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Romney’s Revenge: Michigan GOP Moves To Bust Union Power in Auto Country

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Romney’s Revenge: Michigan GOP Moves To Bust Union Power in Auto Country


Governor Rick Snyder announced that he will sign legislation that will make Michigan the 24th “Right to Work” state.

The bill will end mandatory deduction of union dues from employee paychecks, draining workers of the political capital that has enabled unions to act as a counterweight to big business over the last century.

Only 17.5 percent of Michigan’s workers are unionized but a large percentage of those workers are employed in the auto industry.

“Workers should have freedom to choose who they associate with,” Snyder said Thursday in a press conference at the Romney building, which is named after former governor George Romney, the father of recently defeated presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

The younger Romney vehemently supported “right to work” legislation.

One of the most underreported aspects of Romney’s famed “Let Detroit Go Bankrupt” stand was that the former Bain Capital CEO saw the collapse of the auto industry as a chance to break the auto unions. His main critique of the rescue was that unions benefited too much, though the United Auto Workers gave up benefits and took wage cuts in the restructuring of General Motors and Chrysler. If you want to know what the auto industry would look like now if Mitt Romney had been president, look at the company Romney family is invested in—Delphi Motors, which is moving production to China.

President Obama defeated Romney in Michigan by 9.5 percent, despite it being Romney’s birth state.

Democrats picked up five seats in Michigan’s House in the November election but Republicans in the state kept their majority thanks to gerrymandering. With only 4,000 more votes, the State House would be tied up in 2013.

By passing the bill in the lame duck session, state Republicans are hoping to deprive unions of any hope of making the 2014 electorate look anything like 2012.

Calling it a “workplace fairness and equity” bill, Synder, the former CEO of Gateway Computers, shied away from both the “right to work” euphemism that anti-union forces across the country use and the “freedom to work” slogan that’s being used by groups associated with the Koch brothers’ Americans for Prosperity.

But the governor who ran as moderate “nerd” did tie the bill to “the freedom to associate” in a video he released, explaining why he suddenly decided to pick up the issue that he long said wasn’t on his agenda.


  1. Dominick Vila December 6, 2012

    The GOP determination to undermine the effectiveness of organized labor and the right of workers to choose representation, is consistent with their unabashed opposition to everything labor unions have accomplished during the past century. Unions are responsible for the minimum wage, overtime pay, paid vacations, Holiday pay, paid sick leave, anti-discrimination in the workplace, equal pay, safety regulations and many other benefits American workers enjoy that would not have been extended had it not been for labor unions. Union members are not evil foreigners, communists or traitors, they are our relatives, neighbors and friends. People who chose to be represented to minimize the probability of unscrupulous employers abusing their workers. In spite of their efforts, we still have thousands of employers who hire part timers, temporary workers, or schedule full time employees to work less than 40 hours a week to avoid giving them benefits to maximize profits. These are the same employers that buy products from foreign countries to expand market share and increase profits by selling cheap merchandise made in sweat shops like the one that turned into a death trap in Bangladesh.
    The GOP is not advancing the interests of American workers, they are determined to turn the clock back to the nefarious days of child labor and sweat shops.

    1. Verna Pedersen December 6, 2012

      You, of all the people posting comments, are the most intelligent, rational person I’ve ever encountered. You are to be commended!

    2. jointerjohn December 6, 2012

      This evil movement began back in the 1970s and one of it’s granddaddys is Utah Senator Orin Hatch. What many don’t realize is that under U.S. Labor Law each union organization is obliged to serve and represent all of the bargaining unit employees, even the ones who refuse membership and do not pay dues. Can you imagine telling a dentist that he has to fix everyone in town’s teeth but cannot bill the ones who don’t want to pay for it? Forty years ago at an A Fof L & C I O convention I coined a phrase which is still popular and true today. “There are only two kinds of workers in this world, those who have a union, and those who need one.” – John Dreher

      1. Michael Stoll December 6, 2012

        This would be excellent news for Michigan and real bad news for the Liberal Communist Utopia known as Illinois . All anyone needs to do is look at the DEM Union Communist Utopias like California and Illinois to see that Sanctuary Union Dem States dont work and are drowning in debt . Then you can look at free market right to work States and see that they do work . Point Set Match ….Peace Out drops the Mic…;oud thud … massive feedback fade to silence………

        1. Sa Janes December 6, 2012

          ” look at the DEM Union Communist Utopias like California and Illinois”

          LOL!! You need to cut back on your glue-sniffing and give your brain time to heal.

          1. William December 6, 2012

            Like I said before these GOP wanabees can only call names and say degrading remarks but the joke is on you because I don’t believe you or Michael have enough money to be a real Rep. When they through you away because you really don’t fit in you’ll be crying again.

        2. Justin Napolitano December 6, 2012

          Hey, Michael, the Plutocrat, don’t ever think that you are better than your employees. They can kill your company and then come after you. Just remember that you make money on the backs of those that work for you. I know you don’t pay them just because you like giving out money.
          You make money on your employees labor and don’t ever forget that.
          The time is coming where workers will have had enough and when that happens you better be ready to move to another country.

          1. onedonewong December 6, 2012

            He was pointing out that the reason why companies go bankrupt is due to UNIONS

          2. Gerald Kocijowsky December 6, 2012

            are you kidding me? companies go bankrupt because the management has no clue how to manage, they are the ones who make decisions on what to do, they are the ones who rape and pillage the cash reserves to give themselves huge bonuses, in fact, a company performs badly and the boss still takes a bonus. for what? failure? get real dude, get an education and quit watching faux news-the comedy network

          3. onedonewong December 6, 2012

            Lets look Gm and Chrysler bankrupt due to UNIONS
            US Steel and 9 other large companies bankrupt die to UNIONS.
            Wonder Bakery bankrupt die to Unions
            Do you need more examples???

