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This Week In Crazy: Generalissimo Graham Prepares To Seize Congress

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This Week In Crazy: Generalissimo Graham Prepares To Seize Congress

Senator Lindsey Graham (SC) asks questions of Secretary of Defense Leon E. Panetta and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Martin E. Dempsey testify before the Senate Committee on Appropriations, Subcommittee for Defense, concerning the fiscal year 2013 budget at the Dirksen Senate Office Building, Washington, D.C., June 13, 2012. (DoD Photo By Glenn Fawcett)

Welcome to “This Week In Crazy,” The National Memo’s weekly update on the wildest attacks, conspiracy theories, and other loony behavior from the increasingly unhinged right wing. Starting with number five:

5. Lindsey Graham
Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) has long complained about President Obama trampling the Constitution, and over the weekend, we may have learned the reason why: Envy.

Speaking at a “Politics and Pies” forum in Concord, New Hampshire, Graham — who is preparing a longshot presidential bid — said that his first order of business in the White House would be deploying the military against Congress.


“And here’s the first thing I would do if I were president of the United States. I wouldn’t let Congress leave town until we fix this,” Graham said, according audio posted by libertarian pundit Ben Swann. “I would literally use the military to keep them in if I had to. We’re not leaving town until we restore these defense cuts. We are not leaving town until we restore the intel cuts.”

So is Senator Graham actually plotting a coup against Congress? Apparently not. In a statement to Bloomberg’s David Weigel, Graham spokesman Kevin Bishop clarified that the line was “not to be taken literally” (despite the senator’s literal use of the word “literally”).

In other words: Graham/Kyl 2016!

4. Menendez Truthers
When news broke that the Justice Department is preparing to file federal corruption charges against Senator Bob Menendez (D-NJ), it wasn’t hard to predict the Republican reaction. And the right wing did not disappoint.

As it turns out, Menendez’s legal troubles, like most things in life, are President Obama and Eric Holder’s fault.

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) explains:

“The timing is curious,” Cruz said. Menendez is reportedly set to be charged with corruption for accepting gifts and vacations from a longtime donor after a years-long investigation.

“It raises a suggestion to other Democrats that if you dare part from the Obama White House, that criminal prosecutions will be used potentially as a political weapon as well,” Cruz said. “That’s a serious concern.”

The always paranoid Cruz is not alone; his always hysterical colleague Lindsey Graham also smells a rat:

“All I can say is, they were leaked,” Graham said. “He wasn’t actually charged officially. They leaked the fact that he may be charged, is gonna be charged. I hate it when that happens for anybody. I like Bob. Like everybody else, he’s innocent until proven guilty. He’s been a champion on the Iranian nuclear issue. It just doesn’t smell right.”

Senator Mark Kirk (R-IL) also got in on the action:

“Bob Menendez has been an excellent partner for me on the Iran stuff, and I’m worried now by leaking stuff (from) Justice it’s politically motivated to silence Bob for his work on Iran, which he should be praised for,” said Kirk.

Of course, back in reality, the Justice Department investigation into Menendez began well before the Iran debate heated up — and while Menendez opposes President Obama’s attempts to reach a nuclear deal, he’s actually been rather accommodating of the White House. Plus, it’s hard to imagine the president flagrantly abusing his power to replace a senator who votes with the Democrats 96.9 percent of the time with Republican governor Chris Christie’s hand-picked appointment.

But if nothing else, the Republican Menendez truthers have guaranteed the senator a lifetime full of appearances on right-wing radio if things turn south.

3. Glenn Beck
American Prophet Glenn Beck took a quick break from predicting the Apocalypse on Wednesday, to issue an even scarier warning: The Muslim Brotherhood is making him quit the National Rifle Association!

Well, sort of. By “Muslim Brotherhood,” Beck actually means conservative anti-tax activist Grover Norquist. You see, his guest on the show — Islamophobic extremist Frank Gaffney — believes that the Muslim Brotherhood has infiltrated the American conservative movement, Norquist included.

So as long as Norquist serves on the NRA board, Beck has a problem.

“I am not an expert on Grover Norquist by any stretch of the imagination,” Beck began his presentation reasonably, “but I’ve heard enough that makes me concerned enough that — and I hope that the leadership of the NRA hears this and every member of the NRA hears this — that if this man is elected, or re-elected, and confirmed on the board of the NRA, I may drop my membership in the NRA. I am that concerned that he is a very bad influence and a very bad man that if this is who the NRA decides to put on their board of directors, I don’t think I can be associated with them.”

It takes a special brand of craziness to get banned from CPAC — and naturally, it has a home behind Glenn Beck’s microphone.

2. Bryan Fischer
Bad news, gay people: You’re going to go blind!

That’s the diagnosis from Dr. Bryan Fischer, who has gone from warning that “I don’t think you will ever find a more directly demonic energy than when you deal with the homosexual agenda” to trying to save gay people’s demonic vision.

As Fischer explained on Wednesday, just as undocumented immigrants brought measles and polio back from the brink of eradication (just go with it), so are gay people bringing back ocular syphilis.

Fischer is especially concerned about black men, who are at greater risk for contracting the disease.

“All we’ve heard over the last number of months is ‘black lives matter,’ ‘black lives matter,’ ‘black lives matter.’ I agree, black lives matter,” he explained. “If you’ve got a behavior, you’ve got a conduct, you’ve got a lifestyle that is resulting in potentially blinding health risks for black males and their​ risk is five times higher than white males, I would say if black lives matter, it is time we started doing something about that.”

Never doubt Bryan Fischer’s love for black males.

1. Dave Agema
There was no shortage of stupid responses to President Obama’s speech marking the 50th anniversary of “Bloody Sunday” on the Edmund Pettus Bridge, but no one even approached this week’s “winner,” Republican National Committee member Dave Agema.

Agema, an unrepentant bigot and constant source of embarrassment for the RNC, took to Facebook on Monday to share his thoughts on the president’s big speech.

It did not go well.

When one commenter on the post asked Agema how he knows that the president is just 6.25 percent black, the RNC member replied, “snopes and yahoo- google ‘what percentage of white, black and Arab is Obama.'”

Meanwhile, it’s still not safe for RNC Chairman Reince Priebus to Google “Republican outreach.”
republican outreach search

Check out previous editions of This Week In Crazy here. Think we missed something? Let us know in the comments!

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Photo: Department of Defense via Flickr

Henry Decker

Henry Decker was formerly the Managing Editor of The National Memo. He is currently an Online Associate at MRCampaigns.

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  1. Daniel Jones March 13, 2015

    You do realize that Priebus selected “Republican Outreach Fails”, This Week In Crazy would be high up in the links listed? After all, you’ve been showing these people how insane they are for months now..

  2. The_Magic_M March 13, 2015

    > Obama is 50% white, 43.75% Arabic and 6,25% black.

    That’s a typical talking point among the worst racist RW echo chambers. The entire calculation reeks of “Ariernachweis” – “hey, let’s count how black/Jewish/… you are!”

    It’s also interesting how Agema thinks welfare is a bad thing and “illegal immigrants” are a bad thing, but is also worried about one bad thing being treated to another. “Oh those poor illegal immigrants – who I hate! – getting all that free money – which I hate! -, I don’t know what to hate more at the moment, I’m cornfooosed!”

    1. mike March 13, 2015

      The Right doesn’t say they are a bad thing. They entered the country illegally, are taking billions of taxpayer monies through govt. serves which they are not entitled. We need to make changes but not the way Obama and left want only. Why would dems block e-verify as a federal law.?
      Obama started this battle after saying over 15 times that he didn’t have the power, he tried, was stopped for now.
      You can try and play the race card, but it has and always will be his policies that the right will continue fight until he has left office.

      1. The_Magic_M March 13, 2015

        > You can try and play the race card

        I’m not the one who dissected the President’s race into percentages to show how “little black” he allegedly is. Agema played the “race card” first.

        > it has and always will be his policies that the right will continue fight

        His “policies”. Right. Which is why Agema started talking about his racial makeup and his ancestors.

        You can attack Obama’s policies all you like (though don’t expect to be taken seriously when you yap about “socialist” or “hell-bent on destroying the country”), but when you defend a disgusting racist like Agema, it taints your claims of “just opposing his policies”.

        You guys demand peaceful Muslims openly distance themselves from murderous dickheads but twist yourself into a pretzel instead of admitting, even once, that some people on your side are racist dickheads.

        1. mike March 13, 2015

          I don’t give a rats a$$ what Agema said or who he/she is.

          Where did I say Socialist or destroying the country. Quit trying to put words in my mouth.

          And you on the left twist yourself into a pretzel instead of admitting, even once, that some people on your side are racist dickheads. He who lives in a glass house shouldn’t throw stones.

          What you refuse to admit or just don’t want to address is the fact that illegals are using govt. services to take billions from the American taxpayer. Or, the fact the 15 to 22 times Obama said he didn’t the power to change the status of illegals without congress.

          As usual from the left, it they refute the facts they try and play the race card.

          1. The_Magic_M March 13, 2015

            > I don’t give a rats a$$ what Agema said or who he/she is.

            That’s your problem. You’re deflecting from the subject in this discussion. Wanna discuss “Obama’s a bad Prez”? Go elsewhere.

            > As usual from the left, it they refute the facts they try and play the race card.

            As usual from the right, they make a racist remark (not you, but you defended Agema so you own it), then accuse others of playing the race card.
            As usual from the right, when they’re out of answers/facts, they try to divert the subject (“What that guy said was racist.” – “But Benghaaaaaazi!”).

            Go away, troll.

          2. mike March 13, 2015

            How about you get a brain that functions.
            Never defended Agema, I said I didn’t give a rats a$$, he doesn’t represent me or many other people. Why waste my time or energy and give him attention. I bet you believe everything Sharpton says, Right? And if you don’t you let the world know, Right?
            The left plays the race card everyday and every time the right is critical of Obama and his policies!!!

          3. Sand_Cat March 13, 2015

            Yeah, keep talking about what the liberal Republicans and Conservative democrats did 100 years ago, because that’s really relevant to this discussion. Or what southern bigots – before they deserted the Democratic party in droves as a result of the Civil Rights Act – did 60 years ago. Does that mean that when we answer your claims saying or implying that Obama’s “sins” are unprecedented, we can point out that Bush was far worse without hearing a lot of crap about “changing the subject” or “dwelling on the past”?

          4. mike March 13, 2015

            Answer my questions. Prove me and whats his name, wrong. Prove his comments wrong.
            It has nothing to do with years. He made statements prove them wrong.
            Bush, Bush, Bush, this is today. Did IRS target conservative groups? Where are all the tapes of Lerner, you know the ones lost and now found. Did the DOJ try a silence the AP, Rosen and others over criticism of the Obama admin.
            On person dwelling in the past and Bush bashing.

          5. Independent1 March 13, 2015

            Did IRS target conservative groups?? Sure, but for no other reason than to do their job!!! And they targeted far fewer conservative groups than they did progressive groups!! And they did not deny one conservative group’s application!! Whereas they denied two progressive groups!!! Your argument is pure BS as usual!!!

          6. Sand_Cat March 13, 2015

            I guess we can forget about a reasonable response. I object to your defending comments talking about parties as they were a hundred years ago, or 60 years ago, so how do you respond? I’m living in the past! No irony or tone-deafness in that. You asked a bunch of irrelevant questions about “true” statements cited in a fashion intended to deceive, and you think I need to answer them?
            And more unprecedented abuses of power! Nothing like that ever occurred before, especially not in a GOP administration.

            Have you had a lobotomy since we last exchanged notes, or is the poisonous political climate getting to you?

          7. mike March 14, 2015

            No, the poisonous climate is not getting to me just the stupidity of the left thinking theirs and only theirs is the only way or correct way.
            They were not irrelevant questions, prove his remarks were untrue.
            And you refuse to acknowledge the IRS, or DOJ.
            So, please save me your outrage of my responses. Be honest this time and tell me what Agema said was historically wrong and the Obama Adm. didn’t target conservatives and journalist.

          8. jmprint March 13, 2015

            Who cares! How can anybody move forward, when all you guys want is to take us back beyond the fifties?

          9. mike March 13, 2015

            Just plain bull s$$t coming out of your mouth.

          10. jmprint March 14, 2015

            It is a fact. Women’s rights are being attacked on a daily basis. All red state have been passing laws that are against women going back to the same treatment that they were going through back in the 50’s and in no way does that help the economy, education or immigration reform.

            The bills that are up to balance the budget or no more then the trickle down, that YOU know very well DOES NOT WORK. That is what got us into the Bush mess in 2007.

            You guys need to stop running into the same wall over and over, all it does is give everybody a headache.

          11. mike March 14, 2015

            Keep trying but you post are just plain nothingness.

            Back to the Bush hating again. You are too dumb to know the experts plain both Clinton and Bush for the Meltdown. It happened under Bush but it was started and exasperated under both Clinton and Bush. Go read the truth from the NYTimes, no friend of the right.

          12. jmprint March 15, 2015

            Bush was that last President to try to implement that non-sense budget plan, but in fact it is the only plan the republicans have ever had. I don’t hate Bush, he is nice guy. I live reality, I read, I study, I research, but most importantly I feel the imact on the decisions that are made.

          13. mike March 15, 2015

            Blah, Blah, Blah!!!!!

          14. The_Magic_M March 16, 2015

            > The left plays the race card everyday and every time the right is critical of Obama and his policies!!!

            Show me one example.
            You mean when Agema talks about racial percentages of the President?
            You mean when Ted Nugent calls Obama a “subhuman mongrel”?
            You mean when Donald Trump says the black guy must’ve been born in Kenya?
            Sure, all fine examples of right-wingers criticising his “policies” and us “playing the race card”.

          15. mike March 16, 2015

            Really, and you don’t think the left doesn’t plays the race card? Wake up!! From the first criticism of Obama the left response has been “because he is black”. from day one. Republican dislike of his policies, in the eyes of the left, is because he is Black. Which is a load of crap.



            There are many many more videos and in print of the left playing the racist card.

            Wake up and smell the truth for once in your life.
            The right hates the direction Obama is trying to take the country(redistribution of wealth, European type govt) and it HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH RACE.

