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Trump Hit By His Own Lewd Remarks About Women, Caught On Tape

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Trump Hit By His Own Lewd Remarks About Women, Caught On Tape


By Emily Stephenson

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Republicans on Friday grappled with a bombshell 2005 audiotape published by The Washington Post in which Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump boasted in vulgar terms about trying to have sex with an unnamed married woman and groping women, saying “when you’re a star, they let you do it.”

Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, who slammed Trump’s comments as “horrific,” was also hit by a leak on Friday. Wikileaks published what appeared to be excerpts of her paid speeches to corporations, the transcripts of which the campaign has refused to release. The transcripts included comments by Clinton on trade that could be troubling for her.

The disclosures come just a month before the Nov. 8 presidential election, and two days before the second televised debate between Clinton and Trump. The disclosures threaten Trump’s already shaky standing with women and reinforce doubts among Democrats that Clinton will crack down on Wall Street.

Trump’s leaked comments spurred a flood of indignation and came at what some have seen as a potentially pivotal point. Sunday’s presidential debate, a town hall-style event, is seen as critical as Trump tries to rebound from a dip in some opinion polls after a rocky performance in the first debate.

“No woman should ever be described in these terms or talked about in this manner. Ever,” said Reince Priebus, chairman of the Republican National Committee.

House Speaker Paul Ryan, the top Republican elected official, said he was “sickened” by the comments and said Trump would not attend a campaign event in Wisconsin with him on Saturday.

“I hope Mr. Trump treats this situation with the seriousness it deserves and works to demonstrate to the country that he has greater respect for women than this clip suggests,” Ryan said in a statement

Trump in a statement shrugged off the leaked tape as “locker room banter, a private conversation that took place many years ago.”

In the recorded conversation, Trump was wearing a microphone and chatting on a bus with Billy Bush, then host of NBC’s “Access Hollywood,” ahead of a segment they were about to tape.

“I did try and fuck her. She was married,” Trump said. “I moved on her like a bitch, but I couldn’t get there.”

Trump talked about his attraction to beautiful women. “I just start kissing them,” he said.

“And when you’re a star they let you do it,” he said.

“Grab them by the pussy. You can do anything.”

Trump, who has brought up former President Bill Clinton’s infidelities as a criticism of Hillary Clinton, calling her a “total enabler,” responded to the audio.

“Bill Clinton has said far worse to me on the golf course – not even close. I apologize if anyone was offended,” Trump said.

“Access Hollywood” confirmed the video in its own report, saying it discovered the comments in its library.

Billy Bush, in a statement to Variety, said he was “embarrassed and ashamed” of his comments.

Jeb Bush, the former Florida governor who lost to Trump in the Republican presidential primaries – and who is a cousin to Billy Bush – tweeted that the comments were “reprehensible.”

Mitt Romney, who was the Republican candidate in the 2012 election – and who has long opposed Trump, said his comments were “vile degradations” that “demean our wives and daughters and corrupt America’s face to the world.”

Meanwhile, Wikileaks published what appeared to be speech excerpts that could give Trump new fodder for attacking Clinton, who in them voices support for open trade and borders and discusses taking different positions in public than in private.

The U.S. government on Friday formally accused Russia of hacking Democratic Party organizations ahead of the presidential election. Wikileaks has declined to name its sources.

A spokesman for the Clinton campaign declined to confirm whether the Wikileaks emails were authentic and noted that other hacked documents have been faked.

“Earlier today the U.S. government removed any reasonable doubt that the Kremlin has weaponized Wikileaks to meddle in our election and benefit Donald Trump’s candidacy,” said Glen Caplin, the spokesman.

The emails were among hundreds of messages Wikileaks published from the hacked account of John Podesta, Clinton’s campaign chairman.

Clinton has struggled with issues of trustworthiness after a lingering controversy over her use of a private email system while serving as secretary of State.

During her primary campaign against populist rival Bernie Sanders, she resisted calls to release transcripts of 92 paid speeches she gave to Goldman Sachs and other corporations for which she was paid more than $20 million.

In a 2013 speech to a trade group, she talked about the necessity of working with lobbyists, according to the hacked email.

“But if everybody’s watching, you know, all of the back room discussions and the deals, you know, then people get a little nervous, to say the least. So, you need both a public and a private position,” she said, according to the leaked email.

“It is unsavory, and it always has been that way, but we usually end up where we need to be,” she said.

Ninety minutes after his statement condemning Trump’s leaked remarks, the RNC’s Priebus issued another one slamming Clinton’s leaked excerpts.

“The truth that has been exposed here is that the persona Hillary Clinton has adopted for her campaign is a complete and utter fraud,” Priebus said in the statement.

(Additional reporting by Jeff Mason and Emily Flitter in New York, Ayesha Rascoe in Chicago, Eric Beech and Mohammed Zargham in Washington; Writing by Steve Holland and Roberta Rampton; Editing by Cynthia Osterman and Leslie Adler)

IMAGE: Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump meets with leadership members of the National Border Patrol Council while receiving the group’s endorsement during a meeting at Trump Tower in Manhattan, New York, U.S., October 7, 2016. REUTERS/Mike Segar



  1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth October 8, 2016

    ““I hope Mr. Trump treats this situation with the seriousness it deserves and works to demonstrate to the country that he has greater respect for women than this clip suggests,” Ryan said in a statement”

    Another example of Paul Ryan feigning outrage, then within 24 hours he will have forgotten this latest of sordid behavior defects of Trump, and Trump will still be the candidate he will line up behind. Just as before, when he described a remark by Trump as being “textbook racist”, Paul hopes we will forget about his lukewarm disapproval, and then continue with business as usual.

    Even a cursory comparison of a clip by Hillary regarding trade pales in comparison with Trump’s naturally coarse and vulgar manner. Most conservative men will consider this appropriate “locker-room” banter and therefore perfectly acceptable, and even more troubling is that many women will find the remarks as acceptable and just a case of “boys will be boys”.

    1. Anna Elizabeth October 8, 2016

      Don’t let Paul Ryan and the rest of his ilk forget it. Calls, emails, letters to the Office of the Speaker, to the Republican National Committee, and to the rest of the GOP’s so called “leadership”.

      GOPers, you brought Trump, you *own* Trump.

      1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth October 8, 2016

        I’ll do that, and remind our state representative of this.
        This event should be treated as a watershed moment.

        1. Anna Elizabeth October 8, 2016

          Thank you. 🙂

          I totally agree. The GOP chose him, they *own* him.

        2. Billie October 8, 2016

          Unfortunately, my representative has been accused of sexual harassment of the women in his office. But, this is Texas, so he’ll get re-elected just because it says republican beside his name. Fat little pervert.

      2. Mama Bear October 8, 2016

        amen sister!

      3. ivory69690@yahoo.com October 8, 2016

        GOPers, you brought Trump, you *own* THE DUMP

        1. Anna Elizabeth October 8, 2016

          Lovin’ it! XD

          1. ivory69690@yahoo.com October 8, 2016

            just call em as I see em

    2. Dan S October 8, 2016

      Even when I was younger I never ever dared to behave as badly as this horrible excuse for a human being has been. In his so called midnight video apology there was no contrition or sincerity in his bad behavior. Then he turns on the Clintons saying Bill said a lot worse. I doubt it even though he screwed up he wasn’t talking about grabbing women which is sexual assault. The honorable thing for Trump to do would get out of the race but his ego won’t allow it. This video simply confirms what a lot of us already knew about him. Believe me when I say he’s the same person today as he was 11 years ago

      1. bobnstuff October 8, 2016

        Trump is a classic rapist. I read a statement by are well respected psychologist who has spent the last 40 years working with both rapists and their victims and they stated that Trump is the classic rapist in all respects. His apology was not real, it was the classic “they did it to” defense. He is a rapist pure and simple.

        1. idamag October 8, 2016

          I used to read some Ann Rule books. Using crude words, describing women, is common for serial rapists and rapist killers.

        2. Dan S October 8, 2016

          I know his so called apology didn’t sound sincere. He’s only sorry the video exposed him for who he truly is. Then turning around talking smack about Bill Clinton. Truly he’s a very desperate man grasping at straws

      2. Aaron_of_Portsmouth October 8, 2016

        Right you are. Contrition, remorse, introspection are concepts that were never cultivated in Donald as a youth.

    3. charleo1 October 8, 2016

      I would hope we could all see this as a teachable moment. That not only what Trump says must matter, But what each of us say in our personal conversations with co- workers, friends, and spouses, reflects the kind of persons we are. And also matters.
      The point was made that most men do not talk in this way when around their male friends. I find that to be the case with my male friends, even in the locker room. It would be considered as juvenile/classless, and not humorous in the least.

  2. dtgraham October 8, 2016

    Aaaah, remember when the Republican Mitt Romney’s “binders full of women” was enough to sink his campaign in waves of misogynistic criticism? That Mitt was absolutely adorable wasn’t he? The new Republican nominee wants to grab them by the pus*y, move on her phony t*ts like a bitch even though “we were both married”, and then take her furniture shopping.

    “Well look, I mean when you’re a star, they let you do it,” Trump says. “You can do anything.”

    So, is the GOP the “Grab Ole’ Pus*y” Party now?

    Well look, I understand that the woman in that bus video eventually produced a long form birth certificate, so relax Republicans.

    1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth October 8, 2016

      Your description of the GOP should be pasted on every billboard in America.

      1. Mama Bear October 8, 2016

        well said.

    2. LydiLouiKats October 8, 2016

      Very clever! 🙂

      1. Eleanore Whitaker October 8, 2016

        The only thing Republican men know are Republican women with springboard legs.

      2. dtgraham October 8, 2016

        Thanks. I thought the birth certificate would have smoothed things over for Republicans. It’s not like the woman in that bus video was an illegal Mexican or something.

  3. Stuart October 8, 2016

    Haven’t heard this kind of thing since 7th or 8th grade, sometime in middle school.

    1. Alinekgaray4 October 8, 2016

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      1. LydiLouiKats October 8, 2016

        Get out of here with your ridiculous advertising! This is not the place for that! Want to advertise?! Pay for it like normal people! A*shat! 😛

        1. Eleanore Whitaker October 8, 2016

          You are pretty bossy aren’t you? So tell us, who died and turned over all authority to you?

    2. Aaron_of_Portsmouth October 8, 2016

      That’s because many humans were able to become mature adults and left that juvenile attitude behind. Trump, unfortunately for himself, was never able to shed his immaturity. Now, women and responsible men have to suffer through this more despicable phase of his life.

