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This Week In Crazy: Or, How Not To Respond To A Tragedy

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This Week In Crazy: Or, How Not To Respond To A Tragedy

University of the Philippines students display glasses with lit candles and a placard as a tribute to those killed in the Pulse nightclub mass shooting in Orlando, during a protest at the school campus in Quezon city, Metro Manila, Philippines June 14, 2016. REUTERS/Erik De Castro

When 49 people were massacred in a gay nightclub in Orlando last weekend, the vast majority of Americans responded with outrage, sympathy, and resolve to do better. And then there were these people. Welcome to “This Week In Crazy,” The National Memo’s weekly update on the loony, bigoted, and hateful behavior of the increasingly unhinged right wing. Starting with number five:

5. Rush Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh rode close on the coattails of his Cheeto-hued demigod when he insinuated on his show that President Obama was working in concert with Islamic terrorists. (Trump, you’ll recall, suggested that Obama was aligned with the terrorists during a call-in interview on Fox & Friends shortly after the attack.)

Limbaugh took to his microphone Tuesday to accuse the president of behaving like the terrorists’ “defense lawyer,” who “speak[s] on behalf of their clients,” simply because he pointed out to his critics that using the words “radical Islam” doesn’t actually do anything productive.

Limbaugh said:

When I saw him go into this protracted two-and-a-half minute segment on why it is irrelevant to call ’em militant Islamists and why he doesn’t use the term because it doesn’t any strategic value, you know what the guy sounded like?  Honestly, and this is… I don’t know.

It sounds to me like it’s the way defense lawyers talk.  You know, when there’s a suspect, you got a defense lawyer saying, “Well, there’s no conclusive evidence here.  We’re still looking for a motive.  We haven’t found the right motive.”  Obama comes out after every one of these things, every one of these events, and Obama ends up sounding like defense lawyers speaking on behalf of their clients.

Video and hat tip Daily RushBo

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Sam Reisman

Sam Reisman is the former managing editor at The National Memo, where he still writes the weekly "This Week In Crazy" column. His writing has appeared in Flavorpill, The Huffington Post, Columbia Daily Spectator, and Bwog. He was the publisher of the 2010 edition of Inside New York, an annual guidebook to the city for students and young professionals.

Since 2011, he has co-curated and hosted Peculiar Streams, a showcase for NYC-based writers, musicians, comedians, and filmmakers. He is a staff writer at Mediaite, and blogs at SamReisman.com.

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  1. AgLander June 17, 2016

    Obama did sound disturbingly like a defense lawyer trying to mitigate the actions of his client in the words he chose to use, and not use, during his petulant display after the rampage by this Islamic terrorist. Things that make one go “hmmmm”. Well, not anymore….we are so used to it by now that it’s not even “hmmm” worthy. The best thing that we can look forward to with Obama is his term ending soon.

      1. RED June 17, 2016

        I see this stupid bs comment all the time. And I’m just fascinating at how stunningly bad it is. The words barely make sense, the punctuation is ridiculous and your math is awful. I mean good grief if you’re gonna try to scam people at least take the time to make it look decent or plausible. Your scam is so bad that I’m not sure even the ignorant Cons would fall for it, and those morons fall for nearly every scam, from Glenn Beck hawking gold to Ben Carson campaign scam to all the “FEMA is coming to get you” supplies on the nutjob radio programs. You know, maybe I’m wrong, I guess your scam probably will work on stupid Cons. Sorry I guess stupid & Con is being a bit repetitive, my bad.

    1. charleo1 June 17, 2016

      What the President said was, it was a political talking point. And the singular most compelling evidence that the Right still hasn’t a clue as to how to fight the ideological war on terror, that is at the heart of radical extremism. Demonstrating that terrorist groups like ISIL, and Al Qaida, really have your number. And know how to goad the Neocons, and the Christian Autocrats into playing their game. Into confirming what their propaganda is spewing about the “Great Satan of the West,” hating, wanting to oppress Muslims, and destroy Islam. The President pointed out in the bluntest of terms how Trump could not be more wrong. And he was exactly right!

    2. Carl Sdano June 17, 2016

      Was our president acting like a defense lawyer when he killed Osama bin Laden or Jihadi John? Killing bin Laden was not a priority for George W. Bush.

    3. Phil Christensen June 17, 2016

      “…I think it’s fair to say, number one, any of us would be pretty angry; number two, that the Cambridge police acted stupidly in arresting somebody when there was already proof that they were in their own home…” Barack Obama 2009

      Sometimes our president likes to be a prosecuting attorney. Depending on the day of the week.

      1. pisces63 June 17, 2016

        So damned what. Unless you are black and have experienced this insult first hand, you have no opinion. From my black woman’s view point, college educated, upper middle class as my children have been raised and all three college graduates and upper middle class. My son was stopped up to 3 times going to and from work in his predominantly white neighborhood to ID him a week by a white cop and more than once was followed to his home he owned with his wife for over 10 years, to ID him getting out of his car. So to hell with you. The president got it right. How many times must we prove we’re where we belong to satisfy you? My answer, none. Prove I do NOT belong. Oh, when he bought his new Camaro, he ramped it up. A white colleague where he worked at the time shoved him and called him uppity. He had to log a complaint on him.

        1. Phil Christensen June 17, 2016

          Here’s your “damned what.” The president has gotten very little right. Your son has a law suit which any number of attorney’s, black, white, or whatever will be more that happy to take it up on his behalf. Did your son have a witness when he was shoved by his fellow employee? That’s an assault.
          Finally, you can’t stop me from having an opinion. Now deal with it like an adult.

          1. charleo1 June 17, 2016

            The thing is, Phil. If one happens to live in that propaganda fueled inverse universe, where you form those precious opinions of yours. Where light is dark, day is always black as night, and apocalyptic armageddon is always just around the corner. One could logically believe this President has, as you claim, gotten everything wrong. The problem with your opinions Phil is not about your Right to have them, it’s with your universe. Now the President, he lives in the real world, he has to. And he deals with real people, real problems, and real events that are actually happening. Your problem Phil, is your disconnect with reality.

          2. Phil Christensen June 17, 2016

            No pal, my problem is and always has been growing my business and putting my kids through school. These are real-world adult challenges, and from everything you’ve written, I seriously doubt you would understand.
            This president has clearly demonstrated a grade-school understanding of economics and real-world politics. You can start with the childish “reset” button, to red-lines, to leaving office with his country 20T in debt. Yeah, go ahead and drop that mic, Barry.
            I’ll repeat what I said above, Seriously, you people have got to stop worshiping at the feet of politicians in general and the current sock-puppet occupying the oval office in particular. You are all way to invested in this man.

          3. Independent1 June 17, 2016

            20T in debt, more than 90% of which is the responsibility of Reagan and the 2 Bushes. And don’t forget clueless, that it has been a GOP dominated House of Reps that has set all the budgets since 2011 – so you blaming Obama for anything in adding to our debt is nothing but totally hypocritical.

            In fact, you blaming Obama for running up our debt, only goes to prove how small minded and blind you are just like the vast majority of clueless GOP lovers. Obama has signed only 2 pieces of legislation that has added to some debt, the Stimulus and Obamacare. And the vast majority of the Obamacare debt has been offset by the savings it has created in Medicare. And the Stimulus was needed to keep America from sliding into a Depression back in 2009 when Bush left office with the country loosing close to 900,000 jobs per month.