          16. The_Magic_M March 16, 2015

            I don’t see any specific political (!) criticism of Obama being called “racist”. I see comments that some “criticisms” of Obama are racially motivated (like the whole “birther” angle) and that parts of the Tea Party are racially motivated, and there is no doubt that is true.
            Besides, if Chris Matthews counts as a poster boy for liberalism for you, you have to own crazy Glenn Beck as a conservative – and don’t even get me started on his nuttyness.

          17. mike March 16, 2015

            What the hell are you talking about in your first sentence, Obama being called racist.

            I never said anything close to that. What I said from day one of his administration, any criticism from the right directed at Obama polices were attacked as racist.
            You seem to want to ignore npr saying the democrats were trying to use the race card in the election.

          18. The_Magic_M March 17, 2015

            > What the hell are you talking about in your first sentence, Obama being called racist.

            English not your first language is? “political criticism of Obama being called racist” != “Obama being called racist”.

            > *any* criticism from the right directed at Obama polices were attacked as racist

            Wrong. Some, yes, and rightfully so (which white President was ever accused of being “not one of us”?).

            > from day one of his administration

            Wrong. So give me an example from early 2009 then.

          19. Paul Bass March 13, 2015

            Hey Mike, He didn’t “change” their status. He, like every other president, has the right to selectively enforce ANY thing he wants to.
            As did Reagan and H.W. Bush did with their “amnesty” for the “illegals” that they (Republicans!) choose to selectively not enforce US immigration laws.
            So, no Mike, it is YOU that try to refute the facts…

          20. mike March 13, 2015

            You are right he didn’t change their status because he was stopped by Federal Judge, but he tried. What he did change was stopping deportations on most illegals except criminals.

            Senate Amnesty vote 2007 was defeated on a bipartisan vote, not just republicans.

          21. Faraday_Cat March 13, 2015

            The fact check article doesn’t support your assertion…did you even read it?
            Senate bill in 2007 (oh, hey…that was Bush’s amnesty law!) voted for cloture of debate, not voted the bill down…so the bill effectively never came up for an up-down vote…not exactly the same as “defeated”.

          22. mike March 13, 2015

            Obama said, 15 t0 22 times(depending on sourse) he couldn’t do immigration reform alone but in November after losing more seat in congress he went ahead unilaterally. It was stopped by fed. judge.
            Semantics, Semantics, was it implemented?? NO!!

          23. idamag March 13, 2015

            But Reagan and Bush were the right shade and party. It is different now.

          24. Sand_Cat March 13, 2015

            This article is about what he said, so why are you here? You usually have some facts, at least, so let’s see the evidence that illegal immigration is even a net loss, much less one of the size you – along with many ill-informed or just plain stupid people – claim. I’m not saying you’re ill-informed or stupid, so I’d like to see something in the way of evidence when yourepeat their claims.

          25. Independent1 March 13, 2015

            90% of the links you just posted are anti-immigrant RWNJ websites!! And if they’re actually saying what you’re saying they they’re either lying or misusing the data!! Nice try, but no cigar.

          26. mike March 13, 2015

            Prove them wrong,, oh genius one.

          27. Independent1 March 14, 2015

            I did! I Just posted for you the CBO’s projection that in effect America is losing 37 Million dollars a day because we can’t accurately record all the income taxes illegal immigrants are paying; and the added amount they would pay if we let them work toward citizenship.

            And I know for a fact that all those articles on websites you’ve posted are not factoring in the positive side of what illegals are contributing to our economy; all they’re looking at are what they say immigrants are costing us. And when the CBO summarized everything – their assessment was that immigrants are costing our states and the federal government, VERY LITTLE on top of the expenses that we already incur to provide those benefits and services to native-born Americans.

            And despite why what you right-wing idiots like to claim,the main costs aside from education is related to illegals healthcare needs. They do not qualify for welfare, they do not qualify for social security (despite the fact that they pay into social security about 12 billion plus/yr;) they do not qualify for Medicare (despite they fact that they also contribute billions to that); In other words, they are getting very little benefit for the bilions of dollars that they pay into our government coffers – the CBO estimates that between 55 and 70% of illegals pay INCOME TAXES AND FICA!!!

            And as I said, immigrants, many of them illegals, actually run as many as 1/3 of the small businesses in America, Small businesses that hire and employ native-born Americans. Illegals work at farms, construction jobs and in travel related businesses, doing work that native-born simply won’t do at the pay levels that these businesses can afford to pay – which allows these businesses to operate using native-born people as truck drivers, carpenters, brick masons, motel and hotel clerks, etc etc.

            All you have to do is do a search on repercusions in Alabama over its idiot most strict immigration legislation in the nation, to find out the hundreds of businesses in Alabama that threatened to leave the state or go bankrupt within 6 weeks of its idiot law taking effect to see the devastation that would happen in America if even a few million of the illegals were run out of our country. The recession that would happen because of that would make the Great Recession look like a walk in the park.

          28. mike March 14, 2015

            All projections nothing concrete. As you if if doesn’t mean what you and only you think are legitimate articles I am lying. I have given numerous sources but yet all are wrong. You really are delusional and dishonest.
            Illegals are using govt. services that they are not entitled and costing state, local, fed. billions of dollars per year.
            Here is one for you that I know you can explain.
            SOCIAL SECURITY; THERE ARE 6.5 MILLION ACTIVE SOCIAL SECURITY CARDS, PEOPLE WHO ARE 112 YEARS OLD AND STILL WORKING. Explain that one?? How many are illegals, How many are people whose family still collects the check having not told of the passing? I’ll put money on illegals
            Now what that think about Bush fleeing the WH on 9/11??

          29. Independent1 March 14, 2015

            All projections nothing concrete.” DUH!!!

            It’s in statements like that where you prove not only that you’re an anti-immigrant wing nut, but you’re also clueless. Everything you read about how costly illegal immigrants are to America ARE PROJECTIONS!! Even the fact that there are 11 million of them IS A PROJECTION!!

            Given that they’re “illegal” no one really knows who they are and how many there are EVERYONE IS GUESSING!!

            And guess what?? When research has actually been done, guesstimations on the numbers and costs done by ANTI-IMMIGRANT WINGNUTS LIKE YOURSELF!!

            Have been proven to ALWAYS BE EXAGGERATED GUESSES!!!

            When are you anti-immigrant wingnuts going to start using COMMON SENSE???

            What’s not a guesstimation, is what actually happened when Alabama passed the strictest anti-immigrant law in the nation; almost total devastation of the state’s economy, and social structure took place within 6 weeks.

            Several large foreign businesses like Mercedes Benz, threatened to pull out of Alabama because of the negative environment that their anti-immigrant law had created.

            Several local law enforcement departments in the state were threatened with lawsuits because they had falsely pulled over and threatened legal immigrants in their misguided efforts of trying to enforce the idiot law.

            Reconstruction from the tornado devastation that took pace in Tuscalusa(sp?) was being set back months because despite the fact that America was in the Great Recession construction companies could not find enough native-born workers to do the menial jobs legal and illegal immigrants had been doing.

            Farmers across the state were screaming at the legislature that they had crops rotting in their fields and would quite likely end up bankrupt because they couldn’t find people who would work in the fields like the immigrants had (the state had even tried using convicts from the prisons which failed because the farmers said the prisoners wouldn’t do half the work of the immigrants)

            Even regular businesses were complaining because not only did illegals leave, but because of the negative vibes, very productive and necessary legal immigrants were abandoning the state leaving companies short handed with respect to experienced personnel.

            Even churches were complaining because many of their congregations were descimated because illegals and even legals who didn’t flee were afraid to attend church.

            The law created an absolute fiasco!! And proved without any question, that immigrants, and that includes illegals, are an absolute necessity to not only America’s business structure, but also its social well being.

            Anti-immigration nuts like yourself ARE NOT USING COMMON SENSE!!

          30. mike March 14, 2015

            No your are wrong, just like you were on Bush and 9/11, like your statement that DOD funding was Mandatory spending, etc and other outrageous remarks by you.

            All guess!!! what a crock!!
            Because of illegals crime has gone down. Time to show the numbers, genius one,

            Keep that denial going.

          31. Independent1 March 14, 2015

            Does Crime Drop When Immigrants Move In?

            MARCH 08, 2013 2:38 PM ET

            Study finds immigrants commit less California crime

            Crime stats test rationale behind Arizona immigration law


            5 immigration myths debunked

            Left and Right Agree: Immigrants Don’t Take American Jobs


          32. mike March 14, 2015

            Keep trying!
            Prove that the illegals are not abusing govt. services that they are not entitled??




            Crime rate is dropping for decades so forget that specious argument it is because of illegals.


            The problem of crime in the United States is not caused or even aggravated by immigrants, regardless of their legal status. This is hardly surprising since immigrants come to the United States to pursue economic and educational opportunities not available in their home countries and to build better lives for themselves and their families. As a result, they have little to gain and much to lose by breaking the law. Undocumented immigrants in particular have even more reason to not run afoul of the law given the risk of deportation that their lack of legal status entails. Public policies must be based on facts, not anecdotes or emotions. And the fact is that the vast majority of immigrants are not criminals.
            You are off on one of your tangents again trying to prove something that I never said or even inferred.

            I said illegals are costing billions because they are illegally using govt. services illegally. Prove me wrong, quit trying to deflect or change was said.

          33. Independent1 March 14, 2015

            Like a good RWNJ sheeple, you just have to keep pointing out those worthless immigrant hating right-wing biased websites that are feeding you distorted data just like the Heritage Foundation does.

            The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office reviewed 29 reports published over 15 years on the impact of unauthorized immigrants on the budgets of state and local governments. While cautioning that the reports are not a suitable basis for developing an aggregate national effect across all states, they concluded that:[21]

            State and local governments incur costs for providing services to unauthorized immigrants and have limited options for avoiding or minimizing those costs;

            The amount that state and local governments spend on services for unauthorized immigrants represents a small percentage of the total amount spent by those governments to provide such services to residents in their jurisdictions;

            The tax revenues that unauthorized immigrants generate for state and local governments do not offset the total cost of services provided to those immigrants, although the impact is most likely modest; and

            Federal aid programs offer resources to state and local governments that provide services to unauthorized immigrants, but those funds do not fully cover the costs /ncurred by those governments.

            (Note that the “tax revenues do not offset the total costs of services provided to those immigrants” but nothing has been factored in for economic impact that illegals provide both in the spending they do and the jobs that they create. For example, in 2013, Texas estimated that illegals injected at least 18 billion dollars into the Texas economy – totally outside all the taxes they pay.

            Like I said in the beginning, those immigrant hating websites you keep siting are not including in any of their information all the benefits that illegals provide to our economy WHICH GREATLY OFFSETS any of the MODEST COSTS that we incur for them!!)

            Go stick your head in the sand!! All those biased websites you love to read are making you as stupid as Faux News makes its general listeners.

            And if you don’t believe these websites spread lies, just take a gander at this from the Heritage Foundation:

            Busted! Heritage Foundation economist can only defend Kansas tax cuts by fabricating data.

            How do you make the case that Sam Brownback has been good for Kansas?

            If you are Stephen Moore, the “chief economist” for the Heritage Foundation, you fake the data.

            Moore’s column argued that Kansas needed to give Brownback’s regime more time to work its wonders, because “the national data tell us” that over the last 20 years the nine states without an income tax have had double the population growth and more than double the income growth of states with very high income taxes. These results are statistically significant, which means it is very unlikely they happened by chance. This does not mean all states that cut taxes have growth or that all states with high taxes don’t have growth. It means there is a strong propensity for low-tax and tax-cutting states to grow. Period. This is a problem for the left because places such as New York, Massachusetts, Illinois and California that have been following Krugman’s (and President Barack Obama’s) economic strategy are getting clobbered by tax-cutting states.

            OK. Some of you have already noticed that here we have a “chief economist” abusing the concept of “statistical significance” in a way that would embarrass a first year student of the subject.

            But let’s move on to what Moore said next:

            No-income-tax Texas gained 1 million jobs over the last five years; California, with its 13 percent tax rate, managed to lose jobs. Oops. Florida gained hundreds of thousands of jobs while New York lost jobs. Oops.

            Abouhalkah found FOUR errors in that brief passage.

            No. 1: Moore’s data isn’t from “the last five years”. When challenged by The Star he admitted it was from December 2007 to December 2012. Which is a deliberate deception. The Bureau of Labor Statistics data that Moore was relying on is updated Every. Single. Month. So there is no reason to use 18-month-old data. If Moore honestly wanted to look at the “the last five years” he could have presented the numbers from mid-2009 to mid-2014.

            No. 2: even within his cherry-picked dates, Moore lied about the numbers. Texas did not gain 1 million jobs in that 2007-2012 period. The correct figure was a gain of 497,400 jobs.

            No. 3: Florida did not add hundreds of thousands of jobs in that span. It lost 461,500 jobs.

            No. 4: New York, which has one of the highest income tax rates, did not lose jobs during that time. It gained 75,900 jobs.

            Abouhalkah noted a 5th oddity as well:

            California since December 2012 — when Moore stopped measuring employment growth — has added 541,000 jobs, which is more than Texas’ 523,400. So, high taxes are good?

            At this point one must ask: how is it that Stephen Moore still has a job?

          34. mike March 14, 2015

            So it just occurred to you that illegal are using govt. service that they are not eligible for and that are costing Billions to state, local and Fed..
            Very little is concrete as to the amount of revenues that could have a positive affect.

            Here is articles about the massive transfer of wealth in the first article. One world bank and one Bureau of Economic Analysis.You might not like the source, but again prove all these entities wrong.


            As to the rest of your post, more nonsense and diarrhea of the brain.

            You are one pathetic person.

          35. Independent1 March 14, 2015

            And you just keep on posting these clearly RIGHT WING BIASED websites as evidence of what?? MORE LYING!!

            I’m in now way suggesting that there aren’t illegal immigrants that are taking advantage of benefits they don’t deserve – because there are criminals in every group of people: BUT as a percentage of our population, ILLEGALS ARE DOING IT FAR LESS FREQUENTLY THAN NATIVE BORN AMERICANS!!

            WAKE UP DUMBCOFF!! Every study done has shown that illegals get far less involved with crime than native-borns; and illegals are fare less involved in trying to rip off our country!!!

