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Trump Backs Off Fulsome Praise Of Russia’s Putin After Debate

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Trump Backs Off Fulsome Praise Of Russia’s Putin After Debate

Trump's executive actions

By Emily Stephenson

HENDERSON, Nev. (Reuters) – U.S. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump backed off from praising Vladimir Putin on Wednesday, saying he was unsure of his relationship with the Russian president who he has described as a better leader than President Barack Obama.

The day after running mate Mike Pence appeared to break ranks with Trump during a vice presidential debate and called Putin “a small and bullying leader,” Trump adjusted his own previously warm rhetoric toward the Russian.

“I don’t love (Putin), I don’t hate. We’ll see how it works. We’ll see,” Trump told supporters during a campaign stop in the swing state of Nevada. “Maybe we’ll have a good relationship. Maybe we’ll have a horrible relationship. Maybe we’ll have a relationship right in the middle.”

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has criticized Trump, who often praises Putin, as being too cozy with the Russian leader and questioned the Republican’s business interests in Russia. Those charges were repeated by her vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine during a debate with Pence on Tuesday.

In response, Pence denounced Putin for his interference in Syria’s civil war and support for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

“The small and bullying leader of Russia is now dictating terms to the United States,” Pence said. “The greatest nation on earth just withdraws from talks about a ceasefire, while Vladimir Putin puts a missile defense system in Syria.”

The vice presidential encounter set the table for a second presidential debate on Sunday in St. Louis between Clinton and Trump, who needs to rebound from a rocky performance in his first debate, one that gave Clinton a boost in national opinion polls with the Nov. 8 Election Day only five weeks away.

In Nevada, Trump suggested Russia could be a valuable ally in the fight against Islamic State, also known by the acronym ISIS.

“I will say if we get along with Russia and Russia went out with us and knocked the hell out of ISIS, that’s okay with me, folks,” he said.

Trump celebrated a strong debate performance by Pence, the governor of Indiana, and said his running mate had won on style and on the issues.

“He’s getting tremendous reviews from me and everybody,” Trump told a group of pastors and leaders gathered at a Christian academy in Las Vegas.

The encounter between Pence and Kaine, a U.S. senator from Virginia, was the only such debate between the vice presidential contenders, and the two spent most of their time attacking each other’s running mates.

For more than 90 minutes at Longwood University in Farmville, Virginia, Pence sought to project an image as a reassuring presence, in contrast with the bombastic Trump, while Kaine tried to frighten voters away from Trump and make Clinton seem more trustworthy.

A CNN/ORC snap poll declared Pence the winner with 48 percent support, compared with 42 percent for Kaine, who frequently interrupted his opponent.

The television audience for the debate was 35.6 million viewers, according to preliminary data, about half the number who watched the first encounter between Trump and Clinton.

Republican strategists said Pence’s strong debate performance could provide lessons for Trump on how to approach the second debate – if he was willing or able to learn.

“Trump should hopefully learn a lesson – don’t get angry, don’t lose your cool, answer the question you want to answer,” Republican strategist John Feehery said. “The biggest thing is to not get rattled and be able to smile when you are attacked.”

Clinton met with advisers at her Washington, D.C., home on Wednesday and did not appear on the campaign trail. An aide said she spoke by phone with Kaine and congratulated him on his debate performance.

“Mike Pence didn’t want to defend Donald Trump, and as Senator Kaine said, if you can’t defend the person at the top of the ticket, how can you ask people to vote for you,” Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta told reporters outside her house.

(This story corrects quote in 3rd paragraph to put Putin in parentheses)

(Additional reporting by Amanda Becker; Writing by John Whitesides; Editing by Alistair Bell)

IMAGE: Republican nominee Donald Trump speaks at a campaign rally in Henderson, Nevada October 5, 2016.  REUTERS/David Becker



  1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth October 6, 2016

    Donald couldn’t help himself by dishing out such lavish praise for the former KGB boss, who still has a lot of KGB in him. Trump’s effusive compliments, as most intelligent people know, is a sign of a man so woefully ignorant of what has happened geo-politically since the 50’s, that one wonders if he has been sleep-walking like Mr. Magoo, only conscious of where the bank was located.
    The only reason he is reconsidering his level of praise for his buddy has nothing to do with a sluggish intellect awakening at last, but more to do with someone urging him to turn the light-bulb on—an enlightened mind is still anathema for Donald and besides, it hurts his inner eye.

    But that’s the way his fan base wants its leaders to be—deplorable, constantly in a fog, and as incurious as they.

