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Trump: Jeb Bush ‘Has Embarrassed Himself And His Family’

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Trump: Jeb Bush ‘Has Embarrassed Himself And His Family’


It is less than a year before the 2016 election — and two candidates for president are in a Twitter flame war.

Jeb Bush, who made an earnest attempt to go after Donald Trump at this week’s debate, is now trying to ridicule the unlikely frontrunner as a “chaotic” candidate that voters can’t trust. On Thursday, he posted this Web video that ran down Trump’s strange facial expressions during the debate:

Jeb also tried his hand at doing a satirical Twitter poll, to depict Trump as a man-child getting his foreign policy from watching children’s cartoon shows (repeating a zinger he used during Tuesday’s debate).

Bush got thrown off his rhythm, however, when he was unable to answer the question of whether Hillary Clinton was more fit to be president than Donald Trump.

And so on Friday morning, Trump went after Bush hard.

Jeb responded to that jibe in the afternoon, accusing The Donald of being unable to remember that Jeb has in fact touted his family ties. But there’s a problem here.

The linked video clip is of Jeb at the Republican debate in mid-September, in which he boldly told Trump, “You know what, as it relates to my brother there’s one thing I know for sure: He kept us safe.” Of course, the wrinkle here is that this was a manifestly false statement, as W. failed both to keep America safe or to wage war against terrorism in an effective manner. (And Trump has occasionally raised this exact point.)

Soon afterward — though it’s not yet clear whether this was a direct response — The Donald hit back extra hard:


Photo: Republican U.S. presidential candidates businessman Donald Trump (L) and former Governor Jeb Bush (R) are seen debating on video monitors in the debate press room during the Republican presidential debate in Las Vegas, Nevada December 15, 2015. REUTERS/David Becker



  1. jakenhyde December 19, 2015

    It’s pretty obvious that The Donald doesn’t go around mirrors. If he did, he’d see in himself all the negative things he seems to see in others.

  2. oldtack December 19, 2015

    I truly love this National Comedy Show. Wow! Bush and Trump trading insults, Cruz and Rubio spitting accusations of poor judgement and acumen becoming a member of the Senate. Lindsey Graham acting the clown that he is. It is a great show. Led by the long shot surprise – the Trumpster. Sadly the Democrats are about as much a Comedy as are the Republicans. To this I say GOD help this Country for it is clear that we have no human being capable of that task.

  3. idamag December 19, 2015

    I don’t see how jeb can embarrass his family if dubya didb’t.

  4. nana4gj December 19, 2015

    Not a Jeb Bush political supporter; not a Republican. But, Jeb Bush has not insulted, demeaned, abased, entire groups of the population at home and abroad because of their ethnic origin, race, religion, sex, income status, political policies, or the fact that, unlike Trump who could not serve in active duty military because of a sore foot and his father’s deep pockets, some who did were captured and became POWs.

    Jeb Bush has not made an ass of himself and his family. He has not been censured by foreign countries who want nothing to do with Trump. If I were Jeb Bush’s family, I would tell him he was too good for this crowd of clowns and to extricate himself, and I think none in this crowd is very good, some worse than others; and none with the basic character and integrity and humanity of Jeb Bush, who is a good and decent man, if not a skilled politician with enough independence of thought. That, is not a deep character flaw.

    The first thing I look for in anyone seeking the Presidency is a semblance of Character, lacking in most Republican presidential candidates these days. Jeb Bush has Character. He is not my choice, but that is because of other things I look for: policies, advisers, experience, et al., and an indication of mental and emotional health, public decorum, understanding of humanity, people, and the circumstances in which people must contend for daily living. Jeb Bush has all but the policies, advisers, experience, and some aspects of his tenure as Fla governor are not to my liking.

    Were I his Mother or Father, or a member of his family, I would not be embarrassed one bit. He is a good and decent man and does not belong in this crowd of crooks, clowns, misogynists, and “new age Republicans”, who actually do believe they can insult their way to the Presidency and that inciting anger, hatred, division, distortion, lies, and personal attacks, makes them “tough”, the kind of “tough” that only other troublesome despots in the world admire.

    Trump, Cruz, Fiorina, Carson, embarrass us all. If I were a family member of Trump, I dare not tell him he embarrasses me for fear he would cut off my economical benefits.
    But he is the biggest embarrassment. All the rest are like eels, slippery, slimy, and wiggly, immature, bombastic, and flawed in Character, which is why their policies and governance when they are in positions to govern, are so flawed and non-productive, literally and figuratively. They either do harm or do nothing.

    Trump’s “campaign” is nothing but personal character attacks. His “policies” and “promises” are all predicated on his personal likes and dislikes, not on any principle or rational, objective thought. His sole contribution from his “campaign” is to give permission to people to be uncouth, disrespectful, ignorant, angry, and boorish, and to indulge in their basest of gut reactions. For a man as old as Trump, in the life he has lived all of his life, with all of the opportunity and benefits he has had, to display such ignorance, such a lack of knowledge of world affairs, such a dearth of any sense of humanity and the human condition, such a sense of himself based on his wealth, who has immersed himself in the dark underworld of something as inane as “birthism”, it is pathetic. It is more than pathetic, or flawed character. It is pathology.

    Jeb Bush is not pathological.

  5. Aaron_of_Portsmouth December 19, 2015

    Say what!??? Trump has not only embarrassed himself and all the pigeons who attend his rallies, but he has, alone and unaided, laid bare the shame and despicable nature of the party that would stoop so low as to give him air time, and a platform from which to foam at the mouth like a “rabid dog” and project what the GOP thinks of humanity.


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