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The DNC Will Feature Undocumented Immigrants As Assets To The Nation

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The DNC Will Feature Undocumented Immigrants As Assets To The Nation

A woman is silhouetted against a projected image of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) logo during its Rules and Bylaws Committee meeting in Washington, in this May 31, 2008 file photo. REUTERS/Jason Reed/Files

Monday was opening day for the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, and Democrats are making sure they draw a clear distinction between themselves and the Republican National Committee — particularly when it comes to immigration, an issue Democrats are pushing to the front of the line.

“This week, people will see the difference in diversity between the Democratic convention and the Republican convention,” Vivian Rodriguez, who is president of the Democratic Hispanic Caucus of Florida, told Fox News Latino on Sunday. “They will see that Latinos are embraced in this convention.”

Republicans also focused on immigration, but from a radically different angle. While the RNC featured the parents of victims killed by undocumented immigrants on stage, the DNC will include speakers who are undocumented immigrants themselves in order to shine a sympathetic light on their experience.

“Apparently speaking at Hillary Clinton’s convention is just one more job Hillary Clinton thinks Americans won’t do,” said a Trump campaign aid about the DNC’s speaker list in a statement. “She should have instead invited unemployed Americans, or victims of crime, or law enforcement.”

The RNC centered immigration restriction as a key issue, in line with the rest of Trumps’ nativist campaign. Speakers offered undocumented immigrants as a scapegoats, and promised that a Trump presidency would prioritize deporting 11 million people from the country.

Democrats, on the other hand, will present undocumented immigrants not as murderers or rapists but human beings and Americans with bright futures who can make their country better and stronger. The first day of the convention, titled “United Together” will shine a light on immigrants who don’t fit the RNC’s image.

Astrid Silva will spoke Monday on behalf of millions of “DREAMERs,” undocumented immigrants who were brought to the country as children by their parents and who have grown up as Americans, but with limited opportunities as a result of their migratory status.

While promises of massive deportations drew some of the loudest cheers at the RNC, the DNC will paint deportations as something that tears good families apart. Karla Ortiz spoke to the convention to make this case: The 11-year-old was born in the United States, but her undocumented mother, Francisca, lives under constant threat of being separated by deportation.

Other prominent Hispanics scheduled to speak include Reps. Joaquin Castro of Texas, Luis Gutierrez of Illinois, Raul Grijalva of Arizona, Linda Sanchez of California, and Xavier Becerra. In addition to speaking on stage, undocumented immigrants were also given other official roles in the DNC’s credentials and platform committees.

While this year’s DNC will feature an unparalleled number of undocumented immigrants with official roles, Benita Veliz, a DREAMER and class valedictorian who was almost deported in 2009, became the first undocumented speaker at a DNC convention in North Carolina in 2012.


Photo: A woman is silhouetted against a projected image of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) logo during its Rules and Bylaws Committee meeting in Washington, in this May 31, 2008 file photo. REUTERS/Jason Reed/Files



  1. jmprint July 25, 2016

    Americans have a voice in the DNC.

  2. Phil Christensen July 25, 2016

    While Republicans give lip service to “securing our borders,” neither party is going to do squat, and with good reason(s): Social Security and Medicare. Raising the eligibility requirements are only going to do so much. If we want to kick this can down the road for another fifty years, then we are going to have to increase the number of people at the bottom of the pyramid by tens of millions. Our near-zero native birth rate has pretty much rendered all other options all but impractical.

    1. johninPCFL July 25, 2016

      And given that the undocumented can’t collect SS or go on Medicare, they’re the perfect stooges.

      1. Independent1 July 26, 2016

        Yes! The CBO actually projects that illegal immigrants contrtibute over 12 Billion to SS which they cannot claim, helping extend the full-benefit life of SS. And as you point out, they also contribute billions to Medicare which they also don’t qualify for.

        As I’ve tried to point out to many right-wingers, illegal immigrants are doing far more good for America than the vast majority of right-wingers, including themselves. If Trump had his way and tried deporting a big chunk of illegals, doing so would create chaos in our economy and throw America into a depression worse than back in the 1930s (a sizeable portion of U.S. companies that hire native-born Americans depend on immigrants, including illegals, to keep them in business).

      2. Phil Christensen July 26, 2016

        I think the idea is to get them here by any and all means, legalize them, and get them officially paying into the system. This will at least temporarily hold off the system collapsing of its own weight. Raising the eligibility age is also an option as life-expectancy increases.
        The idea of getting “the top xx%” to pay into the system in perpetuity as someone on this thread is suggesting is just stupid. The donor class write the tax laws and have the work-arounds baked into the cake.

        1. Independent1 July 26, 2016

          “The idea of getting “the top xx%” to pay into the system in perpetuity as someone on this thread is suggesting is just stupid. The donor class write the tax laws and have the work-arounds baked into the cake.”