            So the Stimulus, just like the deficits we’re running today – are the responsibility of George Bush and the GOP Congresses that approved his UNFUNDED SPENDING LEGISLATION that was enacted during his terms 2 unfunded wars that are still running up deficits; two unfunded tax cuts that are still running up deficits; an unfunded benefit called Medicare Part D which is still running up deficits; and several mandates to the stateslike the disastrous No Child Left Behind fiasco which are still running up deficits.

            Without that unfunded legislation passed under Bush, Obama would probably have been governing with a surplus budget the past couple of years. So stop being so small minded and blind – wake up!!

            (I’m going to post a chart for you which exposes oneof the GOP’s many big lies about Reagan – that the stock market’s performance during his two terms was the best ever (Faux News keeps stating this lie). The market’s performance under Obama is far better than it was under Reagan – and the best performance was really under Ford.)

          4. charleo1 June 18, 2016

            The Cons set the house on fire, then cynically bitch about the water bill. “Close ‘er down!” They yell. If suddenly the People decide things didn’t work out the last time they were totally in charge of the store. How dare they elect the other Party in the middle of our con game!
            In the middle of the debt crisis our irresponsible turn at the switch allowed. Well, we’ll show you America! We’re going to sit on our collective haunches, and let the economy go right on down the drain. We hope it does! Then… we’ll see who comes begging back to us, after that President of theirs falls on that uppity black backside of his. You know, fellow Cons, it’s been absolutely hilarious what that imbecile base of ours has been willing to swallow about Black Sambo since his election. Get a load of Trump, that SOB, and his phony birther search in Kenya. What a hoot! Says he’s got his people over there right now! And the hillbilly cousins are eating it up! This is going to be too easy,..One and he’s done. Just remember that, one and he’s done. One and he’s done, one…

          5. Phil Christensen June 18, 2016

            [sigh] You really need to get a hobby.

          6. charleo1 June 18, 2016

            You really need to come down off that know it all high horse you’re on, and get a clue. There are people here who are actually trying to educate you to a few things, in the hope that you’ll use what brains you obviously have, to figure the rest out on your own.

          7. charleo1 June 18, 2016

            If growing your business, and putting your kids thru school is your top priority, and you’re not worth at least 10 million, then why on earth are you supporting Cons? I know you think you’re smart. The Cons give small business a lot of lip service. But what do they actually do that makes you believe they are working in your best interests? That they care if your kids go to school? More than they care about feeding their cronies your tax dollars, or breaking teachers unions? If you haven’t noticed, education is always first on the chop block with Cons in charge. And if your small business grows to compete with the large corporations, do you feel that is something the Corporate crowd that runs the GOP, intimidates them with their big money, and huge lobby operations, enjoys seeing? Or do they just want you out, leaving more business for themselves? It makes no business sense, or common sense, to believe corporate stockholders, and CEOs care more about your goals, or your aspirations for your children, than they do about the next quarter’s profits. So why do you believe it so, when all the evidence, if you looked, would tell you something else?
            I’m 62 years old, put two daughters thru college, and worked for myself all my adult life. And you presume to tell me I know nothing of real world challenges? I’ve succeeded in spite of the big money influence on public policy, not because of it. Watched as big money interests have lobbied Cons for another subsidy, another tax break, advantages not available to me. And gotten it. To the determent of my business, my future, and just as important, to the determent of my customers who I depend upon for a living.
            So who do you think is looking out for you? Or do you actually care about any of that? Is your animus toward this President expressed in vacuous, well worn political talking points, effecting your ability to see the real truth behind the Conservative charade, which is anything but conservative? I believe so. Because what you are supporting now, if carried to it’s logical fruition, will cost you, and your children dearly? The information, and records are readily available to you, if you care about debt, growth of the economy, the proper tax, and regulation regimens, and which of the economic philosophies, when pursued, have historically provided the most desirable results for the vast majority, and by that, for the security and well being of the Nation.
            I believe you owe it to yourself, your family, and your business to find the truth. Would that be painful to your pride? Yes. As painful as it will be if you, and Cons at the end of the day win out? Win out in spite of common sense, in spite of all fact, and the best interests of the vast majority? (The question is rhetorical.)

          8. Phil Christensen June 18, 2016

            Your entire reply is the best reason for not electing Barry in the first place, and certainly not replacing him with HRC. Regrettably that leaves us with an alternative that isn’t any better. No elected official or unelected bureaucrat has my best interest at heart. I don’t depend on politicians. And neither should you. Never make them your heroes. They will always disappoint.

          9. charleo1 June 18, 2016

            Well, you may not depend on them. But they exist, and the policies they pursue effect you, and everyone else. So your old, I don’t like politicians bit, is a cop out. Look at the data. Maybe you preferred the economy after 12 years of Republican Leadership in Congress drove it in the ditch? Or, the Reagan deficits before that? That took the largest lender Nation, and turned it into the World’s largest debtor Nation in 8 years. And then, George W. came along, and put all that on steroids. Plus, launched a 3 trillion dollar military adventure, all on credit, that set the Mid East region on fire. Then, the economy nearly collapsed. But for the action of Democrats in Congress, and this President you detest so much, it would have, and taken Europe with it. And now suddenly you complain about the debt of all things! If you actually cared about the debt, and/or foreign policy, one would think, you’d learn something about it. Instead of pushing for the top down, predatory, privatize the profits, socialize the losses, and then borrow and tax the middle to pull it all off. You’d get smart, investigate, and see for yourself, the lying, cost shifting con of a party you evidently can’t wait for some more of. The good news is, the Country is smarter than that. Yes, believe it or don’t, smarter, thank God, than you.

          10. pisces63 June 17, 2016

            Back at you!! Yes, he filed charges but I did not see anything on the police harassment which is what your obtuse diatribe was about. As usual, nothing on THAT truism? The president has an opinion due to his back ground, also. Deal with THAT!!

          11. AgLander June 17, 2016

            Sounds to me from like you and your entire family have an air of superiority and entitlement. It comes through clearly in your comments. Try showing some respect and lose that attitude you are carrying around with you and you might be surprised at the change in treatment from police and fellow employees…..don’t forget to tell your son the same thing.

          12. PrecipitousDrop June 17, 2016

            Closed loop Disaster, AgLander. Fear, hate, fear, fear, hate, fear.
            Feel better now that an honest-to-god White Power Adonis like yourself has taken a couple of cheap shots at a woman? Right out here where we all saw you do it? Feeling hearty and strong and — what? — JUSTIFIED?

            We SAW you. We know. What. You. Are.

          13. pisces63 June 17, 2016

            Sounds like to me you figured out were not poor and on the dole. Couldn’t deal? I’ll keep my attitude, thank you. When you’ve watched your parents and other relatives act submissive for the bigoted village idiots while growing up and a white teacher calls you the n word in the 6th grade, there’s no way, I will be submissive to any of you. Joke, right? My son had no attitude …driving. he had no attitude walking into his home on a street where he and his wife, a corporate trainer, are loved and respected by all I met in over 10 years ownership of the home. What other pre-civil war attitude do you have. What ever you wish ain’t happening, either.

          14. Insinnergy June 18, 2016

            You are what you see… displacement is a thing.

