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Trump Takes A Page From The Kremlin’s Media Playbook

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Trump Takes A Page From The Kremlin’s Media Playbook

Russian President Putin attends forum and answers media's questions

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s public flirtation with Russian President Vladimir Putin throughout the 2016 campaign has been met with extensive public interest, skepticism, and criticism. Whether definitive ties exist between Trump and the Kremlin remains to be seen, but the degree to which Trump has seemingly co-opted the Kremlin’s propaganda playbook, and the extent to which conservative media has helped Trump execute a Russian-style media strategy built upon the spread of disinformation, is unnerving and portends trouble for the state of objective truth in American democracy.

Red flags have been raised about Trump’s alleged relationship with Russia and Putin: Trump has effusively praised Putin; publicly invited the Russian government to hack Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s emails; deliberately lied that Russia was not involved in hacking attempts aimed at interfering with the U.S. election; recited Russian state-sponsored misinformation; and allegedly has Russian investments in his businesses.

Further, Trump has managed to exploit the fragmented state of American media to seemingly execute the Russian model of “information warfare,” as outlined by NATO Strategic Communications Centre of Excellence’s Keir Giles. The parallels between the Kremlin’s strategy for planting and spreading disinformation — with the ultimate goal of “undermining the notion of objective truth” — and Trump’s use of conservative media to spread lies and delegitimize traditional news sources are striking and play out in these ways:

Disinformation Initially Placed On “Sock Puppet Websites”

Russian disinformation strategy, which rests on “‘undermin[ing] the very fundamentals of information and credibility that informed debate are supposed to rest upon,’” begins by “placing disinformation” on “sock puppet websites which appear to provide or aggregate news” and “can achieve substantial reach and penetration,” according to Giles.

The primary “sock puppet website” at the heart of Trump’s Kremlin-style media campaign is The Drudge Report, the conservative media news aggregator that traffics in conspiracy theories, lies, and anti-Clinton smears. The Drudge Report has been a stalwart Trump cheerleader and a launching pad for a series of smearcampaigns and conspiratorial claims meant to undermine Clinton, including long-running conspiracies about her health.

Drudge frequently aggregates stories from notoriously right-wing fringe and conspiratorial websites including WorldNetDaily (WND), Zero Hedge, and Gateway Pundit. At its height in July, Drudge had 1.47 billion page views.

As The Washington Post notes:

Drudge is an ideal landing place for hard-hitting opposition research on one of your political opponents. He’s more likely to simply take it and post it rather than looking for where the holes are — as a more mainstream site would do. And, because of Drudge’s traffic, which isn’t just big but also influential (think reporters, cable TV bookers and other campaigns), everyone you want or need to see it will see it.

To underscore The Drudge Report’s jolting parity to Russian “sock puppet websites,” the website has openly embraced Putin himself and has linked to Russian propaganda sites at least 91 times thus far in 2016.

InfoWars, a fringe conspiracy website led by 9/11 truther Alex Jones, has also been the birthplace of nonsense claims and anti-Clinton attacks.

Trump has praised Drudge and InfoWars and repeated their conspiracy theories on the campaign trail, effectively mainstreaming the reputation of otherwise unsound sources and giving widespread credence to a variety of baseless claims. Jones himself once announced on his radio show that it has been “surreal to talk about issues here on air and then word-for-word hear [Donald] Trump say it two days later. It is amazing.”

New Media Exploited To “Plant, Disseminate, And Lend Credibility To Disinformation”

In his report, Giles notes that “pro-Russian trolls and bots” also “exploit specific features of the relationship between traditional and social media in order to both plant, disseminate and lend credibility to disinformation.” They utilize “a range of fora including online discussion boards, Twitter and more” to “act as a force multiplier for driving home the Russian message.”

New and non-traditional online forums like Reddit, 4Chan, and Twitter have served as effective tools for Trump supporters to coalesce and subsequently blast out conspiracy theories and anti-Clinton attacks in unison.

As The New York Times highlighted:

[I]f major social media platforms are where Mr. Trump amplifies his pronouncements, sites like Reddit and 4chan have become a sort of proving ground, where an extreme, Internet-amped version of Mr. Trump’s message is shared and refined.


