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Trump Calls Democrats ‘Party Of Slavery’ In Minority Outreach Effort

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Trump Calls Democrats ‘Party Of Slavery’ In Minority Outreach Effort

Trump minority outreach

EVERETT, Washington (Reuters) – Republican Donald Trump on Tuesday night called Democrats the “party of slavery” and praised what he called the millions of African Americans with career success, as he tries to revamp his outreach to minority voters.

Trump has made much-maligned efforts to appeal to black and Hispanic voters, groups that generally support Democrats and are expected to vote heavily for Hillary Clinton in the Nov. 8 election.

“The Republican Party is the party of Abraham Lincoln,” Trump said at a rally in Everett, Washington.

“It is the Democratic Party that is the party of slavery, the party of Jim Crow and the party of opposition,” he said, referring to racial segregation laws that once existed in the American South.

The Republican nominee has said Democrats failed minority voters with economic policies that have not improved their job prospects, but his attempts have been criticized for painting a bleak view of the lives of all black and Hispanic Americans.

Clinton last week released an ad mocking Trump’s attempts to reach those groups and showing headlines about a racial discrimination lawsuit the New York real estate mogul faced in the 1970s.

A prominent supporter of Trump’s apologized on Tuesday for sending out a tweet that showed a cartoon image of Clinton in blackface.

Trump sought to correct course in Washington state on Tuesday, saying millions of black Americans “have succeeded greatly” in art, science, sports and other endeavors.

“But we must also talk about those who have been left behind, the millions suffering in disastrous conditions in so many of our inner cities,” he said.

(Reporting by Emily Stephenson; Editing by Clarence Fernandez)

Photo: Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump speaks during a campaign rally in Everett, Washington, U.S., August 30, 2016.   REUTERS/Carlo Allegri



  1. Siegfried Heydrich August 31, 2016

    The really funny thing is that apparently, he thinks that running the ever popular troll line will actually fool anybody. Contrary to what he believes, blacks aren’t as stupid and gullible as his white base, who will believe anything if presented with enough hatred. They saw what happened in 1968. They see how the GOP has behaved for the past 50 years. They’ve heard what Drumpf has said about them. And now they see him ‘appealing’ to them in front of white audiences, his ‘outreach’ to them accompanied with a wink to his base as he whispers “hey, watch me fool these niqqers now but I’m still one of you . . .”

    I’m just waiting to see how his little jaunt to Mexico works out for him.

    1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth August 31, 2016

      I too anticipate the outcome of this new act of showmanship. What was Mexico’s president hoping for, given his current problems?

      1. Kathleeneford2 September 1, 2016

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  2. Aaron_of_Portsmouth August 31, 2016

    Trump, like so many others, is a slave to the “Kingdom of Names”. This kingdom is referenced by Baha’u’llah in a Tablet in which He describes how we humans become so attached to a designation or a title to the point of getting mired in definition w/o understanding the concept inherent in a name, and missing other layers in a designation. Also, it refers to becoming overly infatuated with titles, e.g. “Dr.”, “Shaykh”, “President”.

    Trump is mentally lazy, to put it mildly, and since he only has two favorite books, that means the chances are greater than 99% that he hasn’t read any American History.
    A simple Google search on “Democrat versus Republican name change” would explain a lot and save him from continuing to display an appalling lack of basic knowledge and making baseless assertions about things he shows no interest in becoming familiar with.

    This sort of mental lethargy on anything besides money is not reassuring. All for the love of attention, admiration, and a title.

    He talks about showing concern for those left behind while earlier in life he was all to glad to slam the door in the face of black applicants seeking housing in he and his father’s real estate empire in NYC.

  3. Insinnergy August 31, 2016

    Ironic given nearly every racist and bigot now is a registered Republican.

    1. Daniel Wright August 31, 2016

      And your proof behind that idiotic statement is?


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