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Senate Health Care Bill Would Leave 22 Million Without Insurance

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Senate Health Care Bill Would Leave 22 Million Without Insurance


By Yasmeen Abutaleb and Susan Cornwell

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Twenty-two million Americans would lose insurance over the next decade under the healthcare bill drafted by U.S. Senate Republicans, a nonpartisan office said on Monday, an assessment that will likely make it more difficult for the already-fraught legislation to win support for speedy passage.

The Congressional Budget Office’s assessment complicates the task ahead for Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who must find a way to reconcile the demands of moderate Republicans concerned about people losing their insurance and conservative senators who say the bill does not do enough to repeal Obamacare.

Several moderates Republicans, including Susan Collins of Maine, have already said they could not support a bill that resulted in tens of millions of people losing their insurance.

The CBO estimated that in 2026 49 million people would be uninsured under the Senate bill, compared with 28 million under the current law. It also estimated that the Senate bill would decrease the budget deficit by $321 billion over 2017-2026.

The CBO score is likely to amplify criticism from industry groups such as the American Hospital Association and American Medical Association, which said earlier on Monday that the Senate’s bill violated the doctors’ precept of ” first, do no harm.”

President Donald Trump and his fellow Republicans in Congress have been pushing to repeal and replace Obamacare, Democratic former President Barack Obama’s signature domestic legislation.

Republican leaders want to hold a vote on the bill before the July 4 recess that starts at the end of this week. Republicans have only a 52-seat majority in the 100-seat Senate, so McConnell can lose just two Republican senators, relying on Vice President Mike Pence to cast the tie-breaking vote. No Democratic senators have said they would back the bill.

Earlier on Monday, Republicans released changes to their healthcare bill, adding a measure that would penalize people who let their insurance coverage lapse for an extended period, following criticism that the original bill would result in a sicker – and more expensive – insurance pool.

The original Senate bill had dropped the Obamacare penalty on those who do not have insurance. Experts had warned that canceling the fine could lead to a sicker pool of people with insurance, because young and healthy people would not face consequences for failing to purchase insurance.

The revised bill would impose a six-month waiting period for anyone who lets their health insurance lapse for over 63 days and then wants to re-enroll in a plan in the individual market.

The version of a healthcare bill passed by the Republican-majority House of Representatives last month includes a provision also aimed at those who let their insurance lapse for more than 63 days, allowing insurers to charge a 30 percent penalty over their premium for one year.

Under Senate rules, the bill must replicate savings projected in a House version of the legislation that passed last month. The CBO found that the Senate bill saved more than the House, clearing one critical hurdle.

Democrats have assailed the Republican healthcare proposals, and Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer strongly criticized the new waiting-period provision, saying in a statement that tens of millions of Americans experience a gap in their healthcare coverage every year because of job losses or temporary financial problems.

The provision “would pour salt in that wound, locking American families out of health insurance for even longer, thanks to this six-month ban provision,” Schumer said.

The American Medical Association said it was especially concerned with a proposal to put the Medicaid healthcare program for the poor on a budget, saying this could “fail to take into account unanticipated costs of new medical innovations or the fiscal impact of public health epidemics, such as the crisis of opioid abuse currently ravaging our nation.”

Jun.26 -- The Obamacare replacement plan put forward by Senate Republicans would increase the number of uninsured Americans by 22 million while slashing funding for Medicaid, according to an estimate by the Congressional Budget Office. Bloomberg's Anna Edney reports on "What'd You Miss?"

At least four conservative Republicans – Senators Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Ron Johnson and Mike Lee – have expressed opposition to the original draft legislation, saying it does not go far enough in repealing Obamacare.

Moderate Republican Senator Dean Heller said on Saturday that he could not support the Senate bill as written, and some other moderates have either withheld judgment or expressed doubts about replacing Obamacare with legislation that is similar to the House version.

They are concerned that the party’s approach to healthcare would cause too many people, especially those with low incomes, to lose health coverage. The CBO estimated the House bill would cause 23 million people to lose insurance.

