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Why That Bizarre “Russian Dossier” Can’t Be Ignored

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Why That Bizarre “Russian Dossier” Can’t Be Ignored

Fox News Napolitano picked up British wiretap tale from Russia Today

To see Michael Flynn depart his White House post in a miasma of misconduct — amid memories of his “lock her up” bluster about Hillary Clinton at the Republican convention last summer — was satisfying. To hear that he might be replaced as national security adviser by someone saner is reassuring.

But Flynn’s ouster is only the first chapter in a potentially historic scandal that has scarcely begun to unfold. The contradictory accounts and explanations offered by presidential counselor Kellyanne Conway, press secretary Sean Spicer, and others around Donald Trump left crucial questions unanswered.

According to the most plausible version, Sally Q. Yates, then the acting attorney general, informed the White House counsel’s office in late January about NSA intercepts of conversations between Flynn and Russian Ambassador Sergei Kislyak. Transcripts showed that contrary to public assertions by Flynn — bolstered by Vice President Mike Pence — the retired general and Trump campaign adviser had discussed with the ambassador the possibility of lifting sanctions imposed on Russia by President Obama. Accompanied by a Justice Department national security official, Yates told White House counsel Don McGahn that they feared Flynn might be vulnerable to Russian blackmail.

The same day, McGahn informed Trump and senior aides about Yates’ concerns. But the president did nothing to contain or curtail Flynn for more than two weeks — until he requested the national security adviser’s resignation on February 13. At the next day’s press briefing, Spicer said that the “erosion of trust,” rather than any actual wrongdoing, had forced Flynn’s removal.

What Flynn did exactly, and under whose auspices, are important questions that must be answered publicly. While he may not have incurred criminal liability by lying to the vice president, he could be in trouble if he lied to the FBI — which is investigating the Russian entanglements of Flynn and others. Eventually, he may have to testify before Congress under a grant of immunity. In the meantime, Trump could easily declassify transcripts of Flynn’s “perfectly normal” conversations with Kislyak — both before and after Election Day.

Yet instead of acting to reassure the public, Trump is complaining about “leaks” from U.S. intelligence services. Such whining ill befits a man who urged the Russians to hack Hillary Clinton’s emails and then repeatedly celebrated the Wikileaks exposure of stolen Democratic email files. Besides, it is now obvious that Trump would have done nothing about Flynn, the “kompromat” national security adviser, had the leaks not exposed this dangerous situation.

Beyond Flynn’s dubious conduct, however, and the Trump White House attempt to cover it up, an even deeper problem is festering. The allegations in the controversial dossier compiled by former British intelligence agent Christopher Steele are increasingly plausible, even if still “unconfirmed” — supported by independent reporting and circumstantial evidence. Steele’s investigation allegedly uncovered a web of clandestine and illicit connections between Trump, his associates and campaign staff, and Russian government and corporate entities close to President Vladimir Putin — and the dossier included copious details, including specific plans, conversations, and relationships.

Now, as politicians of both parties recognize the imperative to investigate the Russia connection, the Steele dossier will provide a roadmap.

Just last week, CNN reported that U.S. intelligence officials have confirmed — based on American communications intercepts — that some conversations among Russian officials and others occurred exactly as described in the dossier. Those findings have  “given US intelligence and law enforcement ‘greater confidence’ in the credibility of some aspects of the dossier.”

The Steele dossier also described an enormous proposed payoff by the Russians to Trump and his associates, who were to receive 19 percent of Rosneft, the state-owned Russian energy firm, in exchange for guaranteeing the end of US sanctions under a Trump presidency. Then at the end of last year, an unprecedented deal involving Rosneft shares actually occurred — when Russia privatized 19.5 percent of Rosneft under mysterious circumstances.

The supposed buyers were Qatar’s sovereign wealth fund and Glencore, a huge resources company (founded, ironically enough, Marc Rich, the late trader whose pardon by President Bill Clinton in 2001 provoked a furor). According to Reuters, the true buyers of the Rosneft shares remain unknown, hidden behind a series of shell companies in the Cayman Islands. Such a hidden selloff of public property is mind-boggling — and deeply suspicious.

Nothing has been proved yet except that Flynn is a liar, and that Trump’s crazed and chaotic White House failed to discipline him until there was no other choice. Now the Republicans who knew Trump was unfit to serve will have to rein in this perilous presidency. Had they only put country above party last year, they — and we — would not be facing this crisis.

Joe Conason

A highly experienced journalist, author and editor, Joe Conason is the editor-in-chief of The National Memo, founded in July 2011. He was formerly the executive editor of the New York Observer, where he wrote a popular political column for many years. His columns are distributed by Creators Syndicate and his reporting and writing have appeared in many publications around the world, including the New York Times, the Washington Post, The New Yorker, The New Republic, The Nation, and Harpers.

Since November 2006, he has served as editor of The Investigative Fund, a nonprofit journalism center, where he has assigned and edited dozens of award-winning articles and broadcasts. He is also the author of two New York Times bestselling books, The Hunting of the President (St. Martins Press, 2000) and Big Lies: The Right-Wing Propaganda Machine and How It Distorts the Truth (St. Martins Press, 2003).

Currently he is working on a new book about former President Bill Clinton's life and work since leaving the White House in 2001. He is a frequent guest on radio and television, including MSNBC's Morning Joe, and lives in New York City with his wife and two children.

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  1. I Am Helpy February 16, 2017

    The dossier also implicates Jill Stein as receiving cash from Putin, at the very least paying for her 2015 Moscow visit (she has never said who paid for that trip). So that photo showing Putin, Flynn, Stein, and Assange’s father neatly encapsulates the whole sordid mess.

  2. Aaron_of_Portsmouth February 16, 2017

    It is totally beyond the realm of possibility to expect that the GOP would have done anything if Flynn’s transgressions hadn’t come under a cloud of suspicion. Partisan politics is like a cancer deeply embedded in the souls of those who either aspire to be politicians, or who eat, sleep, and drink politics every day of their lives as a required regimen over coffee, at the water cooler at work, or after work vegging out on FOX and the FOX ticker tape and Hannity and company’s nauseating pedestrian commentaries.
    Were the deplorable details of Trump and the GOP remained veiled in secrecy, business as usual would still be the norm. But now the GOP is in a bind, and for good reason.
    Decades of greed and lust for power and influence has so dulled their sense of morality that they have become like hollow robotic individuals sustained by the deadening effects of political ideology—a fatal trait inherited by those who immigrated to America from the Pilgrims up to the surge in the 19th-20th centuries of new immigrants to America. Carrying with them the seeds of national/group rivalries which were common features raking Europe for centuries, the contest between dissenting and contentious groups continues along political lines. The prize of such political wrangling is dominance, money, influence, and a need to force other groups to follow the stronger side’s agenda, and force compliance with their way of thinking

    This is a vicious cycle that has to come to an end. A perpetual combative attitude in every aspect of social interactions and in governance is painfully untenable and glaringly out of place, especially in the 21st Century.

    1. FireBaron February 16, 2017

      Unfortunately, Aaron, the GOP still isn’t doing anything about it. The committee chairs that should be taking the lead in this investigation are sitting on their thumbs, still talking about investigating Hillary’s emails!