          4. Sa Janes December 6, 2012

            Simple–if these companies can’t “afford” to pay decent wages then they should go bankrupt. Obviously the unions felt the same way, as would most normal Americans.

          5. Del WS December 7, 2012

            Obviously you haven’t done any research. There are documentaries and lots of written material that can tell you what ruined the companies you mentioned. Take the time to actually research it. It wasn’t unions that killed them.

          6. onedonewong December 9, 2012

            I’ve spent 30 years i those 2 industries and I’m an expert

          7. jointerjohn December 11, 2012

            In my 46 years in the working world, never once met anyone who proclaimed him/herself an expert who truly was

          8. Dominick Vila December 7, 2012

            Those companies went bankrupt, or were on the verge of filing for bankruptcy, because they could not compete against better products at home and abroad, and because they decided to purchase or produce unprofitable product lines. Why can the companies that produce Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Volvo and so many other foreign products post a profit and remain competitive in spite of the fact that their workers are union members and the salaries and benefits they offer are as high – or higher – than what GM and Chrysler offer in the USA? What makes a difference is quality, the processes the use, good customer service, and effective management.

          9. Del WS December 7, 2012

            I’ve lived in the same area for over 30 years and watched multiple companies close or relocate their manufacturing to other countries. Trucking companies didn’t fail due to unions — some were nonunion — they failed because of deregulation. Shipping by truck didn’t get any cheaper whether a failed company was union or nonunion. Most of the nonunion clothing manufacturers sold out to other countries as did a well-known furniture manufacturer. Of all the companies that didn’t make it or chose to leave the U.S., very few of them were union. Unions don’t kill companies. Poor management and greedy stockholders do.

          10. Dominick Vila December 7, 2012

            What union opponents never tell us is what would they replace organized labor with. Are they suggesting sweat shops like the one in Bangladesh are preferable to facilities where worker’s rights and safety precautions are the norm? How come the lavish salaries, benefits, bonuses and golden parachutes CEOs and Directors enjoy are not a concern, but paying an assembly line worker a decent salary is? Our goal, as a society, should be to improve our standard of living, not emulate Third World countries or go back to the of child labor and the company store in the USA.

          11. onedonewong December 9, 2012

            Gee union membership has fallen from 30% to under 10. You think that’s by accident?? Even the public knows that unions kill companies. All manufacturing left the US for 1 reason and 1 reason only pay and benefits. The driver of those escalating costs are unions, govt regulation and trial lawyers

          12. Mark Ginn December 7, 2012

            1dongwong, Most companies go bankrupt because, like Hostess, they have investors like Bain that suck all the money out of them. You’re obviously not getting it. YOU are paid well and have proper benis BECAUSE of the union efforts. They are not evil, they are your best friends, buddy. I have never belonged to a union, but I realize that we need checks and balances in the workplace.

          13. Dominick Vila December 7, 2012

            There are many reasons for companies and institutions going bankrupt, a case in point is the Post Office. Technology and new concepts made them obsolete, they failed to adapt, and they are paying a heavy price. Lousy investments, such as the ones made by GM (think Vauxhall), unprofitable product lines, ineffective quality control, poor customer service, and lavish salaries and benefits paid to the upper echelon had a lot more to do with their financial problems than paying assembly line workers a livable wage.

          14. onedonewong December 9, 2012

            Hostess went broke because their unions were unreasonable. They went bankrupt twice. You seem to forget the union work rules made the wonder bread guys only deliver bread not twinkees of their other products. The pastry guys couldn’t deliver other products. So that a 7/11 may have had 5 Hostess trucks delivering to them every other day.
            Just look at GM an Chrysler it was union pay and benefits that broke them

          15. Diss Infectant December 7, 2012

            …or…at least that’s what the wingnut propagandists on Fox have tricked your dumbed downed azz into parroting on message boards like a good little dittohead.

          16. JM December 7, 2012

            Because if their is one thing Republicans know it is how to make things go bankrupt!

          17. onedonewong December 10, 2012

            If its a viable business it was BUILT by a republican

          18. Mike Sullivan December 7, 2012

            Well, he was wrong! Most companies go bankrupt because of inept management … GM, Chrysler, etc. are well documented, classic examples.

          19. onedonewong December 9, 2012

            hmmm reading comprehension is something your not good at

          20. jointerjohn December 11, 2012

            I was a vendor frequently inside a GM plant that operated from 1947-1995. When it closed in 1995 it hadn’t had any meaningful modernization of systems or equipment in thirty years. GM managers ran that plant into the ground over the protests of the UAW Local. It was so antiquated they couldn’t even sell the facility! So lets sum this up: union try to save it and keep it profitable, management ignored them, plant is now gone and the products are now made in Mexico. But according to you, unions bankrupt businesses. Do you believe in the easter bunny too?

          21. onedonewong December 13, 2012

            It couldn’t been an assembly plant they were all robotized in the 80’s. You must have been in at an Delphi plant, those plants didn’t need any modernization. They were low skill jobs paying $30 a hour.
            I also worked with GM plants and I can tell you the plant managers all claimed their largest quality improvement happened AFTER they installed a breathalyzer machine in all the plants.

          22. jointerjohn December 7, 2012

            Have you noticed that the most educated countries of the world with the lowest poverty rates, greatest longevity, best access to health care and highest standards of living are those with highest numbers of organized workers? Those with no unions? Mexico comes first to mind, a pure crap hole for everyone but the wealthy. In addition, no company ever had an employment contract with it’s employees that the company didn’t sign at the bottom

          23. Carl nonayabusiness December 9, 2012

            That’s what the plutocrats have in mind for America. They want the same system that they have in Mexico, a ruling class and the rabble. Their entire ideology and agenda is geared towards achieving this, hence the hostility towards unions, social responsibility, quality education etc. they wont be happy until they have crushed the non rich into serfdom.