          15. Phil Christensen June 17, 2016

            The potential lawsuit was about the police harassment. He should be taking mental notes every time it happens, writing it down after the fact, memorizing names, badge numbers, exact locations, etc. Find out what the policy is in various jurisdictions with respect to how long they hold onto their video footage and start subpoenaing it. If he is being harassed multiple times in the same jurisdictions, then speak to an attorney.

          16. Independent1 June 17, 2016

            Obama has gotten very little right?? Really?? Is that why over the past 7 years America has experienced the following positives and many, many more??

            Given that under Obama we’ve seen the longest period of positive job growth in American history (longer than any previous president by almost 2 years). And far more jobs have been created in the past 7 years than during the 12 disastrous years that Bush1 and 2 were in office. And the stock market has almost tripled saving the retirements of millions of Americans like me. And the 1.4 Trillion in deficit spending Obama inherited has come down further and faster than under any previous president in history. And no Americans have been sent into any new wars like under the last 2 Republicans. And for the first time in history America is now leading the world in energy production – gas and oil. And the past 7 plus years have been the safest 7 plus years for Americans overseas in the past 50 years. And Obama is just about to tie LBJ and Clinton as the only 3 presidents in office since 1900 that have not had a recession start during their term in office (notice that all three are/were Democrats). And the American auto industry is seeing profits today they haven’t seen since another Democrat named Clinton was in office. And I could go on and on with positives.
            Me thinks that like so many right-wing nutcases, you simply have your head too far up your butt!! So far that you can’t see the light of day or even what’s happening around you!!

          17. AgLander June 17, 2016

            You’re funny. I mean you are REALLY funny! Do you get crackers served along with those gallons of Kool Aid you obviously have been drinking?!

          18. PrecipitousDrop June 17, 2016

            You’re welcome to disprove ANY of it. But you won’t, because you can’t.
            It’s eating you alive.
            Your life is a closed loop Disaster, AgLander. Over and over. Fear and hate and fear. All Day. Every day. No waiting.
            Don’t worry, Big Fella.
            It will get worse. But ONLY for YOU.

          19. Phil Christensen June 17, 2016

            Oh, I will, though.
            According to Investors Business Daily (no doubt a GOP front) We had 2% growth in the third quarter of 2015. Then we had 1.4% growth in the 4th quarter of 2015. The Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta forecast (again, I’m sure the central bank is working for those wascally wepubwicans ) that the first quarter GDP growth of this year is estimated at a microscopic 0.7%.
            The U-6 (uh, that’s the government’s real unemployment rate for you kids – the one they don’t tell their friends at the NY Times or PMSNBC about) dipped below 10% for the first time during this administration late last year. And this is what they’re telling themselves. There’s no real way to tell what actual un-employment is, but its clearly well into the double digits.
            While anemic, you can say that technically, the economy hasn’t actually “shrunk,” all due to the desperate stoking of an additional 10T in national debt. (Can you Progs at least admit that he owns that without reaching back to the prior administration?)
            Seriously, you people have got to stop worshiping at the feet of politicians in general and the current sock-puppet occupying the oval office in particular.

          20. Jan123456 June 17, 2016

            You can’t compare the U6 to the U3 (the most commonly reported rate) because U3 is a subset of U6. So, if U6 went below 10%…what was it when Obama took office? Almost 15%

            Can you Progs at least admit that he owns that without reaching back to the prior administration?),

            Not and be honest. Medicare Part D and the Iraq/Afghanistan wars were started without being included in the debt. Under Obama it got included.

          21. Phil Christensen June 17, 2016

            No, you can compare precisely because its a subset. It was 14% when he took office, peaked and 17.5%, and then slowly declined about 1.25 tic a year, again fueled by unprecedented borrowing. Face it. Barry owns this. Do the math, and tell me exactly how we come up with enough man-hours to generate enough labor to convert to the capital needed to pay this down.

          22. Jan123456 June 17, 2016

            Yes, I agree. BHO owns the decrease from 14.8 to 9.7….it was 50% higher when he took office.

          23. Phil Christensen June 18, 2016

            Does he own the extra $10T it took to fuel that pitiful stat?

          24. Jan123456 June 18, 2016

            Not entirely. When the wars were started, not only did the government commit us to paying for guns, uniforms, bombs, fighter jets, tanks, etc., (any idea how many millions it takes to train ONE jet pi!ot)we were also committed to decades of artificial legs, arms, seeing eye dogs, physical and emotional therapy and other care needed by the veterans created by these wars.

            Just look at how much of the US budget is taken up by the defense dept. What would you like to cut from that?

          25. Phil Christensen June 19, 2016

            I’ll have that discussion since you’re asking rationally. Yes, administrations tend to obligate ones in the future. It would take a very good actuary to determine how far into the future this nation was paying for Wilson’s debacle – Eisenhower? Kennedy? How long were we paying for the Kennedy/Johnson Misadventure in Southeast Asia? All the way up to Clinton? God knows. So yes, the ripples from Bush’s ill-executed intervention in Central Asia, as well as Obama’s de-stabilization will be felt for some time to come.
            So what would I cut? Glad you asked, because I’ve thought about it for a while. I would reduce the military to what is specifically stated in the Constitution. A Navy, (and by fiat a Marine Corps), and a National Guard. That’s it. The Air Force is redundant, and so is the Army. Standing armies are un-Godly expensive – the payroll alone is near-crippling, and our technological edge makes such expenditures ridiculous.

          26. Jan123456 June 19, 2016

            I do have to agree with you that the military is bloated. After all, the Pentagon doesn’t even always WANT some of the equipment they’re given, but if a congressional representative can get a military contract for his/her area, they will. Necessity be damned.

            However, the next budget, you can’t just decide to cut the entire Air Force and Army. Once again, we have obligations to the people who are serving. But, once again, I agree with you that technology makes the old way of doing things obsolete. That is one reason I have issue with the people who blame Obama for shrinking the size of the military. Is it true? Yes. Is it a good idea? Also yes.


          27. Phil Christensen June 20, 2016

            And that is one of the issues with which I find myself at odds with those in the “Tea Party” movement. I found the “robbing Medicare” to pay for Obamacare incongruous, even if true. If you oppose socialized medicine on principle, the you oppose it period, even with the genie out of the bottle.
            Like you, I hold no idealogical delusions that a dime is getting cut from any part of the federal budget, particularly the military. Too many of the too powerful have too deep an interest to allow that to happen.

          28. Jan123456 June 19, 2016

            One more question…when you say Obama’s destabilization…can you be more specific? What does that mean to you?

          29. Phil Christensen June 20, 2016

            I think opening up fronts in Iraq and Afghanistan was bad policy. With respect to the execution, its never a good idea to observe marques de queensbury rules in a wartime environment. That being said, both fronts had reached a point in December of 2008 where many of our objectives had been met from a tactical standpoint.
            I think the removal of all occupying forces from the Iraqi theatre was analogous to Kennedy if he had removed all troops from South Korea in order to deny Eisenhower a victory. This is an opinion, not a detailed analysis. Maybe one day I’ll write a paper on it.

          30. Jan123456 June 20, 2016

            Here’s the thing. Iraq would not agree to a Status of Forces Agreement (SoFA) for our soldiers staying there. This meant (among other things) that had we stayed, our military would have been bound by Iraqi law including religious law. The date to withdraw was set under the Bush administration – that was an agreement the US was bound by, unless another agreement could be reached. Can you imagine what criticism there would be of Obama had he left our troops there without a new SoFA and, say, our female soldiers were imprisoned for not wearing a hajib?

