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The Republican Problem: ‘It’s The Quality Of The Inmates’


The Republican Problem: ‘It’s The Quality Of The Inmates’

Will there ever be a left equivalent of the Tea party?

When I hear people talking about the troubled state of today’s Republican Party, it calls to mind something Lester Maddox said one time back when he was governor of Georgia.  He said the problem with Georgia prisons was “the quality of the inmates.” The problem with the Republican Party is the quality of the people who vote in their primaries and caucuses. Everybody says they need a better candidate, or they need a better message but — in my opinion — the Republicans have an inmate problem.

Slightly more sympathetic, my colleague Stan compares the Republicans to an “endangered species.” But we agree that the strange political obsessions of the Republican base — from denying global warming to defending assault weapons — continue to doom any moderate politicians within their party.  How should Democrats seize the political opportunity created by Republican extremism?



  1. adriancrutch December 17, 2012

    Their image is shattered beyond all recognition. By denying the affordable care act republican govs will have embraced socialism! Their logic is delusional to say the least,and thats at all facets!

  2. Victoria Phillips December 17, 2012

    They will all be inmates soon.

  3. ProgMK December 17, 2012

    The quality of the Video was really bad, but I got the point.

    What the Dems need to do to cease the moment is to educate the inmates, especially those who vote for the rich and yet they are at the bottom of the pay scale. They are on food stamps and other government subsides and they still want to believe that those privileged are for black or spanish people – they are encouraged by hate and not facts. They still believe they have “White Privilege” – which does not exist anymore in the New America. They still think all White people will vote Republican just because they can not see us voting for a Black man for president, they forget that the progressive white people are not with them. Until the Progressive White People really try to teach their lost brethren and kin honestly about the changing world, they will miss the boat and will be lost for ever.

    As for the Rich inmates who still believe that money will buy them votes, the Dems need to undermine them by strengthening the unions they are trying to kill, organizing regular people to get involved like the Obama machine did this year.

    Once we take over the house, the senate and white house again
    1. We need to raise the minimum wage to at least $12 per our for every worker, NO MORE WORKING POOR
    2. Ensure that any company that refuses to pay medical for employees will be required to pay into the Obama Care exchange a certain fee to cover them on Medicaid
    3. We should try and eliminate part time work for people that are willing to work full time – this will stop companies from getting away with hiring only part time to avoid paying benefits.
    4. All companies with a high number of employees should be required to offer some kind of retirement 401k or similar plus pension where by the company chips in a percentage.

    WE MUST BRING BACK COLLECTIVE BARGAINING INTO EVERY WORK PLACE – WE MUST GROW A STRONG MIDDLE CLASS OTHERWISE OUR DEMOCRACY IS AT STAKE. The American People need to understand that a Country with no large middle class can not have freedom – there are enough examples in the world to draw this conclusion from.

    As for voter suppression, The Federal Government needs step in and issue a uniform voting card (NO LABELS) to every eligible voting age American. Once one reaches the age, let the card be automatically issued – if we can do this with SS# without duplication, we can do it with a voting card. The only work here would be to ensure that voting lists are kept up to date for death or ineligible felonies. How do we monitor it, we create voting machines that will accept the card to be used once for every time voting happens. We ensure each and every State uses the same machines’ If anyone tries to use it for the same period, it kicks it out – this way, if on voting day I am too sick to show up, a friend can still vote for me as long as I give them the card – since it can only record it once or get kicked out. This will eliminate fraud and cut the time it takes to fill the ballots. the people out of the country then will be the only ones to send in ballots. People won’t have registrations to throw out because the card will not say which party you belong to; only at the voting machine you will be able to vote for whatever party you want. Voting ID’s will not be required since it should not matter who shows up to vote as long as the card is valid. If we can send people to the moon, this should not be rocket science. If I can send my child to the ATM to get my money as long as I give her my pin number, why can’t we do this!!! We need to advocate for this as Progressives because these Republicans want to steal or suppress any vote they can.

    They say they want their Country back, let us show them how our inclusive Country of fairness and balance is better than what they want back.

  4. BethDunham December 17, 2012

    Republicans love Stupid people look at Mississippi thats what they are hoping for all over the world like keeping chickens they are so dumb down there

  5. Find the Truth December 17, 2012

    We have to remember that the Republican base is echoing the EXACT ideas that the propagandists in the Republican party wanted them to learn. The rise of the radical right corresponds with the rise of the right wing think tanks and right wing media…

  6. howa4x December 17, 2012

    There are numerous problems with the base of the Republican party. They are funded by the wealthy and led to believe that they are the job creators and what they need to create jobs is a removal of regulations and unions. The other problems they have is the right wing media who have made millions lying to them, and will continue as long as they can make money. The base is now made up of religious zealots(evangelicals who completely miss understood Jesus’s teachings) who are carrying on a sexual war against single women. People who hate Latinos, gays, afro americans and want the white men to control, and, 2nd amendment people who want assualt weapons to fight the government one day.
    How does this group expect to attract a younger more tolerant and liberal generation?How do you reason with them if you are an open minded person who wants to explore different ways to solve our problems. Answer is you can’t!!

    1. Clearandhonest December 18, 2012

      I am an independent voter who is an evangelical Christian. While I voted for President Obama’s re-election because I believe that in almost every area he was by far the smartest, most honest, and the most qualified of the two candidates, I still struggled with his stance on abortion. I still do. I just don’t understand how someone who is so caring and compassionate especially with regard to children, could take the most extreme stance on abortion. He is by far more extreme than the majority of Americans since he would allow even partial birth abortions for any reason. I just don’t understand this. I mean unborn babies are children too, human children! How can we as a country allow the taking of any human life to be legal, just because the life of the unborn child happens to be inconvenient for the mother or father. I believe that this shows that there is a moral crisis in our country and our culture. Our culture nolonger values the sacredness of human life. I have read that a culture that nolonger protects it’s children, it’s elderly, and it’s most vulnerable; is a country that is in a state of moral decay and is danger of collapse from within. I believe that the progression of violence in this country can be traced back to the legalization of abortion, and the devaluation of the unborn human child. I think that there has to be a better solution to unwanted preganancies than the taking of these innocent human lives. Maybe if we face God and humbly ask for his help, we can find a better way, and he can save us from our moral depravity. After all, that’s why he sent his only son (whose birth we now celebrate) so that he could teach us right from wrong, and then die for our sins so that we could have eternal life.