    3. Mama Bear October 8, 2016

      I recall as a young girl of about 9 my 2 adolescent brothers were discussing a similar thing and overheard by my dad. He grabbed both of them by the arm, shoved them into the bathroom where he proceeded to literally wash their mouths out with a bar of soap. He did not stop until both were gagging and spitting and crying for mercy. He told them that is what a man does when he hears his sons discussing any female in that manner. I have ever forgotten that day, and these two brothers have both used the same “punishment” on their own boys.

  4. charleo1 October 8, 2016

    Trump, ever the seventy year old adolescent, promised to be a better “man,” tomorrow. As if the Presidency of the United States, a job where one literally holds the fate of mankind in their hands, could also be a job where one grew up, and took their first foray into the complex World of adulthood. On the bight side, a President Trump could throw Roman themed Caligula type parties in the White House with some real authenticity!

    1. Grannysmovin October 8, 2016

      In order to be a “better man tomorrow” he has to first become a man.

      1. charleo1 October 8, 2016

        Exactly! If you’re not fully cooked by age seventy, it’s not going to happen.

    2. Mama Bear October 8, 2016

      Let’s don’t forget that Trump is not able to grow beyond the 5 year old stage. He is a raging narcissistic personality disordered human and the hallmark of that disorder is that the person is stuck at the 5 year old stage. Psychiatrists will also confirm that there is no cure for the disorder.

    3. dtgraham October 8, 2016

      HA! He’d put Caligula to shame wouldn’t he? I think even Caligula would be saying, ” whoa…slow down there hedonist, this is a little over the top isn’t it?”

      Not to worry charleo. Somehow I get the feeling that grabbing votes on November 8th will be a lot tougher for Trump than grabbing p**sies. Call me crazy. Well, he’s got the rapist vote locked down anyway.

  5. Aaron_of_Portsmouth October 8, 2016

    Now that Donald’s gross indiscretion and lewdness is laid bare before our gaze, we should make every effort to treat this as a watershed moment—the “Waterloo of the GOP”.

    Although I am well aware of the fact that God works in mysterious ways, I can’t help but think that this might be another mysterious sign that a Party should now be “drawn and quartered” publicly, and a sign that this example of Donald’s depravity should be magnified in order that this decadent quality of the GOP, as represented by its latest standard-bearer, be allowed to resonate loudly across the globe; its media outlets, and the electorate who support this man should be reminded that Donald is a mirror-image of themselves.
    (Inexplicably, the women-folk of the GOP are OK with this behavior, as seen by their collective silence on the matter. And suggests that they approve of being regarded simply as “pieces of _ _ _” ).

    Indiscretions of this nature, sadly, are commonplace among men, from both the Left to the Right of the political spectrum, affects members of all nationalities, ethnicities, and is a plague in many Religious communities across the planet.

    But only one Party has a candidate who has boldly announced his depravity in this regards on many occasions, and is only too happy to display this tendency publicly with no hint of discretion or remorse.

    1. Mama Bear October 8, 2016

      I have recently read that “republican wives/women” are silently deciding that Trump is an abomination. While most of them dare not cross their men by being so bold as to have their own opinions, when she gets into the voting booth and closes the proverbial curtain…..her vote is private.

      1. Eleanore Whitaker October 8, 2016

        Two of the Bush daughters have openly admitted they are voting for HIllary. Trumpty Dumpty is forcing Republicans to do some very serious soul searching. McConnell claims he and Ryan are worried they will lose their Republican majority. Too late….already lost. No one wants another 8 more years of GOP obstruction.

  6. ivory69690@yahoo.com October 8, 2016

    Trump in a statement shrugged off the leaked tape as “locker room banter, a private conversation that took place many years ago.”/// its his pattern took place years ago and its still him today and tomorrow and so on . he might set himself up with his sick bi-polar disorder and the child minded clown that is addicted to attention that’s his fix the POS JUNKY for attention

    1. LydiLouiKats October 8, 2016

      Very true! Wow! Hadn’t thought of Bi-Polar before that’s interesting! He’s an attention seeking, demigod, egotistical, grandstanding, materialistic, (worships gold) narcissistic, oligarch, self-centered, tarnished, whiney, zealot! He needs to take a hint and just go away!

      1. ivory69690@yahoo.com October 8, 2016

        ive posted before and for a long time talked about DONNY DUMP and what I feel is a bipolar disorder and lots of other things as I stated today (People diagnosed with bipolar I disorder have periods called “mood episodes,” which are severe changes from a person’s typical mood. Mood episodes can be manic, depressive, or mixed. For example, people experiencing an episode of mania may describe their symptoms as feeling overly joyful or energetic, while those having a mixed episode have symptoms of both mania and depression at the same time. also one with it feels everyone’s against them (him ) and is always on a defense and turns things on others every time something is brought up about them (him ). he think he can escape but ranting and name calling other people . he try’s to make people think of others taking the focus off him . heck it worked through all the first part of him running . it was all those GOP gang of pinheads from the start that let him get away with it . thy all throw things at him but then he just came back in a heavy defense mode and it worked thy fell off like dead fly . I can read the DUMPSTER like horror book . he is easy to read . to me anyways . and count on this at the end he will say I never wanted the house in the first place . then he will say who in their right mind would think I wanted the house the way I acted and the things I said about every one . then he will call the crazy one’s his brain dead followers . but mark my words and ive posted this before a few times DONNY DUMP has a wait for it wait for it moment ! and its then he will drop the hammer . this plan he has had from the very start . its a plan of him doing what the scum dose best fraud ,con, and scamming people . I don’t know just what it is . but I know its something . its just a wait for it he will drop it and people will say OMG never seen that coming . but I do see it and or something planed coming from the DUMPSTER

      2. ivory69690@yahoo.com October 8, 2016

        one of the things id bet on is he will at the end start a new reality TV show called THE DONNY DUMP’S BIGGEST LOSER SHOW . but im pretty sure his wait for it plan has something to do with TV . that’s just one thing im thinking but at the top of my list

      3. idamag October 8, 2016

        He is the child, In the family, at family gatherings, who won’t go play with the other children. He stands around annoying the adults with his silliness.

  7. itsfun October 8, 2016

    If these two are the best we have to offer, then this country is in big big trouble. To bad we can’t redo the primaries. My guess is, we wouldn’t see either of them in any race for President. Instead we may see both of them in prison.

    1. charleo1 October 8, 2016

      False. False equivalencies, phony narratives, and dark conspiracies are what created Trump in the first place. Enough of empowering nutty Right Wingers who refused to see the acres of red flags surrounding Trump from the start. No.. No do-overs, or mulligans. The Country has a President to replace, and and at least half has their candidate. Too bad about the rest. We pleaded for common sense. They made their choice.

      1. itsfun October 8, 2016

        You and I know Hillary belongs in prison along side of Trump. I said its too bad we can’t redo the primaries. Do you really believe either one of these two bozo’s would win the primaries, knowing what we know now. My guess is we would be looking at Biden and Cruz or Rubio.

        1. Eleanore Whitaker October 8, 2016

          No moron…ONLY YOU know that. Where is your proof? I’ve asked you to post it several times. All you have is your own misguided, mentally ill accusations and opinion. And just why would any sane person EVER pay attention to your unproven accusations? I do believe in this country you are innocent until PROVEN guilty in a court of law by a jury of your peers. That makes you one of Hillary’s peers doesh’t it bag boy?

          1. idamag October 8, 2016

            If there is any proof to back up his ideology, he should take it to Gowdy. Gowdy will love him for it.

          2. itsfun October 8, 2016

            Well if it isn’t the old woman lying fool again. Have you paid for anymore of your books to be published? You talk about sane people, I hope you aren’t including yourself in that class. Are you still walking the streets with your stolen shopping cart and a bag?
            The director of the FBI said she had unsecured classified emails on her private server. He said she didn’t intend to commit a crime. Since when is ignorance of the law or intent a legal defense? Using his logic, if someone accidentally hits and kills someone with their car, they shouldn’t be prosecuted because they didn’t intend to kill anyone. She is a criminal and belongs in prison. If lying and making up stories was a crime you would be in prison with her.

        2. charleo1 October 8, 2016

          Do not pretend to tell me that what you may believe and what I know to be true are one and the same. That Hillary’s treatment of her communications, having been fully investigated by the Country’s premier apolitical law enforcement agency headed by a Republican President’s appointee, found no reason to suggest charges. And this just the latest outrage of many from Trump, are somehow construed as equivalencies. It’s bunk. Just as Trump has been nothing but bunk, and a global embarrassment from day one of his joke of a political campaign. How little his supporters must think of this good Country of ours, to fashion such a person as its President. From my perspective, as a loyal American, a person who loves this Country, and holds what it has represented for so many for so long, in the highest of esteem, shame on you. And, shame on all of those thoughtless voters on the Right, who have imposed this travesty of shame on us all.

          1. itsfun October 8, 2016

            The director said she broke the law, but he didn’t think she intended to. I guess now if we break the law or accidentally kill someone it will be okay if we didn’t intend to commit a crime.

          2. dbtheonly October 8, 2016

            You can’t murder someone without the intent. Killing someone without the intent is something else entirely.

            So also with the classified information. The intent is a key part of the crime.

          3. itsfun October 8, 2016

            If you accidentally kill someone with your car, there is a huge chance you will see jail time for vehicular homicide. How many people may have died because of Hillary allowing classified information to be exposed to the enemies of this country. Intent or not, is the kind of national security you want?

          4. dbtheonly October 8, 2016

            How many people killed?


          5. itsfun October 8, 2016

            We don’t know that

          6. dbtheonly October 8, 2016

            Your assertion that there were. Prove it.

            Negatives can’t be proven.

          7. itsfun October 8, 2016

            I don’t have to prove one damn thing for you.

          8. dbtheonly October 8, 2016

            No you just keep shooting off your mouth on groundless accusations.

            Is that how you get your jollies?

          9. itsfun October 8, 2016

            Prove I am wrong.

          10. dbtheonly October 9, 2016

            You remind me of a Monty Python skit of 25 years ago. The one character would simply contradict anything the other said. The second would get ever more frustrated as the first would simply deny anything said. Simple contradiction is no argument.

            That was funny.

            You’re not.