          What are you a top 10%er?? What total BS!! The laws are written by the ‘donor class’. What BS!! The laws are written by the political party in control of Congress!! And if we can get the American populace to wake up and realize how greedy, blood thirsty, sub-humans such as yourself have been ripping them off so that they’ll vote the American Mafia types out of Congress: The laws you claim are written by the ‘donor class’ can easily be changed.

          The only one who is stupid around here is you and your mealy mouthed BS!!!!!!

    2. Independent1 July 26, 2016

      Why are you rambling on about such totally unnecessary concerns about Social Security and also suggesting such unnecessary changes to its current rules in order to extend the full-benefit life of SS?? When all that’s really needed to fix all the problems anyone perceives with Social Security for at least the next 8-10 decades, is to raise the cutoff point for collecting FICA from the current around $115-117,000 or so, to some number between $200,000 and $250,000.

      So that instead of many in the upper 20% income bracket clearing up their FICA deduction in their first 1 to 3 paychecks, they may have to actually go to the 2nd or at worst 3rd paycheck for millionaires and over, and maybe to the 5th to 7th paycheck from the majority of those earning under a million.

      Why do you right-wingers always try to make things out as being much harder than they actually are??? I know, because you just don’t like it unless you’re creating more fear in the minds of the masses so that you can get your way with screwing the middle-class and poor out of more of their tax dollars,

  3. Dominick Vila July 25, 2016

    The inclusion of Hispanics-Latinos, and numerous prominent African Americans, is a breath of fresh after what we saw throughout the RNC convention in Cleveland. Unfortunately, the Clinton-Kaine ticket is going to need a lot more than African Americans, who constitute 13% of our population, and legal Hispanics-Latinos are 18% of our population.

  4. AgLander July 25, 2016

    Only in the bizzaro world of Democrats are ILLEGALS euphemistically designated as simply undocumented.

    It’s the same as calling a bank robber as one making an undocumented withdrawal.

    Let’s face it. The Democrats ONLY interest in flooding our borders with illegals is to swell their voting rolls. It’s the ONLY reason, which if removed as a factor, they’d abandon the gate crashers faster than Bill Clinton dropping his pants in the hallway of the White House when he see’s a female intern coming his way.

    1. Independent1 July 26, 2016

      I’ll tell you what there worthless, I’d take one illegal immigrant over you and all your worthless right-wing nutcase buddies posting here on the NM put together. The immigrants in America, including illegals or undocumented, do more for America than all you worthless right-wingers combined.

      If Donald Trump ever gets his way and tries deporting thousands of illegals, the American economy would fall into the worst depression the world has ever seen. Immigrants, inclduding llegals, are the backbone of the American economy. Without the cheap labor that they are willing to put out, thousands of companies in America would go belly up and millions of Americans, FAR MORE THAN IN 2008/9 would be thrown out of work.

      A large percentage of the farms and construction companies in America would go belly up because they depend on the cheap labor of immigrants to harvest their crops or complete their construction projects; as would a large percentage of the businesses involved in the travel industry such as hotels and motels and even many restaurants.

      You nitwits spewing your right-winged biased nonsense about immigrants don’t have a clue what you’re talking about – and the outright damage to America that would ensue if Trump even remotely got his way would be catastrophic for America.

      It took less than two months for the Alabama economy to almost totally collapse when Alabama tried to enforce the strictest immigration rules in the country back in 2008. And it probably wouldn’t even take that long to devastate our national economy, if you right-wing idiots had your way and started deporting or making immigrants really feel like they don’t belong in America because of YOU NITWIT WHITE SUPREMACISTS’ CRAZY NOTIONS!!

    2. Phil Christensen July 26, 2016

      There are a few reasons – but you’re right about this one. Just as Lyndon Johnson said he would have blacks voting democrat for the next few generations, the Democrats are flooding the nation with dependable voters. There is also another motivation which I mentioned down this thread. In the meantime, have a good laugh at all the cut-and-pasting from the insane left-wing (redundant, I know) sites. Someone on this thread is obviously giving his masters a good-faith effort.

      1. Independent1 July 26, 2016

        “Democrats are flooding the nation with dependable voters.”

        And there goes more of you mealy mouthed BS!! The Dems are not flooding the nation with anything. Obama followed through on what Bush started with tightening our border security AND FACT IS that there are over a million less illegals in America today, than there were when Obama took office!! Illegals in America ACTUALLY PEAKED in 2006 UNDER GEORGE BUSH!!

        But then, you’re nothing but just one more right-wing pathological liar so I guess you wouldn’t have noticed.

        And in case you haven’t checked lately, America is about THE ONLY industrialized nation on the planet WHERE THE POPULATION OVER THE Past 3 DECADES HAS INCREASED RATHER THAN DECREASED!!

        And guess what, it’s THE DECREASING populations in virtually every European nation, including Russia, that is the main reason why these nations are struggling economically and why they’ve been welcoming immigrants (sometimes at their peril). And why Putin was so desperate to annex Crimea.

