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Trump Secures Delegates Needed To Clinch Nomination: AP

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Trump Secures Delegates Needed To Clinch Nomination: AP

Republican U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump holds a rally with supporters in Anaheim, California, U.S., May 25, 2016. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst

Donald Trump has reached the number of delegates needed to secure the party’s presidential nomination, the Associated Press reported on Thursday, citing its own delegate count.

A small number of unbound delegates said they would support Trump at the party’s July convention, the AP reported, pushing the billionaire businessman over the 1,237-delegate threshold he needed to avoid a contested convention ahead of the Nov. 8 election.

Trump, a billionaire New York real estate magnate and former reality TV star, had become the presumptive Republican nominee earlier this month when his final two rivals dropped out of the race. But securing the necessary delegates effectively ends Trump’s primary campaign, in which he outlasted 16 other Republicans seeking the nomination.

Republicans are expected to finalize their pick when delegates vote during the July 18-21 convention in Cleveland.

Trump would face either former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton or U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont, who are vying for the Democratic nomination.

Reporting by Megan Cassella; Editing by Mohammad Zargham and Jonathan Oatis

Photo: Republican U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump holds a rally with supporters in Anaheim, California, U.S., May 25, 2016. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst



  1. Eleanore Whitaker May 26, 2016

    Shouldn’t that be Trump secures GOP delegates? And, since he is all that remains of GOP candidates, who else would secure GOP delegates? A lot can happen in 6 months and what this does is force the Republicans to stand by Trump.

  2. jmprint May 26, 2016

    Poor GOP, stuck with an abusive partner.

  3. pmbalele May 26, 2016

    Repubs and TPs are trapped, they cannot get rid of Trump while knowing he will lose the elections. Actually Trump luster is now gone. He took advantage of gullible GOPers by telling them he would build the tallest wall at Mexican border with his own money; now he is saying – that was just a gimmick. You remember he promised you to get rid of all illegals in this country. But, now he says he will wait until his 2nd term to do so. In fact, Trump is now encouraging CEOs to hire illegals at lower pay than the locals. Now he is budding with rich Arabs. Of course he is building a Trump tower in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, Japan and Malaysia. He is no longer talking about China, Russia etc.; and countries taking jobs from Americans. You TPs and Repubs are now screwed. The guy has gotten away with murder. He took advantage of you TPs and Repubs. Forget about Benghazi and e-mails. Those so scandals are done. FBI have labeled them as office violation with no security impact. To save you from heart attacks, please start taking your Aspirin today and prepare for Hillary as our next President.

    1. Leftout May 26, 2016

      The voters gave him the authority to enforce the agenda . All he has to do is enforce existing laws pn the books and does not even require any new congressional bills : all no cost items … to secure the border , stop terrorist from entering the country as in Europe…. Did they learn too late , negate all NAFTA and bring jobs back . Foreign jobs were created on the backs and paid for by the middle working class. The off shore companies invested in new factories and technologies overseas rather than in the US. Medicare , SS , health care and education can be free as proposed by Bernie. From the 10 trillion wasted over the past 8+ years under Bush and Obama .where did this new money disappear, anyone?

    2. paulyz May 27, 2016

      Must be very hard on you to accept the reality of a TRUMP Presidency. But if you are a LEGAL American Citizen & not a government dependent loser, you will end up liking how he takes care of OUR Country.

      1. pmbalele May 27, 2016

        You make me sick. Do you really believe will take care of OUR Country! You’re a dreamer. The guy has already abandon those promises. He just wanted more women. Now he is famous, no woman in foreign countries will say no to him. Women in this Country hate Trump. He calls women here as fat and disgusting. And you morons want to vote for such irresponsible individual!

  4. MaxedT12 May 26, 2016

    Trump used you – now – STFU!

  5. Yvonne2533 May 27, 2016

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  6. InformedVoter May 27, 2016

    Isn’t it just like the left media to not include that it was delegates from Colorado, you remember, the state were ALL the delegates supposedly committed to Cruz, that put Trump over the top. Oh, did they also mention that those delegates were women!
    I thought not.
    Now even the Washington Post poll shows Trump leading Hillary. With more scandals being uncovered weekly, Hillary will most likely get bounced by the DNC (Debbie W-S is also gonna get bounced). Then the DNC will put Joe Biden in as their choice.
    All this information compliments of foreign news sources. Some how the domestic, left media seems to have been scooped! (again!)


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