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This Week In Crazy: Obama Bans Jail For Black People

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This Week In Crazy: Obama Bans Jail For Black People


Welcome to “This Week In Crazy,” The National Memo’s weekly update on the wildest attacks, conspiracy theories, and other loony behavior from the increasingly unhinged right wing. Starting with number five:

5. Ben Carson

On Tuesday, Presidential Medal of Freedom winner and noted crazy person Ben Carson took another concrete step toward a 2016 presidential campaign.

It took him less than 24 hours to say something insane.

During an interview with CNN, Dr. Carson took it upon himself to explain to America how he knows that being gay is really a choice: Prison rape!

“A lot of people who go into prison go into prison straight, and when they come out, they’re gay. So, did something happen while they were in there?” Carson mused. “Ask yourself that question.”

Predictably, this did not go over well. The backlash was so swift and severe that Carson broke his usual pattern and apologized. He then announced that he is done talking about the issue — which is probably the sanest thing he’s done since he was still a practicing surgeon.

4. Gordon Klingenschmitt
Demon-hunting Colorado state representative Gordon Klingenschmitt returns to the list at number four, for proving that he is still the undisputed king of religious-right paranoia.

On the Tuesday edition of his “Pray in Jesus Name” program, Klingenschmitt offered his thoughts on last month’s murders in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. The case, in which three people were fatally shot by their upstairs neighbor, attacted widespread media attention due to fears that the killing was an anti-Muslim hate crime.

Perhaps surprisingly, Klingenschmitt agrees: The murders were a hate crime.

Against Christians.

“An American atheist has killed three Muslims in North Carolina, because they were like Christians!” he declared. Naturally, he went on to explain that this was the Southern Poverty Law Center’s fault.

Some people may be offended by Klingenschmitt’s ridiculous adherence to the Christian right’s persecution complex. But those who are familiar with his work might be tempted to applaud him instead; “they were acting Christian” is probably the nicest thing he’ll ever say about Muslims.

3. Louie Gohmert
Michele Bachmann may be gone, but the House of Representatives is not lacking for congresspeople who believe that we are in the End Times.

The latest example is Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX), who called in to the “Point of View” radio show on Tuesday to explain how President Obama is inviting God’s wrath on the United States.

“I don’t know if you saw this story,” Gohmert lamented, “but it was reported from Nigeria that this administration said unless you change your law to allow same-sex marriage, then we’re not going to help you against the radical Islamists Boko Haram, which is killing Christians, having young girls raped and sold into sex slavery.”

Of course, if Steve Stockman and WorldNetDaily said it, it has to be true.

According to Gohmert, this totally-not-made-up “fact” is yet another sign of the looming Apocalypse.

“I am very afraid since I know…that the judgments of the Lord are true and righteous altogether,” the congressman said. “It doesn’t matter how many people in America are faithful followers, we have put into place leaders who may bring down judgment on the United States if we don’t start helping the good guys.”

I suppose that’s what we get for electing the leader of the Ayatollah Caucus as president.

2. David McKinley
It’s no secret that congressional Republicans are not big on climate science — but even by their standards, the latest legislative assault on science is absurd.

This week, the House considered a bill intended to undercut the scientific consensus on climate change: The Science Advisory Board Reform Act, which would alter the rules governing who can serve on the Science Advisory Board — a group that advises the EPA. Many Democrats and outside observers warn that the bill would open the floodgates for more corporate influence on the board, and curtail its ability to defend public health.

If that wasn’t bad enough, Rep. David McKinley (R-WV) added an amendment that really kicks things up a notch. It would ban the EPA from ever considering the following reports when making decisions related to the SAB:

  • The United States Global Climate Research Program National Climate Assessment
  • The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s Fifth Assessment Report
  • The United Nations’ Agenda 21 Sustainable Development Plan
  • The May 2013 Technical Update of the Social Cost of Carbon for Regulatory Impact Analysis Under Executive Order No. 12866
  • The July 2014 Sustainable Development Solutions Network and Institute for Sustainable Development and International Relations’ Pathways to Deep Decarbonization Report

In other words, as Grist’s David Roberts explains:

When considering what to do about carbon pollution, EPA may not consider what America’s best scientists have concluded about it, what an international panel of scientists has concluded about it, how the federal government has officially recommended calculating its value, or the most comprehensive solutions for it. Oh, and it can’t consider Agenda 21 either. Otherwise the EPA can go nuts.

Once the bill passes the House, it will advance to the Senate — where it will presumably be shepherded to passage by Senator Jim Inhofe (R-OK), who last week brought a snowball into the chamber to prove that climate change is a hoax.

1. Kris Kobach
This week’s “winner,” Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, is best known for being the GOP’s “go-to guy” for anti-immigrant extremism. But as he proved this week on his radio show, Kobach is plenty capable of offending people of all races.

While discussing the University of Minnesota’s move to limit the use of racial descriptions in campus crime alerts, Kobach took a call from someone who warned that “given the recent story that Obama was instructing immigration enforcement to not enforce the immigration laws against illegal aliens, I don’t think it’s too much of a stretch, Kris, to envision an announcement that any black person accused of a crime, charged with a crime, is not going to be prosecuted, regardless of the crime.”

Despite the glaring evidence to the contrary, Kobach agreed.

“Well, it’s already happened more or less in the case of civil rights laws,” he replied. “So I guess it’s not a huge jump, I think it’s unlikely, but you know I’ve learned to say with this president, never say never.”

Right Wing Watch has the audio:

Of course, the notion that President Obama will ban the criminal prosecution of black Americans is ridiculous. After all, thanks to his executive actions on immigration, Hispanic-Americans will kill everyone else before he even gets the chance.

Check out previous editions of This Week In Crazy here. Think we missed something? Let us know in the comments!

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Screenshot: KansasWatchdogTV’s channel/YouTube

Henry Decker

Henry Decker was formerly the Managing Editor of The National Memo. He is currently an Online Associate at MRCampaigns.