[Reddit] users promote favorable stories, feud with foes and rally support through phone-banking or “Facebanking” — campaigning to Facebook friends. On The Donald, the message is relentless — as are the insults. Opponents are referred to as “cucks,” which is short for “cuckservative,” as in “cuckold” — now used as a derisive term for liberals and moderate Republicans recently popularized by far-right online commentators and white nationalists, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center. The group shares content and tone with parts of 4chan, the infamous and anonymous message board that traffics in shock, and where Mr. Trump — who regularly scorns “political correctness” — has found substantial, if oblique, support.

Bogus anti-Clinton attacks, like the claim that the Clintons did “the same thing” with their taxes as Trump —who “used a $916 million loss that he reported on his 1995 income tax returns to avoid paying personal federal income taxes for years” — by claiming a “$700,000 loss” on their 2015 tax return, originated on the pro-Trump reddit page “The_Donald” and subsequently rocketed through right-wing media.

Disinformation Then Is “Fed Into The Mainstream News Flow”

After Russian propaganda is placed on aggregate sites and gains traction among these “pro-Russian trolls and bots,” writes Giles, the disinformation is then “fed into the mainstream news flow” and “picked up and reported by reputable traditional media.”

Similarly, disinformation in the American media track often jumps from fringe websites like Drudge and InfoWars (frequently after and precisely because Trump cites them) to Fox News, the unabashedly pro-Trump cable network that nonetheless brands itself as “fair and balanced,” and other right-wing media outlets.

Seemingly attempting to stay in sync with Trump, Fox has mainstreamed fringe right-wing conspiracies and elevated anti-Clinton smears about Clinton’s health (which Trump has promoted), character, and leadership style (which Trump has echoed) — while also promoting fringe claims of a “rigged” election (which Trump ishyping), “garbage” online polls that favor Trump (which he loves to cite), allegations that Clinton has her foes murdered (which Trump nodded to), and claims regarding the Clintons’ personal marriage (which Trump has floated), all sourced from the fever-swamps of conservative fringe websites.

As Trump’s own campaign manager Kellyanne Conway once said, “You can draw a straight line from a Drudge link to what gets covered on cable that night.”

Credible Outlets Not Wanting “To Be Left Behind” Repeat The Disinformation

Once disinformation pierces the mainstream news flow “at one or more points,” “others will follow,” Giles notes. “Even in the new climate of awareness, major news media do not wish to be left behind on a story which has made it to the news agenda.”

Credible mainstream American outlets and journalists, perhaps concerned “they will be labeled ‘biased,’” as claims John A. Tures, adopt stories that often are cultivated in the right-wing echo chamber and given life by Trump. After Clinton’s September pneumonia diagnoses, several mainstream outlets went all-in on hyping how “talk of Clinton’s health [is] no longer just the stuff of conspiracy theorists.” Media outlets have time and timeand time again parroted right-wing pseudo-scandals about Clinton’s use of a private email server and about the Clinton Foundation (stories that were also hyped by right-wing outlets like Drudge and Fox News).

Conservative shaming of the “liberal media” also is often intended to induce mainstream coverage of an otherwise fringe or unsubstantiated story. Speaking about hacked emails from Clinton campaign manager John Podesta, Fox host Ainsley Earhardt exclaimed, “Do you think the mainstream media will talk about it?” Co-host Steve Doocy added, “Or at least Donald Trump?” Guest Steve Hilton replied, “I don’t think so, so that’s why [Trump] needs to talk about it. Because otherwise, it’s just going to disappear into the ether.”

Ultimate Goal Of “Undermining The Notion Of Objective Truth”

In his assessment of “Russian objectives” behind the Kremlin’s “information warfare” strategy, Giles writes, “it has as one aim undermining the notion of objective truth and reporting being possible at all,” which ultimately “‘undermines the very fundamentals of information and credibility that informed debate are supposed to rest upon.’”

In executing a similar media strategy, Trump and the conservative media have worked to discredit historically legitimate sources of truth. Both by planting, cultivating, and bolstering disinformation and through an unprecedented war on the press, Trump and right-wing media have ushered in an era of post-truth politics where voters have “been successfully persuaded that everything is a lie, so the only political choice you have is to select the fiction that most fits your self-conception,” as explained by journalist Ned Resnikoff.*

Just as how “credibility is not always a metric of success for Russian information warfare campaigns” and that Russian disinformation thrives despite its “lack of plausibility,” as Giles writes, Trump’s promotion of lies and conspiracies are not depressed by the overwhelming number of fact-checks he receives, precisely because truth may not be the measure of success he is seeking.