          24. onedonewong December 9, 2012

            Gee I’m looking at Spain Greece Ireland France to name a few are those the countries your referring to??

          25. KM December 7, 2012

            The reason why companies go bankrupt if s UNOINS…

            Biggest load of BS!!!!!!! since Reagan/F***enomics

          26. onedonewong December 9, 2012

            Look at every company that’s gone bankrupt from Hostess to GM. It was the unions that that brought them down

          27. Bonnie December 7, 2012

            UNIONS do not cause companies to go bankrupt, the OVERPAID excutives that make money on UNION employees backs are the cause of the bankruptcy, UNIONS only want a piece of the pie Management want the whole thing, they want the money, but DO NOT want to share it. I’ve been in both Union and non-union environments, been a union president and my manager was the management negotiator. Everything can be worked out if you are willing to work together, to many TOP MANAGERS don’t want to give up anything to support the backs that put them there!

          28. onedonewong December 9, 2012

            That hasn’t been the case since the 50’s. The unions think they run the company and in closed shops the employees actually think their paychecks are coming from the unions.
            Being very familiar with the UAW I can assure that they had no interest in “working” anything out. They had O allegiance to the company they work for and were all about getting the most out of the company and doing the least amout of work coupled with over staffing. hence the reason why only Ford is now solvent

          29. bcass1947 December 11, 2012

            That’s bull. If you look at it the Unions were always building bridges and hospitals, federal buildings, etc. That’s right all the big projects. The only reasons the unions went sour are the wrong people had their fingers in the till with help of the Pols. Big business allowed it all to happen when they realized how much of a threat they had become to their fat wallets. It interfered with their individual wealth and their political power. While they made money off it it was a no brainer. Let’s face it a politician had no protection against taking orders from a mobster. It was either obey or decay. I can remember the Unions being such a great organization. Had 2 brothers in a Plumbers Local. Never out of work and made good money. Put their children’s through school. Had a home. Unfortunately they were not collared by any politicians.

        3. rpg1408 December 6, 2012

          What planet are you from ? “Communist Utopias” ? and the World is Flat !!!

          1. Dominick Vila December 7, 2012

            Calling two states with some of the largest concentrations of private enterprise communist highlight how illogical and desperate union opponents are.

        4. Dan107 December 6, 2012

          The master of hyperbole has struck!

        5. Dominick Vila December 7, 2012

          Bear in mind that nobody forces people to seek the protection of organized labor, and that when the membership believes they are not being represented properly the have the right to decertify the union.

        6. Happy2bback December 7, 2012

          Whatever your smoking you really should share, I’m tired of paying taxes to support businesses like Walmart who pay their employees so little that they need food stamps. The Waltons are not hurting for money could they live on a few less billions and pay their employees enough so that the tax payer doesn’t have to foot the bill? People like Bill Gates have been able to pay their employees well and still grow a successful business. Some companies will never need Unions that’s because they strive to make their employees happy and financially secure. They realize the value of the person who they employ; then there are those who offer sweat shop conditions and POOR PAY the answer to those problems are Unions and OSHA

        7. Lisztman December 7, 2012

          I can’t quickly find more recent data. But try this on for size:
          You’ll notice that those Commie pinko liberal trash blue states are carrying the flag-waving red states, BIG time.
          Before you declare the match over, tell me how those Red States function without the federal dole.

        8. Mike Sullivan December 7, 2012

          Appropriations of federal tax dollars disproportionately go from Blue states to Red states. While union busting terms are misrepresented by slogans like “Right to work,” many fail to realize the vast improvements to quality of life enjoyed by Americans was built on the backs of Union Workers!

        9. Srinivas Jayaraman April 7, 2013

          You seem to be a fool who doesn’t know that communist coutries exploit workers and kill them if they protest. You wanting our Corporations to do the same is to copy communism. Think if your brain will permit about calling Illinios Communist. If IL does not kill workers they are not communist.

      2. onedonewong December 6, 2012

        Sorry that’s just not true its the law only for the federal govt and the union doesn’t have to pay for representation ie a lawyer for a non member

        1. jointerjohn December 7, 2012

          I wasn’t referring to outside legal counsel I was referring to union representation.

    3. Jmz Warren-Nesky December 6, 2012

      I could not agree more, Dom. Like any organization, unions are not exempt from corruption, even criminal activities (those gray areas) but unlike ‘organized’ corruption (among big b’ness, politics, etc.) for it’s base line, unions have helped the blue collar, advocated for the workers and enriched the common man in a jungle of labor profiteers. What the average modern worker doesn’t understand is they’ve been given all this help without knowing why they’re being helped so they nag about having to chip over a percentage of their salary every month in order for the unions to remain strong and with just a little manipulation on the opponent’s side, these workers see a portion of their hard-earned money being given to a bunch of gangsters (as the manipulators call them). What they don’t see is once the unions are gone, they will be in the same ‘pickle’ that their great grandfathers faced before organized labor.. It wasn’t pretty then and it’s ugliness will not be any different now. Do not let those words, “Right to work” fool you.. That isn’t what this war is all about. You might have a choice of where you may want to work but the employer doesn’t have to hire you simply because you want the job.. and further, there will no longer have to be a reason for firing you. Right to work is a subtle expression that say’s one thing but means another in reality. You allow them to get rid of unions, you will be cutting off you’re only life line of protection of your ‘right’ to work. Once you sever the tie, there’s no coming back.. You have been warned.