            They’re not stupid LIKE YOU!!

            iLLEGALS KNOW, that they’re walking a tight rope. And they don’t want to get deported because they’re trying to make a life for themselves here and/or send money back home to family – that’s why crime is less in immigrant neighborhoods and THAT INCLUDES NEIGHBORHOODS WITH ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS!!!!!!!!!!

            That can even be shown in the fact that San Diego, a city with a high concentration of illegals, is one of the 10 cities with the sharpest decline in crime over the past decade.

            And if they don’t commit felonies and petty crimes, than other than using some SS numbers in order to get a job, THE DO NOT RIP OFF OUR GOVERNMENT!!!!!!!!!

            Most employers hire and pay illegals by using iNDIVIDUAL TAX IDENTIFICATION NUMBERS – ITINs – not social security numbers!!!!!!

          36. mike March 15, 2015

            All you have to do is prove that illegals are not illegally taking advantage of govt. services, it just that simple. Disprove all those articles. Tell the world that the numbers provided by state and local govt. are all made up.
            As to the rest of your post the same old try and change the subject.
            You have challenged me on my statement, “that billions were being spent on illegals using govt. services which they are not titled”, all this other crap is just your fluff. No projections what could be, but what is happening.

          37. Independent1 March 14, 2015

            And here’s an article from the Cato Institute that’s hardly a liberal bastion:

            w-income immigrants use public benefits like Medicaid or the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP, formerly the Food Stamp Program) at a lower rate than low-income native-born citizens.1 Many immigrants are ineligible for public benefits because of their immigration status. Nonetheless, some claim that immigrants use more public benefits than the native born, creating a serious and unfair burden for citizens.2 This analysis provides updated analysis of immigrant and native-born utilization of Medicaid, SNAP, cash assistance (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families and similar programs), and the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) program based on the most recent data from the Census Bureau’s March 2012 Current Population Survey (CPS).

            Low-income (family income below 200% of poverty line) non-citizen children and adults utilize Medicaid, SNAP, cash assistance, and SSI at a generally lower rate than comparable low-income native-born citizen children and adults, and the average value of public benefits received per person is generally lower for non-citizens than for natives. Because of the lower benefit utilization rates and the lower average benefit value for low-income non-citizen immigrants, the cost of public benefits to non citizens is substantially less than the cost of equivalent benefits to the native-born.


          38. mike March 14, 2015

            I see the comprehension is getting slower and slower.
            Where are the words “ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS” in the article??

            Now you have me laughing even more.

            I think that island your are living on has waterlogged your brain.

          39. Independent1 March 14, 2015

            You’re so full crap it’s coming out your mouth!!!!!! Stop spewing BS from all those lying websites you like to frequent!!!!!!

          40. mike March 14, 2015

            It is 6.5 million still active(receiving checks) SS numbers which makes the holder 112 years old. The majority being native Americans, you are a joke.
            To the rest, disprove all the different articles I posted showing the extent of illegal abusing the system.

          41. Independent1 March 14, 2015

            First of all dumbcoff: the article says nothing about the fact of how many if any of the SS numbers still open for people 112 and older are receiving any SS benefits. The article simply states that those numbers have not been deleted from the SS systems because no one apparently notified them that the people holding these numbers had died.

            So as usual, your whole argument is nothing more than just more BS!! You have absolutely no evidence that even one of these numbers is actively still getting an SS benefit money.

            In fact, the article actually states that when thousands of those SS numbers appeared with wages, the monies recorded for those wages were transferred to a suspense file because the names of the filers using those numbers didn’t match the original names on file. Which means, even if illegals tried to use the numbers of t these dead folks, they would most likely have done it not to receive benefits, but only to obtain work; therefore, they didn’t cost SS anything – they actually would have contributed the FICA taxes into SS’s suspense file which eventually gets dumped into the ‘big pot’.

            So once again, you’re whole issue with the 6.5 million SS numbers has just one more big waste of time and effort:

            From an NPR article:

            “For Tax Years 2006 through 2011, SSA received reports that individuals using 66,920 SSNs had approximately $3.1 billion in wages, tips, and self-employment income. SSA transferred the earnings to the Earnings Suspense File because the employees’ or self-employed individuals’ names on the earnings reports did not match the numberholders’ names.”


          42. mike March 15, 2015

            Are there 6.5 million active SS cards or not?? Does this not lead to the potential of fraud and waste??

            4,000 were used with e-verify, but since only 7% of businesses are using the system, we will never know. It’s the Illegals trying to get jobs, legal immigrants need not apply nor native Americans being under federal control.

            What you failed to read is that can confirm 266 are receiving benefits from those cards. Or the potential for fraud, such as filing for benefits from other agencies state and local, opening bank accounts and getting jobs.
            What you also left out is the SS does not plan on updating DMF files. So the fraud could still continue and which makes other agencies who rely on the DMF to prevent fraud, less effective.

            Just another example of government incompetence.
            And you don’t think there won’t be lawyers once amnesty is in place demanding those suspended monies. I can hear the bleeding hearts now, now could you not, they were working and deserve what they put in. I bet you would be one of those doing demanding they be given even when it was absolute fraud.

            Another cluster f$$k from the Feds., and the big govt you love.

          43. Independent1 March 15, 2015

            More hogwash!! Nothing more than a right-winger creating more conspiracy theories!! You have not one ounce of evidence that what you’ve just posted is even close to reality!!

            It’s all conjecture!! Go bury your head in the sand somewhere!!!

            Native -born Americans are far more prone to committing crimes than immigrants – your’re blaming immigrants for what native-borns are doing!!!

          44. mike March 15, 2015

            Only person with his head buried is you!!!
            Now why did Bush leave the WH on 9/11?? Oh, that’s right, he knew that something was going to happen and he wanted to be safe, your idiotic, asinine words.

            Only possible conjecture is the suspended monies of illegals using fraud with SS numbers trying to get monies reassigned to their accounts, if and when reform is complete.

            The rest is from the IG of SS. All facts and verifiable.

            No conjecture on files not being updated by SS, again from the auditors report, and as to their recommendations, SS said: ‘ the correction of these inaccuracies would create a significant manual and labor-intensive work load and provide no benefit to the administration of our programs.”
            Just another example of your Big Govt, incompetence.

            Trying to deflect again and blaming native Americans for more crimes which was never part of my original comment. Here again is what I said and you can’t refute. Illegals are using govt. services that they aren’t entitled and costing state local and fed agencies billions of dollars each year.

          45. Independent1 March 15, 2015

            Wow!! Are you ever a right-wing sheeple living in total denial!!

            Only a right-wing sheeple would have his head so far in the sand such as to refuse to believe that 2 guys who had been warmed 7 times, that’s 7 times in 3 plus months that a terrorist organization was going to attack American, DIDN’T KNOW, THAT AN ATTACK WAS COMMING??? And not question why these 2 guys didn’t at least try to stop an attack THEY KNEW was coming!!!

            And yet, you’re the same nitwits who can turn an unfortunate, never announced attack on a CIA detachment 6,000 miles from home, into a never ending media circus about lack of commitment to help against a president, who had no direct responsibility whatsoever for protecting that consultate!!! What a total bunch of outright hypocrites!!!!

            You people are totally disgusting!!

            Of course Bush and Cheney knew 9/11 was coming!! And they wanted it to happen!! Because they wanted to use that terrorist attack as more evidence that we needed to start a w war with Iraq!! Which is EXACTLY WHAT THEY DID!!!

            When are you and your right-wing buddies going to wake up to the fact that Bush and Cheney are guilty of TOTAL DERELICTION OF DUTY????

            I’m not saying they could of stopped it – BUT THEY TOTALLY FAILED TO TRY!!

            And I’m certainly not saying they even dreamed it was going to be the magnitude of what 9/11 turned about to be, they may well have expected it to be something like the Boston Bombing – BUT THEY CLEARLY KNEW IT WAS COMING!!

            When you’re president!! You simply can’t totally ignore 7 despirate briefings from your main intelligence source!! Ignoring those HAS TO BE DERELICTION OF DUTY!!

            Those two should both be in prison!!

          46. mike March 15, 2015

            You are an imbecile!!!
            Why are your an imbecile?? Read what you just wrote:
            “Of course Bush and Cheney knew 9/11 was coming!! And they wanted it to
            happen!! Because they wanted to use that terrorist attack as more
            evidence that we needed to start a w war with Iraq!! Which is EXACTLY
            WHAT THEY DID!!!You are an imbecile!!!”
            You are verifiable nuts!!!

          47. Independent1 March 15, 2015

            Just can’t come to grips with the fact that Republicans don’t care whether or not peons die as long as they achieve their objective, CAN YOU??

            The GOP doesn’t care that 26,000 plus people die every year from the lack of health insurance – they still insist on not expanding Medicaid or supporting ACA (that’s 70 people dying prematurely every day).

            Bush and Cheney knew that soldiers were going to die if they started a war with Iraq, but they still went ahead and lied us into an unwarranted war so they could suck taxpayer money through their defense industry buddies.

            Bush and Cheney knew that by using torture some prisoners may die. And when some did, what did Cheney say, that’s what happens sometimes.

            Grow up!! The CIA folks weren’t totally incompetent in their 7 presentations. Bush and Cheney simply didn’t want to hear it. They simply didn’t care if the attack happened and a few peons died.

            Everything they did while in office confirms that.

          48. mike March 15, 2015

            Because of your insanity I can’t even LMAO, but I do pray you get help.

          49. Independent1 March 15, 2015

            You and your ilk are the ones who need help!! You need to wake up and realize what you’re supporting!! You aren’t even sitting down an trying to realize the damage today’s Republicans are doing to our country and to millions of the people living in it.

            100-200 people are dying prematurely every day (that’s 35,000-50,000 people a year, just because Republicans in Congress are fighting against ACA, refusing to expand Medicaid, are cutting programs like SNAP, have worked in GOP led states to cut state services to the needy, and on and on.

            You really need to sit down and reflect a little at just the cost in lives alone; forgetting about the destruction to our country’s infrastructure that is making America a quasi 3rd world country when you compare us to a number of the other similar industrialized nations like ourselves.

            Do some reflection!! It’s really eye opening. We’re rapidly approaching being nothing but an oligarchy – where anyone below the top 10% will be nothing but a worthless peon!!

            Keep pushing for your own destruction – you’ll see it sooner or later!!!

          50. mike March 15, 2015

            You really are crazy!!
            No reflection necessary. Republican Congress causes 35,000 people to die each year!! Another stupid remark from the Stupid and Chief. If this was happening Obama, the Congressional left, and Media would be shouting from the roof tops. Do you hear the silence, it almost deafening.
            No, you are nuts. In fact, your remarks make you certifiable nuts.

          51. Independent1 March 14, 2015

            And see this clueless about that Alabama fiasco:

            How America’s harshest immigration law failed

            Here’s just a quick excerpt:

            The vast scope of the law turned Alabama into an unprecedented test for the anti-immigration movement. If self-deportation didn’t work there, it’s hard to imagine where it could. Early reports suggested success: undocumented immigrants appeared to flee Alabama en masse. But two years later, HB 56 is in ruins. Its most far-reaching elements have proved unconstitutional, unworkable, or politically unsustainable. Elected officials, social workers, clergy, activists, and residents say an initial immigrant evacuation that roiled their communities ended long ago. Many who fled have returned to their old homes.

            It took just six weeks after HB 56 went into effect for state legislators to start having second thoughts about their actions.


          52. mike March 14, 2015

            Really!!! MSNBC the least trusted, least watched and disintegrating Channel News station on the air. What a laugh.

            Keep trying!!!

            You look more ridiculous every post. Pathetic!!!!

          53. jmprint March 14, 2015

            You don’t listen to facts, so why does anybody need to bother.

          54. mike March 14, 2015

            Give me your idea of facts and I will let you know it they are true, half true or a lie on this subject.
            Nice try on trying to justify why you can’t refute the numbers.

          55. Independent1 March 13, 2015

            And I’ll remind you t hat CBO says you’re wrong!! I’ll believe the CBO before all those links you just posted:

            The CBO report said that over the first decade under the bill, the government would pay out an estimated $262 billion, mostly in tax credits and health care payments through Medicaid and the new health care act. But those costs would be more than offset by $459 billion in income and payroll taxes paid by legalized immigrants. That surplus would only increase with time, leading to the $700 billion reduction in the federal deficit in the second decade under the law.

            And this:

            CBO estimates immigration bill would lead to $197 billion drop in federal deficit in first decade

          56. mike March 13, 2015

            I am talking about right no, not a bill that was never implemented, not some time in the future
            You keep throwing out projections.
            One more time. By receiving govt. services that illegals are not entitled to has/is costing billions each year to State, Local and the federal govt.
            Are really this dense??

          57. Independent1 March 14, 2015

            See my note above: None of your reference links are in any way taking into account the plus side of what illegal immigrants are contributing to America which greatly offset the costs that you keep talking about – and in my note above – I forgot to add in the billions of dollars in taxes that even native-born Americans are paying into our government – native born Americans whose jobs are being supported by illegals, or who are actually working in the small businesses run by illegals. None of those articles you keep reading are factoring everything into the equation.

          58. jmprint March 14, 2015

            Our own congress is spending more on frivolous lawsuits and investigation that have already been proven to be stupid. And that is my tax money, also. I would rather help the human race with my taxes.

          59. jmprint March 14, 2015

            All the site you defend are funded by the Kock brothers, the Puppet Masters, directly and indirectly,

          60. jmprint March 13, 2015

            Racism is everywhere, it’s not right, but it’s there. Each one of us has a duty to fight it.

          61. mike March 13, 2015

            You are right about fighting it but you need to also say that to the blacks who have far hatred for whites than whites for blacks.

          62. Independent1 March 13, 2015

            Wow!! What HOGWASH from an absolute racist!!!

          63. mike March 13, 2015

            Now why was Bush out of the WH on 9/11 you claim?? Oh that’s right, you said, because he knew something was going to happen LMAO!!!
            Talk about HOGWASH!!!

          64. jmprint March 14, 2015

            So you are saying Bush being warned several times about what was happening behind the scene, and he did nothing to protect us is because he is a total idiot like you.

          65. mike March 14, 2015

            Last week Independent1 said he believed that the reason Bush was out of the WH on 9/11 after just gettin back a few days earlier, after being away in Texas, was because he wanted to be in a safe place, because he knew “something was going to happen.” What an asinine statement.

