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Trump’s New Ad Is The Worst General Election ‘Dog Whistle’ In Nearly 30 Years

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Trump’s New Ad Is The Worst General Election ‘Dog Whistle’ In Nearly 30 Years


Donald Trump’s last stand is — like everything Trump has done since he birthered his way into conservative politics — all about winning over white people.

Even his recent, sour attempts to win over black voters by trafficking in offensive racial stereotypes to white audiences in white suburbs are about getting the 62 percent or so of the white vote he’d need to be competitive in November.

While Trump’s use of racism is obvious to anyone who has an ounce empathy for those suffering the brunt of the attacks, it is also generally careful.

“Trump pushes the boundaries of acceptable racial speech, but still carefully uses language that allows his ardent followers to reassure themselves that they are not motivated by racism,” UC Berkeley law professor Ian Haney-López  writes in a must-read analysis for The Nation “This Is How Trump Convinces His Supporters They’re Not Racist.”

Plausible deniability is critical to keeping him competitive in a national election.

Trump’s appeal to white voters is split much the same way Trump’s campaign is now split by its two new leaders: chief executive officer Steve Bannon, the publisher of a far-white website, and campaign manager Kellyanne Conway, a somewhat more mainstream Republican pollster.

Bannon will crank out the dank appeals to white fear while Conway will help hide the implicit racism in those appeals from the campaign’s most important audience — potential Trump voters. Or potential viewers of Trump TV.

Trump’s first ad of the general election season demonstrates how far his campaign is willing to go to cause what Haney-López calls “racial panic.”

Notice how immigrants are callously blurred with refugees, and refugees with terrorists. This likely offends anyone who knows and loves immigrants, which many of Trump’s supporters don’t. But it is still “acceptable racial discourse” and something other Republicans like Tom Cotton and Scott Brown both did in their 2014 Senate campaigns

Haney-López points out that we make very few demands on “mainstream” politicians to prove they’re not racist, which include “not using racist epithets, avoiding color-coded terms, keeping modest distance from white supremacists, insisting you’re not actually a racist.”

Trump — often with some elbowing from his party — abides by them all.

That’s why this ad is an example of what Haney-López calls “dog whistling,” using racial appeals in a way that makes them difficult to criticize while offering immunity to supporters who don’t want to be known to anyone or even themselves as flagrant racists.

But what makes this ad extraordinarily offensive isn’t its ridiculous falsehoods, how it reveals “the absurdity of his whole campaign,” or even its obvious smearing of immigrants, who commit crimes at lower rates than citizens, and refugees, who are vetted for years and have little-to-no say over where they end up.

The most dangerous message is a subtle beat that you might have missed at the beginning but was obvious to Ari Berman, the author of a critically acclaimed history of voting rights, Give Us the Ballot.

Trump’s constant whining about the election being rigged is wrought with racial implications. He’s argued that the election will be stolen by voters in “certain areas” of Pennsylvania, rehashing completely debunked notions about black voting patterns in the 2012 election. And he’s been vocally supportive of a voter ID law in North Carolina that “targeted African-American voters with almost surgical precision.'”

Get it?

He’s subtly — or not-so-subtly — suggesting black support itself suggests that an election is “rigged.” And he’s doing this as he’s telling black people should they vote for him as a signal to undecided white voters that siding with him doesn’t mean you’re racist.

The message was clear to one of America’s best known “racialists” AKA white supremacists.

“That’s a powerful appeal,” Jared Taylor told the Washington Post‘s Dave Weigel. “If he can just stick to that, he is in very good shape.”

This ad represents the worst example of a “dog whistle” in a general election campaign ad by a major party candidate since a 1988 ad featuring furloughed convicted felon “Willie Horton” — who was actually known as “William” but was given a nickname to further racialize the attack.

Politically this is almost suicidal behavior. Republicans have now veered back toward crime-obsessed white nationalism at moment when white voters are on the verge of losing their political majority and crime and net immigration are at lows that seemed impossible a few decades ago.

And what’s remarkable is how savvier conservatives saw this exact thing coming — because it’s happened before.

One reason George W. Bush easily won the Republican presidential nomination in 2000 was because he wasn’t Pete Wilson.

Bush was re-elected Governor of Texas in 1998 with nearly half of the Latino vote, making “understanding of the motives of illegal immigrants from Mexico” a key staple of his campaign rhetoric.

This was just sensible politics in a state with the second highest Latino population, a state that Republicans cannot lose without effectively damming off any path to winning the electoral college.

But compared to Pete Wilson, George W. Bush looked like a political genius.

Wilson had won — easily won — reelection as governor of California, the state with the largest Latino population, in 1994 by running a scorched earth campaign against undocumented immigrants. And the result was a nearly instant transformation of California from a swing state that had elected a Republican governor four straight times while voting for Reagan twice and George H.W. Bush once into a bright blue state that could only elect a Republican if he talked like a Democrat doing an Arnold Schwarzenegger impression and happened to be the highest grossing action film star in history.

W. Bush abjured any sort of racial appeal in exchange for the subtle and much more canny secret handshake of being a “compassionate conservative” with “faith-based appeals,” which sounded like a more “moderate” Republicanism to centrist voters, and a promised to restore the religious right’s rightful place as the guiding force in America.

Bush’s policies — like all conservative policies — stung minorities economically. But he was able bring in nearly 40 percent of the Latino vote in his side in 2004. Katrina removed much of Bush’s “post-racial” glow but he still steadily pursued immigration reform when his party lost Congress in 2006.

When his party revolted, led by AM radio, and helped kill the reforms, the march toward Trump began. Republican establishment leaders still knew that reform and outreach were the only ways to maintain national viability. But they also knew their actual voters wanted no part of it: The GOP base wanted a birther who would build a wall. And it got one.

Now even Trump seems to get that his hardline immigration policies are only attractive to 33 percent of the American electorate. His policies may “moderate” but his reliance on racial dog whistles in his first ad shows he hasn’t changed at all.

National Republicans have nominated their Pete Wilson. The only thing worse for the party than him losing would be him winning.



  1. Daniel Jones August 22, 2016

    The Republican brand completely failing and requiring a new opposition to balance out the Democrats would be utter chaos for years.

    At this stage, however, the Republican brand *not* failing is arguably worse.

    1. Box August 22, 2016

      The Rep brand failed when Reps became RINOs. Thats it. As for Dems, both the RNC and DNC scoured the country for better candidates and nobody wanted the jobs. Both were traveling daily to meet Senators, Governors, whoever they liked and all declined. Both brands have failed, hence more interest in independents and libertarians than ever before. JFK was the last true Dem and Reagan was the last true Rep and thats it. Hillary is a socialist, not a Dem, Trump is I dont know what, none of the above. Or something.

  2. stcroixcarp August 22, 2016

    We should see if Mexico will trade us El Chapo for The Donald.

    1. charleo1 August 22, 2016

      Mexico would be getting the more dangerous criminal, so we’d probably need to sweeten the deal. Perhaps by giving Mexico back the land we stole from them? Ergo “I didn’t cross the border, the border crossed me!”

      1. Eleanore Whitaker August 22, 2016

        Actually, back in I believe it was 2006 or 2007, Trump was doing business in Mexico and tah dah…somehow managed to raise the hackles of the Mexican government there. Ergo his trying to calm the foreign waters by showing them how amenable he is to hiring illegals and immigrants in his casinos. roflmao

        1. ivory69690@yahoo.com August 22, 2016

          and DONNY DUMP is still doing business with them today and all other country where he keeps them working so he can make more money on their slave labor

          1. Eleanore Whitaker August 22, 2016

            What I find ironic is that The Donald seems to have become Leona “Queen of Mean” Helmsley incarnate.

            The very things he and Leona fought about are the things he is doing today. He ridiculed her when she stiffed her employees. Now, he is doing the same thing. She must be rolling with laughter in her grave at him.

          2. ivory69690@yahoo.com August 22, 2016

            the thing he still is doing today ? are you kidding he has been screwing people for his whole life any and ever chance he can . as for him ridiculing her back in what ever days it was more then likely he was doing the ridiculing to just throw off people for he was doing the same kind if not worse screwing people . so one way a snake takes the attention off one self (and that had to be hard for him for he is a mental deranged retard that’s so addicted to attention like a junky to drugs and attention is his FIX ) to put the attention on some one else so you see them doing the scumbag B/S and not him doing the very same SCUMBAG B/S . he knows if he directs the attention to some one else then thy wont look at him pulling the same B/S he is just a sick evil retard and being sick its not something that one might think is bad being sick for the DUMPSTER he love that he is seen as sick he worked hard to get himself that way and wouldn’t have it any other way . that’s HIS CROWN made of B/S

      2. ivory69690@yahoo.com August 22, 2016

        sure give them back Texas thy are all pretty much with the GOP gang of idiots that bring down the country any ways BUT SHHHHHHHHHHH DONT TEL THEM THAT

        1. Joan August 22, 2016

          Don’t give them Austin, pretty much the rest of Tx., ok “Keep Austin weird”!

          1. ivory69690@yahoo.com August 23, 2016

            OK can keep Austin but none of the GOP gang of idiots . send them out let them screw up that country

        2. Jmz Nesky August 22, 2016

          You’re not totally correct about that.. You talk about gerrymandering and underhanded tactics from the right wing conservative Republicans without realizing that their home base is Texas, a test field that Dubya infiltrated with his shills where they started and eventually succeeded in their low life tactics so I can assure you that there are Democrats throughout the state of Texas but they can’t get their message out with the avalanche of fraud and propaganda that we have to fight against on a daily basis. You and the rest of the nation can give up on us but we will never concede.. Quick note: They are now edging their way toward Colorado and if you don’t keep a vigil and make those people realize that being a blue state is better than red or purple, the same knee jerk reaction concerning that liberal turned conservative state could be the next hate target.

          1. ivory69690@yahoo.com August 23, 2016

            well some one asked me to keep Austin I said ok just has to still get rid of all the GOP gang of idiots then thy can screw up that country . the DEMS will all have to squeeze in Austin . PS look up the word liberal what I got out of it was just a word that the GOP uses to name call the DEMS

          2. Jmz Nesky August 23, 2016

            Yeah, along with socialist (as if that were a dirty word) then when we don’t react to that they throw in commie (as if they actually knew what a communist was other than someone from Russia or China) I mean the word lane brain doesn’t do them justice.. It happens when trying to define brain dead losers. It’s not like I have a problem with them but they could do us all a favor by just going away. As far as Austin goes, I’d love to set up homestead.. I heard the psilocybin shrooms grow wild down there.

          3. ivory69690@yahoo.com August 23, 2016

            It happens when trying to define brain dead losers// and or defend their own brain dead losers. sounds like a great mushroom soup :)~

          4. Jmz Nesky August 23, 2016


    2. The lucky one August 22, 2016

      Or maybe just a burrito supremo with guacamole.

    3. ivory69690@yahoo.com August 22, 2016

      naaaaaaaaaaaa thy wouldn’t like the DUMPSTER rotten meat in their taco’s

  3. FireBaron August 22, 2016

    I remember when Mad Magazine was lampooning the changeover from Esso to Exxon around the same time that Nixon was trying to rebrand himself. They brought out Checkers and called the campaign “Nixxon, still the same old gas.” Looks like the GOP is at it again. Still the same old gas!

  4. pisces63 August 22, 2016

    Worse, now they are hinting at a very ‘ill’ Hillary. via dumb as rocks, inconsequential, insignificant, former mayor Giuliani. Look at the photos on line. Go on line is his rant see, she looks very ill. Are they kidding? How about Trump’s psych eval, I would love to see that one. Then there is the bigoted senator who insulted this president, again. A drug lord. That SOB, I hope he gets his A** kicked for re-election.

  5. charleo1 August 22, 2016

    Someone, make that almost anyone, could have told Mr. Trump where he was going to wind up in the general election tally, with his build a wall, and round ’em all up position on immigration. As for the other 70%, such a policy is seen as draconian, patently unfair, racist, un-doable, and worse for Trump, disqualifying. So now, he’s in a pickle. Because he dare not be seen as walking it back, or watering it down, or he risks losing his original 30% die hard nativists. Who’ll turn on him like a snake at the first hint they may not get the pleasure of seeing 12 million brown people rooted out of their homes, schools, and churches, and put on boxcars and sent..well they don’t care where they are sent. And now he’s taking about America’s rigged system that is going to cost him the Presidency. No Mr. Trump, it not any rigged election that going to send you packing this November. It is the land of the immigrant, the tired, the poor, the huddled masses longing to breathe free… It is who we are, and have always been as a Nation Mr. Trump, that spells your defeat.

