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Trump’s Plan To Gut HUD Threatens America’s Poor

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Trump’s Plan To Gut HUD Threatens America’s Poor

Ben Carson, HUD

Reprinted with permission form AlterNet.

Rosemary Holmes has lived in Newark’s Terrell Holmes for the better part of six decades. She, like many others in the building, has raised children in its courtyards and hallways, and forged a tight-knit community of friends and neighbors. At the age of 68, she has been forced to band with other tenants to fight local efforts to shutter the facility. Now, as the Trump administration weighs plans to gut the Department of Housing and Urban Development, she has a new battle on her hands.

“Any time they move a person to someplace they don’t want to live, it’s imprisonment,” she told AlterNet over the phone. “I am a human being, and I deserve to live where I want to live. Us, the ones who really want to be here, we are going to be uprooted because of the sabotage of HUD and the Housing Authority.”

Horsley is one of countless public housing residents across the country directly impacted by news that the Trump administration is mulling whether to slash HUD’s budget by at least $6 billion, or 14 percent, in the 2018 fiscal year. The proposed cuts were revealed Wednesday by Washington Post reporter Jose A. DelReal, who cited “preliminary budget documents” that he had obtained. If implemented, the reductions will hit a federal agency that is already unable to meet the level of human need, thanks to systematic defunding over the course of decades.

Douglas Rice, a senior policy analyst for the Center for Budget and Policy Priorities, a Washington, D.C., think tank, reports that the proposed cuts would, in fact, amount to $7.7 billion dollars, or a 16 percent reduction, in 2018. He arrives at this number by evaluating expected funding levels for 2017, writing: “it’s reasonable to presume that the final budget will be close to the average of the bills the House Appropriations Committee and the full Senate approved last summer.” By contrast, DelReal wrote his story based on 2016 funding levels.

Either way, the cuts are poised to be dramatic. Rice told the Washington Post that 20,000 renters will lose their assistance for every 1 percent slash to the budget of HUD. “The reality is that we’ve been living under these austere budget caps, and budgets like HUD’s have already been pretty much cut to the bone,” Rice said, pointing to the sequestration cuts of 2011. “And when you try to cut below that, you really end up with harmful impacts.”

The proposed cuts would go deep. “Budgets for public housing authorities—city and state agencies that provide subsidized housing and vouchers to local residents—would be among the hardest hit,” writes DelReal. “Under the preliminary budget, those operational funds would be reduced by $600 million, or 13 percent. Funds for big-ticket repairs at public housing facilities would be cut by an additional $1.3 billion, about 32 percent.”

Public housing in the United States already faces a backlog of $26 billion in repairs, according to a 2010 report commissioned by HUD.

The Community Development Block Grant Program, which was budgeted to receive $3 billion this fiscal year, would be entirely slashed if the proposed changes were implemented. While the budget document reportedly suggests that funds for the program “could come from outside the HUD budget as part of a separate White House bill,” it is not immediately clear where exactly such dollars would come from and whether they would be guaranteed. The HOME Investment Partnerships Program, which helps fund local affordable housing, would also be eliminated.

The gutting of HUD would take money directly out of the hands of renters in need. The Post story notes, “Under the proposal, direct rental assistance payments—including Section 8 Housing and housing vouchers for homeless veterans—would be cut by at least $300 million, to $19.3 billion. Additionally, housing for the elderly—known as the Section 202 program—would be cut by $42 million, nearly 10 percent. Section 811 housing for people with disabilities would be cut by $29 million, nearly 20 percent. Money available for Native American housing block grants would fall by $150 million, more than 20 percent.”

According to Rice’s analysis of the Post report, if the cuts go through, “Housing Choice Vouchers that some 200,000 low-income households currently use to pay their rent would be eliminated in 2018.” He explained, “Reducing the availability of this crucial support would increase and prolong homelessness for vulnerable people with disabilities, families with children and others.”

“It should be very clear to our movements, to our communities, and to the entire country that [the] Trump administration is intent on further destabilizing and dismantling programs that our communities rely on to survive,” Malcolm Torrejón Chu, communications organizer with the Right to the City Alliance and organizer for the National Homes for All Campaign, told AlterNet. “These threatened cuts to housing are threatened cuts to our community survival. And we have no illusions that the current HUD programming is enough.”