Republicans have targeted Obamacare since it was passed in 2010, viewing it as costly government intrusion and saying that individual insurance markets are collapsing. The legislation expanded health coverage to some 20 million Americans, through provisions such as mandating that individuals obtain health insurance and expanding Medicaid.

As he did during the House negotiations, Trump has personally pushed for a Senate bill, calling fellow Republicans to mobilize support.

White House spokesman Sean Spicer said on Monday that Trump had talked over the weekend to Cruz, Paul and Johnson, as well as Senator Shelley Moore Capito, “and I think several others.”

A spokesman for Paul said the senator and Trump had a “productive call” and that Paul was open to working with the president and Senate colleagues on improving the bill.

America First Policies, a political group run by former Trump campaign staffers, said it would air healthcare-related attack ads against Heller, who faces a competitive re-election race next year. “Why did @SenDeanHeller lie to voters about #RepealAndReplace? He’s now with @NancyPelosi. NOT GOOD! #HellerVotesYes,” the group tweeted on Monday, referencing Representative Nancy Pelosi, the top House Democrat.

Health insurance companies have expressed concern about the bill’s plan to cut Medicaid and the impact on state governments as well as the prospect of losing Obamacare’s mandate on individuals to buy insurance.

Insurer Blue Cross and Blue Shield said in a statement on Monday that it was encouraged by the steps in the revised bill to make the individual insurance market more stable, including strong incentives for people to stay covered continuously.

If the Senate passes a bill, it will either have to be approved by the House, the two chambers would have to reconcile their differences in a conference committee, or the House could pass a new version and bounce it back to the Senate.

(Writing by Richard Cowan and Frances Kerry; Additional reporting by Richard Cowan, Eric Walsh, Susan Cornwell and Amanda Becker; Editing by Leslie Adler)



  1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth June 26, 2017

    ” American Medical Association, which said earlier on Monday that the Senate’s bill violated the doctors’ precept of ” first, do no harm.” ”

    Well, it has been made abundantly clear over the past few decades, with Ronald Reagan and now Mitch and Paul leading the way, that the motto of the GOP is “First, Do Harm”.

    Along with these mottos:

    a) “Get Elected by whatever means it takes, even if starting a race war or fomenting retaliatory responses against ‘the others’ “.
    b) “Look out for the rich—they are valuable assets to achieve motto ‘a’ “.
    c) “Stiff the lower classes, take advantage of those incapable of understanding how they’re being deceived, and use them as cannon-fodder”.

  2. Aaron_of_Portsmouth June 26, 2017

    The GOP has deceived itself for such a long period of time that they no longer are in touch with human beings other than those with deep pockets. And this maniacal whispering in their head about the perils of “government intrusion” is at such a fever-pitch that the GOP as a body needs to seek professional counseling, and undergo intensive reprogramming to remove this inordinate ringing in their ears about government intrusion

    The government over-reach excuse has taken on a life of its own, like some gigantic blob conceived in their minds that they “see” as a menacing force on the horizon wherever they turn, threatening to gobble up all of America in their Joe McCarthy-like minds.

    During McCarthy’s era, it was the constant fear of Communism. And now, the GOP has invented a new danger, and have composed a new drum-beat—“Government Over-reach”.

    1. Independent1 June 27, 2017

      Aaron, my guess is that the GOP is using the fake excuse about “government intrusion” as their current ploy to cover up their real intent which is being able to run our state and federal governments ‘on the cheap’. Look at what Tillerson is doing in the State Department – not filling positions desperately needed for our government to run an adequate foreign policy. And what could be his reason other than the GOP fixation with running everything on a bare bones budget so the upper 1-10% can keep more tax dollars in their pockets to buy more yachts, throw more parties, do more traveling , buy more houses, etc.