  6. FT66 August 22, 2016

    There are a lot of inconsisties in whatever Trump has been, still doing or saying. It is now upon voters to sit down and think deeply, come up with the answer whether Trump is the right person to lead anyone. Big test but can be won quite easily. What you need to do voters is: think, think, think and come up with the right answer.

    1. Jmz Nesky August 22, 2016

      You’re asking brainless airheads to ”think”..? You may as well ask cockroaches to get out of your house.. you’d have a better chance of that happening. I’m not saying they’re dolts but when it comes to manipulating the right bobble heads the Trumpster can sniff ’em out. If you tell them directly to ‘think’ they will presume you said stink and take it personal. As for those who have unmasked the masked sleaze, they’ve already thought and came up with a better choice.. And who would that be? Well, that’s really none of our business now is it?

      1. Eleanore Whitaker August 22, 2016

        Want to hear something really funny? There’s a rumor out there that Trump hires the same nuts you see on Wrestlemania who screech, snarl and go steroidal and militant for his “crowds.”

    2. Box August 22, 2016

      I did, and its Trump. Im a Dem and dont want him but in the differences between them, yes it has to be Trump.

      Why? This week the reason is legacy. I voted for Clinton and was happy. He wasnt a troublemaker and all seemed to be OK. But it ended with the lies about Monica and before then I decided I wouldnt vote for him the second time. Then Bush came and horrors. So I voted for Obama to crush the Bush legacy. How further extreme can one go? Then I saw that was a mistake, and now Clintons are back. No way. Now I vote for Trump as another extreme measure to crush the Clinton legacy. They must retire, go away, die. Its time. If people arent sick and tired of the Clintons somethings wrong.

      1. Eleanore Whitaker August 22, 2016

        Trump will never be president. The GOP is already grooming their September Surprise. I saw the candidate that the GOP plans to sell in Sept. rather than October. Only because they know they don’t have enough time to make this middle aged, white male’s name public enough to get votes. He won’t anyway.

        He is a chip off the old right wing BS Bully Boys brigade. He has brown hair, is a midwesterner or southern from the drawl I heard and he is about 5’11” inches from the photo of him I saw on PBS on the Newshour last week.

      2. roguerunners August 22, 2016

        Just how is President Obama a mistake??? Please tell us. My family and I are much better off now than we were 10 years ago. (During the Bush administration, in the construction industry, we went from doing very well to working very little.) And by the way after AHCA we still have our same Dr. and actually have better health coverage. If people don’t have a job now it’s because they are lazy and not looking for one and prefer to blame, blame blame! If you are not better off now it’s your own lazy fault!

        1. Jmz Nesky August 22, 2016

          I agree with you on all issues.. There are jobs out there, non-experienced/non-college degree jobs that pay well above minimum wage.. The main reason why many nag about having to pay more for insurance today than?… Well, than never is because they don’t take the time and effort to [1] read the ACA manual and [2] actually call in and have an ACA representative help them decide which way they should decide according to their salaries.. It’s true that many have to pay double or triple the premiums but they don’t mention how many are in the family and how much they make each year and because they make more than the maximum wage they must apply directly to the commercial insurance industry which sets payments up on their own and would have charged what they charge regardless of Obamacare just as they did before ACA and just as they have no regulations now not to charge what thy want.. The ACA isn’t about giving wealthy people more breaks, it’s to help those under a specific salary and finally, the ACA would have been much more successful had the red states not refused to join in.. This was a plan that was to include the entire nation, not a specific few but even without them, it’s proven it’s worthiness except of course to those who are more well off than the majority of Americans.

          1. roguerunners August 23, 2016

            Exactly! Well said.
            It is troubling to see all of the blame and hate this election season. We actually have long time friends who have become so hate filled and angry that we pretty much aren’t friends anymore. We actually had a friend call us Obama lovers with such hate and distain it was shocking. Trump has brought out so much hate and division in some people we decided that it’s best not to talk politics with anyone. Even family. It is so sad to see this country ripped apart like this. This is the first time however, that it has actually hit us personally. The days of having healthy debates with your friends and family about politics are sadly gone.

      3. JPHALL August 22, 2016

        So you are voting for a man who divorced two wives to marry his mistress! Hypocrisy much? Why must the Clinton’s retire? What have they been convicted of?

        1. Jmz Nesky August 22, 2016

          Societal crimes only. One non-sexual head job and he’s considered a sexual pervert when it wasn’t him who got down on his knees. I’m sure the Trumpster would do much worse if he had a real chance to belly up to the oval office desk.. All Ivanka would have say is, “I don’t wanna be first cougar any more”.

      4. Independent1 August 22, 2016

        What kind of nonsensical measure do you use to judge presidents?? As a president Bill Clinton accomplished something few other presidents in office over the past 50 years or so. Not only is Bill one of the only 3 presidents since 1900 to not have a recession begin during his 8 years in office, as many jobs for Americans were created during his 8 years as were created during the presidencies of Reagan and the 2 Bushes!! And to most Americans, what is more important than a job??

        And not only that but Bill Clinton was the only president in the last 45 years at least, to have guided our nation into creating more jobs than any other president, and actually as many jobs as multiple presidents (close to 24 million jobs), he did that while at the same time reducing deficit spending and actually achieving surplus budgets for his last couple years in office.

        So given that despite what you and others my criticize Bill for with respect to his private dealings, the fact is that Bill did nothing that was unusual for America’s presidents – as Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, FDR, JFK, LBJ, Bush Sr. and others were notorious for doing the same thing – Bill Clinton was a very effective president with respect to guiding our nation in a way that benefited the majority of Americans.

  7. Eleanore Whitaker August 22, 2016

    Well, one thing is certain. No one will forget the election of 2016 for a very long, long time. What began with 17 GOP candidates somehow spiraled down to The Donald. That in itself is going to be a subject in US History classes students will be dissecting until graduation.

    What the Republicans are teaching the entire nation is how to self-destruct. First, you start with obsessive addictions to greed, toss in a few well placed, well chosen lies and deceptions and then release the attack dogs to divided and conquer until Americans are literally and figuratively exhausted from the daily frontal, middle and rear attacks that they are left with only common sense and demand for change.

    It’s almost laughable that the antebellums and Great Depression lovers can’t let go and hang on for dear life to their antiquated ideology that goes around and around in circles.

    1. The lucky one August 22, 2016

      “What the Republicans are teaching the entire nation is how to self-destruct. First, you start with obsessive addictions to greed, toss in a few well placed, well chosen lies and deceptions and then release the attack dogs to divided and conquer until Americans are literally and figuratively exhausted from the daily frontal, middle and rear attacks that they are left with only common sense and demand for change.”

      I think that is an accurate analysis except to add that many Democrats are equally complicit in that self-destruction.

      1. Eleanore Whitaker August 22, 2016

        If the Dems are complicit, where are all of the indictments? There may be minor incidences at the local level of Democrats flying under the radar. But to say that ANY Dem presidential administration has had the kind of massive scandals since Warren Harding’s Tea Pot Dome Scandal is deceptive.

        Every Dem president has a proven track record of success. And let’s not pretend for one second that those presidents with slightly tainted extramarital affairs are not due to the fact that 43 presidents were ALL men.

        1. Box August 22, 2016

          Proven success? I think not. Read the book “New Deal or Raw Deal.” Im a JFK Democrat and I still cant find success in a Dem president….and not much in a Rep president either.

          And what are you saying, women, or women presidents, are not capable of having affairs? And this in spite of the fact that 54% of affairs are initiated by women? Which means any person is capable of affairs, even Hillary at 70, although personally im so unattracted to her that I wouldnt even bed her for a fabulous agency position and space in their nuclear bunkers! Yuck! So what ARE you saying?

          1. Eleanore Whitaker August 22, 2016

            Can’t you? Well let’s see now…There’s JFK who began Medicare to protect the elderly which was then finalized by LBJ, another Democrat. JFK also successfully created the Alliance for Progress to improve relations with Latin America the Bush Dynasty screwed up by owning 11 sugar plantations in Cuba and tobacco plantations in Honduras.

            JFK also was responsible for the successful resolution of the Bay of Pigs Crisis, the creation of the Green Berets, the Youth Corps and one of the reasons for his assassination was rebel Confederates who hated his Civil Rights efforts.

            LBJ? Designed his signature “Great Society” legislation, which included laws upholding civil rights, public broadcasting, Medicare, Medicaid, environmental protection, aid to education, and the abolition of poverty

            Signed the Civil Rights Acts of 1964 and 1968 outlawing most forms of racial segregation and providing equal housing opportunities regardless of race, creed, or national origin, and passed the Voting Rights Act of 1965 outlawing discrimination in voting

            Appointed Thurgood Marshall as the first African American justice on the Supreme Court

            Signed the Elementary and Secondary Education Act and Higher Education Act to improve funding to schools, especially those in poor districts

            Established the National Endowment for the Humanities and the National Endowment for the Arts to support humanists and artists

            Created programs to tackle poverty such as Head Start, food stamps, Work Study, Medicare, and Medicaid

            Presided over the first manned flight to the Moon with the Apollo 8 program.

            Carter? Carter in 2004 christened the USS Jimmy Carter, a $3.3 billion nuclear submarine which he helped design under Rickover. Mediated negotiations between Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin and Egyptian President Anwar Sadat to produce the Camp David Accords.

            Carter in 1998 was one of five activists from around the world to receive the United Nations’ Human Rights Prize. The prize is only awarded every five years. Where were your GOP award winners? There are none.

            Clinton? Longest economic expansion in American history; More than 22 million new jobs; Highest homeownership in American history; Lowest unemployment in 30 years; Connected 95 percent of schools to the Internet

            And all you have for your Republican Presidents:
            Warren Harding’s TeaPot Dome Scandal that sent his Secy of the Interior to jail for trying to sell off federal land to oil interests for pennies on the dollar.

            Herbert Hoover? The Great Depression for his sucking up to Wall Street speculators and the cause of the midwest dust storms because he encouraged lousy farming methods.

            Nixon? Designed and helped with the WaterGate Burglary.

            Reagan? The IranContraGate and IranGate Scandal….selling arms to the enemy.

            Bush ’41? A one term president who pushed the Operation Dust Storm for his military industrialist profiteers.

            Bush ’43? Where to begin? 2 elections rigged by hanging chads and help from the SC to get him the presidency, preaching his gospels of Republicanism from pulpits and then handing those churches where he preached $2 billion for all their help. The shredding of millions of documents in January 2001 that implicated his Daddy in IranGate.

            Outing of a CIA agent and then refusing to allow Cheney, Rice or Rumsfeld to be deposed by the federal investigationg committee. Forcing Scooter Libby to take the rap and go to prison. And let’s not forget, the no bid contract with Halliburton and 18 month campaign to sell the Iraq war.

            But, not one to take the spotlight off himself, he ended his presidency with the Great Recession and as a Harvard MBA, totally missed the Sept. 2008 Financial Meltdown just like he ignore the warnings about an al Qaeda terrorist attack on 9/11.

            Thankfully, Rice got her butt reamed by the 9/11 Commission for “gross negligence.”

            But you don’t like facts I can prove and lies you can’t prove.

          2. Independent1 August 22, 2016

            Exactly what credentials do you have to be assessing whether a president is successful or not?? Because from where most of us posting here stand, you are dumber than a box!!

            So you’re claim that no Democrat president has been successful since JFK, is about as meaningless an assessment as I’ve ever seen posted on this blog. The totally stupid, such as you are, have absolutely no credibility with respect to being able to judge anything – certainly not whether a president has been successful or not.

            But just for the sake argument, here’s a graph which clearly shows that with respect to running the American government in a way that creates jobs, improves our country’s GDP and makes life better for the vast majority of Americans – every Democrat in office between Coolidge and Obama HAS OUTPERFORMED EVERY REPUBLICAN!!!

      2. Independent1 August 22, 2016

        How about being more explicit and identify for us all the destructive things the Dems have done that you can really identify as causing outright damage to the nation such as the GOP caused.