      The reason that I brought my comments on this issue to this particular blogging forum is so that we moderates and liberals could look at ourselves and see not just what we have done right, but also where we need to change. While I believe that the Republicans have got it wrong on most issues, this is the one area where they got it mostly right. I think that there are many evangelical Christians who might have voted democratic this last election were it not for the abortion issue. I believe that it is time for Repubicans and Democrats to cross the isle and find a better solution to unwanted pregnancies than abortion.

      I’m sure that there are many people who will disagree with me, but I am interested in reading any rational intelligent reasons why. I am also interested in reading about any positive alternative solution to abortion. If anyone would like to reply, I will look for your response on this website.


      1. GeeOPee December 18, 2012

        The cure for unwanted pregnancies is simple: sex education and affordable access to birth control. Why are conservatives reducing access to both?

        1. Richie T December 18, 2012

          Birth control is allot cheaper then another kid on welfare. They want to ban one, and not pay for the other one. It doesn’t work that way, one or the other, you can’t have both.

        2. Plznnn December 18, 2012

          Maybe Conservatives have principles.

          1. WhutHeSaid December 18, 2012

            So does the Taliban.

          2. Bill December 18, 2012

            The only things conservatives believe in is the “principal not principle”. Whatever can make them money is good whether is pollutes the water or air, is dangerous to wrkers health, etc.

      2. WhutHeSaid December 18, 2012

        It’s very simple, really: You don’t want others to force their morals on you, so you shouldn’t expect to be able to force your morals on them. Nobody is forcing you to have an abortion, so don’t expect to be able to force them to not have an abortion, if that’s what they truly feel is the right thing for them.

        NOBODY wants abortions — NOBODY. Sometimes it’s necessary, and that decision must be one of the most personal and agonizing of all decisions that one can make. What’s truly obscene is that the very same people who oppose the right to choose usually also oppose birth control. That’s called ‘stupidity’.

        Obama and Joe Biden understand this concept. During one of the debates, Joe Biden explained exactly how he reconciles his position with his Catholic faith: He accepts the Church’s teachings, but refuses to try to force same upon other people who may have a different perspective.

        Don’t be in such a rush to tell us what your God wants. The Taliban or Al-Qaeda can do the very same thing with equal or greater fervor. Do you want to be forced to live by their beliefs? Then stop expecting to be able to force other people to live by yours.

        1. Rvn_sgt6768 December 18, 2012

          Sadly you are correct and the differences between what Clear and Honest believes and what the Taliban and religious zealots in American believe are shrinking day by day. The only difference is the rest of us (US) do not want to foster our beliefs (regardless of their origins or how deeply we feel them) on others. We understand the basis premise of individual rights. What we believe is good ONLY for each one of us and stops at the end of our noses. While we may try to explain and discuss those beliefs with others we do not try to force them on others at any expense. I am perfectly fine with waiting until “judgment day” to see if I am right or wrong. I do not bother you and please do not bother me. Allow me the respect I show you. Sadly we can but they do not seem to be able to do that simple part and we all know what happens next.

        2. rpg1408 December 18, 2012

          Exactly!! We can only hope that some of the anti-choice people are capable of responding to reason and logic.

          1. progressiveandproud December 18, 2012

            Take some friendly advice and don’t bet on any of the anti-choice crowd being capable of reason and logic. They really aren’t up to it.

      3. MRD1056 December 18, 2012

        The Democrats are not for abortion they are for choice. I respect your religious views, but not everyone shares those same views. Many people are atheist. You have to remember that this is a free country and people have the right to believe in a religion or not. I am a Democratic Catholic and my church is adamantly against abortion in any case. I have a more in the middle approach, I don’t believe abortion should be used as birth control but I do believe that women should have a choice if their life is in danger or if they are raped. I completely agree with GeeOPee that sex education and contriception are the two main ways to combat abortion which the Republicans adamantly oppose.

      4. Richie T December 18, 2012

        Look up when human life starts in the Jewish religion, at birth. Any law that tries to define that human life starts earlier then that would violate it 1st Amendment.
        The Republicans keep screaming they won’t pay for birth control, make abortion illegal, once the child is born? sorry, not our problem.
        A condom is allot cheaper then another kid on welfare.

      5. sleepvark December 18, 2012

        I will assume that you ask about the opposing view of abortion because, in good faith, you would really like to hear an answer.
        First of all, your basic assumptions about when life begins. They are not shared by the majority of us. Let me offer an analogy.
        Birds. Specifically, chickens. The process they go through includes a bit of time in an egg. It is an egg till it hatches. Then you have a chick, which will develop into a full grown chicken.
        Changing the labels does not change the reality. An egg is an egg till it hatches, whether you call it a chicken or not. Juggling definitions and parsing words is a silly game and a little lacking in subtlety. And it can be played by both sides of an argument.
        But I digress.
        Humans. There are various stages to go through till there is finally a human person. One of those stages is called a fetus. It’s not a child till it’s born. Changing the labels does not change that reality. I for one vigorously disagree that it’s a child in the mother’s womb. I am not alone. If you wish to invoke historical precedent, my view prevails to as far back as there is writing on medical subjects.
        That is perhaps why we celebrate birthdays, not conception days. Most people are a little squeamish about contemplating their parent’s amorous activities.
        The real issue is one of control. Controlling the sexual activities of young females has been an issue for as long as there have been patriarchal societies. At some point the question naturally arises. Who has the right to control the lives of young females, or by extension, any females whatsoever. At what point do we let go and let them live their own lives?
        If one wishes to parse words, you need to understand that it can go both ways. It’s a two edged sword.
        For instance, there is the problem of miscarriage. It happens a lot. There is no human intervention involved, nor is there a conscious choice exercised. Perhaps it can only be labeled an act of deity. Or put another way, Jesus has always done more abortions than any human agency will ever be able to contemplate.
        See where parsing with words will get you?

