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Trumpism Looks Like Mainstream Conservatism — So Far



  1. I Am Helpy December 8, 2016

    “Mainstream” conservatives – conservatives that are actually, you know, conservative instead of just wingnut racists – haven’t really existed since around the time actual traitor Ronald Reagan took over.

    1. dbtheonly December 9, 2016

      The labels are meaningless. Who is “conservative”? Where does “conservative” leave off and “liberal” begin?

      That said, abolishing the EPA, appointing Rick Perry as Secretary of That Other One, starting trade wars, and condemning 1.5 billion people because of their religion, is simply not conservative. When they define Dick Nixon as a liberal, you know something is wrong.

      1. I Am Helpy December 9, 2016

        That’s kinda what I’m saying. The label “conservative” has a specific meaning, but there’s no resemblance between that and the present-day bug-eyed wingnuts that think they’re conservative.

        1. dbtheonly December 9, 2016

          I’d take it back further, to Goldwater or the opposition to integration; but yeah.

          But the labels are now meaningless, if in fact, they ever had a specific meaning.

          I think I’ve told you of the Candidate for my Republican nomination for my house seat; Candidate A sent out a mailer, stating only that Candidate B is a Liberal. As if the bald face assertion of the label alone is sufficient.

          Is that really what we’re reduced to?


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