      But what Republicans seem to be too clueless to understand, is that this running governments on the cheap for whatever is the GOP’s latest excuse of the moment, actually is endangering our foreign policy and may end up costing lives (possibly even theirs) should some danger to our country appear and there not be people open in our government to effectively deal with that danger. See this:

      Trump Is Endangering U.S. National Security With Vacant Positions, Cuts at State Department: Career Diplomats, Experts

      Empty senior positions and deep cuts at President Donald Trump’s state
      department are “dangerous” for national security and have eroded America’s power globally, according to former senior diplomats and foreign policy experts. In an address to civil servants and diplomats in Washington D.C. on Wednesday, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said funding cuts at the department are on the way. The remarks follow Trump’s budget proposal in March calling for a 28 percent slash to Tillerson’s department. The $10.1 billion cut could leave 2,300 U.S. diplomats and civil servants without jobs. The Trump administration has also yet to fill more than 107 senior department positions, according to government data.

      For more go here:


      And the GOP has a track record of running states on the cheap which is costing lives and lowering America’s overall longevity projections which is why America is now 50th in the world in longevity even below some developing countries. Republicans politicians fail to realize they jeopardize even their own lives when the shortchange governments but not having enough firefighters, policemen, building inspectors, people who ensure that companies run their businesses safely and on and on.

      It’s not by accident that 95% of the states where auto fatalities exceed the national average are all GOP-governed states. It’s clear evidence that those states are not doing an adequate job of ensuring that unsafe drivers are not on the road (like those under the influence of alcohol and drugs), and that speed limits are not excessive for the quality of the state’s roads (many GOP run states are rated as having very poor roads) and on and on. And this being unsafe extends to the healthcare systems in the majority of GOP-run states where Texas brings up the bottom of the pack with the worst healthcare delivery system in the nation – unless Texas GOP politicians run out of state every time they get sick, they’re jeopardizing their lives but inadequately supporting the hospitals in their state in trying to run Texas on the cheap.

      1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth June 27, 2017

        Those countless empty posts are really disturbing once we stop and think about this shortage. And Trump’s inability to think strategically and creatively is a big part of the crippling of the State Dept.

  3. Lynda Groom June 26, 2017

    Mission Accomplished. The GOP made a promise to the base for the last seven or eight years that they would destroy ObamaCare no matter the cost to the country. The fact that most Americans now want ObamaCare improved and only small number approve of tne GOP bill matters not. In the end the Senate will pass this aborative bill, claim victory over time the base will be damaged. Of course they will blame Obama or something equallly absurd.

    1. Independent1 June 27, 2017

      Hopefully that won’t come to pass Lynda – last I saw there were 5 GOP senators who said they wouldn’t vote for the bill and Senator Collins was on the fence supposedly based on the CBO’s scoring of the bill. Since the GOP can only afford 2 defections to get the bill passed – there appears to be a good chance the bill will fail.

      1. Eleanore Whitaker June 27, 2017

        The real danger is what happens when their well armed constituents watch a loved one die before their eyes for lack of affordable healthcare.

        They’d have no problem lining up the GOP in a firing squad. And their legal defense would be: “Self defense. Harm my loved ones and I protect them with all I have.”

        Not like that would be so unusual considering their Dodge City attitudes.

    2. Eleanore Whitaker June 27, 2017

      What do you expect from bigots from the south and midwest? Their idea was to erase all traces of the Obama presidency even if they had to destroy all of us to do that.

  4. FireBaron June 27, 2017

    I have to seriously wonder how many companies, like the one I work for, would suddenly decide that if Employee Health Care coverage is not required in a State where they have a presence that they decide to drop the program for all employees in that state! And what happens if they decide to move their corporate presence to that state? Technically we would all be workers in that state, despite our various actual locations, and could all lose our coverage.
    This could be a massive steamroll backwards to the way things were in the 1920s!

    1. Independent1 June 27, 2017

      Which is what the GOP is hoping for, roll virtually all social and political aspects of American life back at least 100 plus years; if they can get a way with it, they’ll rescind the legislation that lets women vote and enact a bill saying only white male major land owners are qualified to vote.