      6. Ed Sommers December 18, 2012

        Unborn children less than 24 weeks old are NOT babies; they are fetuses. They have the potential to develop into babies but they are not yet babies. Nobody is “pro-abortion”. However, every pregnant woman does not choose to become a parent. Among those pregnant women who do not choose to become a parent, some hold religious beliefs and some do not. Pro-life people are not offering to pay the cost of sustaining the life of a new human being; they are not offering to assume the responsibilities involved in parenting a new human being throughout the process of that child’s maturation throughout his/her lifetime. For those that oppose abortion, they can choose never to have an abortion. For those that do not oppose abortion, they are free to choose as they see fit. The current federal law in the US, Canada, Mexico and in most of Europe supports women’s right to choose.

      7. jnmabila December 18, 2012

        I enjoyed reading your concerns about abortion but want you have not spoken about is the life of the mother. I personally have watched young girls die from illegal abortions in a country where abortion is not legal and most of these were high school girls who were children themselves. What is your solution for unwanted pregnancies from rape? What is your solution for raising those unwanted children who are going to end up in the foster system and become the government’s responsibility that you don’t want to pay more taxes for? How many kids are waiting to be adopted in the foster system that end up being abused because some people only take these kids just for the money not for the love of the kids? Talk about morals, why are morals not thought at home and schools? Why have we taken prayer out of school? Why have we become so self centered we don’t even care about our own families and neighbors? Until society change for the better, stopping abortion alone is not going to solve any problem unless you have a system to deal with those unborn children you are desperately wanting to safe. Remember, the mothers’ lives are also important and all pregnancies are not from being careless but sometimes from abuse and rape. As a victim, it angers me to hear that someone thinks that I should be made to carry a child that was conceived as a result of rape to remind me of the incident for the rest of my life. How there you?

      8. kpolicastro December 18, 2012

        I believe that abortion is murder. I also believe that it can’t be made illegal. That will send us to the old times of filthy back room abortions which will also threaten the lives of the mothers. Which is moral? Neither. Of course the obvious answer is birth control, but that hasn’t seemed to work yet.

        1. David Forbes December 18, 2012

          Please remember that very many embryos are aborted naturally in the first few days after conception without the mother even being aware that she was ‘pregnant’, because the embryo did not implant itself into the womb and form a placenta. Are you against that? The answer is education and contraception and the morning after pill. The education should be carried out in detail in school as parents cannot be trusted to do a good enough job.

      9. Allan Boschen December 18, 2012

        Andrea Miller; & Ellie Smeal;
        I’ve read your recent letters and I am moved. Somehow, we have to get thru to more people on some basic facts, and also get past the unrealistic religious-type reactions:

        1. Life does not begin at conception. The egg & sperm cells are every bit alive, and endowed with the ‘will to live’. But every living plant or animal has a ‘will-to-live’, and a ‘right-to-life’, as do also their predators. However, this ‘right’ and this ‘will’ are restricted from their ultimate fulfillment by the capacity of the elements to sustain it. Along with the ‘right-to-life’ is a right to a decent level of a sense of fulfillment, in a sense of ‘happiness’.

        2. A ‘person’ can barely be identified at conception, and only in its individuality. But personhood is far more than the mere genetic elements that are brought together at conception. That ‘person’ grows with each moment of its existence. One is NOT exactly the same person today as he/she was yesterday!

        3. But even at birth it is only barely ‘conscious’, if even that, then. So where is the ‘personhood’ anyway?

        4. How much happiness does a seriously defective ‘person’ achieve? And how about the misery that it reflects upon all others of its family, and still others around it? And even if not defective, what chance for happiness will it have, simply if unwanted? And what chance of happiness will it allow to those around it? Something to think about! Long! And hard! And deep! And then to reflect about still more!

        5. And doesn’t its retention preclude the birth of another child, without serious defects? Who also has that same ‘right-to-life’! And who would NOT preclude a chance for happiness to those around it, but would enhance it!

        6. Above and beyond all of the above, this Earth has an overpopulation of humans, far more than it can sustain into the distant future. This overpopulation has only been able to reach its current proportions by ‘burning’ the ‘fat’ from ages past. The only realistic approach to this dilemma, so far, has been China’s one-child-family policy. The nearest to realistic other approach is family planning. (The anti-abortionists also resist family planning.) They are totally unrealistic, their minds clouded by religious dogma that is grounded in primitive origins; In Ignorance! Stupidity! Arrogance! Even beyond all of this, people even now are starving to death in some areas. And, this overpopulation by its unthinking, irresponsible excess-exploitation of Earth’s resources, has brought on this Climate Change, with threats, possibly, of terminating our marvelous and wonderful civilization! And even life itself!
        Allan C. Boschen.
        cc: Anti-choice elements, Anti-family-planning, Anti-abortionists.
        Also to Pro-Choice, and Family-Planning Activists. Others.

        P.S. Above and beyond ALL of the above, WE MUST get away from, and beyond the INSANITY of WAR!

        “A Constitution for Federation of the Earth” was developed by the World Constitution and Parliament Assn. (WCPA), led by Philip Isely, of Denver, Colorado. It met 4 times: in 1968, ’77, ’79, & ’81, as World Constituent Assemblies of delegates from many countries, elected in fully democratic manner. This document has been formally ratified by the gov’ts of many cities, counties, and nations. It stands as an ideal model to work from, if not adopted intact by on-going ratification.

      10. David Brown December 18, 2012

        I appreciate your honesty and am glad you were able to vote with a reasoned choice.
        That said, I would never have an abortion nor would i ever encourage anyone to have one. As WhutHeSaid said, nobody want an abortion. I don’t believe that most abortions are carried out simply because of “inconvenience”. But I have to take issue with the Republican stance that all life is sacred. They are up in arms when an abortion occurs but also are pro death penalty. It seems that it is important to bring every life into this world but then deny any support for that life beyond the womb. Then when the life goes horribly wrong and winds up on drugs or in jail, then it’s perfectly justifiable to murder that life as it is now too inconvenient to support it any longer. Social issues are more complex than simply birth control. We have to look at the totality of social issues.
        I too fear that religious zealots will take control. I sympathize with their sensibilities but fear that if the wrong zealots come to power we WILL wind up living under Sharia law or some equivalent, hence the purpose of separation of church and state. We can be just, we can be “moral” but we must be sane.