          66. Independent1 March 14, 2015

            Asinine statement in what regard??

            Are you aware that after a presentation in early July, the 6th by the way, almost every one of the CIA personnel involved in warning Bush and Cheney wanted to put in for a transfer because they were so frustrated that Bush and Cheney kept refusing to allow them to focus on trying to stop the al Qaeda attack?? That’s how afraid the CIA people were – theIr intelligence was more than credible, it was factual coming from al Qaeda related sources -and yet Bush and Cheney adamantly stuck to their guns and insisted the CIA had to keep focusing on finding them evidence that Iraq somehow had WMDs and was involved in activities that could be detrimental to America?? The only reason these CIA folks didn’t go ahead and quit, was because they felt there wasn’t time to get others trained enough to carry on before the attack they knew was coming was going to happen.

            And you still haven’t explained why after one more warning on August 6, which was an especially ardent plea by the CIA, that both Bush and Cheney fled Washington!!

            You right-wing nutcases were all up in arms last summer when Obama wanted to take a one-week vacation IN Martha’s vineyard (300 MILES AWAY) when there was an increase in war activity by ISIS 6,000 miles from America!! And now, when our president fleas Washington (TO PLACES 2,000 PLUS MILES AWAY) for 30 days after being warned 7 times of an attack on the homeland, you idiots brush it off like – oh! that’s okay. WHAT HYPOCRITES!!!!!!!

          67. mike March 14, 2015

            “Bush left the WH after only being there a few days because he knew something was going to happen and he wanted to be in a safe place” that is what you said. It is asinine.

            OMG!! I don’t have to explain anything to you, on why both were out of town. Until you can prove THAT WAS the reason you can live with the asinine comment. You said it, you live with it.
            At least you didn’t deny it.
            As usual the rest of your post is pure garbage and is not worth comment.

          68. jmprint March 16, 2015

            I saw an interview on television with an arab, and he flat out stated that the United States was an easy target using our own airlines, and this was before 9/11, so he failed to protect us, was he protecting himself, probably!

          69. mike March 16, 2015

            You saw an interview, one interview, before 9/11(when) and that proves he wasn’t protecting the US. You are as insane and delusional as independent1. Both so silly and filled with hate!!
            Bush briefings did not have a single specific time, vehicle of attack, or location. All what was said he could happen at some point in time, it had been postponed, etc.. Not once were they specific.
            Bush left the WH because he knew something was going to happen and wanted to be safe. What a stupid and ignorant statement.

          70. jmprint March 16, 2015

            One interview and massive CIA warnings, Bush and Cheney were warned way before it happened. That single interview should have given them a hint as to what the enemy had intentions of doing.

            So lets see you are accusing me of being: insane, silly and filled with hate, sounds like you a Bush lover and can’t stand the truth.

            That make you a Tea-Party loyalist, keep being stupid, you wear it well.

          71. mike March 16, 2015

            No, you wouldn’t know the truth if it hit you between the eyes.
            These so called massive warnings were never specific never gave time, place or how.
            So Bush was to put the country on High Alert with not one shred of evidence of when, where or how. Give me a break.
            You are nuts and living in the past. Get a life.
            Your hatred blocks any rational thought.

          72. jmprint March 16, 2015

            The truth is you are clueless, I don’t live in the past, that’s where the t-party is stuck along with you.

          73. mike March 16, 2015

            You’re nutty as a fruitcake!!
            Since you are so well read, did you read this? Tenet and Black JUly 10 with Rice.

            Roger Cressey, who was Clarke’s deputy and is now an NBC News counter terrorism analyst, says one thing that is missing from Tenet’s description of the events is that the intelligence pointed to overseas attacks. although CIA did tell officials that they couldn’t discount an attack on the US homeland.

            “Everything we had (from US intelligence) pointed overseas, specifically to the Gulf,” he said. “There was no actionable intelligence that pointed to the homeland. What we did know, and what we told domestic agencies, was there was “a disturbance in the force” and we were very worried about an attack.

            How about this one, did you read this one also?


            You are nothing more than a person with so much hatred “you can’t see the forest for the trees.”

          74. jmprint March 16, 2015

            MIke you are totally wrong, I don’t hate, never have, it has no business in human life.

            I repeat myself “That single interview should have given them a hint as to what the enemy had intentions of doing.” Sure they took precaution after the fact, but not before. TOO late wasn’t it? THEY FAILED TO PROTECT US.

          75. mike March 16, 2015

            No, any person that believes Bush left town because he knew that an attack was going to happen and wanted to protect his safety is not only ignorant of the facts but possess so much hate to make such asinine accusations.
            As you usual, you refused to address Richard Clarke’s deputy who said “evidence pointed to overseas attacks, but didn’t discount an attack in US”. Not an smidgen of evidence that where, when, or how, but in your warped mind Bush knew, Horse Manure.
            Nor did you address the FOIA about what Clinton do or did do.
            You are one intellectually dishonest person.

          76. jmprint March 17, 2015

            Boy you like to hear me repeat myself don’t you? I told you I DON’T HATE Bush or anyone. I don’t like his policies, you know the one that nearly took us into a depression, the one that the T-party is still trying to ram down our throats.

            If you had read my post, you would have noticed that I used the word probably, because it could just be the truth. This is not the first time I have heard someone accuse him of this.

            My point is they were warned, and again I tell you if I was in his position and an arab individual pointed out how vulnerable our airlines could be used against us, I would have taken it to heart and protected this nation.

            You keep calling me names: stupid, ignorant, hateful, insane, silly, intellectually dishonest. And all this because I said the word probably, but that’s ok because I know better. You idiots, that’s all you have to give to this nation, degrading, insulting, destroying families, that’s your cliche.

          77. mike March 17, 2015

            To believe that one interview by one Arab was the determining reason for Bush to go to high alert is just plan stupid. What you refused to address is the Clarke’s deputy said that they they believed the attack to be overseas. You also ignored the Clinton connection that was revealed in FOIA.
            As to the meltdown, one more time, it has been proven and written about that both Bush and Clinton, both parties are not without fault. It started with Clinton/Reno and got worse under Bush, even though Bush tried to get congress to fix problems but was blocked by Barney and Chris.
            The meltdown happened on Bush’s watch but only you on the left think it was all his and his alone. An inconvenient truth but democrats have their hands dirty too.
            There is a level of hate toward Bush by you to keep bringing up facts that can not be substantiated but are continually repeated.

          78. jmprint March 17, 2015

            It’s not Bushy fault, sniff, sniff, It’s not Bushes fault. I hear ya. I also heard the warning to the United States that was not taken seriously. You are the stupid one. Again those articles don’t take into account that they flat out ignored the warnings.

          79. mike March 17, 2015

            Read this, then try and bash Bush. The people who have half a brain know the truth, you on the other hand still are in denial.


            You are as wrong on 911 as you are wrong on the meltdown.
            You still can’t address what the expert knew at the time.

          80. jmprint March 17, 2015

            Ok I read: The crisis definitely happened on their watch,” said Kenneth Rogoff, a professor of economics at Harvard University who advises the Republican presidential candidate John McCain. “This is eight years into the Bush administration. There was a lot of time to deal with it.”

          81. mike March 17, 2015

            if that is all you got out of the article you are intellectually dishonest. It said much more about both parties and presidents.
            It fits your agenda, truth be damned.

          82. jmprint March 14, 2015

            Now why would I need to say such a lie.

          83. Independent1 March 13, 2015

            Wow!! You’re just never right – I’m not even going to get into all the lies about illegals costing us more than they benefit – other than to point out that the CBO has noted that between the jobs illegals create by being part of the 35% of new businesses run by immigrants, and the thousands of native-born Americans jobs they support by doing farm, construction and other work that native-born Americans will not do; and the economic boost they provide via the purchases they make, about 8 million native-born Americans are kept working each year – JUST BECAUSE OF ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT ACTIVITIES!!

            And note these comments from the CBO:

            The CBO, which estimates the cost of legislation, stated the bill would decrease federal deficits by $197 billion within a decade of passing Congress and an additional $700 billion over the next decade.

            Sen. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y., called the report a “huge momentum boost for immigration reform.” Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., said the study “confirmed what most conservative economists have found.”

            And this:

            The CBO report said that over the first decade under the bill, the government would pay out an estimated $262 billion, mostly in tax credits and health care payments through Medicaid and the new health care act. But those costs would be more than offset by $459 billion in income and payroll taxes paid by legalized immigrants. That surplus would only increase with time, leading to the $700 billion reduction in the federal deficit in the second decade under the law.

            So as usual, your rhetoric is clearly nothing more than total BS!!!

          84. mike March 13, 2015

            In an earlier post you made the asinine statement “Bush left the WH on 9/11 to be safe because he knew “something was gong to happen”. And you want me to believe you have any credibility, forget about it.
            Just to prove my point you give me a CBO projections of the 2013 Senate Immigration bill that was never implemented.
            My statement was that the illegals are costing the American people billions from them using govt. services which they are not entitled. My statement had nothing to CBO projections. What a dolt you are.

          85. Independent1 March 14, 2015

            You don’t seriously think I post the facts I do for you do you?? I’ve long since concluded that you’re too much of a dumbcoff GOP sheeple to believe anything I would post!!

            I post facts so other bloggers on the NM can clearly see that you’re a brainwashed GOP loving sheeple who only believes the Faux News/crazy RWNJ website propaganda!! And therefore is comfortable posting their lies, distortions of the truth and fabrications of reality!!!!

            So don’t impress yourself by thinking that I care a rats behind whether you believe what I post or not!! You’re too much of a clear right-wing nut job for me to care one bit about what you think!! As far as I’m concerned – you can continue to be a clear cut dumbo all your life!! Go to it!!!!

            And by the way, I never said Bush new about the attacks. I ASKED YOU to explain TO ME how a president who had just been warned 7 times that an al Qaeda attack on America was imminent, would feel comfortable about taking a 30 day long vacation away from Washington (after having bowed himself out of any further briefings on the attacks because he had made future briefings “deputies only); and then after 30 days of being away from Washington – returning on September 8th – just 3 days before the 9/11 attack was again 1,000 miles away from Washington in Florida- why would any sane president have then arranged so he was away from Washington at what he might consider a really safe place to be – in a school reading to school kids just 3 days after return from a 30 day vacation).

            Why would any sane president who had a sense of duty to our country – do something like that?? Can you explain it??

            If it wasn’t because he believe an attack may occur, and he was trying to be as far away from the place where he thought it would most likely take place WASHINGTON, until after an attack actually happened. (Do you know for how long Georgie planned to be touring the country reading stories to kids in schools??? Could have been set up for weeks!!!)

            Let’s see you explain the actions of Georgie Boy – they aren’t the actions of anyone I would want to be president of America.

        2. idamag March 13, 2015

          Worn out and ragged cliche – play the race card. If it wasn’t in their deck it couldn’t be played. Proof of racism: When Obama was elected white supremist groups doubled – Southern Poverty Law Center keeps tabs. Another indicator: We have had Democrat presidents, we have had Republican presidents and no president has been treated Like Obama has. Yes they are racists. Either that or they are fascists trying to destroy Democracy and they have lots of followers.

  3. dtgraham March 13, 2015

    Let me get this straight. This is the same Congress that routinely sabotages the President, set back the economic recovery, shut down the government, ruined the credit rating, can’t solve the sequester disaster they created, can’t even get appropriations done on time; all while authorizing $479 million on F35’s that the military didn’t even ask for, at the same time that they were cutting $93 million on WIC nutrition in December’s omnibus bill—and this is what Generalissimo Graham wants a military junta for. More riches for the Pentagon.
    To really appreciate the disaster that the Republican Congress has become, I think you’d have to examine the black box at this point.
    Apologies for my last name.

    1. jmprint March 13, 2015

      Can’t even do a simple job a appointing an Attorney General whose been approved to be a great selection.

      1. dtgraham March 13, 2015

        They can’t even do that. Eric Holder—the man who can’t quit. Reid had to change the rule to a simple majority just to get a few federal judges appointed last year. Now they’re practically committing treason on his foreign policy and threatening military intervention to get a part of the sequester reversed. Given all of the White House security lapses anymore, I wouldn’t be surprised if the next fence jumper was Obama. Wanting out.

        1. Sand_Cat March 13, 2015

          If he’d been smart, about three years into his first term, he would have gone on national television, said “F_ck you all,” and walked out the front door. Instead, the poor guy has stuck it out, trying endlessly to be “bi-partisan” with a bunch of scum not worth the dirt on the soles of his shoes.

          1. Frank KIng March 13, 2015

            The President is a gifted man–articulate and intelligent . Beyond that he has continuously demonstrated deep concern and boundless energy to do what is in the best interests of all Americans, regardless of the vitriol, hatred and obstructionism from the odious right wing who claimed to destroy his administration even before it began and right wing treachery has created an unworkable situation in the affairs of state unparalled in recent history. Iranian leadership has claimed the US is disintegrating as a result of the right wing Senate undermining the deliberations relating to curtailing nuclear proliferation. This bunch of right wing Kooks makes Iran look reasonable.

    2. mike March 13, 2015

      As to slow economy, there are many factors from Massive new Obama’s rules and regulations, ex. EPA rules, Dodd-Frank, Obamacare, ex: taxes increases and higher projected deficits since implemented,, Sequester was the Obama administration idea and was agreed upon by both parties. As to down grade it is not all the fault of Congress but also the administration continuation for higher debt.
      The slow economy falls under the unknowns caused by the Obama administration. Unknowns like elevated concerns by increased regulations, nigher taxes rates due to rising debt, fewer loans available for start up businesses, What is found is that when regulatory jobs rise, start-up jobs declined and vice versa.
      As to F-35, companies in 45 states are involved with Texas being where they are being built, and you believe the representatives in those states won’t look out for the constituents? Look at the tank produced in Lima, Oh., both dems and repub. have wanted continued production, even against DOD push back.
      You can play the blame game but no one side is without fault.
      As to apologies, it is not your name but your delusion that all is the fault of the Right.
      Nice try though!!!

