowd who actually thinks President Trump shot someone in front a crowd. There are actually many who really believe this statement.
            Being a star? you mean like the Hollywood types who beat their spouses? or the professional athletes who use illegal drugs and rape drugged women?

            Somehow I seem to have missed those headlines, but I’m sure you believe President Trump is guilty of those acts.

          4. leonardo311 January 3, 2017

            You are not only naive but delusional too. I never said anything close to what you suggested.
            “past is prologue” if you want to predict how someone or something will preform, look at the history. Mr T has never done anything to benefit anyone but himself, but morons like you believe that he will now change his spots and help the displaced factory workers.
            All Mr T’s plans are just more trickle down just repackaged, that will do little for the average joe, while heaping riches on to the very rich and adding to the defliect. When will folks like you ever get a grip? Whine about the debt when we are trying to dig out of recession, but when we are doing better shouldn’t we be paying down the debt instead of heaping on more debt?

          5. InformedVoter January 3, 2017

            I see what you’re saying, oh wait, under Obama the rich got way richer and the bottom 90% got way poorer! The stats prove that Obama’s terms have been a bigger moneymaker for the top 10% and a disaster for the bottom 90%
            BTW, it’s the Dems who coined the term trickle down, and it was NEVER an official policy of the GOP. However, you low information folks just love to keep repeating the lies the MSM pump out.

            Helping the displaced factory workers? he’s already SAVED 5800 factory jobs – personally. How many did Obama, personally save in 8 years – spoiler alert = 0. And what about the new 50000 jobs he personally helped create? And he’s not even in office yet.

            You lefties are running scared that the voters saw through the left lies of hope and change. The only change was the most divisive president in history.

        3. InformedVoter January 2, 2017

          How naive you have shown yourself to be. OK, do you really think anyone would try “something” in front of millions of viewers? Duh.
          So the union probably will defend the performers, but they will lose the battle and war. The owners will simply not re-sign the defecting dancers to another contract. As there are hundreds of performers vying for each job, it’ll be easy to claim the ones defecting just didn’t make the cut. Think about it, you own a dance group and sign contracts to keep the troop working. Some scatter-brained performers wish to push their political agenda, and it will cost your company revenue. So why would you re-sign those causing you lost profits? You wouldn’t.

          Actually, the dancers would probably be the ones trying to take selfies with President Trump, and are more likely to try and kiss him than the other way around. Yet, you just keep believing the MSM lies.

          1. TZToronto January 2, 2017

            First, it’s troupe, not troop. Second, the guy’s icky, a 70-year-old pervert and physically unattractive. Third, you are the reason there are unions in the first place. You may be correct that some of the dancers may be fired because of their decision not to dance for the king, but the company is setting themselves up for a big lawsuit when the “uncooperative” dancers all fail to have their contracts renewed while the ones who do participate get new contracts–especially when the dancers have been told that participation is not mandatory.

          2. InformedVoter January 3, 2017

            So being physically unattractive automatically means the person is to be hated! And you wonder why you are referred to as low information, close-minded and intolerant.
            I suspect that not too many dancers will risk their career over a political statement. Jobs as dancers are few and the crowd competing for those scant number of jobs is very high.
            Lawsuits are a crap shoot and generally net the “victim” little.

            Your comments about being icky and a pervert as nothing but lies pushed by the MSM who regularly publish fake stories as news and MSNBC and CNN just run with the stories.

            You are being played and have demonstrated how naive you are.

          3. TZToronto January 3, 2017

            Egad! Have you looked at the guy? And isn’t he the one who denigrates women based on their appearance? Isn’t he the one who rates women’s worth based on their appearance? Clearly, taking a stand against that which you object is not part of your makeup. Do you even know what a union does? The union makes their members strong and protects them against their employers’ abuses.

          4. InformedVoter January 3, 2017

            Yes, unions do try to protect their members. I don’t have the specifics on the individual contracts each dancer has signed. I suspect that there are clauses that indicated the owner books engagements and that those under contract are legally bound to perform at those events.
            No matter, if you were running the show and several bowed out because of political banter, then, when it came time to staff up for the next round, those dancers would be the last to be offered positions. Perfectly legal. Just like workers calling in sick, they miss out on the overtime, etc.
            In the end, I suspect a minimal number to back out. The business is way too competitive to let political beliefs stand in the way of a gig.

      2. charleo1 December 31, 2016

        There are plenty of gigs for performers who want to embarrass themselves.
        Like being a Republican in Congress these days, with a verifiable joke masquerading around as your Party’s leader. Having to get up each day and defend this pompous Putin puppet to their constituents. All the while waving the American Flag, and pretending to support democracy. Think we should discipline these entertainers if they refuse to kick the high step for Trump?

