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The ‘Private Moment’ That Defined The Race


The ‘Private Moment’ That Defined The Race


Mitt Romney’s “47 percent” video will be remembered as the moment that defined this presidential race, turning voters against him and the Republican party once and for all. Romney’s repellent remarks were wrong on facts, wrong on values, and will cost him dearly among the broad group of Americans that he just wrote off so arrogantly.



  1. Pat Dolan September 24, 2012

    Excellent points, each and every one. Thank you.

  2. Pat Dolan September 24, 2012

    Excellent points, each and every one. Thank you.

  3. Albie Y. Pabon September 24, 2012

    Voters are as different as the strands of hair on your head. It would be encouraging if those on the right would truly assess the 47% statements as they were intended and in this video it was well capture. Above and beyond that is a matter of trust. The man who won’t voluntarily give us his tax returns but wants to change the tax codes is well short on trustworthiness. Add to that the fact that he has changed his positions on every issue his party typically value AND on issues that are valued by those centered and left of center. He is a gelatinous mess.

  4. Shelly Weinstein September 24, 2012

    I believe that video should give the Democrats an opportunity ( along with many other issues that are being explored ) to point out “why a hugely successful business person’s experience is not necessarily not applicable to “running a democracy”, it is in fact “antithetical” to our democratic values!
    Both Romney and Ryan, in all of their speeches discussing what their policies are for what they see as “problem areas”, with need for ‘growth’, that is eating up revenues. This is true for ‘social, health, education, social security, medicare, medicaid and good & welfare policies’,etc. They don’t see the return on their investments. so the first reaction is “tear it down, or repeal, or sell it off to the private sector”! That’s what a business person does when the corporation is losing money! First you destroy it, to save it and then rebuild to meet stock holders interests!

    That’s how Romney views “47% of the population”. If he had his druthers, he’d fire them and then to save the country, he’d rebuild it as a lean, mean for-profit company, using the Bain Capital vision.
    That is what Ryan just did, when he spoke at AARP, the other day. He said he’d “repeal Obama Care”. And, then after being booed, he said, “he expected that”, and went on to explain after destroying it, he would rebuild it, to protect it!

    Americans are too smart for this! Americans know that they are more than “stock holders” in a private or public corporation, whose bottom line is ‘profitability”. We are the owners of this company and if it goes out of business for however long, or shrinks in size with fewer families having benefits and opportunities, no matter the plan to resurrect it for growth, millions will suffer, if not die from hunger, illness or remain unemployed for years to come, and their children will not be educated or have extensive opportunities, etc., etc. (You know how to take this even further, but for now, all I’m saying is this):

    Romney and Ryan are not making “gaffes”! Romney’s experience and Ryan’s allegiance to Ane Rand, also illustrates his belief, not in democracy but in the private sector, exclusively!
    I hope the Democrats and the White House spokespersons, use this wonderful video as a look into Romney’s soul, experience and thinking, for what it is! His ‘experience’ is not applicable to democratic governance. And, equally important he thinks of “American People” as “employees”! We are not his employees and he is not our boss.

    When the President is elected, we don’t hire or fire him! Strong democratic institutions are a partnership with its owners, the ‘People’. If the government is not working right, the ‘people’ don’t “fire” a president, as Romney said he”likes to do”. The “people” wait for an election, because they are too smart to “repeal” or “destroy or close” their very own business, because it is not in “their interests”, not as stock holders, but as owners!

    I hope the next few weeks are used to show the voters that even in a complex hurtful global economic downturn, a business man’s experiences are not necessarily the ‘right fit’ for our democracy and democratic values, as Mitt Romney showed us when speaking to his ‘community’ of like minded business men/women.
    Thank you,
    Shelly Weinstein

  5. SaneJane September 24, 2012

    I don’t like saying this but I have to. I don’t think a candidate’s religion should matter BUT in this case we need to closely examine the state of Utah. The Mormon Church is the government there. They control most everything including state and local governments. I don’t think this is a good sign.

    1. DownriverDem September 25, 2012

      I don’t either, but this is a differnt kind of religion. They have so much money that they own shopping malls and enforce their religious beliefs on everyone. They have been waiting since their Mormon beginning for someone to be president. It is part of their take over.

    2. Tera Paillet September 25, 2012

      Ms. SaneJane; Cesaer was the one who started government when these two words from the new testament was written who form an Assembly and Governor that began Local ruling for Israel.


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