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Trump Is Learning The Cost Of Business In Russia



  1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth February 16, 2017

    Is Trump learning the cost of doing business with Russia? Is Congress aware of the pitfalls inherent with associating, however casually, with Putin and his operatives?
    Like Steve Bannon, Putin and company are shrewd, maniacally obsessed with the goal of some form of dominance—whether it be geopolitical or some futile attempt to make a “White Nation”, respectively.

    Trump, Putin, Bannon and others like them are on a spiritual level that in a sense lowers them to a level beneath the animal kingdom. And with that in mind, I’d like to share an insight offered by Abdu’l Baha in a response to a question. The question had to do with to what extent are we capable of comprehending that Unknowable Essence referred to as Allah(or God in English), or one’s cultural designation for such a Being.

    “We observe that every lower thing is incapable of comprehending the reality of that which is higher. Thus, no matter how far they may evolve, the stone, the earth, and the tree can never comprehend the reality of man or imagine the powers of sight, hearing, or the other senses, even though the former and the latter alike are created things. How then can man, a mere creature, comprehend the reality of the sanctified Essence of the Creator? No human understanding can approach this station, no utterance can unfold its truth, and no allusion can intimate its mystery. What has the speck of dust to do with the world of sanctity, and what relationship can ever hold between the limited mind and the expanse of the limitless realm? Minds are powerless to comprehend Him, and souls are bewildered as they attempt to describe His reality. “No vision taketh in Him, but He taketh in all vision, and He is the Subtile, the All-Informed!”[112]

    112. Qur’án 6:103.


    From this response, might it also be that on another level, Trump, Putin, Bannon, and the like, are as lower forms of beings by way of their attitudes and their deeds compared to the more enlightened members of our human society the world over??

    Just a thought.

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