Indeed, as CNN’s Brian Stelter warned, “Trump and his supporters … are delegitimizing institutions the United States holds dear” — which, frighteningly, is exactly what Giles notes was the goal of Soviet propaganda campaigns that the current Kremlin “information warfare strategy” is emulating.

Reprinted with permission from Media Matters for America.

IMAGE: Russian President Vladimir Putin attends the annual VTB Capital “Russia Calling!” Investment Forum in Moscow, Russia, October 12, 2016. Sputnik/Kremlin/Alexei Druzhinin via REUTERS



  1. FireBaron October 13, 2016

    Teflon Donnie looks forward to the day when he assumes the Oval Office and can order the arrest of every reporter, both print and on air, who has personally offended them, and can lock them up without a trial.
    Luckily, this is a fantasy thanks to 1st, 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th Amendment rights, and that his attaining that position has about the likelihood of George W. Bush receiving the Nobel Prize for Economics.

    1. bobnstuff October 13, 2016

      He is going to load the court so he can do as he wants. If he does get elected and changes the laws on suing the media as he says he will then Clinton will be able to sue a bunch of media outlets.

      1. Independent1 October 13, 2016

        If Trump were to get elected because of a totally misguided electorate, I doubt seriously he would ever see the Oval Office. Trump has far too many actual felonies pending against him with trial dates already set for shortly after the election. And should he get elected, I would hope the Justice Department would see to it that he’s tried for the several felonies he has committed in just running for the presidency.

        It’s clear that Trump promised Carson a position in his administration for his endorsement – Carson has admitted to that and being a national election that offer from Trump to Carson is a felony that is punishable by 2 years in jail. And I’d be surprised that it couldn’t be proven by some evidence that Trump did the same with Carson and probably at least Guiliani.

        I’m actually totally appalled that the election committee did not disqualify Trump from running months ago when it was shown he had so many court cases pending for felonies like the sexual assault of a 13 year-old, the Trump University fraud and some others. And then he’s added onto these campaign-related felonies another which just recently included using Trump Foundation monies, which were to only go legally to charity work, but which he diverted to funding his run for the presidency.

        I can’t explain why the election committee is letting someone run for the presidency who has such a high likelihood of never being able to serve as president unless he’s allowed to do that from prison.

        1. jmprint October 13, 2016

          Maybe they were tired of the republican party as well and new this would blow up in their face as is happening.

          1. dpaano October 13, 2016

            Let’s hope!! I wonder if all this happens before the inauguration if it would mean he would not be sworn in (should he win, which he won’t). That might be an interesting thing to watch, especially if he’s sent to jail before the inauguration! I don’t think we’ve ever had a president in jail while being sworn in……

      2. dpaano October 13, 2016

        He’s never going to win, so not to worry. Secondly, anyone that he puts forth for SCOTUS will have to be approved by Congress, and despite everything, I think that some of the Republicans there will not support some of his candidates. Thirdly, we can only hope that we can take back the Senate and the House (or at least one of them) so we have some leverage in our government.

        1. bobnstuff October 13, 2016

          From your lips to God’s ear. I get worried when I drive down my road and see the Trump campaign signs everywhere. I live in a very Republican area but I hoped my neighbors aren’t complete fools.

          1. dpaano October 13, 2016

            I get worried because there are NO signs in my neighborhood for either candidate. I think my Hillary/Kaine sign is the ONLY one on the block, and I’m waiting for someone to throw eggs at it or something. I guess I shouldn’t say that or it’ll actually happen.

    2. Carl Sdano October 13, 2016

      I hope you’re right. The sad thing today is that more & more people are relying on the blogosphere for their “news”. And the mainstream media are becoming sloppy in their coverage.

      1. dpaano October 13, 2016

        So true…..but look at who owns most of the media nowadays….alt right and rightwing conservatives. We’re lucky we get ANY nonpartisan news from ANY channel, newspaper, magazine, or wherever! We have to read and hear everything and take it all with a grain of salt. However, unlike most of us on this site, some people just are lazy and tend to believe everything that they read, hear, or whatever.