The proposed reductions are in line with Trump’s recent claim that he will pay for a $54 billion increase to the war budget in large part by cutting domestic programs.

But long before Trump made this assertion, HUD Secretary Ben Carson—who has no prior experience in housing policy—has been open about his desire to dismantle key public housing initiatives. In 2014, he opposed an agreement between the city of Dubuque and the Department of Housing and Urban Development to address the city’s housing policies that discriminate against black residents, suggesting it was proof America was “becoming communist.” In 2015, he vocalized his opposition to a HUD fair housing rule that is aimed, in part, at reducing segregation, calling it a “failed socialist experiment.”

Following the Post report, Carson reportedly sent a letter seeking to reassure staff on Thursday, stating: “Please understand that budget negotiations currently underway are very similar to those that have occurred in previous years. This budget process is a lengthy, back-and-forth process that will continue. It’s unfortunate that preliminary numbers were published, but please take some comfort in knowing that starting numbers are rarely final numbers.”

Yet the fact that such drastic cuts were proposed at all has alarmed those whose housing—and lives—are on the line. Rhonda, who lives in Terrell Homes and did not want her last name to be used, said the immediate impacts of such cuts, if they go through, would be straightforward. “They need to keep public housing, because without public housing, people will be homeless,” she said. “The numbers of homeless people in America will be going up. People will have to choose between housing and food.”

‘They want us out’

Michael Higgins, Jr., an organizer with the Brooklyn-based Families United for Racial and Economic Justice, told AlterNet that news of proposed cuts to HUD didn’t come as a surprise. “There’s been steady cuts in every administration going back to Reagan,” he said. “Because there have been consistent cuts, and because public housing is in such bad shape, there are a decreasing number of options for people in public housing.”

According to a Congressional Budget Office report released in September 2015, federal housing assistance is already falling far short. “Currently, only about one-quarter of the eligible low-income population receives housing assistance through federal spending programs,” the office stated.

Long before the Trump administration’s proposed slash to the HUD budget, Terrell Homes residents were fighting a years-long battle against efforts to shutter their facility. “Since December 2013, there have been attempts to shut it down,” Drew Curtis, the director of community development and environmental justice for the Ironbound Community Corporation, told AlterNet. “Tenants fought back and stopped the initial demolition, but last summer they started trying again to shut down Terrell Homes.”

Curtis said that one of his first thoughts when he found out about the proposed HUD cuts was, “There is going to be even more ammunition for the local housing authority to shut this down. Tenants will need to stay diligent and keep putting on political pressure. The biggest cuts proposed were public housing operating funds and Community Development Block Grants, which often go into housing repairs. This would dramatically affect them.”

Horsley said she is exhausted after fighting a years-long battle to stay in her home. “The whole thing is, they want us out,” she said. “They cannot verbalize and come out and say they don’t want the poor blacks, the poor Hispanics, because we no longer fit the new normal.”

Terrell residents are not alone. In a statement released Thursday, the New York City-based CAAAV Organizing Asian Communities said, “The announced proposed cutting of $6 billion to HUD and $150 million funding for NYCHA and Section 8 vouchers is cutting the vein that keeps working-people from being able to keep this City running.”

“While these proposed cuts happen, New York taxpayers have spent $24 million to protect Trump’s private properties from Election Day to inauguration. It is estimated that $127,000 to upward of $308,000 will be spent each day to protect the Trump family at their NYC residence,” the statement continues. “We refuse to let our public dollars be spent to protect the rich’s war machine and unjustly kill millions of innocent Muslim lives around the world. We refuse to let our public dollars police and criminalize black and Latinx communities that fuel the deportation machine.”

Higgins underscored that, “In New York, there was already an extreme crunch of public housing. Over the years, HUD has moved more into a Section 8 voucher scheme, instead of rent being directly paid by the government. When you see Section 8 being taken, it means certain people will be out of their homes.”

Organizers say that it will be important to meet any proposed cuts with a continuation of the robust resistance that has already seen millions take to the streets, mobilize and defend their communities against Trump administration policies.

According to Torrejón Chu, “We are clear that the Trump administration is an administration that is interested in privatization and corporate profits and not people’s actual needs. We need to continue to show and expose that the administration does not represent our communities or the people.”

“We see this as a moment to not just resist cuts, but to put forward a vision of a totally different world,” he continued. “We think it’s important that our communities develop and strengthen our vision of an alternative world where we have control over land, resources and housing. A world where housing, land and community aren’t commodities. This moment is calling for us to have a vision.”