    1. Dianeomclean2 October 6, 2016

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  2. RightThinkingOne October 6, 2016

    Trump specifically said, in the larger context that the Deceiving Democrats deliberately omit, that he does NOT approve of the way of governance in Russia. Donald J. Trump was perfectly clear on that point.

    From that – which lying Democrats and their media minions deliberately omit – Trump said that with HIS people, Putin is STRONGER.

    The real gist of this is how weak Obama is. Obama, the “Community Organizing” feckless disgrace, is weak and divisive. In Russia, the people generally love Putin. That does NOT translate into saying that we should have Putin – or someone like him – running OUR nation, of course. But the Democrats have convinced the brain-ossified TV watchers that is what Trump said.

    1. FireBaron October 6, 2016

      Oh, BULL$#!T! Teflon Donnie has repeatedly said that he admires how Vladimir Vladimirovich, Tsar of All Russias, deals with those who oppose him, especially journalists! He arrests them on trumped (oooh, I wonder about that word!) up charges and locks them away without any semblance of due process. He forces other countries to acquiesce to his grabs by threatening to withhold oil and natural gas from them. He steals billions in foreign investments. Should I go on?

      1. Mama Bear October 6, 2016

        block him, he is a rightwingnut plant and is only raising your blood pressure. He is not worth even reading his rants.

        1. RightThinkingOne October 6, 2016

          I am not a “Plant.” I post in numerous forums, Liberal, Conservative and bipartisan.

      2. RightThinkingOne October 6, 2016

        Donald J. Trump speaks to reality. He was absolutely clear: He unequivocally said he does not approve of the government in Russia. But WITHIN THAT NATION AND ITS GOVERNMENT, Putin is a strong leader.

        And yes, Donald J. Trump would be far, far superior to Obama or Hillary in dealing with Russia. You can get up on a high horse and completely ignore history and culture, and look down at Putin from a platform and feel all noble and superior. Or, you can deal with reality, history, and the culture.

    2. stcroixcarp October 6, 2016

      What??? Stop it!!! How can you deny that Trump said something when what he said was televised and taped in the context that he said it and he repeats it in his stump speeches for weeks on end? Despite 8 years of republican hatred and insane opposition, Obama’s approval rating is high. The economy is recovering. There has been steady job growth after the Bush caused great recession, Osama bin Laden is dead, Cuba is being opened to American business, Millions of previously uninsurable Americans now have health insurance and access to health care. Things are soooo much better than 8 years ago when Bush and Paulson wheeled out their October surprises of bank failures and a tanked economy. Trump is a first class twit.

    3. Grannysmovin October 6, 2016

      First he knew him personally until he didn’t. He has applauded the strength China showed in the Tiananmen Square massacre, offered admiration for Kim Jong-un’s murderous consolidation of power in North Korea, and he has praised Vladimir Putin more than once – remember when he said “If Putin says great things about me, I’m gonna say great things about him. I’ve already said he is really very much of a leader.”
      Trump lauded Saddam Hussein as a great killer of terrorists, noting with approval that he never bothered to read anyone their rights.”
      Ivana Trump said he kept a copy of a book of Hitler’s collected speeches, My New Order, in a cabinet by his bed … Hitler’s speeches, from his earliest days up through the Phony War of 1939, reveal his extraordinary ability as a master propagandist, He is supported heavily by White Supremacists and the KKK , why is that?
      Do you see a pattern of who he is always praising? Funny he talks so big for a man who dodge the draft.

      1. Mama Bear October 6, 2016

        …but his foot hurt, how could little Donnie go to the service when his foot hurt:)

      2. tbs October 6, 2016

        Oh but it was alright for Willy Clinton to skip the country and travel around to avoid war! Same old boring line and talk putting down the Repubs but it is alright if it is the liberals who are really lying to get out of something!
        At least Trump had a legitimate reason for being 4F!

        1. Grannysmovin October 6, 2016

          Legitimate 4F – seriously. Those bone spurs didn’t stop him from playing sports, how is that? In addition, your zero is running around being a blowhard about how tough he is, how will blow ships out of the water, bomb the “sh*t” out of them, when he probably never faced anything more than an angry woman. P,S. Bill Clinton is not running for President.

          It is not that he didn’t serve it is the reason and how he acts and speaks with like he is the “military man of the year” when he never faced the enemy, I said the same about the NRA hasbeen Nugent.