        And guess why America has been the only growing population in the world among industrialized nations!! It’s because of THOSE IMMIGRANTS you moronic right-wingers want to deport!! Without them America’s population would have been decreasing the past 3 decades and if you think our economy has problems today, YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW MUCH WORSE IT WOULD BE WITHOUT THOSE IMMIGRANTS whose women have not yet gotten into using birth control as much as natives have – which is why they are still having more than the 2.1 kids/family that our country needs to keep growing in population!!



    3. Phil Christensen July 26, 2016

      The bizzaro world of Democrats is indeed something to behold. One only need to read the postings of the feces throwing monkey responding to both of us on this thread to get a look inside the mind of the typical leftard.

  5. AgLander July 25, 2016

    Mass chaos going on at the Dem convention right now…..none of the networks are talking about anything other than Debbie Radioactive Schultz. What a dysfunctional and divided party. It’s a perfect match for their presidential candidate who no one is talking about! I just hope the police officers assigned are able to keep the animals (also called delegates) under control.

  6. Rightazz July 25, 2016

    I wonder haw many undocumented immigrants the DNC hired to protest at Trump rallies ?

    1. Independent1 July 26, 2016

      They may have hired undocumented immigrants because they are far more trustworthy and less prone to committing a crime, than native-born Americans such as yourself!!!

      1. Rightazz July 26, 2016

        Sure rule of law means nothing to you or the DNC or the freedom of democracy . Its Ok to ignore the rule of law just so long as you disagree with the law right. It is as a matter of fact to knowingly hire undocumented workers. Lets make America Mexico where rule means nothing and protesters such as those who protested Trumps rallies would just disappear IE teachers protesting in Mexico shot dead in the street by police 43 missing students protest mayor never seen again so ya disregard the rule of law and become a lawless society or change a unjust law and be a democratic society.

        1. Independent1 July 26, 2016

          Where are you getting these fairy tales that the DNC deliberately hired undocumented immigrants?? The lying machine – Faux News??

          Prove that allegation from a reputable news outlet not one of your right-wing trash spewing propaganda machines!!!

          1. Rightazz July 27, 2016

            Take a look at the DNC agenda I did not get it from a news source But yes I did get it from a corrupt lying machine called the DNC and the PRI confirmed it

  7. itsfun July 25, 2016

    Sad state of affairs when the DNC has to rely on criminals to pass their message along.

    1. Independent1 July 25, 2016

      And there you go lowlife with more of your lies!! You’ve been told the true facts numerous times but like THE good worthless troll that you are, you


      Any idiot should be able to see, which let’s you out because you don’t even qualify as being an idiot, that if immigrants committed the crimes at the level you moronic right-wingers claim; the crime rate in America would not have plummeted over the past 3 decades AS THE CRIME RATES HAVE PLUMMETED WHILE THE HISPANIC POPULATION IN AMERICA HAS EXPLODED (the New York City crime rate for 2015 was the lowest crime rate NYC has seen in the past 50 years); PROVING THAT IMMIGRANTS ARE FAR LESS PRONE TO COMMITTING A CRIME THAN EVEN YOU ARE!!!



      1. Max July 26, 2016

        So you agree then! Hillary should be in jail and she couldn’t be trusted to run a garbage dump let alone the USA..

        1. Independent1 July 26, 2016

          Sorry dummkopf, but Politifact has proven that of the candidates running, Hillary is by far the most honest. They ranked what Hillary said as being true at least 50% of the time compared to Trump at 9% of the time and Cruz at only 22% of the time. And although they ranked Kasich as a little better at 52%, that’s only because Kasich rarely had a chance to really get into more than very basic comments – he hardly was given time to spew anything. Had he been, he would have been just like Cruz and Rubio at less than 30% of the time.


          While virtually every GOP candidate that was running wasn’t/isn’t qualified to sit in the oval office. And even the Sun Sentinel paper in Florida proved that by their editorial board refusing to endorse ANY GOP CANDIDATE because they also felt that not one of them was qualified to sit in the Oval Office!!!!!!

          1. kep July 26, 2016

            You still believe everything your liberal handlers tell you? Keep spreading the dnc propaganda. Liberals lie. Examples are everywhere. The Emperor lies as easily as he breathes, as does the Clinton’s. You are just a mindless drone, parroting anything you are told by your liberal handlers. It must be tough being a slave to the dnc.

          2. Independent1 July 26, 2016

            Prove it!! Post some non right-wing statistics that show that non pathological lying GOP politicians (liberal politicians) lie as much as Republicans who seem to have learned to do nothing BUT DELIBERATELY LIE!!

            Even Faux News has been shown time and again to lie at least 60% of the time.

            Sure politicians are going to stretch the truth, especially when they’re campaigning and trying to win votes; but Dem politicians lie FAR LESS than Republicans.