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  1. TerryW March 6, 2015

    Re: Ben Carson, he is right, it does happen. My best friend from high school, female, went to prison for 10 years and came out a lesbian and still is 20 years later. Prior to that she was not and had boyfriends. Don’t try to say she must’ve always been a lesbian and suppressed it. No way, this is someone I knew as well I know myself.

    She was as surprised as anyone. When you’re somewhere like that as long as she was, she fell in love – with a woman.

    1. The_Magic_M March 6, 2015

      The point is, he was trying to “prove” that sexual orientation is a (conscious) choice. He wasn’t just battling the notion nobody ever changes his/her sexual orientation and that this is never influenced by the environment.

      1. TheSkalawag929 March 6, 2015

        It just proves that a person can believe something very strongly and passionately and still be wrong.
        Dr. Carson “IS” saying sexual orientation “IS” a conscious choice. He’s wrong. There is no credible evidence to back his claim.

        1. The_Magic_M March 6, 2015

          I just wonder where these people get their ideas from.
          I can’t even make myself like food I don’t find tasty, how can I choose to love a gender I don’t love?

          But there’s an easy way Ben Carson could prove his theory:
          He just has to make the choice to love men, convince one that he’s really in love with him (with all the kissing and buttsecks and stuff), then make the choice to become straight again.
          By his logic, he would have enjoyed the entire experience (remember he says he can choose to love men like a gay guy, not just to kiss/have sex with a guy while remaining straight and thus hating it), so what does he have to lose? 😉

          1. TheSkalawag929 March 6, 2015

            It does make you go “Hmm”.

            Your proposed experiment sounds intriguing. Someone should start a petition to get him to do it and publish his findings.
            After all he “IS” a man of science. Right???

          2. dtgraham March 6, 2015

            I know what you mean. How would that work if it’s a choice? You know, a guy is admiring himself in the mirror one day and suddenly decides that he’s through wasting this on chicks? What’s the basis for that decision exactly?

      2. Allan Richardson March 6, 2015

        The fallacy in his logic is apparent: even if someone “turned gay” because of prison rape, that is obviously NOT a conscious choice, it is the result of a traumatic attack. Furthermore, he seems to make the same error in DEFINITION that many make: assuming that because a man GETS raped, that makes him gay. Even more illogically, some of the dominant men in prison who are straight (heterosexual) when OUT of prison still perform homosexual rape, or buy sex from homosexual prostitutes when IN prison, as long as they are on the MASCULINE side of the act. To their thinking, being the penetrator in gay sex does not make them gay, but being the one penetrated, even by force, does. To these men, the rape or use of a prostitute is about POWER, NOT SEX. This is seen in animals, that when a dominant animal arouses such fear that a submissive animal submits, the dominant simulates mating (as the male) with the submissive (forced to act as a female). And we humans have not ENTIRELY become too civilized for that behavior; we even use the slang WORDS for sex to talk about being abused in other ways (like “getting screwed” in a business deal).

    2. pjm19606 March 6, 2015

      TerryW Keep drinking that kool-Aid!

    3. The_Magic_M March 6, 2015

      Maybe barn surgeon Dr. Carson will advocate that we lock every gay guy up for 10 years among only women to “cure” him.
      Maybe that would even work.
      Maybe that would still be a dumb (and unconstitutional) idea.
      Maybe that would still not mean gays can just flip a switch a become straight (again).
      Maybe that would still not mean gays should be prevented from enjoying the same rights as straight people.

    4. stcroixcarp March 6, 2015

      So if Dr. Benny is right, if we want to stop gay marriage, stop people from choosing to be gay we should maybe try to keep as many people out of prison as possible.

      1. dtgraham March 6, 2015

        Or stop all of those Martha Stewart living and Guys and Dolls reruns on prison TV.

    5. Carolyn1520 March 6, 2015

      Ever heard of bi-sexual? It’s the third classification of sexual orientation There are males and females who fall in love with either or and have never been to prison. It doesn’t mean there isn’t a preference for one or the other but in your friend’s circumstance, her opportunities were limited.

  2. idamag March 6, 2015

    Carson: Abusive people like to justify their abuse and hate by blaming the victim. Klingingbutt: Your kind has driven more people away from religion than atheists ever did.
    In fact, your kind of religion probably creates atheists. Texas,you still owe the United States an apology for sending Gohmert to Congress. Isn’t there anyone, in your state, with a triple-digit I.Q.? These religious nuts drive people away from religion. McKinley, you were born in the wrong era – You should have been born in Galileo’s time. Galileo was charged with heresy for saying the earth revolved around the sun. Back then you could have scientists burned at the stake for voicing their findings. Korbach, a lie is a lie, is a lie. Your KKK friends probably love you.

    1. Allan Richardson March 6, 2015

      Atheists attacking Christians for their faith? Not likely in a free secular country. It has happened in Communist countries, but not because of the atheism of the rulers; in those cases it’s because the rulers are imposing a POLITICAL RELIGION of Communism, which happens to INCLUDE atheism. Plain old garden variety atheists believe in freedom of religion and freedom FROM being attacked in the name of a religion (ANY religion, including Communism), most became atheists because of a moral revulsion at being told they MUST believe something or other (and the fact that such beliefs are used to justify harm to others), and would just as soon leave Christians alone.

      A character in the radio skit “Guy Noir” from “A Prairie Home Companion” once showed how silly the idea was by joking about the “Unitarian Klan,” and how they “burn a QUESTION MARK on your lawn.” It is totally out of character for people who believe in free thinking to use coercion against those who think differently. Sarcasm, perhaps, when they deserve it, but not violence or coercion.

