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5 Cringe-Worthy Moments From The Trump Brothers’ Millennial Town Hall

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5 Cringe-Worthy Moments From The Trump Brothers’ Millennial Town Hall

Trump brother's town hall

Reprinted with permission from AlterNet

The Trump brothers returned to Fox News for a town hall meeting on November 2, eager to woo millennial voters. Unfortunately, they may have missed the mark. Here are five of the most cringe-worthy moments from the excruciating special.

1. Eric Trump: The American dream is dying, these are scary times for… (What age group am I addressing?)

“Sixty-six percent of millennials want to be small business owners or be entrepreneurs,” one town hall attendee told Eric Trump. “How will future President Trump address this issue and support aspiring small business owners?”

But Eric Trump didn’t want to answer that question. “The American Dream is dying,” Eric told her, paraphrasing his father’s talking point. “These are scary, scary times for your generation that’s just entering the workforce.”

Way to dodge the question and engage in a little disingenuous fear mongering. Does Eric Trump not realize he’s in the same generation, and that millions in this age group have been part of the workforce for nearly two decades? Not to mention, as of 2016, millennials are old enough to run for President. Then again, most millennials are not born with all the privileges of a Trump son, so no wonder he does not relate to the common folk.

2. Sean Hannity: Multi-national companies do bad things (And what is the Trump Organization?)

Fox News host Hannity brought up the issues of multi-national companies outsourcing labor and dodging the corporate tax rate. Ironically, Trump’s products have been made in a dozen countries and we don’t even know how much Trump actually pays in taxes because he won’t release his tax returns.

3. Donald Trump Jr.’s great investment idea has nothing to do with his father’s proposals or philosophy.

“Just think of what we could do with that money,” Donald Trump Jr. told Hannity regarding taxes. “We could give our kids a better education.”

Well, we could, if say people like Donald Trump paid their taxes and corporate tax loopholes were closed, which doesn’t seem to be a big theme of the Trump campaign.

Even before Trump Jr. insisted that third world countries outperform the U.S. in education (they don’t), this was already a terrible point. Education is hardly a strong suit for Trump. His most damaging scandal prior to the release of the 2005 Hollywood Access tape was his fraudulent Trump University. Then there’s Trump’s proclamation that he “loves the poorly educated,” because they tend to support him, when white. Although, like Trump Jr., who is fairly well educated, poorly educated Americans probably don’t know the difference between second and third world countries either.

4. Hillary Clinton may be behind Obama with respect to millennial support, but Donald Trump’s numbers are far lower.

“They’re trying to do everything they can to make Hillary Clinton more attractive to younger voters and guess what? The latest poll had her at 42% of youth support. At the lowest level, Barack Obama had 66%,” Charles Kirk, founder of Turning Point USA pointed out. True, Hillary Clinton trails Obama with this demographic, but she’s also ahead of Obama with women. And then there is the fact that Clinton is not running against Obama. She’s running against the Trump boys’ daddy. And according to an October 26 poll, Donald Trump is backed by just 21 percent of voters 18-29.

5. Donald Trump Jr.: Go to trade school, don’t get a 5-year underwater basket-weaving degree

“Agriculture is awesome. We have to encourage people to take up those kinds of jobs,” Trump Jr. said in response to an audience member’s question regarding what she called “lack of intellectual rigor” among Americans.

Trump Jr. went on to tout the importance of trade jobs.

“There’s guys that I know that go get vocational training… and they have probably much higher paying salaries than they would if they got their underwater basket weaving degree for five years.”

But college graduates overall earn far more than their non-college educated peers. And while annual income varies greatly between degrees, there’s no college in the country that offers a five year underwater basket weaving degree. We checked.

Alexandra Rosenmann is an AlterNet associate editor. Follow her @alexpreditor.

IMAGE: Getty Images / Robyn Beck



  1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth November 3, 2016

    What a pathetic pair of siblings. Not only are they as wooden and stiff as dad, but they have inherited a robotic-like response to whatever questions are put to them and peppered with the same items from dad’s catalog of canned talking points and fear quotes.
    Reading about how they responded to questions remind me of our very own quaint and comical AgLander, a confused “loveofcountry”, “Box”, etc., all of whom are programmed to repeat talking points that they’ve rehearsed, and can recite faithfully from one week to the next as if they were all parrots.

    Instead of “Polly wants a cracker”, it’s “Email Server, Emails, Bill Clinton, Clinton Foundation, Benghazi”, and “Shows signs of weakness” and other chauvinist mimicry.

    Nuts don’t fall far from the Trump Oak Tree.

    1. The lucky one November 4, 2016

      The funniest part of that is that any Trump actually knows anyone who got vocational training. Those are the people Trump Sr. commonly stiffs after they do work for him.

      1. jam November 4, 2016

        Maybe he’s referring to his smog technician, the tRUMPS all seem to like cars, so he could know one.
        Heaven help us if his daddy somehow wins.
        We’ve let American students down for 35 years by NOT teaching any Civics or Social Studies in grammar school and very little in High School.
        The chickens have come home to roost.

  2. Aaron_of_Portsmouth November 3, 2016

    Partial list of Favorite Quotes/Phrases from the book “The Brothers Trump And Dad Fairy Tales”:

    1) “Email Server”; 2) “Lost Emails”; 3) “Hillary allowed employees to be killed at Benghazi Embassy”; 4) “These Are Scary Times” (no kidding?); 5) “We Need to Build a Wall” (Shades of the days of King Arthur of the Round Table); 6) “Be Very Afraid, They’re coming to Take Your Jobs”; 7) “Make America Great Again” (by threats, hostile attitudes, burning churches, and intimidating Brown Shirt tactics); 8) And the ever popular “It’s Us Against Them”.