            No supposedly news outlet lies like Faux News, which of course is owned and run by the kings of Conservatives – the pathological liars of today:

            ‘Pants On Fire’: Analysis Shows 60% Of Fox News ‘Facts’ Are Really Lies


            While Politifact says Hillary is the most honest candidate running:

            One basic test of a politician’s honesty is whether that person tells he truth when on the campaign trail, and by that standard Clinton does well. PolitiFact, the Pulitzer Prize-winning fact-checking site, found 50 percent of the Clinton statements it examined to be either true or mostly true.


            That article says Trump only tells the truth 9% of the time – an enormous difference.

          3. kep July 26, 2016

            Hillary, along with the Emperor, are both pathological liars

          4. Independent1 July 26, 2016

            A pathological liar suggesting that other people are pathological liars really doesn’t mean much!!

          5. kep July 27, 2016

            How many times did the FBI director say Hillary lied?? I think it was 78 times on just the classified material in the unsecured personal emails. And how many times did she and the regime lie about Bengauzi? And you still believe whatever they say? You can’t fix stupid, I guess.

          6. Independent1 July 26, 2016

            And when are you right-wingers going to realize that those of us pushing for the liberals at the moment (I have voted 3 times for a Republican for president), that we’re not clueless enough to believe that Democrats are saints or even trying to claim they are.

            We’re talking about degrees of lying and corruption. We’re comparing a party that is willing to blatantly lie in virtually everything it does and even willing to commit murder every single day to benefit a small portion of our population, against a party that at least is trying to help the people who really need help if in the process they’re lying a bit and committing some petty crimes.

            The GOP resorts to murder every time they pass laws that deliberately disenfranchise people from the social benefits they need to live, including healthcare, and thereby end up dying years sooner than they would have had they gotten these benefits. And the GOP does that constantly in its efforts to funnel monies into their pockets and the pockets of their rich political donors.

            So wake up!! Although the Dems aren’t saints, they are not deliberately killing people every single day!!

          7. kep July 26, 2016

            Murder? Are talking about Bengauzi. You must be. That was all Hillary.

          8. Independent1 July 26, 2016

            What does Benghazi have to do with this? Even Faux News admitted that everything they published about Benghazi was a lie. And even Trey Gowdy admitted that nothing anyone in America could have done would have saved any lives in Benghazi.

            So why are you bringing just one more GOP fake scandal up??

            I’m talking about Americans that are dying prematurely every day, hundreds who live in your state – maybe your neighbors – who are dying prematurely, before they should have, because of the outright crookedness of Republican politicians.

            And when you’re talking about Benghazi, where 4 Americans died, why didn’t you bring up the more than 70 people who died in our overseas offices under very one of the last 3 GOP presidents??

            There have been only 2 deadly attacks in the 7 years under Obama with 5 people being killed – that compares to an average of 70 people in 10 or more attacks under each of the last 3 GOP presidents!! If you’re calling Benghazi Murder, then the last 3 GOP presidents are murderers in spades!!!

            The last 7 years under Obama have been THE SAFEST 7 YEARS FOR OUR OVERSEAS OFFICES IN THE PAST 50 YEARS OR MORE!!!

          9. kep July 26, 2016

            Wyou really should pull your head out of your ass. Bengauzi was real, and anything you heard to the contrary was from your liberal handlers. Try to watch something other than liberal news outlets. They are nothing more than liberal propaganda machines, as proven by the dnc emails. I guess that all that is lies too?

          10. Independent1 July 26, 2016


            From CNN:

            GOP investigator: ‘Nothing could have affected what occurred in Benghazi”

            According to the letter sent Sunday, the committee’s former chief Republican investigator concluded in January that “nothing could have affected what occurred in Benghazi.”


            From Politicususa:

            During an interview on Fox News, House Benghazi Select Committee Chair Rep. Trey Gowdy admitted that one of the main conspiracy theories fueling the GOP’s Benghazi investigation was false.

            Rep. Gowdy (R-SC) said, “When you see the full transcript, and you will, you will see what Dana was talking about was a very small point. The posture of the troops. The order that was given by Panetta and the President. How that order was received. All of that is what we want to ask people about.Whether or not they could have gotten there in time, I
            don’t think there is any issue with respect to that–they couldn’t.”


            The Benghazi fiasco was clearly nothing but just one more Darrell Issa concocted witch hunts that was created to try and scuttle Hillary Clinton’s efforts to run for the presidency.

            Being the skunk based pathological liar THAT YOU ARE!! GOT STUFF YOUR HEAD IN THE NEAREST TOILET WHERE IT BELONGS!!



          11. kep July 26, 2016

            No stand down order was given because the regime never gave orders to do anything. They left our people there to die. Private contractors disobeyed orders and tried. You should read the reports, or seeing you have problems with anything other than what you are told to believe, maybe watch the movie “thirteen hours “. Most of the garbage you spout has always been straight from the liberal propaganda machines. Must be hard not to be able to think for yourself. I can see why we are having so many problems in our country. People like you that do not know the difference between right and wrong, truth or fallacy. Liberal have their moral compass all screwed up. Liberalism is classified as a mental disorder, so perhaps, even you can become a normal member of society, but you must seek help.