  3. Dominick Vila March 6, 2015

    The comments highlighted every Friday on the NM provide great entertainment, but from a political perspective they are irrelevant. Most of the people featured this week are not running for President, and those who are, such as Dr. Carson remain on the limelight to project illusions of inclusiveness that are absent within the GOP. When we highlight the outrageous comments made by people like Carson we are providing the GOP an excuse to reject their candidacy without seeming to be prejudiced.
    Let’s be careful, or we risk being played by the GOP to their advantage. It is also important to remember that ridiculing evangelical beliefs, regardless of how bizarre they may be, plays into the hands of the Grand Old Party. They may be crazy, but they vote.

    1. The_Magic_M March 6, 2015

      > Most of the people featured this week are not running for President

      Most of them are elected officials who are eventually going to run again, or could be recalled.

      > They may be crazy, but they vote.

      I’m not going to remain silent in the face of idiocy out of fear that it may reinforce the idiots.

    2. mike March 6, 2015

      The real entertainment is the left doing everything they can to deflect, ignore that they have been embarrassed again by the Clinton’s. The right has never trusted her and for left to continue to trust her is inexplicable.
      We now see that in 2011 a memo sent out under her name told State Department employees not to use personal emails for official business. I wonder if she received it or authorized it, and if she did what did she think?
      “Do what I say not what I do”. Does she really think she is above the law and thinks she can do whatever she wants? It sure looks like it!!!
      How about a crazy of the week, Gina McCarthy, head of the EPA before Senate Committee this week, couldn’t even answer basic questions on Climate Changes, Hurricanes, soil moisture, droughts and the left and NM wastes their time on the crazy of the week. Such silliness!!! And, you worry about the right. That’s funny,
      What the left and NM won’t acknowledge is why the need for her own private non govt server? Was it to evade accountability??
      If you on the left were really intellectually honest you would be demanding answers, now not later. She has made one comment and that was for the SD to release her emails, not her turning over the server, etc., if it even exists now. Quit making excuses for her, America deserves better.
      Quit worrying about the right, worry about the poor judgement of the one the majority on the left have anointed to be their next presidential candidate.
      Remember, it wasn’t the right that broke the story, it came from the left!!!

      1. CrankyToo March 6, 2015

        The gentleman doth protest too much, methinks (he’s got a hard-on for Hillary).

        1. mike March 6, 2015

          Having a good Chuckle.
          Sorry, the zealot in you is so blinded and dishonest you wish not to know the truth.
          Keep that day dreaming going or has the cold frozen your brain. I guess both.

          1. CrankyToo March 6, 2015

            You’re right about one thing – you’re sorry.

          2. mike March 6, 2015

            Only sorry that you are so blinded and dishonest.

          3. CrankyToo March 6, 2015

            From now on, your Delta Tau Chi name is “Chucky” (because you’re a vicious little child).

          4. mike March 6, 2015

            There is not a vicious bone in my body but I do have a brain. Which in your case you don’t. For you to deflect and ignore a real problem and issue with Hillary just shows how brain dead you and those on the left who are trying to justify her actions. To not even acknowledge this is a concern just lessens your own credibility. PS: the smart democrats know this is a problem.
            Speaking of child look in the mirror, little boy blue.

          5. CrankyToo March 6, 2015

            So, basically, your answer is “I know you are, but what am I?” Thanks for proving my point, Chucky.

            PS: the smart Democrats (and everyone else who is possessed of a modicum of intelligence) know enough to wait until an allegation has been sufficiently investigated and shown to be provable before making an informed decision.

          6. mike March 6, 2015

            Allegations! Allegations! The email address and domain says it all, a non govt. email address using a non govt secured or approved server IN HER HOME.
            There is nothing to investigate.
            Other than a tweet about releasing emails, have you noticed the silence, the deafening silence, on the part of the Clinton’s??
            They were caught red handed and exposed by the very left NY Times. Do you really think the Times would have exposed her if it wasn’t true.
            You are still one of the slow dems., aren’t you!!! Allegations, what a laugh.
            Has Hillary denied the use of her own non govt. server??? Yes or NO!!! Where is her attacking the right wing for lying??
            Keep trying. little boy blue.

          7. CrankyToo March 6, 2015

            I guess they don’t teach English down there at the Hootin’ Holler Elementary School.
            An allegation is an assertion that someone has done something wrong, often without proof. You (and many others of your dubious ilk) have alleged that Mrs. Clinton has done something wrong, but proof of a crime is not yet forthcoming. That, Chucky, is what we grown-ups call an allegation.

          8. mike March 6, 2015

            I never used allegation except in response to your Post.
            What the rest of the world knows is that she had a server put in her house with her own email address(not govt email address) her own domain not secured by the govt. or approved by the govt.. For what reason, other than to control and evade scrutiny.
            There is no question about wrong doing!!! She was wrong and many federal levels, improper storage, removal; placement of Classified material, etc..
            Which by the way goes against all rules of the fed. govt. as to emails by Federal Employees.
            Again, where are the Clinton’s?? Why are they not defending Hillary if this was not usual?

          9. Carolyn1520 March 6, 2015

            Chucky? That’s nicer than mine. Bugsie.


          10. CrankyToo March 6, 2015

            Love it!

          11. Carolyn1520 March 6, 2015

            It explains Chucky!

          12. Carolyn1520 March 6, 2015

            On the contrary, while weak at best, your attempts at viciousness occur right out of the gate. This thread isn’t about Hillary but you are hell bent on changing the topic to Hillary because you think you have something to lick you chops over. The new “scandal” of the week. You wouldn’t recognize a smart dem if you fell over one because you are so use to deficient cons spouting the same old tired rhetoric until they find it has no traction then you proceed to the next scandal with the SOS arguments.
            Stay on topic, this thread is about the five crazies of the week. There’s enough of them listed to give the investigation time to clear Hillary of treason, impeachable acts, and felonious behavior. By waiting, it also keeps you from inserting all those feet in your own mouth.

          13. CrankyToo March 6, 2015

            Don’t hurt him, Carolyn, he’s only a child.