        Here’s just some examples of GOP malfeasance:

        . Had a totally corrupt president who not only committed treason but also had to resign office (Nixon).
        . Had a president who had more than 130 people in his administration indicted for felonies with a number of them convicted and sentenced to prison – more than all presidents since 1900 combined (Reagan)
        . Passed unjustified tax cuts (cutting the max tax rate more than in half) so he and his rich buddies could keep more monies in their pockets which started the enormous inequality today. (Reagan)
        . Actually appeased terrorists and connived with them in foreign nations in nefarious schemes one of which ended up with 241 marines dying in their sleep (Reagan).
        . Deliberately refused to allow the CIA to try and stop an attack on our nation based on bona fide intelligence so he could use the attack as an excuse for attacking Iraq (which he did) where almost 3,000 Americans died (Bush2)
        . Started an unwarranted war on a foreign nation based totally on lies and fabrications of reality which resulted in more than 4,000 American soldiers dying and unknown thousands of Iraqi’s(Bush2)
        . Ran an administration which deliberately looked the other way as the financial industry in America established practices which stole billions of dollars from the American public and put the nation and world on the verge of collapse resulting in the Great Recession(Bush2)

        Now, I’ve only just gotten started listing the nefarious things the GOP has inflicted on America. I could keep this up for longer than you would care to read. But I’d like to see you identify virtually any such totally treasonous-like actions that have been committed by Democrats in the past 80 years!! (And I haven’t even gotten into the GOP’s constant Mafia-like actions of attempting to enact legislation nonstop that does nothing more than rape the America public of their well earned money just to feed themselves and their rich political donors).

        1. The lucky one August 24, 2016

          Well there’s mass incarceration form Bill Clinton’s policies as well as gutting of the social safety net and finalization of NAFTA. The lack of ethics inherent in having sex with a subordinate and then lying about it under oath also Billie boy.

          With Obama there is extrajudicial murder by drone, failure to hold any banksters accountable for their misdeeds, persecution of whistleblowers.

          Have the Dems done as much damage as the GOP? I guess it depends on your viewpoint. It’s like asking whether a kick in the nuts or a punch in the face is worse.

          How about HRC’s transition team eh Indy? It totally puts the lie to her claims to oppose TPP and fracking. She is a corporate lackey whether you admit it or not. Would she be preferable to Trump? Maybe but that’s pretty faint praise given that he is a cretinous lunatic.

          1. Independent1 August 24, 2016

            Exactly what ‘gutting of the safety net’??

            And prove that it’s been NAFTA that has been responsible for the loss of jobs in America the past 2-3 decades (when NAFTA wasn’t even in effect when millions of American jobs were shipped overseas PRE NAFTA BY NITWITS LIKE MITT ROMENY !!

            Fact is, that it’s not NAFTA that has cost American jobs while it may be NAFTA that has actually helped TO MAINTAIN AS HIGH A PERCENT OF MANUFACTURING JOBS TODAY AS THERE WERE 50 YEARS AGO!!!

            As fast as companies like Mitt Romney’s Bain Capital have been leverage buying up and destroying jobs in America, the agreements made under NAFTA have opened up jobs in other industries. You and your anti TPP cohorts HAVE NO EVIDENCE WHATSOEVER THAT NAFTA HAS BEEN THE CAUSE OF ANY LOST JOBS!!!!!!!

            And like I said, Bill Clintons sex life IS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS anymore than was the sex life of Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, FDR and many other American presidents!!!!!!!

            And you talk about extrajudicial murder by drone. Would you be saying that if there had been 2, 3 or more 9/11s committed in America over Obama’s last 7 years if some of those terrorists taken out by the Obama drone strikes had actually perpetrated terror in America?? Huh?????????

            Like most of your rants they’re nothing more than self serving total nonsense!!!!!!

          2. The lucky one August 24, 2016

            OK NonIndependent I’m not doing your homework for you and besides you HAVE NEVER acknowledged a mistake in all the posts you have made so what’s the point. There has been much written and documented about the gutting of the safety net and the effect of NAFTA.

            “t may be NAFTA that has actually helped TO MAINTAIN AS HIGH A PERCENT OF MANUFACTURING JOBS IN AMERICA TODAY AS THERE WERE 50 YEARS AGO” Just more nonsense as anyone with any sense can see plainly.

            Obama’s drone murders have increased the number of terrorists and had no effect on making America safe. You like to demand proof so much where is the proof that Obama’s acts had any effect on making us safe?

            If Clinton had sex with anyone other than a subordinate i’d agree it’s nobody’s business but his family but doing it with an intern is unethical to the max. While in itself it may have had no negative impact on America it does show the lack of character of that democrat president.

            “Like most of your rants they’re nothing more than self serving total nonsense!” LOL I could say the same about you. Listing a bunch of Dem talking points off the DNC website and HRC propaganda sites is not providing proof of anything.

          3. Independent1 August 24, 2016

            More of your nonsensical personal assumptions FOR WHICH you have absolutely NO PROOF!!! You’re nothing more than the equivalent of a pathological lying, fake scandal building right-winger pretending to be someone you’re not!!!!!!!

          4. Independent1 August 24, 2016

            And what totally ridiculous statements like: “Obama’s drone murders have increased the number of terrorists and had no effect on making America safe ”

            What?? Are you and the nitwits you talk to soothsayers who have a crystal ball and are certain that none of the terrorists taken out by drone strikes would have not been able to perpetrate an attack on American soil?? Exactly how did you and your nitwit information dummies do that?????? Explain please!!!!!!

            Trumps Muslim hate rhetoric has increased the terrorists in the world FAR MORE than Obama’s drone strikes!!!!!!

          5. The lucky one August 24, 2016

            “who have a crystal ball and are certain that none of the terrorists taken out by drone strikes would have not been able to perpetrate an attack on American soil??” I use the same crystal ball that you use for your assertion that his extrajudicial killings have protected us. Both are inferences that cannot be proven.

            “Trumps Muslim hate rhetoric has increased the terrorists in the world FAR MORE than Obama’s drone strikes!!!!!!”

            That is quite possibly the stupidest comment i have ever seen here.

          6. Independent1 August 24, 2016

            And some evidence that you’re comments on drone strikes are as ridiculous as all your other statements:

            From the Brookings Institute:

            Despite President Barack Obama’s recent call to reduce the United States’ reliance on drones, they will likely remain his administration’s weapon of choice. Whereas President George W. Bush oversaw fewer than 50 drone strikes during his tenure, Obama has signed off on over 400 of them in the last four years, making the program the centerpiece of U.S.
            counterterrorism strategy.

            The drones have done their job remarkably well: by killing key leaders and denying terrorists sanctuaries in Pakistan, Yemen, and, to a lesser degree, Somalia, drones have devastated al Qaeda and associated anti-American militant groups. And they have done so at little financial cost, at no risk to U.S. forces, and with fewer civilian casualties than many alternative methods would have caused.

            The United States simply cannot tolerate terrorist safe havens in remote parts of Pakistan and elsewhere, and drones offer a comparatively low-risk way of targeting these areas while minimizing collateral damage.


          7. The lucky one August 24, 2016

            The Brookings institute is providing their OPINION that is not EVIDENCE.

            You are correct that drone strikes create fear in those, mostly innocent, people subject to them. That’s the nature of terrorism. You are woefully mistaken that they reduce the number of people becoming terrorists. Every time we kill innocents we increase the terrorist base. Again, LOL because you are the one that sounds like a neocon right-winger. It’s easy to see why ypou favor Clinton so much.

          8. Independent1 August 24, 2016

            Talk about having no evidence whatsoever about what they say – all you post is you’re mentally retarded made up fabrications of reality!!!!! The dumb believe their own fantasies just like you!!!

          9. The lucky one August 24, 2016

            Wow, you are actually a lot stupider than I thought. “those hundreds of mastermind terrorists taken out by the drone strikes would have gone on to commit countless terrorist actions”.

            That surpasses even your usual level of insanity. I’m going to leave you alone now since it seems this is contributing to your mental illness. Good luck.

          10. Independent1 August 24, 2016



          11. The lucky one August 25, 2016

            Who may have been targeted and who was killed instead are two different things, You will accept any BS that a Democrat in power feeds you. YOUR LEVEL OF NAIVETE IS ABSOLUTELY MIND BOGGLING!

            I wonder if you would believe the same crap coming from a republican president. Every drone strike that murders innocents, there have been thousands killed, creates new terrorists willing to do ANYTHING to avenge their loss. Quit being such a dupe and try reading something other than Dem propaganda.

          12. Independent1 August 25, 2016

            Given that your opinions have no credibility, I’ll just leave you with the wrap up words on an article about drone strikes published by the Washington Post:

            Drone strikes are bad; no drone strikes would be worse

            Nevertheless, there is little question that drones are the least costly
            means of eliminating militants whose first aim is to kill Americans. “If
            we were not engaged against the terrorists,” CIA Director John Brennan said recently, “I think we would be facing a horrendous, horrendous environment.” He’s right.

          13. The lucky one August 25, 2016

            And your opinions are still nothing but opinions no matter what pedestal you place yourself on. Anytime you see someone say “there is little question that” or “everyone knows that” or something similar you can be sure it will be followed by an opinion lacking any evidence to support it.

          14. Independent1 August 25, 2016

            So the opinion of someone like Brennan who’s actively involved in what’s going on in the drone situation has no credibility either huh?? You really are a totally mindless idiot!!! Get lost!!!!!

          15. The lucky one August 26, 2016

            You ask if the CIA director who serves at the pleasure of the drone warrior is a credible source on the effectiveness of drones. Is that a joke? Is Jamie Dimon a credible source on the predatory practices and money laundering of JP Morgan? Actually you are the joke.

            It’s gullible fools like you that cause us to end up choosing between two demagogues for president. The only difference between you and the idiots who think trump cares about them is the hat or t-shirt you wear. bye bye dipshit.

          16. Independent1 August 26, 2016

            Oh Yes!! And that’s because being a fat head, you think you’re an expert on everything!! You’re just as big a narcissistic idiot as Trump!! It’s clear trying to blog with you is like blogging with a 3-year old moron!! Go stuff your head in a toilet. You post so much cow dung it’s disgusting!!

          17. Independent1 August 26, 2016

            Are you aware that via your post, that you’re suggesting that President Obama, CIA Director Brennan and all the other people associated with the drone program, are lying about its effectiveness and are deliberately continuing with a program that they know is resulting in civilian casualties – as they fabricate reality to themselves and the American people that the program is in fact in the long-term saving lives by taking out terrorists who if left unchallenged would end up killing thousands of people??

            That all these people are in essence deliberately going around killing people knowing that what they are doing is not preventing more bloodshed and that they are in essence murderers themselves with no justification for what they’re doing!!!

            What kind of person are you??? You’re exactly like TRUMP!!

            I’m the one!! It’s me that has all the answers!!!! What!!!!!!!

          18. The lucky one August 26, 2016

            What ? A CIA director and a president would lie to the American people? That’s outrageous. LOL

            “the program is in fact in the long-term saving lives by taking out terrorists who if left unchallenged would end up killing thousands of people”

            They may believe it but there is zero evidence to prove them right.

            “Some critics argue he should have had a few second thoughts about what they see as the overuse of drones. But John Brennan, Obama’s CIA director, told me recently that he and the president “have similar views. One of them is that sometimes you have to take a life to save even more lives. We have a similar view of just-war theory. The president requires near-certainty of no collateral damage. But if he believes it is necessary to act, he doesn’t hesitate.”

            “The notion that the Obama Administration has carried out drone strikes only when there is “near-certainty of no collateral damage” is easily disproved propaganda. America hasn’t killed a handful of innocents or a few dozen in the last 8 years. Credible, independent attempts to determine how many civilians the Obama administration has killed arrived at numbers in the hundreds or low thousands. And there is good reason to believe that they undercount the civilians killed.”

            “Why the disparity between what American officials claim and what others report? The New York Times provided a first clue back in 2012, when it reported that the U.S. “in effect counts all military-age males in a strike zone as combatants, according to several administration officials, unless there is explicit intelligence posthumously proving them innocent.” The same sort of dishonest standard was described last year when a whistleblower provided The Intercept with a cache of documents detailing the U.S. military’s drone killings in Afghanistan, Yemen, and Somalia. One campaign, Operation Haymaker, took place in northeastern Afghanistan.”

            “Between January 2012 and February 2013,” The Intercept reported, “U.S. special operations airstrikes killed more than 200 people. Of those, only 35 were the intended targets. During one five-month period of the operation, according to the documents, nearly 90 percent of the people killed in airstrikes were not the intended targets.” That’s one campaign of many in just one country where drone killings happen.” Said the source of the documents: “Anyone caught in the vicinity is guilty by association.

            “The documents show that the military designated people it killed in targeted strikes as EKIA—“enemy killed in action”—even if they were not the intended targets of the strike. Unless evidence posthumously emerged to prove the males killed were not terrorists or “unlawful enemy combatants,” EKIA remained their designation, according to the source. That process, he said, “is insane. But we’ve made ourselves comfortable with that. The intelligence community, JSOC, the CIA, and everybody that helps support and prop up these programs, they’re comfortable with that idea.”