  3. tina.roberts. February 16, 2017

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    1. yabbed February 16, 2017

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  4. Dominick Vila February 16, 2017

    Radicals or incompetents like Flynn, Bannon, Conway, and Spicer are a concern, but that is not what is threatening our security and way of life. It is as disingenuous to believe that Michael Flynn acted alone and spontaneously in promising the Russians that the sanctions imposed by President Obama would be lifted as soon as Trump became president, as it was to believe that an obscure Lt. Col. named Oliver North was responsible for the Iran-Contra deal. The problem is not the gang of idiots or leeches that now occupy the White House, but the man sitting in the Oval Office. He appointed them. He promised to lift the sanctions, and have a friendly relationship with Russia even after it became known that the Russians had hacked our political system and influenced the outcome of the 2016 election, and he is the one that has praised Putin knowing he ordered the genocide in Chechnya, the annexation of the Crimea, the invasion of eastern Ukraine, and the genocide in Syria. In fact, Trump has insinuated that we may join Putin and Assad in Syria!
    Is it utter incompetence or is he so beholden to Russian oligarchs, and has the potential to make considerable amounts of money if he pays for play, that he is willing to, in effect, betray the United States and make a mockery of every our country stands for?
    The fact that the Kremlin has a dossier on Trump is not surprising or unprecedented. The question is what is in that dossier, besides Trump’s debauchery, how it compromises his ability to govern effectively, and how disgusting the contents are. Trump’s tax returns would likely show a glimpse of what is in that dossier, that’s why he will never release them. Something is very rotten, and it is not in Denmark.

    1. Jaimedtorres February 16, 2017

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    2. Ruby Rott February 16, 2017

      If Congress does it job, if the citizens stay vocal, the executive office and staff can be controlled. No more can we rely on a “them” to manage our country, regardless of which political party dominates. With any elected official, what is promised and what is delivered seems to diverge after the election. Fortunately, a tripartite government can be ponderous to preform and for good reason.

    3. Theodora30 February 16, 2017

      I actually think Bannon is manipulating Trump. Bannon has been involved in the alt-right “Traditionalist” movement for a long time. It is a powerful, international movement to combat liberalism and secularism with Christian (often Catholic) white nationalist, authoritarianism. There are powerful, well organized Traditionalists in the Catholic Church – Cardinal Burke who is openly opposing Pope Francis is one and is an ally of Bannon. I wouldn’t be surprised to find that those rogue FBI agents in the NY office aren’t part of this movement. According to what I have read (Politico, I think) most of them are conservative Catholic men. The conservatives on our Supreme Court are all Catholics who clearly prefer rule by the elite. Pat Buchanan is part of the Traditionalist movement and a big Putin fan.
      Putin is also part of this movement. “Putin’s Rasputin” Alexsandr Dugin is a very influential Traditionalist. Putin is also aligned with the very conservative Russian Orthodox Church.
      Trump is not smart enough or organized enough to have a well developed world view. Bannon, on the other hand, is a manipulative, evil genius. I think Trump admires Putin for being an autocrat who has used his power to enrich himself but I just can’t seem him having the discipline or brains to care about anything other than his own ego. Clearly Russia has the goods on him so Bannon will be able to keep him in line if he veers off course.



  5. plc97477 February 16, 2017

    If they had put country before party they would not have been republican.

  6. ivory69690@yahoo.com February 16, 2017

    how can so many people be so blind and stupid ? with all the B/S already known about DONNY DUMP not see that he is and will bring the country down deeper then ever before if he stays in the house . its all a big joke to the DUMPSTER CLOWN that’s it at the end when he bury the country . he then has all the stuff he planed to have for his DONNY DUMP CLOWN SHOW an unreality TV show ! its strange and stupid of people (all people ) to not understand just what DONNY DUMP is all about . watching the Shawshank redemption last night and the warden of the prison reminded me of a DONNY DUMP . may he meet the same end as the warden (still to good for that clown ) don’t all these people know by now and understand the DUMPSTER ? to meet with him one should know he is all BULL and lies . little Marco the DUMPSTER PUT HIM DOWN SO MUCH . and he is still going to have a meal with him .what he enjoys being belittled by the little handed clown car driver . when will people wake up to see just what the DUMPSTER is ? a DUMPSTER FILLED WITH BULL & LIES . this whole thing to DONNY DUMP is all a joke he is playing the country and all of the American people making any and every one he comes in contact with look like a fool . also making ALL OF AMERICA a laughing stock to the world . people have to know and understand things will never get better with the DUMPSTER in the house thy can and will only get worse . the DONNY DUMP clown thrives of the attention . he is an addicted junky to attention (good or bad don’t matter to the clown ) its his addiction junky FIX . that’s his DRUG ATTENTION ! the government needs badly to save the country and get (and make it a law for any President ) a full psychological evaluation examination . DONNY DUMP is not of sound mind . if anything he has a pea brain with the attention span of SLUG OR TIC

    1. Dan S February 16, 2017

      Yup it’s safe to say he’s dumber than a banana slug. Is it no wonder why everyone is watching SNL these days getting their highest ratings in 22 years. Kind of ironic the Dumpster actually hosted back in 2015 and he was NOT funny one bit. BTW I too love Shawshank Redemption. It’s a classic

      1. ivory69690@yahoo.com February 16, 2017

        another movie I like is Tom Hank the green mile I think that the name of it . as for DONNY DUMP he just wants the DONNY DUMP CLOWN SHOW on unreality TV

  7. Dan S February 16, 2017

    And at last summers GOP convention there was Flynn chanting with the crowd to lock her up. Now it appears Flynn himself may be locked up if he did in fact lie to the FBI. There is karma and he’s about to get his comeuppance ????

    1. Theodora30 February 16, 2017

      I would love to see protestors outside his home shouting “Lock him up!!”

      This administration is repeatedly guilty of projecting its misdeeds onto others.

    2. Eleanore Whitaker February 16, 2017

      I also recall Flynn saying, “If I did one tenth of what SHE has done….” He has done more than 1,000th of what Hillary has EVER done.

      The worst case scenario is that now that Flynn is the second disgruntled military to defect to Russia, Flynn has cast a terrible dirty pall over the military. They can’t be happy about that.

      I always thought the military dealt with its “own” when they found a traitor among them.

    3. Dominick Vila February 16, 2017

      Don’t be surprised if the administration engages in distractions to make us forget the Flynn episode, and Sessions refocuses the attention of the Justice department on anything but an investigation into this issue. The reason for that is because an investigation is likely to reveal that the man behind the whole thing was none other than Trump.

      1. Eleanore Whitaker February 16, 2017

        The only thing Trump could possibly do to make Americans forget Russia hacking into our election is to fabricate a false terrorist attack on U.S. soil.

        I think what Dems are most concerned about is that the GOP will redoux their Benghazi style investigation and focus only on how to make Trump look innocent juxtaposed to what they did to Hillary.

        Sure does seem now those Benghazi hearings that had Hillary on the spot for 11 hours were nothing more than a “distraction” so the media couldn’t focus on election rigging and election fraud.

      2. sigrid28 February 17, 2017

        Newsweek is running an interesting story on how intelligence services working for our allies in Europe are recording conversations and following communications by Trump and his cronies in order to protect themselves, our allies, from the fall-out of Trump’s possible alliance with Putin. Of course the explosive dossier Joe Conason discusses above is from Britain, so this should come as no surprise to us. I am encouraged by this turn of events, because it takes the principal actors out of Trump’s sphere of political influence. The combined efforts of interlocking intelligence agencies among allies may be the only way to pry Trump’s hands away from his prize: wealth from Russia’s fossil fuel reserves. He has to get the sanctions lifted to get his hands on it.

        1. Dominick Vila February 17, 2017

          Lifting the sanctions that President Obama imposed on Russia in retaliation for their interference in our internal affairs, would also result in the full implementation of the Exxon oil deal, profits for Trump, Manafort, and Carter on their Rosneft investment, and a bonanza for Putin and his associates. The challenge for Trump is to figure out a way to do it without being too obvious. Yesterday’s incoherent rambling offered a glimpse into his strategy. He is turning himself into a patriot, an underdog being attacked by “fakers”, and a man that inherited a mess abroad and at home.

