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#EndorseThis: We Should’ve Bought Trump A Fisher-Price ‘Play President’ Set

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#EndorseThis: We Should’ve Bought Trump A Fisher-Price ‘Play President’ Set

Trump Fisher-Price Noah play president

As the leader of the free world dons a hardhat and mimes shoveling coal, Trevor Noah confesses: “President Trump may destroy the world, but goddam he’s cute. You can’t deny that.” Watching him on tape, the Daily Show host suddenly understands: “All Trump ever wanted to do was play president. We should have just given him a Fisher-Price president set. He would have had so much fun!”

But there’s no fun in Trump’s climate denial, rollback of environmental reforms, or his false promise to bring back the coal industry, which has been declining for years due to competition from cleaner natural gas. There has been no “war on coal,” as he claims, but his actions will promote Chinese leadership on clean energy, the industry of the future, while he uses miners as political pawns. But their jobs, lost to automation as well as competition, aren’t coming back.

And somebody should tell the miners and their children what Noah confides to viewers: Today, there are nine times as many jobs in renewable energy industries as in coal.



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