            “The source described official U.S. government statements minimizing the number of civilian casualties inflicted by drone strikes as “exaggerating at best, if not outright lies.”


            You’re entitled to your opinion regardless of how misguided but you really should change your name form independent (you are anything but) Democrat Dupe which would fit you quite well.

          19. Independent1 August 26, 2016

            More utter nonsense!! And like I said YOU’RE NOTHING MORE THAN A TRUMP CLONE!!! GOOD BYE!!!

          20. Independent1 August 26, 2016

            And so in rebuttal, you post me a lot of fabricated statistics compiled and published by far-left wing nutcases who hate Obama and what he is doing to keep us safe!! Really??

            And let’s see you explain this away – if Obama’s drone strikes are having no effect on keeping Americans safe, explain then why during the past almost 8 years there have been only a handful of attacks on America’s consulates and embassies with I believe a max of 5 people being killed.

            While under the last 4 presidents, and that includes Clinton, there were an average of more than 10 embassy/consulate attacks during their presidencies (and that includes 12 attacks during Bush Sr’s 4 years in office).

            And during those attacks, not 5 people died, but an average of more than 70. And that doesn’t include the 241 Marines who died in their sleep in Lebanon during Reagan’s administration, or the more than 300 soldiers who died when the Cole was bombed during Clinton’s adminisration; or the 3,000 people who died in the worst attack on America in history under Bush.


            Well, if that’s what you believe I’ve got a bridge in Brooklyn you can buy or I know of great sanatorium called Bellview that you can check yourself into, because in either case you’re completely insane!!!!!!!

            The sudden reduction in overseas deaths by people working in our embassies and consulates DID NOT COME TO SUCH A SUDDEN STOP BY MAGIC!!!!!!

          21. The lucky one August 26, 2016

            You talk about fabricated stats and then lie blatantly about Obama’s record. Actually there have been 9 attacks on American embassies during Obama’s tenure with 15 killed. But only 4 were Americans the others being local personnel so of course for you they don’t count. One was an American ambassador the first killed since 1979.

            The truth (something you fear like the plague) is that no one (not you & not me) knows to what degree Obama’s drone program may have affected our national security. Terrorist operations, the successful ones anyways, take time to develop. We may not reap the whirlwind sowed by Obama for a few years yet. However we do know that at least hundreds probably in the thousands have died as innocents.

            You claim my posting contained fabricated stats, as opposed to assertions form our government which to you are always accepted without question, prove it.

          22. Independent1 August 26, 2016

            “You talk about fabricated stats and then lie blatantly about Obama’s record. Actually there have been 9 attacks on American embassies during Obama’s tenure with 15 killed.”

            Flat out blatant lies!! Prove it with information from a reputable website!!

            If there had been that many attacks under Obama the GOP and Faux News would have been trumpeting those attacks and deaths all over the nation!!

            You are a pathological lying fool!!!!!!!!

          23. The lucky one August 27, 2016

            And you are a gutless coward as well as either a Dem troll or just a gullible fool, hard to say which and probably both. The list of embassy attacks is available on this link. I miscounted it was actually 11 deaths not counting attackers.


            If you have any integrity (Rhetorical question since I know the answer) you’ll try to refute individual cases rather than just say the site is unreliable. BTW all sites should be checked for accuracy some advice I know you won’t heed but it would help you over your extreme gullibility when it comes to Dem propaganda.

            You are correct that Fox is a propaganda tool of the GOP but probably don’t realize that MSNBC and others perform the same function for the Dems.

          24. Independent1 August 27, 2016

            The attack in 2010 in Pakistan was not at the embassy. And the attack in Afghanistan is not counted because that was a war zone. If we counted all the attacks under Bush 2 that occurred in Afghanistan and Iraq there would have been over 25 embassy/consulate attacks under Bush 2.

            So the 2 deaths in Afghanistan do not count. And those who died in Pakistan in an attack which was just as much against the Pakistani government as the U.S, even if counted still only give 10 deaths and there were only 2 deadly attacks outside of war zones. Compared to an average of more than 10 deadly attacks under Reagan and the 2 Bushes with an average of more than 70 dying NOT 10!!!!!!

            And there have been no mass killings under Obama like the 241 Marines or the 300 Navy personnel or the 3,000 who died in 9/11!!!!!!

          25. The lucky one August 27, 2016

            You should be in politics given your propensity to spin the facts. What does “war zone” have to do with it. Obama doesn’t recognize it given that he has ordered assassinations outside of war zones. I believe the 241 marines were in a war zone but hey I’m not going to defend Reagan or the Bushs, people I find even more reprehensible than Obama and the Clintons. Are the GOP pols worse than the Dems? Maybe so but that is a very low bar to get over.

          26. Independent1 August 27, 2016

            Because like I just said, the numbers I posted for all the other presidents did not include war zone attacks. America was not involved in any wars under Reagan and Clinton – so to make the comparisons correct, war zone attacks are not included in any common sense comparison.

            And the 241 Marines died in Lebanon where they were stationed while Reagan was negotiating just one more underhanded deal with the Saudi’s. But because of Saudi religious beliefs, it would not allow our troops to be stationed within its borders. Additionally, to satisfy Saudi religious beliefs, Reagan agreed with the Saudis, or the Lebanon government, that our troops would not carry loaded weapons.

            This meant that when the terrorists approached the compound where the troops were sleeping, the guards did not have loaded weapons that they could use to stop the truck from breaking through the gate, and driving up in front of the barracks where the Marines were sleeping before the driver detonated the explosives.

            And not only was that all bad enough, Reagan simply cut and ran. He never made any attempt to try and track down the terrorists who took those 241 Marine’s lives. Talk about a coward!!!!!!

          27. The lucky one August 28, 2016

            As I said before I can’t defend Reagan. The man was senile and the actions of his “underlings” are a major reason we are in the shite we are today. If what you say about the marine guards being disarmed is true then their superior officers should have been court-martialed along with their commander in chief. But if you think Obama and Clinton have any qualms about sacrificing our soldiers to further their agendas I think you are being naive or at least overly optimistic.

          28. Independent1 August 24, 2016

            “Listing a bunch of Dem talking points off the DNC website and HRC propaganda sites is not providing proof of anything.”

            What a joke!! I’ve never been on any of those sites. Again, only someone as clueless as you would even think such a thing. I virtually always provide evidence to support any rash comments I may make.

          29. The lucky one August 24, 2016

            Yup, you da man!! LOL

          30. Independent1 August 24, 2016

            Here from BusinessInsider even back in 2012 and manufacturing here has been growing even since while China’s manufacturing is decreasing:

            10 Reasons Why America Will Continue To Dominate The Global Economy For Years

            1) The U.S. economy is the largest and most productive in the world – The U.S. accounts for one-fifth of global GDP with only 4.5% of the world’s population. America’s economy is nearly twice the size of China’s in nominal dollars. Plus, the U.S. is one of just a few developed countries with real GDP higher than it was before the crisis, according to the report.

            2) The U.S. leads the world in manufactured goods – Nominal
            manufacturing output totaled $1.9 trillion in 2012, a rise of 27% from 2009. Employment in the sector has increased by 500,000 workers since 2010, according to U.S. Trust.

            3) The U.S. is among the largest exporters of goods and services – Exports since the recession have taken off. In 2012, total exports totaled $2.2 trillion, nearly a 40% rise from 2009 levels, according to the report.


          31. Independent1 August 24, 2016

            And from theAtlantic:

            Over the past 50 years, U.S. industrial production has grown at the same rate or even faster than the economy as a whole.


          32. The lucky one August 24, 2016

            That does not equate to increased jobs as should be obvious. never mind the past 50 years. look at the years since nafta.

  8. The lucky one August 22, 2016

    Trump is right to bring up vote rigging as a concern. However he seems to have missed the fact that it is his party that has been guilty of that in at least the last two prez elections.

    1. Box August 22, 2016

      You brought up a good point. Im sure Trump does know, he voted along with everyone else and read the news too of how Bush stole the election via the Supreme Court. Sure he knows.

      But what about Bernie? Trump wasnt in any power to do anything but Hillary, and especially Bernie were. Thirty-five years in Senate and he never authored any bill and especially none to focus on rigging, but then complained when it rigged against him? Isnt it a JOKE? And where was Hillary to end it, too? MIA. So why shouldnt Trump complain? Would he attempt to curtail it? He would be the type but i’ll suppose the engrained machine is too big for any president.

      1. The lucky one August 22, 2016

        “Would he attempt to curtail it? He would be the type” I don’t think so unless he saw a personal advantage in doing so. His entire adult career has focused on one thing only, self-aggrandizement. Why would anyone think becoming president would change that?

        1. ivory69690@yahoo.com August 22, 2016

          its just a step to boost his sick EGO

  9. rogerogreen August 22, 2016

    In an unscientific survey, the only people who were wowed by Trump’s “outreach” to black people were white people.

  10. Bride's Mom August 22, 2016

    It is rigged! And you are an idiot not to admit to this! For Hillary to get away with the many crimes she has in the past 30+ years is a slap in Americans face! How dare the powers that be to not persecut her is also a slap in our face. You journalists dwell on the tiniest bit of negative from Trump, yet you don’t seem to care that Hillary has violated the Americans over and over. Donald is bringing to view what we Americans want done. We hope it’s possible! Law and order and immigration and the work force is our concern. Get sharai law out of this country and illegal immigrants. That’s what America wants! Get corruption out of our country.

    1. Eleanore Whitaker August 22, 2016

      Honey, you need to get a job. Why are you sitting around on a computer collecting welfare checks when you should be scanning your Walmartian card.

      Get this and get it straight. Hillary WILL be the next president unless one of your moron gun happy Big Daddy Mutton Chops or Corn Pone Kings takes her out.

      As for Trump and his views, come to NJ lady…Trump can’t set foot in NJ for the taxes he dumped on us for his hotels and casinos. Not to mention that he stiffed union workers of paychecks for years and caused his casino and hotel suppliers to go bankrupt.

      Boy Tootsie..you Corn Pone Queens and Dixiebelles sure do get all that poverty you deserve. Fly with the bad boys like you queenies always do and all you get is a guy who kicks you in your butt.

      1. Joan August 22, 2016

        I find her comments ill-informed and, ahem, less than generous to minorities and immigrants however, there is no need to get personal. No need to insult, to suggest that the poster is some kind of ” welfare queen”. Between the lines of her post I read fear, and a sense that the country is changing in ways that are beyond her.

    2. jointerjohn August 22, 2016

      Persecut? Sharai law? Law and order and immigration and the work force is our concern? You want to get sharia law out of both this country and the illegal immigrants? Where did you go to school? Mississippi?

    3. A. D. Reed August 22, 2016

      All those “many crimes” and yet you can’t name a single one. Claiming that “Hillary has violated the Americans over and over” but not noticing that Donald violated a 13-year-old girl in a rape case that’s before the courts now.

      Don’t know about your Alt Right “reality,” but here in the real, evidence-based world the crime rate is the lowest it’s been in more than 25 years, having steadily declined for a generation; and immigration levels, both legal and illegal, are lower than they’ve been since the turn of the century; and the work force is enjoying the lowest unemployment rate since 2000, and the number of Americans participating in the work force — you know, having jobs — is the highest it’s ever been (obviously except for you).

      I don’t know about “sharai” law, since no such thing exists, but there’s not a single place in the United States where sharia law is in place — though there are many places where Christian law has been imposed on the people against our will — like Sunday Blue Laws that prohibit anyone from buying beer before 12 noon and from buying alcohol at all on the “day of worship,” which of course isn’t the day of worship for Jews, atheists, Muslims, native Americans, freethinkers, Wiccans — in fact, anyone but Christians and Mormons.

      So you take your little version of “sharai” law and your little version of reality home with you, and present one iota of evidence that this election is rigged — other than the fact that all those Negroes and “Latins” are planning to vote for the best candidate — and then you may be allowed to post again.


    4. Independent1 August 22, 2016

      Where exactly do you get all those ridiculous notions which are nothing but unfounded accusations and allegations?? How is it that you right-wingers live in your own alternative universes??

      Fact is, Hillary and Bill Clinton have done more positive for Americans who are truly in need and for other people around the world, than any two other people on the planet aside from maybe Bill and Melinda Gates.

      And it’s also a Fact that CharityWatch analyzed and assigned an ‘A’ rating to the Clinton Foundation for it’s outstanding charity work done not only in America but around the world because it channels about 89% of the donation monies it gets directly to charity work when the national average for charities is only about 75%. And the Clinton Foundation (CF) is so respected by other charities in the business that a large number of them also donate to the CF for it to do some of their charity work. All of this proving that all the propaganda that right-wingers are throwing at the CF IS JUST LIKE EVERYTHING ELSE YOU RIGHT-WING NUT CASES DO – ARE FABRICATED LIES!!!!!!!