          12. Independent1 July 27, 2016

            What total hogwash!! You really need mental help!!

            What don’t you understand about virtually every expert recognizing that given the situation, there simply wasn’t help that could have been given that would have arrived there in time to do anything?? But then again, being a mentally retarded right-winger – you’re beyond understanding any reality!!

            And if you’re mentally stupid enough to believe that Obama left 4 people in Benghazi to die – what about the 13 Benghazi’s that happened under Bush2 where more than 70 people died and nothing was done to help them?? And actually there were 3 attacks on one consulate under Bush2 where more than 18 ended up dying and the Bush Administration didn’t do a thing after each of those attack to improve security!!

            And what about the 12 Benghazi’s that occurred under Bush1 where more than 60 were killed in just 4 years?? And the 7 Benghazis under Reagan when more than 70 more died?? Did Reagan and Bush1 and Bush2 just leave those more than 200 TO JUST DIE??? THEY DID NOTHING TO HELP EITHER!!!!

            WHAT A LOSER YOU ARE!!!!

          13. kep July 27, 2016

            As I said, you are beyond help. A total waste of space, and my time.

          14. Independent1 July 27, 2016

            As spoken by the typical right-winger who lives in total denial of reality and lives in his or her own fantasy world of conspiracy theories and fake scandals!!! Keep dreaming!! Sucker!!

          15. Independent1 July 26, 2016

            From Fox News:

            No stand down order or military missteps in Benghazi attack, GOP-controlled intel panel finds

            WASHINGTON – A two-year investigation by the Republican-controlled House Intelligence Committee has found that
            the CIA and the military acted properly in responding to the 2012 attack on a U.S. diplomatic post in Benghazi, Libya.

            The report alleges no wrongdoing by Obama administration appointees.

            Debunking a series of persistent allegations hinting
            at dark conspiracies surrounding the incident, the report concludes that there was no intelligence failure, no delay in sending a CIA rescue team, no missed opportunity for a military rescue, and no evidence the CIA was covertly shipping arms from Libya to Syria.


          16. Independent1 July 26, 2016

            Fox News Finally Concedes Benghazi Committee Is Political After Republicans Admit To Partisan Nature Of Investigation

            After two Republican members of Congress and a Republican ex-staffer admitted the partisan aims of the House Select Committee on Benghazi, several Fox News personalities finally conceded that “of course” the committee is political, but tried to justify it by arguing that “everything” is in Congress and Washington.


          17. Max July 26, 2016

            Oh well if the Sun Sentinel doesn’t like the Republicans then maybe I better change my mind..
            And go with a power hungry, gun grabbing, anti-American, Sociopathic Career Criminal like Hillary.
            Ha ha ha ha ha ………

          18. Independent1 July 26, 2016

            Wow!! Like I’ve told you before – the comments you post are so bordering on the insane that you really need to check yourself into Bellview sanatorium!! You have no proof whatsoever to back up any of your libelous accusations- YOU ARE A TOTAL MORON!!!

          19. Max July 26, 2016

            How about that DNC Ha ha How would you describe it Disharmony? Revolt? Uprising? Debbie Wasserman Schultz gets caught deceiving the masses and gets fired and Hillary hires her immediately? What would you call that? “honor among thieves?” Liars and sociopathic criminal minds think alike? Party Implosion? Humm.. Ha ha ha……………

      2. robinked July 26, 2016


      3. Jim July 31, 2016

        You keep telling people there lying have you considered there telling the truth as they believe it? you say he was told the truth many times, it’s actually hard to find the truth in all the info. soup.

    2. Jim July 31, 2016

      Yes! but it’s sad that our whole political system is so scared up, republicans are often in chaos to.

      1. itsfun July 31, 2016

        agree 100%. This will be a election of voting for the least scary candidate. We should have a none of the above box to check.

        1. Jim July 31, 2016

          Someone has to be President if not Trump you get an establishment republican awful! If not Hillary still awful!

  8. AgLander July 25, 2016

    The gavel has been dropped less than an hour and contentiousness reins on the floor of the Democrat convention with Sanders and Clinton forces squaring off angrily and heckling each other! Maybe Hillary will send Kaine out with some edible marijuana to try and calm the crowd!

    1. Independent1 July 26, 2016

      You just can’t miss an opportunity to make a totally nonsensical post, can you?? I guess when you have the brain capacity of a 3-year old, it doesn’t take much to get your jollies off!! Does it???

      1. Jim July 31, 2016

        Why do you keep insulting/name calling people? can’t you have an adult conversation?

        1. Independent1 July 31, 2016

          Because I’m fed up with these right-wing trolls that constantly come on the NM with no other purpose than to post their lies and fabrications of reality TO DELIBERATELY ANTAGONIZE the independents and liberals on the NM who are the majority of the posters; in their constant effort keep the sane posters on the NM from being able to exchange their thoughts peacefully without the right-wing nutcase antagonistic interference.