          14. Carolyn1520 March 6, 2015

            I’m a pacifist . I even relocate bugs but the right has managed to cause me to visit my darker side. If he’s a child then child abuse wouldn’t be out of the question either 🙂

          15. mike March 6, 2015

            You are right about smart dems., they are an illusion of the left.

            I was on topic. For the NM to try and make points on low level individuals when the leading candidate on the left has serious personal ethic and judgement issues at a very serious level the NM relies on trivia.
            If you don’t think the powers that be aren’t looking for alternative candidates you are really nuts.
            Where are the Clinton’s? Why so silent if she didn’t do anything wrong.

            Talk about crazies, how about Gina McCarthy, EPA head before the senate and couldn’t answer questions on climate change, hurricanes, soil moisture, droughts, but wanted another 6% increase in budget.

          16. Carolyn1520 March 6, 2015

            Delusional too.

          17. mike March 6, 2015

            Delusion is all yours and your ilk.
            The NY Times reports the Obama Administration had to negotiate with the Clinton lawyers for the emails back in August.
            Negotiate!! That’s right, Negotiate!! A federal employee telling the federal government how she will release the emails that are govt. property. When did they receive them?? December.
            And you on the left see nothing wrong.
            Talk about stupid people, you on the left take the cake.

          18. Independent1 March 6, 2015

            Let’s see the link to that article in the NYTimes about the Obama Administration having to negotiate for her emails. I’ve checked a number of articles and can find nothing where she’s resisted providing emails when requested.

          19. mike March 6, 2015

            You are one dumb b$$$$$d!!!! You sure didn’t look very hard, which is not surprising.
            Read down to the 7th paragraphs you twerp.


          20. Carolyn1520 March 6, 2015

            That’s not the topic of this thread and I won’t humor your efforts to make it so.

          21. mike March 7, 2015

            Still it is the real world, in real time, and the left is disparately trying to look for every excuse and subject change not to face the facts that Hillary made a major err in judgement, in personal ethics, and a big blow when it comes to the trust factor.

          22. Independent1 March 7, 2015

            What a crock!! They were negotiating because the emails people wanted were about Benghazi – so of course they had to meet and go over with her exactly what emails were relevant and needed to be provided to an investigation. As is usual – you RWNJs do everything you can to twist the meaning of words!!

            They weren’t negotiating over whether or not she’d provide the emails needed, but over which emails were relevant!! Wow!! Talk about a low IQ loser!! YOU are it BIG TIME!!!!

          23. mike March 7, 2015

            Your ignorance is breathtaking.
            All emails of a federal employee are the property of the Federal govt., they are not hers to negotiate. They are neither private or hers, all must be turned over.
            Pathetic try, again by you!!!

          24. Independent1 March 6, 2015

            You are aware right lowlife that John Kerry is the first Secretary of State to use a government website for his emails?? EVERY PREVIOUS SECRETARY OF STATE IN OFFICE SINCE EMAILS WERE A FORM OF COMMUNICATION USED THEIR OWN PERSONAL EMAIL ACCOUNTS!!!!!!

            From the NYTimcs/NBC News:

            Current Secretary of State John Kerry is the first person in the role to rely heavily on his official State Department email. Colin Powell, who served in the position during the George W. Bush administration, used his personal email, the official said in a statement to NBC News.

          25. mike March 6, 2015

            You crack me up with your attempt to justify the actions of Hillary.
            Each post your credibility takes another dip downward.
            She had her own non govt. unsecured server and domain at her house. Her email address was not a govt. email address. She had total control and no transparency as to what was on or what went through the server. Now tell me who else has put a personal server as a Federal Employee of such stature?
            The Obama administration had to negotiate with Clinton lawyers to get the emails last August. Emails that are the property of the Federal government, not hers.
            In 2007 she attack the Bush administration for private email accounts to conduct business and yet in 2009 she too had her own email address but more importantly she had a Server in her house that ALL her emails went through.
            You are a bigger joke each post. How pathetic you are.
            You should be irate as an American citizen. This goes far beyond party lines, her actions are extraordinary and dangerous. And yet you continue to try and justify her actions.
            Talk about the real lowlife, you take the cake.

          26. Independent1 March 7, 2015

            And aside from the recoverability of her email records, what does where she kept them have to do with a hill of beans?? As has been proven, no other SOS has used a government server before Kerry – and unless you’ve had your head buried in the sand the past few years the government doesn’t exactly have a very good record itself of maintaining email accounts. I’ve been reading an awful lot of accounts of missing emails on government servers the past year.

            And who’s necessarily sticking up for Clinton?? I’m fed up with you RWNJs making federal cases out of every time a non Republican does something that a Republican consistently got away with!! Like 13 Benghazi’s in 8 years under Bush and not one GOP hypocrite ever said a word when 70 plus people died!!

            And a federal case out of the IRS examining applications for tax exemptions when not one Conservative application was ever denied and the IRS actually scrutinized almost twice as many progressive apps as they did conservatives!!!

            And I could go on and on!! I’m getting just a little more ticked off by you and your mindless lowlife cohorts making federal cases out things that DON’T MEAN A HILL OF BEANS!!!!!!

          27. mike March 7, 2015

            As I said before you look sillier everyday.
            She had her own non govt. server in her house, totally controlled by Hillary and her staff. It didn’t comply to fed. rules, on storage, and was plainly under taken for the purpose of evading Federal Records law.

            The only person who doesn’t know a hill of beans is you.

            You are really a joke!!!

          28. Independent1 March 7, 2015

            Bid deal!! There were no hard fast rules at the time saying that all government employees had to use a government server!!! That didn’t become a requirement until Kerry made it so!!!!!

          29. mike March 7, 2015

            No, wrong again mental midget.
            She set up a shadow email server to conduct all official business as Sec. State to evade the federal law set by NARA.
            Go read:C.F.R. 1236.22 and then say it is not a big deal.