          11. itsfun October 9, 2016

            You seem to think that I care about what you think. I don’t! Just don’t read what I post, it won’t bother me little bit.

          12. dbtheonly October 9, 2016

            For someone who, ostensibly, doesn’t care about what I think, you have a predilection to reply, even while stating that you don’t care.

          13. Bill P October 9, 2016

            Itsfun’s previous and next reply to you show the lunacy of this troll. Make a statement without offering any “provable” facts then complain that anyone who disagrees with the unproven statement must prove it wrong.

          14. dbtheonly October 9, 2016

            Possibly, but as I see it, aside from showing an appalling lack of knowledge of logic or debate, lunacy isn’t required.

            I see it that itsfun has given us the answers in his “nom de blog”. He enjoys “confounding” us Libtards and sleeps better at night secure in his knowledge of his wit, wisdom, and erudition.

            He gets his jollies, we get to laugh at him.

          15. dbtheonly October 8, 2016

            How many people killed?


            No evidence that anything was exposed.

          16. charleo1 October 8, 2016

            I think you need a better understanding of how the law is applied.
            The larger thing here, and what keeps this going on the Right. Is not the infractions of unsettled law, or the unsubstantiated claims of security compromises those infractions might have caused. No one was killed, no hack ever detected. But having much more to do with the lack of sorely needed political answers to the Trump disaster unfolding daily on the Right.

          17. itsfun October 8, 2016

            Can you say for sure none of our agents or spies were killed because of this security leak? Both of the bozos running for office are unqualified and our nation is in for a rough 4 years. It doesn’t matter which one is elected.
            We have more middle of the road types here then we do hard left or right people. Each candidate is seen as being one of the two. The unfavorable’s and trustworthiness of each will ensure that one side will not cooperate with the other. To many people hate Hillary and Trump for either one of them to get what they want. I think in these times, we need a President that is kinda middle of the road with issues and will be able to accept compromise with the other side. I don’t see any compromise with either of these two. So we probably will have 4 more years of yelling and screaming, calling names and lawsuits,

          18. itsfun October 8, 2016

            The law in this nation is not being applied equally. We now have a royalty class that we call politicians. They are proving to be above the laws. They also vote their selves the best healthcare in the world for free, but don’ allow us citizens access to that healthcare. We are just allowed to pay for it for them. If we do have the wares to purchase good health care for ourselves, our politician fine us for it by calling it a cadillac program and tax us for it. We have to go before a panel of accountants to get procedures approved. How many panels do you think our politicians go before to get procedures approved. Our royalty votes pay raises and retirement raises for themselves, while we get to pay for it. Now this royalty is being scared by Trump, so you can bet they will do anything and everything they can to keep non-royalty out of power. Just look at what the DNC did to Bernie. I don’t think our forefathers wanted a system of government to encourage professional politicians that would be above the laws and demand to be treated like royalty. I now believe the election can be rigged by the parties and votes can be ignored or changed by using electronic technology. Lady justice has had her blindfold ripped off and sadly it will be that way a long long time.

      2. idamag October 8, 2016

        Trump is who they are.

  8. dbtheonly October 8, 2016

    Am I the only one worried that Trump might leave the race, voluntarily or otherwise?

    Would those Republicans not endorsing Trump jump for the President Pence bandwagon?

    If Hillary is up by only 5% over Trump, what would the Clinton/Pence polls look like.

    The problem was never that Trump would win; but rather that the Republicans would win with all their alt-right policies. Pence winning scares me as much or more than Trump doing so.

    1. Mama Bear October 8, 2016

      They would have vote – each of the delegates from every state would have to nominate a new candidate. However….that is very unlikely given Trump’s slimy ways to get around things. This latest horror will invigorate his base.

      1. dbtheonly October 8, 2016

        Really, they couldn’t just bump Trump for Pence?

        Blanket the airwaves that Trump is out and pulling the Republican lever is really a vote for Pence?

        1. Dan S October 8, 2016

          Nope they can’t. Trump would have to voluntarily resign as the nominee. Even if he did state ballots are already printed & some states have already started early voting. The Trump name will be on the ballot even if he were to resign today. The GOP is stuck with him & I’m sure for 2020 they’ll be trying to do a better job to weed out those clearly not qualified to hold the highest office in the land

          1. Mama Bear October 8, 2016

            you are way more optimistic about 2020 than I am:)

          2. Dan S October 8, 2016

            After you hit rock bottom with Trump the only direction they can go is up. At least that’s the conventional wisdom ????

          3. plc97477 October 8, 2016

            Don’t bet the farm on it.

          4. dbtheonly October 8, 2016

            Dan, I’m much more fearful of a Ted Cruz presidency. Trump is vulgar, cruel, but disinterested. Cruz is vulgar, cruel, and competent

          5. Eleanore Whitaker October 8, 2016

            I should think that the birthers would want to know “when” Cruz became a citizen. Because according to the Calgary Sun, Cruz was very much a citizen back in the mid 2000s. Prior to that he was then Premier Ralph Klein’s fair haired boy.

          6. dbtheonly October 8, 2016

            I could have said Rubio, Pence, Kasich. These guys only look rational in comparison to Trump. And, in fact, so far as Trump has any policies at all, they’re more palatable.

          7. Dan S October 8, 2016

            Now I’ve got shivers down my spine ???? Your right Ted Cruz would be dangerous too if he became President

          8. dbtheonly October 9, 2016


            But as bizarre as it seems, Trump would be among the best Republicans to win the election simply because he is so erratic. A Candidate tied to the Cruzian Tea Party, and following that line is truly scary. Trump is merely ludicrous.

            And even more scary, the Republicans will win the presidency eventually.

          9. ivory69690@yahoo.com October 8, 2016


          10. Dan S October 8, 2016

            Sad but true. The Dumpster has no moral compass & who knows what other skeletons will come out before Election Day. My thought is after this unqualified lying scheming deceptive individual is defeated next month I’m hoping the GOP will take a long deep look into how they could sink so low as a party. Hopefully it’ll put it an end to the Tea Party folks who really set the stage for Donnie to get the nomination. It’s up to Secretary Clinton to prove her mettle in the next 4 years or next time we may not dodge another GOP bullet

          11. ivory69690@yahoo.com October 8, 2016

            2020 Dence down fall will be you was with DONNY DUMP in 2016

    2. Billie October 8, 2016

      Pence wouldn’t have time to mount a campaign.

      1. dbtheonly October 8, 2016

        Does he need to?

        There’s the Trump stuff in place, change a few signs & roll.

        1. Billie October 8, 2016

          Guess not, since his name is already on the ballot.

      2. idamag October 8, 2016

        It wouldn’t matter. Trump supporters would vote for Charles Manson whether he had time to mount a campaign or not. I don’t think, and correct me if I am wrong, Pence could legally become the presidential candidate. He hasn’t been selected by delegates or voted on. It would take some fast footwork to make that happen.

  9. TZToronto October 8, 2016

    So Hillary tells Wall Street that working with lobbyists is expected. Well, that’s the way things work in government, isn’t it? It’s not fair to the “average” American, and lobbyists definitely have too much influence in the way government operates. It’s nothing we don’t already know, though. Yes, many politicians are smarmy, but most are not as smarmy as Trump. I can easily see a President Trump leaving office with truckloads of money from kickbacks and direct payoffs and claiming that his dedicated service to the country lost him billions of dollars. Not only is Trump a disgusting, immature, racist misogynist, but he’s also a dishonest person who thinks only of satisfying his lust for women and money. This is presidential material? I see nothing that indicates a desire to serve America and it’s people.

    1. Eleanore Whitaker October 8, 2016

      Actually, I am not fond of any lobbying either. But, I do know that lobbying was originally intended to be the method the individual American used to help them get a point across to their politicians. AARP is a lobbying group. So is League of Women Voters. Would anyone say these are BAD?

      The point is that like everything else the crooks in Big Business do, they figured out that if the good lobbyists could push for reforms, so could THEY and they knew they had far more money to do that.

      1. idamag October 8, 2016

        Lobbying is a result of the Bill of Rights saying I have a right to redress my representative. It was never meant for high paid shills of billionaires to supersede my rights. When Elizabeth Warren and her committee put together the horrific things that were being done to the American people by the credit card and banking industry, she went to the Capitol with her findings and was nearly ran over by a team of banking lobbyists in Armani suits and Gucci shoes. We need to have regulations on lobbyists.

  10. LydiLouiKats October 8, 2016

    Can we be clear about this!?!?!?!?!?! Who’s running for “PRESIDENT”? Not Bill Clinton, been there done that! It makes no difference how egregious the man is, HE’S NOT THE ONE RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT! You are, you Jerk! It’s not a distraction, your past behaviour, or Bill’s it’s the facts but just deal with it, leave him out of it! Concentrate on your own task at hand! Just stop saying stupid things, past, present or future and you will be fine! But I guess you can’t get that through your head! What a pity, what a pity! 🙁

    1. Eleanore Whitaker October 8, 2016

      Lady you need to lose that 1950s Donna Reed attitude. You are in for gender shock tootsie. Women do not live on a man’s income anymore. We EARN our own. But there you sit like Lady Godiva on a sofa, watching the soaps while downing your box of bon bons while Hillary has traveled over 1.5 million miles, pushed for healthcare reform you don’t want because you LOVE the rest of us paying for your free healthcare. Which hick state do you live in?

      Let me guess…OK? KS, IA, LA, NC, KY, AL, MS…all in the top 10 of the states with the highest record of welfare and living off phony SSDI.

      You are the one who is stupid. You’ve lived an entire lifetime walking 2 steps behind your Man. You are not Tammy Wynette and you no longer need to play act that “ignernt” Stand by your Man BS.

    2. AgLander October 8, 2016

      No. here’s where you’re wrong. The Clintons are a coordinated woman abusing machine. They have a symbiotic relationship. Bill commits the physical abuse and Hillary comes in afterwards and cleans up the mess by abusing the women psychologically through intimidation. That has not changed and will not change if she is elected president…..she’s his ‘housekeeper’ and cleans up mess after mess that he has created over the years and continues to this day. If you elect her, you get him too.

      1. Eleanore Whitaker October 8, 2016

        Here is where AG once again goes off the beam. Are you implying that just because a woman is married she must NEVER have the same rights to the presidency as a man? Or are you just the typical MR MAN BS artist?

