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Survivor Of Bowling Green Tragically Dies In Sweden Terror Attack

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Survivor Of Bowling Green Tragically Dies In Sweden Terror Attack

Breaking Burgh, Sweden, Bowling Green Massacre

Reprinted with permission from Breaking Burgh.

(Bowling Green, KY) In a cruel twist of fate, a former resident of Bowling Green, KY – who survived the horrific attack that tore that city apart earlier this month – has tragically died under similar circumstances in Sweden.

Jason Vargus was playing Pokémon Go when he narrowly escaped death during the Bowling Green Massacre, during which scores of immigrant terrorists – who had arrived there due to the absence of appropriate travel bans – machine-gunned large segments of the population to death.

After surviving Bowling Green by playing dead for ten hours amidst the corpses, the young man felt so blessed to have a new lease on life that he vowed to live it to the fullest by seeing the world.

Unfortunately, that fateful desire took him to Sweden, where he would pay with his life in another terrible attack on February 17.

His family ask that people leave them alone at this time to grieve for Jason, unless they have any concrete details about the attack which are proving very hard to come by.

IMAGE: Breaking Burgh



  1. Independent1 February 22, 2017

    Is this the ultimate ‘Spoof’ on fake news?? Lizard, where are you??

    1. dtgraham February 22, 2017

      C’mon Independent. Have a heart. Bowling Green, Canada, Sweden, the rest of Europe, Asia, etc… Trump has had to deal with more imaginary tragedies than Obama, Bush, Clinton, Reagan, Carter, Ford, Nixon, Johnson, and Kennedy combined. Hell, add in the other 41.

      OK, maybe that noise you heard on Presidents’ day was the 39 other dead Presidents rolling over in their graves, but that doesn’t mean that Donald has abandoned the Russian connection, or America.

      In fact, he vows to catch those low life NSA leakers. He’s promised to bring in some expert Russian prostitutes to help with the leaking and the dripping. President Trump only likes leakers if he’s paying for them in a hotel room.

      1. dbtheonly February 22, 2017

        The problem comes when the trolls start counting this as real.

        Do you remember some RW group using the film of President Obama’s Correspondent’s Dinner Kenya joke and using it to “prove” he’d been born in Kenya?

        Still think Trump confused Sweden with the town in Pakistan. A lot is explained if you grant Trump is hard of hearing.

        1. plc97477 February 22, 2017

          the dump also can’t read so there is that.

          1. dbtheonly February 22, 2017

            A good article in the paper suggests that Trump thinks like he tweets. Short, random thoughts. His speeches are like extended tweets.

        2. dtgraham February 23, 2017

          You never know. Maybe Godzilla, InformedVoter, JustaCitizen, Jim Simian, and mike will start suddenly thinking…dt, we may have misjudged you.

          1. dbtheonly February 23, 2017

            I’m not qualified to do the linguistic analysis to determine how many people are behind the various trolls.

            Equally, I’m not qualified to explain the psychology behind cutting and pasting repetitive comments. The mindless insult comment threads like Helpy gets caught up in also have some psychological cause. Why do the trolls “exist”? What’s their point? What’s their goal?

  2. DianeCox February 22, 2017

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  3. PrecipitousDrop February 22, 2017

    We’ve started a GoFund thingy for all the innocent little puppies and kitties and gerbils that are now homeless. hungry, and crying on both sides of The Pond.
    Dig deep, people. Four-legged tragedies are the Worst.

  4. Aaron_of_Portsmouth February 22, 2017

    Were it not for the take-over of Twitter, Facebook, FOX, and Congress by a warped-winded group of interstellar interlopers looking to wreak havoc on whatever planetary system their warp-drive space vehicle encountered and decided to meddle in earth’s affairs, this article would be hilarious and filed away for future yuks on a rainy day.
    Unfortunately, a real-life equivalent of a science fiction movie is taking place, with Congress showing for quite some time the effects of some sort of otherworldly influence that has driven them to relentlessly set the stage and social atmosphere of fear that allowed Donald J Trump, Steve Bannon, Putin, and a host of trolls to commandeer America’s ancient and decaying form of governance—a system that had already gone into a state of slow decline centuries ago.
    Now that Donald and an extremely hostile yet submissive Party of conservatives in stagnation mode are at the driver’s wheel, and a large portion of America is blissfully unaware and insensitive to the dangers popping up all around us, it remains to be seen how and if we will be able to survive the attack of the Trump, and his invasive legions of trumpites who are installed in electoral districts across America.

    1. dtgraham February 23, 2017

      Lady Liberty is a tough old broad Aaron. She’ll hang in there.

  5. itsfun February 23, 2017

    I thought according to the liberal media there was no terrorism in Sweden.

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    1. PrecipitousDrop March 23, 2017

      Uh huh.
      But what will you make when you run out of kidneys, liver and lung sections, and corneas? You plan to recruit your kids and their friends, too? It’s only one kidney, right? One eye?


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