      You know, I actually am starting to feel sorry for people like you, who are so filled with misguided hate that it’s no wonder that the Gallup and 24/7 survey groups have identified Republican-Run states as being BY FAR the most miserable places in America to live with the absolutely worst quality of life. Because all you right-wing people ever do is spend all your time figuring out how to hate everyone WHO IS NOT EXACTLY LIKE YOU!!! WHAT A TERRIBLE MALADY TO HAVE!!!!!!


    5. Jon August 22, 2016

      You are so right. Lying under oath is perjury. People say that Hillary did it. No one can prove Donald ever did something as unlawful and deceitful as that. Yes Hillary is always violating someone I am told. Donald would ever violate anyone. He is the “law and order’ candidate. When he learned that some of his plans to torture people were illegal, he chose the only ethical way a law-abiding citizen would deal with it and will change the law to make his torture plans legal rather than disobey the law. He will do the same with laws making rape of children and adults illegal. He will repeal those laws and make them retroactive. He is all about law and order. He would never have any products bearing the Trump Brand made outside the U.S. depriving American workers of jobs. He wants to make this hell hole of a country great again. I am sure he will take the advice of the top experts in the country that now surround him, especially Trump Campaign CEO Stephen Bannon. Not only will he lift blacks out of the miserable conditions Hillary has created for them by reinstituting slavery but will also use the institution of slavery to deal with his humane approach to immigrants. Those immigrants who leave voluntarily have nothing to worry about. Just the other day people were talking about some cities now suffering where sharia law has passed subjugating all who live there to it. Only Trump can save them.

    6. apzzyk August 22, 2016

      A few years ago, the legislature and the Gov of SC signed a bill making Sharia Law illegal. As it so happens, all 3 of the west’s major religions: Judeism, Christianity, and Islam all trace their roots to some dude named Abraham, who set forth his laws, and all of the religions accepted these to some extent, with the punishment for their violation, and so there is a fairly uniform law against murder, in all of our states as well as in Islamic countries – except in SC where this law against murder which was the same as under Sharia law, and since it was passed after their murder law it prevails. Therefore, Roof’s attorneys should simply defend him against the 9 murder charges that he faces based on the fact that there was no law against it – it had been repealed – by the later law.
      The bottom line, is that you and others should take a ‘Comparative Religion’ course before acting.
      With Hillary, what you are essentially saying is that there should have been some laws on the books at the time that these acts which you find offensive at the time, but that there were none, and still are none to cover the behavior that you dislike. The great Gowdy committee, which cost the taxpayers about $4.5 million and the millions more that has been spent on various investigation, which did not lead to a revision of the 95 year old law that would have applied, but did not because it did not cover the new technology, has just been a waste of the taxpayers money too. I know that you are a real Conservative, but there are still times when you must regonize the current reality. The fully automatic sub-machine gun that was popular among the gangs during Prohibition, were made illegal and still are, because of the damage they could cause. Legally, they are Weapons of Mass Destruction, contrary to the wishes of the NRA, which seems to think that any firearm or weapon possessed by the military should be legal. At the FC Warren AFB, I tried to get the clerk on the gun desk to order me an F-15 that was nuclear equiped, and a M-1-A1 Tank, and no luck on either.
      The reason why we have the legal immigration problem, is that for years Congress has refused to act on the passage of new, and more realistic immigration laws that would fit the needs of the country and its current threats, not the unrealistic absolute prohibition on any immigration at all that is advocated by the xenophobes like you.
      By the way, Mexico only has a total current population of about 27 million, so it is impossible that all 11 million illegals in the country today are from the South – there are probably more from Asia than there ever could be from our South, and so go to any Asian Community, and just try to find one. Even in places like SF, where there is a large Asian population, there are very very few Asian Cops, and few of them can speak and understand any other language other than that of their parents – but under Trump and the repeal of the 14th Amendment, since both parents were probably not born in the US they should be the first to be deported. My ancestors came to the US from England because of people like you about 100 years before the Revolution, so I think that you and others who cannot show that both of your ancestors were in what is now the US, should just go home, and leave us Quakers alone.

      1. jmprint August 22, 2016


    7. Independent1 August 22, 2016

      So like Donald, you want to get rid of illegal immigrants. Hmm!! Are you prepared to possibly loose your job? And possibly pay considerably more for a limited choice of food in the super market??

      Because whether you know it or not, it is immigrants, many of them illegally here, who are essentially keeping the American economy running because they are willing not only to do jobs that native-born Americans simply will not do – but they are willing to do them DIRT CHEAP. It’s these immigrants who are willing to work dirt cheap, who in large measure are the people who are even making a lot of our farming in America even possible.

      For many farm crops, for example strawberries, blueberries, tomatoes and many others – growing them IS ONLY ECONOMICALLY FEASIBLE, if they can be harvested dirt cheap. Because if farmers had to pay native-born Americans what they would demand to harvest these crops – planting them would not be worthwhile and many farmers would go out of business and many food items would disappear from grocery stores.

      And if many of these farms went belly up, millions of people would lose their jobs and the America economy would virtually collapse!!! A collapse worse than the Great Recession, possibly worse than the Great Depression.

      So keep it up – keep wishing for that disaster to happen to you!!!!!!!!

    8. MVH1 August 23, 2016

      It’s not good to be dumb as a rock, Bride’s Sagging Mom.

  11. Dominick Vila August 22, 2016

    The young people depicted in the photo in this article look more like college students waiting to get parking permit, than evidence of a rigged system. That is, unless Trump’s economic agenda includes free tuition, books, and free parking delivered to the student’s home address.
    When it comes to the latest overtures directed at Latinos, let’s not forget that in addition to Trump calling them criminals and rapists being sent to the USA by the Mexican government, right wingers have tried to justified their racism by asserting that terrorists are entering the USA via our Southern border. The fact that the 9/11 terrorists entered the USA with student and tourist visas via JFK airport means nothing to them. The fact that Omar Mateen, the Orlando shooter, born in NYC in 1986, and the fact that his parents were granted asylum by none other than Ronald Reagan when the Soviets invaded Afghanistan, means nothing to them. For a Republican, evidence is just a small bump on the road that can be easily circumvented using distractions, such as Hillary being asleep at 3 am when she was notified of the Benghazi attack (I guess our leaders should spent their nights chasing 13 year olds), or that Hillary’s health is questionable because she – gasp – tripped and almost fell.
    No wonder Hillary, a person as imperfect as the rest of us, but determined to do the right things, is leading The Donald by double digits.

    1. Eleanore Whitaker August 22, 2016

      Dominic, that’s a photo from a right wing Tweet. Shows you how skanky these nut bags are. If you roll your mouse over the photo and then right click, choose “Inspect” and it will bring up another smaller screen that shows you all of the HTML and photo info.

      1. Dominick Vila August 22, 2016


    2. Box August 22, 2016

      For the start Trump has referred to criminals as criminals, and rapists as rapists. He has never said ALL.

      Myself I love everyone. My grandparents were immigrants and they and those like them built the country. I hope for many more to come. But they were not criminals, not rapists, never took a dime of welfare, never sent money back to their country, learned English, adopted and assimilated to American life, worked and paid for their education and their life, raised families with the same values. Such people are NOT what Trump is talking about and he never has. But from the use of the words rapists, terrorists and criminals one is to derive bigotry and racism? How?

      And yes, they do enter from Mexico although Canada is the preferred entry point since the border is easier, and its much easier to gain a visa to Canada than USA. Foreign news frequently reports these movements but US news does not. I personally know several people who have used both borders after being denied US visas at the foreign US embassies. Also reported in foreign news is the vibrant market in Thailand for the black market purchase of US passports and passports from better countries so that they CAN simply fly to JFK and other airports. By the time the authorities are on to the loss/thefts of legitimate passports, the culprits are long gone, though some are also caught. They have been caught at Los Angeles airport, TSA told me that themselves. USA is the No.1 country target in the whole world to gain entry to, according to a US embassy in Asia. Many of the illegal entries involve human trafficking which has been written about ad nauseum but all kinds come and the US has more or less lost control of the borders and the immigrants after they arrive. All Trump is asking for is to tighten the system and im all for it.

      1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth August 22, 2016

        Box, what was your method of gaining entry into America? And did you discuss your entry with the indigenous peoples of America, or did you just bully your way onto these shores?

      2. ceekee August 22, 2016

        If you believe that pipe dream, I know where there is a bridge for sale. Get educated ! Stop being delusional.

      3. Dominick Vila August 22, 2016

        Box, don’t confuse what Trump is saying now, with what he has been saying since he entered the race over a year ago. His original claim was that Latino immigrants were criminals and rapists…and some, he assumed, were nice people.
        Softening a stance on the face of defeat does not mean his opinions and values have changed. He is the same person he was a few weeks ago. The only difference is that he now knows that he cannot win without some of the Latino, African American, Muslim, LGBT, and women vote.

      4. Jmz Nesky August 22, 2016

        So, how can he tell a criminal and a rapist from any other immigrant? Will they have a tattoo pasted on their forehead stating so as they climb over his wall? Hell we can’t even tell the home grown criminals and rapists until after we cuff and stuff ’em so what’s the Trumpit gonna do, arrest all of ’em and let God sort it out or is it just a bunch of air balls he’s spewing around? The Mexican g’ment has already said good luck on gettin’ a peso from this side so I guess it’ll be up to the middle class and poverty workers to pay for a wall that will only keep US in since he’s already allocated all the welfare to his corporate “movers and shakers” for the continued promise of that ever elusive ‘trickle down’ fallacy. As far as how you interpret his words, you look at the positive side of his negative intentions.

      5. Brenda West September 28, 2016

        Trump is a cancer to the Republican party. I don’t think they will ever recover from this horrendous choice for POTUS.

  12. Lynda Groom August 22, 2016

    Of course the system is rigged. The republican party has worked tirelessly ever since the ‘Court’ gave them the go ahead to dismantle voting rights wherever possible. Oops, silly me thats not what Trump is talking about.

    1. Independent1 August 22, 2016

      If there’s been any rigging of the system it’s been rigged in Trump’s favor.

      1. Jmz Nesky August 22, 2016

        Yes, the system is rigged and yes, it was the cons who did it with their re-redistricting and jerry rigging but they didn’t do it for Trump, they did it to insure that Obama would be a one-term president and look how that turned out. These wankers actually believe it’s money and back room power that dictates their will when it’s actually the people’s votes that determines no matter what they may tell you because those in the Electoral College wants to keep their phony baloney jobs as well and when a super majority votes for a certain candidate they must abide by that majority so don’t do what we did with Kerry by dragging our feet and allowing higher ups (including the electoral college) to over ride our intention.. So get out and vote as if you and everyone elses future depended on it because it does, especially in this particular run.

    2. Shreknangst August 23, 2016

      Donald is just preparing stage for his planned loss in November. He can not afford to win… it would make his holdings a terrorist target and kill the name-brand franchise deals.
      Donald is rigging things to kill off the Republicans.

  13. ivory69690@yahoo.com August 22, 2016

    THE TRUMP U TV we all know what that mean . he want the house to bring in Russia and with him helping screw the country as much as he can . all the time making money off the USA for his and his alone GREEDY BASTARD pocket

  14. Shreknangst August 22, 2016

    Have to love that last bit in article, “The only thing worse for the party than him losing would be him winning”, it could have come straight out of “Death Over Life: Secret of Revelation: A Prophecy of America’s Destruction ” (Paperback – March 27, 2014)

    For the Evangelicals and televangelists to cheer, all we need is the November election — TRUMP has made it a no lose proposition for them. They get the 2035 end of times that Sir Isaac Newton calculated — so another 18-years of getting rich off their Republican stooges.

    In the meantime, TRUMP walks away able to capitalize on having been the nominee… should he win, his financial empire becomes a terrorist target and he’ll be broke by 2018. So watch as he plays to get 42% of vote… but not one vote more.

    1. Jmz Nesky August 22, 2016

      I can totally believe that because for several years of my life (other than the superficial power that they’re given) what does it profit a wealthy man to become president and be graded down in pay? Is it the prestige? CEO’s receive more positive attention and pay.. Is it the kick-backs? A common wall street shark could receive that without the graying of hair.. Maybe it’s to better society and keep the population happy.. That only happened once with FDR and the very party that now spreads this fallacy is the same one who wants to destroy everything Roosevelt accomplished. So, we’ve gone through the gauntlet and still no solid evidence as to why a wealthy man would even contemplate being president and now (at least with this bobblehead) we must concede to you’re scenario which in the scheme of things is much more than a scenario.

