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This Week In Crazy: What Will You Say ‘When Daddy Comes Home’?

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This Week In Crazy: What Will You Say ‘When Daddy Comes Home’?


Summer is winding down, and sanity is in short supply. It’s “This Week In Crazy,” The National Memo’s weekly update on the loony, bigoted, and hateful behavior of the increasingly unhinged right wing. Starting with number five:

5. Dick and Liz Cheney

Dick CheneyThe ex-veep and his daughter have been making the rounds on the media circuit to promote the new book they co-authored, Exceptional: Why the World Needs a Powerful America, a magical-realist romp that explores how President Obama has brought ignominy and ruin upon our country, while also defending the Iraq War and America’s use of torture.

One of the misconceptions the Cheneys are striving to correct is this hysterical notion that “torture” is “bad.” Using “advanced interrogation techniques,” such as waterboarding, “wasn’t torture,” according to the book. It was, Dick said on CBS Sunday Morning, “the most significant source of intelligence for us that we absolutely had to have.”

Another enduring myth the book hopes to snuff out is that Dick Cheney is one of the most loathed politicians in American history. To quote Liz Cheney: “The gratitude as Americans that we feel is matched only by our love for him.”

In fact, she’s right. The amount of gratitude and amount of love Americans have for Old Vice are about equal — at a miserable nadir.

Next: Chris Christie

Sam Reisman

Sam Reisman is the former managing editor at The National Memo, where he still writes the weekly "This Week In Crazy" column. His writing has appeared in Flavorpill, The Huffington Post, Columbia Daily Spectator, and Bwog. He was the publisher of the 2010 edition of Inside New York, an annual guidebook to the city for students and young professionals.

Since 2011, he has co-curated and hosted Peculiar Streams, a showcase for NYC-based writers, musicians, comedians, and filmmakers. He is a staff writer at Mediaite, and blogs at SamReisman.com.

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  1. rosetta.pend September 4, 2015

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  2. dtgraham September 4, 2015

    To provide some balance to the National Memo, I thought I’d offer this:

    Top 10 good things about Dick Cheney

    10. Exhales carbon dioxide which, after all, IS needed by plants.
    9. Makes Vladimir Putin feel better about himself
    8. Except for maybe 6 or 7 times, never ordered a torture session on Christmas day.
    7. He personally talked Tom Brady into deflating those footballs (for New England Patriot fans only).
    6. His waterboarding memos had smiley faces on them and gave prisoners the option of regular or sparkling.
    5. Only member of Bush White House to fight down the irresistible urge of asking Donald Trump for advice.
    4. Every month for the last 4 years, has sent flowers to the Kim Jong-iL memorial
    3. Nostradamus wrote in the year 1560….”fat bald guy with scowl will invade countries and torture people.” (whoops: that’s one of top ten historical things about Dick Cheney)
    2. Now asks himself less frequently, “what would Hitler do?”

    And the number one good thing about Dick Cheney

    1. Provides an inspiring role model for dicks everywhere.

    1. Larry Gagnon September 4, 2015

      #6 is best one.

    2. plc97477 September 4, 2015

      Hell, he even makes the devil look less evil.

      1. idamag September 4, 2015

        I am going to submit my poem again:

        Old Satan was getting ole
        and his back was bent.
        His get-up-and-go-torture
        had got up and went.
        At long last the time had come
        for him to retire.
        He was burned out (pun intended)
        from stoking that infernal fire.
        His joints hurt.
        His knees gave such pain.
        If only he could find someone
        he wouldn’t have to train.
        He sat down at his desk
        to formulate a plan.
        It came to him!
        Dick Cheney was his man.

