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Another Losing Battle: Boehner Won’t Win The Fight Against Obamacare


Another Losing Battle: Boehner Won’t Win The Fight Against Obamacare


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Even as he conceded defeat in his “fight” against the Affordable Care Act — a “fight” that shut down the nation’s government and nearly forced a default on America’s debt — in a statement issued late Wednesday, House Speaker John Boehner appeared poised to continue his battle against affordable healthcare.

“Our drive to stop the train wreck that is the president’s health care law will continue,” he said. “We will rely on…targeted strikes that split the legislative coalition the president has relied upon to force his health care law on the American people.”

The latest survey by Democracy Corps and Women’s Voices Women Vote Action Fund makes clear that the “American people” for whom Boehner purports to speak and pledges to fight are a diminishing minority. Just 38 percent of American voters now oppose the Affordable Care Act. Let us be very clear: As much as he may want it to be, this is not 2010.

We want to be clear because so much of the punditry — and most of the Republicans in Congress — assume that Obamacare is “unpopular.” Even the law’s backers assume that support will only come once the benefits take effect in January. Neither of these assumptions is true. Support has shifted dramatically since 2010, when reforms were unpopular and supporters paid a high political price.

Today, we find that the biggest shifts on favorability are coming from those who are already seeing positive benefits from the law, especially unmarried women, Baby Boomers, and seniors. And the more Republicans make this a debate about implementation, the more voters trust Democrats. When that is the choice, voters trust the Democrats by 17 points (49 to 32 percent) to do a better job. The more Republicans make the period ahead about blocking implementation, the more voters will trust Democrats to do a better job in government.

To be sure, voters have concerns about potential negative effects of the ACA — especially employers cutting jobs or reducing hours. But more important, voters are fed up with insurance companies. As they told us in focus groups, they feel they’re at insurers’ mercy. Too many Americans have been dropped from insurance, hit a lifetime limit, or been denied due to a pre-exisiting condition. The more they hear about the ACA’s protections for consumers, the more favorable they feel towards the law.

Read more about our new findings at Democracy Corps.



  1. howa4x October 17, 2013

    Republicans have to realize that if they want to fight Obamacare they need to come up with an alternative plan that can let people compare the pros and cons of each. Just trying to take away a perceived benefit is not gong to work. If people think their lives will be better under the ACA then you just can’t make up slogans and try to take it away. The other thing republicans are trying to do is once again is to attack women’s rights on reproductive health by trying to eliminate the right that the law gives them to access contraception coverage. This is showing once again the influence of evangelicals in republican politics. Americans don’t want to live under a caliphate of a religious doctrine no matter what religion it is. This is why the founders were specific in writing into the constitution that there will be no national religion, which has come to be known as a separation of church and state with many supreme court rulings to back it up. I’m surprised tea party members don’t know that since they wave around little copies of the constitution like the red brigades did with Chairman Mao’s little red book. Republicans have a hard time coming up with an alternative to the ACA since it once was their plan, written by the conservative Heritage foundation, and implemented in Mass. By Romney a republican governor. It relies on personal responsibility for health and still keeps the payment of services in the private sector. This is all bedrock republican philosophy. If they want to be successful they should be telling everyone that this was their idea and the democrats stole it. That would be a game changer. The other thing they could do is to fix what they perceive as wrong or to make it work better and claim credit for that. As long as they stay focused on repeal they will be on the loosing end of national elections for a long time.

    1. Bryan October 17, 2013

      If they took your advice, they would reclaim the Senate and soon have the Presidency if they ran somebody like Christie.

      1. howa4x October 17, 2013

        I live in NJ and Christie is no bargain. He balanced the last budget by stealing the surcharges we pay on utility bills worth 700 million that was supposed to go for clean energy projects. He pulled out of the eastern coalition of states suing the coal industry to limit emissions that travel east. He just vetoed his own gun legislation because the tea party in NH said they wouldn’t support him for president if he signed it. He vetoed same sex marriage legislation that passed both houses, and is dragging his feet on implementing medical marijuana, attacked the teachers union and is trying to funnel public dollars to charter schools right out of the republican playbook. Worst of all his admiration hired politically connected consultants to distribute Sandy aid and as of now not one dollar has been given out almost 1 year after the event due to incompetence, and 4000 people are still out of their primary residences. He is only winning because the democrats in NJ are politically corrupt and made a deal with him so they could keep the senate and are not supporting their own candidate for governor. If you want Christie you can have him!!

        1. highpckts October 18, 2013

          You want Kasich?? We don’t!! He’s doing the same things!!

        2. omgamike October 18, 2013

          No thank you. You can keep him all to yourself. Working with bullies has always offended my sensibilities.

    2. I Zheet M'Drawz October 18, 2013

      How dare you confuse people with factual information.

      1. howa4x October 18, 2013

        I know it’s a problem I have but am working on it

    3. darkagesbegin October 18, 2013

      The republicans can’t come up with another plan–because Obamacare is their plan. Conceived by a conservative think-tank and vetted by a republican governor who made it into Romney-care. So it seems to me, of course, that it is not the plan they object to but the guy who got it done on a national scale. IF Romney had done it nationally, you wouldn’t hear the end of the accolades for the program; but Obama did it so it must be evil.

      1. howa4x October 18, 2013

        Kind of ridiculous isn’t it?

        1. darkagesbegin October 18, 2013

          and dishearteningly pathetic as well

    4. omgamike October 18, 2013

      It’s way too late for the GOP to claim the ACA for their own, even if it was true. They didn’t do the pushing for the law, they didn’t do anything to get it passed, and they have done nothing but try to abolish it since it was passed. That train has already left the station.