      1. Sand_Cat March 13, 2015

        Sorry, but the “regulations” claim is the same kind of bullshit most other GOP claims are. You certainly have a point on the F-35, though. All of the crooks (GOP and Dems) will vote to bring “jobs” to their states at any time, regardless of the merits: another form of welfare for those who don’t need it, but how many GOP people can stop trying to punish the poor – many of whom DO need it – long enough to criticize the giveaway?
        Hell, they should just buy Su-35s (or the Chinese copy): a lot cheaper, and better than pretty much everything else except maybe the F-22.

      2. dtgraham March 14, 2015

        Ask yourself this mike. When has any Democratic controlled Congress acted and carried on in this way when a Republican was in the White House?

        1. mike March 14, 2015

          First, as I told Dom, it should have gone to Obama and copies to Iran and Media.
          Having said that, when has a treaty, and it is a treaty what Obama is negotiating, has a President ignored and tried to bypass Congress? Planing on going to the UN with out approval of the Senate, trying to lift the sanctions that only the Congress can lift.
          You don’t know nor do I know what’s in, definitely the Senate doesn’t know what’s in or has been briefed. If the Senate had been briefed, the dems would be speaking out about it.
          You can play this outrage game all you want. If you were honest and concerned you would be asking/questioning, why Obama would ignore his constitution responsibility on such a grave matter?
          This is all about Obama’s legacy at the expense of the Constitution.

          1. dtgraham March 16, 2015

            Presidents have executive authority to make deals with foreign countries without needing to go to Congress. I know the Congress wants the Iran negotiations to be done as a treaty, which would require approval of two thirds of the upper chamber, but Presidents can and often do avoid this requirement by forging executive agreements with foreign countries.

            Executive agreements are international agreements that don’t require Congressional approval. Executive agreements have been used for more than two centuries, and America has concluded 17,300 of these executive agreements after world war two.

            Foreign policy is much more complex today than it was ever envisioned by the founding fathers. To go back in the constitution and say everything should be done as a treaty is naive.

          2. mike March 16, 2015

            I understand the democrats would love to destroy the Constitution but that is all we have and no how complicated the world seems to be in your mind it should be adhered too.

            The most important Arms Control Deal in many years and you think it is just fine that Obama totally ignores Congress and goes to UN without any interest of even telling Congress what’s in it.

            “Another we will have to pass it before we see what’s in it”



          3. dtgraham March 17, 2015

            These sole executive agreements in foreign policy are the norm now and have been so since around the WWII era although they go back much further. Treaties and legislative-executive agreements have declined dramatically. This is not an Obama thing.

            Presidents have always assumed discretion to decide whether to pursue an international agreement as a treaty, a sole executive agreement or a legislative executive agreement. A President’s decision usually hinges on domestic political factors and that’s what is going on here. He knows that the Republicans don’t want any nuclear agreement whatsoever with Iran due to ideology, their religious fundamentalist base, their hatred of Obama, etc… So the Congressional option is pointless.

            Presidents often have chosen to exclude the Senate through the channel of executive agreements. Among them, the destroyer-base deal with Britain in 1940, the Yalta and Potsdam agreements of 1945, the Vietnam peace agreement of 1973, and the Sinai agreements of 1975.

            This is a typical conservative literalist argument. Because there’s no direct mention of sole executive agreements in the constitution or federalist papers, that doesn’t necessarily make it or anything else unconstitutional. The use of sole executive agreements in foreign policy has absolutely flourished and so far the judiciary has sustained these claims of Presidential authority.

            The courts have so far done so under four sources of constitutional authority: 1) the President’s duty as chief executive to represent the nation in foreign affairs; 2) the authority to receive ambassadors and other public ministers; 3) the authority as commander in chief; 4) the duty to take care that the law be faithfully executed. This has been their interpretation of Presidential executive agreement authority under implied constitutional principles and the spirit and essence of the language, not merely the absence of certain specific things mentioned within the framework.

            Congressional efforts to reign in unilateralism in certain areas of foreign policy have been unsuccessful. A 1953 attempt to outlaw Presidential sole executive agreements for example didn’t succeed because ultimately it was felt that it would hamstring the President in his conduct of foreign policy, and it would cripple the executive power to the point that the President would become helpless in world affairs.

          4. mike March 17, 2015

            I never said it was “an Obama thing”.
            This is a treaty! Which requires the Congress!!!
            Republicans and now many Democrats see the need for approval from the Senate. Iran, who is ranked 4th in oil reserves, 1st in natural gas reserves does not need nuclear energy. Republicans require a dismantling of their nuclear program, and it looks like Obama is comfortable leaving them unscathed. Once they have it, other Middle East Countries will want them as they have already stated. So the proliferation of nuclear weapons begins.
            What we are hearing is a 10 year program to slow down not to dismantle. What we know is they can not be trusted.
            One more time, this is a Treaty!!! No matter how you try and justify Obama’s action, it is a treaty, which requires approval.
            I am not questioning the 4 points. To ignore the congress and do an end run to the UN is absolutely wrong.
            Sinai Agreement was between Egypt and Israel, Vietnam was to end hostilities between the two Vietnam and our role, which everyone in the US wanted out of.
            Iran situation is a totally different animal.

          5. dtgraham March 17, 2015

            Whether you think this still-in-the-works deal between America, Iran and 5 other countries is a good deal or not is not relevant to the concerns you expressed.

            The state department has made it clear that the U.S. is not negotiating a legally binding plan with Iran. Those are the key words, as a sole executive agreement is politically binding whereas a treaty requiring Senate consent is legally binding. In the end it’s semantics, but that’s what distinguishes it. That’s what Tom Cotton was getting at with his letter.

            If the executive branch is bypassing Congress to make a deal that is politically binding but not necessarily legally binding, then it meets all of the requirements for an executive agreement and is not a treaty by definition.

            These happen all the time mike. In most cases the expectations in an executive non-binding agreement are the same as in a legally binding one. The Helsinki accords of 1975 were non-binding. The Shanghai conference negotiations of 1972 were non-binding. Roosevelt’s Atlantic Charter of 1941 was as well. Last year’s China-U.S. climate change deal was executive non-binding.

            The reason to sometimes prefer a non-binding executive international arrangement over a treaty is the need to preserve the greatest possible flexibility and speed in responding if parts of the agreement aren’t being kept. In the end it’s still “politically binding”. Commitments are made and there are consequences for not following through.

            This argument we’re having is theoretical but not constitutional.

            I won’t be able to respond the rest of the day, but will pick this up late tonight if you want to reply.

          6. mike March 17, 2015

            I know you can explain why it isn’t binding, why are we negotiating?? I know why(easier to make and break) but want your take.
            Iran is saying the nuclear negotiation are is bilateral and if future presidents were to withdraw from the agreement, the US would be diplomatically isolated and discredited.
            Wife having major surgery tomorrow so not sure where I will be next 4 weeks. But, will try and respond as much as possible.

          7. dtgraham March 18, 2015

            It would be better if it was binding. Like so many non-binding agreements in the past, future Presidents don’t generally retract something that seems to be working. However, with the current crop of nutty, childish, hardline hotheads in the GOP, you never know. Unfortunately it has to be done this way because a Senate ratified treaty is not possible. The bomb bomb bomb Iran crowd won’t even consider it.

            My take on it? If talks break off, it’s inevitable that Congress will bring back the sanctions that have been lifted during the negotiations. That’s what got Iran to the table. The Iranians will then reciprocate. Iran would probably start up centrifuges halted during the nuclear negotiations, bring more advanced machinery on line and enrich uranium to the 20% level that would get it closer to a weapon. If it then bars international inspectors, the world would have no idea how far Iran is from making a bomb.

            If the U.S. gets the blame for derailing the talks, it’s unclear if America’s international partners would keep their existing Iran sanctions in place let alone double down and impose new ones.

            Whether they do or not, Iran will say that the U.S. is not reliable and they’re just not going to take it. They are going to feel condemned to respond. Both sides will take their shovels and dig the holes deeper.

            Aborted negotiations that leave Iran rededicated to it’s nuclear program raise the specter of Tehran with a bomb—or some enemy country taking military action to stop it.

            Personally, I don’t have quite the fear of Iran with the bomb that others do, but I think I’m in the minority. World nuclear disarmament should be the goal but I don’t know how realistic that is.

            Best wishes for your wife’s full recovery. I went through this in 2013 when my wife was in hospital for 7 1/2 months. Like me, I imagine you’ll be seeing a lot of hospital life for the next month. I hope all is well with her.

          8. mike March 20, 2015

            Do you really know the centrifuges have been halted, March 2nd the UN said they weren’t getting complete cooperation.
            They can not be trusted.
            Now the idea is floating around to keep 6K centrifuges going. The sanctions were working and should not be lifted.
            Really, you have not fear of Iran having the bomb? The rest of the Middle East does.
            I suppose you can explain why the latest WORLD WIDE THREAT ASSESSMENT BY US INTELLIGENCE no longer list Iran or Hezbollah as terrorist or state sponsor of terrorism. Is this one of the concession demanded by Iran to get a deal?? We started with the upper hand in negotiations with Iran and now it looks like we have been snookered.
            Back caregiver, thanks for the nice thoughts.

          9. dtgraham March 21, 2015

            They can have those older centrifuges going under the agreement. Those were never the issue. The controversy was the newer machinery that enable Iran to produce potential nuclear bomb material at a rate several times that of the decades old version of the machine now in use. The accord struck between the 7 nations stipulated that Iran could continue it’s current enrichment R&D practises as long as they’re not stepped up.

            You’re thinking of the so-called IR-5 centrifuge that a UN nuclear agency report last November had Iran possibly developing and putting on-line. There was a debate over whether that was even a violation but a confidential document by the international atomic energy agency, distributed among its member states and obtained by Reuters, showed that the IR-5 had been disconnected.

            The institute for science and international security tracks Iran’s nuclear program closely and thought that the disconnection reflected goodwill on the part of Iran. They issued a statement saying that, “the disconnection provides additional confidence that Iran is abiding by its commitments under the joint plan of action.”

            The U.S. intelligence change on Iran and Hezbollah is probably a quid pro quo in a rapidly changing world (middle east anyway). Iran has been an enormous military help in battling ISIS, and in return the west facilitates their nuclear ambitions to some extent and they’ve also cut back on the terrorist labeling. The world has changed very much and very quickly. The Sunni threat has gotten worse and the Islamic state is a bigger threat than Al-Qaeda ever was. The Iranians have really come up big in terms of helping to combat the Islamic state. I think this is the reason for the sudden change in policy towards them. Just my opinion.

          10. mike March 26, 2015

            When you listen to the March 2nd report with the 12 major concerns not being properly addressed-inspection slowed down- by Iran. Also, not being addressed are a number of sites they are being denied access too. One has to question their true intent.
            Obama is naive to believe he is dealing with honorable people, they are not. When you see the French, of all people, being the hard liners, one has to wonder what is Obama giving up to have a deal.
            Well, you may be right on the removal from the terrorist list but Iran is doing it not only for their own survival, but to continue to grow their influence even more in the middle east. Their sponsoring of terrorism has not diminished. At this time their sphere of influence is now in 4 capitals.
            Let them have nuclear weapons, look out world.
            You might find this interesting.

            If Obama lets them keep 6k centrifuges(last report) and where their supply stands now it won’t take long to produce weapon grade. Sources show that at 4-5% they would have completed the hardest part and 2/3 the way necessary to reach 90%.

          11. dtgraham March 18, 2015

            The e-mail of my post to you may not be spaced out properly with paragraphs. Internet Explorer was really acting up today on this website for some reason. I don’t usually use it.

          12. mike March 18, 2015

            Not to worry, started to read it and really can’t get into it, at hospital, too much going on!
            Crazy GOP, Really!! Go read Lieberman’s article in WSJ!!

    3. plc97477 March 13, 2015

      I think lindsey should apologize to you.

  4. Budjob March 13, 2015

    Lindsey,Go blow someone!!

    1. jmprint March 13, 2015

      Tell him to do something different for a change.

      1. Budjob March 13, 2015

        jmprint,Great reply!! Thanks!!!

    2. neeceoooo March 13, 2015

      He probably is and making some man very happy.

  5. TZToronto March 13, 2015

    Agema might have mentioned that Abraham Lincoln wouldn’t even be able to win a primary in today’s political reality.

    1. idamag March 13, 2015

      Good heavens no. He didn’t have tv presence. He was honest. He cared about other people. He would have been branded a socialist.

    2. Independent1 March 13, 2015

      And that’s because the Republican party of Lincoln is in no way related to the Republican party of today!!!

  6. adler56 March 13, 2015

    Agema is either ignorant or just lying. There was no Repubican stain on LBJ who arm twisted some Republicans to vote in favor of Civil Rights to offset Dixiercrats
    who voted against it. Dixiecrats were NOT Democrats as all of them became Republicans after the Civil Rights Bills were passed. That is not unlike the south voting staight
    Democrast for 100 years because Lincoln was a Republcan.

    1. idamag March 13, 2015

      There have been some outstanding Republicans, in the past. Ah, so sad that it is past.

      1. Allan Richardson March 13, 2015

        How about the liberal Democrat who pushed Congress to waste the taxpayers’ money on a grand scheme to build limited access highways (thereby depriving hundreds of small towns of both tourist and traffic enforcement revenue), appointed the liberal judge Earl Warren who forced black and white kids to go to school together, sent in the National Guard to Little Rock and other places to crush the resistance of the governors seeking to protect states’ rights, and presided over an era with 90 percent marginal tax rates for the top bracket? And upon leaving office, stoked the citizens’ paranoid fears of a totally nonexistent military industrial complex?

        Oh wait, that was Dwight David Eisenhower! Oops!

        Bet your * I’m a Democrat!

        1. idamag March 14, 2015

          The outstanding Republicans were: Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt and William Howard Taft. What we have, now, is a faction that is anti-government. Their motto is shrink the government and drown it in the bathtub. Those are not really Republicans, but because they put an R after their names, they are embraced by the unlearned Republicans. These people are dangerous to our Democracy and we are in the danger of losing it.

  7. FT66 March 13, 2015

    Lindsey Graham, you don’t need to get an headache thinking of deploying the military against Congress, so that they can’t leave/ run away without doing their work first. Think of constructing an electrified fence around the Capitol Hill. If this will work and stop Congress from running away, then you know somewhere else you can apply this method/technic.

