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Trump’s Foreign Policy Approach Almost The Same As Putin’s

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Trump’s Foreign Policy Approach Almost The Same As Putin’s

Trump's foreign policy almost the same as Putin's

By Andrew Osborn

MOSCOW (Reuters) – The Kremlin said on Thursday U.S. President-elect Donald Trump’s foreign policy approach was “phenomenally close” to that of President Vladimir Putin, giving Russia hope that tattered U.S.-Russia relations could gradually be improved.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov, speaking in New York, said he saw incredible similarities between the two men’s foreign policy ideas, and this meant there was a solid basis to start a meaningful dialogue between Moscow and Washington.

Peskov, in the United States for a chess tournament, said he was struck by how similar parts of Trump’s victory speech were to a speech Putin gave in southern Russia last month.

Both men said they would put their own country’s national interests first, but that they would be ready to develop ties with other nations, depending on how ready other countries were to deepen relations themselves.

“They (Putin and Trump) set out the same main foreign policy principles and that is incredible,” Peskov said in comments broadcast by Russian state TV’s Channel One on Thursday evening.

“It is phenomenal how close they are to one another when it comes to their conceptual approach to foreign policy. And that is probably a good basis for our moderate optimism that they will at least be able to start a dialogue to start to clear out the Augean stables in our bilateral relations.”

With Moscow and Washington now at odds over Syria, Ukraine and NATO, Peskov cautioned that it would take a long time before relations could return to a high level, however, because of how far they had been allowed to deteriorate.

“An atmosphere of mutual trust takes years to achieve,” he said. “It’s not possible to just declare that there is an atmosphere of mutual trust, especially after such serious damage was done in the last few years to our relations.”

Peskov told the TASS news agency separately that Putin was ready to be flexible when it came to mending ties which he wanted to improve, but that there was a limit to his flexibility and that he would need to see some U.S. reciprocity.

Peskov spoke after one of Russia’s most senior diplomats told the Interfax news agency earlier on Thursday that the Russian government had been in touch with members of Trump’s political team during the U.S. election campaign and knew most of his entourage.

(Editing by Mark Heinrich)

IMAGE:¬†Belarus’ President Alexander Lukashenko (L), Russia’s President Vladimir Putin (2nd L), Ukraine’s President Petro Poroshenko (R), Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel (C) and France’s President Francois Hollande pose for a family photo during peace talks in Minsk, Belarus, in this February 11, 2015 file photo. REUTERS/Grigory Dukor/Files



  1. sarah.chen November 11, 2016

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  2. Aaron_of_Portsmouth November 11, 2016

    Yes, the czarist aspirations of Putin dovetail nicely with Trump’s desire to be like an imperial leader. Both men have strong insular sensibilities and project themselves as egotist with a strong need to project authority by dent of personality, and know how to use other individuals in other countries to further their own personal interests. Both men are possessed of inordinate nationalistic tendencies, and their respective base of support share such nationalist tendencies, even in a world where nationalism as practiced is visibly out of place in an era requiring reciprocity, cooperation, and seeking consensus.

    These are attributes that are anathema to the imperial character of Putin and Trump.

    When Shoghi Effendi wrote of the conditions and impending forces gaining ascendancy in the world in the early part of the 20th century, he cited 3 major forces which he described as 3 “false gods”, and they are:

    1) Nationalism; 2) Communism; and 3) Racialism

    That he wrote in the 1930’s. And today, we see these forces acting in concert, and deranging the internal and the external affairs of nations and various groups. Making the planet great at last can’t happen with these forces in play.

  3. Aaron_of_Portsmouth November 11, 2016

    The czarist tendencies of Putin dovetail nicely with the imperial bearing which Trump projects. The two are both highly territorial, consumed with personal ambitions and power, and have a constant appetite to acquire—one acquires territories in a never-ending quest to continue the territorial ambitions of the early czars, while the other likes to acquire property, commission expensive portraits of himself, and add to his bank account while avoiding paying taxes.
    Both men are possessed of an insane nationalism that is clearly out of place in an interconnected world requiring consensus, cooperation, and reciprocity—all three of which are anathema to both men and their base of support, and perceived as a sign of weakness in one man’s mind, and seen as “politically correct” in the national parlance of the other.

    This oddly dysfunctional nationalism which both men internalize, was long ago anticipated to be a major hindrance, when Shoghi Effendi cited 3 major forces gaining strength in the early 20th Century. The three were described as “false gods” and they are:
    1) Nationalism; 2) Communism; and 3) Racialism

    That was in the 1930’s when he wrote this, and today we can see the growing influence of these 3 false gods.