      1. Dominick Vila December 6, 2012

        We don’t have to go as far back as our great grandparents. I was in management before I retired. About 70 employees in my organization were union members, the rest were all professionals (engineers, computer science, etc). I participated in bargaining unit negotiations and many grievance meetings and I can tell you, categorically, that our non-exempt personnel would not have gotten the pay raises and benefits they got had it not been for union support and representation.
        Companies don’t give raises and new benefits out of the goodness of their heart, they do it to remain competitive, attract talented workers, and to avoid labor disputes when organized labor is involved. It is not a matter of being good or bad, both sides have their priorities and objectives. Companies want to increase sales and maximize profits, workers want better compensation and benefits to improve their standard of living.

        1. Debbie Kiesel-Ryan December 6, 2012

          Dominick, you are absolutely right. I was a union member before I took a promotion to management, boy was I a fool. We worked for AT&T got divested to Lucent and robbed in our 401K’s because of our CEO who lied to the SEC and was never punished for it. Of course, she was a giant backer of George Bush, gave lots of money. Then we were divested to Avaya. Well once we became Avaya, we started having all these downsizings and layoffs. The management team at Avaya stopped negotiating our contracts with our costomers. Then the management empolyees saw their work going away, because they couldn’t touch the union employees. When they laid off enough of us, and changed the way they figured our pensions so they could rob us blind, they then sold the company to TPG, a vulture capital company, who stipped it even more. We used to have Bell Labs, and we didn’t have to worry about China being involved in our countries communications security issues, because Americans were the workers and our information was guarded. Now what do we have, high unemployment, a hugh deficit, and more Americans on government programs than any other time in our history. Don’t blame that on the unions, that’s all the part of corporate America. Today on FB there was a graph showing most companies CEO’s in the rest of the world make around 27-45% more than the worker bee’s, but not the US, it’s 450%. If that’s not corporate greed I don’t know what they call it!!!!!!

      2. ralphkr December 6, 2012

        I have never been a fan of unions and I have been fired by unions 5 times and once by a boss. My answer to any union organizer has always been, “When I see your name on my paycheck THEN I shall listen to you.”

        At one time my job was made closed shop (when none of the current employees had voted for it) and I refused to take union scale which was $2.50 because I was being paid $3.51 and I certainly was not going to pay the $150 initiation fee and the dues for the privilege of earning $40.04 per week less. I was fired by the union.)

        Some years before that I had a truck and a semi (I was the only driver) and sometimes 1 helper when the teamsters came to me and informed me that I had to turn over the initiation fee and dues for five employees. I politely informed them that A. I was the only full time employee, B. I definitely voted against unionizing and C. politely requested that for safety’s sake they leave the premises before the shotgun leaning against my desk accidentally went off.

        A few days later a Buick tried to run my semi off the road but I recognized the three protectors of the working man and, guess what, if you try and run a semi off the road and the driver is mean enough you end up on your roof in the ditch. They subsequently rode into town handcuffed or hogtied in my trailer and surprise, surprise, our jail telephone did not work for 5 days. They hadn’t done their homework or they would have known that I was also a deputy sheriff at that time and that I was always armed.

        I have always been my own best shop steward and if I cannot convince the boss to agree with me then that business shall lose the advantage of my services. You know, I have found that when you are the best worker in the place you can pretty much get what you want (flip side is that if you call in sick then the boss really gets upset)

        1. William December 7, 2012

          Are you really Super Man?

          1. ralphkr December 7, 2012

            Unfortunately, no. However, I did retain a young outlook until in my late 30s. In other words, I was immortal and now my body has been repaying me for all the things I did then.

          2. William December 7, 2012

            First I would like to point out, unions can’t hire or fire anyone. Second, unions can’t come into the workplace and make them union without winning a majority vote by its workers. Third if you are really a corrupt deputy sheriff you shouldn’t be talking about it here. Are you trying to start a new career as a fiction writer?

          3. ralphkr December 7, 2012

            Unions can’t fire!?!?!? Well, William, what do you call it when a union rep holds a paper in front of and tells you “sign or you are fired” & when you do not sign he walks over to the time clock, pulls your card, & clocks you out or (at another job) when a union rep goes to the time clock, pulls some cards, clocks out those who are on the clock, and then goes into the boss’s office to let him have the time cards so he would know who had been fired?

            Perhaps unions can’t come into YOUR work place without the majority of the workers voting them in BUT there was no election, at least none that the workers at the shop where I was making $3.51 and refused to accept union scale of $2.50 knew about, and the union rep did fire any worker who did not sign up.

            When I worked at Safeway (a new store in Alaska with nearly half the workers, union, brought up from outside by management) the union made a big announcement inviting everyone to a party. At said party they had an election, much to the surprise of the few non-union people who had attended, and all the union people voted to unionize the 2 Alaskan Safeway stores. Two weeks later a number of us who had refused to sign up discovered that we had no time cards when we came to work and the manager apologized and told us that the union would not allow any non-union workers. Yes there was a vote and the majority did vote for union BUT very few of the non-union workers were present and only 2 of them voted for a union and the votes for union totaled less than half of the workers at the store.

            I have seen many cases where the union was invited in by management so that they could have tighter control over the workers. For instance, the supermarket employees in the Midwestern town where I went to high school did vote to be union because of their erratic work hours and the union promised them that they would have 40 hours & stable shifts. Yep, that they did. Before union they were at work 8.5 hours for 8 hours pay (half hour lunch and 2 10 minute breaks) and under union rules over 12 hours would pass between initial clock in and final clock off for 8 hours pay because of a couple of 1 to 3 hours off the clock sessions during the day. The only thing that was stable was their clock in and clock off for the day times.