      1. Shreknangst August 22, 2016

        With Donald’s ego the thing is to get into the History Books in a away that cannot be erased. POTUS Opponent is always given a sentence.
        That sentence necessitates a paragraph of several pages in anything dealing with the opponents.
        FDR was a Democrat … his kin Teddy was the Republican … the parties flipped names / followers …

        1. Jmz Nesky August 23, 2016

          Yes, Teddy was a progressive republican.. and tried to win a second term through the self-installed Bull Moose Party trying in vain to discharge the then conservatives so that he could again ally himself back into his beloved progressive GOP.
          Franklin remained a Democrat throughout his three (almost four) terms… He was very popular with the people and in my opinion made great changes in spite of that ridiculous war.

          1. Shreknangst August 23, 2016

            Yep, Republican Teddy lost — promoting universal healthcare.
            FDR put throughout programs that had been in Germany since 1861. The war had no business being fought — that was England’s doing… then Japan dragged USA in … screwed the commission’s Prescott Bush (dad to HW) was making off Germany … Ford wasn’t too happy either.
            The journalist who spent the past year working on stories about private prisons — which are now going to be dropped by justice dept — is doing a book that discusses the various POTUS and includes a few things on the party flip… as well as where Hitler got some of his ideas.
            Progressive movement goes back to Germans.

          2. Jmz Nesky August 23, 2016

            Agreed. But without those (socialist) programs, this dog eat dog nation would have been even more aggressive . We, as in the best in us, should be concerned for our own people and help when help is needed.. Granted in everything eventually comes fraud but as we once had monitors to cull out the frauds, we no longer have or worse, they no longer care but still it’s in our best interest to help the poor, the needy and the elderly rather than spending those funds to buy other nations’ respect while continually over bloating our military, FDR helped in those matters, it was us who turned it into a welfare state by our very apathy until it became too much and now we have words we call the poor while over looking exactly where our taxes go.. We need to end the privatized prison system.. It should have never been used as a profit sharing industry.

          3. Shreknangst August 23, 2016

            The socialist programs actually serve to allow us to help each other — automatically. In many ways it is no different than automatic bill payments… except, if you are an Evangelical Christian, it allows you to comply with the Biblical mandates without having to think about it more than the one time you supported the legislation (or opposed attempts to repeal that legislation)
            The issue of fraud is actually a non-issue.
            The “welfare state” idea is the real fraud. NO ECONOMY which has poor, or systemic poverty, ever expands — they are simply called “Third World” and are exploited or dismissed.
            If we actually look at where the “welfare” money goes — which is something the Right wants to makes sure never happens — we would realize it is the source of basic economic growth.
            Consider SNAP (Food Stamps): the money is spent at the grocery store and thus supports a portion of their profits and overhead (in Maine 18% of food sales & therefore the equivalent of their profits). That creates jobs and supports communities (how many families would move to a town where the nearest grocery is 30 miles away?).
            LIHEAP and other programs also support basic economic structures. That means they create REAL jobs (unlike “Trickle Down” which drains the economy).
            If we really talked fraud — it would be someone who is working, earning serious taxable money, and illegally collecting benefits — which would mean they are NOT reporting the taxable income, because, if they were, they would not pass eligibility for the benefits … so they should go to prison for tax evasion. But the alleged fraud never results in a publicized arrest or prosecution — which means the alleged fraud does not exist, or those alleging it mare actually parties to it or they would be publicizing the arrests.

          4. Jmz Nesky August 23, 2016

            I understand what you are saying and I fully agree but there is fraud within the system.. The so-called welfare queens who drive up in their Cadillac, paying top rent on an apartment that they shouldn’t be able to afford (I have seen this) where does the money come from? A sugar daddy? A trust fund? her working for pay under the table? I know welfare isn’t because they have set policies concerning livable conditions so they work the system in their favor, taking from someone who really needs the help. It’s not as much the individual I blame for this since in many cases if anyone had the opportunity to get something for nothing they would jump on it.. I blame the g’ment monitors who’s job it is to investigate and keep the program as honest as possible but then comes the funding for these watchers, when that’s cut then who ever survives the layoffs will now have more clients to keep up with and one can only do so much. I’m an independent who leans democrat and I think such programs are necessary in a God respecting society but I also can’t see the justification in allowing them to take a free ride (similar to how they allow penal institutions to let the prisoners just set their time out, they too need to contribute to their situation that the tax payer foots) so I envision a society of welfare recipients, with g’ment help, that would earn their right to be on welfare/food stamps and that’s to contribute to the people who help them through their tough times.. Those who can work should do menial jobs 4 hours a day such as cleaning offices, helping at food banks, doing light roadside work.. anything that isn’t a large responsibility thus keeping high paying employees to do the jobs that they were hired to do instead of those menial things for good pay.. The g’ment would then supply the otherwise vacant buildings for child care with only two registered professional retirees watching over the care takers throughout the day rather than an army of them.. G’ment autos that are destined to be replaced for drivers to take these people to their job sites or use bus service.. in other words put them all to work for the welfare their receiving and for those who can’t work because of age or disability put them on a computer doing simple processing then after the 4 hours, another 4 for job training using retirees to teach them various trades. Why only 4 hour work days? To allow all recipients to be on the work force. Once this comes into operation those who don’ really need these funds as well as those who want to better themselves will seek real employment thus leave the welfare system and become productive tax payers helping the nation maintain it’s various funding. I have submitted this plan to both party representatives with no reply to date.. Maybe their too busy, maybe it wasn’t submitted by one of their own, maybe they don’t want the system to really help the people whatever reason I get no response to an idea that would not only justify to those hardcore objectors but would be contributing back to society. This is how I would run the welfare system.. of course it would need more thought than I’ve given it but in the end I think it would make everyone happy and give the recipients more self confidence. Food stamps alone wouldn’t apply because in these cases it’s a supplement for low paid workers who are already contributing to society and the g’ment..

          5. Shreknangst August 23, 2016

            Were the “welfare queens” committing a crime, they should be prosecuted — not simply have their existence alluded to and ignored.
            That someone has a fine car and home — and is on welfare — does not constitute evidence of dishonesty. More likely it means a sharp loss in economic position which qualifies the m for temporary assistance. Again — if it were more than that, where is the arrest and trial ???
            The idea that people should “work” is a curious thing … mom used to tell the story of a fellow who lived in the house of his wife’s parents … she worked he didn’t … was the gossip of the neighborhood (a rich one in that era).
            Then came the day when came the day when his name appeared on a book cover — and that book made the best seller list … suddenly the bum being supported by his wife and in-laws was the richest man on a block filled with rich people.
            Today it might be a Gates or whoever … always tinkering in his parents garage … and suddenly becoming an internet billionaire.
            We don’t know — but if they are getting assistance it is the job of the caseworker to know. Again, the prosecutions are the evidence — not the fraudulent bullshit of politicians trying to cut assistance programs to fund tax breaks for the real lazies of society.

            This concept is a real problem: “Food stamps alone wouldn’t apply because in these cases it’s a
            supplement for low paid workers who are already contributing to society
            and the g’ment..”

            Food stamps should not be a supplement to a single worker — or any couples without kids — if someone is working full-time the minimum wage wage for full-time work should be enough to allow them a comfortable — if frugal — lifestyle. Obviously, if there are children involved, the costs go up while the worker skill levels don’t change. 45-years ago, minimum wage could support a young family (and social security could support an elderly couple) … now it requires a welfare subsidy — that is … corporate welfare which allows the corporate bosses to make millions which are promptly sheltered from taxes and removed from the economy.

            The current goal is to undermine the foundation of the economy … the baby-boom is turning 70 and soon many of them will be denied the ability to live the life they were promised and paid for over 40 to 50 plus years. Then the bottom really falls out.

          6. Jmz Nesky August 23, 2016

            Well I’ve never accepted welfare, food stamps or unemployment not that I’m better than that but simply because of the hassle it involves and before it would even start I would have found employment (this by listening to people having gone through the hoops of g’ment aid) I really don’t know the rules but I have had friends who have been on food stamps that had children so although my statement didn’t include children giving you the idea that I meant anyone because of my lack of knowledge I can see that it should only apply to families with children but I have seen single women on welfare. I say this because they mentioned (bragged about?) it not that I actually saw the checks or what ever they receive but why would they even mention it (to my wife)..? Anyway though you have a solid foundation of what’s happening, I still feel that putting them to work would be the best therapy for them if not to give them more self-confidence then to take away that terrible ‘moocher’ degradation that heartless haters constantly bellow.
            ” 45-years ago, minimum wage could support a young family (and social
            security could support an elderly couple) … now it requires a welfare
            I agree, I lived through it too.. Couldn’t afford college so my work experiences had to do with entrance level and on-job training but even at those minimum pay prices I could afford a car, apartment, food and sometimes even entertainment at an amusement park but today’s minimum wage isn’t as strong as those years simply in housing costs alone, then vehicle ownership and food which to have a healthy plan one must belay or even bypass that used car until some type of raise appears. 45 years ago I could buy a 3 bedroom house for $110.00 month (I even had that opportunity) but today it would cost $800.00 -$1,000.00 month at the least so don’t compare today’s cost/minimum wage to the 1960’s cost/ minimum wage as it just won’t equal out and it’s true, it is the greed of the established corporations who have slowly turned their average 300% profit margins of the 1960’s-70’s into a whopping 1,300%.

          7. Shreknangst August 23, 2016

            To put people to work, jobs are necessary. Plus those jobs need to pay enough for the people to live — as opposed to earning enough to pay the transportation to and from the job.
            We did the workfare thing — which included working for charities as a volunteer (basically because there were no jobs). It does not save anyone anything — the government pays the benefits and then pays even more to cover transportation.
            We can compare time-frames — by totally comparing them … $1.25/hr when NYC rents were $75/month and subway fares 15 cents and gasoline three gallons for a dollar.
            The same NYC apartment is now $2000/month … subway $2.50 or more and gas today was $2.20 so $6.60 for the three gallons.
            In the 60’s we spoke of normal inflation being 3% and mortgage rates 8%. When credit cards came along they charged 18%.
            Still, as you said, we could afford to live on minimum wages while going to college … and the economy was growing.
            But the Congress decided to end the ability of the poor to live on a wage — and in many ways made welfare the rational option. Where the choice is between a job which requires you to be on public assistance and just being on public assistance — you eliminate work clothes and transportation (and other) costs by not working.
            All it does is hurt the economy — Congress has proven very good at that and in November America decides if it wants to destroy America by re-electing the same clowns who have “religiously” fought against the people.
            But this article is about TRUMP dog whistles …

            November will be fun.

          8. Brenda West September 28, 2016

            WWll was a ridiculous war????? Forgive me but I believe we were attacked at Pearl Harbor and the reason to go to war against Germany was our treaty with the League of Nations

  15. ivory69690@yahoo.com August 22, 2016

    the TV adds against the DUMPSTER should be of his real and oh so scary true life and what he has done . FRAUD,CON AND SCAM his way also headline he is a rapist and a women beater . show all how he just screws every thing and every one he comes in contact with . he is a Satan son evil to his core care for nothing but him self and the all mighty dollar . all adds should show the POS’s pass and know that thy will repeat them self at any given chance he has

    1. Bride's Mom August 23, 2016

      Facts please

      1. ivory69690@yahoo.com August 23, 2016

        do your own research. PROVE ME WRONG please !

  16. ivory69690@yahoo.com August 22, 2016

    Now even Trump seems to get that his hardline immigration policies are only attractive to 33 percent of the American electorate. His policies may “moderate” but his reliance on racial dog whistles in his first ad shows he hasn’t changed at all./// and people have to know if there be any chance it will only be for the worse . and with him in the house the worse will come in the form of and cover the people the country and the world

  17. John August 22, 2016

    I think by “wrought” you meant to write “fraught”. It’s hard to make Trump look worse than Clinton by using only facts, so I guess that explains the emotional style here. Unreadable.

    1. Independent1 August 22, 2016

      “It’s hard to make Trump look worse than Clinton by using only facts,”

      Really?? Well here are some facts about Hillary that I think make her look WAY BETTER than Trump:

      When have you ever heard any people say that Trump has had such a positive effect on their lives that his actions had actually effectively saved their lives?? Virtually everything in the press about Trump over the past years has been about him wanting to destroy lives of people that are not just like him.