Sarah Lazare is a staff writer for AlterNet.

IMAGE: Ben Carson listens to a question from a reporter during a campaign stop in Las Vegas, Nevada, February 23, 2016. REUTERS/Las Vegas Sun/Steve Marcus/File Photo



  1. Lynda Groom March 11, 2017

    A question for Trump voters. Do you really believe that cutting programs that help the poor with housings, cutting food nutrition programs, cutting the Dept of State 37%, cutting your health care insurance benefits are the ticket for making American Great Again?

    1. ⭐️ I Am Helpy ⭐️ March 11, 2017

      Of course they don’t. They are interested only in punishing people for not being the same as them.

      1. Thoughtopsy March 11, 2017

        Technically they believe it is immoral to give people handouts.
        (You know… just like Jesus said: “F**k the poor, for they are lazy and morally weak, and giving them any succor would mean less money for me.”) They believe it makes them weak and less likely to strive hard to succeed.

        And where opportunity and education and employment and household wealth are already universally equal, they would be correct.

        Alas, since America is now 95% of the way to a class-based plutocracy, this is just a weird delusion and has been since Reagan.
        – Household wealth is vastly unequal especially on a race-basis.
        – Education is vastly unequal. If you can’t pay, your education is poor to non-existent.
        – Job opportunity is vastly unequal based on both race and education.

        America’s social mobility in the 50s to the 70s used to be its crowning glory. More people in the lowest income quintile moved to the highest and vice versa than any other country in the world.

        Now if you’re born into a poor family you generally stay poor.
        If you’re born into a wealthy family you generally stay wealthy.

        The American dream is mostly dead… not because the poor have stopped trying… but because those that “made it” and achieved their dream have steadily rigged the rules to ensure its easy to stay wealthy once you are wealthy, which conversely makes it much harder to become wealthy in the first place.

        So getting back to your point.
        The GOP are deluded by the concept that everyone is equal when they are born… so giving people free money is immoral.

        What they fail to realise is that people are not born equal under any circumstances… some are blind and some are not, some are disabled and some are not, some are athletic and some are not, some are intelligent and some are not, some are coordinated and some are not, some are black and some are not, some are poor and some are not…. etc…
        Then their own policies have ensured this initial inequality gets much much worse.

        Imagine the difference in outcomes for people in the USA if you implemented just one policy of equality.
        Consider Finland.

        There are no Private Schools in Finland (apart from a few fringe ones). All schools are public, cannot charge tuition fees, and are funded equally. All teachers are paid the same across the country (and paid well). Since there is no difference in schools, wealthy kids go to the same schools that the poor kids in their area go to. If wealthy parents want to improve their child’s education, they give money to the system as a whole. They make sure all standards rise.

        Imagine if this was the rule in the USA.

        Suddenly the massive money flows from the wealthy families have no “special school” (Harvard, Cambridge…) to go to.
        Suddenly no schools get everything upgraded to the best laeving many struggling. The best teachers don’t gravitate to the schools that pay the most, leaving the worst teacher in the poorest schools… etc.
        House prices change because people stop having to pay extortionate amounts of money to be in the area of the “best” school…
        Suddenly colleges, high schools and primary schools are all the same.
        Suddenly poor kids, middle income kids, and wealthy kids all pay the same… nothing… to go to their local school or college.

        …Suddenly the GOP bullsh1t becomes true for ONE thing. Everyone gets an equal opportunity at the best education… and what you make of that is up to you.

        In this ONE case after this ONE change, paying more to a certain group of kids may well be somewhat immoral as it would upset the drive for equal opportunity.

        Luckily the GOP bitterly oppose any legislation that would make either the extreme disparity in opportunity based on race or wealth, remotely more equal… because, you know, that’s dirty gay communism or some such moronic drivel.

        So their deeply held belief that “anyone can succeed” in America if they just work hard enough and it’s associated deeply held belief that giving money to people is immoral…. are both the rankest level of self-delusion for personal gain.

        They soothe their wasted and shrunken suppressed guilt in damaging society by draining money out of everything that doesn’t personally benefit them, by convincing themselves that doing anything for anyone else would be harmful and/or “morally wrong”.

        Just like Jesus said.