      11. Secular_Humanist December 18, 2012

        Have you ever given serious thought to WHY women opt for abortion?

        On a blog, a young man complained he had no say in his girlfriends decision to have an abortion, because HE wanted this child. Then came the clincher – he wrote he was willing to PAY for the kid…

        What anti-abortionists don’t want to understand – it isn’t giving birth to a child that women don’t want to do – raising the child is the issue. I know worn out women who have already 4 children and work full time, because their husbands are unreliable, they simply can’t care for a fifth one, because of the other four.

        Why is the crime rate so high in underprivileged neighborhoods? Why are so many young black men in prison? Why would a mother with her child opt for a life in the ghetto, with zero chances for her child to succeed, if she has the choice not to have a child, get an education and be a contributing member of society, not having to stand in line for food stamps…?

        I find it more than strange that MEN are against abortions – the same men who don’t want to marry the mothers of their children, who refuse responsibility of family, for whom government agencies have to pay child support, who not only divorce their wives, but also their children, to go and start new families and forget the old ones.

        Behind every abortion is agony and suffering of an expecting mother who has to make a heart wrenching decision to terminate her pregnancy because she can’t AFFORD to have her child.

        What have you done to help prevent pregnancies and to promote sex education? Republicans don’t want women to have abortions, yet they don’t want to support mothers and children, all they show is disdain. They can’t have it both ways – and neither can you by talking about precious lives of the unborn, because as soon as those poor children are born, even Evangelicals pretend those children don’t exist!

        1. Shug Knight December 18, 2012

          I agree with a lot of your points but I do take issue with your statement, “it isn’t giving birth to a child that women don’t want to do.”

          Do not presume to speak for what all women want because you clearly do not know. I am TERRIFIED of childbirth and for good reason – pregnancy and childbirth are still dangerous health conditions. A lot of anti-abortionists (and you, apparently) gloss over the risk of complications and death that result from pregnancy, and the general effect of pregnancy and labor on a woman’s body. Pregnant women live under a microscope (as it seems the great American pasttime has more to do with “judging other peoples’ parenting” than baseball, football, or apple pie) and their bodies are often not treated as their own.

          So yeah…I agree with the points you discuss in terms of raising an unwanted child, but do not make generalizations about women want or act like pregnancy/labor ain’t no thang.

        2. Rvn_sgt6768 December 18, 2012

          The issue is a Biblical one really. It is the command from God to Adam and Eve to go forth to multiply. What saved the Jewish Nation in its early days? Numbers, sheer numbers to be able to wage war and conquer and then after securing enough land to ensure the peace it did just that. What the religious zealots in America fear the most is to be in the minority population wise. Their fears are based on their own history of how we have treated anyone other than White Protestant and all too often Republican.This explains whey this group is against contraception, abortion and why they are so against any form of choice but are for war and having religion foster on the rest of us (US). Not just religion but THEIR form of religion as they espouse it at any given moment. The Republican Party should be seen as a religious group not as a political party. If one does then one is able to understand what and why they spend all their time on pushing a very far right agenda onto others.

      12. howa4x December 18, 2012

        The solution to the abortion issue is contraception and teaching the use of them in junior high. The problem with that is you evangelicals are against that too. You believe in only abstenience, and there is no back up plan. The problem is what about all the young people who want to explore their sexuality? You in the evangelical community have to moderate your stance on pre marital sex. The more kids can learn about it the less unwanted pregnancies there will be. This is why you can’t get people to come to your point of view. Wraping yourself around god, and comming across rigid in thinking dosen’t attract open minded people. As for moral decay, I don’t think you can pin all of it on abortion. In the south up to the 1950’s they still lynched black people, and practiced segragation. Where were all you devout people? Where was the moral outrage? In modern times during that Christian president Bush, we had 32 million people with no health insurance, and out of that number 50,000 men, women and children died every year beause of it. Where as the moral outrage of the Evangelicals? This was a national shame. We have gun violence claiming now up to 34 thousand per year and it’s not the liberals who own them. It is the conservative god fearing people who are selling automatic weapons to everyone, and cop killing bullits along with them. We have people who are worth so much, like the Walton family(Wal-Mart) Each family member is worth 25 billion yet they won’t even give health benefits to all emoloyees who are paid so low most quality for food stamps, or the Koch bros woth 31 billion each funding the break up of unions so they can treat people like serfs. Why don’t you see this as moral decay? I think it’s mental illness to accumulate so much and hoard it.The bible even talks about it as a sin. So I think you need to rethink this and not make it soley about abortion. We have a lot to be concerned about these days

      13. Kevin117 December 18, 2012

        Do you WANT to understand? if so you have to fully accept that people have different beliefs than yours. That also means accepting that your beliefs on the subject are just than, beliefs, and not facts.

        Start by meditating on the belief that zygotes are not the same human children.

        Or the belief that women, as the creators of life could also have the right to decide not to create a life.

        This may require you to start with the belief that God does not plan out everything, that humans have more control over the world than you have previously decided to believe.

        You don’t have to cast out your faith, just consider that it doesn’t exist the way you’ve been taught, for everyone, and that’s the way it’s supposed to be. That possibly God is more complex and nuanced than human beings can imagine. So complex in fact that God could be different things to different people. Even non-existent to some people! And that’s the way it’s supposed to be.

        To understand how others can feel, if that’s what you REALLY want to do, you need to start with enough spiritual humility to say “We’ll, maybe my way is wrong, really, really, wrong, at least for them. My beliefs may be just as wrong for them as their beliefs *feel* to me. Maybe there’s more than one true path.” Stop preaching and be humble enough to learn. That’s how you understand other people.

      14. Michael Welch December 18, 2012

        Contrary to the conventional wisdom, Democrats (including the President) ARE anti-abortion. However, they are also pro-choice, that is, they believe that women have the right to choose for themselves how they will conduct their lives. Republicans say they want Freedom and Liberty, but they want to force everybody in the country to live according to Southern Baptist Christianity, like it or not! Sort of like a christian Taliban for America. Thanks, but I want REAL freedom, the freedom to choose for myself, and not to have those who want to substitute mythology for reality force me to live according to their version of a christian sharia law.