            Please read top of page 20.


          31. Phil Christensen June 22, 2016

            This was a good find. It does make me wonder about the hundreds of hours of negotiations that went on. This was signed by GWB in 2008, (I was lazy and went to the Wiki page for that), so any cross-pollination between the outgoing and incoming administrations was clearly after the fact. So, I agree that expecting the Obama Administration to put the brakes on this, would have been a bit much, given the likely-hood that negotiations would have likely dragged on past the withdrawal deadline.

          32. Independent1 June 18, 2016

            He doesn’t own once cent of that 10T; NOT ONE CENT!!

          33. Phil Christensen June 18, 2016

            Then no president is.

          34. Independent1 June 18, 2016

            Yes they do, Reagan and the 2 Bushes own over 90% of it: First Reagan added 2 trillion in 8 years, throwing more money down a drain hole with his star wars fantasies and more, than all the presidents in office between Hoover and him combined- leaving with our debt at 2.9T. Then Bush 1 added another 1.5T in his 4 years – bringing the debt to 4.4T; and then Clinton added another 1.1T in his 8 years, a majority of it being interest.

            And then Bush 2 added 5T in his 8 years bringing the debt to 10.6T; But, and that’s a big BUT, in addition to the 10.6T he’d run up – he passed Obama a budget with 1.4T of deficit spending – but that wasn’t all the deficit spending Bush was doing – that’s only what he’d allowed to be included in the budget.

            Bush was spending billions on the unfunded legislation that he’d had passed which was not in the budget; the House was passing special appropriations bills to cover bills on the wars and tax cut shortfalls when they came due. So although Bush had run up 12T of debt, 10.6 + 1.4 in his budget, there were billions not included yet in that 12T.

            So when Obama made his 1st budget, not only was he needing to cover a lot of the expenses Bush had passed along, he had to role in the billions Bush had kept out of the budget. And on top of that, Bush had passed Obama the worst economy since the Great Depression, with almost 8 million jobs lost and almost a million losing their jobs every month. Which added to the deficit because tax revenues were down over 1/2 a trillion due to all the belly up companies and millions of workers no longer paying taxes.

            With all the depressed tax revenues, and the unfunded costs from the wars, the tax cuts, Medicare Part D and unfunded state mandates, the deficit added up even though spending under Obama was going down faster than under any previous president. None of those deficit increases were attributable to any spending that Obama was doing – it was all GEORGE’S DOING!!!

          35. Phil Christensen June 19, 2016

            Goodness, what was Tip O’Neil doing all that time? Jim Wright? Tom Foley? Bueller? Bueller?

          36. Independent1 June 18, 2016

            And only a total dumbcoff would suggest that the smallest spending president in the past 60 years is responsible for driving up our debt by 10T.

            From Politifact:

            Average spending increases per year by president:











            So, using raw dollars, Obama did oversee the lowest annual increases in spending of any president in 60 years.

            Adjusted for inflation:










            So, using inflation-adjusted dollars, Obama had the second-lowest increases — in fact, he actually presided over a decrease once inflation is taken into account


          37. Phil Christensen June 18, 2016

            Well, let’s put aside the claims of a wingnut from Polito-errors and go right to the source – say the Congressional budget office.

            2009 $3.518T
            2010 $3.456T – 1.76%
            2011 $3.603T + 4.25%
            2012 $3.537T – 1.8%
            2013 $3.45T – 2.46% Sequester Year, thank you Republicans.
            2014 $3.506T + 1.6%
            2015 $3.688T + 5.2%
            2016 $3.999T (requested) +8% – realistically will not happen.

            Increase from 2009 through 2015 is 4.83% over 6 years, averaging a .8% increase. Still pretty low, but not quite the rosy negative figure your friend at Politi”fact” would have to believe.

            National debt as a percentage of GDP 2009: 82.4%.
            National debt as a percentage of GDP 2015: 104.17%

            Do your own research next time and stop cutting and pasting.

            If you want to make the case that congress has the constitutional authority of the purse, that’s fine. In that case, no president is responsible for any deficit ever. But your so proud of this empty suit, and you’re so lacking in self-discipline, I don’t think you have it in you let it go.

            If you want to keep stalking me, by all means. You can have the last word.

          38. Jan123456 June 18, 2016

            National debt as a percentage of GDP 2009: 82.4%.
            National debt as a percentage of GDP 2015: 104.17%

            Where did you get those figures?

          39. Independent1 June 18, 2016

            He made them up – 2009 total debt to GDP was not 82.4% – he made that up!!

            And Phil clearly doesn’t understand debt to GDP, YOU DO NOT include debt that is owed withing the government, which adds up to about 4.5-5T of the debt is debt that the government owes to itself. Last year, the CBO published our debt to GDP ratio as being 73% – the lowest debt to GDP of any similar industrialized nation on the planet. Even Canada’s debt to GDP is over 85%.

          40. Jan123456 June 18, 2016

            I know, I went to the CBO website and found his numbers were figments of his imagination.

          41. Phil Christensen June 19, 2016

            Yeah, not so much.

          42. Phil Christensen June 19, 2016

            Feel free to walk that back. In the meantime, I’m going to answer your question a little further down the thread.

          43. Jan123456 June 19, 2016

            I don’t believe I need to walk that back. Please tell me the page of your OMB report on which 104.17% appears.

          44. Phil Christensen June 19, 2016

            what a “withing?” How do you borrow from yourself? And if you do, does that mean you get to forgive the debt?

          45. Independent1 June 19, 2016

            So I made a typo. When are you going to grow up?? You know full well what I meant.

            And you really can’t be serious that you don’t understand that a government can owe money to itself – all of it being accounting manipulations to record when one department in a government transfers funds or loans money to another dept.

            And don’t tell me you’re so out in space that you’re not aware that Reagan and other presidents have reportedly ‘borrowed billions of dollars from Social Security’.. Which according to the Social Security Administration has really never happened.
            (Which is why the SS trust fund today has 2.8T in it.)

          46. Phil Christensen June 19, 2016

            Yes, but your undisciplined reactions are amusing.

          47. Independent1 June 19, 2016

            As spoken by a total moron with his brain in La La Land!!!

          48. Phil Christensen June 19, 2016

            …we analyze five stylized changes in federal fiscal policy that would close a fiscal gap of 1.8 percent of GDP by immediately and permanently increasing tax revenues or decreasing spending. Those policy changes would stabilize the debt-to-GDP ratio at the 2014 level of 74 percent. – CBO Working Paper Summer 2015-10.
            We can talk about “wouldn’t it be nice if…” all day long, but we’re dealing with reality here. So “if” a particular set of policies were enacted… And yes, that 74% takes a whole lot off the table for which the American Taxpayer is still on the hook.

          49. Independent1 June 19, 2016

            All a bunch of Total BS!! Sorry, you’re assessment of the situation is not only wrong, it’s totally worthless!! I wouldn’t give diddly squat for anything you claim to believe!! So you can go pack it in!!!

          50. Phil Christensen June 19, 2016

            Soooooooo…. what?

          51. Phil Christensen June 19, 2016

            Congressional budget office published them.

          52. Jan123456 June 19, 2016

            Not the one I see…link please?


          53. Jan123456 June 19, 2016

            1. You said CBO published them yet your link was to the OMB. That being said, both are credible sources even though they are DIFFERENT entities.