      3. RightThinkingOne October 6, 2016

        He spoke to REALITY. He did not approve of the actions. He merely wanted to emphasize – correctly – that our government, under the “Community Organizer” is incredibly weak, we are losing international respect, and we cannot even deal with our own borders and society! And he is right!

        It absolutely does not mean that we should applaud N. Korea or China or Russia. In fact, Donald J. Trump CLEARLY said he disapproves. The reality – repeat, REALITY – is that they did show strength and resolve.

        But Obama? Rioting in the streets, murdering by Muslim terrorists, and he wants “open discussions” and get to the “root” of the causes.

        1. Grannysmovin October 6, 2016

          That poor excuse for a human would not know reality if it kicked him the a$$.

          They show strength through dictatorship.

          Rioting in the streets is because of the inequality in the justice system and the refusal to hold some cops accountable for bad decisions or misusing their authority.

          There is medication for your ODS, but your Trumpkin disease is inbred.

          1. RightThinkingOne October 6, 2016

            Yes, and as I already iterated many, many, many times, Donald J. Trump disapproved – clearly – the government in Russia.

            Remember, however, that the people in Russia really like Putin. It is their nation, not ours, so that reality cannot be swept away for self-appraisal and with disingenuous “holier-than-thou” platitudes.

            Riots are held by degenerate rioters, violent people who would promote anarchy and depredation. This “police racism” is an excuse, and many have been duped by the agitation and race-baiting tactics of the Left.

    4. RED October 6, 2016

      How awful it must be to live in the world of the Con sickness with the brain damage it causes and where Obama is a feckless leader and also a tyrannical dictator coming to take your guns and pro life means being in favor of killing people and you better salute our flag cause the military fought for our freedom of speech or we’ll beat you up and tell you to shut up!! But of course the simplistic Con mind only functions in black or white, for or against us, reasoned thought is not their thing. So in the Con sick mind since I have criticized the ignorant Cons I must therefore worship at the feet of the Democrats and believe Obama is perfect because this is the way their simple minds work. If we could simply eliminate stupid from our country the Republicans are doomed overnight.

      1. RightThinkingOne October 6, 2016

        One by one:
        1. Yes, Obama is weak and divisive. This “community organizer” is tyrannical in the sense of wanting to push his agenda on the people, regardless of their will (gun confiscation, borders, religion of peace, men using women’s toilets, police in Cambridge are “stupid,” Ferguson rioters should be “understood,” and on and on).
        2. Pro-life means just that. As opposed to the pro-death people who would kill the innocent unborn with impunity.
        3. Nobody was beaten for not saluting the flag, of course. But that “football player’s” behavior was a disgrace.

  3. FT66 October 6, 2016

    Who in the right mind of thinking believe Trump has changed what he said about Putin few months ago, and will listen to his VP Pence, incase, (god forbid) he is elected? This man is a chameleon and can’t be trusted.

  4. Mama Bear October 6, 2016

    His ignorance and skill level is showing once again. If this situation is not handled very carefully – that is, not like a bully would handle it – the US will end up in a proxy war with Russia in the middle east, just as we got sucked into it in Viet Nam. This buffoon is just too self-absorbed to see that.

  5. Eleanore Whitaker October 6, 2016

    I find it amusing that Trump is playing his “Wizard of Oz” act. And just like that Wizard behind the curtain, you find a little man who lets that mouth of his bellow and echo into far chambers of the US. Unfortunately, like that Wizard, he really has nothing to offer anyone. It’s all schtick and glitz dressed in an expensive suit and tie.

    Trump doesn’t want to be president. As his 2nd wife Marla Maples stated, Trump “wants power.” Yes. Autonomous power. He won’t get it. The back room GOP has had a vise grip on their presidents since Nixon burned them with Watergate.

    Step back and take a look at “WHO” the back room chooses to run for governors, senators and Congressmen. See the similarities between Mittsy and GHWB? Both industrialists, both at that time, white middle aged males with “NAME POWER.”

    Then, you look at their Great White Libertarian Hope, Gary Johnson and you get a flashback to Dan Quayle.

    If that’s is the ONLY way for a Republican to be elected…to be an obedient good little boy who marches to the back bosses tune, that says very little about how effective ANY but the back room can EVER be.

    1. tbs October 6, 2016

      AND you again live off sound bites! How childish you are and not too smart on top of it!

      1. iamproteus October 6, 2016

        Hell, you don’t even have sound bites. All you have is insults, lies and other forms of bullshlt.

      2. Eleanore Whitaker October 7, 2016

        Humpty Trumpty sat on a wall. Humpty Trumpty had a GREAT fall. All of Trump’s horse and ALL of Trump’s men, couldn’t put Trumpty together again.