        1. ⭐️ I Am Helpy ⭐️ March 11, 2017

          This is true! But the fundamental problem is that they want to punish people rather than fix problems. The same issue that I have with Bernie-or-Busters, for what it’s worth.

          The older I get, the more I understand that this is the only valid political distinction – help or hurt. Everything else is just details; a conservative that genuinely wants to help people (e.g. my mother) is going to support almost everything Obama did, just because it works.

          1. Thoughtopsy March 11, 2017

            Agreed… there is also a strong underlying thread of punishment as well. Like you can take someone who is poor, uneducated, and suffering and punish them with less assistance and somehow they magically become a productive educated motivated person. It’s a puritanical, simplistic, arrogant, and ultimately inhuman point of view.

            I agree on the help or hurt. It’s like the Republicans have never actually gone to a poor area, and asked what would help people to make personal, familial, educational or economic gains.
            Because “Reducing all the current assistance I get” would NOT be one of the answers they are given.

            Ironically, from here (NZ) Obama was a Conservative. moral Conservatives should have supported him in droves. Bernie would barely count as a Liberal here. He would be “left of center”.

            The GOP just have to come clean about their deeply held political beliefs:
            Essentially they are Spartans.

            They believe that hardship will produce the best people winning at the top and thereby the Greatest of Americas.

            Conversely they believe that the people at the bottom should get no assistance and suffer and die because they are too lazy, too unmotivated, too disabled, or simply not gifted enough to succeed.

            However this cost in human suffering, pain and death is worth it because of all the great, powerful winners you get at the top.

            They couch this in all sorts of rationalizations, lies and platitudes because it would be incredibly unpopular… but at their philosophical core they deeply believe in a pure meritocracy, where winners are rewarded and losers are punished. And if dying a painful death is part of that punishment… well, then, you should have tried harder.

            Most western countries have moved beyond this hateful and demeaning attitude to fellow countrymen and women.

          2. ⭐️ I Am Helpy ⭐️ March 11, 2017

            External perspectives are always interesting. Myself, I have a hard time conceiving of Obama as anything other than the only known example* of that vanishingly rare beast, a genuine Centrist. I admired his commitment to his principles, even when they proved incredibly frustrating (e.g. the excessive number of years it took for him to accept that bipartisanship was just not going to work while the Republicans were locked in their feedback loop).

            * At least, he’s also the ONLY example I can think of – every other person claiming that mantle being an outright liar, but still: if there’s one I guess there must be others, somewhere. In theory.

          3. dtgraham March 12, 2017

            “But the fundamental problem is that they want to punish people rather than fix problems. The same issue that I have with Bernie-or-Busters, for what it’s worth.”

            So let me get this straight. Obama was the only human being on planet earth, that you can think of, who satisfied your strict test of being a mushy middle, stands-for-nothing, genuine centrist. Any other politician other than presumably the most center to center-right, Wall St funded, corporate beltway defender, just won’t do. In fact, your definition of what a centrist should be is so stifling that apparently only one man on earth, that you know of, meets it. Everyone else who claims to, is an “outright liar.” You will verbally punish everybody else who doesn’t meet that standard. Nothing else except your standard of a centrist will do. Nothing!

            Are you that f’ing stupid that you don’t see your own hypocrisy?

            I believe in the help or hurt standard too regardless of political stripe, except that I mean it. You don’t. I also understand what the words help and hurt actually mean. Only you could somehow bring Bernie Sanders into this, in your fanatical hatred of him.

            Incidentally, I have a much higher opinion of Barack Obama and his “help” than you do.

          4. ⚡️ I Am Helpy ⚡️ March 12, 2017

            Yes I get that you fruitcakes DESPERATELY want to not only absolve yourselves but somehow get placed in charge of the Democrats. Not going to happen, fake liberal who helped Trump win and who is, again, ABLEIST BIGOT GARBAGE.

          5. dtgraham March 12, 2017

            Ah, ah, ah, (wags finger) tomato head. Remember, you said that you don’t want to punish people for being different. You just want to solve problems. Isn’t that right?

            Well, unless they’re not the strictest version imaginable of a centrist. Then I guess they can be punished.

          6. ⚡️ I Am Helpy ⚡️ March 12, 2017

            OK bigot. I can’t imagine why you think I even bother to read your posts, but then as well as being a gross hypocrite you’re also dumb as heck.

          7. dtgraham March 12, 2017

            That feels punishing to me for my difference.