            The report you linked to said, ” As a result there were corresponding increases in debt held by the public to 39.3 percent of GDP in 2008, 52.3 percent of GDP in 2009, 60.9 percent of GDP in 2010, and 65.9 percent of GDP in 2011. This increase continued, growing to 70.4 percent of GDP in 2012, 72.3 percent in 2013, and 74.1 percent in 2014.”

            Nowhere in that report does the number 104.17 appear. Are you sure you didn’t just read that on some right wing website and accept is as true because you wanted to? After all, you did say you were citing CBO when clearly you weren’t.

          54. Phil Christensen June 19, 2016

            OK, let’s do the math together. Here is the original document:

            Page numbers are as they appear on the document, not the PDF:
            Table S-1, page 163: GDP for 2015 – 18.219T
            Table S-13 – page 208: Total Federal Debt – 18.713T
            Federal debt as a percentage of GDP – 102.7%

            The 104% was based on outdated info from the CBO which showed an underestimation of the GDP from their November 2015 summery: https://www.cbo.gov/sites/default/files/114th-congress-2015-2016/reports/50974-MBR1.pdf.

            Now, if you take “publicly owned debt,” then yes, National Debt remains around 70% of GDP. But sooner or later the Federal Reserve and the SSA are going to want their money back. Even if THEY don’t, the debt owned by the public will continue to overtake the total of goods and services produced. Is there enough man-hours out there to convert to capital? I guess we’ll see.

          55. Jan123456 June 20, 2016

            You know what though? I am impressed by your research into two different parts of the report.

            Thanks for that education.

          56. Phil Christensen June 19, 2016


            OMB and CBO. Should have been more thorough in my answer. I’ll take that hit.

          57. Jan123456 June 19, 2016

            Oops, I then apologize, I wrote my answer about the two entities before I read this.

          58. Phil Christensen June 20, 2016

            No issues. That 104% was based on outdated info, and I corrected in another part of the thread. It doesn’t hurt to be challenged on forums like this, and it just makes us all better.

          59. Independent1 June 18, 2016

            And you clearly don’t read – you’re using ‘RAW DOLLARS’ not inflation adjusted dollars. And using raw dollars, the number i quoted you for Obama was 1.4%. Your .8% is actually lower than what I quoted you.

            And your 2009 debt to GDP is a blatant lie!!!

          60. Phil Christensen June 19, 2016

            Um… no. Now go away.

          61. Independent1 June 18, 2016

            And when you talk about employment clueless – start waking up to reality and realize that the GOP congressional idiots over the past 7 years have done everything in their power to sabotage the economy and slow down employment. You GOP lovers are absolutely despicable worthless human beings who would purposely support politicians who deliberately pass or don’t pass laws knowing that in whatever they’re doing – they’re either causing many of the people who elected them to suffer miserable lives or to actually die prematurely.

            Not only do red states lead the nation in every way of people dying prematurely, they by far lead the nation in people living in poverty and all ten of America’s most miserable states to live in have been identified by survey groups as all being RED STATES!

          62. Phil Christensen June 18, 2016

            I bet you thought the Sandinistas taught 90,000 people to read in 6 months.

          63. Phil Christensen June 18, 2016

            “…unemployment clueless…” Can someone help Indy out with his syntax? Come on I now there must be plenty of compassionate Progs on here who would help a fellow out.

          64. Independent1 June 18, 2016

            More of your absolutely total BS, ignorance and Hogwash!!! You CANNOT compare changes in the U-6 today to any other previous time in history. The mix of people included in the U-6 today is dramatically different than it was 20-30 years ago.

          65. Independent1 June 18, 2016

            Absolutely, the mix of people included in the U-6 today is dramatically different than the mix was 20-30 or more years ago. Only total idiots like Phil give any credence to the U-6.

          66. Jan123456 June 18, 2016

            The reason they do is because (being a super-set of the U3) it’s bigger and that’s all Obama’s fault. (lmao)

          67. Independent1 June 18, 2016

            That and the fact that a far larger portion of the U-6 today, than say 30 years ago, are people who would not take a job if it was offered to them because they are either retired and would no longer want to work; or they are in the elite group of people who do not need to work because they are independently wealthy. Supposed employment analyst who wonder why there is a larger portion of Americans who are not looking for jobs, clearly have their heads stuck in the sand or up somewhere else.

          68. Independent1 June 18, 2016

            Only total dumbcoffs such as you would even give a moments credence to the U-6 numbers – especially since the U-6 is based on everyone in America over the age of 16 with few if any exclusions. And only a total dumbcoff, would realize that the makeup of people in the U.S. over 16 has changed dramatically over the past 30 years, even just since Reagan, the difference is like night and day.

            The percent of our population over 65 and now retired, has increased dramatically since the 1980s; which is one of many reasons why there is a far larger portion of our population that NO LONGER FACTORS INTO THE ACTUAL WORKFORCE – like the idiot U-6 assumes. Not only are there far more retired folks included in the U-6 who would not take a job if you handed one to them on a platter, there are millions more people in the upper 10% of America’s incomes included in the U-6 today, than was the case under Reagan; people who also wouldn’t take a job because they don’t need to work today – they’ve become independently wealth since Reagan started skyrocketing income inequality in America.

            So keep on being a total moron and giving even 2 seconds credence to a number that is totally worthless – the U-6. The way it’s constructed couldn’t be more worthless except to total dumbcoffs such as yourself.

          69. Phil Christensen June 18, 2016

            Investor Business Daily is probably painting a rosy picture. The real unemployment is more liking far above that. Have another sip of Obama-aide. Mmm-mmm-mm. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Ty7WU872Lk

          70. Independent1 June 20, 2016

            More of that negative biased ridiculous diatribe:

            Barack H. Obama is the Greatest President of Modern Times

            His list of accomplishments, even minus any opposition, would be staggering. Considering the odds against him, they are truly monumental. In all these areas, he has made life better for Americans. Not just for the rich, but for all Americans.

            We have just seen that he has been named by Americans as the most admired man in the world for the seventh straight year. There is good reason for that. And it is not because he is FDR or JFK or even Abraham Lincoln. It is because he is Barack H. Obama, and that is no small thing in itself. He was, like so many other great men in ournation’s history, the right man in the right place at the right time. And he answered the call.

            Not only did Barack H. Obama face the deeply entrenched racism of the nation that elected him, but a Republican Party determined to obstruct his every move, to make him a one term president and that term an utter failure. All the while, he had to face his real work, that for which he was elected: digging our nation out of the hole into which his predecessor had dragged us.

            And it was a deep hole. Hated by the world, our economy in shambles, two wars continuing and with no real end in sight, let alone any idea of what, exactly, would constitute victory, Barack Obama stepped up to theplate, and like Babe Ruth calling his shot, made his play. Like Ruth, he hit it out of the park. This is not hyperbole. The facts prove it.

            The wars are over, the economy is booming. Unemployment, like gas prices, are dropping and we have seen record levels of job growth. By any measure of success, including that of Republican candidates in 2012, his presidency has been a success. Even businesses and Wall Street agree that Republicans are killing the economy, and the evidence proves that the economy grows more under Democratic than Republican presidents.


          71. Phil Christensen June 22, 2016

            So… you like him?