      15. gargray December 18, 2012

        You are reglious and believe in what Jesus said, still you try and tell others what to do or believe, Jesus didn’t say one word or condemn anyone about abortion, gays, politicks, Hell, what he did is try and tell his followers about Jehovah and wanted the people to change their ways and follow the laws of the true God. Today people say they are religious but do all the things that are against God . The Truth shall set you free.

      16. josaid December 18, 2012

        Thank you for honesty. No one could agree with you more regarding the act itsellf — not even the female that has to make that choice. Clearly, President Obama cannot force his prefrences, morals or judgements over all sectors of people, race, faiths or idealogies. Fairly speaking, I feel that what this caring and yes, intelligent human being is saying, is “it is your choice” and if you have a faith that declares that this is a sin and you believe that, then one must answer to God not the POTUS.

      17. xmichaelx December 20, 2012

        If you really believed that life began at conception, you’d focus not only on abortion but on the daily holocaust happening at fertility clinics, where in some cases 100 eggs are fertilized in order to bring a single child to term. (That’s 99 children in the medical waste bin!)

        The fact that so many Christians focus on abortion and ignore the broader issue suggests to me that they don’t actually believe their own arguments. It also tells me that they are a) easily led by their leaders, and b) are quick to focus on things those nasty poor people do (abortion) while giving the rich a free pass (IVF).

        Additionally, I used to volunteer as an escort at an abortion clinic in Pennsylvania, walking women past the crowds of Christian picketers. When I walked by with white women, the Christians would yell to them and offer help or call them a baby-killer. But when I walked by with black or Hispanic women, there was nothing but silence.

        There are a lot of thoughtful, intelligent, educated Christians in the U.S., but you’d never know it by the loud, know-nothing majority who pop up around election time, aka the Republican Base.

      18. Besomyka December 20, 2012

        Well, I disagree that all conceived flesh count as a person – particularly early in development. However, if you believe in a soul then there probably isn’t much to argue with you about.

        I’d also argue that even if a zygote were a person, that it’d still be a valid medical decision to abort even at the expense of another person. That can be an emotionally touchy conversation as well, though.

        Also, outlawing abortion will not prevent abortions from taking place. All that will happen is that desperate women will die.

        I don’t know if there’s a conversation to be had about any of that with you, but I’d be willing. What I would like to say is that there are things we both CAN agree on.

        First, abortion should be reduced; Second, the most effective way of reducing the number of abortions is to reduce the number of pregnancies in the first place. To that end, comprehensive, medically valid sex education should be easily available. Contraception should be easily accessible, and people need to know how to use it.

        Reduce pregnancies, and you reduce abortions, and you empower women: win, win, win.

      19. WilliamGoldstein December 20, 2012

        Crotch Issues – contraception and abortion – and the fact that so much of our public discourse is spent on them, are hamstringing any serious effort to address
        the bread-and butter concerns facing the American people: jobs, climate change, the growing income spread between the top 2% and the rest of us.

      20. Gofwyotech December 25, 2012

        As human beings, we have our own perceptions, beliefs, and understandings. No commonality. Everybody says he believes in God but he insists on his own interpretations of his faith. If only a “standard” were established “between what is good and bad in the eyes of God” then our acts could be curbed accordingly. The problem is, even a “standard” (which could be God’s words), would surely be questioned by bright minds because of “interpretations”. No wonder why we have so many religions and faith organizations. Again, no commonality. If we put a stop to “pornography” being aired in the internet, for example, most likely this will be opposed by those raking money out of this billion-dollar business. Nobody thinks of the after-math of sex (resulting into abortion usually) once the “sex urge” is ignited. Most young ones don’t care about this because “satisfying oneself biologically” becomes their priority. Morals are set aside in such situations. During the old times, or at least in my time in my country, we can only engage in sex after marriage. Now “live-ins” seems to be acceptable in our society here in the U.S. The outcome is “teen pregnancy” resulting in abortion because it is unwanted by them. They’re not ready to become parents but they’re always ready to enjoy “sex” because of the pleasure it brings. What’s the solution therefore that you’re looking for? As far as I am concerned, this is a farfetched idea with no solution at all. Again, because each one of us has his own independent interpretation and belief. “Nobody wants his morals forced into others and he doesn’t want others’ morals forced into him” as WhutHeSaid said in his/her blog.

      21. Randy Grein January 1, 2013

        Interesting in seeing someone on that side who is willing to listen to reasons, so there is hope. What convinced me 40 years ago (I was ardently anti-abortion in ’73) was discovering that the overwhelming number of women (85% or more) believe abortion is a personal decision even when they would not choose abortion for themselves. I discovered I could not, in good conscience deny the choice to someone in desperate straits, when social condemnation or having another mouth to feed could prove ruinous, even fatal.

        Further, most peoples did not and do not consider an unborn child to be a full person yet. Talk to a rabbi (old testament traditions), most will tell you that the spirit comes with the breath of life. Most other cultures hold similar views, except for those who hold women as chattel and male control absolute. For those on the science side, we have conclusive evidence that consciousness, awareness, what we mean in secular terms to be human isn’t like a lightswitch. That is, the brain gradually becomes capable of more complex processes and we gradually become self aware. More, the argument (from a religious perspective, anyway) didn’t exist until after Roe vs. Wade. Abortion as the last ditch effort in birth control has existed for several thousand years, yet only recently was it equated with murder by the evangelicals.

        That’s not to say that abortion was ever considered a good thing – only a fool would say so. It’s far safer than the old days, and in fact it’s generally safer than carrying a baby to term in many cases. But it is, and should be considered the best of available bad choices. What we should do is avoid the need to make a choice. Are you aware that parts of Europe have 1/10 our teenage pregnancy and abortion rates? Or that in the US both are concentrated in the bible belt and other areas which actively block science based sex education and access to birth control? The conclusion should be obvious. The most effective means to reduce abortion is to provide good sex education (parents sure aren’t doing it) and easy access to birth control. Do that and we stop 90% of abortions. Once there we can work on the remaining 10%.