        1. Irishgrammy September 4, 2015

          idamag, this is priceless!!!! I am going to have to do a cross stitch sampler and memorialize it forever more!!!! Dick Cheney and HIS DAUGHTER Liz, are a pair…..have never seen such a determined pair of hate filled liars on a constant mission to insult and diminish President Obama at every chance they get…..makes one believe they are just flat out jealous of his intellect and his successes and I am certain these two evil twins know the world respects President Obama and his character, intellect, and honesty, something Cheney or Bush could never earn from the world! In fact, the only emotion Cheney/Bush earned from the world was it’s contempt and complete distrust along with the reality that Cheney/Bush did more to lose what ever respect we had earned over decades in 8 short years of their tenure!!!!

    3. ps0rjl September 4, 2015

      My bucket list includes pissing on Dick Cheney’s grave. His whole reason for invading Iraq was to make Halliburton and himself a lot of money. This is a man who during Vietnam did everything he could to avoid service. I have more respect for the Al Qaeda fighters than him.

      1. dtgraham September 5, 2015

        The oil reason for the invasion was well documented by Rachel Maddow in her documentary “Hubris” and the follow up to it. A lot of material was gotten through the freedom of information act, and other means, that prove this beyond a doubt. It was almost stunning to read it.

  3. jamesowens September 4, 2015

    as a leader he is truly the biggest dick of all

  4. Dominick Vila September 4, 2015

    If “intelligence” obtained through torture was so valuable, why was the Bush administration, or more accurately the neocons that ran the show, unable to find and bring justice to Osama bin Laden for 7 years? Why were they unable to prevent 11 attacks against U.S. embassies and consulates (one of them, Karachi, was attacked twice), why were they unable to reduce the number of American casualties?
    Most importantly, why was President Obama able to order the raid that killed OBL within two years of his inauguration, and after ending the use of torture?
    He should also elaborate on the constitutionality of that despicable practice, and the damage it caused to our reputation worldwide. The use of torture and excessive use of force does not constitute evidence of leadership, it represents failure.

    1. patrick g van meter September 4, 2015

      The last and most important question in my opinion. Why haven’t we held any of these people accountable?

      1. idamag September 4, 2015

        They should have been held accountable. Bysh, cheney, rumsfeld were convicted in absentia of war crimes in Malaysia and Norway. Several other countries will issue a warrant for their arrest if they come there.

    2. 13factfinder September 4, 2015

      Don’t forget; Obama’s legacy must include bringing us closer to a “third world country” status! Importing poverty by illegal immigration.

      1. 13factfinder September 4, 2015

        Some believe there might be as many as 75 million illegals here leaching of taxpayers!!! No, they don’t also pay taxes but Trump’s “flat tax” will allow them to then have skin in the game!

        1. @HawaiianTater September 4, 2015

          Congratulations. You’ve officially out-crazied Ann Coulter by more than double.

          1. 13factfinder September 4, 2015

            Really? We all of a sudden have an immigration problem because people like you were not watching! Trump has brought attention to this and that is what a MAJORITY of Americans want to stop!

          2. bobnstuff September 4, 2015

            Did we have a illegal immigration problem 10 years ago. There were a bought double the number here.

          3. Independent1 September 5, 2015

            We have a FAKE IMMIGRATION PROBLEM because the GOP is one more time, turning another NON PROBLEM, into a problem just to distract Americans from THE REAL PROBLEM – the GOP going about stealing as much money from every taxpayer as they can via every fraudulent piece of legislation it can get passed in Congress.

            Fact is clueless, immigrants, including illegals, provide FAR MORE economic benefits with respect to the taxes THAT NOT ONLY THEY PAY, but also the taxes that about 8 Million legal Americans pay, because of the millions of jobs illegals support within the country, And not only do the pay income taxes, they’re also helping keep Social Security and Medicare afloat by contributing billions to both those benefits – which they do not qualify for – and don’t give us any crap about any mass fraud by immigrants to use those programs BECAUSE IT AIN’T HAPPENING!!!!!!

            And as bobnstuff pointed out, there were actually more illegals in America before 2008 than there are now, so why wasn’t this ‘huge immigration problem’ an even bigger problem then???? HUH?????