          8. ⚡️ I Am Helpy ⚡️ March 12, 2017

            OK bigot. Doubling down on your bigotry is definitely going to work at some point, and not make you look ever more gross.

          9. dtgraham March 13, 2017

            I’m just bigoted towards you tomato head but, unlike you, I’m not sure if that counts. Anti-tomato head bigotry hasn’t exactly been big in the news lately.

            Anyway, you’re supposed to overlook my anti-tomato head bigotry and work with me to fix problems without punishing me for being different.

          10. ⚡️ I Am Helpy ⚡️ March 13, 2017

            “I only use bigoted slurs against people that I don’t like, which makes it OK.”

            OK bigot.

          11. dtgraham March 13, 2017

            Sure, tomato brain. You’re the one who supported the same Hillary Clinton who started the Obama birther controversy, if you recall. Trump actually has a point on that one. She also circulated pictures of Obama wearing tribal dress back in 2008.

            I think Obama wanted to strike back at the time, but there were no pictures of Hillary wearing a dress.

          12. ⚡️ I Am Helpy ⚡️ March 13, 2017

            OK thanks for whitesplaining why you were forced – FORCED! – to help actual Nazis seize power.

            If only the minorities had done what you, an entitled white guy, told them to. They’re like children, really, and it’s great that you’re around to shoulder the burden of civilizing them.

            You. Colossal. Tool.

          13. dtgraham March 15, 2017

            Too bad your own center-right, establishment, corporate beltway, big-donor, 1% philosophy made you support the unwinnable Democratic candidate. African-Americans could have used the help from Bernie.


          14. ⚡️ I Am Helpy ⚡️ March 15, 2017

            Yes, I already said you were holier-than-thou bigoted garbage who would ally with actual Nazis for your own selfish gain.

          15. dtgraham March 15, 2017

            That’s not true! I am not bigoted garbage! I’m not gay, and yet after what I’ve seen this week, I would totally do Rachel Maddow.

            OK, I’m a straight guy who’s getting a little confused right now, but you know what I’m getting at.

          16. ⚡️ I Am Helpy ⚡️ March 15, 2017

            OK bigot.

          17. ⚡️ I Am Helpy ⚡️ March 15, 2017

            Also, I love – LOVE – that you think that anyone opposed to you is “center-right establishment”.

            You are a cautionary goddam cartoon.

          18. dtgraham March 15, 2017

            “Yes I get that you fruitcakes DESPERATELY want to not only absolve yourselves but somehow get placed in charge of the Democrats.”

            Also, I love – LOVE- that you think that anyone opposed to you is a “fruitcake.”

            You are a cautionary goddam cartoon for continued election losses to the Republicans at both the federal and state level. The Democrats haven’t had enough punishment for you yet over the last decade?

          19. ⚡️ I Am Helpy ⚡️ March 15, 2017

            See previous post.

          20. dtgraham March 15, 2017

            Got nothin’ but Java Script huh. Thought so.

            You’re running a great service though. I want that kind of rapid response from everybody. That was like, 10 seconds. If you’re selling anything, let me know.

          21. ⚡️ I Am Helpy ⚡️ March 15, 2017

            See previous two posts.

          22. latebloomingrandma March 12, 2017

            How did Americans get so mean and stingy?

          23. Thoughtopsy March 12, 2017

            Greed at the expense of their humanity.

            Some uniquely American quotes:
            “There’s a sucker born every minute.”
            “Never give a sucker an even break.”
            “There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch.” (TANSTAAFL)

            Translation: Other Americans exist to be scammed for anything of worth that they have.

            You cannot lie to someone for the purpose of stealing from them without steadily degrading your compassion and humanity, and nurturing your detachment, self-centeredness and mercenary greed.

    2. Aaron_of_Portsmouth March 11, 2017

      Trump supporters are unwilling or unable to think that far ahead.

      1. Patriciaesimmons March 12, 2017

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      2. plc97477 March 12, 2017

        You could have stopped at think and still made it correct.

  2. Thoughtopsy March 11, 2017

    The tiny-fingered orange vulgarian has got it into his head to boost the bloated Pentagon budget… and is just cutting anything that he doesn’t understand.
    … which is simply everything that ISN’T the Pentagon budget.

    The 1% are in charge.
    They don’t know what any of these programs do.
    They just know that the programs cost money.
    So obviously they are unnecessary.