    Also note that Peskov referred to years of time to rebuild trust between Russia and the US. I take that as a hint that he expects the US will now look the other way while Russia pursues a goal of deranging the stability of neighboring nations, and meddling in the affairs of Syria for Assad’s benefit and to the detriment of Syria’s besieged people and their children. Trump in the meantime will make it more difficult for those seeking relief from war in Syria, by harping about the dangers the women and children seeking refuge will pose to America.

    “Czar Putin, allow me to introduce you to Emperor Trump; Emperor Trump, the Czar of Russia, Vladimir Putin—his friends call him Vladdy, or just Vlad will do.”.

    1. Mama Bear November 11, 2016

      I guess it comes down to which of these alpha dogs can pee the highest on the tree.

  4. charleo1 November 11, 2016

    I predict the rosy relationship, the bromance between Trump, and Putin, will be very one sided. For one thing, Mr. Putin knows exactly what he wants from it. Mr. Trump on the other hand, hasn’t the foggiest what that is, and what it will cost him to deliver. He only knows how sweet the love letters, and how they make him quiver inside coming from such a powerful charismatic, and handsome man.

    First order of business for Mr. Putin will see Bashar al-Assad is kept in power in Syria at all costs. Meaning, Russia will back Assad until such an outcome is reached. To these ends Mr. Putin will of course agree to help a smitten President Trump fulfill his promise to defeat ISIL. But require in exchange we abandon U.S. support of all opposition to Assad. A decision which could be made easier by Turkey’s recent promise to withdraw it’s permission of U.S. forces to use its Incirlik Air Base near the Syrian border if Mr. Trump is elected. A harbinger perhaps of Turkey’s eventual complete withdrawal from NATO altogether. Which brings us to Mr. Putin’s second demand for the continuance of the flowery bromance. Namely to get NATO off his doorstep in the Balkans. And then if true romance is to blossom, withdraw a good deal of American presence from World affairs will be necessary. the NATO alliance altogether, as too expensive, or as not directly serving America’s interests. As Mr. Putin rebuilds Russia’s sphere of influence in Eastern Europe, the Mid-East, and well beyond its present borders, Mr. Trump and his devoted followers will tout his naive foreign policy regimen as a breakthrough for World peace.

    That doesn’t mean the Neo-conic National Security apparatus Mr. Trump will put in place will not find new enemies of the State to threaten our way of life. That indeed, imperil our very existence! That our greatly expanded military must defeat, regardless of the costs. Irrespective of a defiant Europe’s decision to sit out this most recent U.S. war of choice. We alone then it will be decided must take on the evil empire of Iran. In order, they may claim, to save our brethren Israelis from being pushed into the sea by radical Islamics. In their never ending quest for World, and thus Christendom domination. Who would be so unAmerican, or so unChristian, as to abandon President Trump, from which all good things will flow? To dare oppose such a war? Why, such terrorist, and radical Islamic sympathizers in our midst, in such a time of crisis, when all that we hold dear is at stake, should be locked up for sedition!
    So comes upon our Country the very real possibility of an American tragedy, we in the throws of some National psychosis, our illness of collective mind, have unwittingly unleashed on ourselves with the election of Trump. I pray God in his mercy will forgive us this horrendous mistake, and once again see us through.

    1. Mama Bear November 11, 2016

      We do still have one small hope and I am not sure how small or how much hope. The electors have yet to vote. They are bound to vote against a candidate that they cannot say is not a threat to national security or who they do not believe is fit for whatever reason to serve. In only 24 states they are bound, and if they vote otherwise they only need to pay a fee – which any of millions of us would contribute to paying.

      1. FT66 November 11, 2016

        If Hillary wins in Michigan, she will need 22 electors to defect from republicans and put her on top of Trump but need to pay the penalty. We supporters of Hillary are ready to pay for the penalty as our main reason to do so is: she won the majority votes, Trump is in bed with Russia (Putin who threatens to take over US Power in the world) and Trump is not fit to serve. Let us all keep our fingers crossed and wait for the outcome of Dec. 19 Elector Votes.

      2. charleo1 November 12, 2016

        If only that was going to happen. No, I’m afraid we’re in for whatever pain will come out of this enormous mistake. And I have no illusions there will probably be a great deal of it. For one, the Citizens United Supreme Court decision is only about 8 years old at this point, and just look at the damage! That’s not going to change with Trump. It’s only going to get worse with the Supreme Court majorities that are now most certainly in our future. Memorializing a corporate, big money hegemony that will tilt the power structure of the Nation against working people, minorities, women, and individual civil rights for generations. I wish I could see a way it would somehow be different. And we can still fight to lessen the injury. But it is what it is.