          4. idamag September 5, 2015

            Some people believe they were abducted by UFO’s. What some people believe is not a bona fide fact.

          5. dtgraham September 5, 2015

            idamag, if I ever told you what I saw in the night skies in 2011 and 2014 from just standing in my front yard, I think I’d lose whatever credibility I have here. Didn’t know what to make of the topic before. I really had no opinion one way or the other, but I now know they’re real. No experience with the abduction thing though.

          6. idamag September 5, 2015

            I’m not saying there are no UFOs. I have no facts to refute that. I did have a strange experience, once. My spouse, and I, were returning from a weekend camping trip across the high desert. There is nothing but sagebrush and rattlesnakes. We were at the rear of the atomic energy plant. Across the night sky came a round ball of light that bounced in front of us and over the hill. Those are the facts. What is was, I have no idea.

      2. 1standlastword September 4, 2015

        And don’t you forget there was no civil war in Syria before Bush’s coalition of the willing blew up the place

        Maybe there’s some responsibility for America to open our borders for the millions of refugees and share the pain.

        Isn’t that what a Christian Nation would do?

        Has anybody heard a single American politician–including Obama weigh in on this global crisis.


        Here’s what I predict….another Katrina situation: Winter will come and the West will be inundated with picture of frozen corpses daily and nightly and then a new coalition of the willing will react

        Like a wise man said: You can always depend on Americans to do the right thing after they’ve tried everything else”

        1. 13factfinder September 4, 2015

          Let’s show Americans pictures of their empty bank accounts after being taxed to death to pay forr this chit

          1. 1standlastword September 4, 2015

            Our bank accounts are empty because the Fed and Wall Street are in bed keeping interest rates on the floor for their rich friends for the last 7 years after the Great Recession they caused for their benefit

            And this is aided and abetted by a DO NOTHING congress since 2009

          2. JPHALL September 4, 2015

            You really know nothing about Economics!

          3. Independent1 September 5, 2015

            I sure won’t vouch for Wall Street, and the Fed keeping rates low has helped the market. But the market being up has helped a lot more folks than just the wealthy – there are millions of us retired folks who are living a lot easier thesedays than they were when Bush let the market plummet; just because the stock market has more than doubled in 6 years.

            And the Fed wasn’t doing what they were doing to help Wall Street; it was doing it to keep the country from sliding into a depression and to help the economy rebound and keep growing – what the Fed has done has helped in making the current positive jobs growth of 66 months and counting happen the longest positive growth period in history by far; and the unemployment rate to drop further and faster than at any previous time in history – from 10.1% at the end of 2009 to 5.1% this month. And in the process, the Fed has been making lots of money for the treasury – booking about 80-90 billion per year in profits the past few years.

          4. 1standlastword September 5, 2015

            I am genuinely happy for you that you’ve done so well after our most recent human engineered economic crisis…sincerely!

            On the other hand savers as my self have not faired so well under the recent long term low interest rate policy of the Fed.

            Both my IRA and my savings accounts are anemic in this current climate. We had heavy losses in the stock market so we’ve backed off to recover.

            We work hard, are wages are flat and our gains are meager.

            And I ask myself…how did this happen? Why are we where we are today? What forgone actions necessitate our addiction to quantitative easing. Who seems to benefiting from this policy….OH…the same animals that caused it!

            That would not be you and JPHALL below (I know a lot about my personal economics LOL!!) but you at least have done well enough that you can proffer the Wall Street argument for them and I’m genuinely happy for you for your magnificent gains

            No hard feelings

          5. Independent1 September 8, 2015

            The only question I have for people such as yourself, is why have you kept your monies in low-interest bearing accounts when the Fed made it clear years ago it was going to maintain a low-interest policy for years to come? That decision was yours – had you moved your monies into a reasonably secure stock mutual fund, you would have almost tripled your account assets over the past 6 years.

