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Russia’s Pension Money For Its Veterans Flows Freely Into U.S.



  1. Dominick Vila February 22, 2017

    It takes a very creative mind to change old terms, such as spies, into emigres; and call their salaries pensions to former Russian soldiers living in the USA who need translators to communicate with people in their “adopted” country. I can’t help wonder how many Americans will complain about them not speaking English. Or how many of them are Slovenians working illegally in the USA. Fear not, none of them have to worry about ICE knocking on their door. That only applies to short, dark skin, “emigres”.

  2. ivory69690@yahoo.com February 22, 2017

    what’s wrong with normal people ? its like thy have eyes but cant see ears but cant hear brains but can seem to understand common sense . YESS RUSSIA had a lot to do with the B/S and doing what thy could to hack into the USAS election . but don’t be so blind and stupid people . see what’s in front of you . very clear (AND YES AT A TIME IT WILL COME OUT HOPFULY BEFORE ITS TOO LATE ) THE RUSSIANS DID THEIR PART BUT THE CHERRY ON TOP THAT TURNED IT ALL FOR THE POS DONNY DUMP WAS THE VERY AMERICA’S FBI . the COMA COMEY you all know this YES traitor of the USA the one that cant say yes or no on any ongoing investigation (well at least not on any on going investigation of DONNY DUMP and Russia’s PUTTHEAD ) but can talk out loud and long with big news headlines of the Hillary Clinton’s on going investigation . why is that so ? on going investigations on Russia’s PUTTHEAD &DONNY DUMP TIES id a BIG NO NO . but on going investigation on Hillary is a BIG GO GO ? mark my words either COMA COMEY will end up dead maybe shooting himself in his full of BULL HEAD and later find it was murder . and heck ill bet it will be said Russia murdered him . that’s one that will fall and one can bet on FLYNN ending up the same exact way will make it better if the first one is murdered and it go’s over well . heck why not do it again the DUMPSTER will say . one has to know how the addicted to attention DONNY DUMP needs that fix and want to do bigger then all else . making Watergate look like a boy scout trips compared to his BULL

  3. Aaron_of_Portsmouth February 22, 2017

    Which brings us back to the question: When will Congress show some spine, stop idolizing Party affiliation, forego treating Conservatism as being on an equal footing with the Bible and other Holy Books, each of which denounce this type of mentality and idol worship? Conservatives, with their annual foolish burlesque event called CPAC where they cavort about and preen themselves publicly to express adulation for each other, and their engaging in pagan idol worship in other venues, are fervid worshipers at the new altar of Trump—right next to the altar of Nixon, Reagan, Brietbart, FOX, the Klan, and adjacent to a monument in honor of the original “Dixiecrats” that made the fatal leap backwards in the 60’s.

    As long as Trump is riding shotgun for Putin, with horses like Priebus, Ryan, McConnell, Spicer, and Kellyanne pulling the wagon like the “fine-tuned engines” Trump says they are, Russia’s trolls will continue to get their pay for a heist of Democracy that paid off quite handsomely—for now.

    All these current events are being etched in chrysolite tablets.

    1. dpaano February 23, 2017

      Don’t forget Bannon…..

  4. Pavel Korchagin February 23, 2017

    Suppose further that the cash check to the parishes of the Russian Orthodox Church in the United States and its parishes and parishioners

  5. I of John February 23, 2017

    Careful Vlad, short changing vets is how the tsar lost it!

  6. Taylor Gibson February 23, 2017

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