  2. stsintl October 13, 2016

    When I came to US in 1959, I had to sign an affidavit that I had no affiliations with any communists or any communist organizations for my student visa. What a change? Now the major political party POTUS candidate is openly affiliated with the Russian leadership with electronic version of the infamous “Watergate Crimes” of the Nixon era.

    1. dpaano October 13, 2016

      Strange, isn’t it? Hopefully, you’ll be voting for the other party….the one NOT in bed with the Russians.

      1. stsintl October 13, 2016

        Also, I plan to vote for a party which respects mothers, sisters, and wives and daughters, and stands for Women’s Rights, and doesn’t treat them the way Wahabists of Saudi Arabia do.

  3. Wolfesgang October 13, 2016

    Undermining the very fundamentals of information is what pro-Kremlin trolls and bots habe been trying to do in Europe for years. But I do believe their influence is smaller than they might like to assume. They’re usually just amplifying their self-generated echoes. Let Hillary Clinton win on Election Day, and we will see how Kremlin-sponsored bogus-news disseminators are stunned silent for a few days — only to then start talking again about ‘peaceful cooperation’ etc. with the Clinton administration, just a few days later on. There is no other way for Putin: his economy is dwindling, and some oligarchs might be after his very ass before long.

  4. Aaron_of_Portsmouth October 13, 2016

    And yet all these bread crumbs leading from Trump to Putin aren’t enough to inform the sleepy minds of Trump’s supporters. The mental lethargy which afflict Trump supporters is a mystery—as though some new form of mental telepathy is at work that only their brains are affected by, making them all robotic in thought and action.

    1. dpaano October 13, 2016

      As I’ve said before….it’s Stockholm Syndrome on steroids!

      1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth October 13, 2016

        I checked that term and I find it interesting that it relates not only to Trump’s supporters, but goes back to the reaction to stress that led some slaves in the South to be “Uncle Tom” ‘s as a defense mechanism. Needless to say, the response morphed into an obsequious pattern of behavior not out of defense, but to ingratiate one’s self with those perceived as dominant.
        This may explain why individuals gravitate to an authoritarian figure like Trump via this Stockholm Syndrome, “on steroids”. Very interesting.

        1. Oddworld October 14, 2016

          Aaron, I think you just nailed it my friend. The Stockholm Syndrome is the most likely explanation for “Trump mania”.

          1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth October 14, 2016

            If I nail anything on the head, it’s because of comments from you, “dpaano”, Mama Bear”, and others, help me to see things better.

          2. Oddworld October 14, 2016

            I appreciate the kind words but you allowed me to credit you with the Stockholm Syndrome on steroids comment. I didn’t realize dpaano came up with it first. Screw it, good job anyways.

          3. Aaron_of_Portsmouth October 14, 2016

            I won’t tell anyone if you don’t. Anyway, the point is we all are learning something from each other.
            Cheerio and tally-ho, homie.

          4. dpaano October 17, 2016

            Definitely….we’re all of like minds here on this site.

          5. dpaano October 17, 2016

            Always…..I’m just getting tired of people (trolls) “hating” everyone for making their choice. We live in a democratic society where we each have the right to vote for the person of our choice. Unfortunately, some of these people don’t understand that and they pile on the hate when they don’t even know you as a person. I try to respect their choice, but often it’s difficult. I’m just getting sick of the name calling, the BS that some of these posters add to this site. If they want to vote for Trump….I respect that choice; but I would hope they would also respect other people’s choices without resorting to name calling, etc. I hope you all agree!!! This campaign is getting uglier and uglier each day for no reason at all (except that Trump has seemingly made it so in many ways).

        2. dpaano October 14, 2016

          I ALWAYS try to be interesting if nothing else. I learn so much that way, especially when the trolls try to say I’m so wrong – LOL!!!

          1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth October 14, 2016

            Yes, the trolls—One consolation we get is that when the trolls say you’re wrong, that means you’re right. Like you, I use the trolls as a barometer of how ill they are, and which direction the bad air is coming from. Thanks for that Stockholm Syndrome tip.

          2. Oddworld October 14, 2016

            Sorry, I gave kudos to Aaron for the Stockholm Syndrome remark but it’s you who deserves the credit. Brilliant!!!!
            And shame on Aaron for allowing me to praise him:>))

          3. dpaano October 17, 2016

            It’s okay….Aaron probably would have thought of it himself eventually…..I just “joggled” his thoughts somewhat.