          1. sigrid28 February 17, 2017

            I’m always debating with myself about whether or not Trump is sly. Certainly his self-pity is part and parcel of the con man’s playbook, in which the con man tries to convince the dupe that there is something only the dupe can do to “help” the poor, vulnerable con man. Trump does this instinctively with his whining and then preening when his crowds scream: It’s a variation on “Clap loudly so Tinkerbell can live!” Like the audience for “Peter Pan,” his followers adore this kind of magical thinking, closely akin to playing the lottery every week in order to end up a multimillionaire.

            Outside this bubble, Trump comes off as the Whiner-in-Chief, creator of his own mess, and a pathological liar. Those not in the bubble, who voted for him in desperation, must be beginning to feel the sensation of being used by him, even if they cannot explain why they feel that way. His luxury vacations every weekend at Mar-a-Lago would be enough to dispel any pity he tries to stir up within them, watching his comings and goings on TV in shoddy rentals that take the place of homes they once owned before being foreclosed on by Munchin who now heads Trump’s treasury. Once these foreclosed on risk-takers recognize that they have been duped by Trump after taking a chance on him, Trump and Republicans will be in trouble.

            Every con man knows you have to gull the dupe quickly and run like the wind, because in putting a con over on the innocent, time is of the essence. That’s why the spokesmen on those amazing food chopper ads talk so fast.

          2. Dominick Vila February 17, 2017

            I could not agree with you more. One thing that baffles me is the claim his supporters make about him being tough, after listening to him during “press conferences” such as the one he held yesterday, when he engaged in incoherent diatribes, confrontational arguments with reporters, and his answers were focused on a mix of self adulation and trying to portray himself as an under dog facing evil opponents and tremendous obstacles. The latter may be influenced by the fact that he has no idea how to fix the challenges we are facing, or because he finally understands the consequences of his rhetoric on issues such as the one-China policy, at a time when we need China to moderate Kim Jong Un.

      3. JPHALL February 17, 2017

        Do not forget H. Clinton. She is always the perfect distraction from Repugnantcan missteps.

  8. The lucky one February 16, 2017

    Spicer said that the “erosion of trust,” rather than any actual wrongdoing, had forced Flynn’s removal. But Sean, if there was no wrongdoing why was there an “erosion of trust”?

    1. Eleanore Whitaker February 16, 2017

      Oh puhlease….Spicer knows where the true “erosion of trust” is…Trump himself. The day Spicer stands before his Maker in final judgment is he going to make the excuse that “I trust Trump?”

      The reality of corporate life is that no one can trust anyone because the CEO is more like a Manchurian brainwasher. All he has to do is point and delegate and that can make anyone disappear. Some of us know disappearing before that pointing and delegating is the only way to retain our sense of self-respect and integrity. It’s our personal way of flipping the bird before the “bird” flips us.

  9. yabbed February 16, 2017

    Where is the John Dean of this Constitutional crisis? First one to give it up is the one who comes out best. There is big money to be made in books and appearances for the first to soil the beans. And we all know it is coming …

  10. FT66 February 16, 2017

    Trump is a big conman and a crook. He opted to work without getting any salary while knowing where he will extend his hand and pay himself. If he has a lot of money as once he claimed (“Am Very Rich”) and doesn’t need more, why is he hesitating to release his Tax Returns, so we can see how rich he is. Folks, we were screwed up in a big way.

  11. stsintl February 16, 2017

    Flynn and Bannon are Trump’s tutors on “White Supremacy” and Islamophobia. Based on what Trump said about Flynn during yesterday’s press conference with PM of Israel, Flynn may be out of sight but not out of mind. He’ll remain Putin’s mole in the Trump Whitehouse. A new “Axis of Evil” seems to be emerging with Putin-Bibi-Drumpf on it.
    May God help us and bless America.

    1. ivory69690@yahoo.com February 17, 2017

      what help the country and the world needs now is the kind of time of the killings of John F. Kennedy and Robert F. Kennedy, brothers this is the best thing the CIA can do today for the world save the world CIA and heck join in FBI right your wrong

  12. ivory69690@yahoo.com February 16, 2017

    now the GOP gang of pinheads want to help the mentally disable to be able to get guns . well id be fore that BUT you have to tell those poor deranged people (like DONNY DUMP ) that you have the right to get a gun to defend yourself against anyone you feel want to bring you harm . and let them understand who the people are that want to take away their ACA healthcare and let them know that these people to take away your ACA healthcare plan will be a big time harm to you and you have to defend your self from these people that want to harm you . save your selfs from harm that these harmful people want to do to you . thy are threatening your life to take away your ACA healthcare . so you have to defend your self from them . and the government has given you the tools to defend yourself and protect yourself from harm . also tell these mentally disable people to watch out for theres so many out there that want to bring harm to you and its your right to defend yourself . if you see some one that has a gun (any one ) make sure and watch them for thy have a gun that can harm you and its your right to protect yourself from them . and you should defend yourself first don’t wait for if you wait then it could be the end of your life THE ONE YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO DEFEND AND STAY ALIVE . you don’t know what one is thinking that has a gun . so make sure you don’t let them harm you . for you having a full mentally disability you still have the right as all others have to defend and protect your self from harm . and as for the GOP gang of pinhead’s that want to take away the ACA healthcare and also want to let the mentally disable have guns thy should push that and one with a mentally disability should get a discount when thy buy their gun . ALL MENTALLY DISABLE PEOPLE should be able to get a 50 % DISCOUNT ON FIRE ARMS . just get from your state the card ID that show you are truly mentally disable with your PIC on it so you can show it to the GUN DEALER and he then can give you 505 OFF YOUR FIRE ARMS . this to me seems ok and right if be it that the GOP gang of pinheads want to give the mentally disable guns . why just stop at getting them the guns ? why not help them even more and get them 50% off . you know if thy are mentally disable more then likely thy don’t have a lot of money so GOP HELP THEM MORE that way

    1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth February 16, 2017

      The GOP has a tumor on the brain shaped like a gun. The obsession with the 2nd Amendment defies all common sense and logic, and the sheer ninnyhammer of a proposal to allow the mentally ill to have the right to own guns speaks volumes of some sort of group insanity consuming the GOP.

      1. ivory69690@yahoo.com February 17, 2017

        ok all has to believe DONNY DUMP when he said the election was rigged the only truth he spoke . he enjoyed saying this all along for the election was rigged ( FOR THE DUMPSTERS SIDE ) not just Russia was involved in it you have to add the FBI and the COMA COMEY clown . no matter how much he falls out on the pic one has to know he was a main part of this whole thing . one can see the slip up he made when he said he cant (by FBI rule ) comment on any on going investigation . if this is the FBI rule of thump then why would he have made any statement of the on going (bull crap ) investigation on Hillary Clinton ? COMA COMEY is so tied into this . as ive stated before mark my words either one of two things will happen 1 COMA COMEY will come clean at some point and tell all . or you will find he killed himself and later will show he was murdered . as for the DUMPSTER don’t be surprised to find out what Russia’s PUTTHEAD has over DONNY DUMP . during the Miss Universe pageant in Russia (at that time ) PUTTHEAD HAS PICS AND OF VIDEO of the DUMPSTER with 2 young girls on maybe 12 and the other 13 . and then it will show and tell that the DUMPSTER FULL OF BULL was o have had sexy with one of then children and that the 2nd one didn’t want to with him so he just raped her . is this too far fetched ? I think not . as I find DONNY DUMP so easy to read this I feel is something right down his line of doing . is this what Russia’s PUTTHEAD has over the DUMPSTERS head ? well lets just say its real close to it . and one cant trust COMA COMEY or any of the FBI to investigate anything just as the GOP gang of pinheads either cant be trusted either the DUMPSTER said it was rigged because he did the rigging of it all

  13. ivory69690@yahoo.com February 16, 2017

    is this post crazy ? if so more or less crazy as the GOP gang of pinheads ?