          6. JPHALL September 9, 2015

            This is proof that you know nothing about Economics. Those who know something knew to diversify themselves out of savings and invest in higher earning properties. All those people in 401k’s who were hurt by the recession earned big time returns.

          7. dpaano February 3, 2016

            Well, if you put all your eggs in the stock market in your 401(k) and your IRA, that’s the penalty you pay! My 401(k) and my husband’s IRA have gone up at least 4% this year due to the fact that we keep our savings OUT of the stock market. If you had invested a little more wisely, you wouldn’t have suffered such a cut back in your savings……so don’t blame that on the current administration or Wall Street…..blame it on your own lack of knowledge about how to invest within your 401(K) and your IRA!

          8. dpaano February 3, 2016

            Gee, my bank account looks okay to me so I’m not quite sure what you’re alluding to. As to the “rich friends,” they seem to get more from their Republican buddies than the poor middle class! As for the “do nothing Congress”……aren’t Republicans in the majority in the Congress? Can’t blame the Democrats for anything that they do (or don’t do). The only thing I CAN agree with you on is sending the Congress to Mexico, but I’m afraid Mexico would just send them back!

          9. Independent1 September 5, 2015

            More people are dying prematurely BY FAR in red states than blue states because they don’t pay enough taxes to provide adequate services to keep people alive. People in red states live on average 2-6 year shorter lives than people in Blue States!!

            And that’s because the idiots in red states cut budgets so far that red states don’t provide adequate police protection meaning red states lead the nation in violence and homicides!! And they don’t provide adequate health care, Texas for example has the worst healthcare delivery network in the nation!! Meaning that Red States even lead the nation in infant and maternal mortality; along with shorter life spans. In some part also due to inadequate budgeting, industries are not monitored enough so red states lead the nation in industrial accidents and pollution which kill people!!

            And the lack of police protection and adequate regulations can be seen in the fact that red states lead the nation BY FAR in people dying even in auto accidents!!!

            There’s a price for being cheap!! And that’s living a shorter life. If that’s what you want – GO FOR IT BUT KEEP IT IN YOUR STATE NOT MINE!!!!

          10. 13factfinder September 8, 2015

            Trump will change your communist agenda when the people (true patriots) elect him in 2016. You can seek refuge in Cuba, China or any other communist country that believes like you. I think you know why Odumba can’t get the people to surrender their arms to him. The people’s will to keep and bear arms is becoming more prevalent as this “divider in chief” succumbs to the NRA and its members that deny “gun control” to be part of his legacy! The American people (legals) have figured out the motivations of the progressive (communist) agenda and don’t like it a bit. “Make America Great Again” is the slogan carried through to the 2016 election…. so swallow deeply.
            TRUMP/CRUZ 2016!

          11. Independent1 September 8, 2015

            Wow!! Are you mentally disturbed or what?? You don’t even have a clue what you’re talking about. Nothing in America is even close to Communism!! You need to wake up and realize you’re being brainwashed by a party that couldn’t care if you lived another day, as long as they could steal those dollars out of your pocket!! So keep supporting these bandits and you’ll become one of their premature death statistics one of these days.

          12. Independent1 September 5, 2015

            Why do you suppose it is that according to the survey group 24/7 Wall Street, that all 10 states that lead the nation in being ‘The most miserable states to live in’ and in having ‘ The worst quality of life’ are all GOP governed states????????

      3. Karen Bille-Golden September 4, 2015

        If or when we reach a “third world” status it will have nothing to do with illegal immigrants and everything to do with those bent on destroying the middle class while lining their own pockets.

        1. 13factfinder September 4, 2015

          Are you kidding me? This government is bent on a dependent class like poor illegal aliens looking for a handout and speaking Spanish only! The democrats must justify their existence anyway they can and “free stuff” is their means!

          1. Karen Bille-Golden September 4, 2015

            Who’s kidding who? Stop kidding yourself.

