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Trump Revs Up The Clinton Health Conspiracy Machine

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Trump Revs Up The Clinton Health Conspiracy Machine


Via telephone on Fox News Monday, Donald Trump ostensibly wished presidential rival Hillary Clinton well a day after it was revealed she was battling pneumonia. Immediately after his well wishes, however, Trump managed to imply that her campaign might have something to hide, saying that “something’s going on, but I just hope she gets well and gets back on the trail.”

Trump was asked by the Fox & Friends co-hosts whether he felt she might be replaced and if so, whether he had plans of how to defeat her replacement. “No, I don’t think they’ll replace her,” he told the co-hosts. He then immediately reverted back to suggesting a greater cover-up, saying “We have to see what’s wrong.”

“Whatever it is, I’m ready.” Though the Clinton campaign didn’t help by keeping the Democratic nominee’s Friday diagnosis a secret for two days, “it” is pneumonia. Trump knows that — why say otherwise?

The Republican nominee also announced that he had just taken a physical, the results of which would be released shortly — though we’ll believe that when we see them. His first physician’s note, barely a few sentences long, used bogus phrases like “his blood pressure […] and laboratory test results were astonishingly excellent.”

Trump also appeared on CNBC’s Squawk Box Monday and once again repeated his suggestion that Clinton may be battling more than pneumonia.

“You know it’s interesting because they say pneumonia on Friday, but she was coughing very, very badly a week ago, and even before that if you remember. This wasn’t the first time,” Trump stated. “It’s very interesting to see what’s going on.”

On Sunday, Bloomberg reported that the Trump campaign’s plan “is for him and his campaign aides to refrain from commenting” on Clinton passing out. So much for that. Then again, it would be pretty inconsistent with Trump’s history of repeatedly commenting on Clinton’s health, and saying that she doesn’t “look presidential,” whatever that means:

Screengrab via Fox News



  1. Siegfried Heydrich September 12, 2016

    The thing is, though, that even sick, she was out there doing her job. The 9/11 remembrances weren’t something she could just blow off. Donnie would cancel if the bone spur in his heel (you know, the one that made him 4-F in the draft) flared up on him.

    1. EvenstarMtl September 14, 2016

      Actually she hasn’t…didn’t make Mexico, Louisiana for flood victims, no press conferences for over 270 days, missing in actions for days at a time. She has head injuries, memory loses that has impeded her work etc. HIllary and Bill Clinton look very unhealthy these days.

      Watch this:


      1. I Am Helpy September 15, 2016

        Yes yes she can’t jump through enough hoops to please you. Nobody cares.

  2. Dominick Vila September 12, 2016

    Why is Trump implying that there is something much more serious than pneumonia? Because at this point he needs a Hail Mary to win the election. Contrary to what the same polls that predicted a Romney landslide four years ago indicate, reputable pollsters like Nate Silver give Hillary a 71% chance of winning the election. Let’s not forget what happened to Al Gore, our elections are actually decided by the Electoral College, not the popular vote, and on that front Hillary is leading by an almost insurmountable percentage. Pneumonia or not.

        1. I Am Helpy September 12, 2016

          It’s weird that you think anyone hasn’t switched off media for your Stormfront memes.

          Anyway sorry that you’ve put all your hopes for a Strong Daddy in such a feeble weeny; it’s hilarious watching Trump clutch at that other man like a terrified baby.

  3. fortunev September 12, 2016

    The racist, vulgar talking yam rethuglicon and his minions have been conned. And it was played perfectly by Hillary’s team. In their incompetent zeal the corrupt, inept mainstream media swallowed the bait hook line and sinker. Totally honest, totally deceptive and totally deserving. The bad guys will shyt their pants when they learn how Hillary pulled a wedgie under their noses. Deserving of pinnochio noses I might add. Eat me.

  4. I Am Helpy September 12, 2016

    I think it’s hilarious – Hillary has way bigger balls than Trump or any of the alt-right (or whatever the Klan are calling themselves this week). She’s sick for three days with freaking pneumonia and STILL shows up to work; meanwhile Trump hurt his tiny foot and had to dodge the draft because of it.

    1. I Am Helpy September 12, 2016

      Oh, and when asked he can’t seem to recall which foot it was that kept him from being a man.