  2. Luanne Taylor October 17, 2013

    yes, this is what I see as well, but I am surprised at how the Republicans continue to insist that millions have been so hurt, ravaged, etc…where are all the millions that Cruz speaks about? Also, it will be very hard to listen to lectures on wasteful spending from this political party in the future. Think of the good that could have been done with the money they flushed down the toilet.

    1. highpckts October 18, 2013


    2. concerned Grandma October 18, 2013

      Yes, I too am asking “where are those millions?” If there, indeed, are ‘millions’ wouldn’t some reporters have sniffed that out by now? Why is Cruz the only one “in the know”? Never does offer any ‘evidence’ either. Why, oh why, do so many Americans believe this malarky? Reminds me of all those Canadians who supposedly have to come to America for their health care because they have “long waiting lists”. I worked in health care for many years in a large northern metropolis in a large hospital and never did see evidence of those Canadians. I am sure there must have been some but not the hordes the health care deniers would have you believe.

  3. Ed Sommers October 17, 2013

    There will always be people who believe the lies the Republicans tell about Obamacare. Sadly, too many of “the American people” check their brains at the door when they watch Ted Cruz and the other enemies of Obamacare on TV. Just in passing…would you buy a car from Ted Cruz? (for anyone that says yes…would you really?)

    The R’s talk of the horrors of Obamacare. What are those horrors? The ability to buy health insurance if you’re a diabetic? The ability to get the care required by an infant born with a heart defect? The great sacrifice of giving up the freedom to die without having access to a doctor?

    I’m on Medicare so if I get really sick of listening to the right wing-nuts talk about
    how the founding fathers want all citizens to be able to get sick and die without
    the government knowing anything about it…I know I’ll be able to get a doctor’s appointment. And so will anyone who is eligible to buy an insurance policy under Obamacare.

  4. Allan Richardson October 17, 2013

    This is the right’s Edmund Pettis Bridge moment. Just as Jim Crow brutality was exposed on that day in Selma, changing public opinion to make the passage of the Civil Rights Act possible, this shutdown has exposed the true agenda of the radical right wing and the Tea Party, to defund not a program but the very lives of working people (by enabling business to make draconian pay cuts and outsource jobs while raising the prices of necessities and killing the unions that try to defend workers from such oppression). It is an agenda that does not care about the legality, the morality, or even the rationality of its means, even destroying our entire economy in the process.

    The conservatives will NEVER come up with anything that works as well as Obamacare (although it is not perfect, and one day Americans will see through the “socialism” lies and replace it with universal Medicare), because their agenda is NOT to cover all of us with protection, but to make “protection” a racket that costs average Americans almost as much as the costs we are “protected” from, and is not even offered to those who need it most.

  5. Smeagel4T October 17, 2013

    Interesting how this analysis falls into line with the analysis of the Koch Brothers lead coalition that planned the government shutdown. Their analysis was that, if they didn’t kill Obamacare before it was implemented, they would never be able to kill it even if a Republican was elected president in 2016. How odd to decide to shut down the government to prevent something that their own analysis says the people will increasingly support.

    1. ncy1hrt October 18, 2013

      I still believe the shutdown and potential default provided some monetary incentive for someone. People like the Koch boys don’t support extreme ideology unless the end result is more wealth and power. I really believe they don’t care about the ACA. I really believe it was just a topic that was used to rally the crazy people.

      1. omgamike October 18, 2013

        You’re right. They must have found some kind of investment scheme that would be for the shutdown but against the ACA. I mean, you can buy insurance for anything. Why not the same for investing your money? I have no doubt that they made money out of this whole charade.

  6. Bill October 17, 2013

    Unfortunately, very, very unfortunately the Ultra Extreme Republican Cartel in concert with the Koch Brothers and Associates, are attempting to take the United States of America back to a point in time before our founding fathers fought and died, to grant us INDEPENDENCE from feudal, selfish, intolerant, depressive, horrendous governance rendering the lives of 99% of the population subjected to abuse and tyranny.

    The Republic founded by our fore fathers, the United States of America established a Democracy founded on the principle of majority rule, collective bargaining, of all the people, by all the people, for all the people.

    Until the selfish greed of the 21st century we, the U S A, were the envy of the world. Now the Republican Cartel is doing their damndest to turn our country into a Fourth World Country, an utter disaster.

  7. ma barisone October 18, 2013

    The republicans are nuts!

  8. diverdown48 October 18, 2013

    The truth hurts……liars.
    Equal premiums for men and women,
    no one can be refused the purchase of insurance for a pre existing condition,
    insurance companies can’t refuse coverage for doctor visits for pre-existing conditions like yeast infection,
    no more life time limits for coverage for cancer, diabetes and other major illnesses and injuries,
    insurance companies must spend 80% of their income on their insureds medical conditions or refund the difference to the customers,
    people who use the emergency room for their medical coverage have to buy insurance which means tax payers don’t have to pick up the bill, It is justice for tax payer,
    the people who pay for insurance all their lives can’t get turned down by insurance companies for coverage when they need it by the small print in policies,
    insurance companies who overcharge have to pay it back and competition will set the rates.
    The insurance companies will make less on each person but because more are buying insurance they will continue to make profits for their stock holders.
    The good far out weighs the bad.
    Now if CNN and other reporters stop clogging the system when they already have insurance just to see if it works the web site will be fine.
    But I am still pissed off because a Canadian company is going to make around 300 million American dollars for putting out a web site that doesn’t work.
    Buy American.


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