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EPA Chief Scott Pruitt Is A CO2 Truther



  1. Lynda Groom March 10, 2017

    Such displays of arrogance and ignroance must be pointed out and called out each and every time. If the man wants to roll about in stupidity he can do it on his dime, not ours.

  2. Aaron_of_Portsmouth March 10, 2017

    It is odd and irrational for Scott to say he’s not sure of the impact of CO2, and in the same breath discount willy nilly the quantitative daily amassed. Unless Scott is a scientist masquerading in political garb to gain money, and has proof to dispel the opinion of scientists, then he should remain silent, resign from his ill-advised selection to the EPA, and do more careful independent analysis of possible effects, or non-effects, of change in temperature and its impact on the ecosystems to bolster his opinion.
    Just offering the pathetic excuse “I don’t believe there is a sizeable contribution by humans”, without the evidence to support a flimsy guess, is nonsense and a sign of severe intellectual impairment. Such intellectual impairment linked with an incurious mind, such as Pruitt’s, should not be rewarded with an appointment to any department in government.

    1. dbtheonly March 10, 2017

      But entirely is consistent with the Republican concept of privatizing profit and socializing costs and expenses.

    2. dbtheonly March 10, 2017

      But entirely is consistent with the Republican concept of privatizing profits and socializing costs.

      Some of our resident RWs sing the praises of the “free hand of the market”. I can not see how “the market” can function unless the expenses adequately are accounted for. Until polluters pay the costs of their pollution, the “free market” is a sham.

  3. rednekokie March 11, 2017

    He is a definite blight on the national governmental level, because he knows exactly nothing of which he speaks and works toward. And, in his position, he’ll do more damage to the past 50 years of environmental safety work.
    I’m sorry that he has been elevated to his position — but I can tell you we are delighted he is finally out of Oklahoma.
    Time for the rest of the nation to take pot shots at the s.o. b.

    1. Dapper Dan March 11, 2017

      And to think how much we whined in the 80’s about Reagans EPA chief James Watts. I remember when St. Ronnie had proclaimed that trees are polluters. Regrettably Republicans are genuinely not very bright and shall I say dumber than a bag of rocks ????


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