        1. AgLander October 8, 2016

          I’m saying that the Clintons are equally smelly garbage and both come off the same truck and can’t be separated. They are both dumpster/landfill material. You can’t defend one and ignore the other because they are one and the same…..both give off equal odors, both are rotted to the same degree, both are decomposing at the same rate, both would smell up the White House equally or alone. Garbage, pure garbage.

          1. Eleanore Whitaker October 8, 2016

            And I am saying that Humpty Trumpty is about to fall on his butt. I defend both Hillary and Bill Clinton because they have never been involved in a single tax evasion investigation…Trump has several times. But do go ahead and rah rah rah for your loser boy…Oh and by the way, the Taj Mahal is closing for good in 3 months. More dumping of Trump taxes on NJ taxpayers.

          2. AgLander October 8, 2016

            Clinton Foundation…….down goes your argument!

          3. Eleanore Whitaker October 8, 2016

            Wrong..Clinton Foundation has had 33 audits. Trump has yet to open his books. And the only 2 times he did was under duress from the SEC and Justice Department. Getting pretty desperate AGGY?

          4. Billie October 8, 2016

            Not only that but 87 to 90 percent of their donations go to charity. Not only that but none of the Clintons take a salary from the charity. No other charity can match that. Other charities pay their CEOs outrageous salaries. That is why I only give to the Salvation Army.

          5. Eleanore Whitaker October 8, 2016

            You know as well as I do that there are some bully males out there who would do anything to smear Hillary. Not because she is Hillary. Because she is a WOMAN. These mental midgets figure that if she is the 1st woman president, she opens the door to many many more women presidents. IN their Male BULL world, that emasculates them.

          6. AgLander October 8, 2016

            Rest assured that I harbor no feelings towards you based on you being a woman, Ellie. My feelings towards you are 100% based on you being a rotten human being! Now, aren’t you glad we got that out of the way?

          7. Aaron_of_Portsmouth October 8, 2016

            And we should take your word on that? That’s like Trump saying his taped lewd remark was not what he said.

          8. Aaron_of_Portsmouth October 8, 2016

            Is that your only response? Incredulous superficial insight(non-sight) on your part.
            Face it bub— you and Trump are equally fond of lewdness.

      2. Aaron_of_Portsmouth October 8, 2016

        You speak as a barbarian of pre-Christian Lombard descent when you speak like that. Little wonder that you feel compelled to wipe Trump’s behind, a fellow Lombard of pre-Christian persuasion.

    3. Mama Bear October 8, 2016

      amen sister.

  11. AgLander October 8, 2016

    Bill Clinton was seen nervously pacing about this morning and asking staffers: “You can get in trouble for saying stuff like that?!”

    1. Eleanore Whitaker October 8, 2016

      So we can ASSume that you write Trump’s trash mouth speeches? Have you heard his latest? Vets who come home from wars that your Republican military industrialist states live off of are “weak.”

      The only weakness in this country are dipshits like you.

      1. idamag October 8, 2016

        Ag lander, the scratch and spit backwoods uneducated is not worth your words. Don’t confuse with facts, mind is made up. Any decent woman whose anatomy is referred to with crude, misogynist gutter language will find the person who used that language deplorable. However, there are women with no self respect.

  12. Eleanore Whitaker October 8, 2016

    I always love the women stiflers. If a husband does it, how DARE a woman try the same thing? If a husband is successful, his wife BETTER NEVER BE! If a woman earns more than a man, well gee…he must be a wuss right?

    If a woman goes out to work and the man plays househusband, all hell rains down on his head. Heavens to Mergatroid! He’s overturned thousands of Mr. MANhood! roflmao

  13. Eleanore Whitaker October 8, 2016

    Here is something my common sense mind is questioning. You know the accusation that Russia is deliberately subverting the US election? Now what do we know about Republican history? They were the ones who broke into the DNC WaterGate Hotel office to get the same kind of data the Russians are seeking.

    They are the ones who are hot to get into Hillary’s personal emails to her husband and daughter using their phony Benghazi investigations.

    You think Trumpty Dumpty wouldn’t go the distance to win by using his Russian contacts to get into the DNC emails?

  14. AgLander October 8, 2016

    After the damaging revelation from the Wall Street transcripts and Hillary’s comments in them, the big question is does Bernie pull his support? This was the very foundation issue he was running on and Hillary has now proven by her words that she’s firmly in bed with the people Bernie despises. It’s your move Bernie….whadaya gonna do??????

    1. Eleanore Whitaker October 8, 2016

      Bernie is a dead issue. Bernie has openly endorsed Hillary and openly slammed Trumpty Dumpty.

      The Clinton Foundation has enjoyed top ratings, higher even than the Red Cross. Now..you do you me to prove YOU are a liar yet again?

      1. Jim Samaras October 8, 2016

        great benchmark…the Red Cross? Really?

        1. Billie October 8, 2016


        2. Eleanore Whitaker October 8, 2016

          Yes…I heard that in an interview on PBS with several journalists. It was in answer to the question about how Clinton Foundation money is used. The winger tried to imply that Hillary and Bill take their salaries from foundation donations and get donations from various international sources.

          Then, one of the other journalists showed the records of the ratings of the Clinton Foundation and it was above that of the Red Cross. I was surprised at that. I do know that it is far above the rating of United Way which pays its chief administrators in the millions from donations.

          Hillary and Bill Clinton don’t need to take any money from the Clinton Foundation. Their speaking engagements and books all provide their incomes when they are not in government jobs.

          AS to the international donors, the righties who claim this are idiots. Yes. There are international big business donors as their would be when Hillary shames them in their own country and they don’t provide help to their own starving women and children.

          1. AgLander October 8, 2016

            Sitting at home….alone…..listening to the flat, monotone voices on PBS…..what a sad life you live!

        3. AgLander October 8, 2016

          Ellie wins the “Special Kind Of Stupid” award on a daily basis here!

          1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth October 8, 2016

            No, Agatha—that would be you, the perennial winner of said award. It’s nice of you to want to share your Award, but it belongs to you, and you alone. Now, run along and play, little man.

  15. Eleanore Whitaker October 8, 2016

    http://www.factcheck.org/2015/06/where-does-clinton-foundation-money-go/…this is the link that proves AGGY, a rabid dog Hillary Hater wrong.

  16. Eleanore Whitaker October 8, 2016

    Ever notice how the bad boys are always the first ones to try and deflect THEIR guilt on others? And who does this better than the Republicans and right wingers? They post opinions and then demand we call their opinions fact. Like that will EVER happen.

    So they get paid as right wing trolls to bash Hillary and Bill Clinton like the Young Republicans turned Geezer Republicans, Grover Norquist, Karl Rove, Rev. Ralph Reed (accused of lewdness…gee what else from a winger?), Eric “Blackwater” Prince and Ken “WhiteWater” Starr. All men who do exactly what AGGY and ITSY do…bash the Clintons, NEVER provide proof with court records and then call the Clintons criminals.

    What kinds of nuts call others criminals when they don’t even have proof?

    1. idamag October 8, 2016

      Trump is who they are.

  17. Eleanore Whitaker October 8, 2016

    Remember when Carly Fiorina tried to bash the Clinton Foundation? She was made a fool of. Gee…big surprise. The GOP puts out some harriden shrieking failed female CEO out there and she gets publicly beaten with a bag of oranges for her distortions of the truth. How very Republican does it get I ask?

    1. idamag October 8, 2016

      Trump is who they are. He just pulled the mask off.

  18. ivory69690@yahoo.com October 8, 2016

    I find the biggest joke of all with DONNY DUMP are these women that support the CLOWN always on TV news show defending the POS. one of the brain dead supporters said well he said he was sorry so now all should be forgiven . I say yaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ok then I go shot some one in the head ( maybe the DUMPSTER him self :)~ ) and then I go to court and I tell the judge and jury im sorry that I shot that person (him ) so now I said im sorry im forgiven right ? lol thy defend the DUMPSTER its pass a joke its sicking . its said that he talks about grabbing lady party ya I just grab their kitty’s and its ok because im a star . he is a dwarf star with little hands . you see him dressed as the clown always with the big red tie that hang down half way to his fly zipper and with his little hands even hard pinky out still couldn’t touch the point at the bottom of his tie . now that’s a true clown show red tie suit for DONNY DUMP BOZO CLOWN

    1. Eleanore Whitaker October 8, 2016

      Maybe these loony women have some bizarre dream of being Trumpty Dumpty’s arm candy or winning the Miss Universe Contest? rofl.

      1. ivory69690@yahoo.com October 8, 2016

        anything to do with DONNY DUMP the only way thy could win if thy get paid up front no check just in cash

        1. Eleanore Whitaker October 8, 2016

          I am more concerned that the GOP has rigged the election by getting the Russians with whom Trumpty is so chummy to throw the election results.

          I know that the feds are already investigating this possibility. But, one computer expert claims the Russians could do it and the results would be a delayed election. Which is exactly what the GOP wants. That would leave Ryan, 3rd in line to the presidency as president after the terms of Obama and Biden expire in January.

          1. ivory69690@yahoo.com October 8, 2016

            I worry more about the brain dead people with no common sense that would vote for the DUMPSTER full of CHIT

          2. charleo1 October 8, 2016

            This would a long line of worriers that just got a lot longer.

          3. AgLander October 8, 2016

            A Democrat concerned about voting fraud….Priceless!! If there was no past voting fraud, the Democrat party would not exist!!

          4. dbtheonly October 8, 2016

            You’d be able to supply evidence?

            Over the last bunch of years, those caught for election fraud have been Republicans.

          5. charleo1 October 8, 2016

            Putin wants you to elect his stooge. And you have no problem obliging him. Nice move comrade.

          6. ivory69690@yahoo.com October 8, 2016

            did thy voter fraud you on to this site ?

      2. idamag October 8, 2016

        Money. Money can buy anything: Ferraris, emeralds, Louis IV furniture, posh vacations and beautiful, but without pride, women.

        1. Mama Bear October 8, 2016

          almost anything. There are still women with integrity.

  19. InGen12 October 8, 2016

    It was reported on one of the newscasts last night that Trump was 8 months (!!) into his marriage with Melania when this conversation took place. Nice.

    1. Eleanore Whitaker October 8, 2016

      Watch Melania’s face when she is standing near Trump. That is the most telling sign of the fact that he is in for divorce No. 3. And, as I recall, Marla Maples after their bitter divorce, told Trump if he ever DARED run for president, she’d gladly give up her alimony to tell the world what he is really like.

