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The Phony “Courage” Of Paul Ryan


The Phony “Courage” Of Paul Ryan


In this video, James Carville pushes back against the notion that Paul Ryan’s budget plan is brave. “There is nothing more courageous than taking away from people trying to make it and giving to people who already have it made,” he says sarcastically. “Please have the courage not to be courageous.”



  1. Jesse Delgado August 14, 2012

    Mr. Carville, I enjoy listening to your talks!
    When it comes to Romney/Ryan, they mean “no good” for this country. Romney doesn’t pay taxes, Ryan wants to dismantle Medicare and Social Security…!
    From what I read and hear, They are working to “Distroy” the Middle Class of America…the working Men and Women of this United States.
    That is “unAmerican”.

  2. umphres August 14, 2012

    Many thanks James. This combination, as someone recently said, is Bush on steroids…Doubled up now. The middle class may never recover.

  3. labrown69 August 14, 2012

    Carville is a straight shooter and a bright son of a bitch. I wish he was a candidate for president

  4. chicobob August 14, 2012

    Go James! Bob Mulholland

  5. Charles Broadhead August 14, 2012

    Throw ObamaCare and his Gay Thing out the door and him with it.

    1. TheBigNoob August 14, 2012

      Your words are teeming with intellectual capacity; I bet you did great in high school.

  6. Caris Severn August 14, 2012

    Thank you, Mr. Carville. “The elite definition of courage” is the dismantling of democracy with the replacement of plutocracy. It means the middle class will become the serfs of the powerful 1%. It really galls me when these people pretend to understand the intentions of “The Founding Fathers.” They are self-interested, destructive liars.

  7. VonLmo August 14, 2012

    Mr Carville, please explain why you remain married to the Republican Party’s biggest p.r. spin- mistress. You’re full of crap & no better/ different than Mary. You both serve the same master. BTW you appear to be missing your daily dose of Zyprexa that’s in that bottle alongside you. Don’t piss on me & tell me it’s cum, bitch.

  8. WordsDefineLife August 14, 2012

    Catholic Paul Ryan follows Atheist, Pro-Choice, Anti-Golden Rule, Anti-Catholic Charities, Anti-Help Your Neighbor – Ayn Rand!

  9. alastaircampbell August 15, 2012

    Love it, James … Still not lost it!

  10. mrEmannE August 15, 2012

    Bullies often think of themselves as ‘courageous’, when really they’re only being self-serving. For the current Republican crop, it’s not about raising all the boats, it’s about sailing away on a new yacht.

  11. Grandessa August 15, 2012

    Unfortunately, you have it all wrong. My husband and I make a combined six-figure salary. However, we paid full price for both our children’s college educations (a total of $350,000), our house has depreciated in value, and our 401(K) retirement has shrunk. Last year we paid a total of $210,000 in state and federal taxes. We do not have jets, yachts, and all the other things that are attributed to us. My husband works 14-hour days, 6 days a week, and I recently closed my small consulting business because the salary I earned wasn’t worth anything after our business and personal taxes. Yet, the Democratic party call us rich since we make over $250,000 per year. I personally believe the Democratic party is engaging in class warfare, which is very polarizing, and you certainly are engaging in fiscal policy that works against entrepreneurialism. Your party’s policies are antithetical to the creativity that is endemic to the American ethic. Shame on you.

    1. flowerchld August 15, 2012

      Yes, you have it tough. And so do you poor kids. I went to college full time paid by a student loan. I worked full time too. I also had a part time job on the weekends. I’m still paying off those loans. My “sympathies” for your family’s astounding poverty….

      1. Grandessa August 15, 2012

        The Democrats have it all wrong in another area: President Obama’s recent comments about the government being responsible for people’s success. He sadly ignored the other large influences in people’s lives: parents, family, faith, friends and other cultural pillars. A huge influence in my own work ethic is my parents. Case in point: my father was a Captain in the Army in World War II. He was on the Death March of Bataan and a Japanese prisoner of war for 3 1/2 years. He was discharged with a “war psychosis,” and thus was entitled to veterans’ benefits. My mother, an Army Corps nurse, counseled him and said he should not take any benefits (those are for the neediest) and should return to work immediately. He did, and he worked until he was 80 years old and raised 7 children. These fine hard-working people are responsible for my success.


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