            I am puzzled why you call me a corrupt deputy because I refused to pay union initiation and dues for 5 non-existent employees. I consider those union reps who attacked me by trying to force my semi off the road extremely lucky that I did not administer a bit of street justice (considered a good thing in the 1950s) and I must admit that I was very tempted to treat them properly and put them in the hospital instead of just charging them with attempted murder when they crawled out of their car. The Sheriff & DA decided not to charge them with murder but with assault. They agreed that it would look bad if they let it be known that some people tried to kill a deputy and all of them were still alive and well. I was chewed out for being too soft on the Teamster hoods by both the Sheriff and the DA.

            I don’t intend to start a career as a fiction writer but I have been embarrassed more than once by fiction writers. For instance, I had to live down Eastwood’s “Go ahead, make my day.” because 50 plus years ago I used to face down tough guys who tried to give me a hard time by holstering my sidearm, with the safety strap undone, and say “Go ahead, make me happy.” Yes, Dirty Harry’s line was better. Not one one was dumb enough to decide to accept my offer, die, and thereby save the taxpayers a lot of money.

    4. John Sehler December 6, 2012

      The Republicans will abolish The”Magna Carta” next. Anyone making less than $500,000 a year will give up his freedom and real property and report to the nearest Republican Master to be issued a pick or shovel and will hence be referred to a as “Serf'”

    5. montanabill December 6, 2012

      Doesn’t the right to choose representation include the right not to choose representation?

      I’m in a right-to-work state and have absolutely no fear that my employees will ever consider unionization, yet I provide every advantage I can to my employees because I hire the best people I can find and want them to be happy working for me. I also want the freedom to get rid of dead wood. However, I have had discrimination claims filed by dead wood so that they can’t be fired, even for cause. It takes the government about six months to investigate and clear you. In the meantime, you have a useless employee and resentment about their continued presence by other employees. And they can turn around and refile the discrimination claim immediately, adding another six months of poison.
      I was paying equal pay years before there was ever a law requiring it. And I promote by the ability to do the job, not by seniority or race or sex or age.

      If you were running a company that had to compete in the market, would you rather have a loyal dedicated staff or a grousing unhappy staff?

      You are complaining about the hiring of part-time workers. The major cause of that is Obamacare. Nobody wants more employees of a part-time nature unless there is a very good reason. Obamacare has given many low margin companies that reason.

      Before you make silly claims about child labor and sweat shops, first put yourself into the shoes of business owner who must compete for business.

      1. Justin Napolitano December 6, 2012

        Well Bill, You sound like a saint. Have you considered being beatified?
        Just because you are a fair employer does not mean that many other employers follow your lead. Here in Florida the average wage is about $12.00 an hour. Try supporting a family on the wage.

        1. montanabill December 6, 2012

          I have supported my family on a minimum wage much less than $12/hr. I also made sure that I was not going to spend my life doing that. The bottom line is that if you don’t want a life on welfare or minimum wage, you must take personal responsibility for your life and carefully consider the options and decisions you must make. You must develop a skill, work ethic or product that others are willing to pay for.

      2. Del WS December 7, 2012

        The increase in part-time workers started long before Obama became President. It’s been a way to avoid paying overtime or benefits for years. But if you want to blame it on our President, go ahead. I don’t care if you’re wrong.

        1. montanabill December 7, 2012

          True, but greatly accelerated because of Obamacare. Fact.

    6. onedonewong December 6, 2012

      There wasn’t any CHOICE in MI it was a closed shop and you paid union dues whether you belonged or not…no different than Slavery

      1. Del WS December 7, 2012

        You CHOSE to work in a closed shop and you probably chose it because the wages and benefits , negotiated by the union, were a little better than other places in the area. You didn’t want to belong to the union and you didn’t, but you enjoyed what the union and its members worked to get. If you thought dues were too much to pay in exchange for more money, better benefits, and representation, no one stopped you from going elsewhere. Or did you not want to give up what the union gained for you?

  2. tman000 December 6, 2012

    God Bless them, It’s just they can’t seem to believe the loss, so to get out of their depression the GOP thinks bucking the system is something that will help the “blues” they feel, and the denial that’s so hard to get away from when addicted… Oh well “time heals.” God Bless America…

  3. Sherry Belanger December 6, 2012

    What is going to happen to the companies that abuse the ‘right to work’ workers with low pay, no benefits, and no concern for the workers saftey. They will be the cause of a society of people who can’t afford anything, much less the ability to support themselves–then who will be buying your products-be careful what you wish for—and for all the nay sayers who are against unions, you have benefited from unions weather you want to admit it or not. Enjoy what you have now because it will soon be something of the past, will you still be looking up to the GOP then ? And a lot of you self proclaimed republicans–don’t you realize that you are part of Romney’s 47 %–if you think for one minute that they care about your future, then you must be looking at the world with your heads up you ass.

  4. ej3 December 6, 2012

    This type of law should actually be called the Right to Work for Less or Sweatshop Protection Act.

  5. Onofre J. Escobar Rivera December 6, 2012

    “Right to Work” is a catchy name, but in reality it means: Rigth to Work for less money, work for less benefits, work for less everything. Hopefully Michigans can get rid of this right wing proponent in the next election…assuming he is up for re-election…

  6. lighthousejustice December 6, 2012

    You might notice that the governor exempted both law enforcement and fire fighters from the his “free to associate” bill. If this freedom is so good, why would he not want these folks to enjoy the same liberties as the rest of the state will now enjoy. Hmmm, maybe he is actually being more than just a little disingenuous. He has already clearly drawn the lines of allegiance AND THEY HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH FREEDOM OF ASSOCIATION. Within minutes of this announcement Michigan State Troppers were MACING a block of protesters. PURE MICHIGAN! Ya’ll come on up.