          1. Jim July 31, 2016

            I don’t like anyone being mean spirited not republicans or you, I try hard to not be like them because of people like them/ you, you should try it.

          2. Independent1 July 31, 2016

            You clearly haven’t been posting on the NM for long. I was like you 3 years ago, but after many months of trying to be reasonable with these right-wing trolls, I’ve given up trying to be civil because they would just constantly throw my civility in my face.

            Sorry, but I can no longer bring myself to treat with kindness these totally immoral, willing to pathologically lie trolls – many who I believe are being paid by the RNC or the Heritage Foundation just to purposely disrupt my ability to carry on sane/adult conversations with other like minded posters. It’s like dealing with scum from the gutter.

          3. Jim July 31, 2016

            But I’m not one of them nor a left wing dem. but your insulting me too so it’s possible your doing it to everyone you disagree with.

        2. Independent1 July 31, 2016

          And I do have many adult conversations WITH THE ADULTS ON THE NM, which the right-wing three-year-old mindset trolls to not qualify for. Conversing with the right-wing trolls on the NM is like conversing with my 2 and half year old great grandson.

  9. Jim July 25, 2016

    In a Clinton administration undocumented immigrants will probably be freely let in with substandard vetting or none at all.

    1. Independent1 July 26, 2016

      What a load of BS!! Why would you suppose that?? Just because you’re too clueless to know just how long many immigrants that come into America today have waited for approval of their applications??

      My guess is that it’s a lot longer than you right-wingers even realize. Under Obama, immigrants being allowed into the U.S. from the Middle East and other terrorist prone areas, are only those who have been vetted for an average of about 7 years. And I’ll guarantee you that that wouldn’t change if Hillary was elected.

      Do you right-wingers really believe that terrorists are going to sit around and wait to be approved as an immigrant when the average wait time these days is around 7 years?? Really?? You believe that!!!

      We have a Haitian friend of the family who has been in America for over 5 years on a green card and is now a citizen; and although he had applied for entrance of his wife 2-3 years ago, and they have a 2-year old son our friend rarely sees, it looks like it may be another 3-5 years before his wife gets approved for entry to the U.S. – and that’s not even from a country where you would normally expect terrorists to come in from (so all told, it’s going to be a 5-8 year wait for him to get his wife here).

      What you right-wingers don’t seem to realize, is many immigrants are in America as undocumented, not because they’re criminals who are intentionally wanting to break the law, but rather because our immigration rules are so obtuse and unforgiving, that they’re living here as undocumenteds in desperation: they’ve been separated for years and being here illegally is the only way many families can once again come together.

      1. Jim July 26, 2016

        First of all I was talking about immigrants from south America, 2. we have hundreds of thousands coming in illegally far more then legally & if illegals wait/hide long enough they will be given amnesty because there’s so many, to many to deport realistically.
        Your second paragraph is total b.s.the Obama administration has not been vetting anyone from middle east for yrs. now he’s bringing in refugees in a hurry &I have no confidence there being vetted properly if at all.
        Most terrorists will sneak in with illegals but some will get in legally,about you friend it is awful that has happened we all know that our immigration system is broken hopefully it will be fixed.
        I believe Hillary will continue putting us in danger because of her overly bleeding heart. Americans do understand, are you not listening to what’s going on? only some are criminals I know, but with the gangs, terrorists we have a problem, who is a threat who isn’t, it hurts good people that want in for a better life. It would be great if south American county’s would get there shut together so citizens over there didn’t need to leave.

        1. Independent1 July 26, 2016

          Your post is nothing more than ONE BLATANT LIE AFTER ANOTHER!!

          Illegal immigrants ARE NOT coming in illegally by the hundreds of thousands: THAT IS A FLATOUT LIE!!

          Fact is dummkopf, there are over 1 million less illegals in America today than when Obama took office. And the Obama Administration has rounded up AND DEPORTED more troublesome illegals than any two previous presidents COMBINED!!

          So take your flat out lies and go bury your head in a toilet where it belongs because you are spewing nothing BUT COW MANURE!!!!!!!!

          1. Jim July 31, 2016

            No it’s not! I’m writing about what I hear & read from news groups, if it’s not true then why have we been hearing about it for decades? Why do you think your right?

          2. Independent1 July 31, 2016

            Well. I react also to lies, and virtually everything you posted is a lie. So you need to be careful where you’re getting your information.

            I’m going to post you a graph which shows that there are less immigrants in our country today than there were in 2006/7. And given that in the last 8/9 years the majority of illegals that have come into America have been people with H1B work visas who have overstayed their time in our country; this graph makes it absolutely clear that there have hundreds of thousands less immigrants coming across our southern border in the past 7 years than was previously the case.

            So your assertion that ” 2. we have hundreds of thousands coming in illegally far more then
            legally & if illegals wait/hide long enough they will be given
            amnesty because there’s so many, to many to deport realistically.” Is a flat out lie.