        Sorry if you are so delusional that when a person who lives in the state that Trump stiffed is “sound bites,” it proves you need to get professional mental help. Take Trumpty with you.

  6. Leftout October 6, 2016

    You guys are wacky, Trump only recognizes that Putin has leadership skills that are necessary to run and protect his country.

    1. Paul Bass October 6, 2016

      Yep, being a murdering dictator certainly shows “leadership skills”.


      1. tbs October 6, 2016

        Keep it up as it shows how you liberals like to twist and misconstrue whatever your opponents talks about!
        Geez, you people are boring, negative and bigoted people!
        I sure as hell would not like to be around you as you are all embarrassing, big mouth, name callers, swearing and depressing!
        Life is too short for the negative type of bs rhetoric you put out!

        1. Paul Bass October 6, 2016

          Sorry, but the truth hurts.

        2. jenny_whyme October 6, 2016


          As trolls go, you need to up your game.

        3. Eleanore Whitaker October 7, 2016

          No we liberals don’t. I live in NJ. I live in the state where Trump dumped 6 bankruptcies. Stop acting like a spiteful little child. You will not get Trump for president now or ever.

          He can’t even set foot in NJ for all the people he skanked. The building contractors who built his casinos want to build him a cement coat to use as a bridge support. The thousands of employees he didn’t pay want to be smart too and beat him bloody. Stop sucking up. What are you? A BAD Boy magnet?

      2. Leftout October 6, 2016

        Strong leaders are needed for the unruly …notes of Saddam Hussein,

    2. Elliot J. Stamler October 6, 2016

      Trump would say the exact same thing about Hitler and Mussolini whose speeches he keeps in books on his bedside table.

      1. Leftout October 6, 2016

        They were both failures , obviously so why would he read their methods. Trump wrote a book about how to deal with people and he still has not yet been hung upside down nor has he built a villa in Argentina .

        1. A. D. Reed October 6, 2016

          Nor did he write a book. He hired someone to write a book with his name on it, just as he hires people to build hotels with his name on them. When he built them himself, or tried to run them himself, like in Atlantic City, they all went bankrupt.

          1. Leftout October 6, 2016

            God did not write anything either he had Moses and friends write the Olde Book. Even Mohammad had scribes Re -write the olde testament for
            His simple minded desert dwellers.
            Most engineering firms sub contract their various jobs , they do not have all of the resources other than plan the projects , they rarely manage the finished product after it is completed .

          2. A. D. Reed October 6, 2016

            There is no god, and Moses and Mohammad didn’t write anything. Believers hundreds of years later wrote down what they had been told by others.
            Trump’s book was written for simple minded rubes, too. It pretended to be a serious analysis of his “methods,” but the author has said the man couldn’t pay attention for more than 10 or 15 minutes at a time, so he (the author) made most of it up from off-hand comments Dumbo had made.

            Of course, Trump has never read a book, either. He reads snatches of Mein Kampf in translation, and no doubt he reads briefing materials that boil complex ideas down into 10-word sentences that he can pull up and use inappropriately while he shouts at rallies, but the man is himself a total failure, which is why he admires Putin.

            Putin is not a leader; he is a dictator. People don’t follow Putin (as in follow a leader); they obey him, because they know that if they don’t, they’ll be killed, as have been many journalists, business owners, and opposition politicians. Putin came out of the KGB, and Dump has always revered dashing, strong, spy-like characters — he even tried to be one in the 1980s. But the real thing — real spies — are never known, if they’re any good. And former spies who take power over a country during a vacuum of leadership and an economic crisis, as Putin did, are autocrats, not leaders.

            Putin doesn’t even mind being bald, whereas dumbo spends $30,000 a month on an elaborate hairweave and a full-time staff member — like all other staff and ex-wives, sworn to secrecy under penalty of million-dollar lawsuits — to keep it in place. Why else do you think he flies back to Manhattan every night?

            But go ahead, vote for him if it’ll make you feel like you’re following a “leader.” (which, of course, was the name given to Hitler (der Fuehrer), Mussolini (il duce), and Castro (el lider).

          3. Leftout October 7, 2016

            Moses actually did wittle the commandments in stone since Gods hand writing can be hard to read, Mohammad of course was totally illiterate and needed scribes to write down his interpretations.
            Leaders, both Obama and Putin are leaders in their own mind in their own countries. Trump also leads his corporate group , Trump does not lead his Voters , we lead him , and he merely represents us while we go to work and pay for this existing corruption.