      See this excerpt from an article about the 2012 Women in the World Conference:

      But that night in the theater two years ago at the, the other six brave women came up on the stage. Anabella De Leon of Guatemala pointed to Hillary Clinton, who was sitting right in the front row, and said, “I met her and my life changed.” And all weekend long, women from all over the world said the same thing:

      “I’m alive because she came to my village, put her arm around me, and had a photograph taken together.”

      “I’m alive because she went on our local TV and talked about my work, and now they’re afraid to kill me.”

      “I’m alive because she came to my country and she talked to our leaders, because I heard her speak, because I read about her.”

      And when have you ever heard anyone complement Trump for doing anything positive for anyone else BESIDES HIMSELF??? It’s common knowledge that Trump is king of the narcissists in the world!!

      See this excerpt from an article in the Sun Sentinel endorsing Hillary’s run for president:

      Hillary Clinton is smart, steady and able to rebound quickly from defeat. When her attempt at health care reform failed during her husband’s first term, Clinton worked with senators from both parties – Democrat Ted Kennedy and Republican Orrin Hatch– to create the Children’s Health Insurance Program, which cut the uninsured rate of American children in half. More than eight million children have coverage because of the program.

      Critics who claim Clinton has no record of accomplishment despite her sparkling resume need to look closer at her record.

      She helped secure more than $21 billion for World Trade Center redevelopment. She led investigations into the health problems of 9/11 first responders. She promoted increased National Institutes of Health funding for research into cancer and asthma. She was the principal author of sanctions – particularly on oil imports to the European Union– that brought Iran to the negotiating table. She helped bring about a 2012 cease-fire between Hamas and Israel that headed off an Israeli invasion of Gaza. She named an “ambassador at large” for women’s rights.

      “Nearly every foreign policy victory of President Obama’s second term,” said
      Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., “has Secretary Clinton’s fingerprints on it.”

      Not only is Hillary the most qualified candidate to ever run for the presidency, she has arguably accomplished more that has been truly beneficial for America than any other candidate ever running for the presidency too!!!!!

      It’s only Faux News sheeple like you who have been brainwashed to be stupid who can’t see the truth!!!

      1. ivory69690@yahoo.com August 23, 2016

        or how many people and her foundation helped make their lives better compared to any the DUMPSTER has helped to any point what so even . other then him helping his own by screwing fraud , con and scamming others just to help him self or his

    2. ivory69690@yahoo.com August 23, 2016

      faces of DONNY DUMP being a POS are spread wide and far . now facts on Hillary please and not just the fact that so much time and money the GOP gang of idiots wasted co come up with nothing

  18. ceekee August 22, 2016

    What a crock of stink ad from Trump. He is a disgrace..

    1. ivory69690@yahoo.com August 23, 2016

      and that’s talking nice about the DUMPSTER

  19. yabbed August 22, 2016

    Donald Trump is a disgusting human being. No decent person could possibly vote for this amoral buffoon.

    1. Bride's Mom August 23, 2016

      Support your name calling with actual facts

      1. ivory69690@yahoo.com August 23, 2016

        support any of you debates with facts others are wrong and not just using your own head for your research

      2. dpaano August 24, 2016

        How about you doing the same……turnabout is fair play, right?

      3. ivory69690@yahoo.com August 25, 2016

        actual facts DONNY DUMP is a big POS a fraud ,con and a scammer

  20. ivory69690@yahoo.com August 22, 2016

    I wonder what the hell is wrong with the people of this country ? the GOP I can understand them its a gang of retard’s but its the people im lost with . ok people tell me where I go wrong here so I know . its the GOP gang of idiots and the mental deranged retard ( worse then the GOP ) DONNY DUMP . thy say thy want to get the country back in the REP. hands to make it better and fix it . O K fix it to what point ? do you want to bring the country back to the last GOP idiot Pres. it that or was that your so called fixed then ? ok again tell me where in going wrong here . the DIRTY BUSH bury the country deeper then the reg. 6 ft. lets see blew and surplus the country had at the time and gave the 1 and 2 % greedy bastards taxes breaks . why ? well believe it or not because thy was doing at the time 100 times and more better then anyone else in the country . im sure you all feel that’s as good a reason to give them back more money then any other reason. ill go on he with his B/F buddy CHEEZY CHAINEY started a war and thy though about it and said well the ones in office wont vote for a war so we will have to add something to help them vote for a war . so lets just come up with so B/S that always works . we can come up with some of our own fixed intelligence . ya like we can scare the pants off the people in office all we have to do is tell them our intelligence says Iraq has WMD heck that will do it (and thy was right it did ) ok the DITRY BUSH IS GONE WITH HIS B/F CHEEZY CHAINEY . but surely not forgotten before the pair that swing from the back of a bulls sack are gone thy first break the stock market to what 6000 or lower ? on their watch .(market today about 18,500 . )and thy want the country back what the hell for ? to bury us again ! fast forward these times I hear a news reporter interviewing some one . and she says we need the country back (A GOP CLOWN ) said Obama had like 2 years to do things because he had the people in office to win votes to get things done OK COOL but she then said after the 2 years nothing got done at all and more of less it was Obama’s fault . OH REALLY NOW because Obama didn’t do every thing in the first 2 years that’s the reason why nothing has gotten done she applied . OK AIR HEAD did you ever think why things didn’t get done after 2 years might just be the people of the country were stupid and voted in too many GOP of the gang of idiots ? HMMMMMMMMMM interesting question . so by right AIR HEAD it wasn’t Obama the reason why things stopped getting done after the first 2 years . but just maybe the fault of the GOP gang of idiots for blocking every thing . because thy are a bunch of racist POS that hated the country had a black Pres. in the house ? hmmmmmmmmm yup could have been that . now who want to come in and says make America great again the DONNY DUMP DUMPSTER MOUTH HEAD AND MOUTH . DUMPSTER is your form of great again like having the stock market at 6000 or lower again ? for im sure you could do that . to a point you could file the biggest bankrupt the world has ever seen or known . (and we know you are very skilled at that a true bankrupt PRO ) now not thinking of all the money the DIRTY BUSH cost the country and still costing the country still today and not even accounting for all the lives lost with his term and still being loss today . but lets just get to the money the GOP gang of idiots waste with time . thy don’t get there way with the ACA so thy shut down the country and cost US 22 to 25 $$billion$$ dollars ok costly cry baby B/S no lets go to the time and money wasted on the Benghazi and the email B/S too much time and money wasted to get nothing out of it ( but give it to the GOP gang of idiots ) never tired of wasting time and money so thy go on with their witch hunt today . hey GOP IDIOTS think of this if you put in just half the money you wasted not on the war but after the DIRTY BUSH and put that half in to an investigation on why and how that B/S intelligence of WMD did come about . im sure you would got answers all I bet would love to know . heck you could of nailed down just what and why the Iraq was started and who’s fault it was ? again money and lives still being loss till this day . and when something important comes up like a vote on the ZIKA virus something that could cost American lives what do you do ? I KNOW I KNOW you fix it right ? NO THY DONT WHAT THY DO IS GO ON VACATION . SEEMS THE ONLY REASON WHY NOTHING GETS DONE IN THE COULRTY IS BECAUSE THE STUPID PEOPLE OF THE COUNTRY KEEP PUTTING THE GOP GANG OF IDIOTS IN OFFICE simply not at all hard to understand . now if be it I was wrong at all with any of this please pleaseee correct me . its up to the people its you that have to smarten up and get out the useless GOP gang of idiots . that’s if you want thing better and to get things done and not blocked every thing . DO I BLAME THE IDIOTS IN OFFICE FOR ALL THE B/S NO NOT ALL THE BLAME I GUESS MOST SHOULD GO TO THE RIGHT PLACE TO THE STUPID PEOPLE IN THE COUNTRY THAT KEEP PUTTING THESE POS IN ANY FORM OF OFFICE IN ANY PART OF THE COUNTRY and now the crazy thing of all you are thinking of a politician that has no clue of how to be a politician into the white house . so people of the country if any of you need a heart transplant do you call a PRO caddie ? smarten up people haven’t you given the people in the future enough to laugh about already ?

  21. Ted Key August 23, 2016

    I don’t believe I have ever read such biased trash in my lifetime! This is nothing but more of the libtards finding a place to spew their hatred for any and everything they don’t agree with. If you people are satisfied with electing a criminal and her rapist husband it only validates what everyone already knows…….Democrats have NO moral values worthy of the human race.

    1. freshacconci August 23, 2016

      Haven’t read someone missing the point while simultaneously proving that very same point, and in so few words. Masterful work.

      1. Ted Key August 23, 2016

        I’m pleased that in your ignorance you still manage to approve my commentary. It is people like yourself who are assuring all that this Country is more deeply in trouble from within than from without.

        1. freshacconci August 23, 2016

          Cute attempt at a comeback.

          1. Ted Key August 23, 2016

            Wasn’t intended as a comeback you moron, just a statement of fact.

          2. freshacconci August 23, 2016

            Attempt number two: much weaker.

          3. ivory69690@yahoo.com August 23, 2016

            from what I see of that clown hew is at the high of his low and can only go down from there

        2. ivory69690@yahoo.com August 23, 2016

          ignorance ? you say as I see you have that covered with you also being arrogant and just plan down right pathetic but that’s the cross you enjoy to bare to each their own . some people chew gum

          1. Ted Key August 23, 2016

            It truly must be miserable to live a life buried in a mindset of such hate and ignorance. You want proof but all you put forth is opinion with which there can be no argument simply because in your idiocy nothing can possibly be said to convince you of your errors. I quit, Good Night and Good Luck. (and at least I don’t hide behind a screen name…LOL)

          2. ivory69690@yahoo.com August 23, 2016

            It truly must be miserable to live a life buried in a mindset of such hate and ignorance << this I find so true of you as I add arrogant and pathetic (seems fitting ) as for proof of an opinion and convincing me of any error . cant do that for there are no errors o9n my side . seems more like your lack of research power in closer to none . quitting is always your only way out for why fight a loss war . good for you admitting your always faults as for hiding behind anything another thing you know the most about for I see you only as a tough clown behind your keyboard a cowardly POS that text smack all the time to impress oneself . yes I believe you are your own best hero . one that cant wait to get crawling back behind your keyboard after being out in the real world that you fear so . for your tough clown act cant don't and never will work out there . you stay safe you cowardly clown behind your key board where you can be the best thing that even happen to yourself and being the hero you can only wish to be in your small pathetic world . with you as your own hero you need no one else clown on wanna be tough guy (only behind your keyboard ) at least you have some place to act out your dream ted key (key that cant open nothing right ?) now that's an id one should really hide from

    2. Bride's Mom August 23, 2016

      Exactly! No name calling, just back up your rants with facts.

      1. Ted Key August 23, 2016

        lol…if you call that a rant you have lived a sheltered life! May I suggest two things? First, I suggest the writer of the article back up his/her “facts” and secondly, LinkedIn is NOT Facebook so why not take your biases and misinformation to another place, say CNN.

        1. ivory69690@yahoo.com August 23, 2016


      2. ivory69690@yahoo.com August 23, 2016

        no name calling research and show one where thy are wrong with what you call rants with facts thy are wrong

    3. ivory69690@yahoo.com August 23, 2016

      speaking of rapist first BILL didn’t rape anyone if and when thy banged with BILL because thy wanted to be nasty sluts . their choice to be nasty . then again the people elected Bill to be a good PRES. not a good hubby now its on record that DONNY DUMP did rape and beat his wife ripping a patch of hair out of her head (one can only bet he had it mounted on his wall ) now those are facts about the DUMPSTER and there is all the screwing he has done to so many people all his life between Fraud ,Con and scamming so many people . and another point on Bill as he was elected Pres. on his watch the country was DEBT free for the first time in history with a surplus mind YA . until of course the GOP gangs of idiots got back in and then BANG bury the country

      1. Ted Key August 23, 2016

        lol….you libs always have your full list of BS “facts”. No point of debating with you, you have your mind set, I will be satisfied to let history judge the Clintons in the true light of their lives though that light will have a hard time shining through the bars.

        1. ivory69690@yahoo.com August 23, 2016

          libs full of bull ? hmmmmmmmm looking in the mirror ? may history judge you for your strong though of the and being a GOP gang of idiots full pledge member . behind bars should be the DIRTY BUSH and his side kick clown CHEEZY CHANEY . for if nothing else the loss lives of all the people that died with his B/S <(this seeming you are full of also ) intelligence of WMD lives and money still being loss today and for many more years to come . how the hell can you even try to compare your B/S with documented facts ? if be it any of your B/S has merits at all and the years thy cover then why hasnt anything ever came to light never mind to a court of law ? is this another laa laa land of your GOP brain dead head ? or just more of the GOP gang of idiots waste of time and money like the email and the Benghazi B/S witch hunt (THAT CAME UP WITH NOTHINGGGG )

        2. ceekee August 23, 2016

          Well you do that while we celebrate at her inauguration.