            I may have been discourteous because I was quoting facts and you were claiming that my facts were all wrong; which is generally the ploy of a right-wing troll – to discredit the messenger and refuse to believe the truth.

            Here’s that graph on the decline of immigrants in America, not the increase there of:

          3. Jim July 31, 2016

            I still won’t vote for Hillary, I won’t take the chance.

          4. Independent1 July 31, 2016

            See my post to your previous response – I’m having trouble believing you now that you’re not either a far left-winger or a right-winger. Most sane people don’t deliberately vote against their own best interests.

          5. Independent1 July 31, 2016

            Oh! And here’s just a few more stats you might want to keep in mind before you really don’t vote for Hillary:

            Since 1900, America’s GDP growth has averaged a robust 4.3%/yr under Democrats but a paltry 2.6%/yr under Republican presidents.

            Since 1930, the stock market return has actually been negative during the 42 years a Republican was president, such that a $10,000 investment would have been worth less than $5,000 in 2016 if you kept the investment in the market only when a Republican was in office- while under the 44 years of Democrat presidents, that $10,000 would have grown to over $350,000.

            And if you’re even interested in jobs, since the great depression, the Democrats in office have created almost twice the number of jobs as the Republicans: only 24 million jobs were created in 20 years under Reagan and the 2 Bushes; while 40 million plus were created in less than 20 years under Carter, Clinton and Obama.

            And even with respect to the size of our government: Reagan and the 2 Bushes added over 280,000 workers to our government while Carter, Clinton and Obama cut more than 380,000 – resulting in our current government employing 330,000 less workers than when Reagan left office in 1989.

            Just some thoughts to keep in mind.

          6. Jim August 2, 2016

            I read the economy does better under democrats, unless democrats abandon the L.G.B.T. agenda, fully support deportation & real border security, stop refugees coming in & show real patriotism I won’t consider voting for them, but that won’t happen because they have to much of a bleeding heart.

          7. Independent1 August 2, 2016

            Okay, so you really are a right-winger. It’s only right-wingers who care far more about themselves than for others; and who think that what other people do is somehow THEIR BUSINESS!!

            And it’s primarily right-wingers who fail to see that immigrants, including illegals, are actually the backbone of the American economy and if a lot of illegals were deported, the American economy would go into a depression and they may well end up standing in a breadline.

            Well, keep up with your narcissistic ideas – and you may just find yourself in some kind of breadline if Trump does get elected because one thing is absolutely certain – TRUMP WOULD DESTROY AMERICA AND ITS ECONOMY AND THERE IS NO QUESTION ABOUT THAT!!!

          8. Jim August 2, 2016

            Those issues aren’t right -wing there legitimate wishes. I’m not concerned about my self, where are you getting this ridiculous ideas about me from? It’s not from my posts.
            It depends on what people are doing whether or not it’s other people’s business, if people want to break laws that’s public business if people want to do sick and immortal things & force society to except it that’s our business too.
            I do see that immigrants do play an important role in our economy, I haven’t suggested other wise it’s a matter of legal status & how many are here, illegals should leave & legal should stay & work just not to many, we can fill the jobs left by illegals with illegals.
            I could find myself unemployed because I don’t have an important job.
            Sounds like your a overly bleeding heart liberal.

          9. Independent1 August 2, 2016

            That’s total nonsense!! They’re only legitimate issues in the minds of narcissisitic right-wingers who think they have a right to dictate how other people should live, and who hold totally misguided judgements about immigrants, including illegals.

            No one says you have to approve of how others live, but you have no right to judge others and make it your business to try and control their lives.. How they live is only God’s business – not yours or anyone elses; God should be the judge NOT YOU. So not only are you a right-winger (even though you appear to be denying that even to yourself,) you’re clearly not a Christian.

          10. Jim August 2, 2016

            There’s nothing narcissistic about my views, excuse me for not liking homosexuality & not wanting the L.G.B.T. communitys lifestyle to become normalised in our society, apparently it’s the liberal’s view to allow this sick lifestyle to be normalised, we don’t have the right to control there lives but that’s what there doing by forcing us to except there lifestyle.
            We have freedoms so people can live mostly the way they want but l.g.b.t. want to much from society they’ll make the whole country perverted & depraved.
            GOD isn’t here we are, we establish the laws we follow our religious beliefs, we decide what is right & wrong. even in non legal matters we punish the guilty while there alive.
            There’s nothing misguided about my view of immigrants and illegals here are to many, they need to fix there own country so they don’t need to leave, it seems instead of trying to fix the problem they just come here in mass numbers, America for Americans.
            There are many many Christians who disagree with homosexuality & want secure borders.

          11. Independent1 August 2, 2016

            Sorry, but your post proves even more that you’re not only a narcissist, someone who thinks everyone should abide by his ideas and beliefs of how people should live and even cowtow to his/her way of thinking, And you’re also an outright bigot looking down on people like immigrants. Sorry you can’t realize just how far right-wing you are.