  14. Eleanore Whitaker February 16, 2017

    Now that there is a Russian spy boat sitting off the coast of Long Island and a Russian spy plane entered US air rights off the East Coast, it is time for the CIA and FBI to stop hiding those “classified documents.”

    What on earth can be worse to this country than day after day watching Trump savage our Constitution? Our democracy? We have the right to know what that dossier says. There is nothing “classified” about the sexual deviancies of the nut in the White House.

    No matter how much the Republicans try to Cover UP what they knew and when they all knew it, they have NO Control over what our U.S. Allies in Europe will disclose for us.

    So either the FBI stops protecting the GOP and discloses the information in that dossier or the FBI and GOP will see it outed all over Europe’s media.

    While right wingers love to lob this mess on the Dems, Hillary and Obama, how do they justify that our European allies are willing to do what Republicans refuse to do? How does the right wing try to control European allies media? They can’t.

    The very idea that a micro control freak like Trump would become President by rigging an election has every European ally nervous because they know Trump would sell out the entire U.S. and all of our allies to Putin for the right price.

  15. Eleanore Whitaker February 16, 2017

    My personal favorite is Trump’s tweet late yesterday. “The media has been very, very, very unfair to Flynn.” BS. Conway was the one who misled the media by saying on Sunday that the “president fully supports General Flynn.” Two hours later, in a Spicer news break, Spicer claimed the president was looking at the situation.”

    Yes. I’ll just bet Trump was “looking at the situation.” From HIS viewpoint. Not Flynn’s. He was trying to do what he always does: Damage control that wouldn’t decrease his power and might.

    Now, he plans to hold a campaign rally in Florida on Sunday. Yes folks. Any predictions on “what” the campaign will be about? A. The fake media trying to sabotage poor lil Trumpie? B. The investigations that Trump feels is “unfair.” C. “I won the election by electoral votes.” D. All of the above and anything else he can dredge up.

    1. InGen12 February 16, 2017

      He’s had so much dislike thrown at him since he took office that he needs a rally’s reaffirmation that he’s the greatest. Hopefully, the crowd that shows up will be small – like him.

      1. Eleanore Whitaker February 16, 2017

        All anyone needs to know about Trump is that he loves audience approval, the sound of cheers and clapping and the hope that he will be loved and worshipped by the public.

        He’s had so much dislike thrown at him because he never learns when to shut his mouth. He didn’t mind all the leaks about Hillary but how dare the media leak anything about him.

        He will do what he always does. Promise to pay an audience to appear. Remember when he tweeted how he had 6 million at his swearing in? It was later found he had less than 600.

        But the part I love is how he took the shot while meeting yesterday with Netanyahu to puff up his maniacal ego by lying and saying he “won the Electoral College with 360 votes.” The reality is he won only by 261 votes. And that single vote should be questioned. In fact, since it is legislators who choose the electors from their state, ALL of the Electors should be investigated.

        1. Proud Liberal February 16, 2017

          If he was innocent, he would be asking for investigations. Instead, he is going after the leaks. That’s a problem.

          1. Eleanore Whitaker February 16, 2017

            He can try to prevent the Intel community from any more leaks in the U.S. He has no power to do that in Europe. Not unless he wants to revoke all of our trade agreements with European allies and cut the U.S. off completely from outside media.

            Sometimes, I think fools rush in where wise men never go. The more the right wing, Republicans and Trump try to hide what they did, the more the all too obvious questions fly.

            To prove what an absolute boob Trump is, he actually thought he had the power to silence anyone who works in critical areas of government. This is an ice bath for him. He is too used to pointing and delegating to his automatons.

          2. Dominick Vila February 16, 2017

            He is going after who is leaking information to the press because if Flynn is summoned to testify under oath, he may reveal that he was acting on Trump’s behalf when he gave reassurance to the Russian ambassador. This may be the tip of the iceberg in Trump’s Russian connection.

          3. mike February 16, 2017

            Bravo Sierra!

          4. Sand_Cat February 16, 2017

            Foxtrot Uniform!
            All your “cleverness” doesn’t change the facts, and never did. If you really care about the country as you claim, it is becoming clearer and clearer that you are a hapless dupe with Trump’s inability to admit a mistake or the smallest of faults. It will eventually reach the point where all your denial is likely to ring hollow, even to you. Will you then have the guts to face it?

          5. mike February 16, 2017

            Your hatred and delusion continues. Time will tell but I believe you will be wrong again showing you as the same old poor loser you have been since November.
            Why can’t you get it? Obama and democratic social warriors, identity politics cost you WH, Senate, House, Governorships and close to 1000 democratic state legislature seats. You are on wrong side. Get over it.
            Think about this, we are only in the 27th day of 1460 days and you have already turned yourself inside out, apoplectic. My gosh you will be a shadow of yourself when his first term ends. ????
            See you later Henny Penny!

          6. Independent1 February 16, 2017

            Your posts have become so totally obvious nonsense that no one here is reading them past noting that it’s ‘mike’. Give it up- we
            refuse to waste our time reading your pathological drivel!!

          7. mike February 16, 2017

            Obviously you continue to live in La La Land.

          8. Aaron_of_Portsmouth February 16, 2017

            Are you as functional illiterate as Trump? The two of you no longer can discern truth from fiction, the imaginary from the substantial.

          9. Eleanore Whitaker February 17, 2017

            Tell you what…I dare you to try and stay at Mar-a-Lago….bet you’d get the boot faster than a Democrat. Put your money where your mouth is.

          10. mike February 17, 2017

            More of your silliness.

          11. Aaron_of_Portsmouth February 16, 2017

            Mike, you’re still on a maniacal rampage, just like your idol, Trump.
            Conservatism has poisoned your mind and you have no idea what is happening upstairs.
            Ignorance of ignorance is a deadly poison, for the mind and the soul.

          12. mike February 16, 2017

            You’re wrong again. Not surprised though since you too live in La La Land.
            Trump is chewing up and spitting out the legacy of Obama. Good riddance.

          13. Eleanore Whitaker February 17, 2017

            Mikke is raging because he knows that Trump is being outed every time he opens his mouth.

            If I were a betting woman? I’d say in the next while, Trump will fly all too close to the flame of guilt about the electoral college votes. If the DNC was hacked by Russians, why not the Electoral College? After all, these electors are hand picked by their state legislators. Should we trust Republican state legislators knowing they handed up a rigged election?

          14. mike February 17, 2017

            The Trump Derangement continues. LOL!
            Frankly, I think you are insane with such babble.
            29th/1460 days under Trump and there is not a damn thing you can do but whine.

          15. Eleanore Whitaker February 17, 2017

            Of course Trump is deranged. Men with more expertise in the field of psychiatry than your shrink would tell you that.

            Frankly, I find you to be a useles pustule who should be squirted out of existence by a professional dermatologist.

            Trump will be gone in another month. You can count on that. And when he is, pusbag, so will you.

          16. mike February 17, 2017

            If you weren’t so delusional I would find you one funny person. TDS is all yours.
            I am afraid your prediction of Trump gone in month will be wrong again. As to me? I don’t think so!

          17. I Am Helpy February 17, 2017

            The stench of desperation coming off you is overpowering, traitor.

          18. ivory69690@yahoo.com February 17, 2017

            well well I can see there’s no washing needed for your pea brain . for your just a DONNY DUMP BRAIN DEAD FOLLOWER only flushing down the bowl can help get YOU the waste out &be gone

          19. mike February 17, 2017

            Keep those Foxtrot Uniform(F**ked Up) comments coming. They continue to show just how irrational you continue to be.
            Day 29 of the Trump Administration. Stay tuned to the demise of the Obama legacy.

