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#EndorseThis: ‘The Simpsons’ Sends Up Those First 100 Days

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#EndorseThis: ‘The Simpsons’ Sends Up Those First 100 Days

The Simpsons

In the opening scene of The Simpsons‘ latest episode, it’s a stormy night at the White House, creating an atmosphere more like Dracula’s castle than the presidential mansion. In the press room hangs poor Sean Spicer, with a suicide note penned to his chest reading “I Quit.” Kellyanne Conway finds the corpse and runs screaming, while Jared Kushner and Steve Bannon strangle each other in violent rage.

Blissfully unaware of all this chaos, Donald Trump lies in bed, intently stroking his own ego as usual. “One hundred days in office, so many accomplishments,” he muses. “Lowered my golf handicap. My Twitter following increased by 700. And finally, we can shoot hibernating bears; my boys will love that.” He turns on the television to watch Fox News.

The big news story is Ivanka’s appointment to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg on the Supreme Court, which turns out to be an infomercial:  “You can buy Ivanka’s robe with gavel earrings, for only 1,000 rubles!”

It’s just a teaser, but hilarious. And naturally, Homer is a Trump man. D’oh!



  1. idamag April 28, 2017

    The only discrepancy, I noticed, was the books. I honestly do not think trump can read.

    1. Dapper Dan April 28, 2017

      They either have blank pages or props seeing how Trump can’t read anyway

      1. dpaano May 3, 2017

        Why do you think he hates using a teleprompter? He can’t read it! Actually, his problem is a severe case of ADHD….he has problems focusing on things for any great length of time. So, when he gets tired of reading the prompter, he just “wings it.” Besides, he’s so narcissistic that he actually believes that he could say it much better than some dumb old teleprompter!

    2. ralphkr April 28, 2017

      IK would not be at all surprised if Trump could not read. I remember an article about a very successful real estate developer in Southern California that praised him for learning to read in his early 50s. He was quoted as saying that he had lawyers to do the reading for him. The most surprising thing about his career was that he taught a college course in economics and no one caught on that he could not read.

    3. dbtheonly April 28, 2017


      Did you see that Trump has a large red button on his desk. It is used to get Cokes, but looks much, much, worse. Trump says he enjoys pushing it in the presence of others to see the look on their faces when they think he’s just launched a nuclear attack.

      Does sophomoric adequately describe this humor? Is this what passes for humor in Trumpville?

      1. dpaano May 3, 2017

        Obviously so……it doesn’t take much to give Trump some joy.

        1. dbtheonly May 3, 2017

          I disagree. Trump is the most joyless President since at least Nixon and possibly ever.

  2. Dapper Dan April 28, 2017

    Homer a Trump man ? ???? DOH !!! He needs a family intervention ASAP. I recall in the 2000 episode that uncannily foresaw a Trump Presidency in our future that adult Lisa succeeded him as our first female President to clean up the mess he leaves. I can easily seeing this episode getting their best ratings in years. I’m impressed how quickly they put together this episode. Thank you Matt Groening for letting us know how helpless we all feel right now and reminding us we’re not alone

    1. Annetteehawkins April 29, 2017

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    2. Aaron_of_Portsmouth May 6, 2017

      “Homer a Trump man” struck the same cord in me. What an accurate summation of so many men in Trumpville. Unfortunately, there is no equivalent of “Marge” in real-life(that we know of) in Trumpville.

  3. rednekokie April 29, 2017

    Hmmm — sounds about right to me — duh!

  4. dpaano May 3, 2017

    I’d laugh if the Ivanka for Supreme Court weren’t so possibly true! I certainly would NOT put it past 45 to put Ivanka on the court if anyone decided to retire!!! Just another unqualified idiot to add to the conservative side of the SCOTUS!!


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