          12. Jim August 2, 2016

            All societies have behaviour norms that people are expected to follow, the vast majority here believe obey the law, don’t act in deviant behaviours.
            Everyone judges everyone decides who is right or wrong, who they like or dislike, your trying to bring me to your way of thinking & I you, the l.g.b.t.is trying to normalize deviant behavior & twisted love. You can’t tell me there aren’t things you wouldn’t like to stop.

          13. Jim July 31, 2016

            Immigration isn’t the only reason I’m not voting democrat this time.

          14. Independent1 July 31, 2016

            You realize that even not voting is like voting against your own best interests!! Right!!

            People working in Democrat-run states make 18-23% higher incomes than people working in GOP-run states.

            People living in GOP-run states live 2-5 year shorter lives.

            All 25 states with the most people living on the verge of bankruptcy are GOP-run states.

            All 10 states that survey groups 24/7 Wall Street and Gallup have identified as the 10 most miserable states to live in – are GOP-run states.

            All 15 of the states that lead the nation in dying by gunshot homicide – are GOP-run states.

            8 of the top 10 most violent states to live in are GOP-run states including the most violent first six states.

            And those numbers are just the tip of the iceberg. GOP-run states lead the nation in every form you can bring up of dying prematurely.

            So go ahead, don’t vote for Hillary and let Trump win – And I’ll guarantee you that after just the first six months of a Trump presidency, you’ll rue the day you chose not to vote for Hillary.

        2. Independent1 July 26, 2016

          And you have a totally misguided notion about the illegals – the vast majority of them came into America to better their lives and because of that, they commit FAR LESS crime than people born right here in America.

          And because they’re trying to better their lives and the lives of families who live in other countries, they’re willing to do jobs that native-born Americans are not – and jobs which are crucial to the American economy. Without these people you folks like to call illegals, the American economy would stumble and a significant number of farmers, construction companies, travel industry companies and others, WOULD GO BELLY UP AND SO WOULD THE JOBS OF MILLIONS OF NATIVE-BORN AMERICANS WHO DEPEND ON THE WORK THAT IMMIGRANTS, INCLUDING ILLEGALS DO.

          So when you wish that illegals would go away, you’re also wishing for the trashing of millions of Americans’ jobs, including maybe your own!!!

          1. Jim July 26, 2016

            I do not have a misguided notion, I know why most come here & I’ve never said other wise, there own country is f###ed-up so they need to leave I get it, but it’s been happening for a very longtime, there gov. I think purposely keeping the people down in order to force them to leave, they shouldn’t be committing crimes at all but since some do deportation is warranted further more we have our own people to protect & illegals killing Americans is unacceptable, then there is the matter of resources & population control, to many people in this country already & white, blacks becoming minority I don’t like it. Yes I like to call them what they are ILLEGALS. I only want illegals to go I never said all immigrants I know there importance here, legal immigrants can do the job we don’t want to that should be a requirement for x amount of yrs. it sounds like you want open borders which is a really bad idea, you want the whole country screwed up like California, you want American language and culture squashed over time by shear force of numbers.

        3. Independent1 July 26, 2016

          And here’s an article from USNews that says Syrian and other refugees of war have to wait 18 months or more; while another article has said that, in fact, the average is really closer to 7 years.

          From USNews:

          Refugees are subject to the strictest form of security screening of any class of traveler to the U.S. before they are allowed to enter, with extensive background, security and health checks. The resettlement process is run by the State Department, the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Health and Human Services. DHS receives refugee referrals from the U.N. refugee agency, UNHCR, and then begins vetting candidates for resettlement. Specially trained DHS employees travel to the country where a candidate is residing to conduct in-depth interviews to ensure the individual meets the criteria as a refugee and does not pose a security risk to the
          U.S. The U.S. then investigates and verifies the claims made by an applicant for asylum.

          Unlike in Europe, Syrian refugees are not arriving via
          boat or land to the U.S., nor can they fly into the country without being approved for refugee status. That process frequently takes 18 months or more, meaning refugees are arriving in the U.S. at a very slowpace compared to the numbers by which they are arriving in Europe.

          8 Facts About the U.S. Program to Resettle Syrian Refugees


  10. Slicer July 26, 2016

    (A) Any person who—
    (ii) knowing or in
    reckless disregard of the fact that an alien has come to, entered, or
    remains in the United States in violation of law, transports, or moves
    or attempts to transport or move such alien within the United States by
    means of transportation or otherwise, in furtherance of such violation
    of law;

    shall be punished as provided in subparagraph (B).
    (B) A person who violates subparagraph (A) shall, for each alien in respect to whom such a violation occurs—
    (ii) in the case of a
    violation of subparagraph (A)(ii), (iii), (iv), or (v)(II), be fined
    under title 18, imprisoned not more than 5 years, or both;

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