          2. Irishgrammy September 4, 2015

            YOU 13 wouldn’t know the truth if it bit you one the a@@! Our infrastructure is already approaching 3rd world status thanks to Republicans blocking any funding to fix all that’s wrong !! Refusing to govern, depriving appropriate funding to make government function at it’s optimum level is dangerously irresponsible! Your classic conservative thinking (or lack of) by blaming the poor or immigrants is beyond insane and lazy thinking in the extreme! But hey keep your head squarely stuck in the sand where you can hide in the dark from reality and the truth and you can keep “blaming/scapegoating” those who have nothing to do with what the real issues are!!!!

          3. 13factfinder September 8, 2015

            you will need to secure you retirement before the Syrian refugees invade us next! Social Security will be strained beyond limits and paying 40 cents on the dollar while Muslims are beheading any Americans w/o guns. Scapegoating my a**, there are more like 75 million illegals here and suckers like you continue to promote it. Republicans don’t promote rebuilding our infrastructure because of the incentive for more illegal immigration and the fact it would help mask the true illegal immigration problem we have here by them stealing those jobs.

          4. Irishgrammy September 8, 2015

            YOU have proved my point………..”75 million illegals” that is insanity!!! One cannot reason with the unreasonable!!! Wallow in your hate, anger and lies you tell yourself to justify those insanely unsubstantiated remarks …..STILL does not make your inane comments true, hide under your bed from all those “75 million illegals” …..

          5. 13factfinder September 8, 2015

            Ok then, there really aren’t any illegals here and Obama would never “under report” the true number ….. the same person who doesn’t enforce our immigration laws! Ever heard of being “hoodwinked” …..well you have been by Obama! You are in denial my lady! Oh, hate is it……. objecting to facts by pulling the “hate or ” racist” card to advance communism? I don’t think so as “political correctness” will die by the sword of TRUMP and the “Tea Party” trumpets will signal the defeat of communism in America! TRUMP/CRUZ 2016!

          6. dpaano February 3, 2016

            His head isn’t in the sand, it’s up his a$$$$$!!!

          7. Independent1 September 5, 2015

            “Free Stuff ” is theIr means??? Is that why it’s red states where idiot GOP politicians deliberately cut budgets and state services during a recession just to throw their own state residence out of work and onto unemployment and welfare!! Making the RED STATES BY FAR the biggest ‘suckers of that free stuff”!! Why many red states actually give classes to their residents on how to apply to the federal government for ALL THAT FREE STUFF!! The red states that lead the nation in people living in poverty and which many would go bankrupt if they weren’t sucking all the federal aid from our government!!!!

            You’re nothing but the same IDIOTIC JERK!! AS EVERY OTHER WORTHLESS RWNJ THAT POSTS ON THE NM!!!

          8. Sand_Cat September 7, 2015


        2. Irishgrammy September 4, 2015

          BRAVO Karen! Well said and so true!

      4. Sand_Cat September 7, 2015

        I repeat the fact that obviously never registered: you are a moron.

  5. 'Tis Moi September 4, 2015



  6. plc97477 September 4, 2015

    Are all christians paranoid or just the gotp followers.

    1. RED September 4, 2015

      Hmmm, let’s see, a group of people who talk to imaginary sky fairies and think 2,000 year old Jewish fables have a bearing on the modern world? Maybe not all paranoid but definitely all crazy!!!

    2. idamag September 4, 2015

      I think the Bible teaches that. Look at all the persecution stories in the Bible. If the early Christians were like Robertson and Huckabee, I can almost understand why the Romans fed them to the lions.

      1. Christel Win September 4, 2015

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        1. 1standlastword September 4, 2015

          Do you swallow!!? If you swallow you can guide it

          1. idamag September 4, 2015

            Christal Win’s real name could be bugsy capone or something. This is a scam that is now attaching to posts. If no one was stupid enough to fall for them, there would not be any.