        As for your concern about the value of human life, that is a potential threat to guard against, the same as we guard against other dangers. The Supreme Court decision limits abortion to a period where there is, or was at that time no chance for the fetus to survive outside the mother’s body. In no case has there been a ‘slippery slope’ reduction of children’s rights; as long as we stay vigilant that record will remain intact. So, while I commend your concerns about the ethical problems I hold the greatest good will be achieved by preventing accidental pregnancies, making a heart-rending decision unnecessary.

      22. Concerned Senior February 14, 2013

        Unwanted children do not turn out as well as wanted children. (I am talking generalities, not one specific exception you can come up with.) The huge majority of women have an abortion be cause they don’t feel that they can provide the kind of life that the baby should have. It may even be that other children already born would also be affected negatively.

        Obama has actually done more to try to reduce the abortion rate by making contraceptives part of insurance than other presidents. I think he should be commended for actually doing something and not just talking.

    2. Plznnn December 18, 2012

      What about all the radical socialist policies funded by George Soros? You think Democrats are not given Billions from lobbiests? It is the Left that is intollerant of any views not to their liking and the constant bringing up race, gender & class warfare, dividing our country, not the other way around. Conservatives appreciate LEGAL Immigrants, but not Millions of ILLEGAL trespassers that Liberals want to give Amnesty to for votes furthering the debt & hardships to American Citizens & Legal immigrants. And when 23 Million Americans & LEGAL immigrants unemployed, your solution is Amnesty after Amnesty, thus the serious problem we have now. Your Party is the Party of Division…..

      1. howa4x December 18, 2012

        You republicans always need a boogey man, so you throw around terms like socialism even though you don’t know what it really means. You think Obama care is a socialist program but it was thought up by conservatives at the Heritage foundation, and 1st put into effect by a republican governor. It is conservatives on radio and in the house that bash gays, and republican state legislatures pass laws aimed directly are single women to restrict their sexual freedom. I think it was Limbaugh that called a college female student a slut, and Beck is always good for a anti black or Latino comment. Talking about illegal immigration, it was the food growers in calif that 1st brought them here, followed by IGA the largest meat company who had offices in Mexico city to bring workers to their plant. They fired all the american butchers. They did it so they could reduce wages below minimum wage and would fire the workers at the 9 month mark so they wouldn’t have to give health benefits. Republican governors like Jan brewer passed tough anti latino laws and you paid at the ballot box. All conservatives really want is to pass laws about the bedroom, who can be there and not, while yelling about 2nd amendment freedoms. How about vaginal probes to humiliate women, is that what you call freedom? You want freedom for polluters, and want states to outlaw the unions that actually built the middleclass. You run around gripping about morality but want all restrictions removed on guns so even mental patients can get them and go on killing rampages. You claim to be followers of Jesus but in the 8 yrs Bush was President there were 32 million uninsured people and 50 thousand deaths per year. Also during that time you let the 1%s wealth go up 256% while middle clas wages went up 3% and you don’t want them to pay higher taxes but want the seniors to carry the burden for debt lowering. This is why America rejected your policies by a landslide, and why you will be the party of the past and not the future.

      2. WhutHeSaid December 18, 2012

        I expect that you are what you yourself would call an ‘anchor baby’ — isn’t that so? Or at least a descendant of illegal immigrants, as the case may be. Who ever invited YOUR family to this country?

      3. Hillbilly December 21, 2012

        The first amnesty for illegal aliens was done by a Republican President, Ronald Reagan and all other amnesty were done by Republican President Bush 1 So you say that Conservatives appreciate legal immigrants if that is true why did 2 Republican presidents start giving illegal aliens amnesty, not just the children that were brought not by the children’s choice but the parent’s choice but whole families of illegals and why didn’t they deport the ones that didn’t take amnesty but stayed in the country. Why did John McClain work with Ted Kennedy to come up with an amnesty plan for illegal aliens when Bush 2 was president, a plan that did not pass because the Democrats had control of both houses. The Republican Party is the of Division because they only concentrate on making sure the rich never pay their fair share yet get the most of the corporate welfare that the Republicans refuse to do away with.

      4. WilliamGoldstein December 24, 2012

        The above contains enough typos and common grammatical errors to remain incoherent.

        How did it get past your editor?

    3. Michael Welch December 18, 2012

      howa4x, you’re exactly right. And what I think is strange is how these would be militia men think they can defeat the U.S. government in a showdown. Saddam Hussein wasn’t very successful at that, nor the TALIBAN; but they think they can fight against Cruise missles with AK-47s? It gives new understanding to the expression, “don’t bring a knife to a gun fight.”

  7. Smeagel4T December 18, 2012

    The decline of the GOP can be directly correlated to the rise of Fox Corporatist News and neoconservative rant radio. They provide a self-righteous echo chamber in which the extremists are constantly pumped full of propaganda.

    A historical analysis of the Tea Party demonstrates clearly how the process works. The fledgling Tea Party, back before anyone had really heard of them, was against crony corporation capitalism and the growing debt and deficit. This was back during the Bush2 years.

    Following Obama’s election, Dick Armey worked with Fox Corporatist News to overthrow the original Tea Party and replace it with corporate funded national organizations that promote the corporatist message echoed by Fox Corporatist News. The fledgling Tea Party had not yet earned sufficient reason to be recognized by any national media outlet at the time that Glenn Beck started giving them massive free advertising on Fox.

    This all culminated in the 2010 election of a bunch of “Tea Party” candidates, but what did those “Tea Party” candidates end up doing? During budget negotiations was their FIRST priority deficit and debt reduction, and attacking crony corporation capitalism? NO. On the contrary, their FIRST priority was actually voting to PROTECT tax breaks, loopholes, and welfare for corporations as being more important than cutting the deficit/debt.

    The elected “Tea Party” candidates did not actually represent the views of the original fledgling Tea Party, but they did represent the views of the US Chamber of Commerce and the Fox Corporatist News echo chamber. They were first and foremost corporatists because they had relied upon US Chamber of Commerce money and free Fox Corporatist News advertising through “Tea Party” national organizations to get themselves elected.