          20. ivory69690@yahoo.com February 17, 2017

            stated from a moron ITS YOU >>(You can’t even get this right. It’s Foxtrot Yankee) nun the less your post shows your deranged brain washed or better brain dead head pathetic , ignorance’s and arrogance has to be the true blood that keeps your deranged pea brain going its im sure nice and warm where your head’s true home it and your best thoughts come when you fart out of your head home . demised Obama you say . well you trying to be one on the clown car driver true clown followers (you’re on the right track ) being brain dead is what the DUMPSTER seeks . as for all the great hope OBAMA did the great white DOPE DONNY DUMP will be using more of the Obama’s plan then you think just the EGO GREEDY clown will try to change the ACA or what you see as Obamacare healthcare to the DONNY DUMP DONT CARE health care plan (im thinking the only ones that sign up for that plan) would only be BRAIN DEAD DONNY DUMP FOLLOWERS such as your self as for being F**KED UP . I truly believe its not your fault you’re that way it has to be from your birth or hatched I lean for the latter

          21. mike February 17, 2017

            My gosh, your hatred is quite amusing. Obama’s legacy is toast, get over it.
            Trump is president and there is not a damn thing you or the left can do about it. Get over it, so stop your whining.
            No, being foxtrot uniform is all yours.

          22. ivory69690@yahoo.com February 17, 2017

            stay hidden behind your keyboard punk where your safe . as for your DONNY DUMP B/F I see it like this pretty much the same way the DUMPSTER did his 5 bankrupts that clown car driver will bring himself down . and then YOU of his brain dead followers can pick the POS up and love him . for his fall will just bring him down to where your dead brain is

          23. ivory69690@yahoo.com February 17, 2017

            your DONNY DUMP b/f WILL MAKE HIMSELF FALL LIKE HIS 5 BANKRUPTS and you the brain dead followers that hide behind your keyboard where your safe can try to pick up your clown leaded when he falls

          24. ivory69690@yahoo.com February 17, 2017

            PS OH YA BTW if you want to try to have a battle of wits I see it you only would have 3 extra letters of NIT in front of wit and we both know that would be a bad battle for you that you would be going to UNARMED and have nothing to defend your worthless self . bye brain dead DONNY DUMP clown wanna be its ok I guess for you anyways to set your standard’s at the lowest possible place (im on the side you wont even get to the lowest standards . then again im sure your use to that

          25. mike February 17, 2017

            Your Superiority Complex is showing again.
            Your irrational behavior continues.

          26. Eleanore Whitaker February 17, 2017

            You have no complex. You have only mental complexities that need professional help. Any man who condones a thug like Trump should be institutionalized as a potential domestic terrorist.

          27. mike February 17, 2017


          28. Eleanore Whitaker February 17, 2017

            For an amoeba who has the value of a sand flea, you would roll on the floor and laugh your LARD butt off. Why do you even bother? How much is Trump paying you? Or are you one of Trump’s unpaid employees who hopes for the best?

          29. mike February 17, 2017

            Your silliness continues.
            Where is Hillary? You know the smartest woman in the world who didn’t even know how bad a campaign she was running. Hillary 0-2 running for president. Both of you are losers. How appropriate.

          30. Eleanore Whitaker February 17, 2017

            That’s an easy one to answer…She was exxonerated from that BS Benghazi investigation. Where is Gowdy? Not such a big mouth now is he?

            Hillary won the popular vote by 3 million more votes than Trump and your boy just can’t stand that. He also knows that the Electoral College votes were rigged.

            Where will Trump be by the end of 2017? In prison for election fraud? You are the loser. You condone anything you know is illegal. What kind of nut are you?

          31. mike February 17, 2017

            You crack me up with your stupid remarks.
            Popular vote means nothing in the General Election. It’s the EC, stupid.
            Trump will be in the WH at the end of 2017 and deleting more of the Obama legacy. Life is good.

          32. Eleanore Whitaker February 17, 2017

            Well that figures. A pus bag crack pot always cracks up. Be honest now Mikkee…I manage to make you wish you were as intelligent and educated. Trump will be gone by May of this year and due to the Eisen/Painter lawsuits, the ACLU lawsuits, the NJ lawsuits..your boy is TOAST. Get ready Mikeee moron. You will not see your boy in the Smithsonian or on any monument. We don’t allow traitors and Russian Commies to get that honor. Grow up little balls. Your bounce is not high enough to make it to the NY Islanders basketball team.

          33. ivory69690@yahoo.com February 17, 2017

            ok seems to be too complex for you ill make it simple like you . you’re just a moron punk hiding behind a keyboard . yes im thinking this very well can be to complex for you to understand

          34. mike February 17, 2017

            How funny coming from you.
            Thanks for the laugh.
            Day 29 of Trumps administration. Even new head of EPA’s was a bipartisan vote today.

          35. ivory69690@yahoo.com February 20, 2017

            funny you say ? the funniest thing of all for you brain dead clown is you looking in the mirror

          36. mike February 20, 2017

            Day 32 of the trump administration( not Hillary’s) and there is not a effin thing you can do about it.
            Here is where Democrats stand today. No liberal Supreme Court nominee. No control of House or Senate. Dems can slow down but not stop Trump agenda.
            Next 4 years should find you looking like a little pretzel.
            Keep trying mental midget!

          37. ivory69690@yahoo.com February 20, 2017

            you’re just a punk coward that hides behind your keyboard stay there where you’re safe you brain dead DONNY DUMP follower POS

          38. mike February 20, 2017

            ROFLMAO! Thanks for starting my week with a roaring good laugh.
            Ta Ta loser

          39. Sand_Cat February 17, 2017

            Talking about “my hatred” shows you’re as delued as ever and indulging the “conservative” habit of projection. Your reply doesn’t change facts, either. Just because you’re one of the idiots who voted for Trump doesn’t make your pronouncements any less credible; much the contrary.
            I’m not apoplectic: I’m laughing at you! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/a2e28c891cb0ba7252c61efc54a9d5f74a046d818de7eda702f5210b103f8f09.jpg

          40. mike February 17, 2017

            I see your post shows just how foxtrot uniform(f**ked up) your brain is!

          41. Sand_Cat February 19, 2017

            Never figured you for a lapdog, but there you are, down with the rest of the sycophants lapping up Trump’s vomit like it’s manna from heaven. You’re in no position to criticize anyone’s brain; you need help, just as he does.

          42. mike February 19, 2017

            How ridiculous!
            Another of your asinine posts. Your whole thought process reeks of sh** and desires to be labeled foxtrot uniform.
            Day 31 of Trump Administration and you can’t do a damn think about it. Your comments show just how little to nothing you have learned from November or why you got your clocks cleaned. The DP has no electable leader, has no identity or direction but does have a bunch of whinny little babies. Keep that anti-trump rhetoric going because it shows just how little and silly you have become.

          43. Eleanore Whitaker February 17, 2017

            Mikee always changes facts and truths. His mommy like Mommy Mary Ann Trump, told her little boy, Mikkeeeee can dooo no wrong! Good thing Mikee’s Mommy isn’t around to see what her little boy turned into.

          44. Thoughtopsy February 17, 2017

            Quiet tiny “mike”.
            Your drivel is messing up the thread.

          45. mike February 17, 2017

            As long as the Trump hysteria on the left continues I will not go away. You people continue to be whinny little babies.
            The left has been losing for the last 6 years but only you mental midgets couldn’t see it. You lost big time. The left lost WH, Senate, House. Weakest Democratic Party since the late twenties. You have no electable leader or identity.
            I’m not going away mental midget.