          72. Independent1 June 17, 2016

            You just can’t deal with the truth can you clueless?? You’re just so used to hearing all the propaganda and lies from Faux News that reading the truth just throws you for a loop. Sorry, everything I posted IS A FACT!!!

          73. charleo1 June 17, 2016

            The first remarkable thing is everything you listed is absolutely true.
            The second remarkable thing is, none of it will make the slightest bit of sense to our friend Phil. You may as well have explained it all to him in Swahili. See, his World is getting ready to collapse. The “Illegals,” are taking our jobs, and raping our women, as the Muslim hoards are being invited in, as Obama and his secret coven of Jihadists are trying to disarm us all. In Phil’s World, it’s OMG time everyday.

          74. Phil Christensen June 17, 2016

            I see you continue to drink the Keynesian Kool-aide. At least you refrained from typing in all-caps this time.

          75. Independent1 June 17, 2016

            Sorry, what I posted are all facts – absolutely no Kool-aide. If what I posted seems foreign to you, it’s because like I said – you live with your head up your butt. Let’s see you disprove anything I posted.

          76. Phil Christensen June 17, 2016

            I did.

          77. Independent1 June 17, 2016

            Right! With your totally nonsensical rhetoric. Wow!! Do you ever live in your own fantasy world!! No wonder you conservatives are so far into La La Land!!!

            You haven’t proven diddly squat – only that you’re a mental incompetent!!

          78. Phil Christensen June 17, 2016

            Actually that was the rhetoric of published source. Reading comprehension just isn’t one of your strengths. The sad part about this is that on some level, I’m probably supporting you with my tax dollars.

          79. Insinnergy June 18, 2016

            Oh you mean that vast avoidance dance you just did?…. LOL

          80. Independent1 June 17, 2016

            And I’m sure you’re going to freak out at these statistics which prove that Republicans are just terrible at running a government:

            It’s curious how effective false advertising has been for the Republican party. Contrary to the story they have sold nearly half the country, America has done very well under Democratic presidents, and in fact far better than under Republican presidents.

            [1]Which party is better at “small government” and keeping federal spending down? Since 1959 federal spending has gone up an average $35 billion a year under Democratic presidents and $60 billion under Republicans. So it’s no surprise to find Republican presidents have increased the national debt much faster, more than $200 billion per year, versus less than a $100 billion per year under Democrats. And this is not even counting the second term of G.W. Bush.

            2]Which party is better for the stock market? Slate magazine checked the numbers (in 2002) and found that since 1900, Democratic presidents have produced a 12.3 percent annual total return on the S&P 500 compared with an 8% return from the Republicans. Stock Trader’s Almanac examined Dow appreciation and found similar numbers (13.4 percent versus 8.1 percent). responsibility.

            [3]Just weeks ago the New York Times examined how an investment of $10,000 would have grown under each party during this time. They found that a $10,000 investment in the S.& P. 500 would have grown to $11,733 if invested under Republican presidents only. If we exclude Herbert Hoover’s disastrous depression numbers the growth rises to $51,211. The same investment made during Democratic presidents only, would have grown to $300,671.

            [4]Does having a Republican Congress help the market? No, the record shows that a Democratic controlled Senate provided a higher return and a Democratic controlled House also enjoyed a higher return.

            [5]How about growth of GDP? American Gross Domestic Product has grown nearly three times as fast under Democrats as Republicans. Since 1930, the annual mean growth in real GDP under Republican Presidents has been 1.8 percent; under Democrats, 5.1 percent.

            [6]Which party has had the largest annual deficits? Over the last 75 years, Republican administrations have had an average annual deficit of $83.4 billion. The average for Democratic presidents is one fourth of that, only $20 billion.

            [7]How about job creation? James Carville put it this way: “In the last fifty years, there have been ten Presidents–five Democrats and five Republicans–and the Democrats place first, second, third, fourth and fifth [in new job creation]… the chance of that occurring randomly is 1 in 252,000…”

            [8]How about poverty? With the exception of president Nixon, poverty went up under every Republican president since 1961. Under every Democratic president since 1961, it fell.

            There are many more categories to consider, inflation, unemployment, income gain; they all trend in favor of the Democrats and like the above it’s usually not even close. And the trend holds up even if lag factors are figured in.

          81. Phil Christensen June 17, 2016

            Nice screed. Your ability to spew doctrine would have made you a great commissar back in the day – right up to the moment your friends shoved you up against the wall and sent your family the bill for the bullet.
            We are $20T in debt thanks to Barry. I see the same nonsense posted nearly point-by-point from Republicans claiming just the opposite, and every time I go to the source material its never what either of you say it is. Your sad devotion to a political party any political is nothing short of ridiculous and has blinded you to the obvious reality.

          82. Independent1 June 17, 2016


          83. Phil Christensen June 18, 2016

            !!! MUST TYPE IN CAPS!!! Tool.

          84. Independent1 June 18, 2016

            Yes moron!! Caps is for emphasis, not shouting!! Only ignorant clods like you don’t understand!!

          85. Independent1 June 18, 2016

            Stop lying! Stop fabricating reality! Stop making up fake statistics!! And I’ll stop typing in caps!!

          86. Phil Christensen June 19, 2016

            Security to aisle five. We have a lost little boy having a melt down…

          87. Independent1 June 19, 2016

            All I can say is, Like in Rome, you do as the Romans do; similarly, when you’re blogging with people who act like 6-year olds by deliberately lying and lying and lying in an effort to get their way while trying to hoodwink as many people as they can, you deal with them in the manner that they’ve put themselves into – like 6-year olds. You need to return to the sandbox where you’re more in your element. You clearly don’t have the intelligence to be blogging on the NM.

          88. Phil Christensen June 20, 2016

            So… National Memo is your… Rome?

          89. Independent1 June 20, 2016

            Well maybe. There’s gotten to be so many of you six-year-old level right-wing bloggers on here with your idiotic notions of reality that I do feel sometimes like the NM has been reduced down to the level of rhetoric that would be best suited to 1st graders. Most kids after 1st grade graduate from living in a fantasy land like you right-wing nutcases seem to love to revel in.

          90. plc97477 June 18, 2016

            I don’t feel sorry for them. after all, it is a choice.

          91. Insinnergy June 18, 2016

            … and the frothing bullsh!t keeps on flowing.

          92. PrecipitousDrop June 17, 2016

            Of course we can’t stop you from having an opinion!
            Goodness sakes, Pill, what a silly notion.
            However, I do have this box of flags…

          93. Phil Christensen June 17, 2016

            Of course. Her notion that I cannot have an opinion is a silly one. Kind of redundant of you to point that out, though.

          94. PrecipitousDrop June 17, 2016

            Good on you, Pill.
            Keep a firm hold on all your misguided schemes. We just really don’t want any more of them to get away from you.

          95. Phil Christensen June 17, 2016

            Keep the non-sequiturs coming getting kind of amusing. You’re getting interesting.

          96. pisces63 June 17, 2016

            You’re a liar. I disputed the fact you do not believe the president has one. I could care less what you think. Really??

          97. Phil Christensen June 17, 2016

            You’re getting unhinged. If you didn’t care what I think, you wouldn’t have responded.
            BTW, I hope you’ve taken note that the eeeevil conservative is the only one on this thread who is actually seems to give a damn about you.

          98. pisces63 June 17, 2016

            Not responding, setting you straight. Such a delicious feeling.

          99. Phil Christensen June 17, 2016

            Whatever gets you to the afterglow, Princess.