  5. sharkbait4711 October 13, 2016

    I wil state this again – you can’t be a true American if you are still supporting Trump.
    To use one of his own catch phrases – “He’s a disaster – believe me.”
    With all of the inappropriate, illegal, lying and horrific things agent orange has done – and yet his robot supporters still follow him. You’d think agent orange being buddy’s w/Putin would have immediately sent a shudder down peeps spines and have them running towards HRC. I’m absolutely flabbergasted that a large portion of our country’s citizen’s have clearly lost their minds thinking he is “presidential” and should be awarded the highest position in our country for being a lying, racist, misogynist, autocratic, lawsuit happy a##hat. It’s really disgusting. Really…

    1. dpaano October 13, 2016

      I don’t care if people don’t vote for Hillary as long as they also don’t vote for Trump! If they can’t make up their minds based on the campaigns of either candidate, they should sit it out until the next election and hope that a better candidate is proffered. I don’t condemn people for voting for Trump….I pity them. They have been lied to over and over again about things that have NOTHING to do with running this country, and they still can’t see the forest for the trees. I have more respect for those who have said they are not voting for either candidate than I do for people who say they will continue to vote for Trump even though they know he’s not the best qualified person for the job!

  6. Eleanore Whitaker October 13, 2016

    What moron presidential candidates states half a dozen times in public speeches he thinks the president of Russia is a better president than the president of his OWN country and then expects American citizens NOT to be offended?

    So what is this now? Say whatever you damn well please about the US President and praise Putin and no one is going to dare to support the president of OUR country? Yeesh…if this is the age of big mouth, no account, ill bred rabble rousers, no thanks.

  7. Jon October 13, 2016

    Trump lied about Mexico and Mexican immigrants when he announced his candidacy in June 2015. He has never stopped lying and seems to be incapable of ever stopping. He repeats lies originated in Russia and on alt.right conspiracy sites. The truth has never once been an issue that got in Trump’s way. Independent fact checkers have confirmed that he is by far the most dishonest politician to ever run for any office in the history of fact checking.

  8. Wolfesgang October 13, 2016

    One news item to be released approx. 10 days before Election Day is this: Desperate Donald announces that he was once raped by Hillary Clinton, and this is why he must become president. The source will be the pro-Kremlin Troll Center located in St. Petersburg. It will happily provide all the necessary witnesses.

  9. A. D. Reed October 13, 2016

    Strange that the Putin trolls are not showing up on this thread.

    1. dpaano October 13, 2016

      Give them time…..

    2. I Am Helpy October 13, 2016

      No, AgLander’s here now.

  10. AgLander October 13, 2016

    Writing about sock puppet websites at a sock puppet website is the highest form of ironic humor……well done National Memo! And yet the majority of the lemmings who get all their intellectual inputs from this sycophant site will surely all react with shock surprise……”Who me???”

    1. I Am Helpy October 13, 2016

      Sorry that your man crush is a Putin puppet. Better luck next fake candidate!

    2. Aaron_of_Portsmouth October 13, 2016

      Agatha, not only are you Trump’s favorite bootlicker, but you’ve acquired a taste for Russian boot polish. What a revolting development.
      I see you’ve co-opted the term “sycophant” from us, not really knowing that it applies to you. Check the dictionary for a change before using words you’re unaccustomed to using.

    3. Independent1 October 13, 2016

      What in the world are you talking about? What is it that us sock puppet lemmings are supposed to be shocked about?? That you’re a total moron?? Because since that’s been a proven fact for months and months, not one of us will be surprised about that.

      And have you been on any of you’re right-wing biased fiasco websites lately, where nothing is posted but one pathological lie after another – and the bloggers don’t have a clue about reality?? And it only takes about 1 minute to figure out all the bloggers are living in La La Land like you.

      But here’s something you might find of interest – one more prominent news outlet that has endorsed Hillary, and actually says that Trump is “dreadful’. Now isn’t that just what you wanted to hear – that your beloved candidate is considered ‘dreadful’ – which actually is a much more polite description than Trump has gotten from many news outlets that have mentioned him in their endorsements of Hillary.

      And do you even realize that Trump is the first political candidate in modern U.S. history to have gotten NOT ONE ENDORSEMENT FROM A PROMINENT NEWSPAPER ANYWHERE IN THE NATION!!!!!! NOT ONE!!!!!!!