    1. Kurt CPI December 6, 2012

      Absolutely right. Good point.

  7. caroline r December 6, 2012

    Lots of luck to the people in Michigan. Welcome to being royally screwed by the compnay you work for and poor wages.

  8. Deskjet December 6, 2012

    Unions are “For the People, Of the People, And by the People”
    The people who don’t like unions have never worked for one!!
    I worked for I.A.M Union and U.A.W. and made better money and had better working conditions than other manufacturing companies in my area.
    Unions are “For the People, Of the People, And by the People” and gives the member a voice in his or her life and future. Of course there are times labor unions don’t work and it’s to bad when this happens but it does.
    But if you want a voice in your future and life JOIN a UNION!!

  9. Cookie Pacheco December 6, 2012

    Just send out cards that the workers will sign that states they want dues taken out of their checks. They have the right to have this done. If it is refused then it is discrimination.

  10. Hillbilly December 6, 2012

    I live in a right to work state and I know what it is like to work for a non union company and a union company. When I worked at the non union place I made minimum wage and no matter how hard I worked or how much work I did I didn’t get pay raises while the people that were the bosses pets were given raises no matter how little they worked and the quality of their work and saw people fired because the boss didn’t like the outfit they had on. I couldn’t believe the difference in the way the people were treated on a union job from a non union job. At the union job hard work was rewarded and everyone was treated equally no matter what their job was. Union job you have to be told why you are being written up or fired and the union will fight to keep your job if the company doesn’t have a just cause to fire you or write you. On a non union job your boss can walk up to you , say you are fired and walk away without telling you why he fired you. I wonder if any of the anti union people have any idea how many men, women and children died on the job before the unions came into being and how many were killed by corporations thugs when they started forming unions. Also have they ever stopped to wonder what working conditions today would be if the unions had not been formed. I have and I know our working conditions today would be on par with working conditions in third world countries if it weren’t for the unions.

    1. William December 7, 2012

      Its really “Right to Work You to Death”

    2. William December 7, 2012

      Its really “Right to Work You to Death”

  11. Deskjet December 6, 2012

    Calling it a ”workplace fairness and equity” bill, Synder, the former CEO of Gateway Computers, shied away from both the “right to work” euphemism that anti-union forces across the country use and the “freedom to work” slogan that’s being used by groups associated with the Koch brothers’ American for Prosperity.
    People!! People!! People!! if you don’t unionize your life is not yours!! Your life will be run by the Kock Brothers and I’m sure they don’t give a hoot about YOU!!!
    Working conditions will return to the 20’s and 30’s sweat-shops!! (a shop employing workers at low wages, for long hours, and under poor conditions.) NEED I SAY MORE???

  12. Gerald Rust December 6, 2012

    Another reason why the working class should not vote Republican, ever…. And a very real and serious reason why you should “NOT” have voted Republican in past elections. Better wake up people, this is not the Republican party of your parents, and grandparents. This is Corporate sponsored GREED, and they can not get enough!
    Indiana just had this ALEC sponsored “Right-to-work-FOR-LESS” legislation imposed on us, by our backstabbing governor Mitch Daniels, who, during his last campaign, told those gullible enough to believe it, that he would not try to pass RTW in Indiana. But, that’s exactly what he did to us !
    “Good Luck” to the working people of Michigan. And I hope you don’t get the “Right-to-Work-For-Less” forced on you, by those who were elected to serve you……………

  13. Deskjet December 6, 2012

    From the time of Nixon,Reagon, Bush, Republicans have been working by slowly convincing people UNIONS ARE BAD!!
    DON’T LET THEM BRAIN WASH YOU!!! Men and Women have been fighting for workers rights since women was given the right to vote!!! Unions Made America!!!
    But the greed of the RICH has sent jobs to China and elsewhere to undermine American workers.

  14. Ken Atwood December 6, 2012

    All you have to do is live a Right To Work For Table Scraps state for a short time and see just how much fun it is for employers to offer little in the way of benefits and workers slaving away for just over minimum wage. I knew Snyder’s name was familiar. That hack had control of Gateway Computers for a time, and he nearly bankrupted the place. Now that bastard’s trying to turn the working man’s clock back to the turn of the century. FIGHT BACK, folks! The GOP is NOT the working man’s friend. If they get their way, labor rights will look something like they did in the late 1800’s, when there were NO labor rights.

  15. amarquez647 December 6, 2012

    I am a mechanical designer. At one time, I left NJ for Orlando FL. I am highly skilled and the last 10 years of my career I taught engineering graphics and AutoCAD. I have worn a mustache and beard since my early twenties. To be able to work in Orlando you cannot have facial hair. It is not the law in Orlando to be clean-shaven, but if your company does anything for the Disney Corporation, your employees cannot work on their projects if they had facial hair. Only Mr. Walt Disney could wear a mustache. Everyone, unless they were actors assigned to a character with facial hair, has to be clean-shaven. I would not shave.

    Florida is a right to work state. What that means is that a coworker did not have to join the union or pay union dues. That incapacitates the unions. Unions are workers protections against unfair employer practices. When they cannot solve a problem, they hire labor attorneys to protect your rights.