      1. Eleanore Whitaker June 27, 2017

        When you consider that the Republican Party consists of the very politicians whose ancestors were not exactly “ambitious” when it came to work and always found others to do their dirty work for them, it explains why they are desperate to turn the US into their Plantation Nation. Free slave labor, luxuries for them and shacks and early deaths for the rest of us.

    2. Eleanore Whitaker June 27, 2017

      Wonder no longer. In NJ, employers with less than 15 full time employees do not have to offer ANY healthcare coverage. So guess what they do to achieve that goal? They hire ONLY part timers and full timers only on a 90 “probation” term of employment. Usually, to avoid paying administrative costs of an employer healthcare plan.

      One employer here in NJ got into a heap of trouble when he continuously fired employees just days before their probation period was to end when they’d have to provide coverage.

      Skanks operate this way. Not decent, honest employers. If that’s the only way they can keep their businesses open by cheating employees with skanky games and living entirely on state and federal tax cuts and tax subsidies, why would they bother to hire or create new jobs?

    1. Eleanore Whitaker June 27, 2017

      The CBO has been more correct than you will ever be. Why do you think you are more knowledgeable than people who are experts in their field? Doesn’t that send a red flag regarding your sanity? Or are you just one of those “arm chair” experts who pretends to know more than the rest of the professionals who have worked more years than you ever have in their field.

      When a man cannot accept the advice of those who have decades more experience and your only stream of consciousness is automatic disbelief, you have more mental problems than you realize.

      Contrarians like you are always the first to regret their inability to accept facts and truth.

      Just because you can’t stand that the CBO savaged Trumpcare, doesn’t give you the right to make up lies.

      1. RichFromShowMe June 27, 2017

        I would hope that an agency with an unlimited budget is a whole lot more accurate than I, but the question still remains . . . when has the CBO been accurate with its forecasts.

        Generally, a prime reason why they miss an accurate forecast is they are limited to not projecting an increased economy, and were semi-accurate under obambacare as we experienced 1-2% economic growth, but we now have a President who wants to grow the economy. 🙂

        1. Eleanore Whitaker June 28, 2017

          When was the last time anyone held YOU to perfect accuracy? The fact remains that the head of the CBo has been profoundly more accurate than your Republicans who have far more reason to fudge numbers if it means stashing tax dollars in their lazy bums states.

          Take Ryan’s home town of Janesville. When they did a documentary on it over a month ago on CSpan, how Ryan can live with himself is amazing. Turns out it has become a ghost town of people who have NO healthcare insurance because most of them have NO jobs to pay for it. Why doesn’t Ryan’s hometown like McConnell’s home state have jobs?

          Simple, they were handed a load of BS by Ryan and McConnell who know if they can rob people of the right to work and living wages, those tax dollars will go, like they are trying to do with their so called repeal and replace of the ACA to a huge tax cut for the rich.

          Sorry but the CBO IS accurate. Maybe not down to the last number but the very fact that their numbers agree with the US Census of 2015 on the INCREASE by 22 million of Americans who could finally afford healthcare insurance proves YOU are just another big mouth knows all in an arm chair trying to pretend you are oh so intelligent.

          I was an accounting manager and tech writer for 24 years and 10 months before I retired. Don’t you dare try to tell me that CEOs don’t “fudge numbers” to make huge profits from their employees, customers and taxpayers.

          I could write a book on these CEO tactics. But now that Trump is the biggest spotlight on CEO fraud, I don’t have to…Do I?

          1. RichFromShowMe June 28, 2017

            Unfortunately, your assumptions about Janesville are bogus.

            The beginning of the end was the closing of the GM plant which was one of the oldest plants GM owned.

            At some point in time production costs increase to the point a plant cannot operate profitably and it has to close.

            What was missing was an incentive for another company to come to town and hire the trained employees, but the reason that didn’t happen was the obambacare depression/recession when manufacturing companies were not expanding in the USA due to the 1-2% GDP growth rate.


          2. Eleanore Whitaker June 29, 2017

            Wrong again liar. I saw and heard the PBS documentary complete with Janesville residents interviews. I know what I heard them say. You are a real moron aren’t you?