          30. Independent1 March 6, 2015

            And just because by nature, Conservatives are devious outright crooks – does not necessarily propagate that characteristic onto Independents and liberals!! Because you’re accustomed to you and your buddies being outright nefarious, doesn’t mean you can extrapolate that to Clinton.

          31. mike March 6, 2015

            Keep trying loser!!!
            Still LMAO!!!

          32. Independent1 March 7, 2015

            You know very well that the sane posters on the NM know who the real loser is MIKE!!!

          33. mike March 7, 2015

            Thanks for making my day!!!
            Another pathetic post from you, the ignoramus one!!

          34. Michael Ross March 6, 2015

            More projection from the tea-bagger whores. Last I checked, the only zealots in this country are people like Gordon Klingenschmitt, who your ilk lined up and voted for.

          35. mike March 6, 2015

            LMOA!!!! Simple question: Did she or did she not have a non govt secured and approved server in her home??? Yes or No??
            Keep trying to justify her actions to evade transparency.
            Where is Obama on this?? Why isn’t he coming to her aid if all was approved?

          36. neeceoooo March 6, 2015

            Jeb Bush has his own personal server in his home as well, so let he who is without sin, cast the first stone.

          37. mike March 6, 2015

            Are you really this dense???
            For the record, is Bush a Federal Employee?? Yes or No
            This is about Hillary as a Cabinet Member, a Federal Employee who required to follow the rules of the Federal Govt. NARA and its requirements. Requirements that have been in place since 2009. Go watch the video of her attacking Bush in 2007-08 about private emails and then she has the gall to put in her own server in 2009.

            Quit relying on Media Matters for your information.

      2. Michael Ross March 6, 2015

        The tea-bagger whore is hoping to compare the private email “scandal” to Kris Kobach theorizing Obama will ban the prosecution of black people.

        Hey Mike, it’s not our fault your side of the aisle is full of tinfoil hats, zealots, wannabe terrorists and sycophants lining up to suck Vladimir Putin’s dick. And if you want to do something about that, having an emotional meltdown at Hillary Clinton is not the first step.

      3. anothertoothpick March 6, 2015


        Where is the word Clinton in this article?

        Or are you doing, what you accuse others of doing?

        You HATE deflecting a conversation so much that you feel compelled to do it your self?

        What is the matter with you people?

        1. mike March 6, 2015

          NM wastes it time on low level people not running for President, but think they are the cogs of the Republican party.
          There are bigger issues going on and NM lacks the courage and credibility when they don’t address a major problems with their leading candidate.
          What’s the matter with you people that will bury your heads, stick fingers in your ears so they don’t have to face the real world.
          She screwed up big time and could cost her dearly. If you don’t think the powers that be aren’t looking for alternative candidates you really are in fantasyland.

          1. anothertoothpick March 6, 2015

            The ” powers to be” spent a lot of money trying to get rid of Obama and failed miserably!

            If you think any…..ANY… republican will beat Clinton, you are the one in fantasy land.

          2. mike March 6, 2015

            The “Powers that be” in the democratic party are looking for alternatives, DUH!!!
            Check the polls in the coming weeks and see the downward slide of her numbers. The change will be the democrats with integrity and the independents that will fly away.
            Stay in that world of fantasy, it fits you.

          3. dpaano March 25, 2015

            If you read the articles, she did NOTHING illegal…..

          4. mike March 25, 2015

            How do you know she did nothing illegal???
            If you were even slightly informed you would know she broke the regulations of NARA. Blew off Obama’s request that members of his administration use govt. system, ignored the 2005 and 2009 new guide lines of NARA as to storage of emails. Volume 5 handbook 4, “must ensure that all record material that they possess is incorporated in the Dept. official files and that all file searched for which they have been tasked have been completed, such as those required to respond to FOIA, Congressional, or litigation related documents request”
            Willful removal of record is punishable by fines, imprisonment, or both.
            You might think she hasn’t committed an illegal act but as the regulations reads she has committed an illegal act by her admission. Will she be charged? I doubt it, with this corrupt DOJ and administration. Just last week she had a private meeting with Obama, so lord knows what was concocted by the two.

    3. Carolyn1520 March 6, 2015

      I don’t think the GOP will ever be accused of embracing people of color. They have God, patriotism and a handful of people of color who are props.
      I don’t ever intend to be part of a silent majority when it comes to pointing out the deficiencies in GOP candidates. I wouldn’t invent them, unlike the GOP attempts to do with Dem candidates but I don’t have to. They put them right out there on the table. The GOP is nothing more than a can of mixed nuts at this point. There are those within their own party who think Carson is “out there” in his beliefs. I have no doubt that every person who still aligns themselves with the right will vote for the candidate who ends up on top, so what would be gained by remaining silent on their beliefs and deficiencies?
      They’ve been crazy for quite awhile and voted in the last two presidential elections to no avail. The midterms are not indicative of their strength. Only 36.7% of the entire country voted in those, this last round. There’s nothing that brings dems out to vote as much as full disclosure on the GOP nut du jour.
      The problem with dems is we’ve kept quiet about our strengths and their weaknesses far too often from the top down.

  4. anothertoothpick March 6, 2015

    Whether or not homosexuality is a choice is a religious issue. And has no place in determining their rights to marry whom ever they choose.

    Maybe Ben should consider the ministry instead of the White House.

    1. The_Magic_M March 6, 2015

      > Whether or not homosexuality is a choice is a religious issue.

      Scientific facts are not religious issues. (Unless you claim *everything* is a religious issue, including whether gravity works or whether drinking H2O2 is good for your health.)
      There is no scientific evidence for Ben Carson’s claims. That doesn’t magically make it a matter of faith. It’s a matter of him ignoring science.