    We should work to live, not live to work. When employers can tell you what you can and cannot do on your own time, who your associations should be, what political party to belong to, it is the employer who is dogging you and not your government. And if it is your government dogging you look for religious or ideological zealots, or plutocrat pulling the strings. Those plutocrats that own your bosses and political leaders

  16. Michael Stoll December 6, 2012

    This would be excellent news for Michigan and real bad news for the Liberal Communist Utopia known as Illinois . All anyone needs to do is look at the DEM Union Communist Utopias like California and Illinois to see that Sanctuary Union Dem States dont work and are drowning in debt . Then you can look at free market right to work States and see that they do work . Point Set Match ….Peace Out drops the Mic…;oud thud … massive feedback fade to silence………

    1. Justin Napolitano December 6, 2012

      Nice Mike, the next target of the Republicans is to get rid of Medicare. I hope you are a millionaire because you are going to have to pay for your own health care in retirement.
      If you are still working be sure to give up your vacation time, health insurance, sick time, pension, and dignity. These things were won by the unions you’ve now decided are not needed.
      Good luck pal, you are going to need it.

  17. Peter Baroun December 6, 2012

    almost everybody is a part of some kind of union they can blow smoke up their own butts

  18. ococoob December 6, 2012

    Aren’t unions people too! How come not for them, but, ok for Citizens United to stink up our political system?

  19. Mimi2kool December 6, 2012

    The GOP has been waging war on the middle class for years now. Are some people finally just noticing it?

  20. Sa Janes December 6, 2012

    The math is so simple I guess people just refuse to believe it.

    Corporate executives/major stockholders compensation have seen jaw-dropping increases in their compensation packages–to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars per annum–while the unions have continued to capitulate to cost and benefit cut demands.

    While the Auto Industry executives flew to Washington to discuss their bailouts in separate private luxury jets, workers were pushed into further loss of salaries and benefits.

    You have insanely wealthy CEOs jumping out of their limos and pointing fingers at hourly-wage line workers, screeching: “If you don’t give up all this collective bargaining garbage, we’ll send your jobs to China and India.

    Ideally, the GOP would like to see the average American worker’s salary reduced to the level of workers in Cheng Du, China–63 cents per hour–all while claiming that their ever-increasing wealth will create more jobs.

    Once we lose our rights to collective bargaining, while finding it more difficult to register to vote, American workers will be living in underground rabbit-warrens in one-room cells just like our Chinese counterparts, while the Romneys and the Snyders and the Blankfeins add another car elevator and horse stable.

  21. EZ2figure December 6, 2012

    Never listen to a Republicans’ words, unless you understand that what he says is rarely consistent with what he does. The shams of Michigan promise better things, when the facts prove that “right to work” states have injury rates twice that of “non-right to work” states! The reason is simple! Unions protect workers, and require union companies to provide for safety issues. while the Tea Party seeks to lower wages, which lowers the average income of all workers!

    If we destroy union guaranteed pay practices, then corporations will no longer have to compete with union pay for the best workers!

    The GOP is interested in profits for the rich, not a wealthy populace of Middle Class Americans!

  22. Ellen Ross December 6, 2012

    What a lot of drivel! “Pro-worker!” This is a sad day for Michigan with its rich labor organizing tradition.

  23. Don B December 6, 2012

    Looks like they prefer slave labor (as does Apple in China).

  24. FeFe Fox December 6, 2012


  25. Mikey7a December 6, 2012

    I have lived and worked in Florida(the mother of all Right to Work States),
    most of my adult life. I was a cook, not getting more than a High School education.
    I out worked almost everyone else. Never called off sick, double shifts, seven day weeks,
    for months on end. My reward as soon as I reached a certain hourly wage, let go!

    Why keep a guy who will demand higher wages, when you can hire minimum wage
    folks constantly? Training you say, excellent worker you say, NO, none of that
    matters. It was just cheaper to keep hiring untrained, unskilled replacements!

    Now I’m disabled at 56. My heart gave out. No benefits, no insurance, $865. a
    month from Social Security and OH TYVM my $85. a month in food stamps.

    So Montanabill and your ilk, don’t tell me about how wonderful a Boss you are, in
    a Right To Work State!

    1. William December 7, 2012

      I’m sure he thinks he’s a great boss, but I see his story change in his posts. In one he tells you how he pays his employees so well and then he talks about being able to support his family on minimum wage. I’ll need to talk to his employees before I can form a opinion, of course there names will not be reviled.

  26. Jean C December 6, 2012

    You folks are now enslaved to the “right to work much harder for next to nothing” Mark my words, you shall see. Get these greedy slobs out of office now!!

  27. Dan107 December 6, 2012

    They’re doing it now because they’re a lame duck state legislature. Republican numbers are going down next year and they won’t have the votes. The republican hatred of America’s middle class continues. White guys with slaves is on their agenda.

  28. Bob Ridge December 6, 2012

    The Unions to day are nothing but the long ago Mafia and run by heathen thugs .

    1. AliciaSolis December 7, 2012

      Must be a person working for peasant wages..How’s that working for you? You don’t know of what the hell you speak…

  29. onedonewong December 6, 2012

    This a great law rather than allowing workers the ability to join or not join a union, MI required everyone to pay union dues whether they agreed or disagreed with the union. In effect they were required to pay homage to the union goons.
    This is Unamerica a FREE country and states that still have this requirement should be prosecuted by Holder and the Justice for Slavery which was outlawed by the 14 amendment.
    As for the auto bailout comment and the unions taking wage and benefit cuts that’s a bunch of Huey…the only folks who losy $$ were the taxpayers but the biggest losers were the bond holders. They lost every penny when Barak confiscated their holdings rather them being 1st in line to get bad back they got nothing. Their billions of assets were GIVEN to the union no strings attached other than endorsing obama and working on his campaign

    1. William December 7, 2012

      You don’t know what slavery is but I hope you are able to find out, the sooner the better.

      1. onedonewong December 9, 2012

        Sure do its called a closed union shop

  30. William December 6, 2012

    Another liar in the GOP, big surprise, big business is their only concern. Next will come worker protection and workplace safety. I’m from Michigan and it’s sad to see what the GOP is doing to its workers. Funny how they have all these fancy catch words to mask the real results of their actions.

