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SNL: Alec Baldwin Reveals Our Clown President’s Crisis Management Plan

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SNL: Alec Baldwin Reveals Our Clown President’s Crisis Management Plan

Alec Baldwin

In yet another moment of crisis, Alec Baldwin returns to Saturday Night Live as the president whose incompetence and laziness — ordinarily a sort of blessing — has become a terrible curse on the suffering people of Puerto Rico. So learns San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz (Melissa Villaseñor) when she places a desperate call for help to the Oval Office, only to have a whining Trump hang up on her.

Sadly for Puerto Rico, the White House confusion is all part of his plan: “The more chaos I cause, the less people can focus.” Trump’s chicken-fried press secretary, the durable Sarah Huckabee Sanders (Aidy Bryant), “no nonsense but all nonsense,” is ever eager to amplify the deception. So is ultra-loyal Attorney General Jeff Sessions (Kate McKinnon), the country’s cutest white nationalist, who pleads: “Don’t tweet on me again!”


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  1. Lynda Groom October 1, 2017

    When Alec started doing these impressions I found them amusing at first and then boring. Then last night he busted the mold with a spot on job of exposing Trump for what he is. It has reached the point when the roles in this parody have switched sides. Who’s the impression and who’s the tweeter-in-chief?


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