      1. latebloomingrandma March 6, 2015

        It’s particularly stunning that someone with his intellect, and being a ground breaker in the medical field, would say something so astoundingly un-scientific, and plainly just stupid. He has an enormous talent in the field of neurosurgery and that’s where he should stay if he wants to make a difference. Politics is not for him.
        By the way—H2O2 would not be good for you to drink since it is hydrogen peroxide. 😉

        1. The_Magic_M March 9, 2015

          > By the way—H2O2 would not be good for you to drink since it is hydrogen peroxide.

          That was my point. It’s science, and no faith in the world makes it healthy to drink. 😉

      2. anothertoothpick March 6, 2015

        You know what? I could not care less what makes gay’s gay.

        Don’t you people have something better to do with your time?

        Who comes up with this crap anyway? Oh wait, I know the answer to that. Politicians that want to play up the the tea bagger thugs that love this red meat.

    2. Allan Richardson March 6, 2015

      I think Jesus would boycott any church he and his ilk set up.

    3. Michael Ross March 6, 2015

      Actually, there have been scientific studies into homosexuality. And the evidence is overwhelmingly in favor of it not being a choice.

      In a nutshell, the “gay gene” is actually a “physical attraction” gene that everyone possesses, but which induces homosexuality when inherited by the opposite-gender parent.

      1. anothertoothpick March 6, 2015

        Who cares?

        This is just another tea bagger canard designed to put people that you hate in a bad light.

        This issue, choice, no choice is another dead horse you can only beat so many times.

        It is time for your ilk to move on. Times change. Get over it.

      2. hicusdicus March 9, 2015

        It is a choice like most things are. The basic premise is that a stiff penis has no conscious. A hole is a hole is a hole. Hair not needed.

  5. Allan Richardson March 6, 2015

    Even if Obama DID tell police to stop arresting black people for violent crimes, the fact remains that in the past (and occasionally) WHITE people who commit crimes AGAINST BLACK people are not prosecuted, or are “prosecuted” so ineptly that a slam dunk case is acquitted. An old story from Jim Crow days tells about a black man’s body dragged out of the river tied up in chains, and the racist cop says isn’t it just like a N* to steal more chain than he can swim with. Even though the accusation that black people are being allowed to harm white people with impunity is not TRUE, the sentiment that maybe it would be “payback” for the past is understandable. Maybe that’s why the projecting bigots are afraid it may be happening. They accuse the other side of doing what they have done, or would like to do.

  6. dtgraham March 6, 2015

    Gordon Klingenschmitt just might be on to something with his “Muslims are like Christians.” Religious conservatives want to bring Christian Sharia law to America and conservative Christians are helping with the radicalized jihad against the American worker on behalf of the prophet Koch, so there’s a lot of similarities there when you think about it.

    1. Michael Ross March 6, 2015

      Rule of thumb: When Gordon Klingenschmitt accuses Muslims, atheists or homosexuals of wanting to do something, it’s actually something he himself has done, is doing, or has wet dreams of one day doing in the name of Christianity.

      Ergo, this is the closest thing to actual truth the vicious little turd has ever spoken in his entire life.

  7. jointerjohn March 6, 2015

    It’s frightening that an M.D. like Dr. Carson would pretend not to know that sexual assaults in prisons are not about sexual orientation, they are about domination and humiliation. Many sexual assaults outside of prison are as well. Is he that uninformed or just pretending?

    1. hicusdicus March 9, 2015

      I agree, but lets not rule out that short lived feeling that one gets. If it was not for that other ways of humiliation would be created. One way is to remove teeth with out benefit of an anesthetic or proper dental procedure.

    2. hicusdicus March 28, 2015

      I don’t disagree but there is a certain amount of physical pleasure connected with it, other wise they would keep their pants zipped.

  8. Carolyn1520 March 6, 2015

    Ben Carson was a skilled and talented surgeon, among the best. He also excels in religious fanaticism. The world according to Dr. Carson is from a narrow view.

    1. anothertoothpick March 6, 2015

      How do you know how “skilled and talented” this clown is.

      Did you read it in one of his books?

      1. Carolyn1520 March 6, 2015

        No, I’ve never read any of his books. He practiced at Hopkins in Baltimore and I have a friend who was fortunate enough to be referred to him when her child needed surgery.
        He’s well respected in his field and rightfully so.
        I just didn’t know what a nut he is personally until he started talking publicly about other topics. It made me feel really sad that a man with such healing skills could be so flawed in other areas..

        1. hicusdicus March 9, 2015

          Because one is highly skilled one thing does not mean he is intelligent in all things. BUT they usually think they are. They then proceed to right all wrongs. When a scientist goes into politics it is usually a disaster. The trouble with becoming a politician is your genetic code has to lean toward deception while showing a beautiful smile.

          1. Sand_Cat March 27, 2015

            Well said.
            Glad to see you’re on your way up from the sewer.

          2. hicusdicus March 28, 2015

            A proper sewage system is one of the most valuable components of modern civilization. I will stay down here and try to keep things flowing in spite of your Godzilla sized dumps.

          3. Sand_Cat March 29, 2015

            Glad to hear it. Lately, that’s seemed like the best place for you.

          4. hicusdicus March 30, 2015

            Stay where you are I don’t want you polluting the air in here.

  9. Whatmeworry March 6, 2015

    You left out the EPA director when testifying on the Hill wasn’t aware that there hadn’t been any warming in 20+ years. Or that there has been fewer hurricanes and that soil moisture is now higher than at anytime in the past 50 years

    1. Daniel Max Ketter March 6, 2015

      You don’t believe in global warming? What are you are moron? I bet you don’t believe the earth is round as well. You should read a few newspapers and get yourself educated.

  10. Whatmeworry March 6, 2015

    You included the EPA director when testifying on the Hill was aware
    that there had been any warming in 20+ years. And that there has
    been more hurricanes and that soil moisture is now lower than at
    anytime in the past 50 years

    1. Sand_Cat March 27, 2015

      Try getting your grammar right at least. We all know you’re hopeless on facts.