          46. Eleanore Whitaker February 17, 2017

            It isn’t hysteria moron. It is fact. YOu hate that Trump is a liar and gets his lies outed every time he, like you, opens his mouth.

            The left didn’t lose what a rigged election produced. The more Trump focuses on his Electoral Votes, the more guilty the GOP, YOU and Trump all begin to look.

          47. mike February 17, 2017

            Still spewing old fake news I see.
            Trumps 29th day and there is not a damn thing you can do about it. How Funny!

          48. Eleanore Whitaker February 17, 2017

            The only fake news is you faker boy. WRong moron. There are already 3 House and Senate investigations into Trump’s link to Russia. Trump’s 29th day won’t matter once we are rid of him and boy oh boy won’t I mash that in your moron face in these posts.

          49. mike February 17, 2017

            Keep dreaming.

          50. Eleanore Whitaker February 17, 2017

            No dreams moron. There are already 3 House and Senate Investigations into Trump’s all too cuddly alliance with Putin. Americans do not make nicey nicey to foreign leaders who hack into our elections. You are Russian comrade Mikeeeee?

            Or just a mentally ill power freak like Trump? You do realize you will NEVER EVER turn this country into your personal piggy bank or your personal ideological haven for lazy bums like you.

          51. mike February 17, 2017

            Looks like insanity runs in your family.

          52. I Am Helpy February 17, 2017

            Looks like treason runs in yours.

          53. Eleanore Whitaker February 18, 2017

            Still BSing I see? For a guy who has posted over 5,000 posts with NO followers and no one who thinks you are worthy of being called a human, I’d say you are the one down for the count.

          54. mike February 17, 2017

            Keep this up and you will institutionalized early than I thought.

          55. Eleanore Whitaker February 17, 2017

            Keep up YOUR BS and you will end up like Trump…in a federal prison if you don’t already reside in one on MY tax dollars. There is proof the Russians hacked into the election. You just haven’t the balls to admit it.

            What will you do when the CIA and FBI AND our European Allies get fed up with the Republicans trying to cover up your pigfaced pretender to the presidency’s guilt? You think you can stop the photos of Trump lapping up urine in his face?

          56. mike February 17, 2017

            Looks like the funny farm van is picking you up much earlier than I thought. So sad to see the depth you have fallen since November.

          57. Eleanore Whitaker February 17, 2017

            The only funny about you and your farm is how it seems to be centered in a mental institution. I should think by now you lily livered liars, chicken crap deceivers would learn not to mess with the majority rule in this country. Trump rating according to all polls except those he pays is 39%. Not exactly the 62% Obama enjoyed.

            But do kiss lardass Trump’s butt. WE love watching your lips meeting that tub of bacon.

          58. mike February 17, 2017

            Day 29 of the Trump administration. Where’s Hillary? Walking the woods?
            The funny farm van is closing in on you.

          59. Eleanore Whitaker February 17, 2017

            Geee mikkeeeeeee….what will you do when any day now the European papparazzi start putting those photos of your boy laying on a bed with Russian tootsies peeing on his face?

            We know where Hillary is…enjoying watching Trump make a total moron of himself and you.

            I imagine if you and Humpty Trumpty end up in the funny farm you seem so obsessed with, you two will be able to discuss how your Humpty had such a GREAT Fall.

            He is doing precisely what he promised…Making America GRATE again. Too bad, like you he misspelled the word “great.” Do yourself a favor….admit you are a loser…LOSER!

          60. mike February 17, 2017

            The Funny Farm van has arrived at your cave stay quiet and they might go away.

          61. Eleanore Whitaker February 18, 2017

            That it? Funny farm, funny farm, funny farm? You are repeating yourself like your demented old codger Trump. You know like when he says over and over how he WON the election by more Electoral College votes than “even Reagan.” Gee…funny farm, funny farm, funny farm Trump can’t even get that one straight and when the journalist Acosta provided him with the fact that he only had 300 Electoral College votes and Reagan, in 1984 had 525…What’s the matter funny farm boy? Can’t you funny farm president count?

            As a matter of fact, GWB had 271 Electoral College votes in the 2000 election to Gore’s 266…a tad suspicious that. But, Funny Farm boy…President Obama in 2008 received 365 Electoral College votes.

            Back to the funny farm for you moron.

          62. mike February 18, 2017

            Quiet! the Funny Farm van is still outside your cave. Your ridiculous and delusional statements about the demise of Trump makes you a very serious candidate for the farm.
            Remember Trump will still be president for the next 1430+ days and there is not a damn thing you can do about it. Hillary is toast, Obama’s legacy is being thown in the scrap heap, weakest DP since late 1920’s.
            Keep the ranting and raving going because each and every post shows just how nuts you are.

          63. Eleanore Whitaker February 18, 2017

            You are repeating yourself again Geezer boy. For a half man who has yet to leave his Neanderthal Cave, how would you know what lie just outside?

            Trump will NOT be president because we are going to take HIM DOWN. All we have to do is force his out like we did Nixon who thought burglarizing the WaterGate Hotel was just more right winger Conservative BS fun and games.

            Keep posting jerk. Like Trump, with every word, you prove what and who you are. Comrade Mikeeeee with the Putin membership card.

          64. mike February 18, 2017

            Silence, van for funny farm is still sitting outside of cave entrance.
            You can’t do a damn thing about stopping him. He controls agenda not the left. Left has at least 10 senators up for election in red states in 2018 won by Trump.
            Trump will get tax cuts, repeal and replace Obamacare as he promised. Should Trump get economy growing faster you can forget about 2018. People believe Trump over media. He is beating Dems at every level.
            He will continue to get away with his sometimes stupid remarks as long as he succeeds in getting economy really growing.
            In the last 6 years the left as lost at every level politically. You have no identity. Those running for top spot of DNC are left of Hillary, so good luck with getting the base back.
            Ta Ta loser!

          65. Eleanore Whitaker February 18, 2017

            Hey Comrade. I live in NJ remember? You morons of the right don’t get to rewrite Trump’s history in NJ. Sorry asshat.

            Trump is only focused on BUSINESS deals, not government, not foreign affairs. Every word out of his mouth thus far has not had a single element of substance.

            We in NJ know why he feels the need to get even with Muslims. Like you, he is a spoiled little boy who when he gets his fingers burned for having them too close to the flame, looks around and blames Mommy for not warning him for the 1000th time not to play near fire.

            So when he got the 3rd warning to cease and desist allowing money laundering at his NJ Taj Mahal Casino, he got a $25 million fine. He blamed the Muslim High Rollers and so now he is going to get “even” with all Muslims. Same with the Hispanics he hired en masse at the Casino on the Marina and the Taj. It was all fine and dandy when he could pay them barely minimum wage but when that $25 million fine hit him in his lard ass, he figured, “what the hell? I just won’t pay the employees the wages I owe them.” That worked until there were 3500 labor lawsuits filed by them through the NJ DOL. So now? He will get even with these employees he stiffed.

            Sorry pallie, but your boy is not a leader. He is a failed FAILED business crook by every definition of the word.

            Right now, he is in grave danger for using Mar-A-Lago as his advertising to foreign leaders. This guy has more conflict of interest lawsuits pending then you have hairs on your ass.

          66. Eleanore Whitaker February 17, 2017

            Mikee is like the Howdy Doody peanut gallery. He only pops up like Froggee with Andy Devine pushes Mikee’s Magic Twanger.

          67. Eleanore Whitaker February 17, 2017

            Mikee loves Mr. Obnoxious Trump. Don’t you Mikee? Isn’t that because like Bannon who has a record with Santa Monica CA police for beating hell out of his wife, you glory in all that Mr. MAN BS?