  31. stormie2 December 7, 2012

    I wonder if the nerd, Snyder will let me opt out of paying income taxes. I should have the freedom to not pay state income taxes.

  32. Theresa R December 7, 2012

    I’m a Union Member!


    We WORK HARD to support our Families!

    We’re NOT the PROBLEM,
    and we’re NOT the ENEMY!


    The RICH created this problem,
    and they’re pitting the Middle Class Families against each other.

    FIGHT BACK ! Join a UNION !

  33. charleo1 December 7, 2012

    What do we suppose will be the going wage in this Country, in 10 years, if the Republicans
    finally succeed in destroying the Middle Class? Do we suppose that wage will support a family?
    Buy a home? Help pay tuition, so our kids can get a solid education? Prepare for our own retirement? And what will this Country look like, if somehow they manage to enact all the policies
    they are now trying to put into place? What happens to the less educated, the working poor, when
    those jobs they hold now, are filled by the former Middle Class? And finally, how high must
    the profits be, before the wealthy say, well, I’ve got plenty here. I think I’ll make my employees’
    workplace safer. Give them an increase in salary? And even though I don’t have to, I’ll spend
    some of my profits, so I don’t pollute the water, and air, like I’m doing now. I wonder what
    this Country will look like in one hundred years. If Republicans always had it their way?

  34. JOAQUIM December 7, 2012

    Slavery without chaines!

  35. Davekzy1 December 7, 2012

    The sheeple voted republican. They will get what they voted for, Then they’ll blame Obama!

  36. AliciaSolis December 7, 2012

    Great for the folks in Michigan…May you choke on this law..The “right to work” is the right to be fired for nothing and “the right to work” for peasant wages..Enjoy it…

    This state is as stupid as the one I live in with slave labor wages,i.e., state of Florida…

    1. William December 7, 2012

      It does not matter if it is State or Federal the GOP is the same, they all think alike. Since Snider was elected he cut taxes on business but also started taxing pension plans. Just shows their no new taxes only applies to to business and the Rich. I can only hope people will open their eyes before its too late.

  37. lambypie December 7, 2012

    Those that work in “Right To Work” states call it the “Right To Fire” state firing with no just cause which causes the employee not to be able to collect unemployment. The whole concept sucks. It never ends does it!

  38. lunabkat December 7, 2012

    Whatever the GOP decides it wants to do, run. It won’t be good for you if you are a middle class American. They want to punish us for not voting in Romney. Let the spankings commence!

    1. William December 7, 2012

      Hate to think what it would be like if Romney had been elected, remember he wanted to pass a national right to work you to death law. at the same time he was sending Delfi to China, only after raiding their pension ! WAKE UP !!!

  39. quasm December 7, 2012

    I don’t understand how a right to work law takes away anyone’s right to political action. Can’t workers still donate and work for any candidate or cause they choose?

    Dik Thurston
    Colorado Springs

  40. vcbruno2 December 7, 2012

    The Word is MANDITORY. It says nothing of the right to have a Union. You can have whatever you like but dont take what I dont give.

  41. vcbruno2 December 7, 2012

    Good for them. Just like is is fair for a state to require you to join a union if you dont want to. They are there. If I wanted to work in New Jersey and the company has a union. You cannot work there unless you work for the Unoin. That is wrong. The Company should have the right to hire whoever they want. I am a nurse and applied to a state hospital that was unionized and it was required for you to join the union. I said NO and did not get hired when I had already gotten the job. I dont think the unions should have that much control. That was wrong and there was nothing I could do about it.

  42. Raymond Brytan December 7, 2012

    “Freedom to Work?” How about “Freedom to hold wage earners over the barrel?” Compare wages over recent years to executive compensation and corporate profits, then tell me who is getting their fair share.

  43. norman December 8, 2012

    “Right to Work”? or “Right to Eternal Slavery”? I wonder which is closer to the actual truth?

    1. Sierra111 December 11, 2012


  44. BLINDED BY THE LIGHT December 9, 2012

    to see the glorious benefits of right ot work states visit Alabama. we are last in everything but the negatives. the progressiveness of unions is offensive only to suppressors of citizens. they are going to create a revolution that will ruin america for themselves as they are trying to ruin it for working class people. i hope its at the ballot box and not in the streets but i am not optimistic. america has some sereious domestic enemies that will have to be dealt with eventually . their digging their own graves and they have just about bottomed out.

  45. grothman December 9, 2012

    Here in GA they took “right to work” one step farther. They innacted some of the most draconian pro-business, anti-worker legislation in the country. Employers can ennact universal non-competes keeping you out of job for 2 years, anywhere in the country. If you fight your non-compete, you are no longer up against your employer, it’s you fighting the State of GA. And judges have to protect businesses over employees — really its that bad.

    1. Sierra111 December 11, 2012

      So sad and disgusting!

  46. Sierra111 December 11, 2012

    I can see right through this. Any worker who DOES have union dues deducted from his/her paycheck will be subject to harassment, etc. by the company management. And these people call themselves ‘religious’ conservatives!

  47. 1standlastword December 12, 2012

    Gerrymandering districts and a lame duck session whitewash political tactics is not what I call a “winning hearts and minds” strategy.

    The “r”epublican party is a desperate and defeated party that resorts to mafia family methods to remain consequential

  48. Srinivas Jayaraman April 7, 2013

    Auto companies are going to burn themselves if they recruit low wage labor using right to work law. Quality will suffer as low wage worker will only do the minimum required and there is no motivation to think. They will work as an uninspired worker who knows that if he put his heart and mind at work his reward will just be to keep his job with no prospect of advancement. Welcome to stupid Republican administration.


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