    1. Independent1 November 3, 2016

      Yeah, they can only repeat set phrases because they’re not really much different than their dad. A recent article I read from some psychologists claims that Donald has a vocabulary of about 200 words: that’s what most psychologists say 2-year-olds can understand; in fact, most mature dogs can understand about 2 200 words.

      Wouldn’t that be great! Having a president of the U.S. with the equivalent vocabulary of a 2-year-old or maybe your dog??

      1. Barbaradcaudle3 November 4, 2016

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      2. Dan S November 4, 2016

        Scary to think with a President Trump we’d truly have the dumbing down of America

    2. Dominick Vila November 4, 2016

      Great post. The only thing I would add was Jr’s comment about “putting a bullet in that man’s head” to complete the repertoire of Trumpian rhetoric that millions of fellow Americans seem to be fascinated with.

      1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth November 4, 2016

        Thanks, Dominick. As much as I detest David Duke and Trump for all they stand for, I would be doing myself irreparable damage to say anything as reprehensible as suggesting that anyone be shot.

    3. cthetruth November 4, 2016

      These two are as clueless as their Daddy. How in God’s name can these three stooges relate to middle and poor America. I am truly at a loss for words as to how this man even stands a chance. Frightening!

      1. CrankyToo November 4, 2016

        Really. It staggers the imagination to think this race is so close as we approach the finish line. That Trump is still in the game at this point is testament to the ineptitude of the DNC.

        1. Independent1 November 4, 2016

          I think it’s more of a testament to just how ignorant of reality with respect to how our country works and how similar to Trump’s thinking so many millions of Americans are showing themselves to be/have.

          (Many of us here on the NM have been reasoning tirelessly with right-wing trolls with little or no success in convincing them that their thinking is misguided. So I’m not sure just what the DNC could have done to change the minds of millions of Americans who appear to be as morally corrupt as Trump. If anyone/thing has failed America, it has been the American Media who failed consistently in the beginning to point out how blatantly Trump was lying and totally fabricating reality. For example: They let him get away with making statements that America’s elections are rigged for months without calling him out. )

          1. CrankyToo November 4, 2016

            No doubt the breathtaking ignorance of GOP supporters is a critical factor….

          2. Independent1 November 4, 2016

            That sounds right to me.

      2. RED November 4, 2016

        Sadly for these sick pukes, it appears that their inheritance is much more likely to be the Trump disease of narcissism and being a sociopath. It seems this is far more assured than any wealth transfers as Trump is broke, I can almost guarantee it. Of course in America being a part of the wealthy elite and going broke is nowhere near the same as being one of the peasants and going broke.

      3. Aaron_of_Portsmouth November 4, 2016

        The Katzenjammer kids reflect accurately the dysfunction of their dad. These are indeed troubling times, and Donald is crafty enough to know how to exploit the anger of people too afraid to adjust to changing times.

  3. JPHALL November 4, 2016

    The more I hear of these two the more I am reminded of two sons of Saddam Hussein.

    1. Dominick Vila November 4, 2016

      The arrogance of wealth and power is not limited to foreign thugs.

    2. The lucky one November 4, 2016

      Except that when they go down it will be with a whimper rather than a bang.

  4. RED November 4, 2016

    I despise the trope that ignorant Cons and others love to tell about “basket weaving degrees,” all that b.s. To me it’s sign of complete ignorance and total selfish bullshit!! It’s evidence of a weak mind and a shallow thinker. The simplistic mind of Trump pyscho’s only value certain work? Martha Stewart seems to have made millions basket weaving and the like. But that’s not really the point. The whole trope is just the standard idea that infects people at a certain age with the idea that the next generation is not as hard working, moral and deserving as my generation. Personally I think this a big reason why some people can stay young at heart and others can’t. Or maybe its the cause

  5. FireBaron November 4, 2016

    Hey, crew, did you all shut out Agatha? I am surprised Aggie hasn’t jumped on this to say how well educated and proper young men the sneering duo are! Oh, well, I guess we get some peace and quiet from that front.

  6. ps0rjl November 4, 2016

    I love to hear the Trump kids talk about what scary times these are for millennials. When I graduated form college there was a draft and a little dustup called Vietnam that was raging. I’ll put that up against these “scary” times. Of course just like their dad, nothing like that would ever affect guys like the Trump boys. Remember Donald got out with bone spurs and Rush got out either with a boil on his butt or an old high school football injury. Guys like Donald were practically guaranteed they wouldn’t go. Most Vietnam veterans were either minorities(blacks and Latinos), white kids from blue collar neighborhoods, and kids from the rural farms and towns. My brother came of age in the early 50’s. There was a little dustup called Korea then. Yeah these are REALLY SCARY times for the millennials. USMC1969-1971

  7. Jon November 4, 2016

    The Trump spawn are further proof of those superior genes Trump claims to possess. No one should do business with any business whether it be called Trump or Scion or any other name that these scum own or have an ownership interest in.

  8. Ken Walker November 5, 2016

    I wonder how these Trump boys would have fared if they had had to compete with others on the open jobs market.


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