    1. Carolyn1520 March 13, 2015

      It will also put fence people to work. 🙂

      1. johninPCFL March 13, 2015

        Wow! Another GOP “stimulus” plan!

        1. angelsinca March 14, 2015

          It beats Nancy Pelosi’s stimulus plan of putting more people on unemployment!

    2. idamag March 13, 2015

      I would suggest time cards and they only get paid while they are working. Of course, they could have each other punch cards for them.

      1. jmprint March 13, 2015

        I would suggest no retirement benefits until they have accomplished something good for the people.

  8. idamag March 13, 2015

    Ted Cruz, if we judge all Democrats by the failing of a few, then it is only fair that we judge all Republicans the same. The least is the length of the Appalachian Trail that seems to go all the way to South America. To compound his error, while his wife is standing bravely by his side during his press conference, he tells the world his mistress is his soul mate. Or, are all Republicans war criminals? There were three is my state, that not only walked out on a Hindu Prayer, but stated in the paper that it was a false religion. Good example of Republicans? In my state, years ago, a Republican Senator was convicted of tax evasion and eventually went to jail for a ponzi scheme. He bilked a lot of people out of their life savings. However, they still voted for him while he was in prison – good example of Republicans? How about Republican leaders from Texas? Doesn’t the rantings of their legislators sound a little crazy? Does apologizing to BP for destroying wild life in the gulf of Mexico sound a little nuts? And the worst of all – inviting a foreign war hawk over here to diss the President ad trying hard to start a war with Iran by sending them a letter. When you have an I.Q. of 160, that is adding all the I.Q.s of the Republican legislators together. I doubt that most of them have triple-digit I.Q.s, but then the right thinks stupid is a virtue.

    1. angelsinca March 13, 2015

      Three words, “fifty seven states”. The part about judging all Republicans (or Democrats) on the words of a few? Not so ‘fair’ (or grown up).

      1. Independent1 March 13, 2015

        And that’s all you’ve got is a ‘slip of the tongue”?? The guy had been campaigning 24/7 and was clearly tired as hell and made a slip of the tongue and you RWNJ morons can’t find anything else worth bringing up so you bring up this absolutely childish example??? You are even a bigger lowlife than I’ve noted before!! GROW UP!!!!!!!

        1. Sand_Cat March 13, 2015

          Yes, the key point is that they have nothing substantive: just petty carping elevated to dire warnings of the apocalypse. Thnakfully, the Dems have not obliged them by producing the likes of Nixon, Reagan, and the Bushes, though some of them seem to be trying to remedy that.

          1. angelsinca March 14, 2015

            I expected you would continue to make excuses. You ought to be thankful the GOP has, with one simple letter, provided justification for some of that outrage toward half the nation. You can continue hating on all Republicans and conservatives. yippee.

          2. Independent1 March 14, 2015

            Being that you can so easily pass off such a potentially disastrous faux pas by 47 supposedly grown up legislators, and according to an army general, especially the writer of the letter – goes only to show how feeble brained you really are (note General Eaton’s last sentence):

            “What Senator Cotton did is a gross breach of discipline, and especially as a veteran of the Army, he should know better,” Eaton told me. “I have no issue with Senator Cotton, or others, voicing their opinion in opposition to any deal to halt Iran’s nuclear progress. Speaking out on these issues is clearly part of his job. But to directly engage a foreign entity, in this way, undermining the strategy and work of our diplomats and our Commander in Chief, strains the very discipline and structure that our foreign relations depend on, to succeed.” The consequences of Cotton’s missive were plainly apparent to Eaton. “The breach of discipline is extremely dangerous, because undermining our diplomatic efforts, at this moment, brings us another step closer to a very costly and perilous war with Iran,” he said.

          3. angelsinca March 15, 2015

            Try to write just ONE comment without making a personal insult, ok? It’ll make the time spent reading your copied & pasted non-rebuttals more digestible. If we took to heart every negative comment made by an ex-General toward Obama and pasted it here, the maximum words per post would be exceeded. So, please, get real.

          4. Independent1 March 15, 2015

            I’ll do that some day, when you stop trying to make excuses for the outright bonehead actions of the vast majority of GOP legislators. What these 47 childish senators did was not something that any true American should be “thankful the GOP has, with one simple letter, provided justification for some of the outrage toward half the nation.”

            Whatever outrage is being expressed on this website by myself and numerous other progressive posters is FAR MORE than justified by the absolutely treasonous actions that have been carried out 24/7 for the past 6 years against our nation. And if I’m calling you names, it’s because you are supporting by your remarks these outright criminal actions of what should be responsible Republican legislators WHO HAVE TURNED INTO NOTHING BUT GANGSTERS!! And that can be seen in their every stalling, scandal feeding actions that go on every minute of every day!!! And I am more than quite FED UP WITH IT!!

            And that includes with people like you that keep supporting these LOWLIFES!!!!!

          5. angelsinca March 15, 2015

            BS. Take ownership for your own insulting behavior without making it conditional to agreeing with you. The actions of both the legislature and the white house have been appalling. I have made no excuses for either and am pretty disgusted by both. While you are trying to uncover and create domestic enemies, the real ones will be continuing their clandestine enrichment program. You attack the wrong people time after time.

          6. Independent1 March 15, 2015

            “the real ones will be continuing their clandestine enrichment program. You attack the wrong people time after time.”

            So now you’re trying to deflect the actions of Republican legislators that have been working 24/7 to steal billions of tax payer dollars and shovel them into their own and their rich donors pockets by trying to suggest there are some other “real ones”???

            Give me a break. The GOP is the worst enemy America has ever had. No terrorists could ever do the damage to America from outside that the GOP has managed to do over the past 30 plus years from within our Government. Republicans have already succeeded in siphoning 95% of America’s income stream into the pockets of 20% of Americans with the top 5% siphoning off more than 50%.

            And as each day goes by, the irresponsible Republican legislators refuse to revamp our tax code so energy related companies get away with keeping billions upon billions of dollars that should be going to help rebuild our country. Instead, Republicans refuse to pass jobs programs that would reconstruct Americans crumbling infrastructure which has already made us a quasi 3rd world nation compared to many of the other industrialized nations like us.

            And you’re sitting here worried about some ‘outside” real enemies?? Boy are you in la la land!!!!!!

          7. angelsinca March 15, 2015

            You continue to deflect the REAL and present threat of a nuclear armed Iran with liberal talking points of inept & greedy republicans. You should get your own nuke avatar as a reminder that the serious threat is from Iran, not the GOP.

          8. Independent1 March 15, 2015

            Hogwash!! More fear mongering from a right-wing extremist. Iran does not have sufficient capability to launch a nuclear attack on America before Iran itself would be leveled by nuclear attacks on itself from several nations around the globe. The Iran ayatollahs are not stupid to believe they could take on the world. If they have nuclear weapons aspirations, it’s against Israel. They’re not a direct threat to America.

            Republican policies cause more Americans to die each month than died in 9/11. Republicans are as much terrorists as ISIS or al Qaeda.

            By constantly pushing legislation that cuts benefits to people in America who are in need, benefits like SNAP and other welfare related benefits. And by constantly refusing to pass a jobs bill that would put more people to work. By refusing to embrace ACA and expand Medicaid.

            Republican policies have forced millions upon millions into unemployment, and onto programs that don’t provide enough for people to live – pushing millions into homelessness with even a place to live; while forcing millions to go without health care and with not enough to eat; so thousands of Americans are dying prematurely every month, just so Republicans can keep feeding billions of dollars to companies who already make billions in profits; and into the pockets of thousands of the already wealthy (including Republican legislators) who already have and earn more than they ever deserved in this life. Republicans are nothing more than our nations Pariahs.

            Far more dangerous to the average American than Iran will ever be!!!!

          9. angelsinca March 15, 2015

            Spoken like true left wing extremist.

          10. Independent1 March 15, 2015

            So in other words, you think it’s okay to fixate on the remote possibility that a country 6,000 miles away who in no way posses a direct threat to America, will actually harm us, while at the same time standing up for a political party whose policies are clearly resulting in thousands of Americans dying prematurely each month!!! And you wonder why I call you names!!!

            You, and people like you, are absolutely disgusting and worthless human beings. Sorry, there I go again – TELLING IT LIKE IT IS!!!!!

            You’re living in total denial of just how disgusting, and worthless of being actual humans, that you right-wingers have become!!!

          11. Independent1 March 15, 2015

            I’d say your time in Nam did something to your brain. I believe the BS in that RWNJ rag website like I believe the world is flat. That’s the problem with yo9u right-wing wackos!! You believe all this BS that these RWNJs can create!! Just like Faux News that nothing more than a propaganda factory which at no time ever plushes the honest to goodness truth. Everything Faux News and every other right-wing outlet publishes is an orchestrated lie!!

            I’m not trying to suggest the Democrats are saints, and that there aren’t some bad ones in that party too. But over the past 30 plus years, the GOP is exponentially worse: no Republican politician ever comes out with a completely true statement. It’s always couched someway that can provide them with some wiggle room.

            And if you’re looking for people who have not kept their promise after Nam, its Republicans. They’ve done everything in their power to screw veterans. Even now, Ron Johnson whose head of the budget committee for the VA keeps saying that the VA is too expensive. He’s one of 3 senators who voted against the latest legislation that was passed trying to improve conditions in the VA.

            And if it’s the Democrats that have been lying and cheating?

            Why is it that over the past 100 years or so:

            Out of 20 recessions and depressions that our country has suffered through, that 17 of them (including all 3 depressions) occurred when a Republican was in office, and most of them occurred during a Republicans 2nd term in office??

            And why is it that the stock market has produced a return of 300 plus percent during the 40 plus years a Democrat was in office but a return of ZERO during the close to 40 years a Republican was in office??

            And why is it that our economy has grown at a 4.5% pace during the 40 plus years a Dem was in office, but only a 2.6% rate when a Republican was??

            And why is it that since Carter was in office, during the 18 years that Dems were in office, America created 40 million jobs but during the 20 years Reagan and the 2 Bushes were in office America created only 1/2 that number – 20 million.

            And I could go on and on. Austerity is absolutely the worst thing a president can do for a country. Eisenhower did that in spades. He was the cheapest spending president since 1900, and he leads all presidents with have had 3 recessions, putting Americans through a slogged economy for almost 1/2 his 8 years in office.

            And low tax rates are also killers of the economy, because like today, they permit the truly wealthy to keep their money invested overseas and in investment accounts, because that’s less risky that putting them into their businesses or starting new ones. Studies have shown the economy does better when taxes are high, especially the capital gains tax, because it’s more to an investor’s advantage to make money through company earnings than through capital gains investments.

            In otherwords, everything the GOP stands for is bassasswards from what they should be doing, Republicans know absolutely nothing about running a country!!

            So keep living in that la la land!!!!!!

          12. angelsinca March 16, 2015

            Since the country is running like a well-oiled machine, maybe you can just sit back on your Democratic laurels and brag about how well you’ve made everything for everybody. Better yet, just shut up. We are tired of hearing about how nice it is outside, when everybody knows another 5ft of snow is on the way.

          13. Independent1 March 16, 2015

            You’re nothing but a total scumbag!! You know full well why it’s not as ‘nice outside’ as it could be. Because that absolutely criminal corrupt political party has done everything in it’s power to keep that from happening!! and totally on purpose !!

            Sitting on jobs bills that could have put millions more to work years ago!! Cutting budgets and services to everything that might help move the economy forward!! Refusing to raise the minimum wage which the CBO projected would have lifted millions out of poverty!! Even cut budgets to the VA and our overseas offices!! Constantly pushing for austerity that is absolutely the worst thing you can do for a country in a recession!! Go somewhere and wallow in the filth of you and the party you loves’ doing!!

          14. angelsinca March 17, 2015

            You mean Obama hasn’t saved the planet from total ruin yet? We aren’t really exepriencing a resounding economic recovery? But you said we doing so well, that Obama rescued us from Bush’s failings. I am deeply disappointed.

          15. Independent1 March 17, 2015

            As spoken by a true GOP sheeple!!

            You can be as snarky as you want, but I’ll assure you that for virtually every non RWNJ like yourself posting on the NM, that our biggest disappointment, is that we’ll never know just how much the lives of Americans would have improved over the past 6 years, if the GOP hadn’t spent them doing nothing but working to obstruct any progress in America that Obama had tried to make.

            What’s absolutely Amazing, is that despite the 24/7 obstructionism of the GOP, in it’s stated objective to make Obama a one-term president; and all the plotting to do that which was begun on Obama’s inauguration night by 14 treasonous Republicans who met purposely to Plot HOW THE GOP COULD SABOTAGE OUR ECONOMY;

            Despite the GOP’s every effort, America has achieved milestones over the past 6 years NEVER SEEN BEFORE!!

            America is now the largest producer of energy on the planet, for the 1st time in history – and that’s only because, Obama bailed out the auto industry and applied a stimulus to keep America out of a depression – which encouraged energy companies into investing on expanding the exploration of oil in places like North Dakota, numerous other energies like alternative energies.

            Not only that, but not only have more jobs been created over the past 4 months than during any other 4-month period since 1997, but there have been more than 53 straight months of jobs growth setting the longest such record in America’s history, and there’s no reason to believe that positive job growth won’t continue for another 12 months!!

            And for whatever reason, spending since Obama took office, has reached low levels, especially compared to the ever increasing number of Americans, that have not been seen since Eisenhower was in office. And deficit spending has come down faster and further than under ANY PREVIOUS PRESIDENT!!

            And because Obama purposely started a war on fraud against the government just a month or two after taking office, more crooks trying to defraud our government have been tried and put in prison, and more monies recovered, billions upon billions, than under any two previous presidents!!!

            And not only that, but more troublesome illegal aliens that are really the illegals who have been costing our country money, have been rounded up, tried and deported than
            under any previous president!!!

            And despite what you RWNJs like to claim, Obama followed through on what Bush started with respect to reinforcing our southern border, such that border crossings over the past 6 years have been at their lowest in the past 20 years – in fact, there has been a fair period of time, when more illegals were fleeing our country than entering!!!

            And if we look at our overseas security, despite the outrageously hypocritical actions of you RWNJs over Benghazi, the last 6 years HAVE BEEN THE SAFEST BY FAR than at any time in the past 40 years. With less than 5 serious attacks on our overseas offices and only 1 resulting in 4 fatalities. While the average number of attacks on our overseas office under the last 3 Republican presidents has been 10 attacks resulting in fatalities, with an average of more than 100 people dying in those 10 attacks.