  11. Wedge Shot March 6, 2015

    If you look at the squirrel population you will notice that it has really grown. The quantity and quality of nuts just keeps going up.

  12. Tony Torres March 6, 2015

    What is sad is that a three of the loons are elected, one want to be POTUS and one crazy dumb-nut, this is what we call sane now a days.

  13. Louis Allen March 6, 2015

    Where is Eleanore Whiptaker when we need her to say something stupid?

    1. James Bagley March 7, 2015

      Why would we need anyone else to say something stupid when you’re here?

      1. Independent1 March 7, 2015

        Great comeback!! Louis is the biggest loser on the NM!!!

        1. Louis Allen March 7, 2015

          The biggest losers on the NM are Lenore and the one staring at you in the mirror.
          Hint: the one staring at you in the mirror LOOKS like a monkey, SMELLS like a monkey, THINKS like a monkey, REASONS like a monkey, …… but is NOT a monkey!)
          Oh, wait a minute! I forgot Daniel Max KRETIN who alleges that a baby is not a human being until the doctor snips his umbilical cord. The EXACT words of this turd!

          1. James Bagley March 7, 2015

            Have you been having debates with turds again? Well, I suppose that’s perfectly allowable as long as you don’t become too attached. Do you ever win any arguments?

          2. Louis Allen March 8, 2015

            1) “debates with turds again?” THAT makes you one!
            2) No doubt that Lenore Whiptaker, and Daniel Max KRETIN are also complete turds.
            3) Do I ever win any arguments? On this cesspool of leftist/liberal/”progressive”/socialist/moronic “thought”?
            But of course not !! What a question! What an idiot!
            LOL !!!

          3. James Bagley March 8, 2015

            You are mistaken — I wasn’t debating anything with you, not at all. I was simply inspecting the odd verbiage much in the same way that a person might poke an odd-looking puddle of slime out of curiosity.

            If you enjoy conversing with turds far be it from me to hinder your aspirations. A redneck with a goal would be a terrible thing to waste.

          4. Louis Allen March 9, 2015

            Like all leftist/liberal idiots on this cesspool, you do not review what you write before posting it:
            “I was simply inspecting the odd verbiage much in the same way that a
            person might poke an odd-looking puddle of slime out of curiosity.” !!
            SAY AGAIN???!!! You poke “an odd-looking puddle of slime OUT of CURIOSITY???!!!!
            And then again, why does a “puddle of SLIME” make you CURIOUS???!!!
            …. It shouldn’t since you wallow in slime all through your worthless day, you bag(ley) of dirt.
            Why don’t you get yourself a full-time job at your local pet shop?
            They DO accept 96-year old MONKEYS !
            But, then again:
            a) Nobody would buy you;
            b) The rest of the monkeys would be offended.
            P.S. – Talk to my ex-wife Lenore; she might be able to get you land a job as a writer ……. of bullshit.
            Oh brother.

          5. hicusdicus March 9, 2015

            I bet he likes the smell and pokes around looking for bite size chunks.

          6. Sand_Cat March 27, 2015

            Well, who was it that was so disturbed by the “schoolyard” language allegedly found here?
            Guess you prefer TOILET language: visit your favorite right-wing site.

      2. Louis Allen March 7, 2015

        Because the 3 of you, Lenore, Dependent1, and Jimmy Bag, are more stupid than I will ever manage to be.
        …. and that’s saying a lot !! LOL !!

        1. James Bagley March 7, 2015

          Are you getting smart with me?

          1. Louis Allen March 8, 2015

            Baggy: I don’t have to “get smart” with you.
            I am already reasonably smart, and that makes me wayyyy smarter than leftist/liberal/”progressive”/socialist nincompoops like Lenore Whiptaker, Dependent1, Daniel Max Ketter (“a fetus becomes a human being when his umbilical cord is cut”, what a BARBARIAN!) and you.

          2. James Bagley March 8, 2015

            Well that’s odd, because I instinctively dumb down my responses so that you can understand them. I do believe in making reasonable accommodations for the disabled.

            You people should be a bit more appreciative, after all, we do allow you to occasionally wander outside the confines of your redneck shangri-la-on-wheels even though it might be ill advised. Is it our fault that you heathens invariably end up frolicking in the rhetorical dog turds? No!

          3. Louis Allen March 8, 2015

            You have me rolling on the floor laughing!!
            I bet you got this line from (one of) the other nincompoops, my ex-wife Lenore Whiptaker:
            “You people should be a bit more appreciative, after all, we do allow you to occasionally wander outside the confines of your redneck shangri-la-on-wheels even though it might be ill advised.” What a stupid thing to say! Wow, you DO believe that, huh?
            You leftist/liberals on this site “allow [us] to occasionally wander…” Ha, ha, ha, haaa !!

            Before smart, intelligent people like your MASTER bikejedi and several others came to this cesspool of leftist/liberal/”progressive”/socialist “thought”, this site was a pathetic mouthpiece for self-congratulatory idiots. All you posted was: “Well said!”, “Right on!”, “Could not have said it better myself!”, “Why don’t you start a blog? You have a knack!”, etc., etc., ad NAUSEAM.

            I’ve got news for you, Baggy: You are going to have to live with us smart people, because we are not going away!!

            P.S. – You didn’t state your opinion about Daniel Max Ketter’s “a fetus becomes a human being when his umbilical cord is cut”. ….. Waiting to hear what you have to say.
            …. NOT that I care, though.

          4. hicusdicus March 9, 2015

            None of these people can comment without using a dump truck load of school yard vernacular. That is what they fall back on when bested. Do you ever wonder what these people are like in real life? Maybe this is their real life.