        1. InformedVoter January 2, 2017

          So now you claim that the Rockettes will embarrass themselves if they perform? Perhaps in you eyes, but not everyone.
          So now you’re claiming that President Trump is not the leader of the GOP? Here’s a dose of reality, HilLIARy LOST! and President Trump won. So, it would seem that he is, oh my, the party leader.
          You lefties keep talking about the Russians being involved in the elections. I’d love to hear your comments about Obama donating $385000 to influence the Israeli elections, or HilLIARy and Deb W-S fixing the Dem primary. Also, since the 3-letter agencies can’t agree IF Russia did the hacking, it’s nothing but opinion they influenced them. And Obama and co know about someone hacking in spring 2015, yet, since HilLIARy was leading in the fake polls, they did nothing and didn’t care.
          Yup, your crowd remains low information and you folks will defend that title until you come up with another lie to rally around.

      3. Moshulu December 31, 2016

        Just think of all the “individual contracts” this thug Trump signed than either reneged on, or currently suing someone, or someone suing him. Let’s see 4000+ lawsuits, 6 bankruptcies, 3 marriages, and his supporters/cult believe him to be Presidential material? This man will turn out to be one of the biggest, thuggish frauds ever to be elected. it’s amazing how his supporters are ok with what is going on. They complain about President Obama’s vacations, but are ok with paying an additional $1.5 million per day to secure Melania in Trump Towers, that is almost half-a-billion dollars a year in tax money, down the drain. How could his supporters even accept this.

        “Trump has been a party to some 4,000 lawsuits over the last 30 years—a uniquely large number of actions framed by detractors as a telling indicator of a life of crooked dealing,”

        “Whatever one’s position on the election, it’s clear that Trump’s ongoing court battles—somewhere around 75, according to the USA Today analysis—are the first of their kind for any president,”

        1. InformedVoter January 2, 2017

          Your post is full of lies and made up information. It was only 4 bankruptcies, not 6. And for someone involved in so many business deals, 4 is not an unusually large number. Most who start their own business end up in bankruptcy of some form. Also, just because one files for bankruptcy, doesn’t mean the person did something illegal. Or are you claiming that FCA and GM are crooked companies too?

          All those lawsuits, my oh my. Too bad the majority are fiction. Like the one about raping a 13-year-old. Let’s see, he was supposed to go to trial in December, but, oh my, the victim recanted and said she lied. All the other women who claimed President Trump attacked them have recanted their stories and said they were paid to file fake charges. The list of false claims, done for shakedown purposes, is endless.

          Another false claim is the amount spent for security. Since you crazies started to loot, burn and destroy police vehicles because you can’t accept that HilLIARy didn’t win, are the reason added security is needed. The taxpayers should send the DNC a bill for the added costs.

          The fact that President Trump is the first businessman in decades will mean uncharted territory because of his business holdings. The voters grew weary of the swamp that life-long politicians had created and voted in an outsider. So it’s not unusual, illegal, or wrong that issues need to be sorted out. Yet, you low information folks see this as something evil. Rejoice, it’s a new world!

  8. charleo1 December 30, 2016

    Why make the Rockettes dance? They say he’s having a hard time getting top acts to agree to preform at his beer hall putsch. Something about the stigma of association with a creep or racist, or was it Fascist? I forget. Anyway, so why not the Angry Ayrans, or the Nazi Punks? I hear the group Ayran Terrorism is also very popular among Trump’s most ardent fans. You’re welcome!

  9. KDJ54 December 30, 2016

    its just that Trump has been looking for entertainment in all the wrong places. I’m sure there’s a skin head metal band out there somewhere who’d be happy to entertain Trump. They’d be the perfect counterpoint to the spineless MoTab choir.

    1. Bubububba Bubba December 31, 2016

      and… why do we not see Ted Nugent and Kid Rock confirmed….. as part of the entertainers??? and… where is Mike Huckabee’s band????

      1. The lucky one December 31, 2016

        Maybe they can get Mike Tyson to punch somebody out on stage. Trump fans would enjoy that I’m sure.

        1. Eleanore Whitaker January 2, 2017

          Trump fans are sickos who have no idea who Trump really is. Trump is about to learn the hard way that he has NO control over us. WE have control over him. This is government, not one of his businesses where he gets to hand out pink slips, use his smear tactics or worse contest rigging to get what he wants. He is totally out of his league.