            I could go on like this for another hour pointing out the positive things for America that have been accomplished since Obama took office which purposely tunnelvision RWNJs such as yourself apparently refuse to see.

            So go somewhere where you can keep your head in the sand because that’s all you clueless conservatives appear to know how to do!!!!!

          16. angelsinca March 18, 2015

            Sis-boom-bah! From the forced ACA mandate, to the propagandizing of the youth with common core, to the abandon lunches, to the record number of pot heads, prisoners & heroin abusers, to the burgeoning social discord across the land, Americans should be proud of the new! and improved! America forged by Obama. But somehow they still believe George W was a better president. Ungrateful and Godless miscreants, we are.

          17. angelsinca March 18, 2015

            Of course, it makes sense to spend money you don’t have in order to finance your ideological agenda when you can blame the irresponsible spending and crippling debt on your predecessor.

          18. angelsinca March 18, 2015

            “You’re nothing but a total scumbag!! ”

            Please don’t stereotype me as one of you. I served my country. What have you served but yourself? You make JFK’s challenge to wean off the country’s teet look like an invite to burn the flag.

          19. angelsinca March 16, 2015

            So Obama didn’t go to Iraq in 2008 and try to negotiate away what Bush was trying agree to, as a violation of the Logan Act? Hard to say when you flare off with these bizarro rants without saying much, really.

          20. Independent1 March 16, 2015

            Running for president, and if elected having to live with whatever deal Bush made, Obama had a right to go over and see what kind of deal Bush was agreeing to. It wasn’t a matter of “a better deal” it was a matter of trying to be sure it was going to be a deal that would allow him to keep his promise of getting our troops out of Iraq as quickly as possible. Obama was looking out for our troops and him being able to work with Iraq once he was responsible for doing that if he was elected.

            That’s a whole lot different than Reagan, who made a deal with the Ayatolahs in Iran when he was running for president – asking them to NOT CUT A DEAL WITH with Carter or release the Americans they were holding, just so he could paint Carter as weak on foreign policy to help him beat Carter in the election. Reagan’s nefarious dealings were all about HIM!! Him winning an election. What Obama was doing was trying to make sure Bush wasn’t giving away the farm WHICH HE DID!!

            And which is why Iraq is in such a mess. Because the deal Bush ended up cutting, kept in place nothing but Shias and eventually resulted in the collapse of the house of cards Bush had negotiated.

            And don’t forget, the worst of them all, was Republican president Nixond – who did an end door run when Johnson was trying to make set up peace with North Vietnam, when Nixon told the North Vietnamese to not cut a deal with Johnson because he’d cut a better deal with them. Nixon actually committed TREASON and LBJ would have had him tried for that had he been able to get himself re-elected.

            You are absolutely clueless!! You are in love with absolutely most disgusting political party that ever existed on the planet!!

          21. angelsinca March 17, 2015

            And the legislature that has to live with Obama’s secret dealings with Iran has no ‘right’ whatsoever to voice concern? Got it.

          22. Independent1 March 16, 2015

            And just in case you thought I was lying about Ron Johnson and the Republicans, see this:

            GOP Sen. Ron Johnson: It costs too much to fund the VA

            The war on terror started on September 11, 2001. Congressional leadership has had almost 13 years to build up the VA with enough staff and facilities to care for the wounded from two wars. After news broke that the VA was failing our veterans, the Senate finally began to act. A bill was brought to the Senate floor that would allow the VA to contract with private medical facilities, enabling veterans facing long waits to get quicker treatment. The VA would also be able to use $500 million from its current budget to hire more medical staff. While I do not agree with allowing veterans to go to private medical facilities, this bill was a good start. The organization clearly needs more doctors, more nurses, more staff, more facilities. Only three senators voted against this bill. Of those three, one of them is my senator, Ron Johnson (R-WI).

            Sen. Johnson said that he couldn’t support the bill because of its cost—$35 billion the first two years and $50 billion per year after that, according to a preliminary estimate by the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office.

            This is the same Sen. Johnson who said in a recent MSNBC interview that the current crisis in Iraq was caused because President Obama was not forceful enough about keeping troops in the country when the war ended. I am sure he would have found the money for that. I wonder if Senator Johnson would whine about the costs of the VA if just one of his three children had spent a year or more in some godforsaken hellhole like Afghanistan or Iraq.

            Sen. Johnson married into money and has never worked a day in his life. The only constituents he cares about are the ones who agree with him. He does not and can not understand what our veterans are going through. Veterans need the specialized care the VA provides. The average family practitioner is just not able to deal with a double amputee with PTSD because it’s just not something he or she was trained to do. Of course Sen. Johnson just wants to privatize veteran’s care and make it a for-profit industry. To him, it isn’t about caring for veterans—it’s about making a buck for his wealthy donors.

            Sen. Johnson is an embarrassment to Wisconsin and to our nation. Veterans deserve the best possible care we can give them. They earned it. It should never come down to cost; these young men and women gave up their youth, gave up their innocence, to serve our country. In many cases, they have given far more than we can ever repay. If our nation could find $4 to $6 trillion dollars to pay for two wars, we sure as hell better come up with the money to care for those wounded in those wars. They earned it, and we owe them.

          23. angelsinca March 16, 2015

            Sorry, I don’t care to participate in your character assassination game. This is what Democrats do, even to each other, such as the outing of Hillary’s emails. Veterans don’t need or want your sympathy or the coddling by liberals. There is no innocence lost. That’s a myth. We went into the military to grow up, serve our country and learn a trade.

          24. Independent1 March 16, 2015

            And you say your a Nam veteran and you hate the Dems and support the GOP. Are you a sadist?? Republicans hate the VA and have worked tirelessly to cut the VA’s budgets and benefits.

            You’re apparently one of those right-wing wackos that loves to vote against his own best interests:


            Republicans block Senate bill to boost veterans’ benefits

            Washiington: A bill to increase spending for veterans’ services failed to move forward in the Senate, despite support from 54 Democrats and two Republicans.

            A divided Senate on Thursday derailed Democratic legislation that would have provided $21 billion for medical, education, and job-training benefits for the nation’s veterans. The bill fell victim to election-year disputes over spending and fresh penalties against Iran.

            Each party covets the allegiance of the country’s 22 million veterans and their families, and each party blamed the other for turning the effort into a chess match aimed at forcing politically embarrassing votes.

            Republicans used a procedural move to block the bill after Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committee Chairman Bernie Sanders (I) of Vermont chided GOPlawmakers about their priorities.

          25. angelsinca March 16, 2015

            I am not a “nam” vet, I am a Viet Nam era veteran. I do not hate Dems, I just won’t vote for them because they can’t be trusted to be honest with the constituency, mostly. I don’t support the GOP unless they are preventing government intrusion or unnecessary taxes or efforts by Democrats to make my life more difficult.

            I am not a sadist. I am forced to get care through the VA because of Obamacare. The premiums have become too expensive otherwise. I hate the mindless bureaucracy of the VA. It is a fine example of a Democratic controlled government agency.

            I am not a wacko and I don’t vote for my own special interests. I try to vote for what I believe to be the best interests of 1) my family, 2) my community, and 3) the country. This means the best candidate available and no new taxes, unless taxation is the action of last resort, which it never is. Or if it is to fund a project that is truly needed, that only the government can provide, which it usually isn’t .

            As far as your “news flash” on political wrangling for VA funding, they do this every time during budget maneuvers. When the dust settles, some funding goes to the VA, some to other military programs. In the end, there are usually some scraps left over for the veterans. No one goes hungry, no ones goes untreated.

            Thanks to private efforts such as Bill O’Reilly’s Wounded Warrior Project, the veterans are getting exceptional consideration for care, where its needed. Veterans are helping themselves to find work and homes without waiting for the government to hand it to us.

          26. angelsinca March 16, 2015

            I am not ‘fixated’ on anything. Just trying to keep you on topic for a change. You keep wanting to talk crap about the GOP without solving anything. See my earlier posts to answer your other rant topics.

          27. Independent1 March 15, 2015

            And as if you right-wing lowlife’s policies of already letting thousands of Americans die prematurely each month isn’t bad enough, now a nitwit right-wing legislator from Wisconsin who is now in charge of the committee that overseas funding for the VA (Ron Johnson), says supporting the VA is costing too much and wants to cut the VA’s budget, just so more of our veterans – those people who have fought to keep us safe, can like thousands of others, end up homeless, without health care and die prematurely! And you sit there and stand up for this utterly disgusting political party!!!!!!!

            How do people like you live with yourselves?????

            GOP Sen. Ron Johnson: It costs too much to fund the VA

            The war on terror started on September 11, 2001. Congressional leadership has had almost 13 years to build up the VA with enough staff and facilities to care for the wounded from two wars. After news broke that the VA was failing our veterans, the Senate finally began to act. A bill was brought to the Senate floor that would allow the VA to contract with private medical facilities, enabling veterans facing long waits to get quicker treatment. The VA would also be able to use $500 million from its current budget to hire more medical staff. While I do not agree with allowing veterans to go to private medical facilities, this bill was a good start. The organization clearly needs more doctors, more nurses, more staff, more facilities. Only three senators voted against this bill. Of those three, one of them is my senator, Ron Johnson (R-WI).

            Sen. Johnson said that he couldn’t support the bill because of its cost—$35 billion the first two years and $50 billion per year after that, according to a preliminary estimate by the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office.

            This is the same Sen. Johnson who said in a recent MSNBC interview that the current crisis in Iraq was caused because President Obama was not forceful enough about keeping troops in the country when the war ended. I am sure he would have found the money for that. I wonder if Senator Johnson would whine about the costs of the VA if just one of his three children had spent a year or more in some godforsaken hellhole like Afghanistan or Iraq.

            Sen. Johnson married into money and has never worked a day in his life. The only constituents he cares about are the ones who agree with him. He does not and can not understand what our veterans are going through. Veterans need the specialized care the VA provides. The average family practitioner is just not able to deal with a double amputee with PTSD because it’s just not something he or she was trained to do. Of course Sen. Johnson just wants to privatize veteran’s care and make it a for-profit industry. To him, it isn’t about caring for veterans—it’s about making a buck for his wealthy donors.


          28. angelsinca March 15, 2015

            How do people like ‘me’ live with myself? Look, as a veteran, the promises given to me when I served during Viet Nam have already been retracted. Even as a victim of funding cuts to the VA, I would rather side with proposals for austerity than with lying, cheating, denying democrats. Anyday.

          29. Independent1 March 15, 2015

            And let this one sink in for a bit:

            Over 26,000 annual deaths for uninsured: report

            More t han 70 Americans die each day prematurely just because they don’t have adequate health care. And that doesn’t include those who die prematurely because the GOP cuts benefits to the needy just so the already wealthy can not pay their fare share of taxes.

            Clearly somewhere between 100 and 200 Americans die each day – 35,000-50,000 people per year die prematurely because of failed GOP policies.

            And people like you call themselves Americans?? How disgusting!! You’re no more Americans than I’m king of the world.

            Over 26,000 annual deaths for uninsured: report

            (Reuters) – More than 26,000 working-age adults die prematurely in the United States each year because they lack health insurance, according to a study published ahead of a landmark U.S. Supreme Court ruling on President BarackObama’s healthcare reform law.

            The study, released on Wednesday by the consumer advocacy group Families USA, estimates that a record high of 26,100 people aged 25 to 64 died for lack of health coverage in 2010, up from 20,350 in 2005 and 18,000 in 2000.

            That makes for a rate of about 72 deaths per day, or three per hour.

            The nonprofit group based its findings on data from the U.S. Census Bureau, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and a 2002 Institute of Medicine study that showed the uninsured face a 25 percent higher risk of death than those with coverage.



            So instead of being concerned about an epidemic that’s griping our country already, you choose to fixate on something that may well never happen!!!!!!!!! How childish and uncaring!!!!!!

          30. angelsinca March 16, 2015

            Oh please. How many ‘deaths per hour’ does 980,000 annual abortions translate to? Why are so many still uninsured, and supposedly dying for the lack of it, after 4 years of Obamacare? They would have did with insurance. Do you do anything except harass people for not solving the world’s problems, while all you do is just type, demonize, accuse and blame? Get up and do something abut it instead of telling everyone they are the problem. Two days with you is enough to drive anyone wacko. I’ll be taking a week or two to away from you now to regain my sanity and sense of decency.

          31. Independent1 March 15, 2015

            And here’s just one more way Republicans are foisting misery on millions of Americans, instead of working to expand Social Security benefits for millions of American seniors, they insist on doing everything they can to destroy it – when it has absolutely nothing to do with our spending our our country’s debt.

            Here’s something from another independent, Berinie Sanders which makes it clear that Republicans could fix shortcomings in SS by simply increasing the current cap on the amount of income subject to FICA: Do you realize that many people earning over 250,000/yr satisfy their FICA deductions in their 1st paycheck of the year???

            These people fighting to keep from raising the FICA income limit, are as heartless as it comes. Sitting back knowing full well that by doing so, they’re foisting unnecessary suffering on millions upon millions of Americans!!! And you support this!!!!!

            From Bernie Sanders:

            Stacks of petitions signed by 2 million Americans opposed to cuts in Social Security benefits were delivered to the Capitol this week as Sen. Bernie Sanders introduced new legislation to expand benefits and strengthen the program for generations to come. “Social Security is the most successful government program in our nation’s history. Through good times and bad, Social Security has paid out every benefit owed to every eligible American,” Bernie said. “The most effective way to strengthen Social Security for the future is to eliminate the cap on the payroll tax on all income above $250,000 so millionaires and billionaires pay the same share as everyone else.”

            Under current law, someone making millions of dollars a year pays the same amount in payroll taxes as someone making $118,500 a year. Bernie’s bill would subject all income over $250,000 to the payroll tax, a move that would impact only the top 1.5 percent of wage earners. Asking the wealthiest Americans to contribute their fair share to Social Security could extend the solvency of the program through 2060 and allow benefits to be expanded for millions of Americans. “At a time when more than half of the American people have less than $10,000 in savings and senior poverty is increasing, we should not be talking about cutting Social Security benefits. We should be talking about expanding benefits to make sure that every American can retire with dignity,” Bernie said.