            Here is the PBS link: http://www.pbs.org/independentlens/films/as-goes-janesville/

            Here’s another of the same Brad Lichtenstein documentary: “As Goes Janesville.” http://www.nytimes.com/2012/10/08/arts/television/as-goes-janesville-on-pbs-directed-by-brad-lichtenstein.html

            Watch it IF you have the balls. And do something about that bad rep for lies.

          3. RichFromShowMe June 29, 2017

            Here is the NPR like . . . I thought NPR was the Left’s “Bible”?

            The NPR article explains what actually caused the Janesville Depression/Recession.


            As PBS and Lichtenstein explain VERY CLEARLY it was the Recession, but they left out 8 years of the obamba Depression when the rust-belt states lost nearly all manufacturing.

          4. Eleanore Whitaker June 29, 2017

            When your terminal brain constipation causes you loss of your bodily functions, is that Obama’s fault too?

            As to your post. I noticed dickbrain you never blame Ryan who is the hot shot who struts around as Speaker of the House totally oblivious that his own hometown is dying?

            How is Obama in any way responsible for the lack of Ryan’s attention to his own home state. Someone needs to stamp the word, “liar” on your forehead so we can know you are unable to accept facts.

            All states have state representatives. FACT: Ryan was a WI state representative. FACT: Ryan is now Speaker of the House. FACT: Ryan has the ability to make sure his home town gets adequate assistance if it became a ghost town for any reason. FACT: GM is a corporation and moved to Pence’s state. FACT: Pence is now VP. FACT: Pence and Ryan together in their lofty positions have more influence now than the GOP has EVER had and they have done zip.

            Now short pants boy. Grow up.

          5. RichFromShowMe June 30, 2017

            Sorry, but do you simply try to be stupid, or is it natural.

            I said . . . “The beginning of the end was the closing of the GM plant which was one of the oldest plants GM owned.”

            I didn’t mention obamba as “The beginning of the end was the closing of the GM plant which was one of the oldest plants GM owned.”

            You seem to be fixated on obamba . . . though he just happened to be President during our economic “malaise” . . . . . just like Jimmy Carter who made the famous speech.

          6. Eleanore Whitaker June 30, 2017

            Hey ignorant idiot. Why are you even on this thread if the only thing you do is bitch and contradict truth and facts? You only prove you are a Putin troll whose only job is to get onto a thread where NO ONE agrees with your lies and distortions so your balls can seem bigger than Trump’s.

            I know what I saw and heard the people of Janesville say in that documentary. The GM plant closed just like the huge down sizing up in Rochester of Eastman Kodak.

            But asshat ignorant Corn Pones and Muttons never do see the handwriting on the wall. They blame everyone else who knows that when an industry is dying, it’s time to create a new one so you can lay claim to job creation which not a single Republican fukkup has yet to do in nearly 16 years.

            Just yesterday, the plant manager at the GM plant your Lard Ass lied and said he created “thousands of jobs,” said that the “last 300 jobs are going to Mexico” now that the plant has been officially closed.

            Not a peep out of Lard Ass about that yesterday but he sure did take the time to tweet the most disgusting tweet about a woman on Morning Joe, didn’t he? Now even your own Republicans are refusing to take his side thanks to his slime ball mouth. Once a sleaze, always a sleaze.

            You seem to be fixed on Lard Ass as some kind of success. Really boy? Even now that his best friend, Roger Stone, is testifying and spilling his guts? Even know that there is firm proof that there was collusion as published in the Wall Street Journal yesterday between the Trump campaign and Michael Flynn whose job it was to try and get hold of Hillary’s personal emails.

            Get off the BS moron. We know why Trump colluded with the Russians. We know why his sick Nazi bastard aides would dare to collude with Putin. You seem to forget assface what Trump’s campaign statement was, “Nov. 10: Trump writes on Twitter: “I just got back from Russia-learned lots & lots. Moscow is a very interesting and amazing place! U.S. MUST BE VERY SMART AND VERY STRATEGIC.”