      2. Eleanore Whitaker December 31, 2016

        Methinks Ted Stugent and Kid Rocks in His Head already are getting a taste of Trump BS. I agree. Why isn’t Huckabee volunteering his musical talents? He could be the musical accompaniment to Melania’s Nude Pole Dance Routine that will top the Inaugural Ball evening off. After all, Trump DID say he wasn’t going to be like “all the other presidents.”

        1. plc97477 January 2, 2017

          I just assume that poopy pants, rocks in head and hucksters band all said something at one time to piss off dump.

          1. Eleanore Whitaker January 2, 2017

            It is easy to understand why the Rockettes, as American as Mom and Apple Pie would view Trump as a demoralizing womanizing two year old whose sense of entitlement to have it all is not the “American Way.”

            If they supported Trump, what would that say about them as professional, trained dancers and super stage performers known the world over for their amazing choreography? It would make them equal to that tramp slut Melania Trump who got spit out of a Slovenian brothel in the sex industry.

    2. idamag December 31, 2016


  10. angryspittle December 30, 2016

    Rockettes at least exhibit some class.

  11. mary.scott.91 December 31, 2016

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    1. Budjob December 31, 2016

      Mary,Take a fucking hike!

      1. idamag December 31, 2016

        That is probably not a Mary. It might even be a part of the Nigerian mob and a male. We don’t know. We do know it is a scam. When you see one of these flag it. There are certain people who fall for this scheiser. If no one did there would be no scams.

      2. leonardo311 December 31, 2016


  12. Budjob December 31, 2016

    Please Rockettes,Don’t degrade yourselves by performing for Donald the communist loving pig!

  13. Budjob December 31, 2016

    Excuse my language,but the people that voted for this inept,incompetent,semi-intelligent,agent for Russia,are nothing short of treasonous! They have placed the security of the United States of America in jeopardy to say the least!

    1. charleo1 December 31, 2016

      I agree 100%. At this point I’m trying to be generous to those who voted for the joke. By assuming they must be stupid, and therefore innocent of out and out treason. However that is only a preliminary position, subject to future reevaluation.
      I guess I’m waiting to see if the red armbands come out, and they start goose-stepping.

      1. idamag December 31, 2016

        They are a product of our poor education system. They have been deliberately dumbed down so they are malleable.

      2. leonardo311 December 31, 2016

        Those that threw the election to the Cheeto Bandito were for the most part desperate people, so desperate that they ignored the most basic of what is referred to as “common wisdom”, the old saying “don’t expect a leopard to change his spots”. Or the more advanced “what is past is prologue”, despite a resume that suggest that he has never done anything for anyone not named Trump, didn’t seem to register with these folks. All this huckster had to do is promise he would bring back high paying manufacturing jobs.

        Guess what folks those “screw a nut on a bolt” 8 hours a day 5 days a week, jobs that pay $50,000 a year, are never coming back. What is to blame, Automation, Globalization, and Tax Cuts. While there is little to be done about Automation, and almost as little about Globalization, the one thing we can do is reform the Tax Code to make offshoring jobs less advantageous. But the Bandito and his gang in the Congress are going to take us in the other direction.

        Lower Taxes are only going to make the Rich richer, we have 35 years of proof, that Rich people don’t wake up on April 15th and say “look how much extra money I have; I better run out and hire someone.”
        Want to reform the Tax code to incentives hiring? Give the tax cuts to the poor people!! Real simple justifications, poor people are poor because they spend their money, whereas rich people are rich because they don’t!

        1. charleo1 January 1, 2017

          You’re right, desperate people sometimes don’t think straight. But, they had a friend in the WH. and he a friendly Congress when the bankers schemes finally blew up the economy, their jobs shut down, and the house they paid twice what it was worth went into foreclosure. And so what did these desperate idiots do, when they went looking for scapegoats? They joined the Tea Party, and blamed the Black guy. Because “as we all know,” they reckoned, Blacks are no good with money, and all Democrats ever do is tax, spend, and regulate. And by the way, just where is this Barack “Hussein” Obama from anyway? So it must be them bums, and their big gov. policies that need throwing out. And so they did, the first damn chance they got. Then spent the next six years bitching about Liberals, and how if Obama was so smart, and really cared about them, and wasn’t a secret Muslim, he would have done something to help them, “Real Americans, you know? Instead of all those illegals taking our jobs.