      You’ll be happy to know that to get out of paying child support, that scumbucket Trump forced Maples to have a paternity test done on his child. He hated that it prove he was the father. (father? and I use that term loosely).

      1. InGen12 October 8, 2016

        The fact that she has barely been seen at any of the campaign events tells us that she’s not invested in this farce of a presidential run. What kind of a First Lady would she make? Would anyone ever see her?Would love to know how she’s taking this latest news!

        1. Eleanore Whitaker October 8, 2016

          Trump treats her just like he has treated ALL women too ridiculous to know he uses women for his photo ops. He figures now that his own faces is in the tank, he’ll pretty up photo ops with a model’s face.

        2. idamag October 8, 2016

          If you want to do an internet search, you can see a whole lot of her.

      2. Mama Bear October 8, 2016

        the word you were looking for was “sire”:)

      3. ivory69690@yahoo.com October 8, 2016

        the DUMPSTERS wife should be banging the door man so when he opens the door for DONNY DUMP he can say to himself (or why not to DONNY DUMP him self ) how do I taste ewwwwwwwww lol

    2. ivory69690@yahoo.com October 8, 2016

      yup I heard it was 4 month then later thy said it was 8 months . that’s whjy I say his wife should dump him now and have the lawyers settle big time from the start all cash and take the son leave the DUMPSTER BROKE AND ALONE AND EVEN THAT IS TOO GOOD FOR THE CLOWN

      1. Billie October 8, 2016

        She married him for his money, why should she care.

        1. ivory69690@yahoo.com October 8, 2016

          yup this is her chance to get out take the fools money and run with her son . this way she can be rich and save the both of them from the DONNY DUMP DUMPSTER FULL OF CHIT she would be better with out him . can you think of how bad it must be for her under his control ? like under the hand of Hitler him self . id bet he makes her say he is great at every thing even in bed with his little hands and little pinky

      2. FireBaron October 8, 2016

        You’re all assuming that he actually has money. He has property, but no visible cash flow. Why else would he need to raid his campaign coffers and charity to pay himself for use of his airplane, his properties, etc. This guy has all the class of Broderick Crawford’s character in “Born Yesterday” or Edward G. Robinson’s in “Key Largo”.

        1. ivory69690@yahoo.com October 8, 2016

          true he talks a lot . well she should get lawyers that can max out every thing thy can and bleed the POS. dry just like he has done to too many other people . then when he is the brokest he can be make the clown sweep the streets of NY to pay support for his son .

    3. AgLander October 8, 2016

      8 months? Bill Clinton would laugh and ask “what took him so long”? Bill was fondling Hillary’s bridesmaids at their wedding!!

      1. Leftout October 8, 2016

        Many including women speak of these things off the record I conjecture and some even fondle men as they walk by……personal notes and I am an ugly …. but pitiful male. Trumps comments were bravado, day dream comments that I have heard 6 , 16 an 26 , plus year olds discuss. As jimmy carter once said if you lust in your mind/heart you are guilty . If so we should all be guilty
        There is one major difference in what to what most of us have privately thought and what Trump said , “IS ” is that Trump ONLY SPOKE the comments While Bill Clinton actually acted out his serial aberations in/on approx 20 women w Hillarys abuse of the same victims . Are we similar to Trumpster or Big? Bill?

        1. charleo1 October 8, 2016

          OMG! Wake up, will you? You’re kidding yourself with these pitiful excuses. Ask yourself this: How many more excuses, and what’s next? Be bigger than Trump, and admit your mistakes.

          1. Leftout October 8, 2016

            I assume You do not live in a monastery. This is about the worse it gets in testing the limit of the media. Do you not have comments about Wild Bills escapades and how he was allowed to go on in political life . It was offen remarked “‘yes but that does not affect His job performance.” Did you never have thoughts of interest in a good looking , or ugly looking if in a burka, woman passing by and wondering how to introduce yourself. A young mans ideas Can sometimes overtake his better judgememt. Songs and poems are Written by such motivations.
            There are no mistakes with Trump he has chosen us to represent , not all of us are baskets of deplorables or as Hillary said similarly of Bernies supporters and described them
            As hopeless and ignorant basement dwellers . Hillary is quite a bitch as they say and does not have the temperament to be president.

          2. charleo1 October 8, 2016

            Hillary said half of Trump’s supporters were a basket of deplorables.
            Not Burnie’s. She said this for what in the wake of these comments, seems to be for good reason in case by case, where the shoe fits, and the support is unwavering.
            It’s one of the interesting things about a really good con. The victims themselves seldom admit to being take in, even to themselves. They don’t tell relatives, and friends. or go to the authorities. They just quietly accept their losses, never quite sure what hit them. Interesting these confidence men, and their clever, clever, games.

          3. Leftout October 8, 2016

            Respectfully, non of you followers get it yet. Trump follows us he is not leading us. We have existed and he rose from the muck of other candidates that were wallowing in the mud and the corruption of
            Years past, they are the true pigs of politics and love it there and are stuck there. We the voters want changes from the past 30 years, we want our disposable incomes back .

          4. charleo1 October 8, 2016

            Oh I think we get it. A lot people get it. A lot are not at all happy with the status quo. But believe we must have responsible change, initiated by knowledgeable, and experienced people that have engendered trust in their past dealings. The vast majority of Trump’s supporters must know him to be a fabricator, a demagogue, with a poor understanding of many of the issues he will face as President. Yet have decided to roll the dice. While many like myself find his demeanor deeply troubling, and disqualifying altogether. His flaws of temperament, and attitude, dangerous in a nuclear age. And so find him an irresponsible choice, and most likely, even if he were to win, an ineffective agent for the kind of changes we believe are necessary.

          5. Leftout October 8, 2016

            Hillary is not a fabricator? Certainly she and Obama and Jonathan Gruber, architect of defunct ACA , saying that Americans are too stupid to understand the plan. WhAt am I missing from this group?
            Trump is a CEO and it is in the interest of CEOs to surround themselves with the best talent for the job, as Mike Pence. There are others as well. Hillary has many years in government as others but accomplished nothing but disaster in he Middle East and Iran, gave Russia some
            Good uranium.
            There are many politicians and corporate CEOs that have used colorful language. Many have been trapped with open Mikes and inside leakers, this is a a new age of easy access and vindictiveness.
            Do we rio the dice , no!
            We want a change from the past 30 years and hillarynoa a continuation of the same
            Corruption of this now oligarchy of incompetence . Anyone of us would be fired from our non government jobs if we pulled this kind of deception .

            I am curious of your saying the changes that you feel are necessary, state One change that you feel is of urgency , respectfully submitted .

          6. 1standlastword October 8, 2016

            You shouldn’t believe him! There is NO good reason to believe him! You have to manufacture a reason to believe him and that is to your detriment!!

            He’s going to explode in the face of his supporters and embarrass the country. His moment of fame is the GOP’s last gasps of air before institutional death sets in

          7. dtgraham October 8, 2016

            Have you had a look at the Wikileaks releases of Hillary’s private paid speeches and other things that were never supposed to see the light of day? Don’t get me wrong, she needs to win this thing next month and I’m hoping she does, but I’d say that she is a very lucky woman to be running against Donald Trump.

            Yes, she called all Sanders primary supporters losers, living in their parents’ basement. Among other things:

            ~ she said that you need to have both a private and a public position on policy. You know, the real one and the one you just talk about publicly.

            ~ she was very much pro-keystone and pro-trade and gave every indication of supporting the TPP once in the Whitehouse.

            ~ she said that the people who know the banking industry better than anybody (the bankers) are the people who work in the industry and they should be the ones who “figure out what works.”

            ~ At the Goldman Sachs Builders and Innovators Summit, Clinton responded to a question from chief executive Lloyd Blankfein, who quipped that you “go to Washington” to “make a small fortune.” Clinton agreed with the comment and complained about ethics rules that require officials to divest from certain assets before entering government. “There is such a bias against people who have led successful and/or complicated lives,” Clinton said.

            ~ At a speech for Morgan Stanley on April 18, 2013, Clinton praised the Simpson-Bowles deficit reduction plan — which would reduce corporate tax rates while raising the Social Security age.

            ~ Clinton also told a housing trade group in 2013 that on many issues, she has “a public and a private position.” “If everybody’s watching, you know, all of the back room discussions and the deals, you know, then people get a little nervous, to say the least,” said Clinton. “So, you need both a public and a private position.”

            ~ According to reports obtained by Wikileaks, the Clinton campaign reviewed the speech transcripts but decided against releasing them out of fear that she would appear far too friendly to banks and other donor interest groups. So, there must not have been a non-disclosure agreement.

            ~ Oddly, while she did have some praise for single payer health care (mentioning Scandinavia and Canada specifically) she also dismissed the idea, declaring that single payer will “never, ever” happen in the United States. Audio obtained showed Hillary dismissing the entire concept of free health care during another private event with donors.

            People who think that Hillary is going to be some progressive-left champion may be in for a surprise. May. I hope they’re not. It’s hard to get a read on her.

          8. Leftout October 8, 2016

            Agreed, I am in health care and the cost can be vouchered free for everyone , paid for by general funds. Consider the ten trillion deficit of the past ten years this could have paid for free Medical of your CHOICE And education and saved 8 trillion , but where is the accounting of this crony ten trillion ? …..anyone please !
            Her remarks in the recent disclosed e mails makes heer highly untrustworthy and unacceptable . Tell the FN truth let us decide.

          9. dtgraham October 9, 2016

            Yes tell the truth, but this is likely to be buried and forgotten because of the timing coinciding with the Trump 2005 bus video. They were both released simultaneously.

            I left an edit on my previous post where Hillary’s support for single payer seemed to be based on cost control alone, as I remember what I read. There are certainly other compelling reasons for single payer, but those didn’t appear to be much of a factor in her reasoning as caught by Wikileaks.

          10. Leftout October 9, 2016

            I agree, their particular weaknesses /sins of both have been fully exposed at this point , there fore the vote is for the issues that each represent, at this point there is no sense in discussing anything but the issues that are Important in this election . ONWARD ! ????????????????????????

          11. Aaron_of_Portsmouth October 8, 2016

            Stay on topic, leftout in the cold. Your defense of the indefensible is pathetic, juvenile, and you’re wasting valuable time of what little remains of your life on this earthly plane.
            Worshiping conservatism, and blind imitation to the point of dismissing Trump’s offenses against humanity, will not be the keys for your success in the Next World. They will be anchors around your neck.

