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#Endorse This: Steven Mnuchin Unmasked By Samantha Bee

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#Endorse This: Steven Mnuchin Unmasked By Samantha Bee

Samantha Bee exposes Steven Mnuchin

Of all the unattractive and uninspiring figures nominated by Donald Trump to serve in his cabinet, designated Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin may be the most disreputable of them all — quite an achievement.

A New Yorker from a liberal Democratic family, born to great wealth and privilege, Mnuchin has lived a thoroughly self-serving life — culminating in his decision to raise millions for Trump’s bigoted campaign as a quid pro quo for the nation’s top financial post. The arrogant plutocrat even changed his Yale alumni listing to “Secretary of the Treasury of the United States” before his confirmation hearing.

In a blistering review, Samantha Bee examines the sleazy methods used by Mnuchin to enrich himself in the aftermath of the financial crisis, when he scored about $400 million from a bank that literally swindled widows out of their homes. She contrasts the rise of this greedy character with Trump’s campaign denunciations of Wall Street and Goldman Sachs (the legendary financial house where Mnuchin and several other major Trump appointees began his career). She warns against his plans to undo the Dodd-Frank reforms and consumer regulations meant to protect Americans from his ilk.

It’s not an edifying spectacle. And still, Bee makes us laugh at this villain and his patron, the man who will be president by noon on Friday.



  1. johninPCFL January 19, 2017

    Is he smart and able enough to convince Agent Orange that the US government defaulting on its debts would be a bad thing?

    1. ivory69690@yahoo.com January 20, 2017

      his greedy might very well turn the USA into a third world country and then he will move to Russia with all the money he con, fraud , and scammed

  2. ivory69690@yahoo.com January 20, 2017

    to read the DUMPSTER is an easy thing . just think out the worse and the greediest and you will have him . his greed will get him catch up with him . and this he has passed down to his children brain washed them to feeling its only money you want and the most you can get no matter how you do it its all the way to be . the children he cared nothing about when thy was growing up . their mother he beat & raped while rippi9ng patches of hair out of her head .and the kids are blind to all the women he sexual assaulted . he has them brain washed so bad he lies and thy believe him . question the kids ask them how thy feel about what their father did to their mother ? with the greed planted deep in their now evil souls thy car nothing about anything but the lies of their daddy thy have money to make then truth . as for reading the DUMPSTER his greed will catch him its too big not to catch up with him . I believe his first term (if he even makes it to the end ) will be all the new swamp filled greedy SOB will do what thy was put in there for and there will be a lot of money in their pockets the DUMPSTERS pocket also . then if he makes it he will try for a 2nd term saying how much it was every one else that did all the greedy deeds and he didn’t know anything about it . im sure the BRAIN DEAD followers will still be on the clowns side and with Russia’s hacked having 4 years to scam it all like this time thy will screw up the election again and who knows the DUMPSTER A 2ND TERM . who would stop it ? the GOP gang of pinheads the government ? don’t count on it the USA has no Democracy any more who ever want to crap on this country can do so with nothing happing to them . by right if be it the ones in office had any brains thy would nip this at the bud and just say ok this was wrong and we should have another election . the founding fathers should of had something in writing about this kind of BULL . can be made a law today but the GOP them self’s are so far gone being brain dead and just wanting for the 1 & 2 % greedy rich thy cant see the people the middle class are not there . with the way thy do things (for just the few ) the country will fold in sad but no time .


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