  5. Aaron_of_Portsmouth September 13, 2016

    Little does Trumpy know but there are serious consequences for those who whip up hysteria, besmirch others by taking advantage of their illness or vulnerability, and plays to the fears of the ignorant in society.
    For example, a certain mullah in Iran(Persia) by the name of Mirza Aqasi was a vehement opponent of Him who ushered in the “Baha’i Era” on the eve of May 22nd, 1844. That “John the Baptist” of this Era was entitled “The Bab”(Arabic for “The Gate”) who was constantly stigmatized by Mirza Aqasi a high-profile Muslim cleric who did all he could to destroy the infant Religion which began in Shiraz and was called “The Babi Faith” and which caught the attention of thousands of Muslims who gave their lives in many instances by becoming “Babis”(“followers of Bab”).
    Mirza Aqasi signed the death warrant for “The Bab”, and after the Bab was executed by a firing squad of 750 Muslim soldiers, this Mirza Aqasi was stricken with a certain disease that was so loathsome and foul smelling that his wife wouldn’t even approach him because of the stench.

    Donald may be setting himself up for an unfortunate fate if he continues to behave in this manner—it may be that he has already sealed his doom by his previous egregious behavior, outbursts, and fomenting of hate by spreading calumnies and making ad hominem attacks against Hillary, against Mexicans and Muslims, and those who are physically-challenged.
    (Note that although I mentioned how the Muslim and clergy and the Muslims who clamored for the death of “The Bab”, I can still stand up for Muslims in general by being able to see the difference between the acts of the Muslim clergy then and now against the Baha’is in Iran, and with what Islam in its Essence stands for).

  6. Dan S September 13, 2016

    Somethings going on all right & its all the BS coming from Trump & his deplorable followers. The man has absolutely no shame. He says the most blatant outrageous lies & states them as fact when he says believe. It’s terrifying how many people would prefer this mentally unhinged racist paranoid Chicken Little over someone who’s coherent. The Republicans tore into President Obama as a nominee in 2008 calling him a community organizer even though he was a Senator from Illinois. Trump has zero qualifications & is truly a bankrupt businessman trying to keep his name out there while his empire is toppling over like a house of cards. A year from now he’ll be a ruined man after Judge Curiel takes him to task for fraudulently ripping off thousands of people by going to Trump U. And let’s not forget the rape charges against him especially with a 13 yo. Shameful

  7. Irishgrammy September 15, 2016

    I have had walking pneumonia twice, and I felt absolutely horrible and I was at the time 30 years younger than Hillary. I can’t imagine how horrible full blown pneumonia is like, have had two of the pneumonia shots and hope to never find out!!! The fact that Hillary could still function at ANY level is a miracle and a testament to her dogged determination! As far as being dehydrated, am all too aware being a woman/man of a “certain age” one must make choices as to “how much” water you take in even on a stifling hot and humid day when you are running around all day not knowing where your next “bathroom” break might present itself!!! That’s just the reality of life. Let’s just say there are reasons Trump is not releasing a “full disclosure” that is truthful, of his health records. From observations of someone who has my own health issues, Trump is bloated (water retention along with a suggestion of heart failure when the body is not properly eliminating fluids, is absolutely NOT 230 pounds, my ass…..closer to 300 plus at least, and Trump looks to have osteoporosis comparing photos of his hunched back from previous photos of 10 to 20 years ago, and with his clear anger and hateful demeanor along with his puffy red face when “challenged” indicates sudden rise in blood pressure readings along with his obvious weight issues which adds to elevated blood pressure readings…… By the way what about all important family history, Alzheimer Disease, heart disease, dementia, cancer, ridiculous diet of fast foods which he apparently prefers, INSANITY and/or MENTAL ISSUES……..He is hiding something, but we will never know because Trump lies and manipulates with impunity along with an ineffective and impotent media who would rather have salacious and crazy stories supplied daily of a boorish bigoted blowhard as he goes about insulting and threatening Americans and the rest of the world! His appearance on the ridiculous “Dr.” Oz, made a mockery of everything to date that has been acceptable in the past for the serious job of the Presidency of the United States, as has Donald Trumps’ entire candidacy been a cruel joke and embarrassment to this country and exposed the ugly underbelly of this country’s deep faults of racism, bigotry, fear mongering, scapegoating and utter ignorance.


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