    Dick Armey had used Fox Corporatist News and US Chamber of Commerce money to replace the fledgling Tea Party with pro-corporatist SuperPAC national organizations. The only good that came out of this was that Occupy Wall Street recognized the fate that the Tea Party had suffered, and Occupy Wall Street consistently asserted that it refused to be usurped by unions or the Democratic Party. While they were willing to work in concert on common issues with both, they staunchly refuse to be taken over by either.

  8. GeeOPee December 18, 2012

    The Republican voters are authoritarians. Authoritarians don’t have the ability to reason & focus on punishing others.

  9. Von Lmo December 18, 2012

    I distinctly recall the claims of the death of the Republican Party, after Obama was elected in 2008, but they came roaring back & kicked his butt in 2010. The real ground game is no longer on the national level but on the state level. So long as Repubs make gains statewide, thanks to Citizens United, they will be vibrant & eventually will attain their goals of national domination.

    1. firebirdrancher December 18, 2012

      Gerymandering–something the Republican Party excels in–has kept their party alive. If district lines were drawn fairly in all states, that party would now be on the endangered species list, if not extinct.

      1. WhutHeSaid December 18, 2012

        Even gerrymandering can’t stop the inexorable transformation to a white minority country. As long as the GOP expresses hate for minorities, women, immigrants, and others (something it can’t seem to help itself from doing) the population will eventually overwhelm them. Add to this fact the simple nature of human evolution (most people prefer not to go backwards), and you can tell that the Republican Party must change in a big way to survive.

  10. John_Medlin December 18, 2012

    Moderate republicians need to switch parties. The democrates have moved and the tea party has taken over the republician party. The democrate party is the party of individual ideas not party lines that you hold to or you go. The democrates have blue dogs that are nothing more than republicians, even though I am progressive I still would prefer congressman with individual than none. Lots of position go unopposed in red states and this need to be rectified, so moderate republicians switch parties and express your individuality.

  11. bcass1947 December 18, 2012

    How bad are the Republicans??? A week ago I went to the Post Office which just happens to be across the street from our Middle and High Schools. Now when I saw two clean cut well dressed young men in their 30’s standing in front of a table I figured they were there to raise $$ for school sports. Then when I saw the pictures of President Obama taped to the table (size was 18″ X 30″) with a Hitler mustache on all of them I got pissed. I asked no I told them is that the best they had. Then I said they were pathetic and as the photos said (IMPEACH him) I said not a chance in hell. When I went inside I asked the postal worker why they were allowed to be there. I was told it was public land and if it wasn’t they would be thrown off. When I was leaving I rolled down my window and asked them how many Lee Harvey Oswalds they talked to. I have grown to totally hate Neoclowns. They do not govern. They rule. They force their opinions, wants and needs of the wealthy on We The People and care nothing about the cost. We can’t afford the kind of care they can pay for so why should they allow us to continue to live with Medicare picking up the tab. It’s selective population control. It’s taking the weakest and poorest Americans and making sure they no longer have to deal in any way shape or form in our struggles. They could pollute the hell out of our lands without thought. China has a lesson coming if it hasn’t hit them already. People like Murdoch and the Boch Brothers are going to find out when it’s too late that they killed off their own customers and the ones still alive will be climbing their security gates.

  12. Charvi3 December 18, 2012

    I agree 100 hundred percent…I love how he put it…”it’s the quality of the inmates”..so well put..

  13. Allan Richardson December 18, 2012

    I have been saying this for years as a joke, but this year I see evidence that it is, tragically, possibly the literal truth: the GOP opposes health care and education for financial reasons, but they PARTICULARLY oppose broader access to MENTAL health treatment, and high QUALITY education, because they would LOSE THEIR VOTER BASE!

  14. TSB December 18, 2012

    The one thing lacking is bars on the windows and razor wire aroung the walls.

  15. Evan Lewis December 18, 2012

    Because of gerrymandering, it will be difficult to make gains in Congress in two years. The Democratic strategic goal should be to so what is necessary to retake the state houses, so that we can regain some congressional seats through gerrymandering. Key states for this are Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin, and Virginia (all states that had some level of bipartisan or Democratic control, but came under total GOP control in 2010 prior to the 2010 gerrymandering process). Nevada has been trending blue and should be a primary target for Democrats. Eventually, Texas and Arizona should be targets down the line, because of changing demographics. If republicans were to continue to alienate Hispanics, their increasing numbers in the these states presents an opportunity to eventually achieve parity or usurp control. Personally, I think Arizona will be an easier target than Texas, but they should both be eventual targets for the Dems at the state level.

  16. ExPAVIC December 18, 2012

    The Wooly Mammoth and WHIG Party GOP

    This writer has often stated that the old, old, used up and dying GOP Party is operating on fantasies like economics of the 1920’s, social beliefs of the 1950’s, and geo-political standards of the 1980’s. That party offers up Cain, Perry, Santorum, Bachmann, Gingrich, and Romney and asks the electorate to pick a winner. In reality one couldn’t conjure up a single, reasonable human brain among that group. Still can’t figure out why the Midwestern farmers vote straight Republican every year.

    The question is, when is the GOP going to hold its funeral and where do we send flowers?

  17. commserver December 18, 2012

    One of the problems with democracy is that there are no restrictions on the electorates unless you count those by GOP.

    Actually the GOP reminds me more of Animal Farm.

  18. batavier December 18, 2012

    How should Democrats seize the political opportunity created by Republican extremism?

    Don’t kill it!

  19. Dennis December 18, 2012

    My response is to clearandhonest. My belief is that only athiests and agnostics should have an extreme stance against abortion. I believe that abortion distroys the body but not the soul. God determines the path of the soul. Abortion may change that path but not the ultimate destination.
    God determines where and when you will be born and I believe he has control over that process and abortioin will not vary that path for the soul.

  20. AnnMarieCad December 18, 2012

    My mother-inlaw and I do not agree on politics. She is on this trickle down thing. The rich pay more tax’s,people get layed off. They get layed off no matter what. Giving the rich more money they just hide it or ship the jobs out. Just like the dink Romney and his pals do. My husbands family is money. Well that didn’t trickle down. What is wrong with these fools?