          And by help them, they didn’t see helping them as making sure they didn’t lose they homes, and life savings, because a family member got sick, and they had no health insurance, as helping them. Or, making sure money didn’t stand in the way of their kids getting a good college education. Or, Wall Street didn’t run the economy in the ditch again. At least as easily as they just had.
          No, absolutely not, to all of that. They wanted Obama to magically make their old jobs reappear,.. And, they gave him all of about two grudging weeks to do this, before they turned. And decided in their “desperation,” now turned to near suicidal insanity, they were going to give back their support to the very shysters, tax dodgers, and economy riggers that had been suppressing their wages, and shipping their jobs out of the country for years. And said, in very large numbers, very strong about this. Yes by God, we need us some more of those guys in charge. “That know something about business” They’ll get my old job back. And Trump is just one more version of the same kind of utter stupidity they have insisted on chasing down a bottomless rat hole for years.

    2. Eleanore Whitaker December 31, 2016

      The reality is that unless Americans DEMAND to know WHO in the RNC and Republican Party are complicit in the mess the 2016 election became, 74 million voters will remain enraged that 270 Republican Electors overrode those 74 million votes.

      Trump thinks he has a “different way.” You can bet your boodles he is now having to sweet talk Putin. Trump, like Gowdy, McConnell and Ryan are so guilty they can’t stand their own mirror reflections. You bet Trump now has to suck up to Putin to keep those Russian Loan Sharks he borrowed all that money from to save him from mass bankruptcy. You bet he owes Russians BIG Time and has no desire to suddenly “go missing” like the two journalists Putin had murdered.

      And let’s pretend that the Nudie First Lady, Melania, as a Slovenia sex worker didn’t have connections to those Russian Loan Sharks and Trump who scoured around Russian countries for his next arm candy. Of course, he cleaned up Melania and got Hugh Hefner to turn her into a Nude Playboy Centerfold for a couple of million. But, he is caught now between Melania outing him for his connections to the Russian Loan Sharks and Putin and Putin’s ability to rake Trump over the coals.

      This is not a man of honor we are talking about here. This is a thieving, scumbag who stoops to ANY low to get what he wants.

      1. idamag December 31, 2016

        Playboy was too classy for Melania. It was Hustler.

  14. 1Zoe55 December 31, 2016

    Good for the Rockettes. Keep in mind that Trump is ignoring the protocols and etiquette that have been in place with every presidential election. Trump has not yet been sworn in and does not have the authority to make decisions–especially treasonous ones with Putin. The attempt at “normalizing” Trump will fail, because he is an abnormal con man who believes that spewing racism and inciting violence encourages his base of supporters.

    1. Dan S December 31, 2016

      Asking the Rockettes, Mormon Tabernacle Choir or anyone else to entertain him for the Inauguration is the equivalent to performing for Vladimir Putin. I say no way in Hell should anyone be pressured to perform at this abomination of an Inauguration for this traitor to our country. I say he’s not my President so therefore there is nothing to celebrate on what should otherwise have been a momentous occasion

  15. Eleanore Whitaker December 31, 2016

    Now really. What did Trump and the right wing expect? For 8 years they provided the BEST examples of obstruction, manipulating government and now they are hauling out their “victim” card? Puhlease!

    When you ask any well bred American to lower themselves to the level of the slimebucket Trump, do you expect them to flip a switch and pretend they don’t know right from wrong?

    So now that we no longer have a government but a business, all of us become Trump and the Republicans employees who don’t dare step out of line? Really? And with what BS proclamation will that get cooperation?

    The Rockettes ARE Americana in a way Trump and his Hump Melania will never be. Anyone who expects Americans to lay down like good dogs and take whatever Trump and the Republicans dish out, better be prepared for huge blowback from vets who won’t obey a Penthouse Billionaire Pumpkin who expect us all to pretend we were never bred to law and order, not corporate BS.

  16. Moshulu December 31, 2016

    Any fool who says these ladies should suck it up and perform regardless that Trump practically demeans women as easily as he praises Putin, should be the same ones who demand that Trump apologizes to ALL women for his demeaning, unprofessional, ignorant comments about them!

    1. Eleanore Whitaker December 31, 2016

      Trump will get women’s back turned every time he dares appear in public. The only women who won’t are Big Daddies financially dependent women and golddiggers like Melania Hump.

  17. jointerjohn December 31, 2016

    An unrepentant serial abuser of women has been elected to the highest office in a country wherein women are the majority of registered voters. Women won the right to the ballot box nearly a century ago, but clearly many have yet to figure out what to do with it. Women of the U.S., please exert the power you have. Throw out your abusive husbands, stop pampering thirty year old worthless sons, and the next time your boss gives you a little pat, knee him where his brain lives. Stop putting your tip money into the collection plates of misogynistic churches. Nothing will get better for you until you do.

  18. idamag December 31, 2016

    It would be uncomfortable to be dancing in front of a man whose focus was on your crotch.

    1. sharon.ng January 1, 2017

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