          4. A. D. Reed October 7, 2016

            And yet the most important document in the history of the world has never been found. “That darn stone, what did I do with it? Maybe it’s under this table with those missing WMDs.”
            BTW, the way I heard it, the stone was blasted by god himself, not carved or “wittled” (i.e., whittled) by Moses. Furthermore, there’s not an iota of evidence that Moses was literate, since he existed hundreds of years before the earliest examples of a written language. Everything was an oral history back then.

            If you lead Drumpf, Leftout, you certainly have a lot to answer for. I gather you mean that you have led him into racism, sexism, misogyny, isolationism, anti-busines tirades, ignorance of the nuclear triad and why we can’t use it, more knowledge about ISIS than the generals have, pedophiliac tendencies toward his own daughter, serial adultery …

            You’ve got A LOT to answer for.

            Sad that you go to work every day and pay for his corruption. So far it’s estimated he’s made a personal profit of more than $100,000,000 by requiring his scampaign to pay him for use of his properties for scampaign activities, including flying between his house in Florida and his home in NY. An excellent gig and way to make money, if he weren’t such a pathetic loser that he’s lost over $2 billion dollars just that we know of, and declared bankruptcy six times.

            And you’re happily paying for it. Maybe you don’t need to answer to us but to your family, for giving away your money to a con artist.

          5. Leftout October 7, 2016

            Moses was a well educated Egyptian engineer according to fabled papyrus scrawls .
            Racism etc and other distortions are not Trump , he admits to getting smalll Donation money as did Bernie and he’s uses it for campaign expenses … and that is fair as it seems to be ok for Bernie and Hillary !
            Evidently he does know more about ISIS than the handcuffed generals who were not strong enough to influence the decision to stay and stabilize Iraq . Nuclear Triad … BS , how many people could define it ….it is almost as in bad as ” Allepo ” asked in a mall in Coraoplis , PA.
            Obamas left the generals castrated in a rubble ”

            Serial adultery? , probably was watching news of Bill Clinton and thought ” is that what presidents Do?”

            We should all stick to issues to be solved .

          6. A. D. Reed October 7, 2016

            “fabled papyrus scrawls” means that they exist only in fable, not in reality. And they’re called “scrolls.” Trump really does like the uneducated.

            Trump and his father were sued twice for refusing to rent to Negroes in their apartment complexes. That’s called racism. He also called for the execution of four black and one Hispanic teenagers falsely convicted of raping a white banker (“the Central Park jogger”). When they were fully exonerated by DNA and the confession of the actual rapist, he still said they should have been executed. And today — Oct. 7, 2016 — he said he still thinks they’re guilty. Because the confessed. Without lawyers, under coercion and with police telling them that they’d face the death penalty if they didn’t confess. That’s racism.

            The day after he won the nomination, he changed the amount the RNC would have to pay the Trump Organization to rent office space in Trump Tower for the Trump Scampaign: it went up from $30K a month when it was his campaign paying it, to $165K a month when the RNC — using donors’ money — was paying. I hope you’re giving regularly. Did you know that if you sign up on his website to make a regular recurring contribution — weekly or monthly, say — and then change your mind, there is no mechanism to stop it from being charged every period? That’s a scam, too.

            ISIS is being defeated, step by step, slowly but surely, in Iraq and elsewhere. The generals and the soldiers are doing it right, but for those 3-year-olds like Drumpf who demand instant gratification, it’s not enough. Too bad. Get over it.

            Every person I know, with the exception of one laborer in my landscape firm, knows what the nuclear triad is. Every person I know is educated, reads newspapers and watches quality news shows on TV, reads books and magazines .. and we all know what the triad is, and have known for fifty years. The fact that Drumpf’s followers and you are in the dark is simply more proof that he loves the uneducated, like you.

            Serial adultery began with Drumpf when he dumped his first wife, Ivana, by having an open affair with mistress and second wife Marla Maples. That was long before the Clintons were even known outside Arkansas.

            The issue to be solved is whom to elect to the most powerful and important job in the United States? A woman who has prepared for this work her entire life, who knows the facts and the issues and the leaders of the entire world, who understands how government operates and how politics works, who has demonstrated for 30 years that she is capable of handling adversity, unexpected change, conflict, compromise, and common ground that will benefit the entire nation and who has the temperament, character, intellect, personality, and interest in the job? Or, conversely, a self-obsessed narcissist with the ego of a three-year-old, the attention span of a five-year old, the temperament of a ten-year-old, the psychosexual development of a 14-year-old, and the pathetic anger of a frustrated 70-year-old loser who has never accomplished anything in his life other than selling his name and a false image of himself to gullible rubes? That’s the issue.