          68. Eleanore Whitaker February 17, 2017

            The noose around Trump’s guilty neck is tightening and he is desperate to do what he can. After all, as Putin’s comrade in arms, Trump does have to answer for the bad PR Putin is liable to get.

            Flynn lied to the FBI. Comey knew all about it long before Trump was sworn in and did nothing. That smacks of Comey playing defense for the Russian hacking, for Trump’s links to Putin and Flynn as the campaign liaison for Trump and Putin.

            The worst is that now Flynn has dirtied the military by making it appear that disgruntled military who don’t get government jobs head to Russia.

          69. Dominick Vila February 17, 2017

            I wonder how Trump is going to react now that the Russians are making fun of the mixed signals that Trump is sending regarding his relationship with the Russians. Along the same lines, he quietly backed off his opposition to the one-China policy, and China reciprocated by authorizing the Trump trademark request he had requested before he became President. Conflict of interest? Quid pro quo? Good thing Hillary never did anything even close to that…

          70. I Am Helpy February 16, 2017

            “The leaks are absolutely real. The news is fake.”
            This is an actual thing Trump said, and might even believe. He is insane.

          71. Aaron_of_Portsmouth February 16, 2017

            That’s the problem with being functionally illiterate. He starts with one premise, then contradicts it in the latter half of his thought. Definitely needs a full psychoanalysis—he should be able to pay out of pocket for years w/o a dent.

          72. Eleanore Whitaker February 17, 2017

            And when the journalist, Acosta, questioned him about that double entendre, Trump rudely and obnoxiously told him to “Sit down!”

    2. Dominick Vila February 16, 2017

      He is holding a short rally at the airport, in Melbourne, on Saturday. I know two people who plan to attend – to protest – but I would not be surprised if they turn out to be a minority in a crowd of people who don’t seem to be bothered by his unethical behavior, and by the distinct probability of issues that may force him to tolerate, and even support, Russian interference and aggression in exchange for silence.

      1. Eleanore Whitaker February 16, 2017

        This is so typical of Trump. First, he bashes the Australian Prime Minister twice. Now, he figures he make it look nice if he visits and further insists on breaking the pact set up by Obama and Australia to take in those Syrian refugees.

        This is another of the Trump end runs around the legal judgment that his travel ban was unconstitutional.

        1. sigrid28 February 17, 2017

          EW, just a little quibble. It’s Melbourne, Florida, right? I would love to be wrong on this and see the Trumpster take himself down under for a good long time. May a kangaroo poop on his shoe.

          1. Eleanore Whitaker February 17, 2017

            Sigrid, Yes. Mea Culpa. As you can guess, I have so little interest in anything in the Stars and Bars states that I wrongly assumed it was Melbourne Australia.

            However, yesterday I watched a CNN interview with one James Lankford of Oklahoma. He had the gall to insist that U.S. Intel had committed some kind of illegality because they collected data from Flynn’s communication. This is the same Okie nutbagger who didn’t utter a squeak when GWB wanted all American’s emails monitored. Now, Lankford claims that it is illegal to do that to poor, put upon Flynn.

            Why doesn’t Lank the Skank admit he is on the Koch Boys payroll and be done with it?

          2. sigrid28 February 17, 2017

            The Oklahoma folks, including Pruitt, seem to have undergone a neurological deficit, perhaps due to the pernicious effects of fracking gone wild in that state. I put Lankford in that group, though I didn’t see the interview you speak of–so am appreciating the heads up. About Pruitt, there is word of three thousand pages of FOIA materials he neglected to supply throughout his tenure as Attorney General in that state. If you didn’t see Maddow’s story on Pruitt’s involvement in the failure of the state’s execution process, on her show 2-16-2017, don’t miss that, if you have time. He and Trump are the same kind of anti-intellectual science deniers. Trump weaponizes this tendency of Pruitt’s by putting him in charge of the EPA.

          3. Eleanore Whitaker February 17, 2017

            I didn’t catch the Maddow Story on Pruitt, sorry to say. 3,000 documents? That does explain why the GOP is in such a hurry to swear Pruitt in.

          4. sigrid28 February 17, 2017

            It might be online on MSNBC–about a fifteen-minute segment. I’d be surprised if the knuckle-draggers even know about this.

          5. Eleanore Whitaker February 17, 2017

            Thank you. I’ll definitely look for it. If Pruitt as a state AG refused to adhere to FOIA rights, it is clear what these states are doing: relying on states’ rights they know they can alter to suit.

          6. sigrid28 February 17, 2017

            According to Maddow, Pruit was just plain old breaking the law the impunity, until a judge brought this up and demanded that the documents be turned over. Shows how Trump and his type feel they are entitled to break the law when it suits them.

        2. Dominick Vila February 17, 2017

          Reality is going to hit this idiot on the face when he approaches China to influence moderation in North Korea, and the Chinese respond by reminding him of his decision to challenge the one-China policy. One third of Americans may think that being irresponsible and immaturity is evidence of toughness, the rest of the world sees it as arrogance, immaturity, and a danger to peaceful coexistence.

          1. Eleanore Whitaker February 17, 2017

            Dominick, I heard this same thing from Malcolm Nance, a former CIA and NSA official in two prior administrations.

            I think what I find most loathesome about Trump is his and his supporters constantly repeating that he is a “different president.” That implies that 44 other presidents were all failures and only Trump is their savior? This from the very people who mocked and derided President Obama calling him “your savior?”

            Maybe, it’s because I live in NJ and know Trump is a world class BS artist, but I know he relies on audience approval to support his obnoxious behavior.

            One of the reasons Flynn’s replacement turned the job down had to do with the “dysfunctionality” and refusal by Trump to allow Flynn’s replacement to bring in NSA team experts. Trump doesn’t want experts. That would make him look stupid.

          2. sigrid28 February 17, 2017

            You probably saw this in the news cycle yesterday: An anonymous source close to Harward says Harward called the job a “sh!t-sandwich.” Word about working for Trump has, apparently, gotten out among the smart people in the military and around Washington.

          3. Eleanore Whitaker February 17, 2017

            Actually, what really surprises me is Netanyahu’s reaction to Trump. On our local NJ news station, there was a news clip shortly after Trump met with Netanyahu where Netanyahu claimed he had NEVER been greeted or treated “so warmly” by any U.S. president.

            If I were Netanyahu, knowing what he knows Trump is capable of, I’d walk as far away from Trump as most others are bound to do for the sheer fear of being exposed to the Trump cancer.

  16. ivory69690@yahoo.com February 16, 2017

    all has to understand DONNY DUMP’s DUMPSTER full of trash head . its him that is doing all the leaking . you al know he is and addicted junky . and his drug of choose is simply ATTENTION the fix for the clown . he dose these leaks him self for 1 reason the attention he so badly needs for his addiction . and 2nd he is a slimy scummy dirt bag . and in his deranged pea brain he want all to keep thinking all the BULL he can make all think to distract every one from his scum bagging clown tricks . he knows all are to think and not believe a word he says then its all good by him . for it then he can pull his BULL (what ever it is at any given time ) so he knows he only lies and then all know this too so any and every thing that go’s on to all its just more lies . he knows this because he tells the lies . and all know this because you fact check him all the time to the point you stop doing that because all know its just more lies from him . then when he gets called on his lies he just dose what he dose best and lies more about every thing . he throws all off with his lies so thy get tired . and then all say YA YAAA YAAAA to every thing . but the snake at that time is screwing more of the country and its people . he is doing this for his unreality TV show THE DONNY DUMP CLOWN SHOW and he is just making America be the clown show to the world

  17. ray February 16, 2017

    The repugs only care about power they don’t care about the country. Flynn better watch his back.