    2. sigrid28 November 11, 2016

      If Trump obliterates the Iran deal, what choice will Israel’s leaders have but to deal with the nuclear threat Iran will then pose to Israel, by taking care of it themselves, while Trump dithers and his hand-picked military flunkies jockey for position? Trump may well get us into other conflicts in the Middle East, but I don’t think the Israelis will wait for his buffoonery to go into effect after the exquisite deference they have shown while the Iran deal was being forged and painstakingly executed. How like Trump and his cronies to miss all the diplomacy and forethought that went into this deal. How like Trump to overlook entirely the threat to Israel posed by his short-sighted promise to dismantle the Iran deal that held Israel in check. Erase this deal, and Israel will have the opportunity it has desired all along to correct the problem once and for all. And by doing so, Israel will have done the world a great favor, now that the American president has been reduced to Putin’s puppet.

      1. charleo1 November 12, 2016

        First, I don’t believe Trump will actually tear up the agreement. In my assessment of Trump’s MO. the Iran Accord was merely an issue he used, along with Obamacare, trade deals, the wall, the Muslim ban, and so on, to whip up anger, and fear. Then use the general ignorance of all those issues to demagogue and con his way into the Presidency.
        Okay, so here’s why the I. Deal stays in place. If Trump were to withdraw from the deal, what would be the alternative position? Sanctions? Other signatories like China, Russia, or even allies like Japan, GB. and France are not likely to go along. Which would make that go alone route anti dealers seem to be suggesting, ineffective. And the dishonesty here, is they know this. But they want to present themselves as hardliners. And hardliners talk tough, they rattle sabers, make threats, and demonize adversaries. And characterize any diplomatic effort, no matter how successful, as foolish appeasement. However, the vast majority of the larger World Community, as well as vast majorities of war weary Americans, do not see things at all in those terms.
        They would see a President Trump tearing up the deal, only to face ineffective sanctions, as creating an excuse to launch another major war in the Mid East. One we, and our Allies simply cannot afford on a number of levels. Iran for its part might threaten to expel the IAEA, and restart the centrifuges. I think the upshot would be a strong desire by the other signatories to hold the deal in place by isolating the U.S. in this misguided decision. Adding to the already growing concerns around the World that the U.S. is becoming an unstable, and unreliable partner. As back and forth, left, and right, we bounce with every election cycle, with no consistency of policy on seemingly any issue.
        Leading to the notion that’s been afoot since the Iraq invasion, and financial meltdown of Wall Street that nearly collapsed the World economy. That perhaps other Nations should be found to fill the leadership vacuum on the World stage. Already, we see both China, and Russia, vying for the position. With an under siege, EU more concerned than ever, with the election of an unschooled U.S. President that applauded Brixit. Who questions the value of NATO, and is not concerned with nuclear proliferation, if it frees the U.S. of its commitments to Japan, Saudi Arabia, or S. Korea. And cancelling the Iran Deal would be seen as just more confirmation of all that.

        1. sigrid28 November 13, 2016

          First of all, thanks for the excellent, well-informed analysis here and in the above post. Such smart talk makes me feel that the whole world has not gone insane. In what you say, I hope you are right, and to me, you seem to be right.

          You touch on the notion of the balance of power turning backward to a pre-Revolutionary model. The idea of geographically large, autocratic countries like Russia and China resuming their roles as world powers while European and American democracies fall off the rails. Like the institution of slavery, thousands of years in the making, which only released its hold during the last two hundred years, autocratic dictatorship has been the rule rather than the exception.

  5. FT66 November 11, 2016

    Oh! dear. Where are we heading to? This is very disturbing. I was shocked yesterday reading a tweet from Trump that says the media is inciting protesters to go to streets. That is not a good sign of what to come from Trump. He is paving the way of silencing the media and topple them completely as it is in Russia. Freedom of speech can’t be killed and no one wants to see this happens.

  6. CPANY November 11, 2016

    One remaining question is, which cabinet post will Trump give to Putin?

    1. evans.blanca November 11, 2016

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      1. CPANY November 15, 2016

        How is this a response to my comment asking which Cabinet level job Trump will give to Putin?

  7. johninPCFL November 13, 2016

    So Melania plagiarizes Michelle and Donald plagiarizes Vlad.
    Great. Neither has a mind.


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