          100. pisces63 June 17, 2016

            He did just that and went to his uncle, a cop and other family friends and members on the force who helped him on the harassment issue. My point is you cannot give an opinion unless you experience the situation. Have you experienced it? I’m in Ohio and the idiot cops have angered the GOP hierarchy before their convention here next month, in Cleveland. What chance does my son have when the GOP gets dissed. Good old Loomis.

          101. Phil Christensen June 17, 2016

            So I can’t have an opinion on say, cancer because I’ve never experienced it?
            With respect, that’s not very well thought out.

          102. pisces63 June 17, 2016

            Not really. Me, I wouldn’t even try. If something unknown or unfamiliar, I ask. I try not to assume.

          103. Phil Christensen June 17, 2016

            Well let me try anyway. I think cancer is… bad! Huh, will you look at that? How’d that happen?

          104. ivory69690@yahoo.com June 20, 2016

            I think you might have something here ill use some of your words and help you here (( I think cancer is… bad! Huh )) and the closest thing to it should very well be DUNNY DUMP . now im helping put you on the right track

          105. ivory69690@yahoo.com June 20, 2016

            as for how DONNY DUMP happen one might have to go to the deepest part of hell to find that answer . but if you want to know where one has to go to today . just go to the deepest part of a butt hole what then is coming out would be DONNY DUMPS speech

          106. ivory69690@yahoo.com June 20, 2016

            – reality
            – or actual knowledge /// with these one need not assume

          107. pisces63 June 20, 2016

            SOOOOO true. You know what they say about assuming? I’m from Cleveland and my Cavs won!!! Finally. At 67 I got to see one, at least.

          108. ivory69690@yahoo.com June 20, 2016

            im right next to Boston we have had our share of Champs here but from the time when the Cav’s were down 3 to 1 I was cheering for them . and last night I was cheering for them like as if thy came from Boston. great game and James did come back and help you get your title . when it was 3 to 1 all I thought of was the Red Sox’s playing the Yankees in 2004 when thy was down 3– 0 and came back to win it all that 3 to 0 come back was also history making

          109. pisces63 June 20, 2016

            I was for Boston, also. Our youngest daughter is a Yankee fan. When they were down, she laughed. I said don’t. I watched that with Oakland one year. Only this time they were up 3/1 and the Yanks came back and best them. I’m more of an Indians/Browns fan but this series was awesome. Oh, my husband and our son are….Steelers fans. Go figure. My daughter was disgusted when I could not get enough of the documentary right after they won the World Series. I know how they felt, now. We almost did it twice with my Indians in the 90’s. they are #1. now but it’s just half time, All Star Game. We can only hope. Yet, you get just the right team few times in life. Boston had it going on with Pedro, Papi, Damon and the others.

          110. ivory69690@yahoo.com June 20, 2016

            and that’s just in the 21st Cen. doing good here 3 with the Red Sox 4 with the Pats 1 Celtics 1 Bruins

          111. Insinnergy June 18, 2016

            To date you haven’t ever required actual experience to have an opinion… in fact you also haven’t required:
            – facts
            – reality
            – or actual knowledge

          112. Independent1 June 20, 2016

            You don’t have opinions, you have negative reactions to virtually everything based on the 24/7 brainwashing that you get from watch right-wing propaganda outlets like Faux News and Brietbart. Or what you claim are opinions are just your negative mindset from constantly refusing to believe reality.

          113. ivory69690@yahoo.com June 18, 2016

            your right and OPINIONS are like butt holes every one has one just some are bigger then others

          114. Phil Christensen June 19, 2016

            I have been silenced by your erudite debating skills.

          115. PrecipitousDrop June 19, 2016

            Thanks, Pill.
            We rise in praise of small favors.

          116. ivory69690@yahoo.com June 20, 2016

            i have debate skills by your silence

        2. AgLander June 17, 2016

          Get over yourself lady. Anytime some arrogant s.o.b. tries to say “you have no opinion because you’re not black like me”, that’s a signal that they are an angry moron walking around with a big chip on their shoulder and blinded by hate. Get lost, loser……because “you have shown you aren’t responsible enough to have an opinion”!

          1. PrecipitousDrop June 17, 2016

            You are SO reliable AgLander!
            Whenever there’s a need for a VERY large turd, I know just where to look!

          2. Insinnergy June 18, 2016

            Angry Troll is angry.
            Given your inability to reason I guess that makes you the angry moron you are referring to.
            How existential.

          3. ivory69690@yahoo.com June 18, 2016

            and you say this because you think or know ?and your maybe WHITE ?

          4. ivory69690@yahoo.com June 18, 2016

            soooo and too much hate even in just these chats

          5. AgLander June 19, 2016

            Another color obsessed bigot, eh? You libs sure have a lot of this running through your veins!

          6. ivory69690@yahoo.com June 19, 2016

            color obsessed bigot you say I am ? im colored blind as to running yes I maybe one that is running on something I run on race the HUMAN RACE its just sad that some are so sick and evil . seems its ones like you that has the hate running through your veins .

        3. ivory69690@yahoo.com June 18, 2016

          that time at his work I do wish I worded there also . me being Irish, Scottish ,French Ca., and English . my race is human . and no matter the other I tend to be one that jumps on anyone disrespecting another person . do I surprise white guys if and when ill defend a black person or any person being disrespected by another ? yes I have surprised them . and to this day none of the hating POS have ever done anything to me thy just walk away . im I a tough guy ? who knows . I am a guy that respects other people and im color blind when it come to it . one might say at any given time I go for the underdog

      2. Sand_Cat June 17, 2016

        Whereas you are consistently wrong.

        1. Phil Christensen June 17, 2016

          Facts have no bias. I see I’m still living rent-free in your head.

          1. Insinnergy June 18, 2016

            Fact may have no bias… but they also require at least an average intellect to leverage their potential.
            I’m not sure what you are… but “angry Republican Wingnut” springs to mind.
            “Intellectual” does not.

          2. Independent1 June 20, 2016

            Facts may not have a bias, but you six-year old level right-wingers consistently twist facts into whatever the biggest negative is that you can think of -or like with the facts about climate change – just choose to ignore them or pretend that they’re not really facts at all!!!

      3. Insinnergy June 18, 2016

        The fact that you entered a quote war with Trump in your corner speaks volumes for your abject stupidity.

        1. Phil Christensen June 18, 2016

          Five replies. You need to start charging me rent. And get some furniture. It’s kind of empty up here in your head. If all else fails, refer to the JPEG under the title of this post, and good luck. I’m rooting for you as you come to grips with your mental and emotional health issues.

          1. Insinnergy June 21, 2016

            I can actually hear the excited drool dripping off your chin as you obsessively count every response you get.

            So tell me “Phil”… share with all of us… Why are you here?

            I’m betting, based on your rather petty replies, that you’re the poorly paid employee of an Astroturfing firm who is forced to sit on these forums all day… Mainly because that’s more charitable than the alternative… Which would be that you are a narcissistic attention whore who needs conflict to feel alive.

            But give it to us in your own words.
            Don’t feel you have to use mine.

            Why are you here, “Phil”?
            Teaching us a “lesson” like sad Otto the pee-troll?
            Showing us your “genius”?
            Saving us from our sad liberal beliefs?

            I’m just dying to know…

          2. Phil Christensen June 22, 2016

            You left out the First Amendment. But then, you fellas usually do.

