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#EndorseThis: Trump Battles America’s Biggest Enemy — The Media

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#EndorseThis: Trump Battles America’s Biggest Enemy — The Media


Before Donald Trump left for the “Winter White House” in Florida — where he planned to kick off his 2020 campaign —  the president took to his Twitter cocoon to berate his enemies, as is his habit. But he couldn’t quite find the right words to explain his hurt feelings after his disastrous press conference last Thursday. In fact, he needed to edit his original tweet naming the media as “the biggest enemy of the American people” so that he would sound even more like an autocrat.

On Late Night, Seth Meyers couldn’t help but notice that Trump failed miserably at sounding like an authoritarian strongman. Apparently, he hasn’t been following the cheat sheet Putin gave him as a guide for delegitimizing the free press.  “Trump comes off as a buffoon,” observed Meyers, “because when you have to double clutch on your authoritarian declarations, you sound less like a terrifying dictator and more like the guy at the bonfire who can kind of play the guitar.”

You don’t want to miss Meyers’ commentary on the fabricated Swedish terror attack. You know things are bad when those polite Swedes mock you mercilessly.



  1. yabbed February 21, 2017

    Donald Trump is America’s greatest enemy.

    1. dpaano February 21, 2017

      Problem is….he doesn’t realize it and thinks he’s the greatest president ever!!!

  2. hermadite February 21, 2017

    January 20, 2017 Washington, D.C.


    (Holding hand over First Lady’s crotch)
    “I do solemnly swear to My Orifice. That I will
    discriminate and insult Muslims, Jews, Catholics,
    Christians, Africans, Latins and especially Mexicans. As Dictator of the Divided States of America I will, to the best of my ability, persecute, fabricate and eventually destroy the former United States of America. So help me Allah, Moses, Jesus and God. Amen.”
    *Eight Herald Trumpet Players Engage In Hand-To-Hand Fighting, Using Their
    Long Horns As Weapons
    © 2017 irwinleba@gmail.com (212) 714-8298

  3. InformedVoter February 22, 2017

    One of the left’s biggest problems is believing the FAKE news from the MSM. President Trump’s press conference last Thursday really jolted the MSM and put them in their place. The MSM is going bonkers! They think they can match whits with President Trump but they come away looking worst than when they started.
    TNM fell into that same trap by referring to the press conference as being disastrous. On the contrary, that press conference rekindled his supporters.
    Subscriptions to the major papers are shrinking faster than Obozo’s ratings. Macy’s attacked President Trump and now Macy’s is just about ready to disappear. I doubt President Trump will step in and try to save them like he did when he PERSONALLY saved 6000 jobs. The unions are starting to migrate to President Trump because he will save jobs. If the unions support President Trump, it’s lights out for the Dems.


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