            Get off threads when you are the common denominator in yoru own lies and contradictions. It was Trump who told his moron supporters, “I love Wiki Leaks.” Now, he hates ALL leaks. It was Trump who publicly encouraged the Russians to leak Hillary’s personal emails. Now, he is desperate to hide his collusion with Putin.

            When he meets at the G20 meeting with Putin next week, he goddamn BETTER make sure he discusses that hacking. If he doesn’t, his dick is on the line and so will yours and all of your moron ilk.

            And before you try to pretend we don’t know why Trump was so hot to get Hillary’s and Podesta’s personal emails, let’s pretend this dickhead has not ALWAYS cheated to win by digging up dirt on those in his way.

            When that prostitute, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, whose Daddy is a preacher stands up and lies to the White House Press corp, she joins all the rest of you male and female Trump prostitutes who have no honor, no shame and nor respect for the law. Huckabee Sanders tripped herself up yesterday when she said, “when someone punch Mr. Trump, he punches back 10 times harder.” Sorry but that’s not what our laws say. People have gone to prison for punching back harder. My sincere hope is that your Lard Ass big mouth gets punched back so hard it causes a fatality. A dead Trump will at least become great manure.

          7. RichFromShowMe June 30, 2017

            I’m on this blog in an attempt to introduce FACTS into the misleading posts of those on the Left and it surely beginning to seem like a total waste of my time. 🙂

          8. Eleanore Whitaker June 30, 2017

            Keeping telling yourself that. The number of people who disagree with your so called “FACTS” proves otherwise.

            You are meddling where no one wants you. We don’t really want your version of facts. Especially when you cannot ever learn to post facts that are unbiased. As if, you ever knew what the word “unbiased” actually means.

            Get this and get it straight. No one who has been raised to know right from wrong is going to EVER agree with you. That leaves only low lifes like you who wander the earth slathering their BS lies to cozy up to each other.

            That old saw, “birds of a feather, flock together,” is true. You prove it with every post.

          9. RichFromShowMe June 30, 2017

            You’re partly correct . . . . as usual.

            That old saw, “birds of a feather, flock together,” is true, but its for the Liberal Denizens who post on this blog, especially you . . . every time you disagree with FACTS you never have any proof of what you say has an acquaintance either truth.

            When the investigation of obamba, who knew about Russian hacking, or someone’s, a year ago begins will you admit that obamba should have done something a year ago; i.e., about Russian, or someone, attempting to hack the vote?

            Also, when ex-AG Lynch falls under a real investigation will you admit she attempted to defer the investigation on “the witch”?

            Congratulations . . . I knew you could write a post without inserting your foul mouth 🙂

    2. Independent1 June 27, 2017

      When the CBO is off on its projections, it’s usually because they’ve been overly conservative on their estimates – for example, virtually all the CBO projections on Obamacare long-term taxpayer costs of ACA have been on the high side – they’ve had to lower their projections by a number of billions as ACA has lowered costs over the next 10 years by over 1/2 a trillion: from 4.6T to 4.1T.

      And on those who will lose their coverage, the CBO is on the low side. As I pointed out to you on another thread, a CNN money article you included in a post there says the Urban Institute projects 30 million will lose their coverage NOT 22 million!!

      And a lot of Forbes articles are written by right-wing nut cases like you!!!

      1. RichFromShowMe June 27, 2017

        Actually, 20 to 30 million is the number who aren’t insured at this click in time. Of that number around 8 million have elected to pay the obambacare fine/tax so we still get back to the 22 or so million who aren’t insured, but that is an increase over pre-obambacare or around 6 million . . . who 75%, or so, are there as they are getting subsidies . . . . while the rest of those insured pay the full price, which has doubled or tripled since before obambacare . . . deductibles have followed the same path.



        1. Independent1 June 27, 2017

          What a load of hogwash!! Why are you trying to muddy the water?. The fact is, if this atrocious legislation is passed, there will be 20-30 million more Americans without healthcare in the next 9-10 years than there are now. What the situation is with everyone now is totally immaterial!! Stop trying to make excuses for the inhumane actions of the GOP!!!