    1. Eleanore Whitaker February 17, 2017

      If you recall how WaterGate played out, Nixon was forced to resign even when the Republican Party cling for dear life to each other and tried to prevent investigations they knew would implicate Nixon and his WaterGate “Plumbers.”

      The difference is that while burglarizing the DNC headquarters at the WaterGate Hotel was bad and the fact that Nixon was in on it and did nothing, the issue of Russian hacking into an election is worse. Once the WaterGate Plumbers and Nixon were gone, that was the end of it.

      Not so with the datamining done by the Russians. To this day, we have NO idea what they did with all of the data they collected. For all we know, they could still be making use of it.

  18. Thoughtopsy February 17, 2017

    He’s corrupt, vain, stupid, and willfully ignorant.
    He’s also is incredibly pathetic when in front of the press. ESPECIALLY when with other world leaders… who look like geniuses by comparison.
    A ranting, raving, barely functional old man.

  19. ivory69690@yahoo.com February 17, 2017

    ok all has to believe DONNY DUMP when he said the election was rigged the only truth he spoke . he enjoyed saying this all along for the election was rigged ( FOR THE DUMPSTERS SIDE ) not just Russia was involved in it you have to add the FBI and the COMA COMEY clown . no matter how much he falls out on the pic one has to know he was a main part of this whole thing . one can see the slip up he made when he said he cant (by FBI rule ) comment on any on going investigation . if this is the FBI rule of thump then why would he have made any statement of the on going (bull crap ) investigation on Hillary Clinton ? COMA COMEY is so tied into this . as ive stated before mark my words either one of two things will happen 1 COMA COMEY will come clean at some point and tell all . or you will find he killed himself and later will show he was murdered . as for the DUMPSTER don’t be surprised to find out what Russia’s PUTTHEAD has over DONNY DUMP . during the Miss Universe pageant in Russia (at that time ) PUTTHEAD HAS PICS AND OF VIDEO of the DUMPSTER with 2 young girls on maybe 12 and the other 13 . and then it will show and tell that the DUMPSTER FULL OF BULL was o have had sexy with one of then children and that the 2nd one didn’t want to with him so he just raped her . is this too far fetched ? I think not . as I find DONNY DUMP so easy to read this I feel is something right down his line of doing . is this what Russia’s PUTTHEAD has over the DUMPSTERS head ? well lets just say its real close to it . and one cant trust COMA COMEY or any of the FBI to investigate anything just as the GOP gang of pinheads either cant be trusted either

  20. Eleanore Whitaker February 17, 2017

    There are 3 pretty amazing men at this very moment in time who could conceivably and virtually effortlessly take Trump and his clown car down. They are Steve Schmidt, Malcolm Nance and Norm Eisen. I saw an interview with these three men on CNN, Trump’s most hated media site. Ironically, Steve Schmidt is a Republican strategist. But, from his own words, he is an amazing patriot. Here is what he tweeted shortly after Trump’s press conference yesterday: “No American president has EVER comported themselves like this. Endless self pity, dishonest assertions and scapegoating. Three days earlier he tweeted: 23 days of constant lying by the WH means their accounts have ZERO credibility. None. This is why there must be a Senate Investigation.”

    Malcolm Nance as most know is a retired United States Navy Senior Chief Petty Officer in naval cryptology and author, scholar and media commentator on international terrorism, intelligence, insurgency and torture. He also authored the book, “The Plot to Hack America.”

    Norm Eisen is the former United States Ambassador to the Czech Republic. He assumed that position on January 28, 2011. He is now with Brooking Institution and with Richard Painter have become the go-to ethics experts on Trump’s web of complex business dealings and potential conflicts of interest.

    This is serious stuff folks. When men of this calibre come from different sides of the political aisle and have amassed the kind of expertise these men have, you know what’s coming for Trump.

    There is NO way Trump or the Republican Party can demand Americans shove the Russians hacking under a rug.

    1. sigrid28 February 17, 2017

      I saw these three on MSNBC last night, EW. I completely agree with you. It’s encouraging that they are making the rounds of cable news. As a Republican, I think Steve Schmidt exemplifies the kind of horror at Trump that one would expect to see among members of Congress–and yet they are silent, so far. Let’s hope they are watching these men as well, these Republicans that sooner or later will have to find a way to distance themselves from the Trump scandal or go down with him.

      1. Eleanore Whitaker February 17, 2017

        It actually restores my faith that not all in the Republican Party are like the Corn Pones and Mutton Chops. But then, as I recall, Steve Schmidt is a fellow New Jerseyan from Plainfield NJ. Not far from where I live.

  21. ivory69690@yahoo.com February 19, 2017

    and the DONNY DUMP SUMPSTER FILLED WITH HIS B/S go’s on and on and on >>the DONNY DUMP DUMPSTER filled with his bullying ego &attention addiction like a junky seeking his attention fix . he will fall once and for all mark my words . all at some point will catch up to the DONNY DUMP clown car driver . Russia’s PUTTHEAD has the DUMPSTER by the stones (as little as those pebbles are like the rest of the clowns package ) all PUTTHEAD has to say is ok you and I DUMPSTER had communications before the election . (weather it be by staff or directly (more likely both )and you and your staff assured me as long as I helped you win the election by the hacking of the emails and making it look like Hillary was all at fault . also with help of the FBI COMA COMEY . then you would make the sanctions go away like Flynn had told us . so PUTTHEAD will say I did my part . so now you do what you promised . what’s wrong with PUTTHEAD ? did he and dose he not know that DONNY DUMP is a pathetic ,compulsive, pathological liar ??? weather this be all BULL or not ( more then likely is all the truth ) if PUTTHEAD puts this out there (the truth ). this news will put the USA in a crazy bubble . and then it will be the DUMPSTER doing what he dose best being a (pathetic ,compulsive, pathological liar) to get himself out of it .

  22. ivory69690@yahoo.com February 20, 2017

    the thing about DONNY DUMP is just the LIES was there things that happen in Sweden ? yes . did it happen LAST NIGHT NEVER HAPPEN like the DUMPSTER said ? NO another lie. yes things happen in Sweden as thy have around the world with places that people are let in . BUT there hasent been terror and killings in sweden like in other places around the world .. the DUMPSTER loves to talk his B/S rant’s and the lies in his rants he trys his hardest to make all believe his B/S he twisted and adds hiud Bull to all just because he is an addicted junky . and his fix is attention

  23. ivory69690@yahoo.com February 20, 2017

    the thing about DONNY DUMP is just the LIES was there things that happen in Sweden ? yes . did it happen LAST NIGHT NEVER HAPPEN like the DUMPSTER said ? NO another lie. yes things happen in Sweden as thy have around the world with places that people are let in . BUT there hasent been terror and killings in sweden like in other places around the world .. the DUMPSTER loves to talk his B/S rant’s and the lies in his rants he trys his hardest to make all believe his B/S he twisted and adds hiud Bull to all just because he is an addicted junky . and his fix is attention !! the DONNY DUMP DUMPSTER is referring to news he heard on FOX NEWS you know the place where his clown buddy did what the DUMPSTER dose and has done himself assault and sexually abuses women . and he talks bad about all the media but turns to FOX NEWS for his BULL . like he hasent in the pass knocked even FOX NEWS and now its his # 1 place to get his INFO (what a clown the DUMPSTER is ) the fakeness truly comes mostly from between his ears where his pea brain is floating around all the empty space there . if anything else in is the space its all just the BULL crap the clown thrives on any troubles of BULL the DONNY DUMP clown gets and spreads around the world can very well cause harm to so many but for the DUMPSTER he could care less . he feels if what he says causes harm to anyone its his chance to get the attention the addicted junky needs . any attention (god or bad ) feeds his addiction junky attention he needs . it will all come back on him and his . then he will cry how why could and did this happen to me ???????????/


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