          32. angelsinca March 15, 2015

            Before proclaiming the sky is falling over one letter, how safe is the Middle East going to be if Iran is allowed to continue pursuing a nuke, as it has for the past 6 years? Or how much safer do you think Israel now feels when the US president can’t bring himself to drop the political facade and show support FOR its leader?

          33. Independent1 March 15, 2015

            Fact is, Iran has not been “pursuing nukes” for at least the past year or so. (And by ‘nukes’ I assume you’re referring to creating nuclear fuel that can be used for a bomb.) Suggesting that Iran not be allowed to create nuclear fuel for power plants, is pure stupidity in the making. So your statement is clearly misleading.

            The sanctions worked so as to have had Iran about a year ago, rework all its nuclear grade fuel they had developed to that point, into non-weapons grade form. And like so many gullible conservatives, you’re buying into the war hawk rhetoric of Bibi and believing that the agreement being worked out does not in fact contain sufficient conditions to preclude Iran from pursuing the creation of weapons-grade fuel for at least the next decade. When who knows what might happen like the Iranian government being reformed into a government more like what the West would like to see there.

          34. angelsinca March 15, 2015

            You STILL can’t make a comment with insulting an entire class of people (“pure stupidity”, “gullible conservatives”)! Grow the eff up already. At this point, I trust the intelligence of the Israelis. Their survival depends on it. It makes no sense for Israel to be the aggressor in the Middle East. They know it would be suicidal. Our president seems to be getting his intelligence briefings from ‘the news’, and anything stated by the white house will surely have a political bias. It will say that Iran has not achieved nuclear-grade enrichment because of the ‘wonderful progress’ it has made in agreements with Iran. Sadly, that tact will endanger us all.

          35. angelsinca March 15, 2015

            “Fact is, Iran has not been “pursuing nukes” for at least the past year or so.”

            This cannot be proven. Iran continues to be noncompliant with the IAEA’s requirements to fully report its nuclear pursuits, which is the UN’s foundation for continuing sanctions toward Iran. In one wiki article describing Iran’s nuclear program, “In December 2014, a Wisconsin Project on Nuclear Arms Control report by Lincy and Milhollin based on International Atomic Energy Agency data concluded that Iran could produce enough weapons-grade uranium for one nuclear warhead in 1.7 months.”

      2. johninPCFL March 13, 2015

        Yes it should have been “states, territories, and districts”, of which there are indeed 57.
        Interesting fact, in most US territories US citizens can’t vote for President. True! They can’t vote for the American president even through they’re American citizens. The American citizens of American Samoa, Guam, Puerto Rico, etc. cannot vote in the American presidential election.

        1. Independent1 March 13, 2015

          Thanks for pointing that out!!

    2. charleo1 March 13, 2015

      The fact that all of today’s Republicans are essentially the same specie of snake, swindler, cheat, scoundrel, common yardbird, and radical con. Only becomes problematic for their backers who own, and manage the political operation. When it comes time to choose the one candidate over the others, to run for President. The issue at hand being never one, of which candidate would do for them, that the others would not. For they are one, and all faithful servants, to their Masters to the utmost of their abilities. But which of their true blue lackeys, in their estimation, can manage to finesse the most claptrap down the gullible maws of the American public in the least amount of time, without getting a large part of our criminal gang tossed out on their cans? That’s the head scratcher! And thereby, end up like in 2008, setting back the entire agenda two whole years! Exhibit #1: George W, Bush. To the extent it wasn’t any worse, they really should hold an awards banquet. Maybe in that same Washington restaurant where, on inauguration night, 2008, Party heads came together to plan the demise of newly elected President Obama. And their great comeback began. They could thank the bigots for their undying support in the face tolerance. And ditto that for the T Party. Give kudos to Fox News, who gave the semblance of sanity to the rat hole nihilists, and anti-government creeps dressed like Founding Fathers. And take a moment to applaud the insane obstruction, and the raw courage of the remaining GOP crooks in Congress. To be incredibly insane in the midst of a National crisis. And being willing to stand tall, and deliberately crush the hopes of millions of struggling, unemployed Americans. With the hope that with this bold new President, new policies would soon be on the way to save them from foreclosure, and bankruptcies. Just as the tycoons on Wall Street had been rescued months earlier. If only to note, that sometimes stopping what could be stopped, is a victory in itself. In that not so much needs to be undone later on. And point out also, it has been a great team win! Also, since this awards dinner would be held in complete secret. It would be remiss not to mention a word of acknowledgment for ol’ G. W. too. As his one redeeming, yet indispensable, legacy, The Supreme Court, has been vital, in coming thru for billionaires, and the corporations of America, as no other. And finally allowing enough money into the system to help us pull it all together so quickly. Now who to choose? Does it really matter? Only in so much as they must win!! Who can win???

  9. Michael Ross March 13, 2015

    I’d known before that Lindsey Graham lives in a fantasy world in which EVERYTHING can be solved militarily, but this is a new low even for him. Next week he’ll probably suggest we can fight climate change by invading Antarctica.

    1. The_Magic_M March 13, 2015

      At least we know now he doesn’t want to become President, he wants to become God Emperor.
      (Projection – RW’s have accused Obama of wanting to be “king” for as long as he’s Prez, when in fact RW’s want a new Führer to take out everyone who disagrees with them.)

    2. Sand_Cat March 13, 2015

      But not by a military he or any of his chickenhawk colleagues will serve in, of course.

      1. Frank KIng March 13, 2015

        Lindsay would be better served remaining behind to protect the women and children.

        1. jmprint March 16, 2015

          Women and children can do a better job at protecting themselves.

  10. gunslinger March 13, 2015

    Glen Beck addressing concerns with members of the NRA Executive Board? I believe that after the results of the 2014 midterm elections, today is a defining moment for democrats and to move them forward they must make GUN CONTROL & AMNESTY their 2016 campaign priority. I know how passionate most of the country is about GUN CONTROL & AMNESTY according to all the polls so let’s run with it.

    1. Paul Bass March 13, 2015

      I agree, but the NRA (for gun control) and the TP/GOP (amnesty) are too powerful to ever even LET A BILL COME UP FOR A VOTE!!!

      So I’m not holding my breath, but I also don’t keep guns around the house…

      1. Sand_Cat March 13, 2015

        Don’t think gunslinger meant either “suggestion.” Irony, maybe?

        1. Paul Bass March 13, 2015

          I know. I was just answering with an honest reply, a bit rare for these folks to be sure.

    2. jmprint March 13, 2015

      Your smack is sounding real good.

  11. Charles Winter March 13, 2015

    The item with Glenn Beck and Frank Gaffney should have been number one. It just shows Republicans the impossibility of being extreme enough for the RWNJs to whom they’ve handed the keys to their party; they always want to go further.

    It’s the Chad Mitchell Trio’s song from the 60’s, “The John Birch Society”:

    There’s no one left but me and thee,
    And I’m not sure of thee.

  12. ExRadioGuy15 March 13, 2015

    What Dave Agema leaves out: when the GOP wrote, passed and signed the 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments, the party was LIBERALS AND PROGRESSIVES! The Cons were Democrats back then, proving, once again, that it doesn’t matter to which party the Fascist and psychopathic Cons belong….they’re WRONG about everything.
    And, the only reason Republican politicians in the 60’s helped get civil rights legislation through is that the “Dixiecrats” hadn’t turned Republican…yet. That occurred in 1968. Since then, the GOP has been dominated by racist and Fascist bastards.
    Nice try with the Fascist propaganda, Mr. Agema

  13. ExRadioGuy15 March 13, 2015

    Come on, people! WAKE UP! The GOP are and have been a Fascist regime for a long time! Their Fascist “gaslighting” propaganda campaign is nearly a century in years old!

    1. angelsinca March 13, 2015

      ‘This Week in Crazy is not anti-GOP propaganda’. Repeat as necessary to make it true.

      1. Sand_Cat March 13, 2015

        Facts are facts, however much you might wish otherwise.

        1. dtgraham March 14, 2015

          Facts don’t mean anything to angelstink. I wouldn’t spend too much of my time on him, but that’s up to you. I’m an old hand with the stink recently, and sincerely regret it.

          1. angelsinca March 14, 2015

            Thanks, but the regret is all mine for the time wasted trying to make sense of nonsense rants. However, I apologize for no longer obliging your bizarre need to harass a conservative. So long maple leaf.

          2. highpckts March 18, 2015


          3. angelsinca March 19, 2015

            Kisses and hugs, snookums!!

          4. highpckts March 19, 2015

            Soooo typical! Always condescending and nothing of any import to say!

          5. angelsinca March 20, 2015

            Bye! Bye!

          6. highpckts March 18, 2015


          7. highpckts March 18, 2015


          8. highpckts March 18, 2015


        2. angelsinca March 14, 2015

          What ‘facts’ are you referring to cat_box? The “fascist gaslighting campaign of the GOP” is a little off the chart, don’t you think?

      2. jmprint March 13, 2015

        Angel sweety, defending the idiots only makes you look like an idiot.

        1. angelsinca March 14, 2015

          jmprint dahling, hammering on the same fools week after week only makes you look more foolish.

          1. highpckts March 18, 2015

            angelsinca – You defending their actions only makes you look like what your are – bereft of any common sense and intelligence!

          2. angelsinca March 19, 2015

            Would be deeply disappointed in you highpckts if you didn’t join in on the random bashing. Love you guys. Love the show. Always laugh at your ridiculous sense of righteousness.

          3. highpckts March 19, 2015

            I’m glad we entertain you but, on the other hand, if I were you, I would be seeking help for your illness that allows you to look at the people in the above article and think they are right on! So sad!!

          4. angelsinca March 20, 2015

            No, I am laughing at you. The quoted ones in the article above are just liberal fodder.

          5. highpckts March 21, 2015

            Well have a good time laughing but when the “facts” hit the fan, which they inevitably will, we’ll see who’s laughing!

          6. angelsinca March 21, 2015

            Just as the defeat of Netanyahu was ‘predicted’, no doubt.

          7. highpckts March 21, 2015

            Predicted by his own people and the Jews in the US
            because he is poison to their country! He says whatever he needs to say to stay in power and keep getting monetary support from this country! Just as in this country, I would not doubt there was some string pulling going on in that election!

          8. angelsinca March 21, 2015

            Just as in the US, his ‘own people’ that believe he is poison are the progressives. The majority of ‘his people’ apparently want him, as evidenced by the election result. The same could be said about any elected leader by the opposition. From what I recall, the progressives weren’t (and still aren’t) too happy with the last few Republican presidents. It isn’t necessary to list the reasons.

          9. angelsinca March 20, 2015

            Sticks and stones – sorry to see your liberal hopes of arming terrorists against Israel dashed with Netanyanu’s win for Democracy yesterday.

          10. highpckts March 21, 2015

            Oh my God! You actually think Netanyanu is for Democracy??? I guess you also watch Faux news, (lies and half truths)!

          11. angelsinca March 21, 2015

            Just as your ‘president’ was voted through a democratic process by the majority, so did Netanyahu win his. “Get over it.”

          12. highpckts March 21, 2015

            Just as “my” President was voted in through the democratic process? My President?? You don’t live in the US? By the way, as you said, Barrack Obama was voted in through the democratic process twice so why haven’t you gotten over it for the past 6 years??? You try “getting over it” and do something constructive for this country instead of spreading your hate and outright lies!

          13. angelsinca March 21, 2015

            What are these ‘outright lies’, highpckts? By his actions, I am just as embarrased to claim Obama as my president, as you likely are to claim Bush, Reagan, et al as yours. I’m just being honest here. This president declared my people (conservatives, republicans, Christians) as the ‘enemy’. He still mocks us as combatants, as inferior, as lesser, and even as terrorists and traitors. Just as the supposedly ‘kind and compassionate’ liberals and progressives do. I anxiously await the emergence of a true and honest leader of integrity that won’t let politics get in the way of treating all Americans as equals, with dignity and respect, regardless of political leaning or religious following. That person probably won’t come from the Democratic or Republican arena. Have a kind day.

          14. highpckts March 22, 2015

            By what actions??? You don’t list these actions that offend you so much! If I were you I would look at the majority rule in Congress! The Republicans made it perfectly clear that they, from the ignauguration on, would not work with this President! You see the difference? The regressive party (GOP) and the Progressive? Progress?? Most people will not stand by and be taken back in time because they don’t want anything to change! That is progress which can’t be stopped by the likes of the anti everything party! There is NO war on Christians unless you think there should be no seperation of church and state! NO war has been declared on “your people” except in the minds of anti Obama people! You either follow the Constitution or not! I hate the way the GOP always throws out the Constitution when they disagree with anything! If there ever was a breach of the Constitution don’t you think Boehner and his ilk would be all over it and immediately? They like to make it sound like they are patriotic when, in fact, they are nothing but fake flag wavers! I do agree that politics has gone to Hell being ruled by money and both parties should be ashamed of themselves but the T-Party has really taken things off the rails!

          15. dpaano March 30, 2015

            It’s certainly NOT going to come from the evangelical right wing so-called Christians who, by the way, give REAL Chistians a bad name and are an embarrassment to most of us.

    2. idamag March 13, 2015

      The present GOP is not the the old school republicans. They remind me of another group that destroyed a country’s democracy because of hate. Ron Paul actually said the government’s only job is to build armies and fight wars. Where does that leave intelligent people who are not Martins and McCoy’s mindsets?

  14. PhiKapMom March 14, 2015

    Lyndsey Graham who is a Reserve Col in the Air Force and is a JAG who teaches law to AF Law school students has set off a firestorm. Have seen more emails wanting him charged under the UCMJ for throwing his oath out the window and even daring to say he would use the military to keep Congress as hostages until they pass his budget has tipped the scale with a lot of AF types. Some speculate that no matter if you are regular, reserve, or guard, you still took an oath and are bound by the UCMJ. Would love to see AF and DoD go after the lowelife who has sold out to Adelson, Bibi, and the Israeli army as he wants to run for President. Can you feature the puppet of McCain running for President. Absolutely frightening!

    1. angelsinca March 19, 2015

      When the subtle humor of sarcasm results in a direct strike, something is lost in the translation. Literally.


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