            The following quote, among 152 other epigrams, is addressed to you, me, and to all humanity by Baha’u’llah as a warning, and as an admonition. We should all heed this warning!

            “O Son of Being! Free thyself from the fetters of this world, and loose thy soul from the prison of self. Seize thy chance, for it will come to thee no more.”
            (from “The Hidden Words”, written in Arabic and Persian while on exile on His first leg as a prisoner of the Ottoman Empire, in Baghdad, Iraq).

          12. Leftout October 8, 2016

            Ah ha !, Baha’i is one of my favorites. We have similar blood. He , Baha’i assumes
            Because man Is such a lowly animal that man can never understand the nature of a god there for one can not reach a
            State apart from Oneself. But Baha’i is wrong, since God resides in ourselves, lewdness
            and all. Therefore we are already one with God . Sins are fabricated by others who think we are more than the base gods of mythology who were lewd as well ….. arstophenes.

          13. Aaron_of_Portsmouth October 8, 2016

            Now, that’s one of the strangest and incoherent statements I’ve ever heard. Do you know what you’re talking about? “Baha’i is one of my favorites…”—what on earth is that supposed to mean? Favorite what? What base gods are you referring to—Conservatism, Racialism, Whiteness, Trumpism, Materialism? These are the “base” gods—The God referred to in all the Holy Books can’t be conceived of and defined by the human mind. How can the infinite be perceived by a finite mind like yours and mine? “Baha’i is wrong”? Please explain, and what do you base your ideas on?

            As for the rest of your rambling, I see better why you make such strange remarks and why you are befuddled and confused.

            Before commenting on a subject, it’s usually preferable to take the time to read about it, then form a statement. Trump also is lazy and can’t take the time to research anything besides how to further enrich himself.

            In the meantime, you just keep skipping merrily alone, and just take a chance to be heedless. Greek mythology, and other mythologies shouldn’t be confused with the Station of any of the Messengers, such as Abraham, Buddha, Moses, Jesus, Muhammad, and others like Them, nor should God be confused with the likes of man-made conceptions like Zeus of Juno.

            Almost Christian, idiotic Islam? You are painfully wandering in the wilds of delusional thoughts, and therefore unaware about the concept of Progressive Revelation and the Oneness of God, the Oneness of all Religions, and the Oneness of Humankind.

            “The truth is a point which the foolish have multiplied”—a saying from Islam, and reiterated by Baha’u’llah because humans like your self insist on multiplicity in the face of Unity.

          14. Leftout October 8, 2016

            Baha’i is great philosophy and offers reasonable explanations of mans relationship to god. It is simple and clean humanistic as Christianity and not convoluted as Islam. You seem to be Wound up in fluff.
            Progressive revelation is an explanation of mans lack knowledge of God-like beings and are attempts to explain worldly observations of unexplainable happenings.
            Baha’i is wrong in that it assumes man can not reach a God level. But God is already within us and we do not have to search to far outside ourselves to experience mysticism .
            You are wrong , Baha’i insists that diversity and Multiplicity results in unity and acceptance of each other not dependent on race, gender etc . Which is similar to humanist Christianity .
            But as a final note God does not need interpreters, He alteady is and needs no one to assign any attributes , except if a volcano erupts on a children’s hospital .

          15. ivory69690@yahoo.com October 8, 2016

            its a waste of time with the leftout in the rain too long brain thy are brain bloated wet and lost

          16. charleo1 October 8, 2016

            I’m sorry You’re right. But I just find it limitlessly interesting.
            This abiding fealty to a cad that could not care less about them.
            Notice he says, And I quote: “There are no mistakes with Trump.”
            (Okay) And the is the real interesting part: “He has chosen us to
            represent.” (Lucky us, eh?) And I just find that mind blowing!

        2. Mama Bear October 8, 2016

          Picture him in a negotiation with Angela Merkel…how exactly do you think she will handle this 5 year old child? On the national stage. Representing a country that is the leader of human rights.
          You are way too pathetic for words.

          1. Leftout October 8, 2016

            Merkel has lost respect from
            Her countrymen for creating the disastrous immigration of refugees and she is not to be dealt with on any serious issues.
            She made a serious faux pas as Hillary made in the Mid East .

          2. Mama Bear October 8, 2016

            great way to deflect the point. It was not about her it was about Trump. Substitute any female leader of state in the equation. Think Trump, not the victim of his sexist attack.

          3. Aaron_of_Portsmouth October 8, 2016

            Leftout, are you daft? The article is about Trump’s lewdness, and not about immigration. Nor is the news about the Middle East.

            Do you need a high school student to visit you and help you with reading the articles? Just be sure not to try anything unsavory, like your hero would.

          4. Leftout October 8, 2016

            Hey. I was answering a question about Merkel, dafty, sheeez.
            Send a good looking female student, thanks, one who is savory.

          5. Aaron_of_Portsmouth October 8, 2016

            Hey. It’s irrelevant what you were immediately replying to. The thrust of this conversation is lewd behavior. If you can somehow connect that with Trump’s behavior, that would interest us.

            Otherwise, you like others like to use the ploy of distraction “Hey, look over there. Is that Hillary riding on an elephant? How lewd.”, when the conversation and article relate to anything but elephants.

            If you have trouble following the conversation or staying focused, you may want to sit on the couch and watch FOX and company.

          6. Leftout October 8, 2016

            Oh my , so indignant. I made my comments on lewd behavior and the concern is overblown as we all , men and women , fall prey to it ,in occasional bantering, despite Human Resources warnings. This rarely gets out of control. We are a bit hyper in this politically charged environment .

          7. I Am Helpy October 9, 2016


          8. Leftout October 9, 2016

            She will never re elected , I figger.

          9. I Am Helpy October 9, 2016

            oh no

        3. Thoughtopsy October 8, 2016

          Trump used the past tense.
          He, when he thought he wasn’t being recorded, stated that he had already done these things.
          That isn’t locker room talk or bravado. And in light of Cosby, Saville and other celebrities who coerced women precisely because their celebrity allowed them to, and the two different women already suing Trump for rape, you should be treating his statements more seriously.
          Unless you happen to think women are there for your use, to grope or sleep with as you see fit.

          1. Leftout October 8, 2016

            I thought trump was conjecturing and was not speaking in the past tense during that particular interview . Other interviews with Howard Stern , Trump was more colorful and open, 20’years ago.

      2. Aaron_of_Portsmouth October 8, 2016

        And you are fondling yourself. Have you noticed the pathetic and useless cycle you’re caught up in. Whenever Trump’s lurid indiscretions are brought to light, your mechanical feed-back box lodged in your brain directs you to say “Hillary…”, or “Bill …”.
        Your fixed ROM memory therefore can’t adapt to the story at hand, nor does your deplorable nature allow you speak extemporaneously on any subject, aside from in a reptilian manner.

      3. charleo1 October 8, 2016

        Let’s hear the tape of Bill, or testimony from the bridesmaids, or STFU! ’cause you got nothing but more excuses for your worthless POS.

      4. FireBaron October 8, 2016

        Gee Rush, when are you gonna stop pretending to be Aggie!

      5. Thoughtopsy October 8, 2016

        Because… a weird comparison makes it all ok?
        You’re all fine with Trump because of that?
        Also Bill isn’t running. FYI.

      6. Independent1 October 9, 2016

        And the fabrications of reality just keep rolling out of your worthlessness don’t they???

  20. ivory69690@yahoo.com October 8, 2016

    i tend to set here thing and researching stuff to post about the DONNY DUMP DUMPSTER but as of late I don’t have to research any more I just wait for the POS do do something else stupid and what makes him look like a retard and BANG its right there to copy and past heck even better this way for its in his own words and coming out out the POS DUMPSTERS MOUTH

  21. Karen October 8, 2016

    It’s been a long time coming since the early days when people like Rush Limbaugh have been allowed to fill the airways with drivel but justice is finally being served as we watch the RNC melt down. As some would say, Karma is a bitch.

  22. 1Zoe55 October 8, 2016

    Well folks I may be a lunatic liberal, but this Cajun woman knows what a piece of filth that clings to the bottom of one’s shoe is…that filth is Donald Trump! We have to scrape off that dirt on our shoes and move forward for the honor of the mothers, wives, sisters, and daughters in America.

    1. Mama Bear October 8, 2016

      amen sister…your graphic detail is the best I have ever read on the subject!

    2. Aaron_of_Portsmouth October 8, 2016

      Being Cajun is an important addition of diversity to the “garden” of humanity—-a quality the GOP, and many others in America don’t understand and appreciate.

    3. dbtheonly October 9, 2016

      No one but a fool would dismiss the Cajun.

    4. useyourindoorvoice October 9, 2016


  23. Beethoven October 8, 2016

    Wikileaks has been promising an October Surprise, and they came out with a jab (or to use baseball analogy instead of boxing, they hit a single). But Access Hollywood came out with their own October Surprise, and it was a knockout punch (or a home run).

    1. ivory69690@yahoo.com October 8, 2016

      most sane people wanting a strike 3 your out DONNY DUMP

    2. Aaron_of_Portsmouth October 8, 2016

      There is more drama to come. This sort of amoral behavior is commonly followed by a consequence that isn’t pleasant. But Trump, and those who support him, are clueless as to patterns insofar as human interactions are concerned.

  24. Jon October 8, 2016

    Maniacs for Trump,both men and women, have been defending him with the same worn out lame excuse they always drag out whenever Trump shows America what a repugnant man he is by saying his vulgar lewd remarks were made by a private citizen who was not thinking about running for president. Since when did such vulgarity become acceptable for all men not running for political office?
    Just days ago women who appeared on Trump’s “Apprentice” tv show described his rude and lewd behavior. They claim that hours of video exists that prove it but is in the hands of NBC and/or producer Mark Burnett. Releasing the unseen video would bring the character of Trump into even sharper focus. The question is whether the people or person holding them are loyal to America or owe their loyalties to Trump. At least Jill Harth has been vindicated concerning her disclosure of Trump sexually assaulting her years ago.
    Trump is Trump no matter whether you call him a private citizen, a political candidate, or president.

    1. Leftout October 8, 2016

      Lewdness had no affect in Bill Clinton, IS that word correct ?

      1. Jon October 8, 2016

        Make yourself clear. Bill Clinton isn’t running for president. Donald Trump is running. So what is your point? Is it concern that Melania Trump enables Donald sexually assault women?