      See this from the Washington Post:

      IN THE gloom and ugliness of this political season, one encouraging truth is often overlooked: There is a well-qualified, well-prepared candidate on the ballot. Hillary Clinton has the potential to be an excellent president of the United States, and we endorse her without hesitation.

      [The closing argument against Donald Trump]

      In a moment, we will explain our confidence. But first, allow us to anticipate a likely question: No, we are not making this endorsement simply because Ms. Clinton’s chief opponent is dreadful.

      Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is dreadful, that is true — uniquely unqualified as a presidential candidate. If we believed that Ms. Clinton were the lesser of two evils, we might well urge you to vote for her anyway — that is how strongly we feel about Mr. Trump. But we would also tell you that was our judgment.

      Fortunately, it is not.

      Ms. Clinton, in other words, is dogged, resilient, purposeful and smart. Unlike Mr. Clinton or Mr. Bush when they ascended, she knows Washington; unlike Mr. Obama when he ascended, she has executive experience. She does not let her feelings get in the way of the job at hand. She is well positioned to get something done.


    4. Independent1 October 13, 2016

      Yes, it’s pretty obvious that if Americans were smart enough to listen to the recommendations from virtually EVERY prominent newspaper in America, Donald Trump would be lucky to get about 10 votes in the upcoming election, His, Melania’s and his immediate family. He’d get votes only from those who had family loyalty and would overlook the bewildering amount of positive accolades for Hillary Clinton from virtually every prominent newspaper in America – accolades clearly in contrast to the avalanche of negativism spewed by these same prominent news sources against ‘dreadful’ Donald Trump.

      It’s really a shame so many millions of Americans are too ignorant to take the recommendations of prominent news outlets whose editors clearly no FAR MORE about the strengths and weaknesses of presidential candidates than they could ever begin to understand.

      1. dpaano October 14, 2016

        Oh, but he says they lie and he’s going to sue the NYT even…..I loved the fact that the Editor of the NYT told him to go ahead and do so!! Just another lawsuit to add to the many others waiting for him!!! Can it get any better?

        1. Independent1 October 14, 2016

          I agree, and the NYT could simply use Donald’s words on the infamous tape from 2005 as the women coming forth are doing nothing but accusing Donald of doing what he was bragging to Billy Bush on that tape that he always does to pretty women.

    5. Independent1 October 14, 2016

      And in case you and your right-wing cronies are having buyers remorse with Trump, here’s an article that might remind you that you knew what you were doing when you allowed Trump to run over the Republican party.

      You Knew Who Trump Was When You Endorsed Him, Republican Leaders

      You knew. You all knew. You knew the whole time who and what Donald Trump is.

      Mike Pence. Paul Ryan. Mitch McConnell. Ted Cruz. Chris Christie. Newt Gingrich. Orrin Hatch. John McCain. Marco Rubio. Virtually all of you.

      You heard every terrible thing he said. You watched every inexcusable thing he did. You knew Trump is a race-baiting, xenophobic, misogynistic, authoritarian con man. You knew about his insatiable appetite for power, his bottomless need for affirmation, his dangerous impulsiveness and uncontrollable temper. You knew he was a huckster who ruined businesses and lives. You knew he debased your party, and you personally. You knew.

      You knew he waged a racist campaign against the president’s legitimacy. You knew he called immigrants rapists. You knew he advocated forbidding Muslims from American soil. You knew he said a federal judge wasn’t qualified because Mexican blood flowed through his veins. You knew he besmirched the parents of a dead soldier. You knew he mocked prisoners of war. You knew he courted white supremacists. You knew he admires dictators. You knew he incited violence. You knew he lies ― blatantly, shamelessly, ceaselessly.

      You knew all of that, and you asked Americans to elect him president anyway. Shame on you. You knew.


    6. PrecipitousDrop October 14, 2016

      Next time I need a lemming expert, I’ll be sure to ask for you, Aggie.

    7. Aaron_of_Portsmouth October 17, 2016

      You’re beyond pathetic, Agatha, and you’re too dense to realize what a mindless myrmidon you are. You’re merely a drone in Trump’s beehive, and your only task is to clean his antennae and groom the hairs on his head. Make sure you keep the beehive clean too—that’s a good drone.

  11. sherrie.mcdavid October 14, 2016

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