          2. 1standlastword September 4, 2015

            I just had to hit back in Trump style…just this one time 😉

      2. Irishgrammy September 4, 2015

        Now that’s funny idamag! Every time I hear Huckabee, I think what GOD is this man talking about, and what Bible is he reading??? Certainly not the one I know of………keep hoping God will send him an “Instagram” bolt of lightning as a wake up call to leave HIM out of Huckabee’s twisted diatribes of total intolerance and bigotry………

      3. Insinnergy September 6, 2015


    3. tdm3624 September 4, 2015

      Just the gotp followers who forgot that there is a New Testament.

  7. idamag September 4, 2015

    Cheneys, your book should be right up there with Mein Kampt. You are evil personified.
    A convicted war criminal should tell what the intelligent president is doing wrong?

    A strong United States is one that is not divided.

    Chris, Chris, Chris, diplomacy is not one of your talents.

    Now, beck is the type of person I would not like to see with a gun. His only advantage is that Reagan closed the mental hospitals. It is not our advantage.

    Huckabee, I will repeat, you drive more people away from Christianity than satan ever did. Homosexuality is only condemned in the Leviticus Laws. They also say that a woman in her mensus should be isolated from the tribe. A woman giving birth to a boy is supposed to be quarantined 33 days and a boy 66 days. Yet women, with newborns, are seen out among the people every day. Should there be a way to check to see if a woman is in her mensus so a clerk at the DMV won’t have to sell them a drivers license?

    Really, faux news? You must be the place to go for news for racists. Who do we blame the Sandyhood school murder on?

    1. silas1898 September 7, 2015

      They claim that the Leviticus parts they don’t like were all voided by the New Testament.

      That doesn’t stop them from commanding everyone else to obey the parts they do like.

      Sin, repent, repeat. It’s a racket.

  8. johninPCFL September 4, 2015

    I watched one interview and, after claiming that the Iraq troop withdrawal was an unmitigated disaster, one of the questioners asked him which president signed the status-of-forces agreement requiring the withdrawal.

    He looked like he’d been slapped, and wouldn’t answer the question.

  9. bobsog September 4, 2015

    What the hell I am doing on this site…

  10. idamag September 4, 2015

    Crystal Win is a scam – probably a hairy bunch of thugs with a computer.

  11. Michael Ross September 5, 2015

    Even more hypocritical than their support for hate groups like the AFA and FRC was their support for the militias that came fully armed for war on behalf of Cliven Bundy.

    So according to Fox News, if a couple of anonymous yo-yos that might not even be a part of your movement kill one federal employee while your movement is in action, you’re all terrorists.

    But if every single person in your movement shows up with a gun, vows to fight and kill scores of federal employees in defense of a survivalist welfare cowboy, including a couple of whom that were so eager to kill federal employees that they went out and did so after the standoff was over, you’re all patriots.

    1. Insinnergy September 6, 2015

      Faux News is pretty religious in it’s bullsh1t spewing.
      If you’re on ‘their’ side, then anything you do is right and righteous…
      If you’re on the other side, anything you do is wrong and evil.
      Hypocrisy is the watchword.. and avoiding anything like facts.

      All-in-all they mirror their viewers very well.

  12. the kick is good September 5, 2015

    Glenn Beck is a dead ringer for Elmer Fudd in that picture.

    1. plc97477 September 7, 2015

      Except that I believe that Elmer is more intelligent.

  13. suzanne.rfost September 6, 2015

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  14. idamag September 6, 2015

    suzanne.rfost is a fake name and might not even be a female. If no one would fall for these scams they would go away.

  15. Sand_Cat September 7, 2015

    So once again we hear from the idiots. And not to be outdone, I’m sure some more of them will be comment here.

  16. dpaano February 3, 2016

    Try as I might, I just can NOT see how these idiot’s brains work (or don’t work). It’s astounding to believe that they think the way that they do…..where in heck does their stupidity come from? It amazes me and scares me!!!


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