  21. jebediah123 December 18, 2012

    There is a simple, workable solution for those loving, religious people who object to abortion or the use of contraseptives.

    The only Christian thing to do is to go to any abortion clinic and volunteer to adopt an unwanted child who is brought full term to birth. You could also supply the mother with vitamins and any other medications to ensure a healthy child.

    I am thinking of starting up an organization that would visit numerous places of worship on Sundays to sign people up for adoptions. I am SURE that such a charitable christian act would be more than welcome to those that follow the Bible and the words of Christ.


  22. Clifton Little December 18, 2012

    The problem is definitely the of the Republican Party base who let the religious beliefs guide their political beliefs. It’s called an extreme mixture of politics with religion. Let’s be ‘common sensical’ or use a little common sense. Politics and religion do not mix. God did not create politics but man did, and man need to be able to adapt his religious beliefs to the changing political times and landscape. This nation is too diverse to try and force your religious views on a nation through a political prism. America is too smart for that. So, too far right or too far left politics in this diverse society doesn’t work anymore. It’s more of a “middle of the road” political society today. The old far right strategy has outlived its ability to sway or influence today’s society. To seize the political opportunity, the party needs to focus its strategies on taking the seats of those House Republican Tea Party extremists in 2014. First of all, Mitch McConnell need and has to go. With the “do nothing congress” tag approval rating looming over them, he is the carrier of that torch. I have faith that the President will maintain an acceptable or higher approval rating as long as the Democratic Party and moderate Republicans follows his lead support his plans. You see, “you can’t teach an old dog a new trick”. The Republican Party is simply led by their base and they’re just a bunch of old rich dogs who need to change with the times and the landscape. They spit out too many lies and are too hypocritical, constantly insulting the intelligence of the average American. Their base still believes that many Americans still believe in ‘the boogey man’ and those terms are not even in most modern Americans’ vocabulary. They are a party of ‘good ole boys’ who have always gotten whatever they’ve wanted the way they wanted it through the ‘good ole boy’ network and they are loosing that influence because they can’t accept change nor do they want change. However change is inevitable, especially in a democratic society. As long as the democratic party can stay on a path that the people believe is for the overall benefit of the people as a whole and not just a specific group, then I think we can maintain the upper hand for years to come. I think the Dems have to maintain and approach things in a centered or more moderate majority fashion with a common sense viewpoint.

  23. Brad Bannister December 19, 2012

    The Republican strategy is simple and requires no grasp or presentation of facts or issues. It’s strategy is to maintain turmoil on every issue with gridlock – except keeping the money gushing upward to corporate criminals without taxation in almost every industry. The rest is window dressing for voters, the voters that they have cultivated with lies and ridiculous theories. This gridlock uses filibuster and abject disregard for the country as a whole. Republicans do not care how many trillions are wasted, just so the money passes through the private hands of the corporate criminal executives – use OIL and WAR and BANKING industries as an example. When Republicans ask why anyone would think this about their leaders, it’s simple – they want the money – let the politicians, citizens and taxpayers pick up the tab, provide the boots on the ground, buy their stupid political and economic reasoning.

  24. charlots December 19, 2012

    The republican party is losing its relevance and will soon be extinct.

  25. counselor012 December 20, 2012

    I think Republicans are slow learners. Even when you paint a picture, they don’t get it. they are not going to change. Sothern Republicans will suffer in their backward thinking the most most because they re-elected a judge who failed to follow the law becasue of his religious belief. They think they can govern every aspect of our lives, even who we love and sleep with. They will be really surprised when they discover the cultural landscape changes and they find that the electorate is no longer angry whites men and women.

    Commenting on one blogger’s view, President Obama doesn’t believe in abortion. He believes, it is a person decision. Nothing can stop a woman who is pregnant and don’t want to be. he also believes in marriage between a man and a woman but he also know he is the president for all people even those who love members of the same sex.

  26. Beaulieu6 December 22, 2012

    The Republicans are the party of “NO” and obstruction they don’t understand the word “compromise”. Speaker Boehner plan “B” was rejected by his own causus, in which the Democrats voted against his plan.
    I’ve been a Democrats for 36 years in which I stand with Democrats and President Obama on extending the tax cut for the middle-Class 98% percent, and small business the 97% percent I believe strongly that the wealthiest 2% percent are able to pay more taxes.
    We must fired the Republicans and hired the Democrats and give the gavel to Representative Nancy Pelosi D-California.

  27. WilliamGoldstein December 26, 2012

    The GOP went out of business in California on 11/6/12 following years and years of increasingly goofy policy shifts and a steady drift from being merely ‘dated’ to being clearly ‘out-of-touch’.

    Losers don’t have a strong bargaining position and to treat them like they do is a fatal mistake.

    So why on earth are we mollycoddling them Congress, kow-towing to the likes of Eric Cantor, Jeb Hensnarling, Mike Pence et al as if they were a bunch of Brahmins?

    Why indeed?!

    1. Beaulieu6 December 27, 2012

      You are absolutely right I agree with you at 100%

  28. Beaulieu6 December 27, 2012

    Speaker Boehner and House Republicans are lacking common sense in which they never had all they know is to say “no” and “obstruct” they are holding the middle-class 98% percent hostage, in which ending the tax cut for the whealthiest 2% percent and extending the tax cut to the middle-class 98% percent and small businesses the 97% percent is the right thing to do, but Speaker Boehner and House Republicans don’t understand that they expect the middle-class to sacrifice to save and protect the wealthiest 2% percent by keeping them hostage.
    Speaker Boehner and House Republicans never understood us the middle-class because they could care less about us, all they care about is the wealthiest 2% percent.
    The one to hold accountable and to blame if we fall over the cliff on December 31, 2012 are Speaker Boehner and House Republicans.
    I’ve been a Democrat for the past 36 years and are proud to be a Democrat in which I will continue to support Democrats and President Obama in the next 4 years 2013-2016. I will always stand with Democrats, President Obama, and the middle-class 98% percent.


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