    4. ivory69690@yahoo.com August 23, 2016

      never mind what her hubby did has nothing to do with her . it was any and all those nasty holes wanted to do and did it like good sluts thy are . under their own free will

    5. ivory69690@yahoo.com August 23, 2016

      ((moral values worthy of the human race.)) you talk about where do I start ? with the DUMPSTER screwing all those people out or their money or with the DIRTY BUSH scaring the people in office to get their votes of a war . with his B/S intelligence of WMD . are those good moral values worthy of the human race? makes me wonder what race you are ? has to be something new for sure lacking any intelligence !

    6. ceekee August 23, 2016

      Get over yourself. Your post is no better hypocrite.

  22. Bride's Mom August 23, 2016

    Repeated with permission from Aymara:
    Can any of you give an answer to any of these questions. And I mean an answer! Not the bad mouth calling you’ve so rudely done to me!
    10 QUESTIONS for Mrs. Clinton:

    (1). “When you left the White House after your husband’s last term as president, why did you steal $200,000.00 worth of furniture, china, and artwork? And why did you tell the public that you ‘returned it’ when you only brought back $27,000 of it?
    (2). Mrs. Clinton, when you were Secretary of State, why did you solicit contributions from foreign governments, (muslim princes donated multi-millions and got favors in return) for the Clinton Foundation after you promised President Obama you would not?
    (3). Mrs. Clinton, why do you and your husband claim to contribute millions of dollars to charity for a tax write off when it goes directly into your Clinton Foundation which only gives out 10% of the funds to charitable purposes and you pocket the balance to support yourself tax free? What does your daughter Chelsea do there for her 3 million dollar yearly salary?
    (4). Mrs. Clinton, why are you unable to account for 6 billion dollars of State department funds that seem to have disappeared while you were Secretary of State?
    (5). Mrs. Clinton why did you say you were broke when you left the White House, but purchased a 5 million home, built an addition for the secret service, and charge the tax payers of the United States $15,000.00 a month for their rent, an amount that pays your the entire mortgage?
    (6). Mrs. Clinton why did you lie to the American people about the terrorist attack in Benghazi, but managed to tell the truth to your daughter that same night it happened?
    (7). Mrs Clinton were you and your husband disbarred from practicing law? Answer: In 1996, Landmark Legal Foundation filed a complaint asking the court to disbar Hillary Clinton for violating the Arkansas code of conduct, (which requires lawyers to act with honesty and integrity) for her actions in the Whitewater scandal cover up. Hillary’s law license was suspended in 2002 for failing to complete her continuing legal education requirements. Bill Clinton was convicted by a grand jury for perjury and obstruction of justice to which he was impeached by the House of Representatives and disbarred from practicing as an attorney. He has been accused by a dozens of women for rape, sexual assault and sexual harassment. He settled out of court for $850.000 in one case. Hillary has him out on her campaign trail championing for her theme of feminism and “women’s rights”. What a blasphemy. Neither one has enough integrity to hold onto a law license.
    (8). Mrs Clinton, why did you say, “I do not recall,” “I have no recollection,” and “I don’t know” 56 times while testifying under oath during the Starr investigations.
    •(9). Mrs Clinton, what Really happened to Ron Brown when he was about to testify against you and your husband?
    (10). Mrs. Clinton what really happened to law partner Vince Foster? No way he committed suicide.
    CNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, New York Times, Los Angeles Times, I know that the answers to any of these questions don’t matter to you, you would support her regardless of whether she was guilty of murder, embezzlement, money laundering, and I could go on and on. The Democrat’s and liberal’s moto is, “DON’T CONFUSE ME WITH THE FACTS – MY MIND IS MADE UP.”
    Do you really want someone like this running this country? God help us if you do.

    1. ivory69690@yahoo.com August 23, 2016

      ok not going to be rude just asking a question . are you getting paid from DONNY DUMP to post this B/S ? or you just coming up with stuff that you can show the DUMPSTER and maybe he will let you ride in his clown car with him ?

    2. ivory69690@yahoo.com August 23, 2016

      you want whys ? look up check my post a lot more important question to be answered there .

    3. Short-Fingered Vulgarian September 15, 2016

      Where do you people come up with this crap?

    4. LCR78 September 16, 2016

      Because most if not all of these statements are lies.

  23. yabbed August 23, 2016

    I can smell the desperation in the Trumpets posts. 🙂

    1. ivory69690@yahoo.com August 23, 2016

      and depression if he gets in

      1. yabbed August 23, 2016

        He’s not getting in the Oval Office unless Madam President invites him for tea and I’m not thinking that will happen.

        1. ivory69690@yahoo.com August 23, 2016

          never let him in the house anyways he will plant bugs . then when she is in its her job to protect and investigate any one that might bring harm to the country . with DONNY DUMP’s ties with RUSSIA’s dic. and so much dealing with China and the 100’s of $ million he been doing with them

    2. ivory69690@yahoo.com August 23, 2016

      but then im sure his plan is to bankrupt the USA and then try to buy it back with penny’s on the dollar

  24. ivory69690@yahoo.com August 23, 2016

    a point DONNY DUMP made sounds good (independent special Prosecutor ) should be appointed for him with his ties with the Russian DIC. his TRUMP F*#K U ALL TRUMP-U and while there check on why he owes 100’s of $ million to them ? and the high sit clown he had that was dealing with Russia PUTTHEAD . going on to the B/S of the Russia’s hacker of the DEM’S email . and what over $12 million his top sit had dealing with Russia and one know the GREEDY BASTARD DUMPSTER how much of that money did he get . investigate these things and more with the independent special Prosecutor there is enough work and im sure a lot of results would come out of it . the DUMPSTER clown talks about Hillary’s health . BRAIN CHECK TIME ON DONNY DUMP his retard mental disordered health of his head is causing risks for the country and the world . and there is so much more the independent special Prosecutor can check up on .

  25. Dolly Nood August 24, 2016

    #DumpTheTrump and #DropTheGOP especially with #PenceThePutz as running mate for #DonTheCon

    Donald J. “Loudmouth Bully — I’ve got a plan” Trump needs to disappear!

    When Donald J. “Loudmouth Bully — I have a plan” Trump gets into the White House, he’ll do more damage to the USA than can be repaired in several decades thereafter.

    Donald Trump is nothing more than an opportunistic blowhard.

    At the election that really counts, Donald J. “Loudmouth Bully — I’ve got a plan” Trump needs be voted into oblivion, never to be heard of again.

    Donald Trump doesn’t understand the first thing about politics and/or policy. Domestic or otherwise.

    The World according to Donald J. “Loudmouth Bully — I’ve got a plan” Trump…..


    Donald Trump is nothing more than an aged version of a fourth grade playground bully who, when he’s not insulting people who disagree with him [and encouraging (his) security guards to rough them up], is speaking in broad generalizations, like a kid winging a book report for a book he hasn’t read.

    He believes in god — that is, God Trump.

    Most, if not all, money and/or wealth he acquired is as a result of the fact that no-one had the guts to stand up to his big mouth and tell him to go *&%# himself.

    (out of lack of interest or because they thought they could have some financial gain themselves)

    Donald Trump doesn’t understand the first thing about today’s economics.

    Worldwide or otherwise.

    Donald Trump is the epitome of the narcissistic sociopath whose only interest is in himself.

    Donald Trump is running for President because Donald Trump’s ego told him to and he is eating up the attention like candy.

    The moment he is contradicted he reverts to insults.

    Anyone who supports Donald Trump is a fool.

    **** A dangerous fool! ****

    Donald Trump is making the USA the laughingstock of the world with his verbal hooliganism.

    Donald Trump is an international embarrassment!

    Donald Trump obviously believes that America isn’t great as he uses the slogan “Let’s make America great again”, thereby implying that America isn’t at the moment.

    If he wins there will only be an authoritarian in the White House, who doesn’t care about ****YOU***** the People, at all.

    The world is not going to bow down to him just because he demands them to.

    By the way: #DumpTheTrump #DonTheCon #DropTheGOP #PenceThePutz

  26. Deborah3012 September 8, 2016

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  27. NetRanger September 10, 2016

    This guy, how can he even be in the running? He’s like anti-everything American! But, yet, so many American’s have fallen under his spell. Take the Simple Presidential Poll: http://tiny.cc/qg56dy

  28. Dr. Samuel Taddesse September 11, 2016

    Trump’s ad comparing the economy and the fortunes of the middle class under Hillary Clinton and his presidency, is very sleek. However, I believe that under Trump’s presidency, the middle class will suffer worse. We already have had experience with President Raegan’s, Bush Senior and George Bush administrations. Tax cuts were provided to the wealthy under the false assumption that they will use the extra post-tax income to create new businesses and expand existing once. As a result, the middle class will benefit from employment generated by the wealthy. They called it supply-side economics which has a trickle-down effect on the middle class. These Republican administrations reduced spending on social programs and create more homeless people. Also, in both terms of President Reagan, 90% of his cabinet members were convicted in court for fleecing the middle class and looting taxpayers’ money to enrich themselves. The Housing and Urban Development Administration was completely looted. HUD was established to provide low-cost housing for low-income families. During President Reagan and Bush’s time close to 40 million Americans became homeless. Working families could not afford housing and began sleeping in their cars in parking lots and parks. Moreover, this happened at a time when America was still the wealthiest country in the world. For those who remember, under President Bush senior, the financial market collapsed whipping out life savings many American families, and we went into deep recession. The Saving & Loan Associations that we used for saving our income for rainy days disappeared overnight. The middle class saw its quality of life decline steadily. Labor unions were decimated. American manufacturing industries started migrating to China and other countries in search of low wages. The Exodus of manufacturing firms to other countries happened under the Republican watch.
    Under, President Bill Clinton, a Democrat, American’s saw prosperity as a result of the Information Technology revolution. President Bill Clinton’s administration managed to increase taxes on the wealthy and reduce the deficit. When he finally left office American middle class was enjoying a very high quality of life; poverty had gone down, and the federal government had a huge budget surplus. Then came President George W. Bush, a Republican, and gave the budget surplus to his wealthy friends. When he left office, the federal budget had a huge deficit and the financial market was in ruins, and the housing market had collapsed. Moreover, the economy slumped into a depression, and many middle-income families saw their incomes diminish, while the cost of education, housing, and food increased substantially.
    We economy recovered a lot after President Obama; a Democrat took office. More jobs were created, and the middle class recovered from total ruins.
    Just image what will happen under President Trump who has promised to cut taxes for the wealthy and dismantle Obamacare. The immediate effect will be the economy sinking into recession, and the middle class once again becoming losers. Trump has also indicated he will build the nation’s infrastructure, i.e., roads, bridges, airports, schools and other federal facilities. He has also indicated he will double the defense budget. If Trump is cutting taxes, how is he going to fund the reconstruction of America’s infrastructure and expand defense spending? He is going to gut out social programs and put social security in danger and turn the country into a third world country with impoverished middle class.
    The idea that Mr. Trump could be the next president scares me a lot as he has proposed internally inconsistent and conflicting economic policy. The beneficiaries will be his family and friends who will snap up construction contracts and fleece the America people. Look what he has done in his construction business. He has bankrupted companies and individual that had provided services to his businesses. All of his vendors I have gone bust while he prospers. He does not believe in mutual prosperity. He has to have it all. Except, he may have to share the loot with Mr. Vladamir Putin, President of Russia through the Russia Mafia.

    1. Short-Fingered Vulgarian September 15, 2016

      It’s the same GOP crap: tax cuts followed by an increase in spending, followed by increasing deficits and debt – exactly what happened under Reagan and Junior Bush. Conservative tax-cutters in have wreaked havoc in Kansas, Louisiana, Wisconsin, Illinois, etc. by promising prosperity and job growth after cutting taxes, which never materialized. What did materialize was large budget deficits, which are always closed not by rolling back the tax cuts that caused them – that would be raising taxes according to Grover Norquist – but by cutting spending on programs that affect the public, particularly lower income people: education, libraries, food stamps, Medicaid, infrastructure, police, fire-fighting; the wealthy and corporate interests retain their tax cuts while the GOP stays the course to create another economic disaster.

  29. LCR78 September 16, 2016

    If the system is rigged as Trump claims and Trump wins, that must mean he and his Republican friends rigged it.

  30. norma.gregory September 26, 2016

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  31. hailey parker October 19, 2016

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