          5. Louis Allen March 9, 2015

            This IS their “real life”, the poor retards.
            Their salient characteristics are:
            A complete, absolute absence of common sense
            A complete, absolute absence of even a BASIC sense of humor.
            A ready disposition to get OFFENDED if you do not agree with them, and EVEN MORE SO if you “sound” like you possess a good head on your shoulders
            A complete, BLIND, absolute “loyalty” (more like “servility”) to their “handlers” (Barry Soetoro, Nancy Pelosi, Killary, Elizabeth -no, NOT “Whitaker” but the smart one- Warren, et., al. who FEED them their “talking points”.
            The poor slobs.

          6. hicusdicus March 9, 2015

            The only thing to do is make them rabid , call the dog catcher and have them euthanized . OOOOORR! You can use them for moving, squealing, sobbing, target practice. Film it and sell it to comedy central.

          7. Louis Allen March 9, 2015

            Ha, ha, haa!!
            hicus, ever the resourceful poster, with the “street smarts”!!
            The best to you, …. and NOT to these idiots!

          8. Sand_Cat March 27, 2015

            Why in the hell would anyone with any sense or integrity want YOUR best?

          9. Louis Allen March 27, 2015

            Hey, TROLL:
            “Patrolling” to see who you can give a stupid answer to, … after 18 days, I see?
            The answer to your question is as follows:
            Because my “worst” is wayyyyy better than YOUR “best”, you dumbass.

          10. Sand_Cat March 29, 2015

            Never too late to call out bigotry and stupidity.

          11. Louis Allen March 29, 2015

            Dirty Kitty:
            The only “bigotry” and stupidity you can recognize is staring at you from your (filthy) bathroom mirror.
            Don’t interfere, kitty, this is only between 2 REAL men: hicus and myself; NO boys who long to be girls are allowed ….
            LOL !!!

          12. Sand_Cat March 30, 2015

            “Real men” with tiny penises and mini-brains?

          13. Louis Allen March 30, 2015

            Ha, ha, funny that “Cats” DO have tiny penises!!
            Is that the reason for your “handle”??

          14. Sand_Cat March 30, 2015

            But I’ll let the two of you get on with your love affair.

          15. Sand_Cat March 27, 2015

            WELLL! Isn’t that touching. The two idiots start a mutual lovefest.

          16. hicusdicus March 28, 2015

            Would you like to get in on the touching? or the target practice. No love fest for you. I like ladies. Two idiots make one liberal. You know you would miss me if I went away. Who else could you make your spell binding comments to?

          17. Sand_Cat March 29, 2015

            You know there are plenty to replace you: several things the world will NEVER have a shortage of:
            Stupid People
            Selfish, vengeful people (sorry for the redundancy)
            @$$holes (more redundancy).
            You have only to look to your new love interest, Mr. Allen.

          18. Sand_Cat March 27, 2015

            Obviously, you enjoy it – or perhaps the feeling of superiority you get reading it – or you wouldn’t be here.
            You want a dump truck load? Get a subscription to the Congressional Register, read the transcripts of GOP speeches, etc.
            Once again, WHO was it that promised in a time of national crisis that their number one – subsequently shown to be ONLY – priority was to destroy the president just elected by a substantial majority of the people, a president who pretty much spent most of his first term humiliating himself in his desperate attempts to negotiate and compromise with the opposition and change the tone in Washington?
            Did you answer this the last time I pointed it out? With something rational and reality-based? Doubtful.
            If you don’t like it, go take your dumps somewhere else.

          19. hicusdicus March 27, 2015

            When have you ever had something rational and reality based to say? You could make a bag of hammers look like Harvard graduates.

          20. Sand_Cat March 27, 2015

            I just did, but of course you missed it.
            I’ll ask you a similar question: when have you ever made a post not dripping with lies and hypocrisy?

  14. Louis Allen March 8, 2015

    Daniel Max Ketter (aka KRETIN) claims, for all to hear, that “a fetus does not become a human being until the doctor snips his umbilical cord.”
    This statement, and this idiotic, barbaric, and criminal individual and retarded HOODLUM, are TYPICAL of the FILTH published each and every day by The Irrational Mummy.
    Now let’s sit back and take notice of the critters that come forward to say that Daniel Max is not a CRETIN and a RETARDED HOODLUM. Critters (please critters, please forgive me!) like: Lenore Whiptaker, Dependent1, James Baggy, Cranky-Too, neeceoooo, JohninPCFL, NEVERbloomingrandma, etc., etc., ad NAUSEAM !!

    1. dpaano March 25, 2015

      And you would know this how???? You’ve been pregnant how many times? You’ve given birth how many times? Until you men can get pregnant, carry a fetus full term, and deliver it…..you need to shut the heck up!!!

      1. Louis Allen March 25, 2015

        Lenore Whittaker??
        Hi, where have you been??!!
        …. still a moron, I see!

  15. The Merchant March 13, 2015

    Today’s liberalism isn’t much different than its marxist, socialist, and communist ancestors.

    1. Sand_Cat March 27, 2015

      Your contribution to the “week in crazy” is likewise duly noted with appreciation.

  16. Boston You March 19, 2015
    1. Sand_Cat March 27, 2015

      Your contribution to the “week in crazy” is also duly noted with appreciation.

  17. Anan Dale March 24, 2015

    In a related video, CBS News’s Bob Schieffer takes on the lies and deceit of the Obama regime: http://youtu.be/PCKjdHyS8Ig?t=16s

    1. Sand_Cat March 27, 2015

      Your contribution to the “week in crazy” is duly noted with appreciation.

  18. dpaano March 25, 2015

    Boy, the trolls are out in droves today, aren’t they?

  19. Sand_Cat March 27, 2015

    “Acting Christian” from this idiot is not anything anyone with any sense – Muslim, Christian, or Atheist – would consider “nice.” But I guess that was the point.

  20. Sand_Cat March 27, 2015

    What could be more appropriate for a “totally made-up apocalypse” than “totally made-up fact[s]”?

  21. yesIDeeClaire March 30, 2015

    Obama just does not seem cut out for the job.


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