        1. Leftout October 8, 2016

          Bill Clinton is married to Hillary and they are biblically one. Melania has not as yet enabled Trump to plant his stump, yet , except possibly in his hell days. Lewdness surfaces peridically in many conversations among men and women. I hear it often enough….even though we all
          Sign sexually harassment advisories from Human Resources. Rarely does it get out of hand….just some
          Light banter. We are all so hypocritically self righteous, oh my !

          1. Jon October 8, 2016

            I suggest you take classes in debate and logic.

          2. Leftout October 8, 2016

            I do not like rules, only extemporaneous empiricism for me.

          3. Independent1 October 9, 2016

            I have no clue why anyone wastes their time reading your worthless nonsensical posts which are based on total ignorance of the situation.

          4. Leftout October 9, 2016

            You must live a cloistered life style , my comments are from my life observations and experiences.

          5. Independent1 October 9, 2016

            So given that virtually all your posts are nothing but parroting what the right-wing propaganda outlet Faux News broadcasts, all your life’s observations and experiences come from you sitting in front of your TV sucking up all the blatant lies broadcast by Faux News!! Got it!! No wonder you’re so outright clueless about reality!!

            Faux News has been proven to lie more than 60% of the time, censor what it broadcasts to ensure nothing is published that is positive to Obama or the Democrats, and to ultimately make its listeners like you DUMBER THAN PEOPLE WHO WATCH NO NEWS AT ALL!!!!

          6. Leftout October 9, 2016

            You are a wet blanket. My views are my own and I do watch CNN, MSNBC, Fox for amusement and PBS for a different style, read NYTimes for the ultimate in truth?.
            I was lucky to be employed in many sectors from washing floors, bakeries, construction trades to Medical Sciences. Met many wonderful people on different levels and enjoyed my work , insights and experiences of all. These experiences I relate to the those who have more limited experiences. I lived it.

          7. useyourindoorvoice October 9, 2016

            I would have to ask how you know Melania has not as you say Allowed It? And he was married to her and she was pregnant when the tape was made. So your comments were ignorant on two levels. First you have no idea what Melania has buried her head in the sand on. But more importantly is even though we are all pretty sure he has been screwing around her, she still would not have “Allowed It”. he would have done it not her. As is the case with Hillary. She did not as you want to imply allow it. Bill did it.

          8. Leftout October 9, 2016

            I am saying that Trumps silly bravado with Bully Bush was just conjecturing on situations and is considered future tense. Excellent similar interviews shows 20 yrs with Howard Stern show Trump to be an overly, testosterone charged person, as many at that age, including women…personal notes.

          9. useyourindoorvoice October 9, 2016

            First using the term “Silly Bravado” is very dismissive but I will let that go. You can not ignore the number of women that have worked with him and around him that have reported he in fact acts on his as you put it, “Silly Bravado”. And yes men will have locker room talk and make all kinds of statements. I have to tell you I have had many discussions with the men I know, and I have 4 brothers, and they all admit to locker room BS. The idea that bragging about being able to assault women and thinking it is somehow manly, disgusts even them. To a man they all say that this not where any conversation they ever had at any age ever went. It creeps them out.

          10. Leftout October 9, 2016

            I agree with you 1000%. I would never use those words in any conversation, as irreverent as I can be. living on a farm in my youth 3-5 years plus olde, I was exposed to the F word as the everyday article, “the “. Some have found it easy to speak too loosely in very informal surroundings as in this Billy Bush interview. These conversations would normally never Surface because most have been involved in such talk. These are vindictive findings on both sides , sticking to the issues Would be sufficient in pointing out differences between candidates . The Media are also to blame for kindergarten tattling.

  25. disqus_QR7ejvoSVU October 8, 2016

    Donald Trump is a Narcissistic idiot. He called People Magazine using an assumed name to tell People about all the women that were after him. Now if he did this when he was in High School that would be weird — but he did this in his 40s which makes him beyond weird.
    Now we have “The Donald” saying that he could grab a woman by her p**** when he was 60 years old. As I stated previously this is the talk of a Narcissistic teenager who has never grown up.

    1. Independent1 October 9, 2016

      He’s more than narcissistic; he’s a psychopath.

  26. ivory69690@yahoo.com October 8, 2016

    the biggest joke of all (well with the DUMPSTER the joke is never ending and im sure bigger ones are to come ) but one big joke (OK) :)~ is all his brain dead followers and anyone that think he could fix anything . the way DONNY DUMP talks is he dosent need any help he can fix every thing by him self (SO HE SAYS AND TELLS ALL ) but if you think about it him saying he can do this FAST and he can do that FAST I tell you what he dose the FASTEST is lose money . he says he can fix the jobs and make the country get money back in it fast but what he has done fast was (AND ITS ON THE BOOKS ) HE LOSE $918 MILLION BUCK’S in a years time . who knows how fast he did that it could been less time for all any one know . either way the books show it was gone in at least a year time (on the books ) and this child minded clown knows more about ISIS then the generals know ? right this POS that said he loves war . but he is a 5 times draft dodger COWARD and the first half where he B/Sed his way through the GOP gang of pinheads he said to little marko or one of the pinheads after thy said being a PRES. is a tough job . then the DUMPSTER said to who ever it was ohh and your a tough guy right ? that’s when thy should of said why you say that DONNY ? is your form of being a tough guy beating up and rapping your wife and ripping a patch of hair out of her head (I bet you had mounted on your wall ) is that a TOUGH GUY DONNY ? you draft dodging coward

  27. Aaron_of_Portsmouth October 8, 2016

    Now that Trump has created another cesspool for himself, we’ve learned that the voice teasing out information on how to use women in the conversation with Trump then was none other than dear old Billy Bush.
    Billy Bush is a cousin of the Jeb and George. One of Billy’s past stints included a radio show (“Billy Bush and the Bush League”)—-how appropriate a name for a show.
    And another project was a documentary “Chasing Rhinos with Billy Bush.” done in 2013 in which he starred. (see http://money.cnn.com/2016/10/08/media/billy-bush-donald-trump-video/index.html)

    What poetic justice—Billy may now be credited with eventually chasing a RINO out of the running. What Divine Justice that would be were it to happen.

    1. Independent1 October 9, 2016

      As was pointed out somewhere in an article I came across, Trump really can’t be ‘forced out’. Fact is ballots have already been printed and many absentee ballot people already have them with Trump’s name on them (my wife and I have two at our house).

      The GOP is stuck with the Trump/Pence ticket. I don’t believe there’s any going back and changing things now. About the best the GOP could do now is suggest that people who don’t want to vote for Trump write in a candidate and maybe suggest one. That’s basically what McCain said he and his wife are going to do.

  28. ivory69690@yahoo.com October 8, 2016

    i wonder what the bookie line is on the DUMPSTER ? ill bet thy have lines on points and states he might win

  29. oldlion October 8, 2016

    Say Trump drops out or is forced from the race. Does anyone suppose that his deplorable supporters will vote for his replacement? Will they vote at all? In either case it will hurt Republicans down the ballot. If the GOP loses his supporters they will have a difficult time hanging onto the Senate and may even put the House in play. I’m torn whether it is better for him to stay in the race or be replaced. The debate should be a doozy.

    1. Leftout October 8, 2016

      The congress will be elected locally and trump has not affect on thier outcome . Secondly there are no other republicans left except congress.

      1. oldlion October 8, 2016

        They are on the same ballot as Trump. If his supporters don’t vote the down ballot Republicans won’t get their votes. If Trump stays on the ballot the sane Republicans either don’t vote for him or they don’t vote at all. Either way, Republicans running for Congress will lose votes and open the door for their Democratic opponents. Understand?

        1. Leftout October 8, 2016

          This is not a Trump issue , I think that Others will vote for both , there are very serious reasons to vote republican, Supreme Court judges and closing illegal immigration especially from islamo terrorist areas , sanctuary cities . Re patriot offshore profits to re invest in US after that reiduulous NAFTA trade nonsense . Perot was right about the giant sucking sounds of jobs leaving. Trump was the only daring soul to represent the movement for these voters and he fought for that honor, a bit course at times .

          1. I Am Helpy October 9, 2016

            Yes, vote Republican because of racism, fear, and conspiracy theories.

          2. Leftout October 9, 2016

            Racism where ?

          3. I Am Helpy October 9, 2016

            My list neatly encapsulates every reason you gave for voting Republican. Weirdly you don’t seem to mention any positive reasons.

          4. Independent1 October 9, 2016

            Constant hate rhetoric against Mexicans, Muslims, blacks and more. Like I asked before – what alternate universe do you live in??? Clearly with your head up your rectum!!

          5. Leftout October 9, 2016

            What hate rhetoric ! , describing some Mexicans as rapists etc is accurate . Some of the females are aided across, by having the females providing sexual favors. Many are raped and the females are afraid to ID the males in the group. I had the pleasure of working at a border hospital near Douglas AZ.to Naco to Nogales. Most Mexicans are very hard working, un fortunately they are asked to pay high fees to get work visas on the Mexican side of the Border. They should all get IDd and allowed to work If needed gratis.

            Moslems were never mentioned hatefully except that some are a security risk obviouslly, coming from Suspect areas.

            Trumps hires many blacks. Trump earlier and had been accused, acquitted in a law suit, class action, against all owners of apts , to not restrict renting to anyone who may be a minority. I personally would not rent to one of my relatives because they are irresponsible and noisy , is that racism.
            You guys distort grossly .

          6. Independent1 October 9, 2016

            From one of the reddest newspapers in America – from the very Red State of Oklahoma:
            We have policy disagreements with Clinton, but she is competent and capable of handling the incredible responsibility of being our nation’s commander in chief and leader of the free world. She has a record of public service as a senator, secretary of state and first lady. She has the temperament and experience to be president.

            We cannot support Trump’s penchant for insulting people of a
            different race, religion or gender, including the 2005 recording of his lewd remarks about pushing himself on women and kissing and groping them. His lack of knowledge, reckless comments and outrageous statements, later brushed off as sarcasm, could become a serious threat to national security if he were to be commander in chief.

            Bluntly, Donald Trump isn’t qualified to be president.

            And if because of this clear anti-endorsement for Trump, thousands of people in Oklahoma decide to vote for Hillary and they pull the party lever – Oklahoma could theoretically elect some Democrats maybe for state or federal office!!