    I can only assume that Trumpards are overjoyed at what they have created.

    1. Independent1 March 11, 2017

      Overjoyed only until the deterioration in the American economy starts and the loss of welfare or maybe other government benefits Trump is cutting works their way down to them; which should happen sometime before the end of this year. It shouldn’t be too long in coming given that the GOP is already dismantling Obamacare and deporting Gestapo style a sizeable number of illegal immigrants.

      It’s only a matter of time now before farmers, construction companies, restaurants, motels/hotels and other travel industry outfits find their operations crippled by the lack of illegals and maybe even legal immigrants to do all the hard work they need done to keep their operations running and even propping up millions of jobs held by native-born Amerians. Add to that the reduction in spending that’s bound to come when millions of Americans who will lose their healthcare benefits retreat into savings mode again fearful that they may encounter an illness that could bankrupt them if they don’t start putting away lots of dollars for what may be a catastrophic healthcare event in their lives. It’s only a matter of time.

      1. Thoughtopsy March 12, 2017

        Agreed… the immigration thing, especially, is ripping the bottom out of the economy.

        Don’t worry he’s going to do a massive amount of debt-spending to pretend the economy is fine… for a while…
        Incidentally, with the cheering support of all those same Republicans that shut the government down rather than let Obama spend a single dollar more…

        And you thought refusing Merrick Garland was hypocritical?
        This is a whole new level.
        Apparently the GOP have no discernible ethical or moral principles. They will do or say anything for money and power.

        1. Independent1 March 12, 2017

          You got all that right but Trump’s not going to be able to spend his way out of the immigration nightmare. Companies that will fold because they can’t find the people they need to do the basic work that keeps their company running like: harvesting crops from the fields; carrying bricks and shingles for roofers or digging ditches for construction companies; making beds, or serving tables and other work travel industry companies aren’t going to keep running just because Trump spends money.

  3. Aaron_of_Portsmouth March 11, 2017

    Like a raging bull elephant in season and on cocaine, Trump has gone berserk, further endangering the country’s infrastructure and the poorer citizens of America.”MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN” so far is working just swell for the upper class, while the Rust Belt are content with a few crumbs from the table left by him and the billionaires he is working to further enrich.
    The resulting widening gap between rich and the poor will be a recipe for further discontent, and will certainly further destabilized and already unstable America. Civil wars, regime overthrow, rioting and loss of many lives have been the result of gaping disparities in resource distribution, and the GOP and Trump are on track to get us to that point.

    Ben Carson in the meantime stands alone mumbling, incoherent whenever he speaks,, clueless, and generally befuddled as to how all this adds up, and has no idea how he’s contributing to the unraveling.

    1. Independent1 March 11, 2017

      Talking about discontent; here’s a graph showing that since being elected, the discontent with Trump has been widening. We can only hope that the widening continues and even more of what were Trump supporters, turn into Trump resistors!!

      (Note that in the graph, the percentage of those approving of what Trump has done since being elected has fallen to close to 37%; so given that according to a recent Gallup survey the percentage of registered Republicans these days has fallen to about 26% of the electorate (with about 29% claiming to be Democrats – both historic lows); that means only about 10% of non Republicans approve of Trump’s actions.)


      1. Sand_Cat March 13, 2017

        Unfortunately, his approval rating counts for nothing except the intense annoyance it’s likely to be to our most insecure president in history. We’ve still got the bum for at least the next four years.

        1. Barbaradgress March 13, 2017

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  4. harleyblueswoman March 12, 2017

    every dept he has put a person who knows nothing about that dept and then turns around and claims they are getting rid of that dept….he wants to gut education, the epa and now hud….what part of Bannon wants to destroy our government do you not understand???

    1. iamproteus March 12, 2017

      In light of all that trump and his minions are doing, I’d like to know how the rank and file repubs define the word “great”.

      1. Thoughtopsy March 12, 2017

        It’s just missing the last two words… (they leave them out so as not to upset the knuckle-dragging masses).

        “Make America Great Again… For Us.”

  5. Karen March 12, 2017

    This administration not only does not care about the poor or working class, they will not be satisfied until the middle class is dismantled.

  6. vamrse March 14, 2017

    this is why Trump put Ben Carson as the hud head, he is black and lived in public housing and now he forgot about others..so it’s “out damn spot”


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