    4. PrecipitousDrop June 17, 2016

      Fancy seeing YOU here.
      Oh, wait… Limbaugh.
      Got it.

    5. Sand_Cat June 17, 2016

      You sound disturbingly like a paranoid and delusional hate-monger scraping past the bottom of the barrel. But then, what’s new about that?

      1. Independent1 June 17, 2016

        You’re description of AgLander is clearly much more tempered than mind – to me, he’s just babbling idiot who really belongs in an asylum.

      2. ivory69690@yahoo.com June 18, 2016

        WOW >>>(sound disturbingly like a paranoid and delusional hate-monger scraping past the bottom of the barrel. But then, what’s new about that? )<< REAL GOOD !! YOU PUT THE WORDS TOGETHER FOR THE CLOWN CAR DRIVER DONNY DUMP THE DUMPSTER MOUTH to a tee talk about hitting the nail on the head . you should get a star .

    6. Insinnergy June 18, 2016

      You skipped every single instance of Republican and Religious culpable idiocy from the right in this article to pick out a singular reference to Obama by noted Drug Addict and insane fat man, Rush… and focus only on that?
      So desperate.
      I can only assume your highest goal in life is to make it onto this list…
      Well… Good news! You’re definitely on the right track.

      If my utter contempt for your feckless AstroTurfing, willful ignorance, and selective ability to avoid any relevant point and get straight to salaciously fondling any Faux “News” Talking Point you can randomly drag into things is not coming through clearly… please just take it as read, as your desperate need for attention is truly amazing to behold.
      Sad Troll.

    7. Joan July 16, 2016

      What is the deal on the right with the term radical Islamic terrorist? The President has laid out his reasons for using other terminology – his reasons were well thought out and articulated so that anyone with an open mind could understand his reasoning. What reason is there for insisting on using THAT particular term? How would slavish devotion to THAT term advancd our foreign affairs or aid in our personal protection. Make your case or Just Shut Up about it already!

      1. AgLander July 16, 2016

        Hey, Joanie…… I hope he continues to refuse to acknowledge the enemy we face because his feckless behavior projects weakness and fear which emboldens the enemy and is simply driving more and more voters to Trump and away from the lying pant suits queen, Hillary!

        1. Joan July 16, 2016

          Your non reply, reply along with your attempt to change my name tells me and most every one else the clarity and quality of your thinking. Thanks for playing, but if we wanted Right Wing talking points we could watch Fox, Faux News. I could tell you why Joanie ( not me) no longer loves Chachi – his support for the Trump.

  2. Dominick Vila June 17, 2016

    What idiots like Rush Limbaugh do not understand is that it is morally and strategically counter productive for us to blame the 1.6B members of another religion for the crimes committed by a minority of the members of that religion. From a strategic perspective, it is highly irresponsible for Americans to insult those upon whose help we depend to fight and defeat terrorism.
    Once again, simplistic rhetoric, insidious accusations bordering on libel, and instant gratification, are far more important for those whose idea of intellectual acumen is synonymous to hatred and irresponsibility, to responsible and pragmatic governance.

    1. ivory69690@yahoo.com June 18, 2016

      DUST LIMPO is just the other one need siting beside DONNY DUMP for thy are the pair that swing from the back of a bull’s sack

  3. Bone-jarring contrasts between their views & reality.

    I’ve said it before–the Dark side feeds on it’s own.
    And the Republicans must now choose: Party loyalty…or Sane Government.
    They cannot serve both.

    1. Independent1 June 17, 2016

      Yeah! Talking about Republicans having to make a choice, one thing right-wingers fail to take into account, is that when they oppose gun control, they’re actually working to hasten the demise of the GOP political base. GOP lovers are by far the biggest supporters of the NRA and therefore make up the largest percentage of gun owners in America today. It’s high gun ownership GOP-run states that lead the nation in people dying from gunshots.

      So given that it’s those GOP loving gun owners and their families and friends who make up the biggest percentage of the 200,000 or so people who end up at the hospital with gun shot wounds each year (needing an average of a $14,000 hospital stay to get patched up if they don’t die); this means GOP lovers clearly make up more then than 50% of the 30 plus thousand people dying each year due to homicides and suicides; so when the GOP votes against gun controls that should work to reduce the numbers injured and killed by guns – they’re actually voting to see more of the people who would actually support the GOP die; thereby hastening the day when the GOP may well fade away into the darkness.

      And so as GOPers these days are noticing that their support base is dwindling; few if any GOP politicians realize that they are contributing to the demise of their voting base, not only by voting against better gun controls, but also when they refuse to expand Medicaid in red states – which means those dying due to the lack of healthcare could well be a bigger percent of Republican voters; as could those dying due to the lack of food and a home to live in, when Republicans vote to cut other social benefits as Red States lead the nation in sucking welfare dollars.

      1. ivory69690@yahoo.com June 18, 2016

        GOP die; thereby hastening the day when the GOP may well fade away into the darkness./// the country and the world should be so lucky

      2. ivory69690@yahoo.com June 18, 2016

        but also when they refuse to expand Medicaid in red states – which means those dying due to the lack of healthcare in red states could well be a bigger percent of Republican voters; as could those dying due to the lack of food and a home to live in, when – the scary and sad part about this is thy could do this now and then all will vote for the GOP gang of idiots like its them that are making the and the people a better place to be . not even thinking about all the years of blocking pretty much any and all good thing’s for the country and the people for again all these years . same thing thy say about DONNY DUMP like hey D.DUMP just kind of chill things tone it down . like if he even did that it would change how he is in the GOP gang of idiots minds . don’t matter I just hope all see just the POS this DONNY DUMPSTER is and always will be and don’t let the clown car driver fool you . BTW at the end of this all when he start his new TV show THE BIGGEST LOSER STANDING (with a patch of his first wife’s hair hanging from his hand ) this is the time he say’s are you all crazy ? I never wanted to be Pres. in the first place . who would think thy had a chance to be Pres. and then knock Vets, women , faith’s ,judges laws and race’s ???? the DUMPSTER will laugh and say you think im bad ? what about all my brain dead followers ? now I might be bad but thy are even worse for following me . I got just what I wanted being a mentally deranged disorderly wacko I seek only attention and acting the FOOL clown I got all I wanted and he will then say don’t blame be because you all are so stupid and enjoyed my clown show . MARK THESE WORDS SURE BET . BET ON IT YOU WILL WIN .

    2. Sand_Cat June 17, 2016

      They never made the right choice before: why should they now?

  4. Karen June 17, 2016

    Oh my “god”. I would much prefer a world full of gays than one overpopulated by “religious” “zealots” and “crazies”. “Think” about it, LGBT are trying to live their lives privately while “others” “think” they are “privileged” enough to tell them and us how to live “ours”. We all “need” to start using “quotations” . It’s “so” “much” more “effective” when we’re placing “blame”. Right?

  5. anon1775 June 17, 2016

    if you continue to reject the mercy of the cross, you will live by the tyranny of the sword”

    So I have to choose between crucifixion and sword? I’m not really one for excruciating torture so that’s a tough one.

    1. Karen June 17, 2016

      I believe he is referring to the dark side as those who are afraid to stand in the light for fear of having their prejudices and manipulations exposed.

  6. Richard June 23, 2016

    Children would have been a tragedy. Silver Lining? Only one child born aids free.

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