            Do you think you’ll ever pull your head out of your butt??

          7. Leftout October 9, 2016

            I am not a butt person except looking at females if not too large. I love Okies but they , media only , are probably slightly weak in spirit in the current atmosphere.
            Hilary has no record of accomplishment even in government except being a tenured Government position holder. What has she ever produced for the constituents. She talks of things that never were.

          8. Independent1 October 9, 2016

            Says you!! You have your head so far up your butt you can’t even see the light of day.

            Show me any previous candidate for president who can attest to having accomplished as much as the following:


            • As a U.S. Senator, Clinton was a champion for our service members and veterans. Hillary Clinton was the first New Yorker to serve on the Senate Armed Services Committee and made veterans a main focus. She introduced the Heroes at Home Act in 2006 and 2007 to help family members care for those with Traumatic Brain Injury. She also worked to increase the military survivor benefit from $12,000 to $100,000, and cosponsored the Support for Injured Servicemembers Act to extend benefits provided underthe Family and Medical Leave Act. Hillary also worked across the aisle to keep the Niagara Falls Air Reserve Station open during a time when the Pentagon was shuttering bases, which saved 800 jobs in upstate New York.

            • Hillary Clinton, as a U.S. Senator, worked with Republicans to expand health care for National Guard members and reservists. According to McClatchy, then-Senator Clinton worked with Senator Lindsey Graham R-SC)to “provide full military health benefits to reservists and National Guard members.” A statement from Graham’s senate office said, “Senators Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-NY) today announced that the Department of Defense Authorization bill conference report finalized today includes an amendment that will improve TRICARE benefits for National Guard members and Reservists, allowing all members of the Selected Reserve and their families to enroll in TRICARE with an across the board cost-sharing of 28 percent. Today’s victory builds on the Senators’ longstanding commitment to ensuring that members of our National Guard and Reserve and their families have access to the health care benefits they need and deserve.”

            • Hillary stepped up for New York in the aftermath of the 9/11
            attacks, fighting hard to secure funds for medical assessment, referrals and outreach for 9/11 rescue and recovery workers, and volunteers.


            • As Senator, Hillary Clinton fought to pass the DREAM Act and comprehensive immigration reform, helping to cultivate awareness of the issues in Congress. She introduced the Legal Immigrant Children’s Health Improvement Act, which would give states the option to provide federally funded Medicaid and SCHIP benefits to low-income legal immigrant children and pregnant women. She also wrote the Access to
            Employment and English Acquisition Act to meet the growing demand for English language courses and other job skills.

            HEALTH CARE

            • Hillary wrote a law as Senator providing grants to state and local governments to pay for respite care services for family caregivers, which allows expanded funding for temporary breaks for caregivers of sick or disabled people.

            • One of Hillary’s Senate bills to distribute flu vaccines more
            efficiently inspired provisions of a law promoting the production and stockpiling of vaccines to improve our response to public health emergencies.

            WOMEN & CHILDREN

            • Hillary Clinton worked in the Senate to strengthen the State
            Children’s Health Insurance Program, introducing multiple bills allowing states to expand the program that she helped create as First Lady. The program, created in 1997, increased health coverage for children in low income and working families. Hillary also co-wrote a law compelling drug companies to conduct safety tests for products prescribed for children, and wrote a component of the No Child Left Behind Act authorizing
            funding for recruiting and retaining better teachers.

            • Hillary Clinton was a powerful advocate for women in the Senate and was one of the original cosponsors of the Prevention First Act to increase access to family planning. As Senator she was a strong defender of a woman’s right to choose.

            And from the SunSentinel of St. Petersburg, Florida’s endorsement of her candidacy:

            Hillary Clinton is smart, steady and able to rebound quickly from defeat. When her attempt at health care reform failed during her husband’s first term, Clinton worked with senators from both parties – Democrat Ted Kennedy and Republican Orrin Hatch — to create the Children’s Health Insurance Program, which cut the uninsured rate of American children in half. More than eight million children have coverage because of the program.

            Critics who claim Clinton has no record of accomplishment despite her sparkling resume need to look closer at her record.

            She helped secure more than $21 billion for World Trade Center redevelopment. She led investigations into the health problems of 9/11 first responders. She promoted increased National Institutes of Health funding for research into cancer and asthma. She was the principal author of sanctions – particularly on oil imports to the European Union– that brought Iran to the negotiating table. She helped bring about a2012 cease-fire between Hamas and Israel that headed off an Israeli invasion of Gaza. She named an “ambassador at large” for women’s rights.

            “Nearly every foreign policy victory of President Obama’s second term,” said Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., “has Secretary Clinton’s fingerprints on it.”

          9. Leftout October 9, 2016

            What foreign policy victory , oh Benghazi , I forgot . Placing her signature on children’s bills and getting money for 9/11 are token assignments/ votes to dress up a resume , even Putin could have done it.

          10. Independent1 October 10, 2016

            Worthless losers like you always live in denial and deflection!!

            Maybe someday you’ll get that head of yours out of your butt. But I don’t have much hope because just like the normal conservative, you also have a low IQ and don’t learn from reality!!

            Low IQ & Conservative Beliefs Linked to Prejudice’

            There’s no gentle way to put it: People who give in to racism and prejudice may simply be dumb, according to a new study that is bound to stir public controversy.

            The research finds that children with low intelligence are more likely to hold prejudiced attitudes as adults. These findings point to a vicious cycle, according to lead researcher Gordon Hodson, a psychologist at Brock University in Ontario. Low-intelligence adults tend to gravitate toward socially conservative ideologies, the study found. Those ideologies, in turn, stress hierarchy and resistance to change, attitudes that can contribute to prejudice, Hodson wrote in an email to LiveScience.

            “Prejudice is extremely complex and multifaceted, making it critical that any factors contributing to bias are uncovered and understood,” he said


          11. Leftout October 10, 2016

            Name calling , you resort to such stuff ! I am conservative and liberal on issues, I was for both Bernies and Trumps ideas. Other politicians are so polarized and paralyzed by their own in the box thinking they can not be creative. Hodson was right by prejudice is derived from experiences. if you walk in tall grass you can be bitten.
            My all time favorite worth repeating a la Jesse Jackson::::
            He was
            Walking down a street late at night in Chicagoland and heard footsteps behind him coming ever closer . He finally turned around out of fear and muttered
            ” whew , thank god ,
            it was only a white guy !”
            That is the best description of prejudice that I have come across . Do you not think so .
            Come on admit it .

      2. Independent1 October 9, 2016

        What alternate universe do you live in? In the majority of presidential elections, legislators at the federal and state level running at the same time are often elected in the same party as the president who is elected – because millions of voters don’t split their ballots – they just pull the party lever for the downline candidates of the party of the president they’re voting for.

        1. Leftout October 9, 2016

          The question posed was will Trumps negatives affect the down stream /ticket candidates in this election or others( local) .
          I say it will have no affect.

          1. Independent1 October 9, 2016

            Only someone as blind as you can’t see that if Trump’s growing unfitness to be president causes voters to switch from him to Hillary and they pull a party lever – more Democrats could be elected!!!

          2. Leftout October 9, 2016

            Trump has been crude in this latest recorded interview but no worse than some ministers or some regular guys in a private conversations. Trumps supporters will defintly not switch to Hillary.

    2. Billie October 9, 2016

      I want him to stay in the race. Only so we can see how bruised his ego can get for losing.

    3. ivory69690@yahoo.com October 10, 2016

      any one that stands and follows DONNY DUMP is deplorable (Hillary got the percentage of deplorable a little low and wrong for its not 50% its closer to a 100%) who should be in jail is the DUMPSTER himself . and the way he seems to hate women in the big house he will be in heaven all the MALE B/F’S he can handle .

  30. ivory69690@yahoo.com October 10, 2016

    he says if DONNY DUMP gets the house he will put a special DA on Hillary to try to put her in jail . (HEY DUMPSTER hasn’t enough time and money been wasted by the GOP gang of pinhead and idiots all ready of that bull ? the one that should have a special DA on them and belongs in jail is you DONNY DUMP between your frauds , cons ,scamming and sexual assaults you have done you should be looked up for life . and all the ones you made sign papers so thy couldn’t say anything about your deranged and dangerous things you have done . every time he says something it falls right back on him and his back round and the nasty things he has done and will keep doing he is a SICK child minded CLOWN that maybe could help himself BUT HE DOSENT WANT TO the clown likes it the way it is . im surprised he has made it this far in his life with all the people he has screwed in his life

  31. ivory69690@yahoo.com October 10, 2016

    watching the debate (again pretty much the same thing from the first one ) Hillary tried in both of them to go with being a PRES. but DONNY DUMP makes it hard for her . for he go’s so much off topic and just throws the bull out . (nothing at all being a PRES. ) with this Hillary has to defend her self . which cuts into what the issues are . the DUMPSTER last night showed just how a deranged minded clown he his . he was pretty much stocking Hillary on stage . heck I was thinking how wacked out the DUMPSTERS mind set is thy should had a body guide on stage just incase the wacko went off and might tried to (thinking its on because he thinks he a star )grab Hillary’s body parts . who knows what that deranged clown would and will do . as far as him being a star maybe don’t think if anything the dullest dim star a dwarf little handed dwarf star closer to one imploding

  32. ivory69690@yahoo.com October 10, 2016

    this is all DONNY DUMP’S way to boost up the attention (what he seeks for his bipolar disorder ) for when he loses this was all planed from his start its all for his FAKE reality type show he is setting up for . now wait for (the door he open himself ) for all the women he sexual assaulted should be coming out of the woodwork . and him having that meeting with the women BILL had messed around with those very women know that the DUMPSTER said thy wasn’t worth trying anything on pretty much calling them fat and ugly . but now he trys to use them . and thy cant seem to understand thy lower themselves to be a part of the DONNY DUMP CLOWN SHOW . the DUMPSTER is one sick evil and very deranged clown and will do too much damage to the country . pretty much like he has done to all the people on all the 4 to 6 files of bankrupt. and his loss in one year of almost a $ billion bucks $918 million . this is the DUMPSTERS style him in the house will do more of the damage. but this wont just be to the people that believed in him the investors and the plan old people that lost so much in his life him in the house will only make it a bigger park to play in (the USA the whole country ) so much more and many more people he will and would bury . and at the say time this evil sick bipolar disorder clown will come out with money as all else loses big money

  33. sherrie.mcdavid October 14, 2016

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