          1. RichFromShowMe June 27, 2017

            Sorry, I apologize for citing the FACTS!

          2. Independent1 June 27, 2017


            Facts that are really an indictment of the GOP’s inhumane political antics to see that more people in the states they govern will die younger than they should.

            Facts that you should be ashamed of as a Republican and not touting as a supposed failure of ACA when they are rather a failure of the GOP to act like humane politicians!!! DIRTBAG!!!

        2. A_Real_Einstein June 30, 2017

          Here are some more facts. 85% of individuals are covered by either Medicare or Group insurance. Those people are fine. Of the remaining 15% who are in the private market, as you have stated 75% of those get subsidies so they are paying less than $100 per month. It is that last subset that make too much to get a subsidy who are paying full boat for insurance that has always been expensive. Fix Obamacare for them by giving them a public option allowing the private insurers to exit the market since they have NEVER been profitable in the private market. They make all their money in the group markets. Always have. But this would not include a massive tax cut for the GOP donors so this will never happen. They only care about the tax cut, folks. Healthcare itself is secondary.

          1. RichFromShowMe June 30, 2017

            I agree with most of your statements, but what about employers who have had their group insurance rates doubled, or more, since obambacare was exhumed.

            Many of those employers laid off and cut work hours for their employees in order to be able to afford the increased costs. Creation of two part time jobs counts more which total a similar hours worked by one full-time employee has skewed the data collection . . . probably, on purpose?


            This graph demonstrates part-time work hours peaked with obambacare and has been dropping since around 2013 as folks simply dropped out of the employment arena and decided to draw free money, rather than seek employment.


            The solution lies in forming a state based health insurance group of those folks who don’t want to, or can’t buy health insurance, manage it at State level and the Feds subsidize it to make it solvent.

            Employers can hire more folks, or call back those they laid off and tax revenues should increase with more taxpayers.

            Paying a fair cost for health insurance, like America did before obambacare, is the correct solution for business, for the nation and for our GDP.

          2. A_Real_Einstein June 30, 2017

            I am not aware of any employers who saw their rates double let alone go up at all. The group insurance market like Medicare improved. Nobody got laid offfor a mandate that was never enacted. Employers under 50 got tax credits instead. Total BS.

  5. ivory69690@yahoo.com June 27, 2017

    say back 7 + years thy did destroy the ACA would there been all this money these days the gang of pinheads are going to give to the greedy rich today back then was there that money thy would of had their hands on ? but back then thy couldn’t get that money to the greedy rich . for Obama wouldn’t let them pull that BULLSHIfT . so what it it not with the king of bankrupt and debt he is showing the GOP how to screw all the people of the country and give to the don’t need people . take from the needed and gives to ones that cant stop screwing every one because thy like the DUMPSTER he cares about no one but him selfish dirt bag self . how can people be so brain dead to vote for THE DONNY DUMP CLOWN SHOW ? thy vote for him put him in the house and he thanks all the brain dead by screwing them with the rest of the people of the country

  6. ivory69690@yahoo.com June 27, 2017

    one has to think about and wonder what would of happen 7 plus years ago if the GOP GANG OF PINHEADS was able back then to bust and crush the ACA . 7 + years later where would the country be ? how many millions of people would be with out any heath-care today ? thy had no plan back then to replace the ACA . as for today their replacement plan would kill people . who knows maybe even million’s of people ? all has to understand the TRUMP-DONT-CARE plan only help the selfish greedy rich 1 & 2 % rich . and be it that the DUMPSTER is of the greedy rich gang he only got there by screwing as many and all the people he could between stiffing workers to going bankrupt 5 or 6 times . and know this that scum bag always had lots of money already hidden away . money he screwed people out of he clamed it in his bankrupts and you know the money was hidden

  7. vamrse June 29, 2017

    Our taxes pay for the entire senate and house congress medical care…it’s free for them so why should they care? They don’t mind that we will die without health care. Where is the we are our brothers keeper? If we are dead who will pay for your care?


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