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Trump Falsely Claims That Supreme Court Pick’s Criticism Is ‘Fake News’

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Trump Falsely Claims That Supreme Court Pick’s Criticism Is ‘Fake News’

Gorsuch and Trump

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – U.S President Donald Trump on Thursday disputed multiple accounts that his nominee for the Supreme Court had expressed dismay over his attacks on judges, saying without evidence that Judge Neil Gorsuch’s comments had been misrepresented.

The Republican president has publicly vented his frustration with a court order last week that temporarily halted his travel ban on people from seven Muslim-majority countries, criticizing the judge who issued the order, the appeals process, and the wider judiciary.

Gorsuch’s remarks describing Trump’s attacks on the judiciary as “demoralizing” and “disheartening” were first disclosed on Wednesday by Democratic Senator Richard Blumenthal, who urged Gorsuch to go public.

Ron Bonjean, a Republican strategist hired by the White House to guide Gorsuch’s nomination through the U.S. Senate, also said on Wednesday that the judge had made the comments to Blumenthal.

Former Republican Senator Kelly Ayotte, who has been accompanying Gorsuch in meetings with senators on Capitol Hill as he seeks support for his confirmation, said on Thursday the judge had made similar remarks in his discussions with senators.

Trump, taking a personal swipe at Blumenthal, disputed the account in a Twitter post early on Thursday.

“Sen. Richard Blumenthal, who never fought in Vietnam when he said for years he had (major lie), now misrepresents what Judge Gorsuch told him?” Trump wrote.

Appearing on CNN shortly after Trump’s tweet, Blumenthal said it was important for Gorsuch to make his private remarks public and that he would press him to do so during Gorsuch’s Senate confirmation hearing.

“We’re careening, literally, toward a constitutional crisis,” said Blumenthal, who sits on the Judiciary Committee that holds the hearing. “He’s been nominated by a president who has repeatedly and relentlessly attacked the American judiciary.

“He has to show the American people that he’ll be more than a rubber stamp for Donald Trump.”

Blumenthal said on MSNBC that Gorsuch told him he should feel free to make their discussion public, but that he felt the judge should go further.

After U.S. District Judge James Robart put on hold Trump’s Jan. 27 temporary travel ban, the president attacked Robart on Twitter as a “so-called judge” whose “ridiculous” opinion “essentially takes law-enforcement away from our country.” He has kept up his criticism of the judiciary since then.

The Trump administration appealed Robart’s ruling and an appeals court was expected to decide the issue in coming days.

U.S. presidents are usually hesitant to weigh in on judicial matters, and in particular avoid personal attacks, out of respect for a U.S. Constitution clause ensuring a separation of powers between the executive branch, Congress and the judiciary.

“I think President Trump is going to harm both Judge Gorsuch’s chances at confirmation and his standing as president if he continues to undermine the independence of the judiciary,” Democratic Senator Chris Coons told CNN on Thursday.

Trump nominated Gorsuch on Jan. 31 to succeed Justice Antonin Scalia on the nine-member court. Scalia died a year ago this month.

Trump, who took office on Jan. 20, tried to shift the focus to Blumenthal in two Twitter posts, resurrecting a years-old controversy over the senator’s Vietnam service.

As a Senate candidate in 2010, Blumenthal was criticized for saying he “served in Vietnam.” Blumenthal said he had used “misplaced words” about his Vietnam service but never meant to deceive voters.

Trump himself received five draft deferments during the Vietnam War, including one for bone spurs in his heel, the New York Times reported in August.

In a statement on Thursday, Ayotte said Gorsuch, speaking generally, said “he finds any criticism of a judge’s integrity and independence disheartening and demoralizing.”

(Reporting by Doina Chiacu, Susan Heavey, Richard Cowan; Editing by Bernadette Baum and Frances Kerry)



  1. Lynda Groom February 9, 2017

    Looks like the man has no shame.

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  2. Aaron_of_Portsmouth February 9, 2017

    Can Donald actually get through a day without being deceptive, disagreeable, contentious and dishonest??

    1. Mama Bear February 9, 2017

      Nope 🙂

  3. Aaron_of_Portsmouth February 9, 2017

    Donald’s peevish and childish assertions are simply the results one would expect from an egocentric person. Donald has been challenged from the days of his youth with an over-developed ego, most likely a result of having the “burden” of too much wealth handed to him on a silver platter, and not having responsible parents wise enough to know the importance of giving a child a firm foundation of spiritual virtues,and urging young Donald to put the development of a goodly nature above the pursuit of wealth.
    But how could Donald ever learn the importance of a kind and goodly nature if he lacked a religious upbringing to teach him what spiritual values are in the first place. Without knowledge of spiritual virtues and their importance, it’s impossible to develop what you don’t have.

    Trump’s lust for being petulant and to be in the spotlight was the prime motive for running for {President in the first place. He was never active in any social economic developments except in cases when it directly enhanced his personal stature and added to his bank account. For young Donald, the motto was “Enough Money Is Never Enough”—think about that circular situation, Spicer and Kellyanne.

    Too many Americans, and too many Westerners in general, are easily enthralled by how much social influence, bluster, and wealth a person has, and this was the criteria many voters applied when assessing Donald, and thus his appointment by the Electoral College to a new “Throne” of status to further enhance the “burden” he and his father and mother had already strapped onto him as a child. It looks as though its too late to shed that burden as witnessed daily by his antics.

  4. Benjamin Allen February 10, 2017

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