            If you missed today’s revelation of how he thinks of women,here’s a hint (and a link): http://www.mediaite.com/online/the-new-york-daily-news-front-page-tomorrow-totally-goes-there-grab-them-by-the-pssy/

          7. Leftout October 7, 2016

            I did mean “scrawls ” like in hieroglyphics .
            People who rape should Ben nueteriw

  7. Jon October 6, 2016

    Trump’s position on Putin and Russia is changing as fast as his immigration policies have. Pence abandoned Trump’s Russia is our friend and ally that would never seize areas of the Ukraine to Russia presents a danger led by it’s small an bullying leader. Not once did he refer to Putin’s 82% approval rating which Trump drools over. Now Trump doesn’t know what his foreign policy is other than “We’ll see how it works.” That’s the kind of decisive policy a commander in chief needs. Nothing like I don’t know what I am doing.

  8. tbs October 6, 2016

    This is a wasted ousting site full of bs!
    These people need to wash out their ears or haven’t learned how to listen to whole sentences before commenting! Humph they are really boring
    and uneducated paid trolls!

    1. CrankyToo October 6, 2016

      So why do you waste your time here? Why don’t you go away, Genius?

    2. Independent1 October 7, 2016

      And you’re really smart about what?

      If you support Trump, it’s you that have your head up your butt. Are you even aware that back in the 1990s, Trump’s lawyers wouldn’t even meet with him one on one because he was such a big liar, that they knew he would lie about what they had discussed and agreed on.

      So if even lawyers would only meet with him two at a time to make sure Trump couldn’t lie about anything that had been agreed on; what kind of an idiot are you to believe that the leader of any American ally would even agree to meet with him? And you are aware that virtually ever leader of a country America is friends with has been appalled by even the notion that Americans are considering electing this pathological lying fool named Donald Trump?? You are aware of that right??

      Well see this dummkopf!! And if anyone posting on this cite deserves to be called dummkopf it’s you and your right-wing clueless buddies!!

      Trump’s lawyers testified they met with him in pairs to ensure he wouldn’t lie about their meetings

      BuzzFeed and several other news outlets were able to obtain the court filings
      related to several of Donald Trump’s bankruptcies in the early 1990s. As
      news outlets begin to dig, Twitter user @nycsouthpaw immediately noticed something in the 1993 filing—Donald Trump’s lawyer admitted they had to meet with him in pairs because of his penchant for lying.


      And as I pointed out in another post, Trump has already proven he can’t be trusted. In his meeting with the President of Mexico, he clearly lied about what had been discussed and agreed upon during that meeting. Trump said nothing had been agreed upon about paying for a stupid wall, while the President of Mexico said he had made it clear that MEXICO WOULD NOT PAY FOR A STUPID WALL!!!

    3. Eleanore Whitaker October 7, 2016

      Well you can always go to Patriot News, FixThisNation or Mad Patriots…all radical extremist homegrown terrorist right wing sites. There’s the door….don’t let it hit you in your mug.

  9. Katstiles October 6, 2016

    T rump is only changing his comments on Putin for votes! He wants to be Putin more than he wants to be Donald Trump. See Putin just kills or imprisons people who criticize him which is exactly what T rump wants to do! Putin has billions in hidden bank accounts, gathered from payoffs from organized crime, businesses, and stolen from the Russian people. And we know T rump loves money even more than he loves himself. T rump doesn’t want to be President of the US, he wants to be Dictator. And I’m pretty sure our GOP dominated Congress will fall right in line and violate the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Just look at how they scurry off like cockroaches every time a reporter asks them a question about T rump and his latest obscenity. There isn’t a complete set of balls left in the GOP! The few who had any courage have already publically disavowed T rump. The vast majority of Republican politicians have no class, courage, or morality. They value re-election more than the safety and security of this country! They would stand aside and watch as T rump tried to turn this democracy into another dictatorship just like Russia!

  10. Elliot J. Stamler October 6, 2016

    If Trump is elected, Putin will eat him for breakfast.
    Putin is smart as a whip and an authoritarian with vast knowledge of political and military affairs.
    Donald Trump knows a lot about only one thing: Real Estate. On that he is very smart. On all else he knows nothing, thinks he knows everything, and could easily with his neurotic personality, plunge us into World War III.


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